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Number One Villain

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Midoriya Izuku was on his way to the park to play with a new action figure of the number one hero, All Might. It just came out today! He had been so excited over it for the past week, his mother had already agreed to buy it for him as long as he had kept up his chores. Not that he slaked off sometimes, ok, so he did once in a while. What do you expect from a small child?

Once he got to the park he decided to pick the sandbox to play in, it was his favorite place since you could mold the sand into almost anything. Well, as long as it was somewhat damp but he really never had to worry about that since there was this other kid with a water quirk who always made the sand wet.

And luck was on his side today, the water quirk kid was there!

He smiled happily as he quickly walked over to the sandbox to take his place where the sand was somewhat damp. He wanted to make friends with the kid, and he tried once but the water quirk kid told him “Leave me alone.” with an angry look. It confused Izuku because the other always had this sad lonely look to him like he needed a friend but… it probably didn’t matter anyway, the other boy is probably better off then making friends with…. with a… “...deku…” the word drifted off his own lips in a whisper. He gripped the All Might action figure tightly in his small hands while sadly looking at it. “Ne-never fear… for I am here…” he repeated the words All Might is known for saying to try and cheer himself up but it didn't seem to be working. How could one simple word bring him down like this, he was pumping full of excitement a moment ago… he sighed lightly before standing to get up and go back home, maybe his mother could cheer him up, she always did. But before he could leave, someone had spoken to him.

“Huh?” Izuku turned around to the voice that had called out to him.


“I said, what is the matter?” the boy, probably Izuku’s age, the same one who had the water quirk had spoken to him.

“Uh… eh?” Izuku was baffled by this, never once had the other kid said anything to him. And when Izuku tried talking to the other, well they just got mad at him.

The boy grumbled a little. He was becoming impatient with Izuku. “Spit it out already, if not then just go away.” He knows the other can talk, he has done it before. So why is he clamping up now of all times? He sighed and started working on what he was making again when finally Izuku started talking, somewhat.

“I-I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect… well… I…” he clamped up again before swallowing the lump in his throat. He was nervous to talk to the other but… he tried to put that behind him when he walked a little closer to the other boy while nervously gripping his All Might figure in front of his face a little like he was trying to hide behind it.

The boy glanced up at Izuku before watching the green haired boy come closer and sit down next to him. “Well?” he tried once more to get Izuku to talk. And if he didn’t, that would be the last. The only reason he decided to talk to him in the first place was that the other had a sad look. Almost like… himself. The other boy is usually always so cheerful but recently he had been seeing a decline in that, he wondered why.

“I… I just remembered something a friend of mine said to me.” he hugged his action figure close to his body, he didn’t like talking or really thinking about his friend Kacchan. He felt guilty for this since he really admires the hot-headed kid, his quirk is amazing! It’s really cool… he wished he had a quirk like it or really one at all for that matter. It really wasn’t fair, how could he be born without one when Kacchan bullies him relentlessly!

The boy reached over and tapped Izuku’s arm to get him out of the trance he was in. Really, whatever this friend of his said must've really hurt the other. The look the other kid was making was enough to worry him a little and that was saying something. “What’s your name?” he decided to ask, perhaps he wouldn’t mind getting to know the other.

Izuku perked up at being asked, he even smiled a little. “Midoriya Izuku!” he proudly announced to the other. “What about your name?” he hoped the kid didn’t reject him again like once before. He was actually quite happy now that he was making a new friend, maybe one that didn’t bully him.

The boy contemplated a little before answering the question that was shot back at him. “Just call me Mizuki.” he said as he finally finished what he was making but crushed it under his hand since he didn’t like how it turned out.

Izuku’s smile grew a little more once he learned this new friends name. “It-it’s nice to meet you Mizuki-chan!” he said as he started playing in the sand with his action figure while next to the other boy.

“Sure.” Mizuku uttered quietly.

No more words needed to be said between the two as they played, they were just fine with being next to each other before it was time to go home and eat, at least that was the case for Izuku.

The two exchanged goodbyes and Izuku left while waving his hand. It had been a really fun day and he couldn't wait to go home and tell his mother all about the new friend he made at the park! He was bursting with Joy that he didn't even notice the person he accidentally bumped into “Oh, sorry about tha…” the words died on his tongue when he found out who that person was before he shot out another apology as quickly as he could, his words were a jumbled mess and impossible to completely understand.

The boy, Kacchan or Bakugou Katsuki, whipped around only to come face to face with none other than “DEKU!!” he stared angrily at the other for bumping into him before he reached out and grab Izuku’s arm, rather harshly, so he couldn’t escape. “You’re going to…” Katsuki was about to spit out some harsh words when he cut himself off as he noticed the All Might action figure clutched into the other boy's hands. He smiled.

Izuku widened his eyes knowing full well what was going through his friends head. “N-No! Kacchan please! Don’t!!” he begged the other before he tried to hide his new toy behind himself to shield it from the other boys prying eyes. That only got him a blast to the face which caused Izuku to stumble backward and trip on a rock, he fell and lost his grip on the toy.

Before Izuku could recover, Katsuki quickly grabbed the toy. It looked brand spanking new, this will teach Deku a lesson on where he stands. How dare the other bump into him. He watched as Deku begged him, tried to plead with him not to hurt the toy. He laughed a bit before he held the toy out like he was going to give it back before snatching it away from Izuku’s hands. The other really thought he was going to give it back! He laughed harder while the other started crying, he hated when Deku put on the waterworks, it was so annoying! He had enough before finally destroying the toy.


“Please Kacchan, My-My mom just… Ah!!” he watched as Katsuki exploded the toy in his hands, pieces flew everywhere and some of it was melted in a few places. “Ka...Kacchan…” he sniffled as he rubbed at his eyes. They hurt from the previous explosion to the face but nothing hurt more than the fact that his friend destroyed his new toy and that his mom bought it for him, he treasured the stuff that she got him.


Katsuki threw what was left of the toy at Deku before leaving him, he had to get back home soon or face the wrath of his mother, which was a scary thought. As he was walking away he kept glancing and smiling at deku, ha the other would never find all the pieces to the toy and even if he did it’s not like the boy could put it back together. “You’re a hopeless Deku!” he yelled from where he was while laughing.

The green haired boy tried his hardest to find all the pieces to his action figure but it really was hopeless, there was no way he could. He picked up all the pieces he did find and start walking home. He should have never brought it with him, what was he thinking! He was just so happy and… and… Izuku cried as he held the broken toy close to himself. Why, why did Kacchan have to be so mean? He wiped more of the tears away, that made his face sting more but he was used to it, Kacchan was always hurting him in some way shape or form. Be it words or physical attacks. They were both mentally draining to the poor child.

The walk home seemed to take longer than when he left to go to the park, considering what happened a little while ago it was understandable. He had stopped crying as he got closer to the apartment where his mother would be waiting. What would he tell her? He didn’t like ratting Kacchan out, it only made the other boy angrier and bully him worse. He’ll just say some kid he didn’t know with a fire quirk destroyed his toy, it was a plausible answer since some parts of the toy were melted.

Izuku walked in his apartment and took his shoes off before putting the slippers on. “I-I’m home…” he said as he entered the kitchen. He swallowed nervously as she greeted him back, her face fell a bit upon seeing him.

“Izuku, honey. What happened to you?” she stopped what she was doing before quickly getting the first aid kit out, his face was scratched up and he was clutching the broken toy she had gotten him earlier that day. Her guess was Bakugou Katsuki, again, so when Izuku told her that it was a kid with a fire quirk and that he fell, which is why his face was scratched up, she didn’t believe him one bit. It’s not like she can call and ask about it either, Katsuki would just deny it and Izuku was lying, she doubted her son would spill the truth. She had tried it before.

Izuku started crying again, he knew that his mother didn’t believe him and so he felt incredibly guilty for it. What else could he do though, he was backed into a corner when it came to Kacchan.

Inko hugged her child before disinfecting the scratches on Izuku’s face. “Shh, it’s ok Izuku.” it hurt her heart to see him like this.

He sniffled and wrapped his arms around his mother after she had finished and she hugged him back. “I-I’m sorry mom.” he said as she hushed him and rubbed his back gently to ease her son.

After calming down he let her go and she finished up dinner so that they could eat, Izuku then headed straight to his room, he was incredibly tired after what happened today. He sat the broken pieces of his toy on his desk and laid down on his bed before dozing off.

One thought did cross his mind before he fell asleep, ‘I forgot to tell mom about my new friend.’

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It has been a few months since Izuku met Mizuki and in that time they had grown closer together with them both learning more about each other. Izuku whose father left after finding out about his lack of quirk and Bakugou Katsuki who bullies him. Now Mizuki, on the other hand, had a mother who walked out on him and his father? Izuku noticed he got a lot of bruises and scratches but every time he asked about them Mizuki would make up excuses or dodged the questions altogether. He did have an idea but never outright said anything in fear of losing his friend. The boy was very touchy about the subject of his father.

The two of them would meet and play at the park together almost every day and Mizuki even comes over to his house once in a while but Izuku was never invited to his friend’s place, he asked once but Mizuki refused. Izuku’s mom even tried talking to Mizuki about all the scrapes, bumps and bruises but all that did was make him angry, she did try and call the child protective services but they weren’t any help, Mizuki’s dad somehow covered it up. So now every time Mizuki gets a new wound she treats them. It's all she can really do for the boy.

It just so happens that the two were at the park today when Kacchan arrived to harass them, again. It’s been like this since the start, it was just a few days later into their friendship when Kacchan made the big reveal to Mizuki about Izuku being quirkless but to everyone's surprise, Mizuki didn't care. This amazed Izuku, he couldn't believe the other boy didn't care about how he was a quirkless loser, or in Bakugou's case, a Deku. Bakugou wasn't pleased and made it a goal to bully both of them. Izuku cried tears of happiness that day. He met someone who didn't care what he was.

What astonished Izuku more was that Mizuki would fight back against Bakugou and the boy won almost every time! It was thanks to Mizuki’s water quirk that made it possible, Kacchan was weak against it. He truly loved his new friend, the boy even taught Izuku that Bakugou was no friend of his and that he should stop calling him Kacchan like they were close. That still didn't stop him from admiring the other’s quirk though, it was still really cool. Oh, but he did think Mizuki’s quirk was even more amazing. Just Imagining controlling water made him wish he had Mizuki’s quirk!

Bakugou, unfortunately, had his two lackeys with him today and Mizuki wasn't a match for all three of them. Izuku tried to help out but failed in doing so. He wished he was more helpful but as always, Bakugou was right, he is a useless quirkless hero wannabe.

They both laid in the sandbox together, breathing hard from the fight they put up when Mizuki sat up and sighed. “Sorry Izuku, we couldn't win” He was crestfallen at not being able to protect his friend, Izuku doesn't deserve to be bullied epically since he can't even protect himself from quirks.

The other boy quickly sat up as well and smiled. “You're always apologizing when it should be me, I'm the one without a quirk.” he laughed at Mizuki’s logic. “Come on, cheer up! I mean did you see the look on Ka-Bakugou’s face when I tried to join in? He was so mad!” he laughed at remembering how angry Katsuki was but of course the boy was always angry but this time he was furious with them both. Never in his wildest dreams, he would be laughing at Bakugou being angry, it was crazy what a best friend can do to you.

Mizuki didn't smile often but when he did it was always Izuku to make it happen. “It was pretty funny.” he agreed while smirking a little, he even huffed out a small laugh, it was rarer for laughter to come out of the boy.

They both continued to laugh and play in the sandbox for a while before Izuku had to return home for the day. “See you tomorrow Mizu-chan!” Izuku hugged his friend close and for the first time ever, Mizuki hugged back. Izuku was so happy his friend was warming up to the idea of a hug, he was pretty stiff a first but now he is even hugging back.

The two let go of each other after a few seconds before Izuku was walking and waving goodbye. “Yea, see you Izu-chan.” Mizuki stayed in the sandbox alone until it was time for him to go back himself, he dreaded it.

The very next day Izuku arrived at the park after school, Mizuki already in the sandbox playing. “Mizu-chan I brought some-...” he gasped and dropped the popsicles his mom let him take, he was going to give Mizuki one until he had seen the boy's face. “Wha-what happened?!” his face was sporting a rather large bruise on the side almost in the shape of a hand. He knew the other got marks once in a while but they were always discreet and most were hidden beneath his clothing.

Mizuki looked away from Izuku. “I fell.” he didn't expect the green haired boy to point it out, he thought he did a good job of covering it up with his mother’s leftover makeup, guess not.

Again, Mizuki lied to him, the boy was starting to unnerve Izuku. He shouldn't have to lie, at least not to him, they were friends, no, Best Friends! “Mizuki.” Izuku couldn't let the lies go on any further. “You-Your dad, he is doing this! I know it!” There, he finally said it. He was always terrified of losing Mizuki but friendships be damned if he can help the boy out, even just a little. He cared too much to let this go on, he wanted to be a hero and if he lets something like this continue he might as well be a villain.

Mizuki stared at the determination in Izuku’s eyes, no matter what he said, the other boy wasn't going to let this one slide. Izuku was a true hero in heart even though the other didn't have a quirk. He swallowed the nervousness down before opening his mouth, to tell a lie? No. “Yea… he is..” his voice was completely shaken, it terrified the boy to say a few simple words. On the other hand, he felt tremendous relief. After all those lies, the look of one boy made him crack the shell he was hiding in. Tears started running down his face and staining his clothes before Izuku bent down and hugged him tightly. He hugged Izuku back. “I-Izuku!” Mizuki wailed, it had been so long since he last cried like this.

Izuku started crying a little too. “It-it's going to be ok.” he tried to comfort him as best as he could while gently rubbing Mizuki’s back. He was so happy his friend finally told him the truth but it was still horrible what his father was doing to him. Why Mizuki was putting up with it, he didn't know. The same could be said for him with Bakugou but it’s been bearable with Mizuki around. Izuku put his hands on the other boy’s shoulders while pulling away to look at him with the same determination as before. “You have to tell the adults.”

“...n-NO!” he couldn't do it, not even if Izuku looked at him with that pleading look. “You don't understand Izuku! I can't.”

“Then tell me why!” he was frustrated with his friend, why couldn't they tell his mom, well she kinda already figured it out but she still needed Mizuki, to tell the truth. Or the police for that matter. His father shouldn't be doing this! Not to Mizuki. “You said, friends, don't bully each other. So then parents shouldn't abuse their kids, no matter the reason!”

The boy wiped some of the tears off his face, he knew Izuku was right but still, he didn't want to lose his only family member. He didn't know anyone else. “Izuku, I don't have anyone. And… and I…” he started crying harder. “As stupid as it is, I still love my dad.” his voice was trembling when he said it. It was true though. “Before my mom left us, he was so kind and caring to me I couldn't bring myself to hate him. On the days he doesn't drink he isn't as bad to deal with.” which isn't really saying much, those days were getting fewer and further away.

Izuku sat and listened to Mizuki talk about his situation, he wished he could do something, anything to help but he was just a child himself, if only All Might or any hero for that matter was around to Rescue Mizuki then Izuku could be at peace. The best the boy could do was listen, he couldn't even relate to how his friend felt since he himself isn't the one going through this. He tried to imagine his mom doing something like that to him but it just left a bad taste in his mouth. He embraced his friend once more as a reminder that he was there and not alone. “I’m sorry, I wish I could protect you better Mizuki.” he was the one who wanted to be a hero.

Mizuki appreciated Izuku so much, he should have talked to him sooner, they could have been friends a while ago but his stubbornness got in the way of that. He was at least glad they were friends now, he can't imagine things without Izuku anymore, the boy is the only thing keeping him from falling anymore then he already has. Even when they weren't talking Izuku always played in the sandbox a bit close by which was somehow comforting in a way. And that sad look he started bearing more and more, it made him curious about the other because he was the one with problems, how could someone so happy have such a sad expression. “Th-thank you.” Mizuki said as he wrapped his arms around Izuku tightly once more before letting go and wiping the snot and tears on his own shirt. He felt so much better than before, all that guiltiness was gone. He watched as Izuku opened his mouth but closed it and smiled at him. It looked like he wanted to say something but he held his tongue. Mizuki reached up and wiped the tears from Izuku’s own eyes before picking up the forgotten popsicles, they were melted now but they could still drink it. “You brought these, let's enjoy them.” he smiled back.

Izuku wanted to press Mizuki more to tell someone about what his father was doing but decided to leave it for another day, the other boy seemed better and he didn't want to bring the mood down so he instead decided to smile for the other. He blinked when Mizuki wiped his tears away and he smiled more, Mizuki was so kind.

Izuku agreed when his friend said they should enjoy the popsicles so they both opened one and drank the sugary sweet contents. They both sat there for a while later, nothing more needed to be said between the two as they just enjoyed each other's company until it was time to go. It was Mizuki who left first this time, sometimes he had to go earlier to do his chores before his dad returned. Izuku sat there watching his friend's back as he slowly, painfully walked away, he could tell Mizuki didn't want to return and Izuku didn't want to let him go back. He clenched his fist and teeth, he wanted to stay with the other boy, but… Izuku quickly stood up and started following Mizuki, was this dumb? Maybe but he really couldn't help himself, he couldn't leave his friend and what if his dad did something even worse and Mizuki was in trouble! He had to do something, anything!

The boy followed Mizuki threw several alleyways and blocks before he finally stopped at some house. It looked really shady where Mizuki lived, it scared Izuku but he steeled his resolve to help the boy out no matter what. He leaned against the wall and peeked around it to get a better look at Mizuki’s place. It was dirty and quite rundown, nothing like what he was used to seeing. Izuku really did have it better than the other boy. He was about to leave when he heard yelling, he couldn't hear what was being said though, it was too muffled but they sounded angry and before he knew it Mizuki had quickly run out of the place with his father in tow. The man was scruffy, dirty looking, with sunken eyes that were filled with rage. Izuku watched the scene all play out before him, Mizuki tripped while trying to get away while his dad had a rather big glass bottle that he brought up over his head before the man started bringing it back down again. Izuku gasped and rushed over yelling something, he wasn't even sure what he had yelled before something hard smashed against the back of his head.

