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Kiss Me, Kill Me

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                He watched as the small sedan pulled out of the manor, Teiji behind the wheel. Perfect. Setsuna ran to grab his scooter, watching the direction the sedan was heading, Setsuna sped up to follow the car. He was one light behind, but his eyes never left the bumper of the car. Moving through traffic, it took him a few minutes to catch up, where the hell is he going? There can’t be anyone around…asshole! Don’t spoil this for me!

                Parking garage, Ginza…less people than at Harajuku or Shibuya…how many levels is he going up? Ah, there he is…turn down this aisle…don’t let him see you. He pulled up next to a large van and watched Teiji get out of the car and walk to the elevators. This will give me time to find the perfect spot.

                Parking the scooter and taking his helmet off, he left the keys in the ignition, he wasn’t going to need the bike any longer…no he’d be driving that sleek black Mercedes with Uta and Davina in the back. He watched for any one moving around the cars, then made his way to the small sedan. Watching the elevators, Setsuna tried the front door…nope locked, back door…shit it’s open! He looked in the back seat, seeing nothing but a box that had clothes in it. Peeking his head up, he looked towards the elevator…still nobody around.

                Setsuna pawed through the box quickly, finding a jacket and a pair of track pants, the shut the door quietly and laid on the floor of the back seat. He pulled the jacket over him and wiggled the box back to where it had been leaning against the back of the front seat, he then slowed his breathing and listened carefully for the sound of Teiji returning to the car.

                It felt like an hour until he finally heard footsteps, keys in the lock and the door opening. He lay still, he wanted to wait until they were ready to pull out of the parking structure before he made his move. Teiji fumbled with something, “He’s going to love this…” The keys in the ignition and the car slowly backed out of the spot, turning towards the exit. He waited until the car moved past the toll shack.

                Slowly pulling the gun out of his pocket, Setsuna reached between the seats and pressed the muzzle to Teiji’s side. “If you make a sound, I will kill you.” Teiji tensed up, his breathing grew ragged. Looking in the rearview mirror, he watches as Setsuna slowly sits up. “Wha…” Teiji snapped his mouth shut. “Follow my directions exactly. If you make any movement or sound, I will kill you” the young man said in a low dangerous tone. Teiji nodded, swallowing hard.

                As they moved through town, Teiji following Setsuna’s directions, the man was shaking inside…Uta…Davina… please god. Leaving the downtown area, the safety of the crowds on the street, further away from those he loved, Teiji was scared. “That large building to your right, drive to the side entrance and stop.” Setsuna growled. Teiji nodded, doing what he was told. That was his hope, that if he did what he was told, Setsuna wouldn’t hurt Davina or Uta, or ultimately, himself. Pulling up to the side of the building, he sees a freight elevator.

                “You will do exactly what I tell you, if you do not I will kill you. Open your door but do not get out.” Teiji complied. Setsuna trailed the gun against Teiji’s body, always keeping contact, up from his side until the barrel of the gun rested on Teiji’s head. He opened his door, moving slowly he stood…he quickly whipped the gun around the frame of the car, back to Teiji’s left temple. “Get out slowly, Sensei…I will kill you if you make more than a sound” Teiji nodded. Thoughts were racing through his mind; when would Davina notice he had not returned? When we she try to call or text him?

                “Lift the gate and walk to the back, face the wall” Teiji did exactly as he was told. Without turning around, Setsuna slid the gate down with a crash, pushing the button on the wall. “You’re being a very good pet, Teiji…” he sneered at the man. Once the elevator reached the top floor, Setsuna reached down and lifted the gate. “Walk backwards towards me.” Teiji did as he was told. With the gun to the base of his skull, Setsuna pushed the man down the hall way towards the loft. “Give me an excuse to kill you Sensei…make a move or a sound…make me kill you.”

                Teiji wasn’t going to play the game, he did exactly as he was told, every time. They got to the loft, “Open the door” Walking into the loft, Setsuna pushed the man towards the windows, and the St. Andrews Cross. “You will do exactly as you’re told, or I will kill you…so please, put up a fight, I’d love nothing more than to fill your pathetic ape like body with lead.”  He pushed Teiji to position himself on the cross. “Take off your shoes” Setsuna watched, “Put your ankles in those cuffs, tightly now Sensei…you should know how tight to make them, ne?” Setsuna smirked. Teiji didn’t make eye contact, that would only aggravate the younger man.

