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This Mall Is A Kingdom

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yugyummy messaged the chat Jinyoung Will Kill Yugeom

yugyummy: i made a mistake

momjinyoung: Gyeom I s2g

defsoul: he already looks like he'sgonna crush his phone

defsoul: 0-60 record time

yugyummy: it's fine im ready to accept death anyway

cocoyj: gonna need 2 explain buddy

yugyummy: i saw the most beautiful person in the literal entire world and i fucked up

yugyummy: i saw him and he looked at me and he smiled and i walked into a trash can

yugyummy: spilled it everywhere. slipped in a puddle of something and fell.

defsoul: oh my god

yugyummy: i didnt know what to do

yugyummy: i just bolted

yugyummy: im fucking covered in like trash juice

momjinyoung: Where are you now?

yugyummy: i smell like gatorade and panda express and theres melted ice cream on my pants

yugyummy: are you coming to kill me? good.

yugyummy: hiding in the bathroom by the food court

momjinyoung: No stupid I'm bringing you clothes.

cocoyj: who was the guy???

yugyummy: idk ive never seen him before and now i hope i never see him again except i would do anything to see him again but also if i do, i will die so

defsoul: too bad

cocoyj: if you die we'll print the entire ‘have u ever seen a man so beautiful u started crying’ thing on ur grave

momjinyoung: Be there in 5.

defsoul: id like to see someone so hot he made you forget to be a whole person

yugyummy: thanks hyungs

yugyummy: except jaebum

defsoul: hey


mmmark messaged the chat BOOOOIIIII

mmmark: well that was eventful

wangpuppy: what i missed

mmmark: food court accident

dabdab: the cutest idiot ive ever seen in my life

wangpuppy: im so glad you dont think im an idiot anymore <3

dabdab: incorrect. he was just cuter xoxo

wangpuppy: rude

mmmark: he was p cute

wangpuppy: D:

wangpuppy: ET TU MARKIE

mmmark: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

dabdab: anyway idiot tho. walked into a trashcan, fell in garbage juice (ew) and fled the scene

dabdab: still managed to look cute tho

wangpuppy: omg poor thing

wangpuppy: not an idiot just clumsy

mmmark: he fell cause bam smiled at him

dabdab: not tru

wangpuppy: Waht

mmmark: v tru

wangpuppy: i ship it

dabdab: you cant ship it we're real people

wangpuppy: not with that attitude

mmmark: this ship can never sail w dont know who he is

wangpuppy: gonna find him. markie help me

dabdab: please dont

wangpuppy: markie plz

wangpuppy: together we can make this dream come tru

dabdab: what dream

wangpuppy: markie

wangpuppy: markie

wangpuppy: mark

wangpuppy: mark mark mark

dabdab: jfc

wangpuppy: M A R K

mmmark: some of us have work

wangpuppy: <3 gonna help me?

mmmark: he was wearing a shirt from that dance studio on the 2nd floor

dabdab: i trusted u

wangpuppy: HAH. YES. NICE.


wangpuppy messaged the chat BOOOOIIIII

wangpuppy: he wasnt there when i went :(

dabdab: good. dont go back

wangpuppy: bam imma find u ur trash prince

mmmark: if you arent down here in 3 mins no coffee

mmmark: 5 and im leaving

wangpuppy: markie :(

dabdab: dont call him trash prince

dabdab: we been here waiting and youre out there tryna find a guy you dont even know what he looks like smh

wangpuppy: i asked for the guy who fell in the trash today and they said he went home already

dabdab: you did not

mmmark: they probably lied bc you sound like a lunatic

wangpuppy: i told them i was trying to hook him up tho

dabdab: i hate this fucking fsmily

mmmark: jackson wtf

wangpuppy changed the chat name to Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

dabdab changed the chat name to NO

wangpuppy changed the chat name to Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

wangpuppy: accept your fate


yugyummy messaged the chat Jinyoung Will Kill Yugyeom

yugyummy: well i can never go back to work again this mallbis not for me i regret everything

defsoul: dramatic

momjinyoung: Is this about the trash thing again?

yugyummy: jungkook said someone came in yesterday and asked soecifixally

yugyummy: and i quote

yugyummy: for the trash guy from the food court

momjinyoung: Oh.

cocoyj: o no gyeomie

cocoyj: dont worry, im sure this will blow over fast! <4

cocoyj: *<3


momjinyoung changed the name of the group chat to Trash Prince Yugyeom

defsoul: what

yugyummy: dont

momjinyoung: They're literally calling Yugyeom the Trash Prince this is the best thing I've ever heard in my life

cocoyj: dont worry they dont know its u!!

defsoul: how do you know that

momjinyoung: He knows everything. You know that.

momjinyoung: The coffee bitches know everything here.

cocoyj: not our fault everyone here likes to come gossip in the cafe

yugyummy: hasnt someone done something more embarrassing yet

momjinyoung: Absolutely not.

cocoyj: that guy is still lookin for u too

cocoyj: found out who it is tho!!

yugyummy: idk if thats good or bad

defsoul: is it somone we know?

defsoul: are they bein a dick?

yugyummy: kookie said he looked like one of the guys from spencers

yugyummy: is he from spencers

momjinyoung: If it’s one of those Spencers Gifts douchebags, I’ll fucking kill them.

momjinyoung: I’m allowed to roast Yugyeom, but they aren’t.

