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Down Where It's Wetter

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My my, little lost fish ,” a thin voice hissed, echoing through dense waters to seem to end up directly in Keith’s ear. “ And just what are you doing way out here?

Keith knew he wasn’t supposed to swim out this deep; that waters these dark were dangerous. But it didn’t matter what anyone told him, he needed to do this.

As the youngest prince, Keith’s life had been a boiled down soup of boredom and safety. Sheltered was one thing but they didn’t just not let him out by himself, they didn’t even have anything for him to DO now that he’d graduated all of his lessons, and Keith couldn’t stand it anymore.

It wasn’t like he was just running away from home with no plan. He had a plan, and he had somewhere he needed to go. And that place was the surface . Dry land called to him, and so did that handsome human he’d saved from that shipwreck…

“I’m looking for the Sea Witch Haggar,” Keith said, summoning up all his courage into that single sentence. The dark waters shifted around him, but he still couldn’t find the source of the voice with his eyes. “I… I know she has eels in this area who work for her. I came here to find someone who can take me to her.”

The voice chuckled, low and whisping in a way that cut through the water to make Keith shiver. His eyes caught movement, something huge and dark and close, but for the life of him he couldn’t pull the sight of any fish live or dead from the water; everything a huge shifting wall of darkness. “And what, ” the voice had somehow grown closer now, like it had circled behind him. “ Do you think you need from that old squid? A magic spell? A love potion, maybe?

Keith swallowed, not allowing himself to look scared and desperately dart his eyes around searching for the source of his conversation. “I need legs,” he said with confidence. “I’m going up to the surface and I need her help before I can get there.”

The voice just tsked, but Keith was finally able to make out the shape of a long ribbon-like fin swirling around him, so huge and so black he had been mistaking waves of skin for the water itself. “What would you wanna go up there for,” the strange merman complained boredly, and Keith whipped around to finally be close enough to see a set of huge, razor-sharp teeth glinting at him. “All the real fun’s down here, don’t you know?”

He found a pair of eyes above the teeth, glowing an eerie brilliant blue that sliced through the darkness and straight into Keith’s spine. The terror and excitement swelled in his heart as he watched those electric blue eyes as they actually literally lit up, a shock of luminescence that started in his eyes and ran all the way down his back to follow what Keith could now see as the glowing blue fin of an electric eel.

Well. Guess he’d found the right place, at least.

The fear was intense and real now, but Keith was royalty and he refused to let himself waver in the face of this… predator. “Yeah, don’t think your version of ‘fun’ is the one I’m looking for,” he said firmly, locking eyes with the eel and trying not to notice how much bigger the other mer was than Keith in pretty much every physical capacity.

The eel was still moving, slithering around Keith’s body in slow circles that forced him to spin around to maintain eye contact. The way he’d swum around Keith had left a glowing trail of his long fin behind, looping around Keith to close him in and show off exactly how much of a size difference lie between them, and exactly how likely it was for Keith to be able to swim away should he attempt an escape.

“I need to go on land,” Keith demanded. “If you’re not gonna help me, leave me alone so I can find someone who will.”

The laugh, Keith decided, was only slightly less chilling when he could see where it was coming from. “Oh you sweet little carp,” the eel sang. “No one else you meet down here is gonna even talk to you. They’ll just skip right over that part to sink their teeth into your pretty black scales.”

The waters were colder than any Keith had ever felt, although the abject terror was probably a factor. “ Koi ,” Keith nonetheless corrected in a snap. “Don’t mistake me for some common plate fish. And what do you want from me, anyway? If you’re not planning on eating me, then as far as I’m concerned we have no business.”

“You’re so fiesty !” The eel chuckled from - behind him? It was hard to keep track, as hard as Keith may have been trying. “It’d be a waste to just chop you up, tempting as you might be~” As soon as Keith spun around to try and find the mer’s face he was already moved past, only a streak of fluorescent-bright tail in Keith’s view.