                “Cuff your right arm” Setsuna now had the gun against Teiji’s heart, a monstrous grin on his face. Setsuna waited until Teiji had his wrist cuffed, then violently struck the man across the face with the pistol, “That,” Setsuna panted, “was for you being a substandard pet.” Teiji’s mouth was bloodied, Setsuna hit him again, “That was for thinking you’re more suitable for Mistress than I am.” Teiji spit out some teeth. Once more Setsuna struck him in the face, pistol whipping the man. “That was for Uta…who won’t remember your name after I fuck him into the wall!”

                Quickly, while Teiji was spitting teeth and blood, Setsuna grabbed his other wrist, buckling it into place on the cross. “Oh my…don’t you look pretty…” Setsuna ran the barrel of the gun down Teiji’s cheek…then up under his throat. “Please Sensei… say something…give me an excuse to kill you…oh wait… I don’t need an excuse!” The young man laughed, then spit in Teiji’s face. Setsuna grabbed Teiji roughly by the throat, “This is your own fault Sensei…Uta wasn’t enough for you…you had to try and keep Mistress, you got in the way…I WAS HER PERSONAL PET…NOT YOU, YOU FUCKING APE!”  Setsuna back handed Teiji across the face, blood running down Teiji’s face, clouding his eyes.

                A combination of blood and swelling made seeing difficult for Teiji, he was struggling to stay conscious… all he could think of is Uta and Davina, please don’t look for me…stay away. But as if it were fate, Teiji’s phone rang. Setsuna whipped around and stared at the man, walking towards him and rummaging through his clothes to find the phone.  Setsuna looked up and smiled at Teiji. “Oh, this will be fun…”

                Setsuna turned and walked away, answering the phone. “Mistress, so nice of you to call!”  Teiji gasped, no…don’t talk to him Davina…please….

                “Who is this?”

                “Your personal Pet, Mistress. Your true personal pet…not that ape you have constantly mauling you.”

                 “Set…Setsuna?” Davina whispered.

                “Yes Mistress, your true pet…I’ll forgive you for dismissing me, I’m sure Sensei had everything to do with it…I will return to the manor as soon as I am done here. Would you like to go out tonight? I think we should try the Fetish Club…I haven’t debuted there yet.” Setsuna said sweetly.

                “What have you done to Teiji? Where is he, Setsuna?” Davina was trying to keep her voice from shaking.

                “WHY DO YOU GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THAT FUCKING APE! I’M YOUR PERSONAL PET NOT HIM! HE’S A FUCKING APE!” Setsuna screamed into the phone.

                Davina shrank back, the viciousness terrified her. “Setsuna, I just want to make sure that you’re ready to come home, we…we don’t need Teiji to interrupt us.” She had to think quickly, where was Uta? Nagaharu!

                “I’m sorry my Mistress, but that angers me…the man is a cretin and you deserve so much more…I’m a much better pet…wait until you take me to your bed…I will love you like no other”

                Davina had run to the front of the manor…looking for Nagaharu. “Um Setsuna dear, do you think we need to contact Niihara-san about coming to his club? I’m not sure I want to debut you at the Fetish just yet…” Davina see’s Nagaharu, running to him, clutching his chest.

                “But why Mistress?” Setsuna whined. “I’m ready for the Fetish…”

                “It’s Madame F…she won’t understand why I’ve chosen you over Teiji…Ormond is good friends with him…she won’t understand” Davina frantically told Nagaharu to call the police.

                “I know my pet…” Davina choked on the words, “but Madame F has just a little more status in the community, I do not wish to anger her.”

                Davina heard Teiji in the background, moaning her name…


                Uta had heard the commotion, running down the hall to find Davina on the floor in her room, deathly pale and shaking. “Davina…what?” Mistress shushed him.

                “Setsuna my love, leave him be…you need to come to me. Come home to the manor and we’ll see about getting you that personal pet collar…I have a new one that I kept for you…it’s beautiful and very masculine. Please, come home to the manor.” Davina begged.