defsoul: @cocoyj you can’t just leave us hanging wtf

defsoul: youngjae who tf is it

momjinyoung: I’m off at 4, I’m gonna go kick an ass at Spencer’s

cocoyj: no no no!!!

cocoyj: mark said its jackson from the pokemon store by macys

yugyummy: i fucking know jackson

yugyummy: why tf is he calling me trash prince

cocoyj: mark says he doesnt know its u just that he saw u were wearing the shirt from the studio

defsoul: mark is the cute one tht does the backflips in the parking lot right

cocoyj: mmhm! hes rly good at foam patterns too

momjinyoung: Excuse?

defsoul: youngjae send him a pic of mark

cocoyj: i have the selca he took when i got his number!!


mark selca

momjinyoung: Oh him

momjinyoung: Okay yeah alright. He is cute.

yugyummy: god he was sitting with the hot guy

defsoul: when you fell?

yugyummy: yeah

defsoul: jfc were the girls from victorias secret there too damn gyeom

yugyummy: fuck directly off jaebum


yugyummy messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

yugyummy: should i tell jackson to stop calling me trash prince

defsoul: he doesn’t know it’s you tho. if you tell him to stop, he’ll know it’s you

yugyummy: how does he not know how could he possibly not know

momjinyoung: Ask the gossip queen.

defsoul: @cocoyj

cocoyj: guys i can’t just be on my phone all the time

yugyummy: hyunnnnnnng this is important

cocoyj: okay okay okay okay okay okay

cocoyj: mark-hyung was there with his friend when u fellbut he doesn’t know u and he doesnt know i know u

cocoyj: and jackson doesnt know it was u bc all mark told him was that u had a shirt for the dance studio

defsoul: so who was hot guy

cocoyj: idk i didnt ask

cocoyj: didnt seem important?

yugyummy: it’s not i can never face him anyway

defsoul: but how will he ever find his trash prince

yugyummy: s t o p

momjinyoung: I’m gonna find and tell Jackson

yugyummy: Jinyoung-ah please don’t

yugyummy: This is bad enough

yugyummy: Literally it just keeps getting worse. Hyung, please do not tell him.

yugyummy: Hyung please.

momjinyoung: Fine, but only because you finally used proper grammar for once.

defsoul: he makes me use proper grammar when i ask him to go out

cocoyj: omg jy ur so weird abt grammer <3

momjinyoung: What language is that?

momjinyoung messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

momjinyoung: My Son.

cocoyj: yah?

yugyummy: !! you stopped calling me that like a month ago

momjinyoung: Not you dweebs my new son.

momjinyoung: The son I never had.

cocoyj: :c

momjinyoung: My retail son.

momjinyoung: He’s so cute.

cocoyj: did u get his name yet??

momjinyoung: The one on his card is really long, but he says to call him Bambam.

momjinyoung: Cute.

defsoul: i feel like i should be worried but

momjinyoung: Don’t be jealous of your future stepson. It’s weird.

defsoul: stop adopting mall employees its weird

cocoyj: he works here??? wahts he look like??? u should add him to the chat!!

momjinyoung: I can’t expose him to you people before he’s even friends with me.

momjinyoung: Maybe to Youngjae

cocoyj: <3

defsoul: hey

momjinyoung: Just because we’re dating doesn’t mean you’re reasonable.

yugyummy: fair

defsoul: fair

dabdab messaged the chat Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

dabdab: that guy at the bookstore

dabdab: is so fucking weird

dabdab: but it’s great

wangpuppy: he ask for your number yet you heartbreaker

dabdab:its not like that

mmmark: you dont even read what the fuck you going to b&n for all the time

wangpuppy: to see his book boyfriend

dabdab: fr not like that. and i read sometimes tf

mmmark: fashion books probs

dabdab: hes just rly cool. and nice to me but also kind of mean

dabdab: he showed me a pic of his boyfriend too he’s cute as shit

wangpuppy: cuter than your trash prince?

dabdab: stop calling him that

dabdab: and no, but cute as shit

dabdab: anyway im p sure he was just showing him to me so i didnt think he was tryna hit on me

mmmark: poly

mmmark: open

dabdab: s t o p it

wangpuppy: gonna go in there and ask him what his intentions are with our son

dabdab: i’m absolutely not your son sit down

mmmark: ask him what his intentions are with our brother then

dabdab: one day imma get his number and just add him in here and watch him roast the shit out of you both

wangpuppy: hot

dabdab: cancelled


yugyummy messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

yugyummy: i saw him again sdkajfkasdfas

yugyummy: hes so fuckin cute im gonna die

momjinyoung: Yeah, but did you talk to him?

defsoul: no

yugyummy: no

cocoyj: no

momjinyoung: no

yugyummy: wtf stop

defsoul: okay but where did you see your food court prince

yugyummy: okay definitely dont call him that

cocoyj: but u saw him at hte food court!!

momjinyoung: Yeah JB, that should be his princess right?

yugyummy: DO NOT

defsoul: if you dont tell us your story, im letting them go off the rails calling him your food court princess

yugyummy: YOU STARTED

yugyummy: fine okay okay okay fine

yugyummy: he was coming out of the mac store

yugyummy: and for a sec i was like okay well he has a girlfriend maybe

yugyummy: but i looked closer and he was fucking wearing make up

momjinyoung: Guys can wear make up, Yugyeom.

