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Where a True Hero Lies

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The bell rang as a signal to the end of homeroom.

'One year, huh?'

"One year what BakuBro?"

Bakugou nearly exploded Kirishima in the face from that surprise announcement.

"Geez Bakugou, you should really be aware of your surroundings. I could have been a villain about to attack." Kirishima flashes Bakugou a bright, goofy smile.

It looks like one of his smiles.

Bakugou headed for the door after he gave Kirishima  "tch" in annoyance.

"Hey, come on. Don't be like that! Wanna hang out after school today? There's this new arcade that popped up close to here." Kirishima stopped Bakugou right before he could step out of the door.

"As much as I would like to beat your shitty ass at a game, I can't. I have something to do and don't bother asking what it is. So fuck off." Bakugou pushed past Kirishima and went out the door.

"He's hiding something and I want to find out what it is!" Mina popped out of nowhere behind Kirishima and announced her presence. Kirishima nearly fell over. "Anyone with me?"

"Count me in! If it's good, I could use it as blackmail" Kaminari walked over to Mina and gave her thumbs up; the gesture was returned by Mina.

"I'll come as well. I don't have anything to do today." Sero went over to the duo and made it a trio.

"I don't know....He obviously didn't tell us what he's up to cause he doesn't want us to know what he's doing." Kirishima didn't know what, but there was something about Bakugou's expression that made him appear...sad.

"But what if he's doing something he's not suppose to and in trouble? With his attitude, I wouldn't put it past him if he's involved in some kind of under ground fight! As friends, we should stop him!" Kirishima gave in after Mina spouted excuse after excuse. He gave up at excuse number 13.


Kirishima did not want to know why Mina had disguises in her bag instead of her school books and he especially did not want to know why they fit the four of them perfectly. Women and their secrets are the scariest thing on earth.

The Baku Squad followed Bakugou as he walk into a......flower shop??

"Why would Bakugou need flowers? He doesn't see like the type of person who's.....nice." Kirishima stared straight ahead at the shop hoping he could gain x-ray vision.

"Maybe its for someone special!! Oh how I love gossip and secrets!" Mina practically gushed over the thought.

"Look! He's coming back out." Sero pointed to the shop and there he was, holding a large bouquet of.....white carnations and purple hyacinths??

The feeling got worse in Kirishima.


Bakugou left the school grounds and headed towards the main street. 'Finally lost Shitty Hair, Pikachu, Pinky, and Tape Freak.'

He continued to turn a corner to where the streets were lined with small stores. He headed into a flower shop.

"Welcome! Would you like any help in searching for what you need?" An attendant walked up to Bakugou and smiled at him. 'Can't people stop smiling?'

"Um..Yeah.. What type of flowers do you get for someone who....died?"


"Hurry up, we'll lose him at this rate!" Mina scolded Kirishima when he fell behind while chasing Bakugou as he left the flower shop. Kirishima didn't like where this was going, he had a sense that they should all turn around and head back.

"Yo, you ok man?" Kirishima looked to his side to find Kaminari giving him a concerned look.

"Yeah...I'm fine.."

Hurry up!!" Mina whispered quietly enough so that Bakugou wouldn't hear, but loud enough so it felt like she was yelling at the two boys.

Kirishima and Kaminari picked up their pace.

All four slowed down when they reached the entrance of a cemetery. Giving each other questioning looks, they crept quietly past the gates and to where Bakugou was.

What they saw left them speechless. There was Bakugou, standing in front of a single grave, looking like he's about to cry.



Bakugou continued to walk until he got out of the busy street and into a more enclosed area. He headed towards a cemetery where a certain someone laid at rest.

He passed the gates and heading in the direction he had memorized at this point.

He laid down the flowers and felt tears about to fall. 'At least there's no one here."


Bakugou never made a 180 faster in his life than at that moment. Processing the presence of four people he didn't want to see for a few seconds, Bakugou took up a defensive stance and shot small explosion.


"We wanted to see what you were up to but more importantly, who's grave is that?" Mina stepped forward to see the name. "Who is Midoriya Izuku?" The name felt familiar but she couldn't but a finger to it.

"I think I've heard that name too." Kaminari spoke up and came closer to Bakugou, to where Mina was standing. "Was he on the news or something?"

Now that Kaminari had mentioned it, the name felt familiar to Kirishima too. Where has he heard that name?

"One year, huh?"

Oh, now he knew.

"Isn't he the guy who went missing for a week only to be found dead in a forest a year ago?"

Mina, Kaminari, and Sero looked towards Kirishima with realization. Bakugou looked down at the ground with a scowl on his face.

Kirishima pushed further. "Do you feel guilty with something relating to Midoriya?"

The three looked at Kirishima like he grew a third head while Bakugou kept looking at the ground.

The looks he got made him explain, "What? The language of flowers is manly. But that's not the point!" Kirishima turned back to Bakugou.

"Do you have something to do with his death?"


'Its my fault.


I killed Deku.


I took the bullying too far.


I causes Midoriya-san to die too.


He's dead cause of me.



I'm no hero.'


That's when Bakugou exploded. Mentally and literally.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT YOUR MOTHER FUCKING MOUTH THE FUCK UP!" Bakugou glared at the four like they just had insulted his mother. (He would physically kill them if they made fun of Deku)

 "Woah. I mean no harm Bakugou." Kirishima extended his hand towards Bakugou. "Are you alright?" 


"Are you all right? Can you stand? It would have been bad if you hit your head."


"SHUT UP!!" Bakugou fired another explosion at Kirishima which forced him to take a step back to not get his face scorched. "SO WHAT IF I DID? YA GONNA HOLD IT AGAINST ME? CALL ME A VILLAIN? WELL GO STRAIGHT AHEAD. I DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK OF ME!" The tears gathering in his eyes earlier thought this was the perfect moment to fall down his face and hit the ground below.

Bakugou turned around to face the tombstone. "Just....leave. please." 


"And this is why we shouldn't have followed him!!" Kirishima turned the other three once out of the cemetery.

"You know, I never thought I'd ever see Bakugou like that. He carries an attitude that scream's that he's better than anyone and proves it. He beats all of us in sparring." Kaminari makes his point and stares off ahead. The rest of the group follows and walks in silence. Sero is the one who breaks the silence.

"Don't you guys think we should have stayed there with Bakugou instead of leaving him at the cemetery?"

"No." Kirishima is the next one to talk. "There's nothing we could do in that situation. If we had stayed, it would've made everything ten times worse. As harsh at it may seem, Bakugou is the only one who can work out the inner demons he needs to make peace with."


Bakugou stared straight at the grave piercing holes in the carved stone. The tears had dried on his face while he made no movement to wipe them. Bakugou read the words inscribed on the stone over and over. With each time he read, his guilt got worse and worse.

'Damn it....' Bakugou thought he stopped blaming himself for Deku's death. For the first six months after his passing, Bakugou has visited a therapist that helped him quell these feelings. Shitty Hair's question had made him relapse.

"Oi Deku. I'll work to be a hero too. I'll be the Number One hero since you can't- NOT THAT YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO- but until then, just watch from the sidelines up there." Bakugou took one last look at the grave and headed off. "Just you wait Deku."





Midoriya Izuku

Age 14

Here Lies a True Hero