Pieces of shattered glass went flying everywhere as Mizuki slowly turned around to see Izuku fall to the ground with a ‘thud' sound. “” His brain wasn't comprehending on what just transpired before him. “..Izu… Izuku?” he stared at the unconscious body of his only friend before he finally snapped out of his daze as he started seeing droplets of blood drip down from his hair and onto the cement of the small walkway they had. “IZUKU!!” he yelled as he quickly crawled over to the boy while ignoring the small pieces of glass digging into his hands and knees. “Izuku!!” he yelled once more, his voice was trembling and he was on the verge of tears as he leaned down and cradled Izuku’s head in his arms. “Izu…” he couldn't even finish his name as he wailed over the unconscious boy, tears streaming down his face and onto Izuku’s. How could this happen, why did he have to follow him here, he should have paid more attention to his surroundings or just, just something then this could have prevented from happening!

He balled his eyes out as his dad came over and grabbed his arm to drag him up off the ground away from the other boy. He had to think of something or he'll be in deep shit, but what, what could he do.

Mizuki yelled and scratched at his father's hand in an attempt to get the man to release him. “LET GO!!” he said before he was smacked across the face.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP, I'M TRYING TO THINK” he growled at his son.

He should have listened to Izuku and told the adults, his father, no, this man was just a shallow, despicable, miserable piece of garbage. Nothing like what he was before his mother left, that person was long gone and it only took Mizuki now to realize that. He used the water from his tears to cut the man’s hand which caused him to cry out and release Mizuki but before he could get away the man kicked him in the side, Mizuki rolled several feet before trying to get up, he couldn't carry Izuku but he could find someone to call the police and ambulance, he just had to- ‘cough’ - to get away? He tried once more to get up but his body refused it, he bent over coughing again, what was wrong with him, he had to get up and... Mizuki stared at the blood on the ground, his blood. That's when he felt the searing hot pain in this lung, he cried out as more tears formed in the corner of his eyes. To say it hurt was an understatement, it was unbearable, nothing like the scratches or bruises he got. He grabbed at his chest, he was drowning in his own blood. A large chunk of glass must have punctured through his skin, between his ribs, and into his lung. He wheezed and hacked more blood up, it dribbled down his chin and into the green grass as he fell onto his side. Mizuki kicked around a bit before he started seeing black dots in his vision, he looked at his dad with hatred and then to Izuku, his only friend. He cried as he wouldn’t be able to be there for him any longer. “I...I’m...” he spit up blood again. “...sor..ry…” he apologized as the pain seemed to get further away by the second but so did his conscience.

Mizuki closed his eyes as he reached his hand out to Izuku and unbeknownst to him, Izuku slowly and shakingly reached out to grab onto his friend’s hand.

Izuku was just barely keeping his eyes open as he watched Mizuki open his own for one final time and smile at him, it was a painful and sad looking before his grip slackened and he slowly closed his eyes as all the life drained out of the boy. Izuku only squeezed harder as the both of them blacked out.

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The next time Izuku woke up, he found himself staring at a white ceiling. He shifted his eyes to look around, it seemed he was in a hospital but, why? He sat up before a stinging pain came from the back of his head, oh, that must be the cause. As he was inspecting the bandages around his head, someone had walked in the room before they rushed over and hugged him while crying, it was his mom.

“Izuku my baby!” she cried, never in her life had she been so scared and worried. Sure the doctor said Izuku would recover but that didn't do anything to quell the fear in her heart. When they first brought him in and contacted her to come to the hospital, she swore her heart stopped. She had tried and prepared herself for the worst but that didn't do anything to help, she still broke down once she saw Izuku. He was pale as a ghost-like there wasn't any life left in his small body. He had to have a blood transfusion since he lost quite a bit of blood, if they took any longer in finding him, well she couldn't bring herself to think about it. Inko was just happy her baby was awake now “Honey, I'm so glad you're ok, I love you so much.” she used the tissues in her hands to wipe the tears off and blow her nose.

Izuku tried to comfort his mother with a hug, he didn't know he worried her so much, it brought some tears to his own eyes. “I-I’m sorry mom.” the boy apologized but… what happened? The last thing he remembered was… At that moment a memory flashed through his mind. That's right, he was following Mizuki home but that's all he can remember, if he tries after that, it becomes distorted while his head starts hurting. He rubbed his temple a little before asking her because she should know something at least. “Mom, what happened? I can't remember.” his mom drew back a bit before moving some stray hair out of his face.

“The Police found a hole in that fenced off area in the park so they decided to look there, they found you not far from it. They said it looked like you tried to climb a tree but the branch broke and you fell onto some glass below. That's why your head is bandaged. Sweety, what made you even go in there, I was sick at my stomach trying to find you. I thought you had gotten kidnapped or something.” she took a few deep breaths, she was just so relieved Izuku was back in her arms again.

He stared at his mother hard while trying to figure out her words. “N-No… that can't be right!” how he was sure Mizuki left and he followed him home, but again, he just can't remember anything past that. “Wha-What about Mizuki?” he looked at his mother’s eyes before she glanced away with a sad look. “Mom, please, I need to know.” what happened to his friend?

She sighed, she knew Izuku was going to ask about the other boy, she was going to try and avoid it as best as she could or at least until her baby got a little better, he just woke up. “Izuku, try to stay calm.” she didn't want to see him heartbroken over it but something told her that wasn't possible, the two were always together, she was pretty sure they were more like siblings. Inko was so happy her son was so close to the boy, Mizuki even started warming up to her so when she heard the news, her heart went out to the other. She cried for Mizuki too. “Mizuki disappeared the same night you did, his father had called the police to report him in, they are still trying to find him now.” the look on Izuku’s face made her start to cry again. “I- I told them that you two are always together so Mizuki couldn't be that far from you. I'm so sorry Izuku.” she watched as her son’s tears started streaming down his cheeks and onto the blanket below. God, she wished she could have done more but it's already been two days since then, as much as she hates to admit it, she didn't think they were going to find Mizuki.

Izuku just cried and cried, how could his friend disappeared?! It didn't make sense, he followed him home, he remembered that much but what happened, what happened after that?! His head started hurting again, he tried, he was really trying to remember but he just couldn't! Izuku grabbed his head on both sides. ‘Think, you can do it.’ he repeated like a mantra throughout his mind in hopes of remembering but… It was useless, he was completely useless. He hugged his mother and cried on her shoulder, his tears staining her shirt.

Inko hugged Izuku back in a tight embrace while patting his back to get him to calm down, even just a little. It didn't work but at least she could be there for him. She felt horrible, she can't even protect her son from the harsh outside world. Inko couldn't pass a quirk down to him, his father left, Bakugou bullied him and now Mizuki was gone.

A little while later Izuku finally slowed the tears down but there were still a few that escaped before Inko patted them with the tissues she had. That's when a doctor came in and had her step out for a moment. She gave Izuku another hug and rubbed his cheek gently before leaving.

Inko came back in after a few minutes with a small sad smile. “They said they would release you tomorrow after the detective comes in to speak with you.” when Izuku gave her a worried look she gently placed her hand over his. “Don’t worry Izu, he just wants to ask you a few questions about what had happened. Just answer them truthfully. I'll be there with you.” she watched as Izuku started to cry more before he nodded. She wiped the snot and tears away again. She wanted to say ‘It was ok.’ but that would be a lie, she knew it wasn't, far from it.


The next day came and passed by rather quickly, it was already dinner time and Inko was in the kitchen cooking something to eat while Izuku sat in the living room curled up on the couch with a blanket wrapped around himself. He was thinking about the questions the detective asked him, they were mostly just about what happened up till the point he couldn't remember. He also made sure to tell them everything Mizuki and him talked about that day. About how he admitted to Izuku that his father was abusing him to the bruise on the other boy's cheek. Everything and anything he could remember or think of he told the detective. He hoped and prayed they would find Mizuki, they had to, right? The man at least would call and let his mom know if they find out anything but as a few more days passed by, his hope was diminishing.

He was sitting on his bed looking at the framed picture his mom gave him earlier that day. It was a picture of him and Mizuki playing in the sandbox. He had no idea his mom had taken the picture and he was thankful of the memory he had in his hands. He held it close to his chest as he wept over the boy, he cried himself asleep that night.


It was almost a week later when his mom came into his room to check on him again. “Izuku honey, you can't just stay in your room forever.” she knew her son was still recovering from what happened but letting him sulk all the time wasn't a healthy choice either. “Come on, why don't you come with me. I need to pick up a few things at the store.” she watched as her son turned to face her before getting up from his bed and searched around in the drawers for some clean clothes. His eyes were red and a little puffy, he must have been crying not long ago. She left his room to get ready herself. To be honest, she was having trouble coping with all this too. Mizuki was a sweet boy and for something to happen to him made her sick, she wished she could have tried harder to help him then maybe her son wouldn't have had to be dealing with this right now. She sighed as she walked out into the kitchen to grab a quick snack to eat before they left. She was stress eating again, the last time was when her husband had left, all because Izuku didn't have a quirk. She was angry and hurt but after a few months, she finally started getting over it. Now, a child had disappeared who was her son’s best friend. It was tearing her up inside to see Izuku be so emotionally destroyed over it. The only time he would come out of his room was to sit by the phone or to get something to eat. Her thoughts stopped as she seen Izuku was ready so they both went to the door and put their shoes on before leaving.

Izuku held his mother's hand as they walked down the sidewalk to the store, it was pretty close by but that didn't make him want to come out here. The only reason he did was that of the worried expression his mother had sported and he really was going to have to get back outside whether he liked it or not. The boy had to return to school soon even though he hated the place, but if he wanted to become a hero he- Right, he wanted to be a hero, that's why he started writing in his notebooks but that dream seems further away than ever. He squeezed his mother’s hand tightly and she looked down at him before he spoke. “Do… Do you think I could get a notebook?” he asked and his mom smiled down at him a little.

“Sure sweetie.” she told him as they walked into the store.

When they got back home his mom set on making them lunch while he returned to his room with his new notebooks, she had gotten him a couple of them. He was happy and sad at the same time, he wouldn't be able to show Mizuki anymore of the heroes he wrote about. He flipped through the empty notebook while imagining what future things he would write in them as he started shedding a few tears. Izuku flipped back to the first page while grabbing a pencil off his desk and wrote down everything about Mizuki that he learned in the past few months from his favorite color to what the boy liked and disliked. He didn't want to forget anything as he got older. The world really did keep moving even though he didn't want to.


It was a few weeks later when Izuku got in quite a bit of trouble at school.

He was doing his best to cope with the disappearance of his friend by writing in his notebooks to keep his mind busy. And today was no different except for the fact Bakugou wouldn't leave him alone. Usually, the boy would pick on Izuku and then leave him once he didn't give Bakugou the satisfaction of responding. So once the other had mentioned something about Mizuki he had Izuku’s full attention.

Yes, he knew Izuku would respond once he mentioned the water quirk kid, he couldn't be bothered to remember the others name. Only when he had seen the news report that he figured out why Izuku and the other boy stopped coming to the park and why Deku was depressed. “I heard he disappeared, and you know what, Good riddance!” he hated Mizuki, especially since he would get Deku to actually fight back against him. Deku was just a useless weak quirkless hero wannabe and that's all he’ll ever- he wasn't able to finish the thought as he screamed out loud.

Izuku looked at Bakugou with a shocked and hurt expression before was completely blinded with rage over what Bakugou had said so he took the pencil he had and swiftly logged it in Bakugou’s hand, he managed to press it all the way through. How could he say something like that?! He started crying as he punched the other boy in his stupid face before the teacher came over and held him back while calling someone else to help him.

The other kids stared wide-eyed at Izuku in fear, shock or they were just horrified at what just happened, some looked away because of the blood that was getting everywhere. Katsuki was crying from the pain from his hand and now nose where Izuku dared to hit him even after he got stabbed with the pencil. A teacher came over and quickly took him to the nurse while Izuku was taken to the principal’s office.

That's why he was sitting there with a police officer, the principal, and his mother, they were all talking about things he didn't quite understand yet or he just didn't bother to listen to them unless he was asked a question. Otherwise, he was thinking because did he really just do that? It felt kinda surreal. I mean he just shoved a pencil through his bully’s hand and you know what, he didn’t regret it. It might have even felt a little good to teach Bakugou a lesson for once, the boy was nothing but a thorn in his side ever since he got his quirk.

When all was said and done and they got home, she sat her son down to have a small chat with him. He looked to be somewhere else, she couldn’t read what he was thinking. “Izuku, I know what Bakugou said to you was wrong and unforgivable but you shouldn't have done something like that.” she was scared, her baby actually seriously hurt someone and at such a young age. She was able to calm down once Izuku turned to her and snapped out of it. Thank god, she wasn’t sure what to do if he didn’t.

That shook him out of the trance he was in because he hugged his mother and started to wail. She was the last person he wanted to disappoint but really, he truly thought Bakugou deserved what he got and not even his own mother couldn’t convince him otherwise. He would keep that to himself though.

Inko ran her hand threw Izuku’s hair, he was having such a hard time with all this and then going back to school only to get bullied. Of course, it was going to boil over. So she decided something on their way back from the school. “Izuku, I decided we should move.” she couldn't continue to see her son get tormented any longer. Perhaps a change of pace would be good for him, it had to be better than staying in the area they were in.

Izuku looked up to his mother before crying more, he felt bad that they had to move because of his problems but, he was a bit relieved at the same time since he would be away from that monster by the name of Bakugou Katsuki.

Tomorrow he would be starting to pack his things up. Apparently, his mother knew someone with an apartment complex that would let her move in as soon as possible. So she made, even more, calls the following day to get all their papers sorted out and him into the new school near the complex. It was also close to where she worked so she wouldn't have to travel far, and speaking of work, she was able to take off for about a week so she could prepare. Another good thing was the Bakugou’s decided not to press charges, well even if they tried his mom was going to bring up all the times Izuku had gotten hurt by the other boy, she had tons of pictures too. She was just waiting for Izuku to finally tell her the truth but it looks like it didn't matter anymore. They must have been aware of this and decided to let it go. She really didn't feel like fighting it. Inko did apologize profusely though.

By the end of the week they moved to the new apartment in no time thanks to a few of his mother’s friends coming over and helping them. And when Monday arrived Izuku would start going to his new school, he was a bit excited to see all the new quirks but also very much nervous since he never had any good memories at his last school. He was unpacking some of his things when he came across Mizuki’s picture. He sighed, he would miss the park where they both played, it was the only good memory he had besides the ones with his mother. He propped the picture up on his desk before returning to the task at hand until his mom called him for dinner, they were having takeout tonight since she didn't feel like making anything, she was quite busy with everything.


Monday came and he was off to the new school, he already knew how to get there thanks to his mother showing him the way previously, he also wrote the directions down just in case he wasn't sure of a turn. So when he rounded a corner he didn't expect to run into anyone, he crashed pretty hard into the other causing them both to fall down. It didn't help that the person was running either but he ignored the pain before getting back up to bow and apologize. “I’m so sorry, are you ok?” Izuku looked up once he heard her laugh and got a good look of the girl’s appearance. She was just slightly shorter than himself with blond hair that had wild looking buns on both sides of her head. Her yellow eyes seemed to pierce through you while her smile seemed bright except for the fact that she had fangs. She reminded Izuku of a cat.

She smiled and laughed at the other boy, it was her fault that this happened. The girl was completely fine though, she was just running away from a couple of older kids when she had bumped into this stranger. He was kinda cute actually, her lucky day. “You’re funny, but I like you.” The girl said as she peeked around the corner, it looked like she lost them. It always gave her a rush when she was being chased and it pleased her, even more, when she was to fast for them to catch her.

Izuku blushed a little, he wasn't good with girl's, to make matters worse she said that she liked him. How? They just met. He really wasn't sure how to respond and was all around confused but if he wanted to try and make friends the best way to start out was introducing himself. “Um... Thank you I guess. My name is Midoriya Izuku.” he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

The girl smiled more before she excitedly did the same. “I’m Himiko Toga! It’s nice to meet you Izuku!”

Chapter Text

The next few days flew by in no time, it was already near the end of the week and he had to say, this school was a godsend compared to the other one. It was by no means perfect but without him having to worry about Bakugou terrorizing him, it was a huge step forward. He did, however, have trouble making friends, scratch that, no one wanted to be his friend since Himiko Toga hung around him, constantly. Which was fine, he would rather choose Himiko then have a bunch of fakes. It also saved him the trouble of telling people about his quirklessness.
He was just writing in one of his journals when Himiko popped her head up from behind him with a huge grin.

“Iiizzzuuukkkuuu!~” she singsonged the boy's name to get his attention. “What are you writing?” she asked him, the girl noticed this in such a short time but it was hard to miss, the boy was always scribbling away in those notebooks of his. She wanted to know what was so important that he had to write down.

Izuku jumped a little before quickly closing his journal out of habit. ‘Shoot, I didn't mean to do that.’ he thought as he seen her confusion. “Sorry, I just kinda…” he trailed off before opening the notebook back up and showing her what he was currently writing. “I was writing about everyone's quirks, they are just so interesting.” he admitted in a quiet voice. He didn't want his other classmates to know, not everyone likes it. He learned that the hard way thanks to Bakugou, but since it was Himiko, he thought it would be alright.

Himiko blinked at Izuku’s behavior before her smile returned and she looked at the notes her fellow classmate wrote. They were quite good. “Wow Izuku, not too shabby. You have everyone in the class.” well except for her but she didn't exactly go around telling people of her own quirk because of the school, she would get in trouble.

“Yea, thank you.” he wanted to ask about her quirk since he has no real indication of what could give it away, I mean she has fangs but he had seen plenty of people with them or sharp teeth in general that have nothing to do with their quirk. “Um, I won't write about you if you don't want me to but, what’s your quirk?”

The girl was happy Izuku finally asked. “I don't mind if you do. Just, I'll have to tell you after school and you gotta tell me what your quirk is too!” she poked him on the nose while winking before she took her seat and the bell rang to signal the start of class.