yugyummy: like red eyeshadow but soft and his lips are probably tinted and

yugyummy: idk he just looked so fucking good

yugyummy: no no i dont mean like he cant i just

cocoyj: he looked pretty!

cocoyj: i bet he would be happy someone noticed how nice he looked gyeomie c:

defsoul: sure you dont want yj to get his name for you?

yugyummy: oh def not

yugyummy: not only am i now known as the fucking trash prince

yugyummy: but i wouldnt even be able to talk to him

yugyummy: my throat would just fuckin close up

momjinyoung: I like the implication that I’m the king because you’re my son, but I resent the implication that it makes me the Trash King

defsoul: im the trash king. you married into it babe. welcome to my trash kindgom

cocoyj: wat does that make me and jy?

momjinyoung: Don’t worry baby we will figure it out. <3

cocoyj: <3 :*

yugyummy: jaebum is my real dad

momjinyoung: Obviously. I’m your mom.


mmmark messaged the chat Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

mmmark: bammie

wangpuppy: hes got his hands full with a game babe wassup

mmmark: ask him if he wants an update on his trash prince

wangpuppy: he says yes

mmmark: ask him

wangpuppy: i asked he said yes he wants an update on his trash prince

wangpuppy: hes gonna date him as soon as i find him

wangpuppy: please give me the update baby please

mmmark: you answered too fast every time ask him

dabdab: no

mmmark: u sure

mmmark: its p cute

wangpuppy: i want the update

mmmark: no one asked u

wangpuppy: :(

mmmark: <3

dabdab: scale of cougar flirting on the clock to that coworker you have that laughs all the time

dabdab: how cute

mmmark: youngjae?

wangpuppy: tryna be offended that hes the top of the scale but i cant

mmmark: jackson when a new squirtle toy comes in

dabdab: fuck ok tell me

wangpuppy: <3 <3 <3

mmmark: <3

mmmark: saw him comin out of claires

mmmark: no bag which is relevant to the story bc

mmmark: he just pulled the tags off the flower crown and put it on

mmmark: and then changed his earrings to these lil dangly bars

mmmark: it was real cute

mmmark: whered everybody go

wangpuppy: s2g babe he asked what he was wearing

mmmark: black turtleneck black jackett black jeans

wangpuppy: babe

wangpuppy: mark

wangpuppy: markie

wangpuppy: hes blushing

mmmark: find the trash prince jackson live your truth


dabdab: KEEP



wangpuppy: :O

mmmark: ooooooh

wangpuppy: the truth is out

dabdab: >:I

mmmark: i know youre probably serious but thats a cute as fuck face i cant take that seriously

mmmark: sry bammie <3


yugyummy messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

yugyummy: i know i shouldnt be nervous but im getting nervous

cocoyj: ???

defsoul: when do you perform?

cocoyj: omg are we talkin abt smth other than gyeomie bein a prince finally

yugyummy: 3 weeks

yugyummy: if the dance studio actually required me to do real work all the time id be fucked

yugyummy: yj plz

momjinyoung: Nothing to be nervous about.

defsoul: yeah youre gonna kill it

cocoyj: u always do

defsoul: remember his first showcase

momjinyoung: I still have it on video.

yugyummy: i wasnt fishin for compliments gys im rly nervous

cocoyj: i posted it on yt but private

defsoul: why even make it private tho

yugyummy: this is all v cute but plz pay attention to me

momjinyoung: Yugyeom, do you want to go over it again together?

momjinyoung: Your crew won’t be there, but I can stand in for some parts.

yugyummy: yes ;-;

defsoul: we’ll all come

defsoul: im off thursday and get off at 3 on wed

momjinyoung: Off on Wednesday

cocoyj: work all day wed, but mark might trade me hes rly nice abt that stuff

yugyummy: TT-TT youre all so nice to me

momjinyoung: Ew.

momjinyoung: I’m still coming, but now I’m just going to be on my phone the whole time.

yugyummy: :(


dabdab messaged the chat Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

dabdab: dont need a ride home

mmmark: ??? thought you were gonna come work on stuff in teh cafe until i was done with yj’s shift?

dabdab: gotta go cant be here

mmmark: what happened

mmmark: are you okay

dabdab: its not serious

dabdab: i just saw the ghuy again and now im having a Moment

dabdab: i need to walk it off

mmmark: wtf does that mean

dabdab: i swear i wasnt even like going in there i just looked in

dabdab: the dance studio

dabdab: he was in there and he was with these other guys and

mmmark: on the 2nd floor you just “happened” to walk by it

dabdab: idek who the other guys were i couldnt even see them

mmmark: we’re both on the first floor

dabdab: he did this fucking body roll and then grabbed his fucking dICK

mmmark: why were you up there





mmmark: so what youre saying

mmmark: is that you went up to the fucking second floor to see if he was in the dance studio

mmmark: bamabm fuck right off seriously

mmmark: @wangpuppy

dabdab: ANYWAY i’m out walking now ill catch a bus or smth

wangpuppy: I CANT BELEIVE

wangpuppy: I MISSED THIS

wangpuppy: I HATE THIS


wangpuppy: efforts to find trash prince doubling


cocoyj sent a private message to yugyummy

cocoyj: gyeomie?

cocoyj: for sure u dont want me to tell this guy its u?

