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Sipping his coffee, Yoongi glances at the screen that displays his flight details to Incheon, noting that he will be able to board soon. The alpha is extremely bored of Singapore’s airport, despite all its crazy luxury features (who needs a butterfly garden in an airport?) and he’s so ready to be home in his bed, or his studio. Now he’s been sat waiting for two hours, and he’d been hit on in the bar when he’d been on his laptop attempting to work, and had to politely tell the beta girl that he wasn’t interested. Grouchiness is starting to creep in, and he hopes no one else talks to him. He’s really not in the mood.


When the plane is called to board he throws away his empty coffee cup, picking up his bag to join the growing queue, sighing as an older woman pushed herself in front of him with her children. Why people insist on being so pushy at this stage, he has no idea. They had assigned seating, for Christ’s sake.


The queue trickles into the plane. Yoongi isn’t a pretentious man, and yet he resents a little that his company did not book him a first class seat. The lack of legroom is uncomfortable, to say the least, even if he’s not exactly tall. There will be very little room for him to put his laptop. The alpha hopes his seatmate isn’t annoying. As he nears the front of the queue, he heaves another sigh, before stiffening. He could swear, for a second, that he caught a hint of a sweet, familiar scent. Turning his head side to side rapidly, he attempts to find the culprit – but there’s no way Jimin could be here, of all places, surely?


The woman at the desk asks for his boarding pass, and he hands it over distractedly. He can’t spot the source of the scent that seems to have disappeared. With one last glance around, he enters the corridor that leads to the aircraft. It had been a while since he’d inhaled that scent, it’s possible that he’s just imagining it.




Greeted by the air hostess on the other end, he is pointed in the direction of his seat. He stops himself from grimacing when he enters the main cabin – the mixture of scents is unpleasant and somewhat overwhelming, as it always is on airplanes, with so many people of different subgenders in one small space. His seat is at the back of the plane, an aisle seat on the right, and he counts up the numbers until he reaches it, having to pause for a comical amount of time every time someone stops in front of him and puts their bag above them. He is four rows away when he spots the omega in the seat next to his.


His ex boyfriend is sat in the window seat of row thirty-two, wearing a large jumper and sweats, his bag between his knees and his head lowered. Coming to a standstill in the middle of the aisle, Yoongi’s breath stutters and his heart stops for a moment.


It’s been so long, but Yoongi can’t say that any aspect of Jimin had faded from his mind. He’s as pretty as ever. The alpha is brought back to reality by the man behind him who clears his throat loudly and Yoongi has to move to let him past.


His first real thought is that he needs to get off this plane. Mind goes into overdrive, he tries to think of possible ways to avoid the scenario in front of him. He is about to turn around and walk off the goddamn thing when Jimin looks up and makes eye contact with him, his eyes widening and mouth falling open.




He can’t run away now. So, with shaking hands, he makes his way to place his bags in the overhead compartment. Jimin’s expression is moving quickly from dumbstruck to downright annoyed.


“You can’t be sitting here. No way. Not possible. How is this happening?”


Taking his seat, Yoongi tries to stay as far away from Jimin as possible. His scent, a little honeysuckle, something else like rain, still smells as enticing as ever, and he resigns himself to possibly the worst eight hours of his life. If a god exists he wants to punish Yoongi for something.


“How are you on this plane? Surely this isn’t your seat. Let me see your ticket,” Jimin says, voice high with annoyance, and Yoongi hands his ticket over wordlessly. The omega stares at it blankly for a full thirty seconds before he looks up.


“This really isn’t fair.”


Yoongi snaps at that. “You know, this isn’t exactly easy for me either. Could you stop complaining, and I won’t bother you for the rest of the flight.”


Jimin looks startled, and maybe a little upset. Yoongi immediately regrets his tone. He’s always hated seeing him sad, always felt so protective over the omega. That instinct must remain in him somewhere, because his expression causes Yoongi to tense up and has to force himself to relax.


His ex really does look as beautiful as ever, even in his comfortable flight clothes and with tired eyes. Smells just as good too, just as Yoongi remembers, a little intense, and now he’s sat so close Yoongi can smell another alpha on him. He clenches his jaw. That hurt, even though he has no claim over Jimin, not anymore.


The omega is ignoring him entirely, fussing over his belongings, his blanket, his window shade. The tension is thick, and Yoongi is uncomfortable. He can’t believe this has happened to him. It’s not even funny, he just wishes that it didn’t have to be so damn awkward. He and Jimin had been best friends, once upon a time. Lovers, too, with a strong bond. They doted on each other, helped each other through heats and ruts, were each others’ sanctuary in hard times. Now, not so much. They hadn’t so much as spoken in six months.


Jimin had his arms crossed, now, and was staring resolutely in front, waiting for everyone to finish boarding. He was pouting a little too. Cute , Yoongi couldn’t help thinking, stifling the urge to chuckle. He didn’t think laughing would be the best move right now.


He closes his eyes and breathes deeply, but regrets it a little because Jimin really does smell good, and it’s distracting in a bad way. He smells sweet, but masculine, and still very much like home. This is confusing , Yoongi thinks, as Jimin hasn’t been his home for what feels like a long time. In fact, usually when a couple break up their scents become repellent to each other - a method of self protection, really, so they had a reason to avoid being around each other. This clearly hadn’t happened for Yoongi with Jimin’s.


The plane continues to taxi, before slowing a little; the seatbelt light blinks as a noise reminding everyone to fasten their seatbelts sounds, and Yoongi resigns himself to another terrifying takeoff as his panic levels rise dramatically. It builds as they taxi around the runway, and he grips his armrests tightly. Keeping his eyes closed, he tries to breathe through the way the plane shakes ever so slightly, before tilting up.


His breathing gets faster, out of his control, and Yoongi feels something touch his left hand. He opens his eyes to see Jimin looking concerned, holding Yoongi’s hand in his smaller one.


“Okay?” Jimin asks quietly, and of course Jimin remembers Yoongi’s fear of flying, having had to put up with it on the two trips out of Korea that they made together. Yoongi had maybe cried a little on their first flight together, which had earned them a few strange looks; it’s not often you see an alpha crying in public.


Yoongi nods, but clings a little to Jimin’s hand on their ascent. Jimin doesn’t comment. When the seatbelt light turns off and the first person immediately moves to go to the toilet, Yoongi lets go. Jimin goes back to avoiding his gaze.


