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Avengers Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN)

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Peter Parker & Reader


Peter has been (Y/N)’s best friend since the eighth grade, a little over 4 years; they tell each other everything, or so they think.


(Y/N) has had this secret for years, she's gay, and she never thought she’d be able to share that until now .


The night before, you had finally made your decision. Peter is your best friend, you can tell him anything . At least. . . You hope you can.


It’s Monday at school, you and Peter are going to be studying for the SAT after school, that’s it, you’re finally going to tell him the secret that you can barely confess to yourself.


“Hey (Y/N) what’s up?” Peter asks as he stops abruptly in front of your locker. You jump because you’re on edge right now, you’re afraid that this’ll be the last day you get to be friends with Peter. Man, what if he hates me? What if he never wants to talk to me again? What would I do without him? You can feel yourself biting your lip and tasting blood, but you are otherwise unaware of your surroundings.

“(Y/N) are you okay?” Peter asks, sounding concerned.


That question is enough to snap you out of your trance. “Oh yeah I-I’m fine,” you mumble distractedly, wanting to stand your ground and wait to talk to him after.


“Are you sure? You seem really out of it.” He continues, seeming concerned and unconvinced by your answer.


“Yeah really I’m okay- I just- I need- um” you’re still quite nervous, and begin to stutter. “I need to talk to you, not now, just um- after school.”


“Okay, that’s alright,” he places a comforting hand on your shoulder and you suddenly wonder if you’re just being silly. Peter’s your best friend, he loves you, he wouldn’t be mad at you, he’s Spiderman, the protector of the city. Why am I so afraid to tell him?


Suddenly, the bell to go to first period rings. “Okay well I have to go,” Peter says, turning, reluctantly “are you sure you’re alright?” He asks one last time. “Yes, I’m sure, I’ll talk to you later.” You smile warmly at him and turn your separate ways.


The day seems to go by unnervingly quickly. You are suddenly even more worried than before, if Peter can’t accept you, you may never recover.


After the bell rings, you find Peter and begin to walk to his house together. The walk is long and tense. Peter continually shoots concerned looks in your direction, but seems reluctant to be the first to speak. You are grateful for his silence, and continue to walk by his side.

About 15 minutes later, you arrive at his house. You can feel your heart pounding in your chest, and your stomach is rolling as the anxiety is building inside you. All too soon, you are sitting on the floor in Peter’s room, and he’s looking at you expectantly.


“So (Y/N), you wanted to tell me something?” Peter says patiently.


“Uh- Well- Yeah- I-” your breathing is beginning to pick up and your heart is beating faster. Tears are building up behind your eyes.


“Hey, hey, what’s up?” Peter is beyond concern now, and looking near panic.


“Okay-” you take a deep, steadying breath in a futile attempt to calm yourself down. “I- I- I am- am-” you begin to trail off but then you summon your courage to finally spit out “I am gay.”


Peter pauses for a moment, probably the most terrifying moment of your life, and then he looks at you and wipes a stray tear from your cheek. Then, he pulls you into his arms and gives you a tight hug. “I’m sorry you were so afraid to tell me,” he releases you and says “You know I love you right? You are my best friend and nothing will ever change that.”


You let out a sob and clutch onto him.


“Thank you,” you whisper meaningfully to him.

“Of course, of course, you know you can tell me anything right?” He tells you with honesty clear in his tone.


“I do, thank you so much.”



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Captain America x Iron Man


Tony Stark has never been one for subtlety, as almost everyone knows. Steve Rogers, on the other hand, doesn’t stray much from the well worn path of humility and tradition.


For once, Tony decides to take an idea from Steve.


Tony has always imagined himself proposing in some glorious manner, sky writing, a blimp, on national TV, but he never imagined he would do it this way.


It was a cold Sunday morning in December, and Tony knew that today was the day. It hadn’t stopped snowing for hours, but once it finally slowed down Tony grabbed Steve’s hand and pulled him outside, excited as a little kid on Christmas day.


“Tony what’s this all about?” Steve chuckled as he left the drawing he was working on by his bedside.