The question Keith had on his tongue froze and clipped off into nothing, his eyes growing wide as something unseen brushed against the fin of his own tail. It wasn’t the touch itself that stopped him, of course, but the current of electricity that ran from the point of contact all the way up Keith’s spine to instantly paralyze him. Keith tried desperately to move, to swim away or thrash or lash out or even twitch, but from his fingers to his fins he could only feel a solid buzz of nothingness weighing down his useless limbs and freezing him in place.

Gleaming blue eyes were once again directly in front of him, grinning at him even more obviously than the beast’s razor teeth were. “I’m Lance, by the way,” he introduced cheerfully. “Let’s take this conversation somewhere a bit more... comfortable .”


It was a funny thing, being paralyzed. He wasn’t unconscious, but at the same time it somehow didn’t feel quite like being awake, either. The disconnect of not being able to feel his body was almost dreamlike, no sensations but the slight leftover tingle as he watched the water sweep past his unfocuses eyes. Even the terror seemed far away.

‘Lance’ the eel didn’t even need to put forth any effort in dragging Keith off to his cove, as it were. Just tugged him along easily with one hand as they slipped through the grasses into a crevice in the reef walls that couldn’t even be seen until they were already inside.

Funnily enough, the small space of Lance’s tiny little hole was almost cheerfully bright compared to the dark waters of the deep grassy areas the eels inhabited. That was of course because the electricity from Lance’s own body was lighting it up, giving Keith a perfect blue-tinted view of the decorated walls of the eel’s home. He knew there was still a chance he’d be eaten, but somehow... Seeing his predator’s knicknack-lined shelves kind of lessened the fear a bit.

Lance was face to face with him again, grinning at Keith with self satisfaction. “Wow, you really are a pretty little koi, aren’t you?” He said with admiration, tail still half wrapped around Keith,  though no shock was passing between their contact. His eyes were curious and his hands were unabashedly large, running over Keith’s body in explorative touches that felt almost delicate on his goosepimpled skin. “Sparkling black scales and pure white skin, I’ve never seen anything so soft-looking before~”

His hands moved to cup Keith’s face, finally close enough to see a the sharp black tips of Lance’s fearsome nails. It should have been a reminder of status that sent fear through his being, but the gentle way those dangerous hands were holding him sent a different kind of thrill Keith could only describe as excitement trilling through his being.

Keith still couldn’t move, of course. Could only float there in Lance’s hold as the eel touched every part of his body he could reach, running fingertips through his hair and along his ear fins and over his lips just to start, every touch sending shivers down Keith’s limp spine and making his heart beat louder and harder.

Even just his fingers were so huge, though, especially when they got to Keith’s thin neck. He was just cupping the back of Keith’s head and neck, but one hand was large enough to cover the entire span of both easily. His touch was so delicate though, like he was trying to touch everything at once without so much as leaving a bruise.

His other hand was under Keith’s back, holding the curve of his hips where his back turned into his tail. That hand he held fast, using it to keep Keith’s body close to his own so he didn’t float off with his inability to use his own tail to steady himself while Lance explored.

When fingertips brushed against his nipples Keith gasped and Lance laughed, low and echoing in the small space. “So cute,” he crooned again in that naturally hissing voice of his, delighted as he touched Keith’s collarbones and nipples and the lines of his abs and soft belly. “I love your coloring, cute white spots all over your tail. Pure black mermaids are pretty but you’re way more interesting!”

Keith whimpered, feeling his fingers and the very tips of his fins twitching as everything else in his body tingled . Lance had moved on to exploring his tail now, stroking the scales and the sensitive places where his fins met flesh. When cool lips were suddenly pressed right onto the gills of his left side Keith squeaked, and Lance laughed again, harder and louder than ever.

“I think I’m starting to get you, little Koi,” Lance purred in a chuckle. “It wasn’t even really the surface world you were longing for, is it?” Two too-large hands ran up and down Keith’s sides in a gesture that felt both intimate and possessive. “You were just bored and looking for excitement .”

Keith had a hundred objections on his tongue but none of them came out, still capable of nothing but shaking and strained whimpering. Which was of course, the natural time for the curious hands examining his torso to find the blossoming folds of Keith’s genital slit at it exposed itself for his touch. Lance cooed in delight, the press of lips against his neck turning to teeth for a the briefest moment before he was pulling back to look down at Keith’s hips where he was flowering out in wet invitation.