Izuku blushed a little and rubbed his nose as he quickly finished his notes before the teacher started. Oh boy, he knew she was going to find out eventually but it still frightened him of what she was going to think. He thought back to Mizuki, his friend accepted him so maybe she will too? He sure did miss the other boy, where was he when you needed him. Was he... truly gone? Izuku sighed as he quickly flipped to the front of his notebook where a picture of Mizuki was taped. He had his mom print another picture so he could carry it with him. He touched it lightly and took a deep breath before closing it and listening to his teacher.

The action wasn't unnoticed by Himiko though, she wondered what Izuku was looking at before the boy closed the notebook and started paying attention. She'll ask about it next time if she doesn't forget.


After school Izuku and Himiko decided to meet up at the local park to talk but he first had to go back home to tell his mom where he was going. She was still worried about him disappearing so he assured her that he wouldn't go anywhere and he'll be back in an hour or two. But any more then that and she was going to come looking for him.

They both sat on one of the park benches as Izuku pulled out his notebook. “You sure you don't mind me writing about you?” he asked just in case she changed her mind.

“I don't mind but, you didn't exactly ask our other classmates for permission, did you?” she laughed as he looked away guiltily.

“Ok, I see your point. You want to tell me your quirk now?” he took his pencil out and opened his notebook to a clean page to start. He was quite eager to find out.

Toga tapped her chin in thought. “How do I know you'll tell me what yours is? You didn't seem like you liked the idea of me knowing.” she wondered if Izuku’s quirk was so bad he didn't want to say.

She was right, he didn't want to, but… “I-I will tell you. Promise.” he swallowed pretty hard, it made him quite nervous. “If you want I can go first if you’re that worried about it.”

“Hmm…. Nah, I'll go first but I'm trusting you on this.” she said pointing her finger at him before talking. “So, my quirk is Transform. I have to ingest the blood of the person I want to turn into for it to work.” she watched as Izuku’s eyes lit up as he started writing. “The effects last longer the more blood I intake and I can even mimic their clothes. So that’s pretty much it.”

“That's why you wanted to tell me after school.” he said as he finished writing the last bit of information. “But seriously, that's so cool. I never would have guessed it. I mean sometimes a quirk will relate to a person's appearance but I can't just go basing that off anyth-” he was cut off by a pinch to the cheek.

Toga giggled as izuku rubbed his hurt cheek. “That and the school doesn't really want anyone to know, it freaks people out. Now come on, it's your turn.” she had been waiting for this since she met him which was only at the beginning of the week but still, Izuku was just so interesting.

Oh, he didn't really think about people not liking certain quirks but, Himiko’s was still really amazing, any quirk was. He gripped his pencil hard, this world really is unfair. “Himiko…. I…” she stopped him while waving a finger.

“Don’t worry about me, I'm fine.” she assured him, it didn't bother her so he shouldn't worry about it. The girl just wanted to know his quirk and now she was becoming impatient.

Guess she didn't need him to comfort her but it still bothered him no less. He cast aside his thoughts for now in favor of telling her about his nonexistent quirk. Izuku rubbed his forehead as he put on a worrisome expression. “Look, I…” he shakenly picked up his notebook and opened it to look at the picture of Mizuki to get more confidence. ‘Not everyone is the same.’ he repeated throughout his head. “I don't- I don't have a quirk.” Izuku quickly rushed the words out as he hid his face behind the notebook so he couldn't see Toga’s reaction, he was just too scared.

The girl made an ‘o' shape with her lips before putting on a large smile, how, how interesting! This is the first time she had ever met anyone without a quirk! “I never expected this, no wonder you were so nervous!” of course he would be, only 20% of the population is without a quirk, that's rare.

Izuku sighed and looked over his notebook, she was fascinated. At least she wasn't ridiculing him. “Yea, I was bullied a lot for it. All my old classmates had these amazing quirks while I didn't.” he didn't want to talk about it and it seemed like Himiko got that.

“I see.” it made sense, and she understood where he was coming from since many people didn't get her either or her quirk, Izuku has been the only one so far. “But don't worry Izuku.” she grabbed his hands. “We're friends and nothing will change that!” she said with a happy smile. Toga watched as the boy lowered his head. He was shaking a little as a small smile graced his lips and he shed a few tears.

“Yea, ok.” he sniffed and rudded the tears away. He had made a second friend who accepted him just like Mizuki did. Truly this school was a blessing.


A few weeks went by and Izuku noticed Toga had an obsession with Knives and blood. He was mildly concerned but he let it go since it was his friend. The blood part probably comes from her quirk being blood-related. Nothing you can really do about that. He couldn’t explain the knives though.

She also got herself into a bit of trouble sometimes, like today, which involved him this time. He actively tried to stay out of it but he wasn't so lucky and got caught up into her shenanigans.
He was breathing heavily right now, they were running from two other kids that were probably only a year or so older than them. He was pretty sure Himiko did this on purpose.

Himiko laughed at Izuku, they were only running for a short time before he started to run out of steam while she was still fine. It was a lot of fun but she better stop this before Izuku lags behind and gets caught. It was funny to imagine but her friend might think otherwise so she grabbed his arm and jerked him into some bushes as they rounded a corner and she jumped in with him.

Izuku made a noise of protest before Himiko jumped threw and covered his mouth, a few seconds later and they heard the footsteps of the chasers go by.

The girl removed her hands as Izuku gave her an unamused look. “Aww, come on Izuku. Don't be such a sourpuss! That was fun!”

He sighed before sitting back up and rubbing the back of his head where it hit the ground. How could this be fun? “You should warn me next time you do something like that.” It startled him but he did have to say that it was… thrilling. Himiko never even lost her smile during that whole ordeal. She can be pretty crazy at times.

Toga chuckled before helping Izuku back up. “Let’s get going before they come back and you'll have to run again Mr. Slowpoke.” She giggled again as her classmate made a pouty face.

“I wouldn't have had to run if you didn't drag me into it.” there was no winning with her, she only laughed at his words.


Another day and some of the same antic’s followed after school with them running and getting away from a couple of other kids. They ended up at the park this time while hiding in some bushes again.

Izuku was out of breath as he laid back onto the ground, he didn't care if his clothes got dirty, he was too tired. “Really, we almost didn't get away that time.”

Toga just smiled. “That's because you’re too slow.” she said as she poked his cheek.

The boy moved her finger before smiling a little. “That may be true but I wouldn't have to run if it weren't for you in the first place. Besides, you have to admit that I’m able to run further than before.” he wasn’t gloating, it was true. Toga had been getting them both into trouble lately and his stamina was increasing thanks to it.

It really was true. “Fine, you are getting better at running away, ya chicken.” his smile turned into a frown which cracked her up. He just made it so easy to tease!

Izuku groaned and turned to his side away from her while crossing his arms. He only heard more laughter.


The next day they met up again to hang out at the park once more. They were just chatting away when Himiko asked “Hey, I’ve noticed this for a while but, you don't smile that often. Why is that?” she only knew mundane things about Izuku, like what his likes and dislikes are, that he is raised by a single mother. She seen the picture of Mizuki and asked about it but never got an answer, she knew he was bullied but… she knew him but didn't at the same time.

Izuku looked down at his hands in his lap, he didn't actually notice he rarely smiled. “I…” he sadly glanced at her before looking away. “I guess I'm just not completely happy.” he wasn't actually sure if that was a good way to phrase it but, it was the best he could describe it. “I was bullied by this kid named Bakugou because I didn't have a quirk. He would call me names and beat me up. I didn't have any friends before the boy in the picture came along. His name is Mizuki but…” he pulled his knees up and hugged them. “Mizuki’s dad would abuse him and one day I tried to follow him home but…” Izuku’s face scrunched up by this point. “I can't remember after a certain point, I feel like it's really important but nothing comes up. I woke up in the hospital to find out Mizuki disappeared. I never did find out what happened to him.”

No wonder Izuku never smiled much, Toga had no idea all that stuff was affecting him that badly. She clapped a hand on his back. “Cheer up Izuku.” she wasn't completely sure how to comfort him but she tried her best. She smiled more when he nodded his head. “Yea, there you go.” Toga said as she patted him.

“Thank you for listening.” he said as he watched the girl’s grin turn wider. She must have been happy he confided in her. Izuku already knew some things about her so it was only fair. He knew she didn't have parents and no one wanted to adopt her because of her quirk and personality. She got into trouble all the time too so she was always moving to new schools and orphanages. That must be really hard on her but she told him last week she was behaving so she wouldn't have to be apart from him. To which he was thankful, the boy didn't want to lose another friend.


It was summer break when Izuku and Himiko decided to meet up at the park every other day. It was Himiko’s idea, something about not wanting to be away from Izuku, but he didn't mind. He was more than happy to spend time with his friend.

It was a few weeks into their summer vacation and Izuku was having fun besides all the times they got into trouble and had to run for it. She left him once to defend for himself, thank goodness he got away. She did, however, apologize, albeit with a laugh.

Izuku was on his way to the park now, his mom had him take some candy with him to share with Himiko.

Inko had met the girl a few times and wondered how her son would get caught up with the interesting ones. She didn't know how to describe the girl but it was fine. Her son had made another friend and she was thankful. He had been so lost and down about Mizuki so when he showed up with Himiko, she was relieved he could still make friends.

As Izuku arrived at the park he noticed one major thing, Himiko wasn't there. She always got here before him, maybe he actually beat her for once? He wasn't sure so he took a look around to see if the girl was hiding somewhere, that had happened once but he couldn't find her despite his efforts so Izuku decided to sit down at a park bench and wait.

Himiko showed up a few hours later looking worse for wear. One of her buns was out of place, a few scratches and bumps and the thing that worried Izuku the most was the blood down the front of her shirt, there was quite a bit. He quickly pushed himself off the bench and ran over to her. “Himiko! Wha-what happened?!” she glanced away with a solemn look which only made him panic a little more, she was always smiling.

“I'm sorry Izuku… I tried my best but I couldn't take it anymore. I hurt some kids pretty bad and now I'm being sent away…” Himiko felt awful but she just couldn't take it at the orphanage. “The other kids at the orphanage somehow found out about my quirk and started doing mean things so I taught them a lesson.” well it turns out you can't bite people in the neck or they bleed a lot and can possibly die. How was she supposed to know?

Izuku just hugged her. “Don't worry about it Himiko, it wasn't your fault. They shouldn’t have bullied you.” Not again, his only second friend would be leaving him. What was he going to do without her.

She wasn't expecting Izuku to just hug her like this so she blushed a little and tightly hugged him back with a wide smile. He really was the only one who understood her.

After a few minutes he pulled back. “I kinda… injured Bakugou once.” he rubbed his arm. “Bakugou said something about Mizuki when he disappeared which made me really angry and I stabbed his hand with a pencil. It went all the way through.” he scratched the back of his head while awkwardly smiling.

Toga brought her hands up to her mouth with a small gasp before her lips turned into a huge grin behind her fingers. “Izuku!” this is the first she heard about this, how exhilarating! “I- Amazing!” she couldn't form sentences, she was too shocked over the development.

Really, she was praising him. Izuku turned his head slightly as a bit of pink dusted his cheeks. He was pretty sure she shouldn't be excited over him hurting another even though Bakugou totally deserved it but… he couldn't help to feel somewhat proud. Man, he sure is going to miss her. “Himiko….” he trailed off with a sad look before she put out her hand.

“I came here today because I wanted to give you something before I left. It’s a going away gift.” she didn't want to leave Izuku either, the boy was defiantly special to her, in more ways than one. “So let me see your hand.” Toga sadly smiled as he placed his hand in hers. “Will see each other again but to make sure you'll always remember me..” she crunched down on Izuku’s hand, and hard.

Izuku yelped and hissed in pain before starting to tear up as Himiko let go. “Himiko, that really hurt!” he was bleeding now as he quickly wrapped his shirt around his wound. He was going to have to go home now and he wanted to at least stay with her for a bit longer. But as he was about to say his last goodbyes she trusted her own hand up to his face.

“You have to do it too.” she wanted him to bite her back. “I don't want to forget you either so when I look back at the scar I'll remember you.”

So that's why she bit him but could he really bring himself to hurt her? He was going to protest until he saw the tears start to prick her pleading eyes. They were begging him to, so he slowly opened his mouth and chomped down as hard as he could onto her hand, she winced but was happy nonetheless. He spits out the blood that was in his mouth which made Himiko laugh. He hoped he would never have to taste blood again. Seriously, couldn’t they exchange gifts like normal people? Oh right, Himiko wasn’t exactly the run-of-the-mill girl. This was so like her though.

They both hugged each other once more before he watched Himiko walk away while waving and rubbing the tears out of her eyes. When she got out of site Izuku cried harder. His hand hurt, his eyes hurt and worst of all, his heart hurt.

When he got home Inko wondered what happened to his hand before Izuku told her it was from a dog. She took him to a hospital right away to get him patched up and to make sure the dog didn't have rabies or just something harmful to her baby. When all was said and done they went home and she watched her son go to his room. He looked depressed and ready to cry again and here he seemed to be doing better thanks to Himiko. She signed and hoped he was going to be alright.

Chapter Text

It’s been almost a year since Mizuki disappeared and when Himiko was taken away. Izuku had completely given up hope that he would ever see the boy again and Himiko, well, he wished he could meet her once more but those wishes were diminishing as well. At least he had some pictures of Mizuki and a not so wanted scar from the girl. It always made him chuckle because who bites people as a gift to remember them by.

Izuku sighed sadly, he did wonder what it would be like if the two were still around, that maybe all three of them could have played together. It was a small hopeless thought, one that would never come to be. Really though, why does everyone that wants to be his friend have to leave him, it was utterly unfair. Should he not make friends or something? Not like it mattered anyway. The other kids in his class stayed away from him even after Himiko had to leave. They seemed to be too weirded out by the fact that he hung out with the girl.

The boy grumbled and rolled around on his bed in frustration before his mother had called him to come to eat dinner. Izuku reluctantly got up and went to eat.

Inko watched as her son walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. He seemed to be in a grumpy mood until he had seen what she made, katsudon, his favorite meal.

Izuku’s eyes lit up and he was already chowing down by the time Inko had her own mouthful of food. It always made her happy when she could cheer her son up, even just a little. But He still doesn't seem himself, of course, he never really was until Mizuki became his friend. He was much happier in those days. Maybe if she acted sooner, pressed harder or been a better mother, she… ‘Oh...’ she couldn't think like that, it was far too late to change the past. At least he was doing better now, all except for Himiko having to move, at least that's what her son said. Inko tried to press Izuku for more details but he didn't want to say so she reluctantly let it go. The girl may have been a little off but she was enjoyable and full of energy so it was sad that she had to leave.

Inko stared at her son with a sad expression, the poor boy has had it rough from the day he was told he wasn't going to develop a quirk. She still regrets not being able to pass her’s down to him or even his father quirk would have been ok. Just something so he wouldn’t have had to suffer like this, but she did have to admit that things were looking up. Izuku was doing much better and that's all that she could ever hope for or want.

She smiled at him, god She loved her son, nothing could change that fact. He could probably do all the wrong in the world and she would still love him.


Summer break soon came around and Izuku found himself more often than not at the park, nothing new there but there was some small wishful thinking that he could meet Himiko again. He knew it was hopeless but he just couldn't help himself, it became a habit of sorts. Another thing that became the norm was when he started walking around looking for heroes to write about, the videos and online posts just weren't enough anymore. Izuku wanted to see them in action, so he would try to get close enough to write about them. The key word is try, most of the time he got escorted away by another hero or the police. I mean he was only a nine year old but he tried.

He took out his notebook and looked over some of the notes he took that day. He got lucky earlier when he was walking to the park, a villain and a hero were fighting out on the street. It was a good fight but the villain had won and got away, he didn't really think about it but he guessed it happened sometimes. The boy only ever hears about the heroes winning on the news feeds so this was groundbreaking for him. Izuku wrote down everything he could about the fight and even wrote down stuff about the villain in which he had never done so before. ‘Why hadn't he?’ He wanted to be a hero so he should study villains just as much if not more. It seemed like a whole new world opened up to him. He will have to ask his mom for a few new notebooks so he can write about villains too. This excited him so he quickly put his notebooks back in his bag and ran home.

When he got there he was very surprised because low-and-behold his mother had already gotten him a couple. It was like she read his mind. She thought he might ask soon so she picked a few up last week apparently. Izuku said his thanks and excitedly took them before disappearing into his room. He wanted to start on this new discovery now.

Soon enough, in just a week he had completely filled the notebooks up with information on villains. It was a lot easier to do since he never wrote about them before and only focused on heroes. Another thing that helped was the many different villains out there in the world, new ones just always seemed to pop up while the news always focused on the same heroes, at least most of the time.

Izuku just then was going through the notes he took on a villain moments ago. He was getting better at taking notes that's for sure. Just before summer break his teacher even praised him and said it was a shame that he wanted to be a hero because he could be a reporter or just something where he could make use of his note making skills. Izuku didn't know how to interpret the news, it confused him, made him a bit angry and maybe a little happy. Was the teacher just saying that because he was quirkless? Or that didn't matter and the teacher really thought he could be something else? Well regardless, it was the first time someone had suggested that he would be good at something, he just wanted that something to be a hero. He had been thinking about it ever since and it shook his resolve somewhat. Izuku even wrote down on a sticky note ‘If being a hero doesn't work out, try for something else.’ He stared at the note he wrote a few weeks ago for a long moment before tearing it out and crumbling it up to tossing it away. He loathed the idea, it made him feel sick to just even think about. He wanted to be a hero and that is what he will be. Or at least he'll try with all his might.

He sighed as he flipped through his new findings before stopping and looking at a few of the villains he wrote about. The villains were far more interesting than heroes, he had to admit. Some seem to be evil just to be evil while others have more complex situations that lead them to a life of crime. One that amazed him the most was where this girl was quirkless so her parents disowned her and she lived life on the streets before being picked up and took in by some top criminal. The report stated that she would do anything for the man who rescued her, she went so far as to strap a bunch of explosives to herself to slow the heroes down that were after her and the man. An accident occurred and the explosives went off, thus killing her. The guy ended up getting away, he hadn't been seen since.