“You’ll see,” Tony stated unhelpfully. He pulled Steve along to the elevator where they went to the roof. Tony was practically buzzing with excitement and adrenaline as he felt the adrenaline pumping through his body, especially since every time he put his hand in his pockets he could feel the smooth velvet ring box.


It was a beautiful sight on the top of the tower, the world had been coated in a thick blanket of soft snow, but they could still see the lights from the buildings twinkling beneath the icy white coat.


“What are we doing up here Tony? It’s freezing,” Steve asked, looking slightly concerned as he rubbed his hands against Tony’s arms in an attempt to warm him up.


“Well Steve, it’s been three years today since we started dating,” Tony paused to take a deep, anxiety filled, breath. “And I love you more now than I thought I could ever love anyone,” he starts lowering his right knee to the ground. “I never thought that we would work out, but here we are,” he starts to pull out the box “and here we shall stay,” he opens the box. “Will you marry me?”


Steve reacts immediately by hugging Tony tightly. “Oh you crazy man, of course I’ll marry you.” Steve covers Tony’s lips with his own while holding him in his warm embrace.


The world around them was freezing, but Tony has never felt warmer. He felt that with Steve in his arms, he could conquer infinite worlds and win infinite wars. He never wanted to leave the arms of his favorite soldier.

15 years later


After a few months of being married, Stony decided to adopt a child. This child was named Peter. Recently, there has been a drastic decrease in the city’s crime rate. Tony has been investigating this thoroughly. Spiderman. The masked vigilante has saved countless lives and helped the world. When Tony decided to track him down, he found that this was not some reckless 20 something year old, but his teenage son, his son.

“Peter, your fathers would like to have a word with you in Mr. Stark’s lab,” JARVIS says patiently through the ceiling in Peter’s room.


“Alright, thanks J,” Peter shouts as he walks off to the lab.


As he arrives, Peter feels an air of tension around him.


“Dads?” Peter says, feeling suddenly nervous.


“Sit,” Tony says curtly.


“Son, do you have anything you would like to tell us?” Steve asks, giving him a chance to confess.


“Uh- no- no- I-” but alas, he was cut off by the monitor in front of him. At first, he didn’t recognize what was playing, but then it dawned on him. “Oh shit.”


“You’re damn right ‘oh shit’ what is this explain yourself, and I would strongly advise you abstain from lies,” Tony spits out authoritatively.


“Well-” Peter goes on to tell them about the past month, the bite, fighting, deciding he had to do something good with the power bestowed on him.” With great power comes great responsibility.”


“Okay, so this only happened a month ago?” Steve asked, sounding less upset than before.


“Yeah, and I was going to tell you, honest, I was going to tell you today actually,” Peter trails off and his parents glance at each other.


“Alright, I just- you have to tell us stuff okay kid?” Tony asked.


“Yeah I know, so you’re not mad?” Peter asks.


“Oh no, we’re definitely mad, but,” Steve and Tony shared a significant look “you can still be Spiderman.”


“But that suit is a joke, I’m making you a new one.” Tony says immediately.

Tony and Steve have never been more proud of anything or anyone than they are of their son Peter Stark-Rogers, Spiderman.