Yoongi takes another deep breath in an attempt to relax, and it’s then, as fear slowly stops clouding his mind, that Yoongi realises why Jimin’s scent is so good, minus the scent of strange alpha. He’s just finished his heat. Yoongi knows what Jimin smells like before, during, and after heat, very well. Knows what he looks like, and tastes like, too, so he’s surprised that it took him this long to figure it out. More surprising is that Jimin is flying just out of heat - it’s dangerous to be out an about in this state. Jimin, however, looks unaffected, if tired. The scent affects Yoongi in a way that makes his want to wrap Jimin in a lot of blankets and feed him. He tells himself that he is not aroused; he really doesn’t want to make Jimin any more uncomfortable than he already is.


He gets up to go to the bathroom, having to wait in a queue because the plane is large and busy. When he gets back Jimin has earbuds in and is watching an in-flight movie. Yoongi gets out his laptop, mindful of the limited space (he’s very lucky that he and Jimin are both on the smaller side) puts his headphones on and starts to work. He misses Jimin’s scoff beside him.





“Hyung? Are you awake?” Jimin is saying, and Yoongi groans. He certainly doesn’t want to be doing anything but sleeping right now, and Jimin knows it.


“I am now,” he sighs. He doesn’t open his eyes, though. He can feel Jimin’s presence all along his side, and he wraps his arms around the omega, tucking him against his chest.


Jimin nuzzles into him, but Yoongi still hears him giggle. He squeezes him in an attempt to chastise, but Jimin just puts his arms around him and squeezes back.


“We should get up soon, you know,” Jimin murmurs.


“I disagree. We have the day off, we can stay here a little longer.”


Jimin squirms. He still smells like his heat, just a little, and it makes Yoongi want to keep him close. He hopes Jimin doesn’t want to go out, because he’ll surely be on edge and overprotective over his omega.


“But hyung, I wanna have breakfast. I have work I could be doing.”


“And why is it that I have to be awake for that?” Yoongi cracks one eye open, to the sight of Jimin propped up on his own arms on Yoongi’s chest. He looks ruffled and sleepy, but not tired or sick, which is good. He smiles at Yoongi, and Yoongi’s chest swoops a little. He’s weak on a morning, what can he say.


“Because I want to eat breakfast with you!” Jimin says in an aegyo voice, and Yoongi closes his eyes again.


“Liar. You want me to make you breakfast.”


Jimin rests too, laying his head on Yoongi’s chest, right over his heart. “Hm, but I’m tired from being in heat for four days. It would be nice if you made breakfast,” he says playfully.


Yoongi rolls over so he’s on top of Jimin, squishing him a little so he can’t move.




“Shh, give me five more minutes. Then I’ll make you something,” Yoongi mumbles as he pushes his face into Jimin’s scent gland. Jimin just lets him.


“You’re kind of easy, hyung,” Jimin whispers in his ear. Yoongi gives him a warning growl, but it’s weak, he knows.





The first hour creeps over into the second, and they both become more aware of the lack of space between them as time goes on. Jimin shifts uncomfortably every so often, and Yoongi tries to stay as far away as possible without putting himself in the way of the hostesses that are patrolling the aisles. After Jimin’s third deep huff in fifteen minutes, Yoongi snaps.


“Why are you fidgeting so goddamn much? Is it your heat?”


Jimin stills. His expression is caught somewhere between shock, mortification, and downright anger.


“My heat ended five days ago . How the hell can you even smell it? And no, I’m uncomfortable because I already had a four hour flight before this, asshole.”


Yoongi has to pause for a second, because firstly, why on earth is he smelling Jimin’s heat if it was five days ago? Secondly, he kind of forgot how lovely Jimin’s voice was. Even when it was calling him an asshole.


“No need for that! I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I knew your heat had finished, but I can still smell it. I must just be familiar.” Yoongi knew immediately that he had said the wrong thing, and he cursed his own awkwardness. Jimin’s ears turn pink, and he splutters.


“What- can you- can you not just-”


“I’m sorry,” Yoongi takes a deep breath, and he can smell that the omega is starting to get distressed. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I won’t speak to you again, unless necessary.” He turns back to his computer and pulls on his headphones again. Yoongi hopes that he hasn’t upset him.


He misses the time in which Jimin was never uncomfortable around him – at least, not in this way. Jimin used to be able to be himself around him, whether that was happy, upset, bratty, or bossy. He used to talk about his feelings, would never hide them from Yoongi. The alpha in him feels disgruntled that Jimin is so unhappy to be around him, hates the omega being unhappy. He puts it down to Jimin being just out of heat, and Yoongi reacting to his scent. Of course that was the reason.


Half an hour passes and Yoongi thinks maybe it’s fine, they’re fine, and they can just ignore each other for the rest of the flight. He pulls down his headphones to rest for a second and glances to the side to find Jimin already staring at him.


“You really just… work all the time, still, don’t you?” he says, furrowing his brow.


“What do you mean?” Yoongi looks down at his laptop where an unfinished song glares back at him. He’s itching to finish it, thinks it could be really great. He could give it to Seokjin, maybe.


Jimin looks unreadable. “You’re working on the plane. You don’t wanna sleep? Eat snacks? Watch a movie? Rest, like, at all?”


Yoongi frowns, because he didn’t really know what Jimin is trying to say. “I was going to. But I really want to finish this one. It’s not like I don’t have enough time to do all of those things, and work.”


Jimin pouts again, and it’s really bad, because Yoongi is weak for his pout, always was. But he really doesn’t know what he’s trying to get at. It’s not the first time that has happened.


“Never mind. I just thought… never mind.” Jimin turns back to his movie, then, and Yoongi kind of wants to ask but also… he doesn’t





Yoongi throws his keys in the bowl, shrugging off his coat with a sigh as soon as he gets in the apartment. It had been such a shitty week at work, problem after problem with the artist he’s currently producing, their managers being consistently shitty, and on top of that his own management is on his back about producing for an idol he hates.


Moreover, he knows that he’s going to have to work at home all weekend too. It’s so fucking frustrating he wants to tear his hair out.


“Hyung? You okay?” Jimin emerges from the study, looking concerned. Yoongi can do nothing but reach out and take him in his arm and rub his face in Jimin’s scent gland, scenting him for his own comfort. It soothes him like nothing else.


“Such a shitty day. A shitty week. Daejung has been on my ass all week,” he says as he takes a deep inhale. “I… snapped, earlier today. Growled at him.”