“Oh my god!” Lance barked out in a laugh. “Is that your pussy? Are you seriously turned on right now?”

His fingers rubbed deliberately over the sensitive lips of Keith’s opening, just two digits more than large enough to explore the entire length of it. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, considering how long you've been playing dead and pretending you can’t move when the shock wore off after a minute or two.”

“Wh-” Keith’s would-be words were cut off into loud moan as one of Lance’s fingers slipped inside, just the very tip breaching his wetness and making Keith wail and his tail thrash in the waters as he discovered he could, indeed, move once more. In the end the only words he managed were a the low curse “Oh, fuck,” as the finger continued to breach further inside to fill him up.

“Holy fuck,” Lance swore in wonder, moving his single finger shamelessly to feel Keith’s scorching cunt. “I think you might be juicier than any mermaid I’ve ever fucked before, just how horny ARE you?”

Thoughts running a mile a minute and body shaking too much to keep up with any of it, Keith only whined. Oh god fuck, how had he let this happen, what WAS happening and why did it feel so good , what should he even do and god, why WAS he so wet was Keith really that fucked up?

One of Lance’s fingers was already all the way inside him, with the tip of a second playing teasingly at the slick leaking out of his entrance. Keith’s tail flipped and fluttered against Lance, slapping lightly against his own great body as Keith regained just enough control of his own limbs to claw uselessly at Lance’s arms as the second finger slipped into his pussy.

“You know,” Lance started in a low pant into Keith’s black nipples in between slaving his tongue in sloppy patterns on Keith’s chest. “I was only planning on scaring you a little bit. Teasing you and letting you escape so you’d know better than to come back.” Keith trembled, throbbing greedily around the fingers he knew in the back of his mind should probably feel a lot more like a disgusting violation than a craving being fulfilled. “But if you’re this slutty this fast, I should keep you here and give this tight little pussy the fucking it deserves, huh?”

“N-no,” Keith whined pathetically, flapping a little bit harder but still not strong enough to try and wiggle out of the eel’s grasp. “You can’t!”

Lance laughed again, fingers driving more forcefully into Keith. “You know I can feel you throbbing like that, right? The more you deny it the looser and stickier you get around my fingers.” Said fingers wiggled viciously, and Keith buried his head into Lance’s collarbone with a whimpering moan.

The fingers were suddenly withdrawing, leaving Keith bereft with emptiness and unsure of what to do. “It’s okay,” Lance was already assuring him with a smug grin. Gills fluttering wildly against his neck trying to bring in oxygen, Keith finally opened his eyes again to see the thick writhing length of Lance’s own genitals growing eagerly out of him with a thrash. “If playing victim’s what you’re into, we can keep pretending this is only happening because you can’t get away.”

As if to prove his point Lance’s hands left Keith entirely, leaving him floating confusedly in the water for a few short seconds. When he didn’t immediately try to hurdle himself out of range Lance laughed again, his absurdly long tail lashing up from behind to press Keith’s body back against his.

He could feel the hard tentacle-like cock that was pressing against his belly, slithering curiously as it searched for Keith’s open slit. The very tip found his opening and Keith chirped in excitement and fear, trilling as the organ stroked itself over his slick folds for just a moment before it was slipping itself enthusiastically into Keith’s waiting cunt.

“Holy fuck, baby,” Lance swore in a pleased sigh a he rolled his own hips against Keith’s. “So tight and so hungry for me, I don’t know how I’ll be able to hold myself back.”

Oh fuck. Oh fuck this was a bad idea, he was seriously and totally getting dicked right now and it was - fuck it was too BIG, the further Lance tried to squeeze his cock inside of Keith the more it hurt and Keith was jerking back to try and get Lance off of him and out of him with a scared cry of, “N-no, you can’t ! It won’t fit!”

He finally moved, finally thrashed enough to turn around and try and swim away but by then it was too late. Lance had a grip around Keith’s waist in a second, not even bothering to flip him back around before he was hauling him by the tail backwards to slide back onto his cock.