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Peter Parker cares so much about everybody, even Flash, and he’s realized, through his time as Spiderman, that you can not possibly stress that message enough. You can not possibly, as a public figure or a normal person, tell people enough that you care about them. Everyone feels so hopeless and alone in the world today, and that’s one thing that Spiderman can not stand. The feeling of being alone and helpless is all too familiar to him; it’s like being an ant while a boot is flying toward you, you may be strong, but the scenario is all too heavy for you to handle alone.
This realization hits him especially hard when he meets the first person that he can’t save. He never learns her name, but he was there, as Spiderman, when she died, and that’s too much for even him to handle.
He was doing his daily patrol and it had been a pretty slow day so far, he even considered heading home early to finally finish that English paper due on Friday, but he feared that it might be a ‘calm before the storm’ situation, so he decided to stick around for a while. While there was no storm, literal or metaphorical, he did find trouble eventually, as he knew he would, and he immediately jumped at the chance to help.
It was a girl, short with a blue pixie cut sitting upon her head, and she was standing on the top of a building. No one seemed to notice her up there, no cops, no crowd of filming bystanders. She was all alone. As she stood there, creeping ever closer to the edge of the building, Peter knew he had to act fast. He swung with all his might to get there, but alas his efforts were fruitless. The nameless girl, the Jane Doe that haunted his nightmares, the broken woman, the first person he couldn’t save, jumped and landed in the time it took for him to finally reach the building. He saw her, lying on the ground, the girl with a cry for help in her heart that had gone unanswered. She was not alone now as dozens of people gathered around; some screamed, some cried, some walked right past. It didn’t matter though, what was happening now, because all Peter could think of was how he had just failed, and how there was a civilian who needed saving, desperately, and he wasn’t fast enough.
For months the woman had haunted his nightmares. The people around him were worried about how badly he was taking it. Tony had been keeping him the lab longer, wanting desperately to talk to him, to keep an eye on him. Ned had been hanging out with him a lot too, and Aunt May was almost panicked about how he’d been acting lately. Peter, he just felt empty and useless. He’d been harder on himself than ever, staying out until the sun rose, just to be sure there was no one else who needed him. He hardly slept because sleeping brought the nightmares that he could no longer handle. He felt so weak. He felt so alone. He confided in no one. He couldn’t take it, being a burden, being weak, needing help; he’s Spiderman for crying out loud.
No one felt the same that he did, all they wanted was for him to talk. Aunt May didn’t know what was happening, but she knew that he was different now. She heard the screaming from his room at night when all he could see was her. Her, falling, falling, hitting the ground. He feels so helpless, always.
Finally, Tony has to step in.
“Peter,” Tony sighed.
“Yes, Mr. Stark?”
“We need to talk.”
“Oh no, are you breaking up with me?” Peter joked.
“Sit down Peter, I’m not joking.” Tony commanded. “Now I know you had your first death recently,” at this Peter squirmed on his lab stool. “It’s hard for everyone, soldiers, first responders, and superheroes alike. You have to be easy on yourself, or you’ll lose your mind. I can tell you’ve been more distant, less enthusiastic, and less motivated since that happened.” By now Peter is slouched over, and filled with sadness, Tony places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Everyone is worried about you.”
“Yes, everyone. Your aunt, Ned, me, The Avengers. We all miss the way you were before, that bright, happy kid. You’re an amazing person, and it hurts to see you so down. You are so important to all of us, and we just want to help you, so that’s why I’m offering for you to move into Avengers tower temporarily. Cap will take over for you as far as your patrol, and other Spiderman responsibilities. You are going to stay here for as long as you need to feel normal again, and you are not going to be Spiderman unless absolutely necessary. I’ve already cleared it with Aunt May.” Tony tells him.
“Wow Tony are you serious?”
“Dead serious.”

What Peter Parker had failed to realize is that all everyone wanted was for him to be okay and happy.

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When the Hulk comes out, it can be a frightening experience for most, but for you it is only slightly more intimidating than being with Bruce. You and Bruce have been dating for almost a year, in that time you’ve managed to gain the favor of his more . . . volatile alter ego. The time that you two have been together has been a rollercoaster to say the least, but everytime that you have to calm the Hulk, Bruce is there, and he makes it all worth it. Calming the Hulk has become second nature to you. The Avengers call you in; you approach Hulk; and sing to him, a song Bruce’s mother sang him as a child. The Hulk will sit in the dewy grass and sway as he loses his green hue and shrinks down to his normal size.

One day, you get a call from Tony.

“We need you, the big guy is out,” it’s the normal call, nothing out of the ordinary. You put on your shoes, and head to the location that Tony sent you. When you arrive, Hulk is ripping trees out of the ground.

You walk through the woods. “HULK!” He looks at you and tries to run away, it happens sometimes, he doesn’t want you to bring Bruce back. “HULK. COME. HERE.” You shout again attempting to in some way intimidate one of the single most intimidating beings in the whole world. He stops. When he turns around and sees you, he sits in the most docile manner you ever see the Hulk in. “Thank you Hulk.” He looks at you.