Jimin inhales sharply. An appropriate reaction. It’s really terrible to get too alpha-ish in the workplace.




“I know.” Yoongi nuzzles into Jimin a little more. Sometimes he thought Jimin was the only thing that made him happy these days. He snaps out of that mindset pretty quickly after the thought, because he does like his job, half the time. And he loves his friends, is lucky to have as much money as he does, because of work.


Still, Jimin is probably the best thing that has ever happened to him.


“Come on, come and cuddle me on the couch for a little bit. Monday you can start fresh and apologise, it’s okay.”


Yoongi lets himself be pulled along and be pushed onto the couch, Jimin curling up next to him and trying to distract him with stories about his day. This is a common procedure for Yoongi’s bad days; he needs time to calm down, and his omega has that effect on him.


“...and then Taehyung dropped them everywhere. Guess who had to clean it all up?” Jimin sighs, the affection obvious in his voice anyway. He’s stroking a hand gently through Yoongi’s hair and it’s the nicest feeling in the world. Jimin really looks after him well, he’s so lucky.


“Maybe I’ll come in and meet you for lunch on Monday,” Jimin muses. “Daejung loves me.”


Yoongi noses at his neck, swallowing the tiny wave of possessiveness that comes in response to his words. “You don’t have to do that, Sunshine.”


“But wouldn’t it help?” Jimin tilts his head to the side, exposing his neck for him. “I think it might soften him up for an apology,” he says, smiling knowingly.


Groaning, Yoongi nips at his neck to make him whine. He hates it when Jimin is right.





At some point, the exhaustion from jet lag and catching the flight so early catches up with Yoongi, and he nods off over his laptop for a long while. He wakes up later, with his laptop closed and headphones placed on top. Rubbing his face, he sneaks a glance at the omega next to him and jumps, startled to find Jimin staring at him.


“You were drooling on your laptop, so I closed it.” He doesn’t mention the headphones. “You look like you could use more sleep, by the way.”


He moves to stand up, and Yoongi lets him into the aisle. He doesn’t miss Jimin’s smirk as he turns to go to the bathroom. “Nice socks, by the way.”


On his feet are the joke socks that Jimin bought him for his birthday last year. They have dicks with wings on them – Yoongi must have pulled them on by accident this morning. He curses himself to hell seven times. How embarrassing.


Some people around them have started trying to get some sleep, the queue for the bathroom lessening. Within half an hour of Yoongi waking up, Jimin starts to cry. Looking over, Yoongi sees him crying over whatever film he had chosen to torture himself with from the plane’s entertainment selection, completely absorbed. Despite wiping his tears occasionally with his sweater, he still looks beautiful. Yoongi is reminded of the many times he has seen the omega do the exact same thing on their couch, crying over a film, hugging a pillow to his chest, or occasionally Holly. Yoongi wants to ask him if he’s okay, but he has a feeling that Jimin won’t take it very well.


Jimin’s tears unfortunately remind Yoongi of another occasion where Jimin would cry, but not from sadness. He thinks he may need to escape to the bathroom.


He is saved when the air hostess arrives with food for them.


“Chicken or beef?” she asks them both.


“Chicken,” Jimin says, just as Yoongi says, “Beef.” They laugh awkwardly, putting on a facade  for the hostess as they accept their meals. Yoongi immediately notices that Jimin’s fruit salad is full of mango, when his is virtually mango free, and he quickly switches them to avoid more huffing.


“Why did you do that? Don’t touch my food,” Jimin pouts and pulls his tray towards him. Rolling his eyes, Yoongi holds up the offending fruit salad, raising an eyebrow,


“Do you want mango? Or have your taste buds suddenly changed?”


Eyes widening, Jimin shakes his head quickly and returns to his food. Yoongi rolls his eyes again because, really, why did he make such a big deal out of nothing all the time?


“Sorry.” Jimin looks a little ashamed. Yoongi didn’t know why, it wasn’t a big deal. But Jimin looked so sad, suddenly, and Yoongi really, really hates seeing him like that.


“What’s wrong, Sunshine?”


His eyes widen as he realises what he just said out loud, Jimin’s a mirror opposite him. He coughs, and raises his eyebrows to indicate Jimin should speak. Hopes to god he does soon because there is suddenly a very awkward silence.


“It’s- it’s nothing, I’m fine. I overreacted, I’m sorry. It’s just fruit salad.” Yoongi just has to nod, ready for this awkward moment to be over. They both go back to staring at their food.


It’s bad, as expected, and Yoongi only eats about half. He sees that Jimin has only picked at the bread and fruit, avoiding the main altogether. Jimin rummages in his bag before pulling out two bags of candy, offering one to Yoongi without looking him in the eye. Yoongi is truly grateful, and murmurs his thanks.


The following silence is interrupted by the notifying noise of the seatbelt light being switched on, and an announcement.


“Can all passengers return to their seats and fasten their seatbelts. We are expecting some turbulence.”


Oh no. Yoongi sees Jimin turn to him out of the corner of his eye, and he tries not to panic himself with the knowledge that their plane will be shaking in a matter of moments. He checks his seatbelt and does his best to stay relatively calm.


That is, until the plane starts to shake, and he returns to the position of gripping the armrests to the point of pain, eyes screwed shut. There’s a general scent of distress throughout the plane, and it must affect Jimin as he makes his own distressed noise.


If I was a good alpha I could comfort him , Yoongi thinks.


The turbulence worsens, and Yoongi thinks that Jimin is very lucky to not be afraid of flying at all.


There’s a light weight on Yoongi’s hand again; Jimin has reached over and rested his hand there, and the alpha is thankful for his attempt but in an atmosphere full of such a mixed distressed scents it doesn’t really help. Without warning, Yoongi is assaulted with a new scent, coming from Jimin, and it hits him with a wave of memories.


It smells like comfort. It smells like home.


The scent reminds him of recovering from bad days and bad dreams, being pulled back from the precipice of anger, of bad news. Jimin is giving off a scent to comfort him. At the back of his mind, he wonders whether Jimin is doing it on purpose. Certainly he doesn’t need to; it’s not his job to soothe the alpha now they’re not dating anymore. In the moment, he breathes deeply, and allows himself to relax in tiny increments, into his seat. He turns his head to look at Jimin and he looks so worried. And Yoongi thinks, I doesn’t deserve this . Doesn’t deserve the omega being so wonderful, so caring, despite how uncomfortable Yoongi clearly makes him, how much he would certainly rather sit somewhere else. He wonders not for the first time if he ever really deserved Jimin.