It was quite a sad report, he didn't blame the girl for doing what she did. He too was quirkless after all, thank god he had his mother though. If it wasn't for her he isn't sure where he would be, or what he could be doing right now. Izuku loved his mom dearly and was thankful every day that he had her.


Summer break was coming to an end, in fact, today was the last day before he would have to go back to school tomorrow. It was so dull there, he wanted to be outside. Well mostly because that's where all the action was and starting tomorrow he was going to be cooped up for hours at a time. It didn't help that he just witnessed a fight between a hero and a villain before he was made to leave. To make matters worse, it was Endeavor, yes, a top hero! It was so unfair, he really wanted to watch it! He sighed sadly as he walked home before remembering that there were news reporters around and a helicopter so he quickly rushed home, he could watch it on the television! It wasn't as good as seeing the fight in action but at least he could see it live. It was a good thing his house wasn't that far from the fight because-

Izuku wasn't able to finish the thought as a strong gust of wind flew past him, making him fall to the hard pavement and send him rolling before he hit a concrete wall which was the only thing preventing him from going any further. After the wind finally subsided he was able to move again but ‘What just happened?’ He thought as he sat there confused before he noticed a stinging pain coming from his arms and legs. After further inspection, he found that they were all scratched up but whatever, he'll just get patched up as soon as he gets home. He had worse done to him. Izuku got up and patted himself down as he tried to fix his already messy hair before watching as Endeavor came running towards then past him and around the next corner. He was excited before seeing the expression the man had beard. The hero had an extremely angry look on his face and Izuku was certain he felt the heat from him and not just because Endeavor had a fire quirk. It scared him a little, but what could have made the man so… ‘Oh-OH. The wind from before was from that villain!’ he facepalmed. Of course, he should have realized it sooner. No more thinking, he had to get home now! The only problem was, they went the way he needed to go. He’ll just have to be careful and if anything happened, Endeavor should be able to save him, at least he hopes so.

Izuku carefully, nervously and even a little excitedly peeked around the corner, there was no one there. He let out a breath he was holding before jumping when a loud boom was heard, it scared the living daylights out of him. He held his hand over his speeding heartbeat before continuing down the road and peeking around another corner to where he lived. Izuku swore his heart stopped that day because his home, where his mother was at, the apartment building was on fire.

He watched in complete shock as more flames licked the building and the people were scrambling around trying to get out and away from the flames, it was a terrifying scene to watch. And the source of it all, Endeavor. The Villain was redirecting the hero’s fire thanks to his wind quirk but Endeavor was so overcome with rage he didn't even seem to realize, care or both? Not that the Villain is any less at fault but Endeavor should stop and wait for a hero better suited to fight the other man. Was it really worth chasing the villain if all you’re doing is causing harm?

Izuku widened his eyes and gasped before quickly stepping back behind the corner while gaping as fire blew past him. That seemed to shake him out of whatever shocked stupor he was in because fat tears formed and spilled over his cheeks. His ‘Mom!! Did she get out?! He had to go see!! Izuku was about to run out of his hiding place before staring at the scorched ground and melted metal where the fire nearly missed him. Izuku trembled, he was overcome with fear. How was he going to save his mom when the man can do that!! If it was possible to cry any harder he did.

But he couldn't afford to wait around for another hero to come, so Izuku slowly and shakenly sat his bag down before taking a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. He was going to do it, he had too!! But as he was about to run out there a hand flew out and tightly grasped his shoulder.

“Oi, kid! What do you think you're doing! You can't go out there, it's too dangerous!” seriously, this kid must have had a death wish if he was going to try and get past all those flames, not to mention the villain's wind, he has seen first hand what it can do. Those poor civilians in the helicopter.

Izuku looked at the man for a second before smiling in relief since it was another hero, they can save her or at least see if she got out! “You have to go see if my mom got out! She is in that apartment building!” he quickly pointed in the direction of it as the hero poked there head around the corner before pulling back and awkwardly standing there. “The number is-” he was cut off by the hero.

“Uh, look, kid, I don't have a quirk suited for fighting fire or I really would go out there and save everyone. But don't worry, I'm sure she got out and if not the fire station is on its way! Including a few more heroes to help!” they tried to explain it before watching the boy’s face fall. It didn't sit well with him but there was nothing he could do. The fire was out of control and Endeavor wasn't letting up on his quirk enough to get threw. Going out there was suicide. “Come on kid, you don't have to look at me like that. My job is hard enough as it is, you should just be glad I stopped you from going out there or you could have been roasted alive. I don't know about you but that doesn't sound appealing to me, I'm not risking my life for nothing.”

Izuku’s heart sunk further, he couldn't believe what he was hearing or seeing right now, it was completely, utterly unbelievable. Heroes are supposed to save people and stop the villain! How was it that this man was a hero?! “I-I can't...” If the guy wasn't ready to risk his life, why on earth is he in this occupation?! “You make me sick.” He had never said anything mean to anyone before but at this moment he couldn't help himself, it made him want to vomit. Unfortunately, it was neither the time nor place, he had to see if his mother got out and if this so-called hero wasn't going to help him, he'll just have to see to it himself. Izuku didn't think anymore as he slapped the heroes hand away as they tried to stop him from leaving again before he took off into a dead sprint. He was pretty sure he heard a ‘Hey!' but that was unimportant. All he knew was if she was stuck in the apartment then he had to get her out.

Izuku, narrowly missing the wicked fire from Endeavor, made it all the way to his door only to discover the thing was melted in place. He lowered his hand down onto the knob, it was hot but not untouchable, so it must have been hit with Endeavor’s fire a short while ago. Izuku tried to turn the knob but nothing happened, he figured as much. The door itself was hotter but he didn't care as he started beating on it to see if his mother was in there, he prayed she wasn't. “Mom! MOM! You in there?!” Izuku yelled for her as loud as he could before pressing his ear close to the metal door, after a minute he tried again but nothing. He started to break out into a small smile until he heard a small cough from the other side.

Izuku felt as if all the blood drained from his body.

Inko cursed to herself, which she rarely does but she had hoped that Izuku wouldn't have come back home, not with all this going on. To make matters worse she couldn't get out, the smoke was getting thicker while the fire was creeping up and making the apartment hotter. A few of her neighbors did try prying the door open but it was a lost cause so she sent them away before anything happened to them. And now her son was beating on the door, it broke her heart but maybe he would leave if she stayed quiet, that is until she went into a coughing fit from all the smoke. Of course, things don't go her way, did they ever though?

“Izuku-” she coughed. “Sweety, I love you very much, but you need to leave.” she couldn't bear it if he got hurt, especially if it was her fault. The way things were, she might not make it out of here. She had seen on the news how it was getting increasingly harder to put out the fires that the hero and villain kept starting, new ones just replaced the old ones. There's only so many trucks and heroes that can assist in putting them out.

At least Inko was able to say she loved Izuku one last time. Just in case she… well before she maybe... Inko couldn't bring herself to say it, she didn't want to leave her baby! There was still so much she wanted to see and do with him! It was just too soon, he was only a child!! Where would he even go? ‘Dammit.’ Inko cursed to herself once more as tears streamed down her face, things were going so well, how could things end up this way?! “I'm sorry Izuku!” she cried and hiccuped as she heard him scream and yell for her. “I… I'm so, so very sorry.” she said once more before laying down by the door, the smoke was starting to get thicker and blacker, so much so that she couldn't breathe right. Well if she passed out, hopefully, she wouldn't feel any pain if they didn't make it in time to save her. She couldn't do it yet though, she had to make Izuku leave. “Honey, please. It isn't safe here. Leave. ” she demanded him but all she got was a shout of “NO!” from him and “I'm not going to leave you, mom, please don't make me! I'll get you out, somehow! I love you!” he sounded hysterical which only made her feel worse than she already was. She was about to plea to him once more before another voice cut in.

“Kid! I finally found you.” the hero was panting from being out of breath. He ran around the block to avoid Endeavor and the wind villain. He couldn't leave the boy to come here by himself, not after the kid said that to him. Just those four simple words really hit him hard, he never expected someone to say something like that. It was a wake-up call that he probably would never forget.

“Please get my son out of here!” Inko quickly yelled to the new person outside as she went into another coughing fit. It was so smoky, not even being low to the ground was helping anymore.

Izuku grabbed the doorknob and pulled on it as hard as he could. He even put his foot on the wall to get more leverage but it just wasn't budging. “Stop it, I'm not leaving you! Will walk out of here together!” He wiped the tears, snot, and sweat from his face with his elbow before pulling more. He even looked over to the hero to beg for his help. “Please help me.”

The man stood there unsure of what to do, again his quirk was useless in this situation. All he could really do was control someone's center of gravity, you would think it could be powerful but he has to physically touch the person for it to work and sometimes he would just get that one person who just pushed themselves through it. He guessed that's where his laziness came into play before the kid woke him up. Well no more, he had to at least try and rescue the boy’s mother. “I-I will try and get you out of there.” he said but was failing to do so as he pulled on the doorknob with Izuku. And here he thought she got out, boy was he wrong.

They both pulled as hard as they could before the doorknob had enough and broke off in their hands. They were both sent to the ground before Izuku’s mother begged again to the man to take her son and leave before the both of them got injured or worse.

The man was beginning to think she was right, as much as he wanted to oppose the idea of leaving her, the fire that was getting far worse and ever bigger, was giving him enough of a reason to go. Today would be the first time he ever felt so hopeless and at a loss of what to do. Just to leave her felt so wrong and immoral, he was pretty sure this was going to stay with him for the rest of his life but... “I'm... extremely sorry. It's become too dangerous.” he deeply apologized to the both of them as he grabbed the boy’s wrist. “We have to go...:” it tore him apart on the inside to watch the boy panic and shake his head no as he cried and begged not to leave his mom.

Inko cried from relief as the man finally seen it her way. She did, however, appreciate that he tried to help. “Th-thank you so much.” she managed to wheeze out as loud as she could for him to hear. Her baby was going to be safe. That's all she cared about as she covered her ears, she couldn't stand to hear her son scream and yell for her. It was unbearable and broke her heart.

Once Izuku was far enough away that Inko couldn't hear him, she started closing her eyes slowly as she wept on the floor. The ground was becoming a wobbly distorted mess and the black dots in her vision became more apparent as she started passing out.

The boy couldn't understand what the hero was saying, all Izuku was concerned about was getting free of his grasp so he punched, kicked and even tried biting him to “LET GO! I HAVE TO SAVE HER! LET! ME! GO!!” he wailed, screamed at the top of his lungs as he was dragged away from the door, down the stairwell, away from the apartment complex and to a safer spot where some other people where taking refuge. ‘Why couldn't this hero do it?!' “SAVE HER!” he angrily demanded as he stared at the remorseful look in the hero’s eyes which made him astonished and sick to his stomach. “Please! Save her!” he begged at the hero as a few other people watched the display before turning their heads, it was just too sad to watch the boy break down. “Ju-Just do it!” he cried while trying to jerk his wrist free from the man clutching at them to prevent Izuku from running off again. It worked for a second before he lost his sense of balance and fell to his knees.

The hero only made a painful face as he had to use his powers on the boy, he would do everything to keep him safe until this was all over.

Izuku tried to get up but couldn’t before noticing it was the man’s quirk doing this to him, how could he! This wasn't right, the man shouldn't be doing this! “Stop it! You know she is going to die! You-You have to save her! You got to...” Izuku shouted at him as he grabbed at the hero’s pant leg to help stable himself from the others quirk. He bawled his eyes out since the hero didn't budge an inch and stood his ground. “Wha-What's the matter with you?!” this hero really was… “You’re a horrible hero you know that?! Just sicking! Repulsive!!”

The people around them gazed as the rage-filled boy yelled some more.

“You know she is the only one I have left?! You’re nothing but a fake!! You probably never even saved anyone and took credit for the real heroes!!” He spewed as many hate-filled words at the man as he could while watching as the shocked hero start to tear up which only angered him further. “You shouldn’t get to cry!!”

Before Izuku could take his hate anymore out on the poor hero, he heard the fire trucks in the distance.

Later that day while he was sitting in a hospital bed he finally got the unforgiving news. They told him his mother had died of smoke inhalation, she passed out before she was in too much pain. They treated it as a good thing but to him, it was the worst news he had ever gotten in his life thus far.

His mother was dead.


Izuku would never see her again. Never see that warm smile his mom had on when she tried to cheer him up. Never hear her soothing voice trying to comfort him or welcome him home when out playing or coming home from school. He’d never be able to feel her loving touch as she patched him up if he got injured. Never. Never. Never was all Izuku could think about. She was gone, forever, and nothing he could do or say would bring his mother back.

Izuku stared at his hands for a long moment before more tears spilled over his cheeks. How was he supposed to really react? Scream? Be angry, sad, depressed? No, all he felt was the crushing emptiness in his beating heart.

Chapter Text

Izuku sat there on the hospital bed staring blankly as his notebooks that were scattered across his lap while shedding a few tears here and there for his deceased mother. The one hero who prevented him from trying to save her had brought them in, he probably would have been grateful but considering what happened hours ago… He was in no mood, for anything really. He was so lost on what to do, what was going to happen to him, how to function anymore… but there was one thought that stood out the most from the rest, and that was, his mother was dead. The surrealism had passed him long ago after waking up from a short nap only to arrive back in this hellish nightmare that was indeed real life. He didn't even ask how this happened anymore, he knew the truth to it all even if he didn’t want to believe it. It was useless, like… himself. Bakugou was right, after all, he couldn't do anything without a quirk. Life only seemed to strengthen that fact. He couldn't save anyone when it really mattered. His name really should be deku.

Before he could go more into his self loathing he heard a knock then someone entering the room he was in, probably more people wanting to ask him questions. That's when he heard a voice, one that he hadn't heard in a long time. He didn't believe his ears or his eyes for that matter as he came face to face with his father. The very man that left him and his mother all because he didn't have a quirk. Izuku’s astonished expression quickly turned that into a sour one. “Wha-what are you doing here?” he might have said a little harshly but he couldn't help himself, his father caused his mother a lot of grief when they got divorced. What could he possibly want now that she was gone.

Hisashi scratched the back of his head, he really didn't want to be going through this but Inko had to go and get herself killed. Now it was up to him to take care of this child. There wasn't really an option to say no at this point since there was no one else to care for Izuku. This was his son and the duty fell onto him, unfortunately. . “I can see that you’re not fond of me, however, I’m the only other person that can and will take care of you.” he sharply replied before continuing. “I’ll also be paying for all of the funeral expenses. The least you could do is respect me for the time being.” he coldly glanced at Izuku as he turned around and went out the door. Believe it or not… he still held lingering feelings for Inko, that's why he decided to pay for the funeral and take care of the boy. At least for a little while, he isn't sure how long he can take living under the same roof with Izuku, it was an embarrassment that the boy was quirkless.

Izuku gripped the bedsheets so tightly his knuckles turned white. He didn't understand why his dad would do this, the look on the man's face said it all. So why torture yourself, it didn't make sense to Izuku. Honestly, he thinks he would rather be put in an orphanage then live with his father of all people. How much further can this cruel joke that life has laid out for him continue? How much more can he take?

Izuku was already drowning.


It was just a few days after the funeral when he passed by his father sitting down and watching the news. He had settled in pretty quickly considering his dad disliked him. The man started blaming him for his mother's death and in a sense… it was true. If he wasn't quirkless then maybe none of this would have happened. His dad wouldn't have left, Bakugou wouldn't have bullied him and then maybe they wouldn't have moved to the place his mom died in. So yea, it was his fau-… Izuku paused mid-step as he heard a familiar voice come from the television. It was Endeavor being interviewed by some reporter. Izuku was going to ignore it before the lady brought up the fight between the wind villain and Endeavor. That's when they had his full attention.

“You fought a villain with a wind quirk about a week ago, correct?” she had asked as Endeavor replied with a “Yes.” before she went on to ask more questions. “ There were a lot of reports stating that you started all the fires, is this true?”

Endeavor without any hesitation and all the confidence in the world had told her. “No, I think the people were misunderstanding the situation. I used my quirk for only a short while before realizing too late and he grabbed a hold of my fire before using it for himself. I do feel remorseful that he used my fire but other than that, it was all the villain's fault. He won't be causing any more trouble now that he is behind bars.” Endeavor gave an intimidating look as she went on with the same topic.

“Is that so? But still, there were many people stating that you had used your Hell Flame quirk the whole time and that the wind villain was reflecting it somewhere else and that's how more fires popped up, any comments on that?” she held the mic over to Endeavor as he spoke.

“As I said, he was using my fire after obtaining it. He made it look like I was using my quirk when I wasn't. The people are mistaken.” he said rather harshly while making the reporter back up with a nervous smile and ending the interview there.

Izuku’s mouth fell open in disgust and shock at what Endeavor had said. “N-no way…” he thought aloud as his dad turned his head to look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Ah… s-sorry.” he bowed politely before quickly leaving and ascending the stairs to his room to think.

Endeavor, a pro-hero had lied and blamed everything on the villain. He was there that day, he had seen what had happened!!

When Izuku reached his room he closed his door shut and leaned against it as he slowly slid down till his butt touched the ground. Izuku squeezed his eyes shut while some tears had escaped. He didn't want to admit it but it had been staring itself in his face this whole time. It tore him to pieces that a pro-hero had caused his mother's death, he didn't want to believe it but… he couldn't deny it any further. Endeavor played a major part in his mother’s death. He banged his head lightly on the door a few times while repeating ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ in his head, just how could he be so foolish not to see the truth already. He wiped his tears away as he got up and picked out one of his notebooks, he hadn't written anything in them for a while and now was the time. He wrote what actually happened the day his mother died and the lies that the angry vile man had said to the reporter. It was supposed to help calm himself down but just writing it only upset him more. The man wasn't even remorseful looking, Endeavor didn't care at all!! And that's what he wanted to become! It was so, so idiotic! Izuku grabbed his pillow off the bed and screamed into it. He was angry, angry at himself, his dad, the wind villain, and life but he was most of all, angry at Endeavor.