“Y/N sing mama’s song?”

“Yes I will.” You begin to sing the song…

“Some say, ‘Love. It is a river
That drowns the tender reed.’
Some say, ‘Love. It is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed.’
Some say, ‘Love. It is a hunger,
An endless aching need.’
Some say, ‘Love. It is a flower,
And you its only seed.”

Hulk sways and hums along to the song with his eyes drooping down. You continue to sing to him.

“It’s the heart afraid of breaking
That never learns to dance.
It’s the dream afraid of waking
That never takes the chance.
It’s the one who won’t be taken,
Who cannot seem to give,
And the soul afraid of dying
That never learns to live.”

The green is fading to the doctor’s normal skin tone, the brown swimming back into his eyes. He is shrinking down to the size of a man, and his clothes are becoming loose. You hand him a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt. He slips the clothes on, and takes a deep breath.

Bruce walks up to you and puts his hands on either side of your face. “You always impress me with how well you handle the other guy. He doesn’t even like me as much as he likes you, and we live in the same body. Of course you are the prettier one of us.” He smiles at you and kisses you lightly.

“Well all I ever want to do is help.” You run a hand through his curls, and kiss the top of his head. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He tells you, and hugs you briefly. “Thank you for being great with the other guy, he’s always a worry for me you know. He hurts people, and that is the last thing I want; I really appreciate that you can keep him cool.”

“Oh sure darling, I’m so glad that I made nice with the Hulk, it means a lot to be able to help you like that.” You hold his hands and continue talking to him. “You and the rest of the Avengers are so important to me, and I know I can’t do much as far as your missions go, but I’m glad I can be of some use to the Incredible Hulk.”

“Hey, who cares about the other guy and the Avengers. You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me, Bruce Banner.” He looks deep into the most beautiful eyes he’s ever seen as he tells you, “I don’t need an Avenger or a superhero to date because I have you and you are all I need. I love you, and you’re perfect beyond anything to do with the Avengers because you are Y/N and I love you.”

With tears in your eyes, you kiss him firmly as he wraps his arms around your waist.

Clint rolls his eyes as he spins on his heel to avoid Bruce’s and your PDA, and talk to Natasha. “Do they have to do this every time?”

“I think it’s sweet,” she responds as she watches as you and Bruce rest your foreheads together and whisper to one another.

“Blech, of course you do,” he scrunches up his nose in disgust.

“Oh hush Clint,” you say as you approach him from behind.

“Well how about you two get a room,” Clint retorts.

“Alright you two, calm down,” Bruce sighs and wraps his arm around your waist. “We’ll get a room when we get back.” He kisses your cheek and you giggle in response.

“You two are nasty.”

“Oh don’t listen to him, he’s just being grumpy. It’s been a few weeks since he’s talked to Laura.” Natasha kindly mentions to the Bruce and you.

“I am not grumpy,” Clint grumbles and the three of you laugh. This is your family, and your one true love. These are the people who you want to help, and you know in this moment, that you will do that for as long as you can.

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The Avengers have become a second family for you, but, since you are only 15, you do have to go home to your biological family at night. They are, of course, very important to you, so you decided to tell them first that you are gay. You come home instead of Avengers tower one day after school; your whole family will be there, and you’ve never been so nervous. You’re heart is beating out of your chest as you enter the front door.


“Hey Y/N you’re home early,” your mother comments as she walks around the kitchen washing various pots and pans.


Your dad is sitting on the couch watching TV, as always, and your little brother is next to him eating chips. “Yeah, I um. . .” You take a deep breath and continue. “I needed to talk to you guys. All of you.” Your dad turns off the TV and he and your brother turn to face you.


Your mom’s flury of motion comes to a halt. “What is is pumpkin?”


This is it, your moment, all you. No mask to hide behind, no secret identity, no alias, all you. You are center stage, not the Iron Man, not Spiderman, it’s you, all you.