“Feels like it fits just fine to me,” Lance laughed, filling up Keith’s aching tightness with wiggle of his cock, still holding Keith by the tail as he began a series of short thrusts that stirred up Keith’s insides when Lance’s dick curled and writhed in his cunt.

The burn of pain did lessen second by second, replaced with reluctant pleasure as Lance stretched him open with the almost gentle movements of his cock. He was letting him get used to it, Keith realized as his whimpers of fear melted into horny chirping once more.

When the tip of Lance’s cock hit Keith’s g-spot, he truly howled for the first time that night. His eyes shot open on their own, only managing to register the clouds of dirty floating up in the waters where he was digging his nails into the sand, scratching hard lines in the earth beneath them with every thrust as Lance moved inside with with delicious unpredictability.

Once he’d found it the eel continued to aim for that spot with relentless efficiency, even as the angles in which Keith was being plundered remained constantly changing. Keith would never admit to how little time it took for him to dissolve into a pliant slutty mess, but he’d also never admit to having gotten wet for this roguish predator in the first place and here he was face down in the sand trying to hump his hips backwards to fill himself up with more dick. So. Maybe don’t trust Keith’s account of the situation.

Lance was laughing again because he was terrible, and being terrible as he was he was even gently shoving Keith’s hips off of him and pulling out. Keith whined pitifully and let himself be manhandled, turned around again to face Lance and pulled against him with one smooth yank. Face to face again Lance leaned down to plunder his mouth in a kiss, moaning into it when Keith shyly flickered his tongue back in return.

The thick slither of Lance’s cock found it’s way back to Keith’s pussy in no time, sliding in easily as Keith rolled his hips up against Lance to help. It went deeper this time than before, as when Keith had still been more scared than turned on for a minute there, he hadn’t yet been trying to help Lance in. Now he could feel not only the entirety of the curling tentacle-like tip but also the rigid base, the smooth slimy texture turning to hard ridges that pulled and grinded against the soft slick inside’s of Keith’s cunt.

“Feeling good yet?” Lance asked into his lips with a smile, one hand reaching back to wrap around Keith’s lower back and use it to keep their bodies pressed together while they moved against one another. “Your little pussy feels like it’s having fun; you wouldn't even let me all the way inside before. Now instead it feels like you’re sucking me deeper.”

Keith keened, his arms wrapped around Lance’s broad shoulders so he had something to cling desperately as he rode Lance’s massive cock. “Yes,” he gasped out between rolling squirmy thrusts. “It’s good, it's good, I want more .”

“More?” Lance laughed. “You’re already stuffed full and you want more?”

Keith’s answer was more of a sob than actual words, an eager nod against Lance’s collarbone half bitten down into a moan. Lance’s cock was already moving more forcefully as he increased the pace which he rocked into Keith, but he was also prying Keith’s upper body off of his own enough to be able to slide a hand between their chests. His toothy mouth moved from Keith’s lips down to his neck, still holding Keith’s ass with one big hand while curious fingers from the other slid up Keith’s chest from the dip of his belly button.

The gentle slide of fingers brought with it an electric tingle, the slightest shock transferred skin to sensitive skin. Keith shivered as his heart jumped at the strange sensation, a new moan torn out of him as Lance paused to confirm, “Still good?”

Far beyond words and still desperately trying to ride Lance’s squirming cock, Keith attempted a nod. Lance must have caught on, but this time was at least too caught up to laugh at Keith since he was still using the one hand he had planted gropily on Keith’s ass to drop the koi onto his dick. Either way he didn’t stop any of it, fingers now painting electric trails up and down Keith’s chest, each touch seeming to send a shock through the entire surface of Keith’s body radiating from the tingling points of contact.

When Lance pinched his nipples, he ended up shocking the sensitive nerve-riddled area with a jolt so powerful that it made Keith’s entire spine go tense and his eyes roll to the back of his head. The moment he could control his body again Keith screamed in ecstasy, nails digging jagged trails into Lance’s back and shoulder blades as his tail slapped wildly against Lance’s, a desperate flopping clap of flesh on flesh that should have been the loudest thing in the small cavern space. You know, if not for Keith screaming.