cocoyj: makr said theyre not trying 2 make fun of u and i trust him

yugyummy: please dont

yugyummy: idek mark. i know jackson and hes not a dick but

yugyummy: idk this is just rly fuckn embarrassing jae

yugyummy: im not gonna be able to stop thinking of falling in trash

cocoyj: i get it

cocoyj: if u change ur mind lmk ok??

yugyummy: sure


dabdab messaged the chat Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

dabdab: jinyoung gave me his number and said we should hang out

dabdab: the guy from the bookstore

dabdab: he wants to go on a double date tho and i panicked and said yes

dabdab: so which one of you wants to go on a date with me and a stranger and his bf

mmmark: bambam wtf

wangpuppy: cant it would get in the way of my ship

wangpuppy: trashbam

wangpuppy: otp

dabdab: i got nervous and told him i had a boyfriend so he wouldnt be weird

dabdab: and then he said we should hang out and i said yeah we should

dabdab: and he said we should go on a double date

dabdab: and i panicked

mmmark: did you know we both already have a boyfriend

mmmark: bc we’re dating each other

wangpuppy: weve been tryna keep it lowkey

dabdab: i walked in on you making out in the kitchen last week

dabdab: someone just go on the date with me it wont even be weird

dabdab: ill tell him we arent into pda or smth

mmmark: what kind of date

wangpuppy: are you gonna be a gentleman and buy the food

dabdab: yes i will pay but were gonna do like dinner or smth idk

mmmark: fine

wangpuppy: you can borrow my boyfriend for one(1)(uno) night but i want him back in the same condition

dabdab: ngl kinda hoping i could have jackson

wangpuppy: AWWW

mmmark: bambam

dabdab: hes nicer to me

dabdab: and i already sit in his lap like all the time

mmmark: tru if you had a boyfriend who was like i am with you id kick his ass

wangpuppy: <3

wangpuppy: imma order the most expensive thing on the menu

dabdab: i already regret this


momjinyoung messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

momjinyoung: I hope you’re ready to meet your stepson, Jaebum. We have a double date Tuesday night.

defsoul: we do????

cocoyj: cute!!!!!

momjinyoung: I didn’t want Bambam to think I was trying to hit on him so when he brought up his boyfriend I said we should go on a double date.

momjinyoung: If you wear those fucking sandals, I will kill you.

defsoul: fineeeeeeee

momjinyoung: And you have to be like a normal human. At least pretend you are.

cocoyj: where r u goin??

momjinyoung: That noodle place near the house.

defsoul: oh nice okay i’m in

momjinyoung: Did I imply you had a choice?


defsoul messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

defsoul: uhhhhhhhhhh

defsoul: so bambam is dating that jackson guy

defsoul: whos looking for gyeomie

yugyummy: please tell me you didnt

defsoul: no but he seemed rly cool

momjinyoung: Adopting them both.

cocoyj: cant b the same jackson

defsoul: it def is tho? he works at the pokemon store?

cocoyj: jackson is dating mark

cocoyj: cant b the same jackson

defsoul: is he? dating them both maybe?

defsoul: do you think they know hes dating both of them?

yugyummy: maybe its fine

defsoul: jinyoung is gonna be fuckin pissed

cocoyj: hold on


cocoyj private messaged mmmark

cocoyj: hey?

cocoyj: wat r u n jackson doin 2nite

mmmark: jackson is out with bambam idk they went to some noodle place

mmmark: he wont stop texting me how good it is

mmmark: im waiting for this game to load

cocoyj: ooh

cocoyj: bambam n jackson just havin a nite?

mmmark: idk i guess? bammie told this guy he had a bf and then agreed to a double date

mmmark: and im ‘too mean’ to be his fake boyfriend

mmmark: whats goin on?

cocoyj: hhhhhh thank god

cocoyj: theyre out w my friends

cocoyj: n i heard it was jackson n i was so

cocoyj: Mark I was so mad.

mmmark: lmao thanks youngjae

mmmark: no its all fine. we been teasing bammie about the book store guy having a crush on him and i guess he got worried when they finally traded numbers

mmmark: youre friends with jinyoung?

cocoyj: mmhm!

cocoyj: should i tell them its fake

mmmark: oh ofc

mmmark: see if they can get em to crack

mmmark: theyre both losers it will take no time


cocoyj messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

cocoyj: good news no1 is cheating

cocoyj: better news theyre pretending 2 date bc he got scared jy was tryna ask him out

defsoul: idk if that’s adorable or annoying?

cocoyj: n then he was too scared ud think itd b weird 2 back out

defsoul: kinda adorable.

cocoyj: n mark says u should try 2 get them 2 crack

defsoul: I’m on it.

yugyummy: this is all really dumb but also i wish i was there

cocoyj: plz keep us updated!!!!

yugyummy: how are they gonna crack them tho

cocoyj: idk how would U crack them?

yugyummy: i cant say they might do it

cocoyj: D: wat???? u cant just say that n then not tell me :c :c

defsoul: update: jinyoung brought up the trash prince thing as we were leaving and bambam punched jackson

yugyummy: i can’t believe they did the thing i would have done even tho i didnt say it

defsoul: they’re fighting on the lawn of the restaurant now

defsoul: bambam feels v strongly abt the trash prince thing apparently he thinks its a rude thing to call a person

yugyummy: hes right???

cocoyj: take a pic!!!!!