“Well I, you see, okay,” the room spins before your eyes. You sit down before continuing. “I am. . . I’m, I um,” you feel so nervous, your stomach is churning and your palms are sweating. You are so afraid. “I’m gay.” You finally blurt out after what felt like a century of stuttering and frightened mumbling.


“No,” your mother whispers. “It can’t be, not my daughter, my baby, NO.” She screams and throws the mug she was drying on the ground. The sound of it shattering coincides with the shattering of your heart.


“You are disgusting, filthy. . . TRASH,” your father is suddenly standing, and you suddenly feel unsafe, a feeling you never thought you would feel in this house. “You have five minutes to pack your things and leave.”


It feels like a kick to chest as your stomach drops and tears flow freely down your face. You run to your bedroom and begin shoving things haphazardly into your duffel bag. You make sure to get your uniform, for the Avengers and the Dairy Queen, and some of your favorite clothes and trinkets. Your grandmother’s pearls,  a framed picture of you and your brother at Disney World, your saxophone. Suddenly your father is in the room screaming about your time being up, and you are running out of the door shouting “I LOVE YOU,” to your brother in the few seconds you have before you are out for good.


Standing outside your front door, you suddenly wonder where the hell you’re supposed to go. With fear and sadness in your heart, you begin the walk to the only place where you believe you’ll be safe, Avengers tower. You walk alone, feeling hurt and rejected by the only real family you’ve ever known. You feel more tears falling, but hardly register them anymore. You don’t pay any attention to your surroundings; you couldn’t if you wanted to. You wonder briefly what you are going to say when you got there. The truth, you decided was the best course of action. If they reacted the same, you don’t know what you’ll do.


When you reach the tower, you hesitate, but you also know that this is not only your best, but your only option. The elevator takes you to common room of the tower, and you hear laughter before the elevator even stops. The door slides open, and several faces meet your splotchy, tear stained one at once.


“Mr. Stark, is it okay if I stay here? I don’t for how long.” You ask him through sobs and hiccups. He is at your side in a second as you slide to the floor, a mess of sobs and heartbreak.


“Yeah kid of course, there is always room in the tower for you,” he reassures you as he crouches in front of you with his hand on your shoulders in attempts to tie you to the real world. You grab his arms with your trembling hands as you continue to shake and sob.


“Thank you,” you can barely whisper, your throat is so tight from crying. You gasp breaths in, just trying to steady yourself as the Avengers look on, beside themselves with concern. Peter, your best friend, only a year older than you, also comes to sit at your side, but the rest of the Avengers are keeping their distance, in attempts not to overwhelm you. You feel a headache building, but you hardly even care. After who knows how long, you can finally breathe normally and dry your eyes. “I guess you all probably want an explanation?”


“Only if you’re ready,” Peter responds immediately, several others nod and mumble their agreement.


You stand and walk over to the couches with everyone else. As you sit down, you don’t feel the same nervousness that you did with your family. Instead you only feel numb, you can’t care anymore. If these people who you love so much reject you, then you have no idea what you’ll do or where you’ll go, but you’re too sad and drained to care.


“So, in order for this to make sense, you need to know something about me.” You state, and continue with renewed nervousness. “I, well, I’m gay.” The silence that follows, in your mind, feels just as tense as it did at home. “My parents kicked me out. They think I’m disgusting, my dad actually call me…” you can feel yourself getting choked up again. “Trash.”


“Oh my god Y/N, I am so sorry,” Bruce whispers.


“I can’t believe they would do that to you,” Wanda says.


Thor seems distraught. “Why on Asgard, we never just throw our children on the street. They are what we love and protect beyond anything else, no matter what.”


Steve kneels in front of you, and looks into your eyes. “Y/N I know exactly how you feel. Growing up when I did, and being openly bisexual was just awful. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone and I’m so sorry that it was inflicted upon you.”


“I didn’t know that you’re bi,” you are honestly shocked, even more so when Tony adds on.


“So am I, not that it’s a contest, but you know. . . so am I.”


Steve chuckles at Tony’s remark. “We all support you wholeheartedly.”