This scent, it brings back so many memories of when they were together. They had been bonded; Yoongi wanted them to be mates, at some point in their future, and he knew Jimin wanted it too. That was before it all turned to dust.


Jimin brings his hand down to intertwine with Yoongi’s, and he wonders whether Jimin is thinking the same thing.


Eventually, the turbulence stops, the seatbelt light turns off and Jimin removes his hand again. The scent fades, and Yoongi makes a very solid attempt at not making an upset noise.





Jimin cries a lot. Sometimes, Jimin cries when he’s begging for his alpha’s cock, wet and needy in Yoongi’s bed. He cries so often on Yoongi’s knot, a little pain and a lot pleasure. Yoongi wipes his tears himself when they’re tied together after, as he holds him close. At first the alpha had been worried by the tears, scared he was hurting his baby, before Jimin assured him that it was okay, it was good, felt good. Since then, Yoongi had learned to associate Jimin’s tears with good and that left him in a bit of a predicament sometimes.


Like their movie nights when Jimin got sad over whatever he’d picked for them, or when Jimin got a little wine drunk and sappy and would weep a little (he’s a sappy, sad drunk).


“Hyung, can you believe that cats are really out there with those little paws and toe beans and little ears?” Jimin’s eyes are sparkling as he drunkenly talks about cats, as inspired by a video of a cat swimming from Taehyung. Sat on Yoongi’s lap, he’s so cute. “Seokjin’s kitty has the pretties paws. She lets me hold them, did you know that?”


Yoongi nods, amused. He did know, he was there the last time it had happened. Jimin had called him over excitedly. “I know, Sunshine.”


Jimin’s expression changes to one of wonder. “Can we get a kitty, hyung?” He looks so hopeful.


Apprehension grows in Yoongi’s stomach; he knows what’s coming. “No, baby, you know we can’t get a cat in this apartment. We’ll get thrown out.” He rubs Jimin’s waist soothingly, but it doesn’t work. There’s suddenly a distressed scent in the air, and Jimin’s eyes fill with tears.


“That’s not fair,” he sniffs. “I’d be such a good kitten dad. I deserve a kitten, hyung.”


Yoongi sighs. Jimin always gets like this when he drinks. “You do, baby, I know, I’m sorry.”


For a while Jimin sniffles, Yoongi doing his best to comfort him. Then his omega looks up at him with wet eyes, and Yoongi shifts. Oh no. Jimin really looks too pretty when he cries.


“Why won’t you get me a kitten, hyung?”


Drastic measures need to be taken. Yoongi picks Jimin up and onto the couch on his back. He tucks his fingers into Jimin’s sides and tickles him.


His tears quickly turn to giggles. Yoongi doesn’t stop until he’s crying from laughing too much instead.


“S-stop! It’s- nooooo!” Jimin squeals, trying to hit Yoongi’s hands away, but Jimin is nowhere near as strong as the alpha so it doesn’t work, of course.


“You’re such a silly drunk, Jiminie,” Yoongi sighs, resting his weight on him. Jimin wriggles to be more comfortable before resting in his arms.


“Shh, hyung, I could sleep here,” Jimin’s voice is a little muffled, a little slurred. Yoongi stifles a laugh and kisses him on the forehead.


“One day I’ll get you a kitten, baby, but not right now.”


“Okay. Until then, I will just have to be your kitten.”








Jimin falls asleep after that, lips parted and leaning away from Yoongi. He looked so sweet and young in sleep. Yoongi realises that his own scent must not repulse Jimin or he wouldn’t be able to sleep around him, and this makes him feel stupidly relieved. He watches Jimin sleep for probably too long, and when the air hostess comes and asks them if they want something to drink, he nearly growls at her as she goes to wake Jimin up. Apologises sheepishly afterwards, of course.


He’s missed Jimin, so much. It’s not a new realisation. He catches himself wondering about the omega all the time - what he is doing, if he is eating well, if he has a new alpha to take care of him. Being in his presence makes Yoongi feel small and inadequate; a reminder that he wasn’t enough for Jimin to stay, and the scent clinging to him made him desperately possessive, despite the fact that he didn’t deserve to be like that at all.


Yoongi remembers when he and Jimin started dating; he considered himself the luckiest alpha in the world, to have Jimin want him. He was - is - beautiful and smart and talented and playful, and Yoongi was the definition of a whipped alpha. He wonders what changed within himself. Certainly he never ignored Jimin, but he paid less attention towards him than he deserved as time went on. Such a wonderful omega, a wonderful person, didn’t deserve that.


When sleeping, Yoongi thinks that Jimin could be compared to an angel. He’s so pretty. Yoongi missed him so much.


Yoongi gets in maybe another hour’s work before he is startled out of his reverie by Jimin clearing his throat. He seems to hesitate for a moment before asking, “What are you working on?”


Yoongi looks down at his laptop, only half open, his song file still glaring at him.


“Just a song I wanted to finish for Seokjin. It’s, uh… not coming along that quickly.”


Jimin hums, before asking, “Can I hear it?”


And Yoongi’s first instinct is to say no, because, well, he’s very overprotective of his unfinished work. But Jimin has seen so much of his unfinished work before, he doesn’t think it’ll matter, really. Still, he feels self-conscious, handing over his work to someone who used to mean so much to him.


He shakes himself out of it before handing his headphones over wordlessly. It’s not like it’s a love song or anything , he reassures himself.


He watches the omega as he listens to the song with his eyes closed, and tries not to stare at his pretty eyelashes. When the song finishes, he opens his eyes and looks at Yoongi directly, eyes a little sad.


“It’s great. Really. You’re even better than I remembered. Seokjin will love it, I’m sure.”


Yoongi frowns. “It’s not finished. I think it’ll be a while until it is.”  He looks down at his laptop, and starts to fiddle with the track a little, again. Being such a perfectionist is really a double-edged sword. It feels like he’s barely ever happy with anything he does, and he works far too hard. Jimin would know.


Jimin nods, and is silent for a long moment before looking out the window and saying, “You know you working too much was one of the reasons we broke up?”


Yoongi wonders if Jimin is trying to hurt him on purpose. “I know. You mentioned it,” He says shortly. It’s not as though he could forget all the tearful fights at the end of their relationship, where Jimin blamed him for their falling apart because he didn’t pay enough attention. And he was right, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. Yoongi was willing to try and be better, but by that point Jimin had been finished.