Keith’s entire body throbbed, lit up with sensations all anchored in the thick shaft of Lance’s cock, stuffed so deep and pounding so hard it didn’t even have room to keep squirming and curling against his insides anymore. Lance was saying more dirty nonsense Keith was too fucked out to comprehend, inaudible through Keith’s continued howls as he convulsed on the hard ache of dick filling him up. The ridges of Lance’s base caught on the hard pelvic bone of Keith’s entrance, locking their bodies deep so that the frantic tango of their fucking would do nothing to dislodge their union.

Lance was also of course, fucked so deeply into Keith’s sloppy-soaked cunt that it was impossible NOT to hit his g-spot with at least some part of his dick on every thrust. It reduced Keith’s brain to nothingness, a happy mush of sex and lightning and a delicious sense of powerlessness as he could only float uselessly and get railed.

Keith’s senses were overwhelmed, overtaken by the heat and wetness and electricity. Time was nothing anymore so he didn’t know how long it went on before he registered the sound of Lance’s laughter in his ear, and this time the light buzz of the eel’s electricity did not travel through his fingertips. The jolt went instead straight through the skin of his cock, buried deep in Keith’s pussy and sending a shock right to his g-spot that for a second Keith thought might have killed him.

He wasn’t dead but he WAS coming, and hard . Harder than he ever had in his life, mind washed blank and body shaking as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his mouth dropped open in a trill so high-pitched it was actually silent .

He’d never had an orgasm last so long before, either. But he was still throbbing and immobile with pleasure minutes later, Lance’s hand now cradling the back of his head to his chest with the arm that wasn’t still supporting his back. Holding Keith close through his orgasm, holding him as Lance continued to work his cock in Keith’s over sensitive cunt with desperate little grunts of his own.

“Gonna fill you up,” Lance promised in a gasp. “Fill you to the brim with my cum.” The almost-gentle way he’d been holding Keith the entire time was slipping tighter, claws digging into his scales in a way that would have hurt if everything in Keith’s body wasn’t still humming with thrilling sexy goodness instead. Especially at the idea of what Lance had just said…

“God, I’d love to fucking egg you, fill you up proper and get you all fucking pregnant.” The words made Keith keen and chirp again, tail flapping at a new wave of arousal. When he spoke again the words were so low they were almost a growl, teeth grazing against Keith’s gills. “...But I’m still gonna wreck this pussy so you can’t forget me anyway.”

The idea of somehow forgetting this made Keith want to laugh, if he was able to breathe right now. But Lance was sinking his teeth into the sensitive skin under Keith’s jaw and shooting a scorching hot burst of thick semen into him, fast pulses filling him so much where he was still locked in at the base of his cock that when it had no way to escape out. Keith’s entire stomach felt bloated, but in some sick delicious way that just resulted in another small orgasm from Keith just because of the pressure filling him up.

They sunk to the sea floor in an exhausted tangle of limbs, tails twined together as they lay panting. Keith was still shaking even when Lance’s cock went soft enough to retreat back to its sheath, a slide that brought with it a trail of come that floated in the water for a few moments before settling in the sand in a filthy glob.

A few dozen minutes later when Keith’s orgasm had worn off enough for him to regain proper consciousness, he was also cognizant enough to panic. The eel he was wrapped in was sluggish, maybe even dead asleep after his orgasm so there was more than opportunity to slip out of his grasp and dart to the cave’s little exit. His mind was more of a confused mess than ever after what had just happened, dear Poseidon what had Keith DONE?

He went home, all thoughts of sea witches and princes on dry land forgotten. It was not, however, the last time he would ever swim down to the cold waters of the Eel’s Grove.

It would in fact, be a pathetically short time before Keith returned.



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Mating season. It came once a year, and last year they had only been casual so Keith had his away in the castle with his family for it. But this year they were far away from home, had left their little nook of the ocean behind to explore the greater seas that lie beyond.

Of course, that meant they had nowhere private to go for mating season, and that simply wouldn't do. Lance had a mate to protect now, and he refused to have their private time in the middle of the ocean where any fool fish could swim past and gawk at Keith’s perfection.

