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It was a very cold afternoon in the village of Konoha when she, together with her platoon returned.

"Neechan!" Izuna was running with wide grin on his face and was followed by some Uchiha clan members to welcome their clan leader and the co-founder of the rising village.

"Izuna." Madara patted her kid brother's head and decided to walk straightly in their home.

"Madara-sama, the Hokage is waiting for you." A Senju approached her before turning around to be with her brother. Izuna pouted and embraced his sister's waist like someone is going to steal her away from him. Madara looked down at him ,their onyx eyes met. The boy was looking at her, puppy eyes as though telling her not to go just yet.

"Tell him I'll be there later." she said flatly. The Senju nodded.

Madara leaves together with her brother and her clansmen. Izuna's chuckle of joy can be heard in the background.


Hashirama Senju was on a veranda with a cup on his hand. The man was peacefully seated on a wooden chair when suddenly, Toka arrived.

"Hokage-sama." Hashirama almost jumped and pour the whole content of that cup to himself and notice that Toka was gawking at him. Truth to be told that this very powerful shinobi was just as clumsy as this.

Hashirama still facing the scenery on his veranda. He put down his cup on a small table beside him ,combed his hair using his hands, cleared his throat and straightened his posture before facing her with his nicest smile. The smile turned into a frown when he noticed that Toka was alone.

Hashirama waited for a second …then seconds.

"My messenger told me that she will be coming here, later."

Hashirama nodded and made a 'hmm' sound before putting his hand over his chin.

"I see."

"...where is Tobirama-sama?" Toka asked, trying not to appear very consistent in looking for that man. She did not receive any answer coming from Hashirama but she caught a glimpse of sadness in his eyes when she mentioned his younger brother's name.


-A Day Before-


Tobirama entered the Hokage office, raging like he will eat anyone who will get on his way. Hashirama was sititing on his desk - yes desk ,not chair wearing the Kage clothes - just stared at the younger man.

"Since when that THAT GIRL is entitled to go on the other villages to MAKE A PEACEFUL NEGOTIATIONS?"

"Tobirama," H ashirama said with his eyes closed. He can already foresee the incoming complaints from his younger brother.

"Calm down."

Tobirama was raging mad because usually, he's the one or if not, it was Hashirama that is making peaceful negotiations with the other villages. To think that it was Madara's fault that the Kirigakure almost declared a war with them. Madara fought an elite shinobi from Kiri and unfortunately, she killed him. After the fight they, were informed that the shinobi was a hero of the village, on which everybody wants to avenge his death.

"You trust that girl too much!"

"Brother,you are overreacting." Hashirama commented and o n this,Tobirama's blood pressure becomes higher than him

"What if she never had negotiations with Kiri? That she just wanted to start a war, Konoha vs Kiri and then she can show off her abilities so that-"

"Tobirama! stop. I trust Madara enough to let her handle it. "

Tobirama cannot believe what he just heard. His brother trusted the Uchiha that much even she was the sole reason of that 'almost war' and that he sent her to negotiate peacefully instead of him. He wanted to punch things, kick anything that can catch his terrible mood when he finally exit himself to Hashirama's office and made his way going to somewhere to cool his mind.

"Cooling his head." Hashirama answered.

The Senju head made his way outside his room.

"I'll be back later, Toka. If my brother happens to arrive before me tell him that I'm on a meeting."

"With who?" Toka twitched an eyebrow. As the personal secretary of the two Senju brothers, she was certain that Hashirama doesn't have any scheduled meeting with someone perhaps it is…

"With a person of great importance."

Later, Tobirama returned before Hashirama, just as the latter's prediction. Hashirama knew that Tobirama can easily lose his temper but it was also easy to calm down once he change his surroundings. However, it was only applicable between the two of them. The fearsome guy entered his brother's office and narrowed his eyes when Toka was the one seating on the main chair

The girl stood up firmly and met Tobirama's raised an eyebrow, a seemingly allowing her to speak about his brother.

"He's on a meeting."


Toka smiled awkwardly at the papers in the desk

"Someone with great importance, he said"

Tobirama groaned and rolled his eyes.


"And then after that ?" sitting on a tall chair, wagging his feet,Izuna watched as his sister prepared a meal for them.

"They pulled back the declaration of war." Madara put their meal on the table. Izuna giggled in happiness that his sister was preparing his food again after a long time The younger Uchiha was enjoying his food when suddenly, a knock on their door was heard.

Madara stands to open it was shocked upon seeing Hashirama.

The man smiled at her. Madara let him inside and pulled another chair for the Hokage. Although in her seemingly emotionless face, Madara was in fact astonished on the Senju's presence,even if it's not the first time that he visits her in surprise. She can feel a somewhat annoyance whenever her friend does it, and even her cannot figure out why.

"Hello there, Izuna." Izuna almost choked in his food. The boy who was still munching his food threw a questioning look to his sister, while the Uchiha head is making her way to another seat.

"Izuna,if you're done you can go to your bedroom now." Madara stated or rather...commanded.

Hashirama's smile was still plastered on his face as she twitched an eyebrow to the man. Izuna on the other hand stood up to clean his utensils and made his way to the kitchen.

"You seem upset." commented by Hashirama who was smiling that made Madara even more annoyed.

"I already told your Senju that I'll be coming on your office. " Madara said, avoiding Hashirama's eyes. A hint of irritation in her voice was obvious.