Tony looks at you. “You’re welcome to stay here until you turn 18, and even after that. You will always have a home here.”


Natasha hands you a big glass of cold water. “Drink up kiddo, you’re probably dehydrated, crying does that.” You take the glass, and she plants a soft, motherly kiss on top of your head. “You’ll get through this, I promise.” You smile and begin drinking the water, not even realizing just how thirsty you were until now.


“I hope you know that we are all here for you,” Rhodey finally chimes in.


“I do, I can’t believe that you all can be so loving towards me when even my own family can’t.” Your shoulders slump at this and you feel sadness creeping back in.


“You know, psychologically speaking, taking a shower and a nap would do wonders for you right now, I promise.” Bruce tells you helpfully. “All the suites have bathrooms and the one next to Peter is open.”


Peter directs you to your room where you drop your duffel bag on the floor and undress before entering the hot shower. The smell of your shampoo is grounding you, and the feeling of your face wash helps you put the trauma of today behind you, helps you wash it all right down the drain.


When you get out of the shower, you dry off and put on some soft, clean pajamas. The day has been much too big and upsetting for you. After dimming the lights, you slip into the big warm bed, and you actually feel somewhat at peace. Though the events of the day have not left you, and probably never will, you know that you are supported and loved, by earth’s mightiest heroes. They are you’re family now, and that’s all you could ask for.

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You’re feeling lonely today because Clint’s been on missions constantly. It gets awfully quiet in the house when it’s just you and your cat. When you look at your calendar, you notice that it is the week that Clint should be at home. You text him, and ask if he can come over. He responds in a few moments telling you that he’ll be there soon.


When he arrives, he opens the door with his spare key.


“Honey! I’m . . . here,” he calls awkwardly through the house.


“In the bedroom,” you respond. He walks into the room, and out of the corner of your eye you see Peanut, your cat, jump on the bed. “Hey sweetie”


“Hey darling, what’s with the pet names?”


“Oh,” you laugh. “I was talking to the cat,” you giggle while petting your soft brown cat.


He rolls his eyes, “oh great, Peanut’s here,” his voice is dripping with sarcasm.


“Well yeah, she lives here,” you jump to your cat’s defense as Clint begins to climb on the bed. Peanut stops purring under your hand, and turns around to hiss at him.


Clint jumps backwards. “Okay geez, I swear that cat hates me. She’s the antichrist!”


“No she is not! She’s so sweet,” you retort again. Just as you defend her, she hisses again, and swats at Clint’s hand resting on the bed. “Okay maybe she doesn’t like you, but she is the sweetest kitty, honest.”


“I just want to cuddle with you, but Peanut won’t let me,” he’s whining now, and it’s awfully silly. “You told me you were lonely, I wanted to be a good boyfriend and snuggle the blues away.”


You laugh at his dramatics. “You are such a good boyfriend,” you reassure him, and lean over Peanut to plant a kiss on his lips. Peanut meows loudly at you for it, but otherwise doesn’t react. “Come on up here, she’ll be fine,” you pull his hand up to you.


“Oh alright,” he hops on the bed as Peanut decides it is time to make her exit. “She doesn’t like me, but at least that’s better than hate.” The two of you laugh as Clint wraps his arms around you. “See? This is all I wanted.”


“Me too.”

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Mortals believe that finding a spouse is one of the most difficult things in the world, in Asgard however it is far from it. You and your friends have had suitors lining up at the door, literally, since you turned 18. In Asgard, the options are pretty much limited to being a wife or a warrior. Since you are the princess of Asgard, you are expected to do both all while learning to rule.

Today is the third straight day that you have had a suitor approach you outside the castle walls. You have given them all a chance and, though they were nice, you have been disappointed to say the least. As you walk outside to the marketplace, you’re hoping to stock up on your favorite candy, another large, bearded Asgardian man walks up to you. As you did before, you accept his offer of a date this evening, but don’t expect much.

Later that same day, you walk into your room and brush through your hair. You grab a light pink dress, and slip it on before heading down to the living area of the castle.