A few months later and things still weren't any easier. The days were becoming increasingly worse actually. His father was getting far more pathetic with the mind games that it was wearing him down to the bone while the school wasn't any better either, the other kids started to bully him since he never talked or wanted to talk. They all thought he was acting better than them. In a sense, he was far better than any one of them.

Izuku sighed as he started getting close to his father’s home, he did wonder what the man would say to him today. It just scared Izuku to think about how his dad could get in his head like this. He squeezed the straps of his bookbag and swallowed thickly as he stepped up onto the porch. He slowly grabbed the knob and quietly opened the door as he stepped in. He was trying to be quite as possible but luck wasn't on his side, it never was, so why did he even try? As soon as Izuku closed the door his dad reared his ugly head.

Hisashi took a big swig of saki as he heard the door shut ever so quietly. He got up to take a look, his face twisted in disgust as he looked at the boy. “Ehh, so you’re back again today?” his words were slurred and full of hate but as he was going to continue Izuku gave him a nasty look and shoved past him. ‘Who does the kid think he is exactly.’

Hisashi grabbed the back of Izuku’s hood and tugged him back before his son could make it up the steps. “The fuck you goin’? I wasn't done talking to ya, fucking brat.”

Izuku pressed himself in the corner of the wall, mistake but he was scared of his dad when the man was drunk. He had only been caught the first time he found his dad drunk and that didn’t end well, so he always came home later when the man was home all day. He must have started later than usual today.

As he stared at izuku for a long time he sighed. “You know? It’s really unfortunate that you look like Inko, I'm reminded every day of what happened to her. I wish I could go back and prevent you from being born. That would solve everything. You just couldn't have died, cou-” he was cut off.

“Sh… shut up!!” he yelled at his father, he had every right to live just as much as the man himself but Izuku immediately regretted his decision to retaliate as his dad backhanded him across the face and grabbed him by the head of the hair which sent Izuku backpedaling. “I-I'm sor-sorry!” the words quickly rushed from his mouth but it was too late, his dad was furious.

The man pulled Izuku back upwards and slammed the side of his head against the wall. Izuku yelped as he tried to plead to his dad. “Ple-Please, I didn't mean it, I’m-”

“Shut the fuck up.” Hisashi said nice and slowly to his boy, the drunkenness long gone now. “You don't get to talk to me like that, you hear me?” he watched as Izuku glanced up to him and say with a small voice “Yes sir.” Hisashi wasn't done though, Izuku needed to learn his place. “Don't you ever fucking talk to me like that again, I'm your guardian whether you like it or not and you will respect me while you are in my house.”

Izuku nodded his head quickly as he ignored the pain of his dad still ahold of his hair. “I will, I promise.” the quicker he agreed maybe the quicker his dad would let him go.

“Inko never taught you any discipline… Heh, that's why you’re such a pussy, huh? You give in when the going gets tough and cry like a baby. Just like now. She should have been tougher.”

Izuku touched his face, he really was crying just like his dad had said. More seemed to take their place as he tried wiping them away.

“Yeah, that's right, cry some more. Act like I’m the bad guy. Oh but, do you hear that Izuku?” the boy looked confused as his dad dragged him over to the door and pressed the side of his son’s face against it. “Listen carefully.”

Izuku was going to ask what the man was talking about, he didn't understand what his dad meant before his father's next words dripped out of his mouth like venom.

“It’s your mother’s screams for help, help that you couldn't provide. You were just inches away, separated by a door. If you weren't a quirkless piece of shit then you could have saved her.” Hisashi wanted to make sure Izuku understood how much fault he was in, for letting Inko die and how useless he actually was.

Izuku widened his eyes. Hisashi’s words were cold as ice, they made Izuku tremble and shake. “N-no… no...” he squeaked out as he attempted to cover his ears but his dad’s free hand grabbed one of his arms to prevent him from covering them. Izuku was trying his best to get over his mom’s death, he didn't want to think about it but being pressed up against the door only made him relive that nightmare. He could remember his mothers scratchy but soft voice telling him to leave, that she loved him. He remembered the melted door, the hero that took him away. “Dad, pl-please stop. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for it to happen!” he begged but his dad only pressed Izuku’s face harder into the door.

“You are weak Izuku, you couldn't protect her so how the hell could you ever become a hero? I've read what you write in your notebooks when you’re at school. You ever see anyone without a quirk become a hero? I haven't and I never will.” his son was sobbing and begging for Hisashi to let him go. “I knew you were going to kill her one day, nothing ever good can come from a quirkless child. I loved her but she was idiotic when it came to you. Pathetic even.”

Izuku glanced up at his dad in shock before the damn that he held up burst all at once. The boy pushed his father off of himself with all his might. ‘How dare he talk about his mother that way?!’ his dad can say all he wants about him but when it came to his mother he wasn’t just going to sit by and listen to him bad mouth her.

Hisashi wasn't prepared for Izuku’s outburst so he was sent stumbling back before he hit the lip of the step that sent him falling. His head hit the corner of something as he curled on the ground holding the back of his head in pain, he started feeling something wet so when he looked at his hand and saw blood his eyes seemed to fill with rage. “You fucking little shit!!” he was so angry that smoke billowed out from his mouth, you could even see a few specks of flames dance in the air when he went after Izuku.

As soon as Izuku seen the blood he took off running up the stairs to his room, if he can make it and lock the door he'll be safe, at least long enough to think of something. He doubted his dad would burn the house down but he couldn't be too sure right now. Izuku reached the final step when Hisashi grabbed his leg and pulled. Izuku fell and hit his chin on the step, his teeth clacked together and he tasted iron in his mouth. He didn't have time to figure out why as his dad maneuvered him around to face forward, a fist up in the air quickly descended upon his face causing him even more pain but before his dad could land a few more punches Izuku kicked both of his legs out and sending his dad tumbling down the bottom of the steps.

After a few seconds of staring at the man's still body, Izuku wiped the blood from his mouth and nose before getting up. He wasn't about to wait around and find out if his dad was ok. He needed to get out now while he still had a chance.

Izuku went to his room and locked the door as he spilled all the contents from his backpack and only picked up his notebooks to put back. He grabbed a few clothing items and stuffed them in and a few other things he would need most. He put his backpack on before looking himself over in the small mirror, his face was swollen and blood was drying where he smeared it across his mouth and cheek. He looked horrible, if someone sees him they might try and bring him to a hospital or worse, drag him back here. He couldn't allow that so he got out a sickness mask and put it on. It was a little painful with it pressing on his face but it was better than people noticing he was hurt. Izuku also pulled his hood up and over his head to give him a more sick look as he opened his window. There was a tree he could climb onto and escape this way and not have to face his father again. If this was what it was like for Mizuki, he now finally felt the pain his friend went through. He thought as he jumped over to the branch and climb down the old tree. Except he wasn't about to stick around and find out what else his dad could do to him. He was leaving. Where? He didn't know and didn't care as long as it was far away from his father.

The first few blocks were the hardest to get past, he kept worrying about whether his dad was going to come after him or someone else stopping him. So when he heard a police siren or was it an ambulance, he didn't know as he quickly darted down an alleyway and ran. Ran as far as his legs could carry him before his stamina ran out and he was forced into a walk. His heart was beating fast and his breath was heavy but the further he went, the calmer he came to be. Soon enough dusk had started to creep up on him, maybe he should stop but the thought of his dad kept the boy’s legs moving. One foot after the other even though he was very tired.

Eventually the sun set completely and the moon was high in the night sky before Izuku finally took a break. His feet were hurting but nothing hurt like the pain the man inflicted on him earlier. Izuku found an old dried out piece of cardboard and sat down on it next to a smelly dumpster. It was a miracle that he could still smell. He pulled the mask off his face to give himself some room to breathe. He was so tired and yet he wasn't going to be able to sleep. No, not with his mouth and nose thumping in pain like it was.

Izuku wanted to sleep so badly and he came close a couple of times to only wake up with a startled jump from seeing his father's face in his dreams, pain from his face or because the cold was getting to him. That last time was remembering his mother had died in the fire. He sniffled as tears began to fall and slide down his face, the night air chilling the streaks of his salty tears. That's when he heard a startling noise which made him clamp up, he quickly pulled his mask back up and inched closer to the dumpster like it was going to help him. He heard the noise again as his body shook in fear before he saw another kid come into view and make the noise once more. The can veered off track and landed in front of himself. Izuku closed his eyes as the boy, no, teen walked over to him but when no noise was made Izuku opened an eye to look and found the teen was only mere inches away from his own face. It scared him but he stayed still as they both stared at each other before the teen broke it off and stood back up from his crouched position.

Shigaraki Tomura was kicking a can in the light of the night. He wasn't supposed to go out this late but did he ever listen to sensei or Kurogiri? Not always, he was tired of being held up in the bar all day, he needed to get out once in a while. Granted, he could leave when he was allowed permission but he was always busy doing something at that time, like playing on his handhelds or… His thoughts came to a halt when he thought he heard something but ignored it as he kicked the empty can one more time, it skidded across the pavement pretty far before stopping in front of… ‘Is that a kid?’ he walked over to the boy looking intrigued as to why there was such a young boy out on the streets. He gazed at the others face when they opened their eyes. Tomura stared long and hard at the glassy and watery looking orbs, he saw something in them that just reminded him of himself. They looked to be pleading for help. It was… sickening. He stood back up and quickly left but as he got further and further away something in him just made him turn back around. Something that told him he just couldn't abandon the kid. Well, sensei didn't abandon him when everyone else did. “Oi.” he said to get the boy’s attention. “ I'm not sure why you’re here but you want to come with me?” he was terrible at talking to people so when he saw him cry tomura thought he said something wrong before he watched as the other slowly nod.

Izuku wasn't sure why the teen come back and to even offer him to go with the other but it was nice enough as it is. He hadn't been shown that much kindness in a while, he sobbed. His tears ran down soaking his mask and he nodded to the other without much hesitation. It was better than staying here where he had no other options left. Izuku shakenly rose up off the ground, all that walking without stopping had made him unsteady as he tried to follow the teen when the other started walking away.

It was going to take them forever to get back to the bar with the boy in this condition, Tomura sighed before stopping and crouching down as he motioned for the other to get on his back to carry him. Why he was being this nice even baffled himself but it was better than leaving the boy behind with his lack of patience.

With a disgruntled noise he stood back up with the kid glued to his back. Tomura was glad the boy didn't weigh that much or this would be difficult. It also helped that he was being trained by sensei to fight so he put on a little bit of muscle.

As Tomura walked back to the bar he felt the kid start to go limp in his grasp, which only made his trek back that much harder. ‘Damn kid falling asleep on him.’ he thought as he rounded the corner to where the bar was.

Chapter Text

Kurogiri was pacing back and forth as he waited for Tomura to come back, just as he was about to get ready and go look for the teen, he heard shuffling outside the door. ‘That better be Tomura.’ The Misty villain thought as he quickly opened the door and was prepared to give Tomura a stern talking to but to his shock, the teen was struggling to carry a child on his back.

“.... Tomura…” Kurogiri really had no clue on what to say or really do for that matter. It racked his brain. Tomura was not one to have a lot of sympathy for anyone or anything for that matter. What was he thinking.

“Move so I can get this kid off my back.” He demanded Kurogiri. He was tired of holding the snot-nosed brat, he should have left him on the curb somewhere… Well, that's what he wanted but at the same time, he couldn't bring himself to actually do just that, which pissed him off.

Kurogiri sighed and sidestepped out of the way as Tomura quickly came in and dropped the child in one of the bar booths, none too lightly either which jostled the kid awake but only for a split second before he went right back to sleep. Tomura then tried to quickly slip away so he didn't have to explain himself to Kurogiri but that ended in failure.

“Tomura.” Kurogiri said his name in a warning tone.

Tomura groaned and turned back around to be met with an angry look… or at least Tomura thinks Kurogiri was angry, the yellow for his eyes were much slimmer like someone was squinting. It was always hard to tell the man’s emotions since his whole body was nothing but a purplish black mist. The tone of his voice or body language helped sometimes but other than that, it was near impossible.

“Mind explaining yourself before you leave?” If he was honest he would rather go to bed then deal with this right now but he couldn't. Who knows what is going on with this child. The boy could be dangerous for all he knew.

“Do I have to?” there really wasn't much to say about it but when Kurogiri crossed his arms he cursed to himself a few times before speaking. “Fuck, fine then. I was walking around when I found him by dumpster so I picked him up and brought him here.”

This was going to give Kurogiri a headache, he could already tell. “I can obviously see that. Now, could you care to explain that again but in more detail.” he empathized more on the last words to get it threw Tomura’s head.

Of course, Kurogiri wasn't going to drop this so quickly. “I was walking around when I found the brat crying by a dumpster. I picked him up because…” The memory of Sensei saving his pathetic past self flashed through his mind which only angered him. Not because Sensei saved him but because he was so pathetic back then, it was sickening to think about.

Tomura snapped out of his thoughts as he heard another voice chime in as he had trouble finishing what he was saying. He turned to look at the computer monitor, it was Sensei.

“I’m really quite surprised Tomura, I didn't think you would pick up a stray kitten.” All for One knew exactly why Tomura did it, it didn't take a genius to figure it out. It was more amusing than anything. This could become interesting.

“Kurogiri, why don't we let the child stay tonight. I know what you’re thinking but if anything happens I'm sure you or Tomura can handle it. What do you say?”

Kurogiri was hesitant for a moment before slowly nodding his head. “Alright, I guess he can stay.” Although he said that he was still unsure about this situation, more importantly, he wondered what Sensei was thinking or a better word would be planning.

“Heh, can’t say no to Sensei, can you?” The teen smiled and mocked Kurogiri, much to the Misty villain’s dismay while All for One let out a small chuckle. Kurogiri groaned which only amused the other two more.

“I am going to bed now. Goodnight.” Kurogiri waved them both off as the two continued to talk. He can think about it more tomorrow, after a nights rest.

As Kurogiri went to his room he paused for a moment to glance at the sleeping child's form which was a mistake. His heart clenched a little as he seen the boy crying in his restless sleep. He too might have picked the child up if it was the other way around, maybe it was a good thing that Tomura brought him here.

Kurogiri shook his head, what in the world was he thinking. He needed sleep and now. The Misty man took one more glance as he left the room but he soon came back with a blanket in hand. He draped it over the boy before leaving to finally sleep.

Tomura, on the other hand, decided to stay up a bit longer after talking to Sensei. With a blanket, he sat down across from the boy and fetched his handheld from his pocket.

Every once in a while the boy woke up but went right back to sleep, he had to wonder what kind of nightmares the kid was having to wake up so often. Although he didn't wonder for too much longer as Tomura started to drift off so he decided to turn his game off and let sleep take a hold of him.


Izuku sprang up with a small shout and scrambled out of the booth in a hurry before the blanket caught his foot and he was sent sprawling to the ground with a light thud. He took several deep breaths as his heart raced, he was dreaming of the events that happened only yesterday. He swallowed thickly as he thought about his dad tumbling down the stairs. ‘What if… what if he broke his neck?’ He didn't even check. ‘Should I really even be concerned?’ The thoughts raced through his mind when he heard someone speak up. “Huh?” he glanced at the man behind the bar.

“I said, are you ok?” Kurogiri was cleaning up and getting ready for the day. Not a lot of people showed up and it was mostly villains who did but he still had to make sure the place is clean, who wants to come into a dirty bar? Certainly not him.

Was he truly ok? No, not really. He ran away from home because an abusive father who he may or may not have killed. His mother was dead, he had nowhere to go and by chance, a strange teen decided to bring him here. “I...” Izuku winced and brought a hand up to cradle his cheek as he tried to speak. It was quite painful but he was going to have to deal with it. “I’m... ok I guess?” Although he was dealing with so much he didn't want to concern the other. They let him stay for the night, that was enough kindness he could ever ask for.

Kurogiri sat the broom down as he came around from behind the bar, it was obvious that the boy was far from being ok. “Don't lie to me, come here and sit down.” he motioned to the bar stool that he was standing next to. It was easier to examine him from this height. He has had to deal with Tomura all this time so he was used to all this.

Izuku was a little taken aback but did as he was told and nervously climbed up onto the stool. He felt as though he wouldn't have been able to argue.

“Now, why don't you remove that mask and tell me your name. It's a little hard to hear your voice behind it.” he gently encouraged, the boy was obviously nervous and he didn't want to scare the other off too much, his appearance did that more often than not to most children. The boy must have got the message because his shoulders seemed to relax a little as he slowly removed the mask. Kurogiri wasn't surprised at all by the bruising the other had, he expected it since the Misty villain could see it peeking above the mask before Izuku removed it. The dried blood, however, that was a different story but it can be easily removed. Now he just needed to check the boy's mouth.

“Mi-Midoriya Izuku.” he said as he looked away in embarrassment of his face. He was going to put the mask back on before a gentle touch stopped him.

“Midoriya, you don't need to cover your face. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.” he reassured Izuku once more and nodded as the boy reluctantly lowered the mask. “Now, could you open your mouth? I want to know why you keep wincing like that.” Kurogiri felt bad once the boy started opening his mouth, Izuku did it slowly and he was not free of pain either but it had to be done. Kurogiri turned the chair to get enough light to look inside the boy's mouth, he was glad it was just the inside of Izuku’s cheek that was damaged and not any of his teeth. It would be impossible for him to repair something as that. “So, shall we get you cleaned up or do you want to put that mask back over your face?” Kurogiri would have smiled at Izuku when the other said “Um… I would like to get cleaned up, please.” but he didn't exactly have a mouth. “Good, come now, follow me.”

Izuku slid off the stool as he followed Kurogiri to what seemed to be the bathroom. He watched as the man got out several items before wetting a rag with warm water and then sit down on the toilet seat.

“You'll have to come closer, it will be hard to reach you from there.” Izuku took a few steps towards him after he said that. That’s when Kurogiri gently placed the rag over the dried blood to make it soft enough to rub away. It took a few minutes but eventually, he was able to remove the blood, for his nose he used cotton swabs. “There, that's much better, isn't it?” the bruise over his nose wasn't pretty but with the blood gone, he looked much better. Kurogiri turned around and grabbed the bottle he got out and poured some of the contents in the small cup that was provided, it was an antibacterial mouth rinse for sores. As he turned back around though, he was faced with a now crying child. “Ah.” Ok, this was something new that he wasn't used to facing. He set the stuff down that was in his hands before he grabbed a few paper towels to dry up the other's tears, which only made the boy cry harder and make him inwardly panic. ‘What was he doing wrong exactly?’ Kurogiri asked himself.