defsoul: too dark. already tried

cocoyj: :c

defsoul: jy hasn’t laughed this hard since he heard about the trash prince thing in the first place

defsoul: so cute

yugyummy: you’re all so mean to me?

cocoyj: ily tho gyeomie

yugyummy: friendship with jj cancelled now youngjae is my best friend

cocoyj: B)


dabdab created the chat BOOOIIIII

dabdab added mmmark to the chat BOOOIIIII

dabdab added wangpuppy to the chat BOOOIIIII

dabdab added momjinyoung to the chat BOOOIIIII

dabdab added defsoul to the chat BOOOIIIII

defsoul: wow when was the last time i was in a new chat jfc

mmmark: this is the date crew i wasn’t even on the date b ye

wangpuppy: markiepooh :(

dabdab: fuck off mark you told them we weren’t dating anyway you asshole

momjinyoung: I really wasn’t trying to hit on you, Bambam, you didn’t have to fake a boyfriend.

dabdab: i panicked

defsoul: hanging out with u alone can be intimidating babe

momjinyoung: Fair.

momjinyoung: It feels weird to leave out other two friends out of this? Can I add them in?

mmmark: youngjae?

defsoul: and yugyeom

mmmark: fuckin do it

dabdab: youngjae from the coffee shop?

momjinyoung added cocoyj



momjinyoung added yugyummy

defsoul: he did that so fast


defsoul: he just had it ready

yugyummy: wat is this

wangpuppy: yugyeommmmmm are u friends with these guys too???

yugyummy: idk apparently?

momjinyoung: None of us know why.

defsoul: we’re not friends we’re family

defsoul: yugyeom is our son

yugyummy: plz no

momjinyoung: The baby

yugyummy: im bigger than all of you

mmmark: thats ok bam is our son

dabdab: absolutely not

wangpuppy: the baby

dabdab: I Regret

cocoyj: what if we talk abt this dog instead of that??? c:



wangpuppy: hey i just learned that i love that dog?

dabdab: yj i want to come play with your dog

defsoul: coco makes friends faster than anyone i have ever met

cocoyj: ofc she does shes perfect


yugyummy messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

yugyummy: why did you add me to that

momjinyoung: I’m not just going to leave you both out of it?

defsoul: why wouldn’t we?

yugyummy: marka nd jackson are both in it??

yugyummy: what if they figure out who i am???

yugyummy: mark was with the hot guy????

cocoyj: i think we should just tell them its u

momjinyoung: They can’t see you Yugyeom calm down.

yugyummy: yj please don’t

defsoul: its fine gyeom theyre chill

cocoyj: now u can get 2 know mark and bambam too!!

yugyummy: i s2g when this backfires im comin for all of you

defsoul: that’s the spirit


cocoyj messaged the chat BOOOIIIII

cocoyj: last call 2 come with 2 the dog park!!

wangpuppy: !!!!!!!!! i have a dr appt :(

dabdab: ME IM GOING

mmmark: i can drive if you wnat

yugyummy: i wanna go :(

momjinyoung: But?

yugyummy: but the showcase is coming up

cocoyj: practive!!!!!

cocoyj: *practice

dabdab: showcase?

momjinyoung: He dances. He’s been practicing a lot.

wangpuppy: wtf why didnt you tell me about the showcase yugyeom???

yugyummy: uhhhhhhhhh

cocoyj: he only talks about it when hes nervous

cocoyj: u guys should come!!!!!

yugyummy: UHHHHHHHHH

dabdab: can we?

mmmark: when is it?

cocoyj: ill text u the info!!

yugyummy: guys plz

wangpuppy: this is gonna be awesome

dabdab: i bet ur great yugyeom c:

momjinyoung: He is.

yugyummy: jy :/

cocoyj: ANYWAY dog park c:

dabdab: DOG PARK

mmmark: DOG PARK


dabdab messaged the chat BOOOIIIII

dabdab: anybody around???

yugyummy: yo

yugyummy: i think everybodys asleep

yugyummy: i know jinyoung and youngjae are. jaebums probably working on something

dabdab: can i dm you? idw flood the chat

yugyummy: yeah? u ok?


dabdab private messaged yugyummy

dabdab: this is weird i know sorry

dabdab: but i just need to have someone here rn?

yugyummy: you okay??

yugyummy: whats happening?

dabdab: its not even a big deal im just on the bus

dabdab: but this guy keeps looking at me and its so late i think i might be imagning things

dabdab: idk he just looks ready to end me

yugyummy: want me to call?

dabdab: idk

yugyummy: give me your number and ill call

dabdab: is that not weird for you?

yugyummy: not weirder than this

yugyummy: that came out wrong

dabdab: i dont want you to think im weird

yugyummy: you met jaebum and jinyoung

yugyummy: and i know jackson

dabdab: ok gimme a sec

dabdab: thanks btw

yugyummy: np <3


momjinyoung messaged the chat BOOOIIIII

momjinyoung: What happened last night?

wangpuppy: there was a creepy guy on the bus and he was creeped out

momjinyoung: Is he okay?

yugyummy: yeah hes fine

momjinyoung: How do YOU know?

wangpuppy: they were on the phone the whole night

wangpuppy: when bammie got home they decided to play a game REALLY loudly.

yugyummy: you weren’t even asleep you big fucking baby

wangpuppy: the diSRESPECT

momjinyoung: Yugyeom you called him?

