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Jeon Jeongguk; the almighty penis charmer

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He stares at the text, then back up to his roommate for a second, and then going back to the text. 

When he received the notification at 8am, he didn't think too much about it - it is a normal thing for gay men to go for a check up every now and then, to see if they can freely fuck around or they have to turn into a brand new celibate. Which Taehyung is not very fond of. 

He tosses the phone to the side, rubbing his face to wake up before going to his first class and shouting at Jimin to make him the cup of boost he has to drown in every morning to function. 

The shower is nice - quick and so damn cold because apparently Jimin was having one of his karaoke sessions earlier, but Taehyung doesn't complain as it only helps him to open his sleepy eyes. As the same routine goes, he gets a bit of shampoo in his left eye (he is trying to put finger on what it feels like to be blind) and leaves the bathroom crying. 

Opening up his phone to find the notification reminding him to give a call to his doctor, he scrolls through his social medias, mindlessly liking the pictures his friends post (and maybe he stops to drool over Namjoon for a second too long). After unfamously trying to get the skin tight jeans on and falling face first on the bed, he finally appears in the kitchen - Jimin waiting for him by the door, used to Taehyung's red eyes and still wet disheveled hair. 

The shorter male sighs, patting his friend's hair to not stick to every direction possible and guiding him out of the apartment. 20 minutes walk from their shared flat, with one stop at the café in the same apartment complex and picking up Hoseok in equal state to Taehyung's by the grocery store down the street. 

"I should call doctor Choi," Taehyung says more to himself than anyone else, taking his phone out, "I really need to get tested again."

Jimin frowns, biting the apple he has brought for 'lunch', "Why? It is not like you've been sleeping around a lot. I doubt Yoongi has STDI or something."

Hoseok caughs beside him, smirking. 

The shorter male rolls his eyes before grinning, "Wait, you should definitely get tested. Hoseok seems to be coming down with something and I know you two had some brojobs going on-" before he can finish, both men slaps his head upside down. "Hey! What was that for!?"

"For being a bitch," the oldest one tugs Taehyung to his side, leaving pouting Jimin behind. 

Taehyung doesn't pay much attention to his friends as he presses the call button, calling in to make an appointment for this week. Better now when he has time than later, when there are tons of assignments and his boss being a real jerk. 

He waits for the nurse to pick up as usual, mentally composing himself because it is still does get him all awkward and blushing in his 22 years, but it never happens. Instead it goes straight to the voicemail. 

"What's up?" Jimin asks, finally catching up with them. 

They are close to uni and his first class is literally in 5 minutes, so he decides to shake his roommate off, typing away on his phone. It was good to ask for the nurse's number in case there is an emergency (not really, he just flirted a lot). 



The classes go way too slow and by the time he is finished, sitting opposite of Jimin rambling about how Namjoon is wearing that cute sweater again, he doesn't have the energy to proceed informations. He is slowly eating his exhaustion away, the cheesecake Yoongi provided helping him to cope with the miserable weather outside as well. 

There is a hand on his knee, constantly rubbing circles and it doesn't make him more awake at all. 

His head is heavy and he is stifling a yawn as he leans into Yoongi's side who circles his arm around his shoulders. As the tradition goes, Hoseok's scream is heard through the whole cafeteria, bouncing his way to them with too much enthusiasm. 

Taehyung grumbles, burying his face into the side of Yoongi's neck who just chuckles, his hand never stopping with drawing different shapes on his skin. 

"Hey, ladybugs," Hoseok chirps, taking a seat next to Jimin who still hasn't stopped going on about Namjoon's outfit, "what's with the sour faces?"

The duo opposite him groans before the black-haired one sitting next to him beams, "Look, I don't want you to be all grossed out by these lovebirds, so ignore them, okay? I need to tell you-" and Taehyung zones out. 

It is easy when he is with Yoongi. The elder doesn't question him, never pushes him to anything, doesn't talk more than necessary. If he sees that the younger is struggling, he offers his shoulder or his bed to cuddle up. It feels safe to shut off everything because he knows the elder is here. 

With Jimin and Hoseok it is a bit more complicated. Don't get him wrong, he loves them dearly, but they can be a pain in the ass. They are the gossip girls, always need to discuss everything and everyone. In constant buzz of their voices is hard to hop off of this world for a second - they'd engage him in the conversation even when he is unresponsive.

All in all, he- His thought are interrupted with the ping from his phone, a text message hopefully finally from his doctor. 

Yoongi passes him the phone, subtly glancing at the lockscreen which is the four of them and smiles before going back to the conversation he started with Hoseok. 