Izuku didn't mean to cry on the misty man, the other was already doing so much for him. Just everything that was piling up had finally spilled over in an endless stream of tears. “I'm sorry, I don't mean to.” he managed to get out between small sobs to which Kurogiri only comforted him. To be honest, Izuku almost forgot what kindness was. What it meant to be nice to another individual. What it felt like for someone to be so nice to him even though they were strangers.

“You don't have to apologize for crying. It’s better than bottling up your emotions.” Kurogiri rubbed the boy’s back in comforting circles to try and ease Izuku. He didn't have to wonder for long if it was working or not because Izuku finally started slowing his tears.

The boy wiped his tears away with the paper towel and then blew his nose, it stung somewhat but getting all the leftover blood and snot out of his nose was better than leaving it in there. Well, that's what Kurogiri had told him so he didn't panic when he saw the blood.

After Izuku rinsed his mouth out, Kurogiri led him out and back into the bar area where he sat back down at a bar stool. Kurogiri then poured a glass of water for him and even added a straw so it would be easier to drink. Izuku took a few sips when he heard a familiar voice.

“There you are, I was wondering where you went. I was this close to destroying something of Kurogiri’s because I thought he got rid of you.” Tomura smiled as Kurogiri sighed. He then plopped himself in the bar stool next to Izuku.

“You have destroyed enough of my things, please don't. Also, I was helping him, not getting rid of him.” Izuku quickly nodded as Kurogiri said this.

“Well, you wouldn't have been able to help him if it wasn't for me picking him up.” Tomura crossed his arms like he had won.

“Really? Are you that much of a child?” Kurogiri shook his head in disbelief. “I apologize Midoriya on his behalf.”

Izuku waved it off. “D-don't worry about it. I mean, it is technically true.”

“Hah!” Toumra smiled wickedly as he wrapped an arm over Izuku’s shoulder. “He is smart unlike someone around here.”

Well, Kurogiri could not deny the logic in it, as much as he didn't want to admit it, Tomura was right. “Just don't encourage him too much Midoriya. He’ll never leave you alone.”

Izuku smiled just a little while looking down as a few tears dripped onto his lap. “Thank you, to the both of you. You really helped me.R-really, you...” he couldn't thank them enough for their hospitality. It would be sad that he had to go soon, he couldn't bring himself to step all over that any more than he already did.

“Ew, more crying?” Tomura hated the act, it was gross with all the snot and the salty tears made people's eyes puffy. “Quickly get him tissues.” he demanded of Kurogiri to which the man threw a box at him.

Kurogiri shook his head. “Don't be so insensitive Tomura.” Really, he would like nothing more to then just smack that boy around a bit. Well, technically he did get to, during training. So that was always fun.

Izuku had to agree with Tomura though, he didn't like crying but he always found himself doing it. He quickly wiped the tears away again as another voice cut into the conversation.

“So, what was our guest name again?” All for One had been listening to their conversation at some point and didn't want to break the fun they had been having so he waited for a chance to join. The man wanted to know his full name. It was interesting enough that Tomura had picked him up off the street. If the boy was able to move Tomura that much then he had to be worth something.

Izuku looked around before his eyes landed on the blank computer screen. That must of been where the voice came from. He thought as Tomura spoke. “His name is… Kurogiri what was it?”

“My name is Midoriya Izuku.” he spoke up, he thought it might be rude if he didn't at least introduce himself to the person on the monitor or to Tomura since the teen didn't know his name either.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Midoriya Izuku. I hope the stay at the bar wasn't too uncomfortable. I do have to wonder though, what was a child like yourself doing out so late at night. It’s quite dangerous out there.” All for One wanted to know the reason, he did have a few guesses but it would be much faster if he just asked but when Midoriya didn't speak he knew it was going to be more complex than he could think. “Don't be shy now, speak. All of us here have a troublesome past as well.” He smiled as Midoriya started talking.

Izuku swallowed his nervousness down, or what he could, which wasn't much. Could he really tell them what had happened yesterday? “I… I ran away from home…”

After a few moments of silence, Tomura sighed. “You going to tell us why? I don't have all day you know, I have important things I have to do.”

“Oh please Tomura, video games aren't that important. Give the boy some time.” Whatever it was, Kurogiri waited patiently to hear the boy out. He was intrigued as well.

After a few minutes pass with Izuku running circles in his mind about how this could all come back to bite him in the butt, he gave up. What did it matter anymore? “My… dad hit me.” He shook at remembering all that his father had said and done to him yesterday. “B-but... I guess it was my fault since.. Since I pushed him away, he fell and hit his head. I… saw some blood.. ” he was starting to cry again. “I tried to get away but he came after me, we were on the stairs and I kicked him off! He fell and didn't get up… I ran to my room, I-I… didn't.. check to see if… he was ok.. I di-didn't mean it… ” His words became a jumbled mess as he confessed to what happened. “He just.. Just made me so angry! He started bad mouthing my mom and told me it was my fault because she died! What did he want me to do?! I couldn’t open the door! It-It was melted!” he was in hysterics at this point and he felt like he was making up excuses so he didn't get the blame for killing his mother. Izuku clamped his hands over his ears as if he was actually hearing his dads words. “Is it really my fault? I didn't want to be born quirkless, I didn't ask to be born. I didn't… I should have di-” he was cut off by a small shout of his name and a hand pressing down onto his shoulder, it was Kurogiri.

Kurogiri managed to stop Izuku from finishing that sentence, it wouldn't have sat right with him. The kid was only about 10 and was giving up. He could understand though, he was at that point too before All for One helped him. “Midoriya, a child your age shouldn't say something so foolish. You are brave to have come this far even though you have been through so much.” kurogiri sighed in relief when Izuku hugged him tightly around the waist balling. He touched Izuku’s head gently and rubbed his back to ease the other.

All for one was in silence for a while before finally speaking once Izuku had calmed down a bit. “Kurogiri, I was just thinking. Why not let the boy stay at your bar. You have an extra room, do you not?

The misty villain slowly turned his head to stare at the monitor for a moment. He knew Sensei had something planned or was in the mists of planning since last night. Kurogiri looked back to the child that clung to him crying those salty tears. Although he didn't want to expose Izuku to their life, he just couldn't bring himself to deny the boy. Was it him feeling sorry for Izuku? Maybe he grew just a little attached? Or possibly he didn't want to go against Sensei. Whatever it was, they might have a new addition to The League of Villains, at least that's what Tomura keeps calling them.

Chapter Text

Izuku nervously squeezed his bookbag closer to himself as he and Kurogiri walked to his new room. Once they arrived, Kurogiri opened the door and the boy glanced around to get a look at it. Izuku had deduced that it was a little plain looking but it had a bed that he could sleep on and dresser where he could store his clothes. It was also accommodated with a window, but a higher building was blocking any view. You had to wonder why a window in the first place.

The boy didn't mind though, he wasn't on the streets and that's all he could ask for. So even if a bed or dresser wasn't provided, he would still be fine with an empty room.

“Th-thank you.” His eyes started to water as he looked at Kurogiri. Even though he said yes, he had to wonder if this really was the right choice of action. He certainly couldn't go back to his dad's place and he had nowhere to stay now. The streets were dangerous and the season was changing. Izuku just hoped that the strangers wouldn't get tired of him too quickly, they were so kind.

Kurogiri got down on one knee and placed a hand on Izuku’s shoulder. “Midoriya, I know you chose to stay but… are you sure this is what you want?” Kurogiri didn't give Izuku a chance to say anything as the misty man continued. “I don't think you truly understand the gravity of the situation that Tomura, Sensei and myself are in. That’s why I want to clarify things early so you can still make a decision and not look back or come to regret anything. Midoriya, we are Villains.

Izuku gave Kurogiri a hard stare when the truth came out, he even took a small step backward away from the man. 'They were Villains…?’ he repeated throughout his head as his mind flashed images of the villain that had helped Endeavor kill his mother. “V-villains…” That single word scared him, Kurogiri scared him. For years he wanted to become a Hero and the kind people before him were supposed to be his enemies? He should quickly leave, but as Izuku took another step back he felt Kurogiri lift his hand.

“There you have it, that is your answer.” The scared look of the boy said it all. So as he removed his hand and was about to stand back up, he didn't expect the child to grab ahold of his arm and burst into tears again.

Izuku snapped out of it when Kurogiri spoke, everything that leads him to this point was all immoral, to side with Villains? He would never dream of something like this… at least a few years ago he wouldn't have. He had to learn that heroes weren't all that great and now villains didn't seem so bad. Izuku couldn't comprehend where the line was drawn between the two parallels anymore, it was all muddled together.

W-wait!! I’m sorry if I was scared, and I can't say that I’m still not. I-I just don't know what is right or-or wrong anymore since… since… I learned I was quirkless…” Everything seemed to stem from him being powerless. Nothing has gone his way and the world only seemed to rub it in as worse things happened as he grew. “But there is one thing I do know, is that you, Tomura and… Se-sensei are kind!” He sobbed between his words as his world finally tipped the rest of the way over. “I-I want to stay. Please.” He begged Kurogiri.

Kurogiri placed his free hand on Izuku's head. “Alright, I understand. You don't have to cry anymore.” he said as warmly as he could to not upset the boy any more than he already did.

Really, Kurogiri had no idea how big of an impact they had on the kid in such a short time. It's understandable though, anyone would gravitate towards some kindness if all they did was suffer on end. He himself did the same after all.

After Izuku had calmed down, Kurogiri got up and went to grab a few articles of clothing that were too small for Tomura to give to Izuku since he didn't have much. When he came back, the boy was kneeling down by his bookbag with a few pictures he had in his hands. The look of pure sadness was unlike anything the man has seen before. It was almost unbearable to see.

Kurogiri stepped closer to take a small peek at the pictures. One was of some grumpy looking boy. The other had to be his mother, Izuku looked just like her. Unfortunately, the edges of the photo were burnt and curling a little, it must have been in a fire. The man had some idea of what maybe happened to her.

“These two pictures are the only thing I have to remember them by.” Izuku wished he had more and even a picture of Himiko, he glanced at the scar on his hand before looking at Kurogiri as the man spoke.

“Then we should put them in picture frames and set them up on your dresser. How about it?”

“I-Is that really ok?” Izuku was a bit hopeful, his dad never let him put his pictures up. But that's nothing new, that man never let him do anything.

Kurogiri chuckled a little. “Midoriya, it's your room now, do with it as you like.”

“O-ok.” Was all Izuku could say before Kurogiri handed him some clothes. How much more generous can someone get? It was truly amazing to him.

Later that day, they put the pictures into some rather nice looking frames and set them up.

Izuku sat there on his bed curled up with a blanket and stared at the photos while thinking about everything that has happened to him. The sad, painful, scary and even some happy moments that he has experienced so far. He wondered what else would come in the future if things would get any better. Maybe he could be a bit more hopeful, but as of right now, he felt calm and a little more safe. For now at least.


It's been a little over two weeks now that Izuku has been staying at the bar and well, it seems like the boy has been doing better each day. The bruises have pretty much cleared up, he has been smiling a little more and getting along fine with Tomura. God knows how the boy can stand the teen.

Izuku also hasn't had as many nightmares since the first week. Kurogiri had to stay up late into the night with him and even stayed tell the boy went back to sleep sometimes. Tomura surprisingly, helped too, actually helped a few times. Izuku was a good influence on the teen. Now that he thinks about it, Sensei was even affected by Izuku. The man joined in more conversations as of late. Kurogiri didn't notice at first until some customers pointed out an atmosphere change. It took him a while but he finally noticed what they meant. The gloominess that plagued all three of them was fading somewhat. Although it would never truly be gone, it was still-

“-giri, Kurogiri?” Izuku gave the man a concerned look while holding a wet cup up to the misty villain. He was helping him wash dishes when and all of a sudden the man was in deep thought.

Kurogiri took the cup and started to dry it. “Apologies Izuku. I didn't mean to space out. I was just thinking.”

“I as well, have been thinking.” All for One thought it would be a good idea to jump into the conversation now.

Izuku, Tomura, and Kurogiri all looked towards the computer screen when Sensei spoke up.

Good, he had all of their attention.

“I've been thinking about the future of our group, or The League of Villains.” The name was growing on him since Tomura started using it. “That was before Izuku came to us. I'm now revising my plans with him in mind and the outcomes could be extraordinary. Izuku, you have become quite comfortable around us and I think you might be ready to take the next steps to become a permanent member of the League.” He gave Izuku time to get attached to all of them so the boy wouldn't choose to leave since he was still wary of villains. In all fairness though, All for one didn't want Izuku to leave them, so it worked out.” There are two things I would like you to do. One is to go back to school.” It's the longest stretch of his plan. Since Izuku still had standard morals he wanted the boy to go back to school and eventually infiltrate that godforsaken school, UA. “The second is to start training with Kurogiri and Tomura.” All for one will work in more people to train him as he gets better. But to get down some of the basics, Izuku will train with them for a while. “Now, this last thing is not a request but an offer.” Kurogiri was against this but All for One knew Izuku was smart. How smart, was the question that he wanted an answer to and this would tell him where the boy stood. “I want to offer you a quirk Izuku, would you accept?”

Izuku stood stock still as he stared at the computer screen where All for one was talking.

School, training and…

and a...


Sensei was offering him a quirk.

His mind short-circuited as he tried to think. It was the one thing he wanted most besides having his mother back and alive again. But that wasn't happening. Maybe if he had one he could have prevented all those horrible things from happening to him. Izuku would dream and think about how things could have been so different if he just had a quirk. He could have prevented so much hurt and sadness. He... he had to…

“ I... accept-...” He started speaking without thinking before he quickly stopped himself by covering his mouth with both his hands. He couldn't make any rash decisions, he had to think about this very carefully.

School, Izuku will start with that. He slowly uncovered his mouth. “I… can go back to school if you really want me too.” Izuku hadn't had the best experiences there but he knew if he didn't accept the two requests from Sensei then he would have to leave. And he really didn't want that, more so then becoming a… Villain. Which leads to the second one. “I can also do the training.” Izuku could only think of pros for this one, except getting hurt himself. In the long run of things though, it would be the most helpful. Well, except maybe getting a quirk… Izuku swallowed thickly, he wanted a quirk. He really did but… he felt like he wasn't ready for the commitment that came with getting one from Sensei. He knew, he knew, if he accepted the offer he would never be able to escape. He had to think about the future and if he wanted to leave, but what if he didn't? Would the offer still stand then? Not only that but how would Sensei give him a quirk in the first place? Unless…

… no, no, NO! It was too much to think about. He couldn't decide something so important right now, not if it drastically affected someone else. He couldn't bear that guilt right now.

“Sen-Sensei, I truly want a quirk, I do… but… I can't decide right now. Do you think you wait for me?” Tears pricked the corners of his eyes as he fearfully prepared himself for a letdown, but when it never came, he was quite surprised.

“Take as much time as you need Izuku, the offer will stand as long as you stay with us and fulfill my requests.” All for one smiled, the boy was truly smart for his age.

Kurogiri placed a hand on Izuku's shoulder as the man let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. It took everything he had to not interrupt, but Sensei earlier in the day had made it very clear not to. And by the tone of Sensei's voice, it sounded like the man was satisfied with the answer Izuku provided. But when Izuku looked up to Kurogiri with an unsure worried expression the man ruffled his hair a bit and reassured him. “Don't worry Izuku, I think you made the right decision.” The boy nodded as his tears finally fell and he gave him a small shaky smile. Kurogiri would have smiled back but that was an impossible feat.

Tomura, on the other hand, wasn't worried. Why Sensei wanted Izuku to do these things to become part of the League didn't make sense when the kid was already a member. Whatever, he somewhat zoned the conversation out as he picked up his handheld and played some of his games.


Wait a second… “Why didn't I get the choice to go to school?” Tomura looked at the computer screen seriously when Sensei started laughing and Tomura pouted.

“Oh please Tomura, do you really think you could go five seconds without actually hurting someone?” Kurogiri retorted.

Tomura was going to argue but… “Fine, Point taken.” That's when he heard sniffling and a small chuckle from Izuku. Great, even the kid was laughing at him. Maybe he wanted to go to school, did they ever think of that? Assholes.

Tomura sighed and got over it as he pushed the box of tissues that were next to him over to Izuku. “Stop crying, it's gross.” He grumbled at the boy which only made him smile more.

“Thank you Sensei, Kurogiri, and Tomura.” Izuku quickly wiped the tears away with the tissues as he said each of their names. He was so grateful to them, it was... it was like a family. A dysfunctional one, but one nonetheless.

Chapter Text

Each passing day seemed to bring about more anxiety in the small boy. Sensei had set the day he would start school which would be in the next few days, Izuku looked at the calendar for what seemed like the tenth time that evening. He couldn't help it, Sensei forged all the documents and even changed his last name. Well, that last part was fine with him but still, what if someone found him out?! When he glanced again at the calendar he heard Kurogiri sigh.

“Izuku, you need to calm down. I told you there is nothing to worry about. You will be fine.” Kurogiri tried to reassure Izuku before watching as the boy's eyes slowly drifted back to the calendar. “Izuku.” That's it, he was taking it down before the boy went crazy.

Tomura laughed as he watched Kurogiri take the calendar down. Izuku amused him greatly sometimes. It was especially funny when the boy drove Kurogiri up the wall and right now was no exception. But perhaps the brat did need to relax a little… “Come on Izuku, let's go play some video games.” The teen smiled when Izuku nodded his head.

“Ok…” Izuku glanced once more at the calendar in Kurogiri's misty hands before getting up to go with Tomura. The man was right, he needed to relax but also to take his mind off things for a bit. He couldn't worry himself sick like this, not with everything else that has happened to him.