                “No, you’ll have to come here…I don’t have any transportation. I need appropriate clothing for tonight as well. Make Uta drive you in the Mercedes, it’s the least that little runt can do for us.” Setsuna would need to shower and get cleaned up.

                “I um…it will take me some time, I’m not ready to go out either. Can you give me half an hour please, my love?” Davina choked back her tears.

                “DAVINA NO!! DON’T COME HERE NOOO DAVINA UTA NOOO!” Teiji screamed. No, my Mistress…do not come here, please

                Davina stopped breathing but said nothing, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I TOLD YOU…YOU WANT TO DIE DON’T YOU SENSEI! YOU…WANT…TO…DIE!!!”

                With every word, Davina heard something that she refused to believe was Setsuna beating Teiji, “Setsuna my love…Where are you? I need to give Uta the directions so we can come and pick you up. I will call Niihara-san and make sure we have the largest of the private rooms, I need to make sure everything is ready for your debut as my…my favored personal pet.” Davina was sobbing, “Setsuna, where are you?”

                “I’m at the loft…of course. The play room here is huge, perhaps we should rent it out and use it for parties? There’s a large St. Andrews Cross, and a horse and some hooks in the ceiling, all of the equipment was here when I arrived, like it was waiting for us…for you and I.” Uta heard the description, covering his mouth he started shaking his head no… no, it can’t be...oh my god…Teiji!

                “Mistress you have twenty minutes to get here, I need to dispose of this fucking ape and clean the loft before you arrive. Just honk and I’ll be right down, I love you Mistress.” Setsuna purred. “I’ll be there just as soon as I get ready my love.” Davina closed the phone.

                “Davina… what’s happening? Where’s Teiji?” Uta was clinging to the woman. Nagaharu was behind her, “I’ve called the police, what the hell is going on?” Davina slowly looked at Uta, “Setsuna has Teiji…at a warehouse…” She whispered.  Nagaharu grabbed Davina up from the floor, “Get up…we need to go NOW!” The man dragged Davina and pushed her into the car, Uta jumping in next to her. “Uta, where is this place?” Uta gave the man the directions.

                “This is Nagaharu, I’m en route to an abandoned warehouse in the financial district, yes please…hurry, we don’t know what type of weapon he has. Yes… she is.” Davina was in shock, “Davina… DAVINA! LOOK AT ME!” Nagaharu shouted at his employer. “What did that man say to you? What is he doing to Teiji?”

                “He said he was going to dispose of Teiji…he screamed at him that he was going to kill him…Nagaharu…please…” The man drove with a recklessness that would normally be thought as deadly…and it could be if they couldn’t get to the warehouse quick enough.

                “Where Uta…which way?” Uta pointed… they turned a corner and there were suddenly police cars behind them, racing to overtake them as they made their way through the quiet streets of the abandoned district. “THERE! THAT’S THE BUILDING!” Uta shouted… the police had already stopped in front of them. Davina and Uta climbed out of the car, Nagaharu holding them back from going any closer.

                “Uta?” A detective was kneeling in front of him, “Yes? Who ar…” He stopped, he knew this man. “Aoyama…I helped you with the Morrie attacks. Who are we dealing with?” Uta just shook his head, unable to speak. Nagaharu pulled the detective aside, explaining the situation. “I don’t know what kind of weapon he may have, Davina said he threatened to kill Teiji…you have to stop this now detective!”

                “TEIJI OH GOD NO…TEIJIIII!” Uta suddenly screamed and pointed, looking up he saw Teiji on the St Andrews Cross, Setsuna had rolled it to the large windows that faced the parking lot…the same windows Natsu had positioned Uta in so many months ago.

                The police got on their bullhorn, trying to make contact with Setsuna. Davina’s phone rang…she almost dropped it. “Setsuna my love, I’m here…let’s go home please, back to the manor… you can leave Teiji…”


                Detective Aoyama took the phone away from Davina, “Setsuna, just come down and we’ll talk about this, ne? Just leave him there and come down to speak to Davina…she’ll explain everything.”