He had searched long and hard to find this spot for the two of them, and it was perfect. A little beach hidden away, the only access to it from a cave under the water. It was mostly surrounded by rocks but there was a gap in the top to let in the light from the sun or moon, so even when Lance was too close to the surface for his bioluminescence to light them the little cove was always perfectly well lit.

Which was good, because it turns out Lance loved the way Keith looked in the sunlight. And the moonlight. And when he was lit up from just the blue glow of his own electricity. He just loved Keith, okay?

And that’s why he wanted this to be perfect. Lance spent days hunting down seashells and flowers, had decorated the small space with life and color before he’d brought his beloved mate up to the surface to see the beach.

It was before dawn when he finally brought Keith there, and both of them were well into the throes of the season’s calling. They hadn’t had sex yet for it, but the tension in the water was clear and the two of them could hardly keep their hands off each other as they swam.

When Keith’s head broke the surface his face was in awe, pale skin glowing in the last hints of fading moonlight as the sky above them turned pink with dawn light. He looked absolutely radiant, scales sparkling and hair shining, the pink of the sunrise reflected in his eyes as he turned around to smile at Lance.

“It’s beautiful,” Keith marveled, his voice high with wonder as he toyed with one of the shells Lance had laid out in the sand. “Did you find this place just for us? For our… first season together?”

Lance grinned, shimmying a bit out of the water to lay back on his elbows in the sand. “Is it good enough for my new mate? I can always find somewhere else.”

Keith just launched himself at Lance, strong little arms loping around Lance’s neck to pull his head down into a messy kiss.

Keith was wonderfully small in his arms, and the kiss didn’t take long to turn absolutely filthy, all tongues and teeth as Lance plundered Keith’s tiny mouth with his own.

Lance leaned forward, pushing Keith’s back into the warm sand. He pulled away from his lover’s lips to kiss at his slender neck, sucking marks into the pale skin before scraping his jagged teeth gently across the purpled flesh to elicit shivers down Keith’s spine.

“Lance…” Keith whined n that high little raspy voice he got when he was being particularly needy. “Come on I’m already in heat. Don’t make me wait.”

Lance just grinned, hands running up and down the sides of Keith’s skinny torso, black tail flopping impatiently in the waters. “You can wait a little while longer, love. Let me play with you a bit before we get to the good stuff and everything starts going too fast to appreciate."

He bit at Keith’s nipple, causing another thrash of Keith’s pretty tail and a beautiful whiny moan to tear out of his throat.

“Come on,” he whined again, nails digging into the back of Lance's neck, right on the sensitive fin tracing his spine. "Just fuck me already before I find someone who will."

Lance pulled back with a raised eyebrow. "Someone is sassy today," he commented wryly, pinching at Keith's tiny dark nipple where it stood out against pale skin. "Looking to get yourself punished or something?"

There was a certain gleam of mischief in those violet eyes that let Lance know he was dead-on correct, and he knew exactly what kind of punishment he was hoping for. Lance's fingertips lit up with electricity, hands running gently down Keith's sides to give him a taste of what he was begging so obviously begging for and relishing the shiver he elicited in return. But Lance didn't feel like this sort of play himself right now, didn't want Keith all limp and lifeless when he could have him thrashing and screaming in pleasure.

Still, he could hardly let this brattiness go unpunished. Fortunately they were never far away from some strong seaweed, and Lance didn’t have to leave this spot to thrash his long tail in the shallow waters enough to catch and break some off the seafloor, floating up to the surface for Lance to grab.

Keith’s wrists were tied in but moments, and the little koi looked adorably annoyed at his restrictions, flapping his tail in disgruntlement but making no attempts to remove the seaweed tying his hands together. “Lance…” he whined.

“Keep whining and I’ll find a fish hook to hang you off of,” Lance threatened, almost wishing it were an option for the delicious mental image of a helpless Keith it brought to mind.

That shut Keith up fast. He didn’t even dare to say ‘You wouldn’t,’ just bit his lip with this adorable little blue flush across his face, lighting up his pure white skin with color.