It felt weird that things seemed to be looking up, which scared him to be perfectly honest. There has been one too many times that his life was getting better to just have it be dragged back down again. Izuku doesn't think he could handle another disappointment or the pain that followed after.

Kurogiri watched as the two boys leave. It still shocked him that Tomura could be considerate of someone else. It was… nice. Nice to see Tomura actually get along with someone around his age. The teen didn't know it but they all needed Izuku and Kurogiri was sure that Izuku needed them. With that last thought, the man grabbed a broom and started sweeping the dirt off the floor.


A few days later and Izuku was walking to the new school that Sensei sent him to. The boy did his research on the place just the day before when Sensei finally told him the name. The school was small and wasn't that well known but it had a few Pro-heroes that originated from it. The staff seemed friendly from what he had seen online and the school didn't have a bad history. All in all, it was a mundane little place and Izuku was happy about Sensei's choice but that didn't do anything to quell the fear and worry he still held for the place. His experience in school hasn't been the greatest so far. So what makes this place any different? Guess he will find out soon enough because he stood at the threshold.

Izuku carefully observed some of the other students that bypassed him. They wore smiles and were laughing as they walked through the entryway, something he found unable to do. Izuku gulped as he stood there feeling light-headed and shaky before being pushed forward. He stumbled a few steps through the arch before looking back to see who had pushed him but… no one was there. Was it his imagination? A trick of the wind? He didn't have time to think before the bell rang to signal the start of the day, so he quickly rushed inside.

After introductions were over he sat down in the assigned seat that the teacher gave him. He felt like someone was going to call him out on his fake name or he was going to embarrass himself or, or… All bad thoughts aside, it was over and he didn't have to worry about it anymore. The boy took deep breaths as he reached down and grabbed a pencil out of his bookbag before noticing something strange about it. There were five distinct small holes on the… ‘Tomura.’ Izuku covered his mouth to hide the small smile and held back a laugh as he gently touched the decayed areas. ‘Mystery solved.’ he thought before listening to the teacher talk.

Lunch break rolled around and he pulled out the bento that Kurogiri made him. That's when a few of the students swarmed him. Izuku was sure they didn't mean any harm and wanted to make friends but he felt incredibly uncomfortable, especially since they kept asking him about his quirk. Izuku specifically didn't say anything about it on purpose. Why couldn't they just understand that he didn't want to talk about it? And why did it always boil down to a quirk?

Izuku put his bento down and was going to shoo them away but someone else beat him to it.

“It looks to me like he doesn't want to be bothered, or am I mistaken?”

Izuku watched as the students widened their eyes and nodded before quickly leaving without saying a word. Izuku looked up to the other boy that saved him from having to rid of them himself and one thought crossed his mind as he took in the other boy's looks. He needed more sleep. The boy had wild looking purple hair and dark circles under his eyes. He never seen someone look more tired then Tomura on the day's the teen would stay up late into the night playing video games.

“Sorry, but you looked troubled when they hounded you about your quirk. I didn't mean to step in but… “ he trailed off. “Anyways, My name is Shinso Hitoshi, nice to meet you.”

Ah, that's right, he should thank him. “Yes, thank you. I… don't really like talking about my quirk… ” He didn't exactly have one so there wasn't anything to say about it. He and Sensei talked about this but if he chose to have one then he couldn't just go around saying he was quirkless. He had to lie. “But it's nice to meet you too.”

The purple haired boy nodded with a small smile before leaving Izuku to his lunch. Shinso sat back down and started eating his own bento. For the remainder of lunch though, the rest of the class was silent. A little too silent for Izuku not to notice that something was up between the sleepy kid and the rest of the class. He was curious now.


The rest of the week and into the next, Izuku understood more about Shinso, his classmates’ relationship and pretty much the whole school. Everyone held the other boy at arm's length because of his quirk, brainwashing.

It made him angry.

Even though Shinso had an amazing quirk, everyone outcasted him because they all thought it was villainous. This was Himiko all over again. Well, somewhat. Shinso at least wasn't crazy. Izuku chuckled to himself at the thought of the girl, he missed her.

“What are you laughing about?” Shinso asked in curiosity as he took a bite of his lunch. He started sitting with Izuku just last week. They became quick friends after learning that Izuku didn't care about his quirk. At least he didn't think Izuku cared? The other boy had to have heard all about it by now, right? Shinso wanted to ask but he was scared to know what Izuku really thought.

“Oh…” Izuku milled around in his thoughts before speaking. “I was just thinking about this girl I met at my last school. She was a little on the crazy side but she was a really good friend.” Izuku smiled as he thought of her. “She went through a lot of orphanages because the other kids would bully her about her quirk which made her act out. It was… sickening.” His last words were full of malice as he stabbed his rice with his chopsticks and brought the food up to his mouth.

Shinso saw something flicker in Izuku's eyes for a moment before it was gone. What that something was? He would soon find out. As of right now though, he wasn't the only one to go through this, which he found comfort in. By all means, he would never wish his hurt, pain, and sadness on another person but it somehow made him feel a little better knowing someone else is going through the same thing he is. He wished he could have met her. Maybe they could have been friends too.

“Izuku… “ he trailed off in worry. He wanted to ask him but… No, he needed to know what the other really thought about his quirk. “Izuku, do you… ” he took a steady breath before continuing. “Do you think my quirk is villainous?” Shinso started to believe his classmates might be right, everyone he asked would state it as such. If Izuku said the same then…

The boy put down his chopsticks and swallowed the piece of food in his mouth before carefully answering the question. “It’s... only villainous because society looks at it that way, they don't understand what potential some quirks have and are afraid to explore the possibilities of what someone like you could accomplish with your quirk. Shinso, it's up to you whether you want it to be villainous or good. I don't think other people have that right to choose. It's your quirk, you control it and no one else.” he hoped that was a good enough answer. Most of that came from Sensei's own mouth except for the end.

Shinso widened his eyes, he was startled by what he heard. “I-Izuku…” He never got an answer like that before and it… it resonated with every fiber of his being. Just one conversation had completely destroyed everything anyone has ever said about his quirk.

Izuku glanced around worriedly, he wasn't sure if Shinso understood what he was talking about but when his eyes landed back on the other boy. “Ah!” Izuku quickly took out some napkins he had on him before holding them up to Shinso. “Here, you can use these.”

The purple haired boy took them and wiped the tears away for only more to replace them. “Sorry about that… I just never…” he couldn't stop crying. “I'm going to use the bathroom. I'll be back.” He went to get up before pausing. “Oh, and thank you. Thank you so much, Izuku.”

Shinso got some strange looks as he left but he didn't care. Actually, he was pretty sure he didn't care what any of them thought anymore. He was just mostly happy, he had a friend for the first time that didn't care that his quirk was vill- No. It wasn't a villains quirk, it was his and only his. He wouldn't let anyone else say that about his quirk. They didn't have the right, Izuku said it himself and Shinso truly believed in that fact!

When the boy entered the restroom a few of the other kids quickly left. “Typical.” He rolled his eyes and smiled a little as he cleaned himself up. He was walking back when he noticed who had shown up at school again. It was the one other person who didn't avoid him that Shinso wished with all his might that would.

It was his personal school tormentor, Kasai Asahi.

Shinso’s heart raced as he rushed back around the corner before the boy had spotted him. Kasai had been on vacation for so long that Shinso thought he was never coming back, at least he hoped so. Why now of all times, he just made a friend for the first time in years and now… He couldn't drag Izuku down with him. Kasai would definitely bully his friend. What could he do to prevent that?


The boy nearly jumped out of his skin as he looked at Izuku. His scared look quickly morphed into confusion as he stared at him.

“Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. It's just that you were taking so long, I wanted to make sure you were alright. Are you?” Izuku didn't think Shinso was alright, the other boy was a bit sweaty and kinda pale looking.

“Huh, uh… yeah, I'm fine.” No, he wasn't but Shinso didn't want Izuku to worry. “Um… we should probably head back to class now.” Just as he said that the bell rang. “Come on, let's go.” Shinso stepped around the corner again to see no one in the hallway. 'Good.’ He still had time to think of what to do to keep Izuku from meeting Kasai.

Izuku headed back with Shinso wondering why the boy was acting strangely. It all happened in the span of maybe ten minutes but… if Shinso didn't want to share what was bothering him then Izuku will give him some space and a little time. Speaking of time, he had to tell Shinso about next week before he forgot. He would finally be starting his training that Sensei requested of him, he was actually a little excited about it. “Shinso, I have something to do starting next week so after school, I have to immediately… go home.” Home, it was a strange word to say, he hadn't said that word since… Well… he couldn't think about it right now but the feeling was a pleasant and blissful one.

Shinso nodded. “Okay.” He was lucky, it would be easier to prevent Izuku and Kasai from seeing each other since the boy always bullied him after school, rarely ever during. It was still frightening to see him though. He placed his hand over his heart and took a few deep breaths to calm himself. “It will be ok.” He whispered to himself as they entered their classroom just before the second bell rang for the start of class. Shinso quickly put his unfinished lunch away before the teacher started the next lesson.

'It will be ok.’ He convinced himself, for now.

Chapter Text

It was a few weeks later during one of Izuku's training sessions that the boy had been knocked down repeatedly. Izuku could usually stay up slightly longer since he started but it felt like the brat was back a square one and it pissed Tomura off. What was all this training for if Izuku couldn't take this seriously? Just as he was about to express his annoyance, Kurogiri stepped in.

The misty villain noticed Izuku had been spacing out more and more as the days pass by, it was starting to concern him. “ Izuku, I think we should stop here for today, your mind has been somewhere else lately.”

Izuku sat up when Kurogiri started talking. He was going to protest but… it was true. “ I'm sorry, it's just… ” ‘Should he tell them that he made a friend? Was he allowed too since they were villains?’

“Izuku.” Once the boy looked back up to him he continued. “ If something is bothering you, you can talk to us.” He didn't want Izuku to be afraid to speak if he had a problem.

Izuku paused a few more seconds before finally speaking. “I made a friend at school, his name is Shinso Hitoshi and well… he has been acting strange and avoiding me for some reason. I've tried giving him some distance but… I don't know what to do. Everything was fine in the beginning. I just don't understand what happened.” He looked to Kurogiri for some solution to the problem.

“Sounds like a real winner.” Tomura sarcastically replied as he chuckled which made Kurogiri shush him.

This was a tough one for the misty man. There wasn't much information as to why Izuku's friend was acting this way. It could possibly be anything at this moment. “Hmm…” Kurogiri thought some more before what seemed like a light bulb went off in his head. “I think you should observe him more closely, you're quite good at that.” He has seen the detailed notes Izuku has taken on heroes and villains. It was without his permission but once Sensei found out about the notebooks, the man kinda forced him to, so it wasn't entirely his fault. He did feel guilty for snooping around though, there seemed to be some really personal stuff in them that Izuku had yet to share with them if the boy ever did. “Maybe take a few notes?” Although it had been a while since Izuku last wrote, it would be a good time to get him started again. Sensei wanted him to somehow get Izuku back into writing and this had to be his chance. He understood why though, it would make Izuku more aware and analytical of the people around him and his surroundings. Not that he wasn't already but the boy had room for improvement in those areas.

Izuku hadn't written since… that was definitely something he didn't want to think about. “I… I… guess I can try...” He enjoyed writing prior to everything that occurred and besides, this was for his friend. Taking a few notes wouldn't hurt if Kurogiri could help him figure out what was wrong… that is, if he can bring himself to face the past he was ignoring. Shoving it at the back of his mind, pretending for weeks like nothing ever happened to him seemed easier than accepting the hard truth.

“Glad to hear it. Now, come on, let us get back to the bar and rest up. We can continue tomorrow.” Kurogiri ignored Tomura's groan in disappointment when he opened a portal for them all to go through. In an instant, they were back.

Tomura wasn't happy the moment Kurogiri made them go back. “This is unfair, I wanted to train more.”

“Why, so you could win over Izuku? That is very mature of you.” Kurogiri said as he grabbed a few of the bar cups to polish them.

The teen grumbled something inaudible while Izuku laughed at them bicker. It was always amusing when they teased each other. At first, he had been worried about it but that was just their way of showing affection or friendship. Izuku was happy he was part of it. Now, if only he could get his friend to stop avoiding him then maybe Izuku would be a little happier.

Soon After, Izuku went upstairs to go to his room. He opened the door and walked over to his desk. Kurogiri thought it was a good idea to get him one since he went back to school. It was helpful since the bar isn't the most ideal places to do his homework. Tomura had destroyed a few of his worksheets and books but enough of that, he was focused on something else, the contents that were in the drawer of the desk.

Where his notebooks lay.

Izuku had shoved them in the small space, hidden away. He couldn't or wouldn't look at them after Tomura brought him here. Being reminded of all the hellish memories he had been through wasn't very appealing. He wanted to forget and the easiest way was to pretend like they were not there. ‘How many weeks has it been now that he hasn't written a single thing in them? How many heroes and villains did he miss out on? How many amazing quirks he has and had yet to write about?’ It was tempting to open it just for that thought alone but there was something else that was fuelling him, his friend and Kurogiri's suggestion. It really was a good idea, maybe if he took a few notes and kept a closer eye on Shinso he could figure it out himself.

’He had to try!’

With that last thought, Izuku gulped and slowly reached his hand out to gently touch the small wooden knob before clutching it. Like ripping off a band-aid, he quickly pulled it open.

Izuku stared at the first one on top while slowly reaching his hand down to pick it up. The notebook had Mizuki's information in it and one that Bakugou nearly destroyed. The next one was all taped up, his so-called father ripped some pages out so he had to repair it. A few after that and he reached the one where Himiko had gotten blood on a couple of the pages.

One by one he pulled them out, eventually reaching the last notebook. He never wrote anything in it, he never got a chance to. It was a memory in of itself and Izuku hesitated to even touch it. It was just something that should have never happened but… it did and he couldn't run away from the memory anymore so… he finally clutched it in his hands. There were burn marks all over the cover and the corners were curled. How it survived the fire was a mystery to him. Everything else except a few pictures had burned or was ruined from the smoke, even his mom couldn't survive.

Izuku's tears dribbled down his cheeks, he missed her dearly. It amazed him that he could keep going on without her but he had his new family to thank for that. He just hoped his mother would understand that even though they were villains, they were there for him when he needed them most.

The boy carefully laid the notebook next to the others on the floor, his hand lingering. “Mom, I-I'm sorry…” His apology meant so many different things as Izuku placed his hands and forehead to the floor in front of the notebook, his tears dripping onto the carpet below while he shook. “I am so very sorry.” Izuku couldn't protect her, Mizuki, Himiko, nor himself. He got into a scuffle with his dad, ended up living with villains while trying to forget about everything, including her. He felt incredibly guilty.

“I…” Once more, Izuku was going to apologize but he couldn't finish, a strong breeze blew in through his open window, ruffling the pages of his notebooks open. He quickly got up and closed it. The weather had been nice out earlier so he left it open but now it was cold and that sent a chill down his spine. Izuku rubbed at his arms to warm himself up before returning when something caught his eyes. There was something written on the inside cover of the fire burnt one.

Izuku reached down and picked it up, his eyes gliding over the words. 'Izuku, I know things haven't been easy but I want you to know that, no matter what happens in the future, now and forever, I will always love you. -Mom.’

‘He never knew that was there! When had she written that!’ Izuku thought as more tears fell down his face and onto the pages. He was shaking as he read it over and over. It was almost like she was actually there, in person, telling him that herself. When he read the words once more, he let them wash over him and he felt warm, comfortable, safe.

Just like how he felt when she was still alive.

Izuku smiled sadly as he hugged the notebook to himself and cried for a long time. He didn't stop until he heard Kurogiri call him down to come and eat. Izuku wiped the tears away and gathered up all his notebooks except for one that he could write in, he would use it tomorrow. The others he gently put on his desk and not in the drawer. It was still a little scary seeing them but with some time, his mother and his family on his side, it would be okay.

“Thank you, Mom.” Izuku's hand rested on the burned notebook before he left the room along with some of the guilt he had been feeling.

When Izuku stepped into the bar, he smiled warmly at them. He then took his seat and ate.


Just the first couple of days went by and Izuku figured out the reason for Shinso's strange behavior pretty quickly, Kasai Asahi.

The redheaded boy seemed to meet with Shinso almost every break and sometimes after school which he couldn't figure out why. It didn't help that his friend stopped him at every corner when he tried to follow them, except after school. He couldn't since he had to go straight home to train. He tapped his pencil on his notebook while thinking. He had to- Izuku watched as Shinso tossed a piece of paper in the garbage bin, the same piece that Kasai slipped in Shinso's pocket earlier that day when he was sneakily watching them. Izuku did feel slightly guilty about using underhanded methods but Shinso wouldn't talk to him so how was he supposed to react. Although, he had some idea of what was happening.

And it made him boil in anger just thinking about it.

There it was again, that same flicker in Izuku's eyes. Shinso had been noticing it more often lately which made him nervous as to why, he could only guess that it was his fault. He hadn't been a very good friend as of late. He sighed as he sat down, their friendship was starting to fall apart which was the last thing he wanted.

'It was not okay.’

Nothing was okay about the situation Shinso found himself in. He was exhausted from preventing Izuku from finding out about Kasai and vice versa. It didn't help that Izuku was watching his every move while popping up at times he didn't expect it. He was lucky they hadn't met yet. Another reason was his lack of sleep, Kasai was haunting him even in his dreams.

Shinso couldn't keep this up for much longer. He sighed once more as class began.

The boy almost fell asleep a few times throughout it but somehow managed. When he heard the bell ring, he was off to his next class, not even bothering to wait for Izuku. It pained him but he would have to pass Kasai in the hallway and he didn't want Izuku to be seen with him.

Izuku quickly got up after Shinso left and he reached into the garbage for the paper. Sure everyone probably thought he was a bit crazy for doing this but he didn't care. If his friend is in trouble, he had to help somehow. He wouldn't let Shinso share the same fate or a similar one to Himiko, Mizuki or… himself.

The boy found the paper and opened it up, it had a date, time, and place of meeting, Izuku smiled. This was his chance to finally understand what was going on! Now he just needed to get permission from Kurogiri to go to the park after school on Friday, which wasn't hard because when he asked afterward, the man had approved.