                Setsuna backed away from the window… there was nothing for several seconds, glass exploded, showering the police with glass. Setsuna stood at the shot out broken window. Aoyama swore, “Fuck… he has a gun!” Davina looked at him in horror. “Davina, you need to come up here and help me get ready to go out! I found some nice clothes left here from the previous dominant…I think I’ll look cute in this” He held out the red waist trainer, dangling it out the window. “Oh god…that’s mine!” Uta whimpered.

                “DAVINA NO! DON’T COME UP HERE… GO HOME DAVINA…TAKE UTA AND GO…” Teiji screamed as loud as he could.


                The police took the threat seriously and backed away. Davina and Uta were clinging to each other, barely breathing, staring at Teiji…they could see his face was bloody,

 “DAVINA…UTA… I LOVE YOU! UTA! I LOVE YOU DAVINA!” Teiji is shouting, he doesn’t care… he has to tell them how much he loves them… please god, keep them safe… don’t let him hurt them…please… god…

 Setsuna struck Teiji across the face again, the man crying out.


                Setsuna takes a long look down at Davina and Uta… he warned them, he tried to tell them he was what was best…the only personal pet she’d ever need…and she threw him away.

                Grabbing the St Andrews Cross from behind, Setsuna rolls it away from the window…


                A single shot is heard… Davina screams, Uta falls to the ground…

                Setsuna stands in the broken window… “I tried to tell you… I tried to tell all of you…” Putting the gun to his head, he pulls the trigger, falling forward out of the window…onto the concrete.

                Police swarm the body, others race to the elevator… Davina hears nothing but a loud roar in her ears, she is blind…she cannot see…Uta is unconscious at her feet, she starts to fall, a black void overtaking her senses.  

                Nagaharu catches Davina before she falls, Aoyama scoops Uta up off the ground, they take them to the Mercedes, placing both in the car. A uniformed officer approaches Aoyama, whispers something and shakes his head, Davina starts to wail…



                Word spread quickly through the two communities, both reacting with such anger and much sadness. Davina was inconsolable, Uta in an almost catatonic state, barely able to function without much effort from others. Both were hospitalized for three days, Uta sedated heavily, Davina under suicide watch. It took Madame F and Ormond to visit the hospital to get Davina to speak, and when Madame F walked through the door, Davina got out of bed and ran into the other woman’s arms. Ormond was also grieving for his friend and his equal, he was dazed with grief.  

                Aoyama had the difficult task of informing Uta’s friends. He had called Tatsu, having the man come down to the station, he just couldn’t do it over the phone. “He’s…he’s what? What do you mean?” Tatsu could not grasp what Aoyama was saying to him. “He’s been murdered, and the man who did it, committed suicide in front of Davina and Uta. I couldn’t tell Taka this…I couldn’t watch that beautiful boy fall apart in front of me…that’s why I called you, I’m sorry I had to be the one.”

                As the news spread, all of the clubs closed until further notice, the death of a personal pet of a high-ranking dominant was not something that was treated lightly.  Tatsu had told Sato to bring Taka to their house, wanting him to be with Koichi when he gave them the news. Both men falling into their husband’s arms, destroyed. The HBG was closed, with no date to re-open, the owner feeling responsible somehow… the boy he cared so much about had his life destroyed a third time.

                Word reached the members of Buck Tick, Yutaka and Hide, both men were devastated. Yutaka made the difficult call to Sakurai.  “What? What are you telling me Yuta? Teiji is…oh god no…Davina! Uta…is Uta safe? Are they both safe?” After the phone call, Atsushi spent hours in Yoshiki’s arms sobbing, feeling guilty for all of it. “If I had not been such an asshole…if I would have just let him have his flat…he wouldn’t have turned to Davina and Teiji…Yo-chan…I did this to him!” Yoshiki was terrified for his friend, calling Dr. Suzuki and pleading for a house call, the doctor agreed.

                “Atsushi, you can not blame yourself, this is a blameless tragedy. You must not fall back into your destructive behavior, please come back to the center with me.” Suzuki thought it would be best, but Yoshiki refused, “He’s better off with me right now, I will contact you if I need to.” Suzuki didn’t like it, but he agreed.