yugyummy: if the creepy guy killed him for real what was i gonna do over text? how would i even know?

momjinyoung: No, I know, I’m just glad you did it?

yugyummy: good influences or smth idk

wangpuppy: AW


mmmark messaged the chat BOOOIIIII

mmmark: which one of you has the power to make yugyeom get off the phone

defsoul: i can tell him jinyoung will hit him

mmmark: do that

cocoyj: ???

wangpuppy: he and bam have been on the phone for like 2 hours talking about cats or smth idk

mmmark: it’s annoying

defsoul: o im not threatening him for that

wangpuppy: we trusted you

cocoyj: he and bambam r getting along? c:

mmmark: too well

defsoul: what are they talking about

wangpuppy: plz hold

wangpuppy: god

wangpuppy: bambam is telling him abt when mark and i were mario and luigi for halloween

wangpuppy: its not even seasonablly relevant

mmmark: this has gone too far

cocoyj: its cute :c

cocoyj: let them talk

mmmark: you dont have to listen to thi

cocoyj: u should come over we can play with coco

wangpuppy: COCO

mmmark: ...intrigued

defsoul: why are you even over there if hes so loud and nanoying

wangpuppy: we live together?

mmmark: lmao you didnt know we live together?

mmmark: brb driving 2 yjs

cocoyj: i knew!!!

defsoul: o shit rly?

wangpuppy: we all had the same host family when we went abroad

wangpuppy: not at the same time but they introduced us all and now we live together

wangpuppy: and also all work at the same mall

defsoul: thats a lot

wangpuppy: its fun tho

defsoul: where does bam work?

wangpuppy: that designer shoe place on the first floor by coach and teavna

defsoul: how tf didnt we meet him ebfore

wangpuppy: idk jy and yj just have better social skills and taste i guess

defsoul: rude


mmmark messaged the chat Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

mmmark: saw your man again bammie

wangpuppy: oh do we only talk about this in here?

dabdab: consider: we don’t talk about it in any chat

mmmark: so you don’t want to know about him?

wangpuppy: jinyoung and jaebum might know who it is tho

wangpuppy: but they couldnt tell us while bambam was trying to win a fight he couldn’t hope to win

dabdab: you called him trash prince again and i told you not to

wangpuppy: you were fighting for his honor i get it

mmmark: okay i won’t tell u

dabdab: i wasn’t

dabdab: just tell me mark ffs

mmmark: hes rly good at ddr

mmmark: these jeans too damn

mmmark: o what a good move

wangpuppy: are yOU AT THE ARCADE RN

wangpuppy: IS HE THERE

wangpuppy: RN

mmmark: he rly is a good dancer

mmmark: not sure the hip thrust was necessary for ddr but go off i guess


mmmark: where did bambam go

wangpuppy: babe take a picture of him i want to see him

mmmark: ew fuck off im not takin a picture of a stranger

wangpuppy: but youll watch him play ddr???

mmmark: im waiting for mortal kombat fuck off

wangpuppy: who are you even there with

mmmark: where did bambam go

mmmark: oh my god bambam is here

wangpuppy: HWAT

mmmark: jackson he looks like he just got hit with a frying pan

mmmark: jackson he wont go talk to him

wangpuppy: wtf

wangpuppy: bammie wtf

wangpuppy: bammie go talk to him

wangpuppy: im real ass on the bus now im omw

wangpuppy: whats happening

wangpuppy: whats going on guys plaese

wangpuppy: @mmmark @dabdab

wangpuppy: i s2g

wangpuppy: everything happens when im gone

dabdab left the chat Operation: Find Bammie’s Trash Prince

mmmark added dabdab to the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

wangpuppy: ???

mmmark: are you here yet jackson?

wangpuppy: the stop for the mall is coming up?

mmmark: cool do you want to drive home in my car or do you want to hold bambam in the back so he doesn’t jump out into traffic?

wangpuppy: i could use an explanation first

mmmark: he really didnt want me to talk to the guy

mmmark: but he obvy wasnt gonna

mmmark: anyway he pushed me into the skee ball thing and I got a skee ball to the face

mmmark: so donr freak out at the bruise when you get here

wangpuppy: what the fuck

mmmark: and then we got into a small fight

wangpuppy: small fight

mmmark: small

mmmark: I might have pushed him back slightly

mmmark: and he might have fallen into some girl with a drink

mmmark: and i might have accidentally sort of a little bit ruined his silk shirt by proxy

wangpuppy: mark

mmmark: anyway trash prince saw the whole thing

mmmark: bambam bolted. he’s hiding in the bathroom now

wangpuppy: it doesn’t even sound that bad tbh now they’re on even ground? i guess?

mmmark: idk but hes real upset

mmmark: you close?

wangpuppy: passing hollister. bathroom closest to the arcade?

mmmark: ya. drop in somwehere and grab a shirt or a sweater or smth?

dabdab: i dont need one

wangpuppy: bammie u okay??

dabdab: fine

dabdab: just want to go home

mmmark: sry i pushed you and ruined your silk shirt

dabdab: sorry i pushed you and you got hit in the face with a skee ball

wangpuppy: sorry i missed the whole thing and couldn’t help before :(

wangpuppy: ice cream on the way home?

