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Yoongi could get used to this.  Namjoon is pressed to his back, arms wrapped protectively around him as he sleeps, palms cupping the slight swell of Yoongi’s belly.  Sunlight falls in slats across the bed, warming the blankets and keeping out the early spring chill. Yoongi’s pretty sure he could stay like this forever.

Now that he’s past the morning sickness and almost into month seven, he can actually sleep in.  And Namjoon, bless him, actually encourages it. He’s constantly reminding Yoongi that he wants him to get plenty of everything - sleep, food, rest, vitamins, everything .  It’s endearing, even if Yoongi grumbles at the good-natured nagging and pretends to be annoyed.

Namjoon snuffles into his hair and tugs him closer, hands wandering in his almost-sleep.  It’s become a habit of Joon’s to rub his hands absent-mindedly over Yoongi’s growing bump, a smug smile on his face.  Yoongi knows he’s proud, the smug bastard, proud of the physical evidence of Yoongi’s belonging to him, of what they created together.  It’s insufferably cute, though he’d never admit it to Namjoon’s face.

“Good morning.”

Namjoon’s voice is low and rumbling, breath warm against the skin of Yoongi’s neck.  His hands are lower now, ghosting over his hips and thighs with intent, and Yoongi stretches, basking in the feeling of being wanted.  When he doesn’t respond, Joon gently rolls him onto his back, hovering over him, smile sleepy and warm.

“Good morning to you, too.”

He can’t help but smile up at him, too happy and warm and peaceful for once to not let the feeling show on his face. It’s broken, though, by the shiver that arcs up his spine. Joon’s fingers are tracing a pattern on his thigh now, and he knows exactly how sensitive Yoongi’s become since the start of his pregnancy.  Yoongi whines softly, legs parting without thought so Namjoon can continue whatever it is he’s starting.

“Fuck, you look so perfect.”

His lover has his face pressed against Yoongi’s belly, rubbing his cheek over the skin.  This has been a fixation of his since the bump appeared. He rubs his hands over the roundness of it, pressing a kiss just below his belly button.

“You look so good like this.”

Yoongi blushes, partly from the compliment and partly because he knows exactly what Namjoon is thinking right now.  He’d made his love of Yoongi’s growing belly abundantly clear more than once now, mumbling about keeping him round and pregnant as often as he can.  Secretly, Yoongi doesn’t mind the thought. Sure, he’d grumbled at first and had been scared utterly shitless at the thought of being a parent, but it’s growing on him.  He can’t keep his hands off his own belly most days and he’s already starting to think about things like cute baby outfits and names and what color they should paint the nursery, all things he’d never thought he’d worry about.  His own predisposition to mental illness and anxiety about passing it on to any child he might carry had scared him off the thought of having any of his own a long time ago. And then Namjoon happened, and somehow it all seemed like it might work out okay.

“Where are you at, love?”

Yoongi lets his eyes meet Namjoon’s, smiling sheepishly.  Caught in his own head again. But Namjoon’s an expert at pulling him out of his racing thoughts and back down to earth.  They’ve been together long enough that he should be.

“I’m here, promise.”

He leans up and kisses him softly, arms looping around his neck to pull him close.  Namjoon groans into it, one hand still on Yoongi’s belly, the other ghosting over the soft outline of his cock in his briefs.

“How are you feeling this morning?”

Yoongi knows what he’s asking and he’s more than happy to oblige.  Morning sex is his favorite kind, all slow and lazy.

“Like I want you inside me.”

They’re both naked in record time.  Yoongi stretches out, arms above his head, belly on display between them as Namjoon maneuvers between his thighs.  His hands grip the flesh, kneading gently. Pregnancy has made him plumper in a few other areas too, namely his ass and thighs, but Namjoon doesn’t seem to mind at all.  To the contrary, he can’t seem to keep his hands to himself.

Yoongi sighs happily as Namjoon buries his face between the round globes of his ass and licks a steady stripe over his hole.  He hooks a leg over his shoulder, giving him better access, and lays back, eyes falling shut.

There’s little he enjoys more than Namjoon’s tongue inside him and the younger eats him out like a man starving.  They haven’t even been at it long but Yoongi’s cheeks are already a lovely pink and his hips are canting with want, fingers clutching Namjoon’s hair.

“More,” he breathes, chest already heaving with the want of it.

“Anything for you,” is Namjoon’s only answer.

His cock is possibly the most beautiful thing Yoongi’s ever seen.  Long and thick, with just enough curve to hit the right spots. He was hooked the first time they slept together and it’s been a solid addiction ever since.  Yoongi blames it solely for the condition he’s currently in.

The first press inside is tight and slick and perfect.  Namjoon kisses him as he lets him adjust, one hand splayed possessively across his belly.  He lets his head fall back, neck exposed for Namjoon to mark as he sets a rhythm, thighs squeezed around him.  He doesn’t even have to ask him for more, for harder, because Namjoon already knows.

“Joon,” he breathes, and it’s the only request he has to make.

He’s full, Namjoon’s cock inside him the only thing he needs to know.  They fit together like lock and key, Yoongi made to take him and only him.  And if he sees stars when Namjoon pounds against his prostate, it’s only because being with him is truly heavenly.

Namjoon doesn’t have to tell him he’s close.  The way he presses his face into the crook of Yoongi’s neck and worries the skin there with his teeth, the way he grips his hips a little tighter, it’s all a tell.  And Yoongi is right there with him, orgasm crashing over him when he feels Namjoon’s warmth filling him, body strung tight as he comes across the swell of his belly.

“D’you think we just made a second one?”

Yoongi smacks Namjoon weakly on the arm, gummy smile giving him away.


Namjoon grins and rubs his hands over his swell again before settling in beside him and wrapping his arms back around him protectively.

“You know we’re going to have to have more, right? You’re too pretty like this.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and settles back against him, hand covering the one Namjoon already has splayed across his belly.

“We’ll see,” he tells him.

They both already know the answer is yes.