Lance picked up Keith’s bound hands, stretching his arms out above his head and pinning them there easily with his own hand, leaning his body weight over Keith and looming over him in what he hoped was an intimidating manner. Keith just looked horny instead o scared, which was the real in fact goal anyway, so Lance just used his other hand to spark little trails up and down Keith’s torso while he leaned in to once again lay a bite to that delicate throat.

Keith’s spine arched and he moaned deliciously, and the smell of his slick leaking from his flowering slit was starting to become too much for Lance. It was mating season for him too, after all, and his cock had been bulging under his own scales waiting for permission to come out for the better part of… oh, the entire day, if he thought about it?

And here was Keith, all tied up and at his mercy. It would be so easy to just let his cock out to search out the heat of Keith’s waiting cunt, wouldn’t it?

Still, he wanted to draw this out a little longer, wanted to get Keith as riled up as possible to he was absolutely begging for Lance’s cock. But that delicious pussy was too much to resist, and Lance’s free hand was searching it out appreciating the softness of Keith’s lips blossoming out to show his leaking slit and the hole it hid at the very bottom.

His fingers were searching out that hole, slipping two fingertips inside the very entrance to Keith’s cunt. It was hot and wet and silky soft under his fingers, and Lance watched Keith’s face break into rapturous pleasure as he sunk his fingers inside.

Keith’s slit was smaller than a female mermaid’s was, but it could be stretched. Needed to be, to be able to fit all of Lance’s oversized eel cock inside, but right now the day was young and he was still vice-tight and sucking Lance’s fingers in like his body didn’t want to let go.

He pumped those fingers in and out, at least as much as he could with Keith trying to swallow him back in every time he pulled his fingers out again. “So sexy…” Lance moaned in awe, as though this wasn't the hundredth time he’d felt Keith’s pussy. “I could touch you all night.”

“Don’t…” Keith’s voice was already broken, high in pitch like he couldn’t control himself. “Don’t tease me, I’m so…” His tail gave one helpless flop in the water. “My body is already so hot.”

It was Lance’s turn to shiver in arousal, eyes going wide as they took in Keith’s form in the morning sunlight. Black and white scales turned red and pink from the dawn, glistening from the water still wetting his skin. Eyes shining and teared up with desperate arousal with his hands pinned above his head, and even little strands of night-black hair clinging wetly to his cheeks and lips. He was the very picture of debauchery, and Lance’s cock ached with the need to have him.

Fuck it. What was he even denting them both for at this point? This was mating season damn it, they were supposed to be locked together at the genitals, inseparable for the white week. Lance was hardly one to deny his own basic nature.

He let his own slit open with a groan, his cock immediately thrashing out of its constricting home to rub greedily against Keith’s body. His scales, his skin, his slit… everything felt so soft against Lance’s searching cock, even when the person this body belonged to was so unbelievably strong.

“God, there, right there,” Keith sighed as Lance’s cock rubbed against the flower of his cunt, still teasing just a little bit more before the tip of his dick slipped between the folds of Keith’s soaking wet pussy. “Finally~”

Lance laughed, rolling his hips forward to feed his writhing cock into Keith’s heat. He was still so tight he only fit the squirming tentacle-like top half of Lance’s cock inside, the rigid base still too much for his little pussy to take yet.

It didn’t matter that he couldn’t get all the way inside yet, Keith’s body still felt like heaven. Lance’s cock curled and thrashed around against the inner walls of Keith’s cunt, feeling out everything at once with unhindered greed that Lance had no control over.

It made Keith coo and trill with pleasure, body finally getting filled up like he needed. Even pinned down by Lance’s greater body he didn’t stop moving his hips up against Lance’s, trying to seek out more of the movements of his cock. Trying to stuff himself on it even further.

Lance couldn’t quite control the way his cock thrashed and writhed inside Keith’s pussy but he still had control of the rest of his body, including his own hips. He pushed in hard, watching Keith’s face as he drove his cock in deep, thrusting in and out again in a gentle rhythm just to start things slow.