Jimin goes back to ignoring him.





“If you want, we can pretend they got together and lived happily in the end,” Yoongi offers as he strokes a hand down Jimin’s back, his other hand in Jimin’s hair.


“But I know they don’t,” Jimin sniffles. Brokeback Mountain had him upset, as Yoongi knew it would (he would never say ‘I told you so’, though), and Yoongi had been planning on doing some more work in his little at home studio but instead is being used as Jimin’s comfort pillow.


‘I know, sunshine, I’m sorry. Do you want me to make you some hot chocolate?”


“No, just stay here. For a minute,” Jimin whispers, and Yoongi lifts him so he’s in the alpha’s lap and scents him to comfort him. Jimin lets himself be held.


Jimin has pushed his head into his alpha’s stomach, throat, or thighs to cry, and Yoongi would let him. It was one of the only times that Jimin would allow himself to be truly vulnerable, Yoongi thinks. He wasn’t a very typical omega, not usually very soft or submissive, but this was his exception. Yoongi hates seeing him cry, but he’s glad that Jimin lets himself be like that around him.





“Do you ever miss us?”


Yoongi’s heart maybe stops for a second. He turns to look at Jimin, who is looking at him with an unreadable expression on his face. It takes a second for his heart to slow down before he can consider answering. Of course he misses them together. He really thought that he and Jimin were going to be mates, once upon a time. He constantly misses Jimin’s presence, his scent - in his car, in his studio, in his bed.


He doesn’t know how to answer, doesn’t know what Jimin wants to hear, so he just settles for, “Sometimes.”


Jimin continues to look out of the window, expression carefully blank. Yoongi wonders what he wanted him to say. He tries not to stare, but it’s been so long since he’s been able to look at Jimin’s face in person. Of course he is pretty on SNS, but there’s really no comparison to how beautiful he is in the flesh. His scent, too, so enticing, and for Yoongi it’s wrapped up in two years of memories that he thinks he may never rid from his mind, his daily thoughts. But it was Jimin that had asked for them to break up.


Jimin softly excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and Yoongi takes the opportunity to get himself some whisky. Everyone else around them is sleeping, most of the blinds closed, and those who are forgoing sleep have headphones in to watch movies on the screens in front of them.


When the omega returns, he sees Yoongi’s drink and promptly orders himself something too. They share an understanding look. Maybe now they could finally talk. On receipt of his drink, Jimin swallows half of it in one gulp.


Apparently they’re not talking. “Do you really think you can still smell my heat because you’re familiar with the smell?”


Yoongi blinks. “I don’t know. It’s not strong or anything. Were there other alphas looking at you funny before you boarded the plane?”


Jimin shakes his head. He looks unhappy. Yoongi regrets mentioning his heat earlier.


“It was my first since we broke up, you know.”


This silences Yoongi for a moment. He hadn’t thought about that, but of course it was. Wants to say that he hopes that someone looked after Jimin well, but part of him hates even the idea of someone else touching him.


Jimin is ahead of him. “I was with an alpha, you can probably smell. A friend of a friend who offered to help.”


Yoongi doesn’t know what the omega is trying to do. Does he want Yoongi to be jealous? If so, it’s working. “Why are you telling me this?”


Jimin’s head thunks back onto his headrest. He turns to look at Yoongi, who recognises the look in his eyes as frustration.


“I can still kind of feel it. My heat,” he groans. “It’s like- like it wasn’t fully settled, or satisfied. It’s making me irritable.” Remembering how prickly he always was during that time of the year, Yoongi isn’t really surprised. “I’m being rude to you because of it. I’m sorry,” Jimin sighs.


So maybe he’s not trying to make Yoongi jealous. “It’s okay, I get it. Even though that’s… a little strange?” Yoongi wonders, and Jimin’s frown deepens.


“I know. Taewon- the alpha, just wasn’t… he…”


Yoongi tenses up, and a growl rises in his throat. “Don’t tell me he hurt you. I’ll rip him apart,” he snarls, too loud, and the woman in the seat diagonal to him turns around to stare. He ignores her, though, focusing on Jimin.


“He- no, he didn’t hurt me, he just, didn’t do a very good job,” Jimin winces. Noticing that Yoongi’s body is still thrumming with tension, he touches his shoulder hesitantly. “I’m fine, just uncomfortable. Don’t worry. You shouldn’t- It’s not your job to worry about me like that anymore.”


Yoongi’s mind is still racing though. It’s dangerous for Jimin to be out if he’s still in heat. “What if someone else smells you, though? On the way home?”


Jimin just shakes his head. “It’s fine hyu- It’s fine.”


Letting out a long frustrated breath, Yoongi has to fight himself not to answer back. “And it was never my job. I wanted to look after you,” he mutters. He looks away, down the aisle in order to ignore the way that Jimin studies him then.


There’s still worry in the pit of his stomach, though. “Does it hurt?” he can’t help but ask.


Jimin shifts, considering. “Kind of. Aches, in my thighs, and my stomach.” He gives Yoongi a tiny smile. “It’s weird, haven’t felt it in a while, y’know?”


Yoongi knows. Those are Jimin’s pre-heat symptoms. He’s surprised that Jimin is talking to him, really, but he’ll take it. Wants to help, but he doesn’t know how. Unless.


“Does it- Does it hurt bad enough to do something about it?” Yoongi bites his lip. It’s a risk.


“What does that mean?”


“It means. It means I could help you. If you feel uncomfortable. And you want me to,” Yoongi says, lowering his voice. He probably sounds horribly sleazy, asking his ex if he wants to hook up in an airport bathroom, but he has to ask, has to offer if Jimin doesn’t feel well. The alpha’s instinct to take care of the omega is still so strong.


“Now?” Jimin didn’t look angry, or disgusted. He looks… hopeful?


“I didn’t mean- it can be when we land?” Yoongi mumbles, casting his eyes around to check if anyone is listening. Nobody is looking at them disgustedly so he assumes they’re okay. “Unless you’re hurting.”


Jimin leans a little closer to him, and there’s a subtle change to his scent. Arousal. Looking back at the omega’s eyes, Yoongi can see the pupils dilate. An attempt at seduction, Yoongi is sure of it, especially when Jimin bares his neck, just a little to the side.