                Tatsu went alone to Ojisan’s, most of the others still were not functioning well enough to go along. The restaurant was closed, he could see that Ojisan already knew. “Uta is with Davina?” As Tatsu left, Ojisan locked the door. There would be no ramen sold that night, or any other night for a week. Ojisan just couldn’t give his guests the best service he had, not when Uta and Davina were hurting so badly.


                Due to the circumstances of Teiji’s death, the funeral was private, with only Davina and Uta at the cremation. Davina and Uta decided not to see Teiji before he was cremated, on the suggestion of the police. Setsuna had shot Teiji in the temple, and what was left was not viewable. Kyo had sent a message to Davina, via Madame F, suggesting that they could use the restaurant for a wake, if they so desired. Davina spoke to Uta, who agreed. Kyo arranged everything, Davina and Uta just need to show up, there was no cost to anyone, Kyo had paid for everything himself.

                Kyo had a difficult time at home, Mao was heartbroken for his best friend, Uta had not recognized Mao when he visited the boy at the hospital, Uta was still in an almost catatonic state, heavily sedated. It took Kyo hours to calm his husband, and when at last the man slept, Kyo fell apart as well. “Why does this have to happen to him?”

                Ruki had wanted to go to the hospital, but Kai had asked him not to. “I know you love him Ru…but right now, I think that it would be best if you left him alone. I know you have a special connection, but he has no idea what’s going on. Let’s wait until he’s home to go see him” Kai pulled his tiny vocalist into his arms as the emotional man cried for hours.


                The wake at the restaurant was held on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the large doors opened up to the patio, where on a table was a large picture of Teiji, surrounded by flowers. Madame F had helped Davina choose a picture of Teiji with a rakish smile, Uta stood in front of the picture for the first hour of the event, just staring at his lover. Slowly, Uta’s friends came up to stand beside him, Mao and Kyo, Aki and Tora, Koichi and Taka, Sato and Tatsu. Ojisan had searched out Davina. “Mistress…” He said, then he just pulled her into his arms, holding her and stroking her hair. “Davina, I’m so sorry, my gift is a curse. Please…love Uta for me. Love him for all of his friends.”

                Detective Aoyama had come into the restaurant, and asked Shinya to speak with Kyo. “Detective, thank you for coming, what can I do for you?” Kyo was wiping his eyes as he stood before the man. “This was recovered from the crime scene, I did not want to give it to Uta or Davina while they were here, it should be done in private.” Aoyama handed Kyo a small box, upon opening it, an engagement ring inside. Kyo choked back a sob, “Oh Teiji…you sly devil…you were going to propose to your boy.” Kyo looked up at Aoyama. “Thank you, detective, I’ll give this to Davina when it’s appropriate.”

                Davina stood before the assembled crowd, Uta next to her. “I want to thank you all for arranging this for Teiji, this means a great deal to Uta and I. You’re all very dear friends. Thank you from our hearts.” Uta looked at his friends, “Thank you…I love you all.” Uta was tired, he had started to fade quickly. Madame F came up and took Davina’s arm, Ormond scooping Uta up, much like Teiji would. They left the gathering to go home. Kyo had cornered Madame F earlier, giving her the ring. “The cops found this at the warehouse, Teiji was going to propose to Uta…give it to Davina. She’ll know when it’s right.” Madame F bent down and kissed Kyo. “You’re a loving and kind man, Kyo-san” Kyo blushed and turned quickly, looking for Mao. 

                Madame F sat next to Davina, Ormond still had Uta in his arms, his cheek laying on Uta’s head, kissing the boy as he rocked him. Arriving at the manor, Nagaharu opened the door, bowing to Madame F, and leading Ormond to Davina’s bedroom, where Uta was placed in Davina’s bed. Ormond placed a light kiss on Uta’s cheek, “Teiji loved you beyond what you can ever imagine. If I can, I will hold that love for you until you see him again.” He covered the boy up, and quietly left the room, only to lean against the wall, sliding down and putting his head on his knees.

                “Davina my love, before you go, I have something for you” Madame F guided Davina to a settee, sitting down with the woman. “Kyo-san gave this to me today” She handed Davina the small box, Davina gasped, her hand covering her mouth. “Oh god…” Madame F held Davina’s other hand. “It was found at the scene; the detective brought it and gave it to Kyo for safe keeping. Kyo said you’ll know when to give it to Uta.”