dabdab: no boba tea

wangpuppy: i promise not to look for the trash prince anymroe too

dabdab: thanks

dabdab: i kind of want it all to just

dabdab: blow over

dabdab: maybe if it blows over i can talk to him

dabdab: he’s rly fucking cute but i dont think i can talk to him now

wangpuppy: are you scared to talk to him bc he probably heard that i called him the trash prince

dabdab: it’s a shitty nickname

mmmark: it is a shitty nickname

wangpuppy: i’m sorry :((((((

dabdab: whats taking you so long jacks

wangpuppy: i stopped to get a shirt anyway brt


yugyummy messaged the chat Trash Prince Yugyeom

yugyummy: well the hot guy and i are even now? i guess??

cocoyj: ???

defsoul: do we only talk about this in here now?

momjinyoung: Mark knows the hot guy. Jaebum, pay attention.

defsoul: is hot guy not just bambam?

yugyummy: jaebum fuck off

cocoyj: ok but what happened?????

yugyummy: i was at the arcade with kookie and mark and the hot guy just

yugyummy: showed up and they were fighting and mark got hit in the face with a skeeball

yugyummy: and he got pushed into someone with a drink and it was a mess

defsoul: i bet its bambam

yugyummy: seriously fuck off jaebum


cocoyj private messaged mmmark

cocoyj: u kno rite?

mmmark: you are definitely going to have to be more specific than that

cocoyj: abt the trash prince thing?

mmmark: o that yeah i figured it out like forecer ago

mmmark: are we setting them up then? is that what this message is about?

cocoyj: idk i feel like if we dont do nething theyre gonna fuck it up

mmmark: accurate

mmmark: i tried to get him ti talk to him and it ended in a black eye

cocoyj: plz hold

cocoyj added momjinyoung to the chat

cocoyj added defsoul to the chat

cocoyj changed the name of the group chat to YUGBAM OTP

defsoul: i fucking knew it was bambam

momjinyoung: We all knew it was BamBam, Jaebum.

cocoyj: we have 2 get them together before th showcase

defsoul: yeah probably a good idea

mmmark: thehll figure it out that night anyway?

momjinyoung: But if they figure out during that, it’ll spoil it for both of them.

momjinyoung: Yugyeom has been working really hard on this.

defsoul: cant we just talk them into meeting up?

defsoul: they literally call on hte phone every night

defsoul: like old people

mmmark: who even talks on the phone anymore

momjinyoung: That would actually probably be fine.

cocoyj: k lets do that then? jy cna u get gyeom 2 ask him out?

momjinyoung: Child’s play.

mmmark: i cant believe they dont even skype 

cocoyj: cavemen tbh

momjinyoung private messaged yugyummy

momjinyoung: Ask BamBam out.

yugyummy: jinyoung wtf

momjinyoung: You talk to him every night on the phone.

momjinyoung: You finally stopped agonizing over The Hot Guy.

momjinyoung: You deserve good things.

yugyummy: ive never even met him

momjinyoung: And?

yugyummy: what if he says no

momjinyoung: He won’t say no.

yugyummy: he might

momjinyoung: He won’t. He answers the phone every time. He calls you.

momjinyoung: Mark and Jackson won’t stop whining about him on the phone all the time.

momjinyoung: When was the last time you talked on the phone to someone, Gyeomie?

yugyummy: i cll my mom

momjinyoung: That doesn’t count and you know it.

momjinyoung: I’m not telling you to do this because I want you to suffer.

momjinyoung: Although I do usually want you to suffer.

momjinyoung: I’m doing this because I want you to be happy.

yugyummy: after the showcase

momjinyoung: Before the showcase.

yugyummy: im too nervous i cant think about this rn

momjinyoung: You’ll be thinking about this while you dance if you do it after.

yugyummy: only bc you brought it up!

momjinyoung: Friday.

momjinyoung: Somewhere besides the fucking mall.

yugyummy: what if he works friday


momjinyoung messaged the chat YUGBAM OTP

momjinyoung: does bambam work fri

mmmark: no? i dont think so?

momjinyoung: thanks

defsoul: wtf


momjinyoung private messaged yugyummy

momjinyoung: You won’t know until you ask.

yugyummy: do you really think this is a good idea?

yugyummy: what if he doesnt even like me

yugyummy: what if i fuck it up?

momjinyoung: If you fuck it up, I’ll kick your ass myself.

momjinyoung: If he doesn’t like you, I’ll kick his.

momjinyoung: It’s a good idea.

yugyummy: youre right

yugyummy: i know you are i just

yugyummy: im nervous

momjinyoung: You’ll be great Gyeomie.

momjinyoung: You’re the same brand of idiot. You’ll be great together.

momjinyoung: And if anything goes wrong, you know where to find me. I’ll get Youngjae and Jaebum together and we’ll all cuddle or something okay?

yugyummy: okay


yugyummy private messaged dabdab

yugyummy: hey whatcha doin

dabdab: getting ready for work

dabdab: cant call rn sry :c

yugyummy: thats ok

yugyummy: i just wanted to ask you

yugyummy: if ur busy friday?

dabdab: theres a shitty party friday night that the hollister guys want me to go to

dabdab: do you have an excuse for me to bail?

yugyummy: yeah

yugyummy: want to meet up friday?

dabdab: fuck yeah

yugyummy: if we meet up early we can play video games after eatinh

yugyummy: lunch?

dabdab: oh

dabdab: yeah sure

yugyummy: what

dabdab: nothing. itll be fun

yugyummy: is a lunch date lame?

