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To the moon and won't be back

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Human had no longer daydreamed of the moon.


Since when they were a conqueror of the moon city. Its cold pale light wasn’t that romantic for human anymore. Even it was still beautiful to look at.


The city was destroyed. Royal throne was overthrown. Moon’s rabbits had to escape. Some of them were killed. Some of them were kidnapped by human to be an experiment’s subjects.


No more the elegant moon, It was just a new place for living.

And that was the reason why human no longer daydreamed of the moon.






There were a number on Jungkook’s wrist. He tried to eliminate them with several ways, but they still be the same so he gave up. These number reminded him of his ruined city, frightened eyes of his family looking back at him. When he saw them, he saw himself as a guinea pig for human’s torturous experiment.


So he escaped from the laboratory, Left his past behind, lived among human in this cruel world.


Doe eyes stared at the sea. Early morning sunlight shone down on ocean waves. His mind wandering.


He nearly gave up on these cold-hearted creatures, gave up on his life. Until he met another six guys, they were like brothers to him.


“Hey kid.” A husky deep voice greeted him. Then the mint-haired man sat beside, putting one arm over his shoulder.


But not for this guy, Yoongi. His feeling for him was so much more than just a friendship.


“It’s a little bit cold, isn’t it?”


Jungkook just shrugged. It was much colder back in the moon city.


They kept silent for a while, admiring a breathtaking sight. Then Jungkook turned his face to the older, pleased smile appeared. You’re my most breathtaking sight.


He loved Yoongi like a rabbit desired the moon.


“Let’s go. Jin-hyung is calling.”




Everytime he looked into Yoongi’s eyes, they were always screaming hurt and sorrow.

Trying to know him was like travelling to the land where only God knows. To love him was like jumping into the black-hole of his cold, cold heart.




Lips on lips, grinded softly like a butterfly touch, hands roaming on each other’s skins. It rained heavily outside. The weather was freezing cold, but all they felt was the heat like their bodies had set on fire.


He sighed as the lips from the other travelled down to his neck.




Thunders growled, but all he heard was the husky voice above him. Jungkook leaned into his touch, legs spread when lubed finger pushed into him, eyes filled with lust. “P-Please”


“Shh, I’ve got you bunny.”


Sound of gasping and loud moan filled the room, he wanted it more, more, and more.


They fucked hard and slow until he finished and Yoongi pulled himself out, released his load all over and pressed a sloppy kiss to his lips.


Jungkook’s eyelids fluttered. He looked into Yoongi’s eyes, but it was different now.

All he saw was home, the moon city.




Yoongi knew that everybody has their own story. It was behind those eyes, the corner of their mouths, or the scars.

Yoongi had his own on his right hand, and Jungkook’s was on his left cheek.


He tried to hide it. Damn he really did, but someone tried harder. That one was Jungkook, who came into his wasted life and tried to fix him.


But they knew it was too late. Yoongi was already broken.

Everytime he closed his eyes, he saw fire burning the city.

Everytime he closed his eyes, he saw death everywhere.


“They’re not contact lens, aren’t they?” asked Jungkook in the middle of the night as he pulled a cigarette from his finger. “Your eye color actually is blue, Hyung.”


“And your hair is—is actually silver.”


And then Jungkook realized something. One big thing.


“Your highness.”


Jungkook murmured. Now he knew that was why he felt like he was home whenever he was with Yoongi.


It was not just love. 

But what they had between each other was a strong soul bond of the moon rabbit and the moon King.


Yoongi’s breathes caught in his throat. His mind kept screaming no. He never wanted Jungkook to involve in this part of his life.


“Not for this place, Jungkook.”


Not even in the moon city. Yoongi was a fallen king and his throne had belong to someone else for too long. He couldn’t go back there. They couldn’t go back to their home.


“I’m fucked up. Don’t come closer, you’ll be unhappy.”


“No! I’m not going anywhere.” Jungkook leaned closer, embraced the older guy to his arms, soft hands on Yoongi’s back. “I’ll stay here.”


“You idiot.” He gritted his teeth, bit back his sob as tears fell. He was just a broken man who trapped in his own past and couldn’t get over it. He lost everything in his life.


He didn’t deserve Jungkook at all.


“I love you hyung. No matter what.”


Because rabbit always desire his moon. He longed for its pale cold light forever.


Yoongi had his mouth shut. He couldn’t say it even he wanted to. He loved Jungkook too, more than everything, his love was more than the distance to the moon and back.


It was endless, across the universe.