It’s a challenge, and Yoongi can’t help but respond. Seeing Jimin’s neck does something to him, something primal, and it makes him want to disregard rules and common sense. He holds himself back, just barely, because Jimin hasn’t given him any verbal permission; he’s not actually an animal.


“So if I asked you to fuck me in the bathroom, you’d do it?” Jimin whispers next to his ear, making the hair on the back of Yoongi’s neck stand on end. Fuck.


“I- Jimin, if you asked for anything I would give it to you. You should know that,” Yoongi says honestly. Pulling away, Jimin stares at him. He appears for a second to reject the idea completely, but then stands up and brushes himself off. Yoongi can see that he’s actually a little hard in his sweatpants.


“Then meet me in the toilet in a few minutes.” Jimin throws a look over his shoulder as he walks away, the tiniest hint of a smirk on his lips.


Yoongi waits for four minutes exactly, staring at his computer screen blankly, before he goes to join him.


The toilet is so tiny, they barely fit at all. Jimin is stood so close, not touching, but there’s no room to move without them grazing somehow. For a moment they just look at each other, and in this proximity Jimin’s scent is so overwhelming Yoongi’s mouth waters.


“Are you going to touch me?” Jimin whispers, and Yoongi thinks he can detect a hint of uncertainty or self consciousness in his voice, and that just won’t do.


He takes Jimin by the waist and pulls him against him, so they’re pressed together everywhere. Jimin closes his eyes, face relaxing, and Yoongi struggles with his instinct to press his mouth to Jimin’s unmarked neck. The faint scent of another alpha is riling him up something stupid.


Nudging their noses together, he moves his hands slowly down to Jimin’s ass, making him shiver.


“Is it okay if I kiss you, Sunshine?” he asks softly, and Jimin opens his eyes for a moment to look at him before closing them again and nodding.


Tilting his head, Yoongi presses their lips together gently. He wants to kiss Jimin like he means it, show him that Yoongi missed him, and make him want more. He pours his passion into it, sucking on Jimin’s bottom lip, eventually using his tongue to trace Jimin’s and make him whimper. If anything, Yoongi seems to achieve his goal of making Jimin want more; he pressed against Yoongi even more, grinding their crotches together.


“We don’t have much time,” he gasps, and Yoongi knows that, he does, but he can’t help but want to take his time with Jimin. Wants the omega to feel good, and only smell of Yoongi when they’re finished.


“I know. Turn around,” Yoongi replies. He presses one more kiss to Jimin’s pretty mouth before helping him to turn in the small space so his hands are against the wall.


Yoongi pushes Jimin’s sweatpants down to his knees, touching Jimin as much as possible. He’s missed the feeling of Jimin’s skin so much. Unfortunately for him, this position exposes Jimin’s neck to him, and he can’t help but nose along the side of it as he presses them together again this way.


He can smell Jimin getting wet, too, and it sparks something fierce in his gut, arousal and possessiveness and need to just take .


“Yoongi, I need, need to be prepared, please,” Jimin whispers, leaning his forehead on the wall. Yoongi is already ahead of him, gently rubbing a finger around Jimin’s wet rim. He wishes he had the time to eat Jimin out, have him coming all over himself before he’s even fingered him, but they don’t have time.


Jimin’s breaths are shaky, tiny whimpers escaping occasionally as Yoongi fingers him, preparing him thoroughly for Yoongi’s cock. Yoongi doesn’t want to hurt him, he does have two hours left of a flight to sit through, after all.


“Yoongi, alpha,” Jimin says as he tilts his head back, “Your fingers are so good, oh god.”


Pressing three fingers against Jimin’s prostate, Yoongi holds Jimin tight against him with his free arm, manhandling him as he squirms.


“Are you gonna stay quiet when I fuck you?” Yoongi whispers directly into his ear, anticipating the way Jimin jerks at his words and the stimulation combined. The omega nods vigorously.


“Please, do it now, it hurts, please,” he whispers harshly. Yoongi takes a moment to sniff him again, trying to detect any kind of distress, but all he smells is arousal.


He pulls his fingers out slowly, and Jimin moves so he is leaning his face on his arms against the wall, ass back as much as he can in the tiny space. Such a provocative position, presenting himself like that, he must know what he’s doing to Yoongi. Unzipping his own jeans, Yoongi pushes them down so he can pull out his cock. Jimin lets out a tiny groan as it nudges against his hole.


“Such a pretty omega,” Yoongi whispers. He wants to affect Jimin as much as Jimin does him, and he knows that praise is the best way towards that goal. Carefully, Yoongi sinks inside, and he can’t stop the noise that rises out of him when he’s finally filling Jimin. He’s so, so wet. Yoongi never wants to leave again. He kisses Jimin’s neck tenderly, without thinking, wrapping an arm around his waist again to hold him.


“You’re- fuck, I missed your cock.” Jimin shivers, pushing his ass back a little. Yoongi tightens his hold to hold him still. He’s not small, he doesn’t want to hurt the omega. “Move, already. I’m already close.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes at his impatience - he really hasn’t changed, always such a bratty little omega. He starts to rock his hips, a slow grind.


“Fuck, Yoongi, alpha,” Jimin moans, too loud, and Yoongi covers his mouth.


“Gotta be quiet, little one, or we’ll end up getting caught.”


Jimin nods, and leans his head back on Yoongi’s shoulder, arching his back.

They can’t go fast, because people will definitely hear them, even though Yoongi is sure that’s what Jimin wants. He settles for fucking Jimin hard and slow, sliding all the way out, so it’s just the tip inside, and then back in. Then he’ll stop to grind, and Yoongi remembers how much Jimin likes that. It makes him shudder, knees buckling so Yoongi has to take more of his weight.


It feels so fucking good. Feels right, them being together like this again. Complete. The noises Jimin makes fuel Yoongi’s desire, and he has to stifle his own moan into Jimin’s neck. Right against where he would have marked him.


“How do you feel so good,” he groans. Jimin moves one of his hands to press against his own stomach. Maybe he can feel Yoongi there. The alpha hopes so. Everything is so wet between them, pheromones filling the air.


Keeping his hand clamped over Jimin’s mouth, he fucks Jimin until he comes on the wall in front of him. There’s no way he can hear any more about Jimin missing his cock without having some kind of breakdown. He moves the hand away slowly as Jimin comes down.


“Come inside,” Jimin whispers immediately, stretching to look over his shoulder at him. Yoongi hesitates before shaking his head, still rock hard inside of him.