yugyummy: sry im just

yugyummy: i want to be able to hang out after if we have fun

dabdab: lsfkdgldfkg

dabdab: okay yeah okay

dabdab: no i thought it was a date and then

dabdab: i was like oh maybe its not a date

dabdab: its a date right?

yugyummy: im asking you on a date yeah

dabdab: okay good

dabdab: then lunch dates arent lame

dabdab: bc were not lame and were going on a lunch date

yugyummy: were a little bit lame

dabdab: fuck off were cool as fuck

yugyummy: sure jan

yugyummy: have a good day at work btw

yugyummy: :*

dabdab: gay

dabdab: <3

dabdab: :*

yugyummy private messaged momjinyoung

yugyummy: youre going to help me get dressed for this right

momjinyoung: Like I trust you to get ready on your own anyway


momjinyoung messaged the chat YUGBAM OTP

momjinyoung: Like I said

momjinyoung: Child’s play.


dabdab private messaged yugyummy

dabdab: awkward

dabdab: idk what you look like? should we send selcas or smth?

yugyummy: its almsot more fun not to?

dabdab: like a game

yugyummy: we both have to wear one thing thats like kinda weird

dabdab: so we dont like fuck it up right

yugyummy: i rly dont wanna accidentally go on a date with some other person just bc theyre wearing like a hat or smth

dabdab: what do you have thats like

dabdab: iconic

yugyummy: flower crown?

dabdab: hhhhhh yeah okay

dabdab: gdi thats cute

dabdab: hold on i have to find a Thing

dabdab: i have yellow sunglasses?

dabdab: idk i spent like two hours on this outfit but there’s nothing like weird about it

dabdab: please dont make me start over ill be late

yugyummy: omfg okay no

yugyummy: yellow sunglasses will be fine

yugyummy: the flower crown will be enough

dabdab: okay ill see u there c:


defsoul messaged the chat YUGBAM OTP

defsoul: we should be there or smth right?

mmmark: oh im already here

wangpuppy: we been here for an hour tf jaebum

cocoyj: crashing their date???

momjinyoung: Why were you there so early?

mmmark: not to crash the date yj were here in case it goes sideways

defsoul: jy should i go too? for gyeom?

momjinyoung: Yes. I would but I’m at work.

cocoyj: i wanna go too

defsoul: meet you there?

momjinyoung: If you guys don’t keep me updated, I’m killing all of you.

cocoyj: omw

defsoul: <3


yugyummy private messaged dabdab

yugyummy: just got here

yugyummy: inside or outside?

dabdab: inside

dabdab: im at the bar

yugyummy: are you like

yugyummy: nervous

dabdab: psh no

dabdab: thats a lie im nervous af

yugyummy: what if we dont like each other

yugyummy: like boyfriends

dabdab: best friends then

dabdab: ill wingman u at bars

yugyummy: promise?

dabdab: promise

dabdab: get in here loser my coffee is gonna get cold

yugyummy: ffffff

yugyummy: can you come out here actually?

yugyummy: someone im avoiding is in there

dabdab: who is it

dabdab: ill kick their ass

yugyummy: just come outside plz? he didnt do anything wrong its just awkward

yugyummy: oh my god hes coming outside im

yugyummy: oh my god

yugyummy: bam raise your hand rq


yugyummy private messaged momjinyoung

yugyummy: i cant fucking do this

yugyummy: did you knw

yugyummy: did you know and you made me fo this

momjinyoung: I didn’t make you do anything.

momjinyoung: You like BamBam and BamBam likes you.

yugyummy: you knew

yugyummy: you fuckign knew and


wanguppy messaged the chat YUGBAM OTP

wangpuppy: bam went outside

wangpuppy: think gyeom saw him

defsoul: just got here

defsoul: gyeom looks pissed

defsoul: omg yj no

momjinyoung: I can’t believe I’m hiding in the bathroom for this.

momjinyoung: Youngjae did what

mmmark: he’s trying to keep gyeom from leaving

wangpuppy: ffff bam looks rly confused

mmmark: he keeps lookin at his phone

wangpuppy: yugyeom stopped textin him

mmmark: idk if we should go say something or

wangpuppy oh he saw him

wangpuppy: he looks so cute in the flower crown

defsoul: yj successful but gyeom looks like hes ready to die at any moment

wangpuppy: bam looks like hes gonna fucking cry

mmmark: i hate this

defsoul: give em a sec

momjinyoung: If he fucks this up I’m going to kill him

mmmark: bam is saying smth but i cant hear him

defsoul: hes telling him hes sry jacks called him a trash prince

wangpuppy: omg

defsoul: he asked him not to leave

wangpuppy: OMG

defsoul: he says

defsoul: o that was msooth

mmmark: jaebum focus

defsoul: he said hes rly relieved gyeom is his prince

defsoul: and he hasnt stopped thinking abt him since he saw him the first time

momjinyoung: He’s so smooth wtf

wangpuppy: where tf did he learn that

mmmark: theyre coming back inside

wangpuppy: theyre hoLDING HANDS

mmmark: this is too cute we have to go

cocoyj: U GUYS




defsoul: iw as just gonna take gyeom home if something went wrong

wangpuppy: yeah i was just gonna hug bam if he or yugyeom lost their shit


cocoyj: IDIOTS

momjinyoung: My favorite son