“Hello sister,” Thor’s voice booms across the room. “You look lovely, where are you going?”

“Oh, yet another man thinks that he is worthy,” is all you have to say before Thor understands. If the men thought you had a low opinion of them, they should have a chat with Thor because he believes more than anyone that there is no man who will ever be worthy of you.

“Is that so?” Thor grumbles as he approaches you. “We’ll see about that.”

“Don’t be rude Thor, I won’t even even ask you to be nice, but be civil please, for me.”

“Alright, I will attempt this exchange of civility. However; I make no promises.” Thor tells you.

Within the hour, your suitor arrives. Thor leads the man, Ottar is his name, to meet you in the common area of the palace.

“Hello,” you greet him with a short hug.

“Hello Y/N, you look marvelous this evening,” he pulls away from you and looks you up and down.

“Doesn’t she?” Thor interjects, he has a tendency to not like the men that you date. “Where are you two planning on going tonight?”

“To the shore, to eat dinner by the water,” Ottar responds.
“Hmph, Y/N, I’ll wait for your return, try not to take too long,” Thor looks at you, now ignoring your date completely.

“I will be careful, don’t worry brother.”

“Shall we go?” Ottar asks, you nod and lace your arm with his.

You and Ottar walk down the streets of Asgard, conversing about your lives. He has two brothers, and is a merchant near the palace.

You arrive at the small sliver of coastline, hidden by trees, and sit at a small table with hot food already set out.

“So where are you in line for the throne?” Ottar asks you suddenly.

You pause briefly as this question is not one you’ve heard on a date before. “Well, I’m technically after Thor, but it really depends on who the all father wants to replace him.”

“Interesting, and you really think that you’re fit to rule asgard?”

“Well, yes, assuming I take the throne, I believe myself to be more than capable.” You’re beginning to get uncomfortable with his questioning, but are willing to soldier on.

“Of course, you all think that you’re capable of more than you are.”

“Who exactly is you?”

“All of you women are weak, simple minded creatures. I would have hoped for better from asgardian royalty, but apparently there is no better to found of the weaker sex.”

“Okay, I think this is over.” You stand up from your chair, about to walk away when he grabs your wrist. “Now don’t start something that you can’t undo Ottar.”

“What are you going to do? Cry? Scream? Do you even know how far away from the mainland we are right now, little princess?” He sneers at you and jerks you closer, and as he does lightning shoots from your fingers and thunder boils in the sky.

“You are going to regret ever mistreating the sister of Thor.” You growl in his no good face. As you speak, there is a loud bang nearby. Thor has landed.

“Y/N are you alright?” Thor’s frightened voice booms through the trees.

“Oh I’m just fine Thor,” you smirk at Ottar. “I’m just fine.”

Thor takes mere seconds to arrive in the clearing with you and Ottar.

“You have no idea how to treat a woman much less a princess.” You say as you back away from Ottar with lightning wrapping around your arms.

Thor takes several steps towards Ottar, and whispers in his face. “If you ever treat another person as you treated my sister today, I assure you, you will never see the light of day again.” Lightning flickers through Thor’s eyes, and he suddenly wraps his arm around your waist and swings his hammer to take you back to the palace.

After arriving home, Thor looks you up and down with his hands on your shoulders. “Are you okay sister?” He asks you gently.

“I’m fine. I know my lightning is usually more of an emergency signal but-”

“No, anytime my sister is made to feel uncomfortable, it is of the utmost importance that I fix that.” Thor tells you with a stern expression.

“Thank you Thor, that means a lot to me. He was just so awful, talking about how women are weak and simple-minded, about how we are all the same and that I’m unfit to take the throne.” You sigh and rub your hands up and down your own face out of frustration.

“I am sorry that you’ve had such a hard time finding a man suited for you, but rest assured there is no one else more suited to be Asgard’s queen.” Thor tells you as he wraps you in a tight hug. “I love you, you are strong and capable, let no man change your opinion of yourself.”

“Thank you brother, I will come to you anytime a suitor is disrespectful.”

“I pray it will never happen again.”

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