Jimin clenches down on him, and tugs one of Yoongi’s arms around his waist. “I’m on birth control still, please just come inside, alpha.”


Yoongi shakes his head, panic in his eyes, because Jimin doesn’t understand. “No, Jimin, I’ll knot you, and we’ve been in here for too long already.”


Jimin looks surprised, and maybe a little pleased, but he lets Yoongi pull away and out of him. As Yoongi wraps a hand around himself, closing his eyes and tilting his head back, he can feel Jimin’s eyes on him. He hears and feels Jimin turn and press them together again, wrapping his own hand around Yoongi’s cock. His groan can probably be heard by the air hostesses outside. Half laughing, Jimin shushes him.


“If we had the space, I’d have you come in my mouth.”


Yoongi comes then when Jimin kisses his scent glands, right where a mating mark would be.





“Don’t ever fucking say that again!” Jimin hisses at him. They’re in their living room, and if Yoongi was in his right mind he’d be worried about the ornaments and picture frames in Jimin’s immediate vicinity, but he’s not. He’s angry, and shaken, and worried.


“What do you want me to do, Jimin? What do you want me to say?” Yoongi’s voice is raised, and he fights the way it cracks.


“You, fucking-” Jimin puts his hands in his hair, tugging. His scent, usually so sweet, so soothing, is bitter, and Yoongi can smell his anger, his frustration. Wants to fix it, wants to heal his omega’s sadness, but he can’t.




“Yoongi! You’re never there, and I’m sick of it!”


“Then tell me that, without shouting, and I can- I don’t know, be better. I can’t fix anything if I don’t know what’s wrong!” Yoongi groans.


“Why should I? Why should I have to tell you how to be there?” Voice climbing higher, Jimin sounds close to breaking. Yoongi presses his lips together. He’s right, Jimin’s right.


“This isn’t working.”


Yoongi’s heart drops into his stomach. He panics, so hard, because oh my god is he going to lose his baby?


“What?” he whispers, the fight draining out of him.


“I think we should break up. It’s not- We-” Clearly struggling, Jimin opens and closes his mouth a few times. Yoongi just watches him, a knot forming in his stomach. How was this happening?


“Jimin, baby, what-”


“Don’t call me baby.”


That’s never happened before, Jimin had never told Yoongi not to call him baby. “I didn’t know you felt this way. Why didn’t you tell me?” Yoongi says. He must have been struggling for so long, Yoongi must’ve neglected him for so long.


But Jimin stays silent, looking at Yoongi with a mix of emotions in his eyes. Yoongi’s wolf is crying out to comfort his would-be mate, hold him and scent him and make him feel better. Jimin doesn’t answer his question.


“I’m leaving. Moving out, as soon as possible. You won’t have to worry about me anymore.”


Yoongi’s heart shatters. “Jimin-”


“No, hy- No. I’m done.”





Everyone is still asleep when they get back to their seats. They probably stink of sex and pheromones, so it’s definitely a good thing. Yoongi really hopes nobody heard them, either, but he’ll defend Jimin if it comes to it.


Jimins’ drink is almost definitely warm, but he takes a long gulp anyway, and then says something Yoongi never expected.


“I’m sorry I couldn’t be a good omega for you.”


Gaping, Yoongi stares at Jimin, because, what?


“What do you mean? I don’t understand?” Yoongi is lost for words, all he can hear is static. Searching his mind, he thinks for a time when he ever said that Jimin was anything other than perfect.


He recalls, at the end, that neither of them were nice to each other; Jimin hated how much Yoongi worked, and Yoongi hated how much Jimin nagged and sniped at him for the smallest things. It hadn’t been like that in the beginning. But in the last month, Jimin seemed to find fault with everything Yoongi did, and it made him exasperated, because sometimes Jimin was completely contradictory.


But Yoongi had never found fault with Jimin’s personality. He had loved every part of him unconditionally. Even when Jimin had begun to drift away.


Jimin sighs, and Yoongi’s heart is hurting because he looks so unhappy. Yoongi is surprised, however, because Jimin never showed this kind of vulnerability to him when they were breaking up – only anger and irritableness.


Jimin speaks quietly. “I know I wasn’t good. I’m not as soft and obedient as omegas normally are. I would always speak out of turn. I’m always mean, always argue back.”


Yoongi can only continue to gape, because he truly has no idea where this is coming from. Jimin’s vulnerability is triggering the alpha’s protectiveness something crazy. He wants to hold Jimin, but he doesn’t know if he’s allowed.


“I wish I could’ve been good. Fuck.” Jimin takes a shaky breath before continuing. “I really wanted us to work out, y’know? Loved you so much. Wish I could’ve been good enough.”


A knot forms in Yoongi’s stomach, sadness and pain. He speaks to Jimin softly, like you would to a scared animal. “Why do you think that, Sunshine? I never thought you weren’t good enough. I thought you were wonderful. Still think you’re wonderful, Jimin. Why are you saying these things about yourself?”


“Because it’s true!” Jimin raises his voice, and then shrinks back when the man in the seat to their right gives him a dirty look. He starts to twist his hands together in his lap as he continues. “I wouldn’t’ve been a good mate to you, Yoongi.”


“Jimin.” Yoongi takes a moment to gather himself before taking the omega’s hand gently, his heart beating a little faster when Jimin doesn’t pull away. “I don’t know when you started to think these things, because I don’t remember you being like this in the beginning when we started dating. Maybe you were, and I just didn’t realise, and that makes me a bad alpha and a bad bonded partner, and I’m so sorry, Sunshine.” Jimin makes to interrupt, but Yoongi shakes his head.


“Sorry, let me finish. I just want to say that I never thought that you were a bad omega. I don’t even know what that means – that you don’t fit the stereotype? I loved that about you, that we had an equal relationship where I didn’t order you around or whatever. It made me happy that you weren’t scared to be outspoken like that. And no, you weren’t ‘always mean’, you’re one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I’m glad you could argue back, I’m glad you were comfortable with me like that. I don’t want you to feel scared. I want you to speak your mind. I loved all of you. You were my Jimin, my sunshine, and that was all that mattered.” Yoongi has probably gone too far, but he has to say it, has to tell him.


Meanwhile Jimin is using his free hand to cover and wipe at his eyes, whilst squeezing Yoongi’s hand tightly. He tries to speak, and coughs a little before anything comes out.


