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When I'm Shattered, Catch Me

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"Cam, I've got a big break for you. You'll find him in your mom's office." Macey said.

"Thanks." She nodded.

"Go. Preston is blowing my phone up. I have to go." I rushed to my mom's office. Jonas stood.


"Jonas?" I asked, shocked.

"Macey said you wanted to know."

"I do." I sat down next to him.

"Well, Westfall started it. He called Zach and told him to stay away from you."


"He called him a freak." I grew angry.


"After Grant took you away, Zach said something about you guys being best friends. Then he turned to walk away. When he did, Reed tried to hit him, but I warned him and he ducked."


"They fought a little and then Zach put him in a chokehold and then let him go and left."

"That's it?"



"There is one more thing."


"Zach likes you."

"As a best friend. I know."

"No, he likes you. Cammie, don't you see? It's more than friendship." I sat down, as he left. Could it be possible? Could it be that I'd picked the wrong guy? Reed doesn't like Zach...who'll be next? 




"Hey, Babe." Reed said, kissing me.

"Jonas told me." He pulled away.


"Don't play games with me, Reed."

"The fight?"

"Yes. Why on earth would you call my best friend a freak? Reed, I trusted you. And I made myself think that you loved me."

"I do." I pulled away. And ran to my balcony room. "Cammie, what's gotten into you?" Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I faced him.

"I let you hurt Zach and I just don't see how you can live with that. Go away."

"But I-"

"I said go."

"Cammie, I-"

"Go!" I rushed to my bed, crying. Fingers went through my hair.

"What's wrong, Cam?" I looked up. Though my tears, I saw Macey.

"How could I have been so stupid?"

"It's not your fault, Cam. He fooled me too." I cried harder. "Go to him, Cam. He'll understand."

"I'm sure he will."

"Try it."

"I can't."