"Toka told me about it, relax."

Hashirama stared vividly to the woman with a pale face,thin lips,long and layered black hair that is sometimes mistaken to be blue ,she have a very attractive eyes , still wearing her battle outfit though the armor was detached and a blue inner sleeveless shirt she's wearing,showing her arms even paler than her face ,he admired those well toned arms, it was not so muscular or thin yet it was obvious that she's a fighter.

"Cut that annoying smile!" Madara said, it wasn't a yell though an assertive request.

Hashirama can't help but to snicker, trying his best not to smile anymore. She then scowled at him.

"What's so funny?"


Madara flinched the moment Hashirama called her name, he spoke her name in a whisper-like manner.

"I came here to know the urgent matter."

"Hnn,about that…." She cursed herself for flinching on Hashirama's mention of her name, yet she can't find a reason why did she ever calmed down when the man told her that he came only to know about the important matter of her latest mission.

"They pulled the declaration." She continued.

Hashirama nodded.

"Thanks to you." He said.

"Don't be ridiculous Hashirama,you know how much I hated that mission!"

Madara was not built in such negotiations, especially if she's the one at fault. Besides, she doesn't regret what she have done in killing the Kiri Shinobi ,on how did it end up to be a peaceful negotiations was still a puzzle to Hashirama.

"Im sorry Mara, mind if you tell me about the meeting." Hashirama requested (not an order)

'Mara',a pet name gave by Hashirama to her when they were kids. Madara rolled her eyes trying not to curse him for calling her a very feminine version of her name.

"The Mizukage told me that they will not attack us anymore, that;s all that matters."

Madara said in a very Uchiha manner, cold and straight to the point.

Hashirama did not say anything but to bow down his head and look depressed as ever, afraid that the impatient woman might yell at him if he ask questions after questions and that she might misunderstood that he is not trusting her enough. Hashirama was always afraid of her outbursts not because she's powerful enough to take a par on him but because of a very different reasons.

Silence reigned over the two of them and when Madara thought that she forgot how sensitive he was,guiltily,she stood up to get the scroll that the Mizukage signed as a testimony for them as the Kiri will not attack Konoha anymore.

Madara made her way to her room and grabbed the scroll in her cabinet. When she felt that someone was behind her, she instantaneously turn around. Hashirama flinched when Madara threw the scroll to his face and made him stumble on the ground.

"I told you a hundred times ,do not stand behind me!"

Hashirama massaged the bridge of his nose, still laying in the floor. Madara stepped forward to get the scroll that hit the Hokage's face. Hashirama held Madara's ankle and caused her to trip to the ground but Hashirama caught her.

"Stupid! Stupid Stupid!" Madara beat Hashirama in his body (thankfully not in his handsome face) but the man only laughed at her while dodging her slaps. He lets out an uncontrollable laughter when she blushed.

"So- sorry." He apologized ,still laughing .

When the period of hundred slaps has ended ,Hashirama smirked looking at her now blazing eyes of annoyance.


"Stop making fun of me!" she yelled, unfortunately on his face which made him to move his head backwards - to the floor

"I'm not making fun of you,I just want you to.."

"To what!?" Madara seemed to forget that they were still on the ground ,her body wrapped around Hashirama's arms and that she was pressing him down screaming at him. The poor Hokage can't do nothing but to seize it.

"To make you smile,you know since I enter your house all you did was to frown."

Hashirama always wanted to make her happy and in that he always fail, whenever he's trying to make her smile, make her laugh, it always ended up in slaps,glares„cursing from Madara. Since they both joined an alliance to create the village,he came back in his original self,the funny,humorous Hashirama that was lost in grief when she broke their friendship 9 years ago when they were 12 and 13.

They were in fact really, really close. Madara the bossy girl and Hashirama the over sensitive guy.

Madara tilted her head only to found out that Izuna was staring at them. His look can be translated as what in the world is happening right here? and is this the reason why you ask me to go on my bedroom?

Izuna just stand there saying nothing only gawking at the two young-adult who is laying on the floor. Dammit, a 13 year old boy was watching his sister on a highly suspicious manner.

Without second thoughts, Madara stand up and gasped after meeting Izuna's eyes, she silently cursed Hashirama in doing his stupid joke. Whispering words like "You'll going to pay for this Senju"and "Do this again and I'll kill you." was heard by the Senju afterwards.

Hashirama stood up waiting for Madara to reach for his hand to help him but there was nothing. As expected to the irascible girl,she just walk passed through him finally reaching the scroll and handed it firmly to Hashirama though her hands were shaking because of embarrassment to her kid brother.

"Thank you,Madara." Hashirama was sweating though the weather was cold. Looks like Madara's glares were enough to make him drop a sweat

Oh heck,he really did annoy her a lot this time.


Tobirama was sitting on a balustrade his arms folded on top of his chest like he's about to fall asleep, despite knowing that there was a bed inside his brother's room. He was there all alone when the door opened. He welcomed Hashirama with a frown.

"So? do we need to prepare for incoming war?" asked by Tobirama with closed eyes and sarcastic smile.

Hashirama mentally sighed. Talking with his brother about Madara's accomplishment was futile, when he would rather sleep than listen to it. The older Senju handed him the scroll instead of saying anything about the matter.

"You need to sleep,Tobi."

Tobirama read the contents of the scroll and looked away.