                “He was going to propose, then we were going to Europe,” She started to explain, Madame F stopped her. “Ojisan, the mystic…spoke to me today. He told me that you should go to Europe, to leave Japan for some time, to fulfill the dreams you had for the trip. That old man knows things that he shouldn’t, and I for one am not willing to disobey him my dear. Take that precious boy and leave, Davina. He needs to be away from here, there’s too much to remind him.” Madame F kissed Davina on the cheek, she then stood and without saying a word, Ormond was there. “Mistress, when you come home, I would love to be of service to you and Uta whenever my lady allows it. Please…I want…” Ormond couldn’t finish, Madame F kissed her tall pet, patted him on the cheek, “Ormond, take me home please…and put us to bed.”

                Davina quietly entered her bedroom, taking off her clothes and sliding into a nightgown. Leaving the light on in the bathroom had become a habit, Uta waking often int the night crying. Davina closed the door a little, then slid into bed with the boy. Uta whimpered “Teiji…” Davina slid her arm around the tiny boy, “I’m here Uta…you will never be alone, I will always be with you, we will care for each other as we had planned.” Davina kissed Uta’s cheek, “I love you my Teddy…” she said to the dark.




                “I’m not sure what you think you can do, Acchan. Uta is not going to be in any condition to see you and what you’ve told me of Davina, she will not let you get near the boy. So why go home?” Yoshiki was being selfish, trying to convince his lover to remain in Los Angeles, but Atsushi needed to go home. “Yo-chan, I don’t know why…but I need to leave, even if it’s only for a week or two. I must speak to everyone that knows of this tragedy…especially Ojisan.” His brow furrowed when he said the man’s name.

                “The mystic ramen man? You think he can shed light into what is happened? I’m sure he knows as much as everyone else does, there’s nothing new to reveal.” Yoshiki was pouting. “Yo-chan, please…don’t fight me on this. I will only be gone for a short time, I promise I will return… give me two weeks and I’ll be at the airport waiting at curbside for you to pick me up.” Atsushi held Yoshiki tightly, “I love you, and I promise to return, I will not let you slip away from me again.” Kissing the slender man, Atsushi knew he’d return, there was no doubt in his mind. Yoshiki was his and he intended on keeping him.


                “How long is the flight?” Uta had just sat down in his seat on the small jet. “I believe it’s close to twelve hours, so you will have a nice long nap.” Uta lay his head on Davina’s shoulder. “We’re going straight to the Netherlands, aren’t we?” It was the place that Teiji wanted Uta to see more than any of the other houses. Maastricht. “Yes, my dear, we’ll be flying into a small airport near Maastricht, there will be a car there to pick us up.” Davina had been undecided on when to give Uta, Teiji’s ring. The boy was just now starting to come out of his catatonic grief…but she could tell, Uta would never be the loud carefree boy she grew to love.

                “Uta…” She whispered. “Mmm?” She reached into her purse and drew out the small box. “Uta my love, look at me please.” Uta sat up, “I have something for you,” She handed Uta the small box. “This was to be from Teiji…” Uta opened the box and gasped loudly. “Teiji and I were going to propose to you on this trip, you were to marry him, but it would always be the three of us…together.”

                “It’s beautiful…what should I do with it?” Uta had tears silently streaming down his cheeks. “May I?” Davina held out her hand, Uta handing her the box. Davina unbelted herself from her seat and kneeled down in front of Uta. “Uta my love…Will you stay by my side forever…will you love me as you loved Teiji…I can not think of my life without you, I’ve lost my Teddy, but I don’t ever want to lose my precious Uta.”

                Uta just nodded, “I love you Mistress, I’ve lost Teiji…but I will not lose you.” Davina took the ring out of the box and placed it on Uta’s hand. “We may not be married truly, but you are my life…we will live together and travel and do everything that we had planned to do with our Teiji. He will laugh at us from heaven, and we will hold him in our hearts.” Davina leaned in and kissed Uta as a lover would, the boy leaning into the kiss just as hard. Getting back in her seat, Uta lay his head down on Davina’s lap, she stroked his head, running her fingers through his hair. “We love you, Teiji” she whispered, as she closed her eyes.