“You weren’t a bad alpha, Yoongi. You’re not. I was always insecure about my personality, about not being a typical omega, and it got worse over time. The more I thought about being mates with you, the more I realised that I would be inflicting that on you permanently. I tried to turn you off and get you to make the decision not to mate with me, but you never seemed that affected. So, I just did it.”


Before he realises what he’s doing, Yoongi is releasing a comforting scent of his own. He’s glad though, because otherwise he would probably smell angry, and he really doesn’t want to hurt Jimin that way. He’s angry because of how this turned out, angry that he didn’t comfort Jimin in his time of need. That he let Jimin get away so easily. Even now, just holding his hand and surrounded by his scent, Yoongi feels more at peace than he has in months. He wants to beg for Jimin to come back, and he would, but he thinks maybe they’re too far gone for that. Jimin had actually wanted them to break up.


He and Jimin sit for a long time, hands threaded together, and eventually Jimin’s crying fades to the occasional sniffle. Yoongi is about to speak, but then the seatbelt sign dings, and there is an announcement for the beginning of their descent in twenty minutes. They both release each other’s hand to re-fasten their seat belts. He realises that he has less than an hour with Jimin now. He has so much more to say to him.


Yoongi is so absorbed in his own thoughts that he is startled when Jimin speaks.


“Do you still have my number?”


Yoongi blinks for a second, before it registers that this is it, this is his opportunity to reconnect. He stutters out an answer. “Yes, I- of course I do. Do you want- can I call you? When we get back?”


Jimin hesitates a moment before answering. Yoongi realises that Jimin may not even want to speak to him again, that this may be closure enough for him.


“I want to talk to you more, Jimin, I- I missed having you in my life. As a friend, not just a partner. I want to understand you better. Understand why we broke up,” Yoongi says, throat dry.


Jimin bites his lip, before nodding. He looks hopeful. Yoongi really wants to hug him.


“I want to try. Maybe- God, I know I don’t deserve it, but maybe one day, I- you know?”


“I know. I’d like that, Sunshine.”





It’s a Sunday, and Yoongi wakes up alone, as he has been doing for the past two weeks. There’s a peaceful moment where he forgets everything, forgets he’s alone; this shatters when he takes a deep breath in and can’t detect Jimin’s scent anywhere. When he opens his eyes, Jimin’s side of the bed is empty.


Silence fills the apartment like an insulator, and Yoongi is finding it harder and harder to breathe here, this place so full of memories. Maybe he should consider finding somewhere new to live. The door rings, and that must have been what woke him up, because normally he would never be up this early. Not by himself.


Groaning, he gets up to check who it is.


“Hello?” he says, and has to clear his throat. He sounds rough.


“Yoongi, I’ve been calling you for an hour. You knew I’m supposed to come and pick up the last of my stuff today.” Jimin says, frustration bleeding into his semi-polite tone. There must be people around him, or Yoongi would probably be getting yelled at.


Yoongi sighs. “Come up.”


The last of Jimin’s stuff is piled neatly by the door. Yoongi tries not to look at it too closely, too many memories held in the things that Jimin used to keep in his house. Separating their clothes was hard, and there’s certainly things in there that Jimin will want to throw out, so imbued in Yoongi’s scent.


Opening the door, Yoongi drags himself to the kitchen to make coffee. He smells Jimin before he sees him, the strong aroma of rain making his stomach swoop. The omega isn’t alone; Yoongi can smell blackberries, which means that Taehyung is here, too.


Their voices are quiet near the door. Yoongi takes a long gulp of coffee before rounding the corner to meet them.


“Hey, Yoongi, how are you?” Taehyung smiles at him from the door, faltering a little when he looks at Yoongi’s face, probably seeing the dark circles Yoongi knows have taken residence under his eyes. It’s always been hard to sleep without Jimin there. His instincts go a bit crazy, keeping him on high alert because he thinks his omega is in danger. There’s nothing he can do about it, so it’s tiring and irritating.


“Fine. You guys need any help?” Behind Taehyung, Jimin looks up at Yoongi. The alpha can’t read his expression. He’s starting to realise that maybe he doesn’t know Jimin as well as he once thought.


“No, we’re okay. I’m here to help,” Taehyung says with an energy that makes Yoongi want to go lie down again. Nodding in response, Yoongi goes to sit down and turns on the television as background noise. He doesn’t want to make it too awkward for Jimin.


The boys go back and forth, clearing Jimin’s belongings until only a few things remain.


“Bye, Yoongi,” Jimin says softly, the corners of his mouth turning down in a way Yoongi associates with his tears. Flailing a little, he settles for stepping forward and hugging Jimin, arms not too tight so Jimin has the opportunity to pull away. He doesn’t, instead fisting his hands in Yoongi’s sleepshirt.


“Goodbye, Jiminie. If you ever want… if you ever need me, I’m just on the other end of a phone call, okay?”


Jimin’s breath is uneven when he pulls away, but there’s no tears falling. He looks so small, Yoongi never wants to let him go. “Okay,” he breathes, before pulling himself together and standing straight. For a long moment, they look at each other.


And Yoongi should beg him to stay, should get on his knees and say that he’ll be better. Tell Jimin how much he loves him, how much he wants them to be mates. How he doesn’t know how he’s going to function without him.


But he doesn’t. Picking up his remaining boxes, Jimin leaves in silence, closing the door behind him.





The plane lands, and Yoongi laughs a little at Jimin’s expression when the rest of the cabin applauds. The tension between them has eased somewhat. Yoongi helps Jimin get his bag down from the overhead compartment, rolling his eyes at the annoyed whining he gets in return. They make their way off the plane (the air hostesses give them knowing looks that Yoongi resolutely ignores) and back through immigration, unconsciously staying close together. When Yoongi asks whether Jimin's sore, a blush rises up his neck. So cute. 


They collect their baggage and Yoongi realises that they are both slowing down as they head towards the exit. Jimin comes to a halt in the arrivals hall. Yoongi turns to face him.


“Hyung.” Yoongi notices that it’s the first time he’s called him that, ‘’You’ll call me, right?”


“Yes, Jimin. I promise. Tomorrow?”


“Tomorrow. We can get coffee or something.”


“Okay.” Neither of them make a move to leave. Yoongi tries to memorise Jimin’s scent. He knows, somehow, that he’s going to miss the omega as soon as they’re separated.


“Okay Hyung. I’ll speak to you later.” Jimin gives him a soft, happy smile before walking towards the entrance. Yoongi takes a moment to collect himself before following him to the exit.