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The Bunny Operation

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Seokjin was sitting on the floor, staring down at the disaster in his hands, when he heard little hands tapping on the carpeted floor, coming towards him. Jungkook crawled up to him, fisting his white sweater and pulling on it in an effort to stand up. Jin let go of the bunny in his hand, picking up Jungkook and depositing him on his lap as father and son stared at down at the injured stuffed toy.

Jungkook sniffled, turning and burying his face in Jin's chest, hiccuping as he sobbed for his favourite toy. Jin sighed, tired eyes giving the pink furry toy a once over. Everything was fine, really; Jin had even washed the toy recently, so the fur was a pretty pink. Everything was fine, except that it was noseless.


Jungkook had been playing with the bunny, waving it around, and it had accidentally slipped his small hold, flying straight and crashing its face on the wooden door, causing it's black plastic nose to fall off. Jungkook had looked on in horror, before starting to wail, and that was how Jin had found him.

And here they were now, a tired father, a crying son, and a noseless stuffed toy.

Picking up the boy in his arms and patting his butt to calm him down, Jin got up and went into his home office, rummaging his desk drawer for some school glue. He couldn't stitch the plastic nose on, but maybe glue would fix it. Kookie observed him in earnest, his wailing reduced to occasional sniffles.

He set the baby beside him as he picked up the bunny, and Jungkook almost immediately scooted closer, hands on Jin's lap as he tried to supervise the Operation.
Jin spread the glue evenly over the back of the nose, before pressing it back on the bunny's face, watching in satisfaction as it didn't fall out. Jungkook bounced up and down then, his face glowing as he saw his bunny back to normal. Jin stopped him from touching it though; he didn't want the nose falling off before it could be glued back properly, and he didn't want Jungkook's hands touching the glue in case it oozed out, more the latter.

"You'll have to wait for it to dry, buddy,"


"The glue has to dry, else the nose will fall off again."


"That's right. Now why don't you give your Appa here some attention? Appa doesn't get to be with Kookie much cause Kookie loves Bunny more than Appa."

"ANGOO!" Jungkook vehemently refused that statement, it seemed.

"Really? Then today Appa and Kookie day?"



Kookie climbed up his body this time, giving his father a peck, squishing his cheeks with his tiny hands.

"Don't break my nose though."