And because he loved teasing Keith. The koi was always so needy, wanted everything in the world and wanted to take it with his own hands. Gave up a kingdom to explore the entire seven oceans with Lance instead, and Lance was o in love with that spirit and vitality, just as he loved the cute pouting faces Keith made when he didn’t get his way.

He was certainly getting his way now, even with his hands tied above his head it was obvious just who here was really in control. All Keith had to do was make the wrong kind of moan and Lance would shoot off of him in an instant, would do anything to protect Keith and then some.

For right now though all signs pointed to complete rapture, so Lance kept fucking in deeper and harder. Being out of the water like this had its advantages, meant Keith didn’t float away at his touch and Lance could use his entire body weight to push his cock in harder and deeper, until the hard ridged base of his dick was sliding into Keith’s open wet pussy and locking together with his pelvic bone, nice and deep so his dick couldn’t be dislodged no matter how frantic their movements got.

“That’s it baby,” Lance smirked, looking at where their bodies were pressed flush together and his dick squirmed inside of Keith’s throbbing pussy. “Take it, take it all. My cock feel good, babe?”

It also meant now Lance’s dick was deep enough to be lashing against Keith’s G-spot, making him whimper and trill and moan all at once, a strange sexy noise that wasn’t meant to be heard out of water. It wasn’t anything like words, Even when Keith was looking directly into Lance’s eye and opening his lips like he desperately wanted to say something all that came out was the sweet incoherent moans of a fucked out mermaid.

God, he was so CUTE! Lance wrapped his arms around Keith’s waist, swishing his tail quickly to back them both back into the cool waters in a single long shimmy.

Keith blinked in surprise, hair floating around him as they sunk into waters just deep enough to hide their bodies, sunlight still reaching them through the hole in the top of the cave. He ended up picking laughter as his reaction, shaking off the restrictions Lance had tied around his wrists so he could wrap his hands around Lance’s shoulders and pull him down for a kiss.

Lance felt his own cock curl in delight, and a muffled squeak bubbled out of Keith between their kiss. Lance spun them around in the water, ridged cock still keeping them locked together even as they floated.

It was easier to breathe down here, and easier to move, and easier to hear every little desperate noise Keith made. The water felt divine on their overheated skin, their gills fluttering greedily to take in oxygen as the thrusting and rolling of their lovemaking continued.

And in the water like this, with their bodies entwined and their tails twisting together, they had their hands completely free. Free to roam across each other’s bodies, free to clasp together, fingers entwining.

Their first mating season together… That meant now, they were well and truly mates. Keith was his mate now, and the very thought filled Lance with glee and made him shiver, cock swelling up with the need to come. They had been fucking for so long now everything felt raw and over-sensitive in all the good ways, and Lance knew it wouldn’t be long for either one of them.

“What can I do to make you come, Keith?” He asked, wanting to feel Keith finish on his cock. “Tell me what you need, sweetie.”

“I,” Keith whimpered… at least Lance was pretty sure it was the word I. Hard to tell with all the whimpering and moaning going on. “I don’t… just… don’t stop…!”

So Lance didn’t stop. Held on tighter and fucked in a little harder, ridges of his cock sliding against the soft insides of Keith’s pussy while the tip curled against his sweet spot. Soon Keith as shuddering and squealing in his arms, overstimulation making his eyes roll back as his scream rippled through the shallow waters.

Keith’s whole body thrashed and throbbed, from his tears eyes all the way down to his tightening cunt. Lance couldn't help but fill it up, couldn’t help but release the building tension in a flood of come pouring right into his mate’s waiting pussy.

They stayed tangled together like that, Lance’s cock only sliding out of Keith’s cunt when Keith shifted up to steal another, much calmer kiss.

“That was nice,” Lance sighed, still holding each other as they spun lazily in the waters, running his fingers through Keith’s gorgeous hair. “We should do it more often.”

Keith giggled, the sweetest sound in the whole universe. “We can, you know.” Instead of leaning closer, he unwound his arms from around Lance’s neck, giving Lance a dazzling grin. “But you’ve gotta catch me first!”

In a flash of bubbles Keith was dashing off, swimming off deep into the ocean with a laugh.

Lance smiled back, tail winding up to propel him smoothly through the waters after Keith.