“I don't see why not, just be back before dark and don't talk to strangers.” Kurogiri watched Izuku's smile grow as he nodded before leaving the bar and running up the steps. He sighed while looking towards the teen that sat in a booth playing his video games... “Tomura, I need a-” he was cut off.

“Yeah yeah, you want me to follow him.”

“Thank you.” Kurogiri could tell Izuku was lying to them about going to meet up with his friend but the determination in the boy's eyes to go was something he couldn't say no to.

The only thing he could do was send Tomura to keep an eye on him.


Izuku stepped outside to the Friday chilly air and cloud covered sky, it looked like it would rain which had worried him. What if the two called it off at the park and rescheduled for another day? All he could do was hope that didn't happen while he walked to school that morning.

The school day went as usual with Shinso avoiding him and Izuku keeping an eye on the boy while taking notes. He wrote more than he normally would but that was because he was anxious. It was the only way he could calm himself down but by the end of the day, he found writing was even becoming difficult to distract his mind.

Eventually, the torturous long day had finally ended.

Izuku took his time in gathering his things up as he kept an eye on Shinso. The other boy quickly grabbed his things and left the room in a rush. That's when Izuku jumped up to follow after but as soon as he reached the door and peaked out into the hallway, he inwardly panicked. Shinso had sprinted down the hallway, reached the corner and sharply turned. “Ah…!” Had shinso found out he was going to follow him or was there something more to this? Whatever it was, Izuku better think and fast before he lost him. How though, how could he catch up and continue to stealthily… follow… him…

Izuku snapped his head around to look towards the windows, of course. Sure they were on the second level but there was a big tree outside that he could jump onto. ’Okay, this was much dangerous than he was letting on but…’ Izuku shook his head as he ran over to the window and opened it. This was completely and utterly stupid, he thought while getting onto the window seal. He took a few breaths and leaped out without a second thought before someone had stopped him. He heard the teacher shout his name when he just barely grabbed the branch he was aiming for. Izuku was going to try and pull himself up but froze instead, he heard a loud ‘Crack’ that put him in panic mode. He didn't have time to react as he was sent hurtling to the ground with a ‘Thump’, thanks to his butt hitting the grass and dirt below. That had to be one of the most painful landings he ever experienced. The wind was knocked out of him and he rolled around for a few seconds in pain while trying to get his breath back but Izuku pushed through it and forced himself up. He couldn't waste any more time, he had to get moving. So he swiftly made it to the edge of the building just to see Shinso running out the front doors.

Good, he hadn't missed him.

Izuku closely followed behind Shinso to the destination. Even though they were running, Izuku couldn't help but be reminded of Mizuki. Images of that day Izuku followed him flashed through his mind as a sharp pain pricked his head. It felt like he was on the verge of remembering something but just as quickly as it came, it was gone. That's when they arrived at the park. Izuku felt bad but he couldn't concentrate on that right now, he had to hide while he had the chance. The boy took cover in some bushes a little further away from the large water fountain, that seemed to be where the two were meeting.

“Took you long enough to get here.” Kasai stepped out from around a tree.

Izuku made a look of confusion, Kasai was out of breath just as much as Shinso was, they all just arrived.

“...I-” Shinso was cut off before he could say anything.

“Shut up! I told you not to speak to me. What if you try and brainwash me with that villain's quirk of yours! It's scary just thinking about it!” A few flames danced in the air around Kasai's body as the boy got angry which in return scared Shinso. As an apology he made the boy bow down to him.

Izuku widened his eyes as he seen the flickering flames, almost like they were taunting, laughing, and telling some sick joke that made him fill with a rage he never knew he had. How much he wanted to just- Izuku couldn't watch anymore, something had snapped within him as he leaped from the bushes.

“Everyone should thank me for keeping you in your place. They should call me a hero!” He proudly pronounced as he went to kick the boy while he was down before a fist closed in on his face and he tumbled backward, never even getting the chance to touch the other boy.

Kasai covered his mouth and yelled in pain as he tasted iron. He quickly spat the nasty taste out on the ground before more had replaced it. He realized why when he looked down at the blood splatter, there was a tooth with a bit of gum still attached to it at the center. The boy gasped and backed away quickly with tears in his eyes, he stared at it in horror.

Shinso was in shock as he looked up when Izuku had punched Kasai, he wasn't sure how he should feel about it. His friend hurt another person who was his bully. He should feel happy or relieved, right? But he wasn't, in fact, he was… terrified. It wasn't like a hero punching the villains of the world he had seen so many times. It was something else entirely, darker, more sinister. It was something that Shinso noticed in those pools of green when they became friends.

Now, it was on full display.

Izuku slowly made his way over to Kasai when the boy ignited his whole body in a fierce looking flame to protect himself. It was in the shape of a bird. He could only imagine what his quirk was but that didn't matter right now. He needed to make Kasai suffer as much, if not more pain than Shinso had gone through. He couldn't or wouldn't let him get away with this any longer.

No more.

Izuku reached out, ignoring the flames that licked his fingertips, it burned but he couldn't bring himself to pull away.

Kasai widened his eyes as he backed up. “Y-You're crazy!!” he spat out. Never had he met someone who was insane enough to burn themselves. It was frightening.

Izuku pushed forward as Kasai looked horrified that he was still trying before Izuku felt two arms wrap around his body and pull him back.

“I-Izuku!!” Shinso yelled at the top of his lungs to open his friend’s eyes at what he was doing. He turned the boy around to talk to him. “L-listen, I-” but before he could say anything, Kasai took this chance to attack. Shinso pushed Izuku out of the way just before Kasai had plowed into him. They were both sent sprawling into the water fountain. Kasai landed in the icy cold water with a splash while Shinso didn't meet the same fate, he did, however, crack his head on the edge, effectively knocking him out cold.

Izuku rushed over and…


All Izuku could see was that color as he stared at the small drops of blood coming from the back of Shinso's head.

It was maddening to think he couldn't protect his friend. He was right there, he had always been right there when his friends and family needed him most but he always failed them.



His Mother.

And now Shinso.

’Who would be next? Who couldn't he protect next?’

Izuku gripped his hair as he looked over to Kasai. His mind swirling in agonizing animosity for the boy.

Kasai shook from the cold water, he needed to get out but before he could, the boy heard a small splash from behind him. He froze, not just from the coldness of the water but also from the feeling of dread that pulsed throughout his entire body. It was unlike anything he has ever felt.

As the sound of splashing got closer and closer, Kasai worked up enough courage and slowly turned his head around to meet the face of pure unadulterated hatred.

Kasai regretted ever looking.

The boy's heart sped up as he tried to ignite himself again but it was no use, he was drenched in water. Kasai needed to get out. So, he tried to quickly crawl out of the water before Izuku had reached him. Unfortunately, the splashing sound behind him got louder just as he reached the edge of the fountain but before he could escape, a hand grabbed him by the hair and pulled. He panicked while in pain as he clawed at the cement to try and get a solid hold but it was too late. He was caught. “N-n-no. Please, le-let me go.” Kasai begged him but Izuku only hardened his grip and pulled him further back into the water as a response.

Izuku wouldn't let the other boy escape, he couldn't, not after what happened. Kasai needed to pay for his actions and Izuku would make sure of it.

“W-w-wait!! I kn-know what this is about!!” Kasai was panicking. “Shi-Shinso, right?! Look, I'm so-sorry, Okay?! Nothing to-to it!! I-”

“You can beg for forgiveness, promise that you'll never make Shinso suffer anymore, and regret everything that you have done to him but I will not be stopping.” The hostility dripped from Izuku's mouth.

Kasai's face morphed into horror as he thrashed around to get Izuku to loosen his grip. “JU-JUST LET ME GO!! He screamed at Izuku while tears gathered at the corners of his eyes. “You're crazy and Shinso is even crazier for having a friend like YOU!! YOU BOTH NEED TO JUST DIE!!” Kasai growled in anger, he could take no more as his fingers and toes started going numb from the cold while he was frightened of what the other boy was going to do to him. “I want out of this water!! Let me go!! Let me go!! LET ME GO!!”

The words rang loudly in his head, adding fuel to the fire that was already burning inside Izuku. All the boy could feel was blinding rage and he let it consume him. He and Shinso had a right to live just as much as anyone in this world. Sure, he didn't care if the boy's words were directed towards him but Shinso was a different story.

That was his friend.

Izuku let go as he seen the relief on Kasai's face, not for long though because Izuku was far from being done with the boy. “I think… you should be the one to…” he didn't finish as he pushed Kasai's face down, down underneath the shallow icy cold water. He could see the panic, scared, and shock bloom over the boy's face before he started screaming, well, trying to scream.

It was a muffled and gargled mess as Kasai inhaled the water. He was kicking, clawing at Izuku's wrist to let him go, just flailing all around before his movements started to get sluggish. Before long, he stopped moving all together and the last thing he saw before closing his eyes was the cold raging fire that burned within the other boy's eyes, it swallowed him whole.

Izuku never let up as he held Kasai in place, seconds turning to minutes, even after the other boy closed his eyes long ago, he kept his hold tight. He didn't want to take a chance that the boy could be faking it.

“Izuku... ”

The boy glanced towards the voice, it was... ‘Tomura? Why was he here though?’ Whatever there was no time to wonder, he was busy trying to stop Kasai.


What could Tomura possibly want at a time like this? “I’m busy.”

As an eerie silence started to lay between them, Tomura spoke to break it. “Izuku, enough.”

“...but I can't, he-”

“He is dead.”

Chapter Text




That was all the boy could feel as he struggled to opened his eyes to a tilted swirling world. He thought he heard a voice call out to someone but with the raging headache he couldn't be too sure…


There. He heard it again. It wasn't just his imagination playing tricks on him. He slightly turned his head to look where the voice had come from, it came out clearer along with the image. There was a teen standing and calling for-


That's right, that was his friend's name but the teen sounded so serious when he had called out to Izuku, like something was wrong. The boy turned his head more to look where the teen had his eyes concentrated on before a sharp pain blossomed from back of his head and traveled all over causing his headache to pulse. He tried to touch the source of his problems as he was met with something wet, tacky even. When he looked at his blood covered hand, he shook. It scared him to see so much of it and there was more on the ground where his head was at. He sat up further to get some distance from his own blood while he tried to wipe his hand clean on the grass. That's when he got hit with intense dizziness, the world around him swayed further which caused him to almost expel the contents of his stomach. He was sure he had a concussion but with the memories of what happened filling his mind, could he really afford to think about himself? Shinso wanted nothing more then to just lay back in the grass but how could he do that, he had to see what happened after being knocked out. What if something horrible happened to Izuku. It scared him just thinking about it. So without further delay, he decided to get up.

Shinso placed his hand on the water fountain to steady himself as he got on his knees and willed himself over the ledge to see where the teen had been staring. Just as his gaze settled on Izuku's tense form, Tomura spoke.

“He is dead.”

Shinso didn't register the three small words at first, he could only stare in horror at the scene in front of him with an open mouth, his headache and dizziness being forgotten the more seconds that passed by. His ears rang with each beat of his heart while he swore he could hear the tick tock sound coming from an actual clock. The words, ‘He is dead.’, bounced around in his head as he slowly got up from the ground and started to truly understand what those three small words had meant.

Kasai Asahi, formally known as his bully, and the one who was…


Shinso took a couple of steps backwards while his breathing became uneven and ragged. He couldn't, no, wouldn't believe the scene in front of of him. He had to… had to…

Shinso turned and took off running as fast as his legs would propel him while tears dripped from his face.


What Tomura said didn't sink in right away, Izuku just stared blankly at the teen before he looked back down. His hands were clenched around the other boy's neck while he held Kasai's lifeless body under the icy cold water. Izuku waited a few more seconds before he slowly, steadily, uncurled his fingers. As he stood up, Kasai's body floated to the surface. Izuku watched for any sign that the other boy would spring back to life but…. he didn't. That's when Izuku noticed raindrops pitter-pattering against the water's surface. He looked up to the dark cloud covered sky as it started to pour down on all of them. The chill from the rain had reached and settled deep within his bones while he felt his hands and feet go numb along with the rest of his body.

It was the first time he felt so immensely cold, not even the extremely bitter days of winter could compare to what he felt at this moment.

Everything was so cold and… completely empty.


Tomura silently stared more while thinking of a way to get Izuku out of the mess he landed himself in. He too has ended others lives and witnessed more than he can count but honestly, he never expected for Izuku to kill someone, at least not so soon. Then again, he knew there was something dark under all those layers Izuku had. It was only a matter of time before it surfaced.

Tomura heard a noise as he looked over to the boy that wasn't lying on the ground unconscious anymore… he widened his eyes as Izuku's friend turned and ran. “Shit!” He went to chase after him but he couldn't just leave Izuku by himself either. “Fucking hell…” Tomura reached up and scratched at his neck a little in irritation. He had to let the boy go unfortunately, he had a bigger problem to deal with at the moment. Tomura quickly jumped into the fountain with a small splash and trudged over, he grabbed Izuku's wrist to drag him out of the water along with the body of the dead kid. That's when Tomura set to work on completely decaying the body all the while Izuku stared blankly at what he was doing.. The rain fortunately swept the particles away so he didn't have to remove them himself.

After he was done, he looked up to Izuku who had finally spoke.

“....he deserved it.”

The words were cold as ice and said with such emptiness that it sent a chill down Tomura's spine. There was only one other person that could make him feel this way and that was Sensei.

Tomura cracked a wide pleasing smile as he grabbed Izuku's wrist again. “Yeah. Now let's get the fuck out of this rain, I really don't want to get sick.” Was the last thing Tomura said before pulling Izuku with him while they ran threw the cold rainstorm.

The two rushed back to the bar, soaked to the bone and freezing from the colder weather that day. When they got in, Kurogiri had wondered what happened, especially to Izuku since the boy had burn marks and scratches all over his arms and wrists. Some were even bleeding. He quickly sent them to shower and change their clothes. After they came back Kurogiri got out the first aid kit and got to work on Izuku. The man pressed Izuku for answers on how this happened but the small boy stayed silent, almost eerily. Tomura wasn't talking either which bothered him. The man sighed. “Izuku, just how bad is it that you cannot tell me?”

Izuku's mind was entirely blank since the anger faded, but as Kurogiri pleaded more and sounded upset, anxious, worried even, his thoughts slowly returned to him as he realized what had transpired just a while ago.

This was no dream but reality.

It was all real.

He had... killed someone.

“I…” he swallowed thickly as he slowly looked down at his trembling hands. All he could think about was how they were wrapped around Kasai's neck, drowning the boy. How he never let up even as Kasai begged, pleaded him with their eyes and then…. nothing. “I actually…. “ The other boy died and he was the one who did it. “...Killed him.”

Kurogiri backpedaled as confusion over took him. The strange words that Izuku spilled from his mouth didn't make any since as he looked to Tomura for answers but the teen was looking away from them. Minutes passed as he tried to find the answer hidden beneath the surface between the two boys but he could find none. The only conclusion that Kurogiri could come to terms with was that Izuku's words were actually the truth. This was not something he wanted to be dealing with right now but he had no choice in the matter.

“Izuku.” Kurogiri touched Izuku’s wet hair which got him to look up. The misty villain was even more surprised to see that Izuku wasn't crying, so some part of the boy hadn't been all that guilty for... Killing someone. That was probably the scary part, at least to Kurogiri. Either way, this wasn't the Izuku he was familiar with, the boy's mind wasn't here at the moment but what could he say to bring him back? ‘Could he even bring him back?’ was a better question. “It will be…” he paused, no. He couldn't say that, Izuku wouldn't accept that because he himself was uncertain of those words. He had to choose his words carefully, saying the wrong thing could determine the boy's future and possibly the League's.

Kurogiri sighed as he placed both of his misty hands on Izuku's shoulders while he got on his knees to be eye level with him. He couldn't actually decide for Izuku, he had to make that decision himself. “Izuku, I cannot tell you what you did was right or wrong, or that everything will be ok. You are going to have to find that answer yourself. But what I can tell you is, whatever you decide, however you determine what happened today was a mistake or not, we will be there for you. You can talk to us.” That was when Izuku burst into tears and hugged Kurogiri around his waist. The man cupped the back of Izuku's head and rubbed his back in gentle soothing circles. “Shhh, I'm here.” He cooed gently.

“Kuro… Kurogiri…” Izuku cried into Kurogiri's shoulder as he stained the man's shirt with his snot and tears. Izuku never in his life thus far had even thought or dreamed of killing someone but what was more surprising and scary to him was the lack of empathy and guilt for killing Kasai.

The tears he cried today were for Shinso who had to witnessed him killing someone, for Tomura who he had gotten involved, and for himself. There was nothing more scary than knowing that he was capable of committing such a heinous act. If he didn't think hanging out with villains was bad, then becoming one probably wasn't either. There wasn't much of a choice now, any hope of ever becoming a hero was completely gone now.

Tomura wanted to gag but he supposed Izuku needed this, the kid was somewhere else before Kurogiri finally coaxed Izuku out of it. Which he guessed was good but the thrill Izuku gave him was unmistakable. Tomura couldn't wait for the darker side of Izuku to come out more. He would think about that later though. They had pressing matters to attend too if they wanted to keep Izuku safe. He had already destroyed the body, now they had to worry about cameras and the most tricky part, Izuku's friend. They couldn't just go and kill the other kid, that would cause even more problems than anything. First of all, Izuku's trust in them would probably completely diminish and he was sure Sensei and Kurogiri wouldn't want that, neither would he. As much as he didn't want to admit to it, he cared for Izuku, they all did.

Tomura couldn't decide what to do on his own, he needed help but with Kurogiri busy consoling Izuku that means Sensei was left but he couldn't discuss this with Izuku right there so he motioned for Kurogiri to go upstairs. The man got the message as he picked Izuku up and left. That's when Tomura jumped up to the seat where the computer was at and set to call his Sensei. A smile was plastered on his face in excitement, he could wait to tell the man what happened just a little while ago. Once the screen lit up, he started.

“Sensei, you will never believe what happened!”