Taehyung's eyes quickly scans the message, his eyebrows greeting together halfway. Apparently, Jimin pays attention to him even though he doesn't say a word, "What is it?"

"Doctor Choi retired?" he asks bewildered, reading the text once again, "I thought he is not that old?"

"Well, maybe he got tired of touching penises," Hoseok chimes in, "I could never," he adds, receiving a harsh slap from Jimin. But they both burst in laughter, Yoongi and Taehyung following shortly after. 

When they calm down (and Hoseok gets another punch to his arm), Yoongi looks over Taehyung's shoulder to see the text, "Does it say who replaced him?"

"No?" the younger one swipes up but nothing, "I'll just message them, if I have to sign under someone else."

Yoongi hums, watching as the latter types out the text and hits send. 


"What if he is an old, sleazy man with bad skin and smells horrible?" Taehyung scrunches up his nose, the cereal long forgotten. "I don't want some pervert to touch my penis and asshole, that's a sacret place, you feel me?" 

Jimin rolls his eyes for the hundreth time today, pushing the bowl closer to his roommate, "Tae, I am sure it is going to be fine. He had to study medicine to get the place and he is supposed to touch your sacret place," he makes quotations with his fingers, "if you want to know, if Yoongi can fuck you some more without feeling guilty about it."

"We do not fuck!" Taehyung screeches, face pale. 

"Oh please, what do you do then? Make love?" Jimin deadpans, a bit of milk dropping on his face. The younger male has taken liking into catapulting his food towards Jimin when he is being stupid. 

"No, we are just good friends," he says, clicking on Google to find out who the new doctor is. 

He goes by the name Jeon Jeongguk and from what his old nurse said, he is new in the city (but professional!). Seungri had to promise him that he is going to be in good hands and also drop at least the name, and number to his ambulance. 

The shorter male snorts, "Good friends helping each other out."

"Jimin!" Taehyung shouts, fumming. 

So what if they slept together a couple of times? It doesn't mean they are not just good friends. You gotta help a bro out from time to time, right?

Shit-eating grin spreads through the latter's face, "Why are you getting so worked up, if you are only friends?"

"See the door? You should use it and fuck off," the younger huffs, stuffing his face with the remaining cereals. 

Jimin whistles, picking up his keys and does right that - not before throwing another comment about how Yoongi should fuck him soon because he is sexually frustrated. Which results in Taehyung's middle finger up and his roommate's laughter.

Their bickering doesn't die down even when they are both showered and chilling on the couch. The TV is on, some drama playing in the background, while the older one repeatedly pokes his friend's side. He's been having so much fun teasing the latter with Yoongi related topics and he is nowhere near to be done. 

Taehyung sighs everytime Jimin's mouth open, answering the questions half-heartedly, a pillow always ready to be thrown his best friend's way. 

Finally, the older one seems to give up. At least that's what Taehyung thinks until- "So, what did you find out about your new penis charmer?" 

"Jimin, I swear to whoever is up there, I am going to bitch-slap you into coma," the younger huffs but it is not long after he is doubling over in laughter. "Penis charmer, oh my god," he cries, showing hysterical Jimin off of him. "Do you think he is going to charm my penis with his flute?"

"Can your dick even dance? If so, I'll pay to see," Jimin does a wiggle with his hips, sending Taehyung back to his face down position, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Fuck off!"



It's Thursday when he sits down in the waiting room, palms sweaty and Jimin hot on his heels. 

They've been discussing the 'new doctor' thingy over lunch again and they decided that it is for the best, if the flatmates go together. The older one as a moral support - which is totally unhelpful because all he does is munch on the disgusting cakes that the hospital's bakery sells downstairs.

("It is for a good thing! I am helping sick people with my money!"

"Yeah, and you are adding one patient to the mass upstairs.")

It is going to be fine, right? He just has to strip, tell the new doctor all of his personal and private information, and hold on til the old man's finger is out of his ass and far away from his genitalia. Then he is good to go. 

"Hey, calm down," the crumbs fall from Jimin's full mouth like snow, landing on his black skinny jeans, "you've been there before. It's what us, loyal, clean gays have to do."

Taehyung tuts, brushing off the new decoration of his pants off, "I am not nervous."

"I mean, you've taken several dicks up your ass in your lifetime- one greasy finger is nothing," he grins, before groaning in pain as the younger one kicks his shin. 

Sooner than he can tell him off again, the door to the ambulance bursts open and the nurse comes out - a gorgeous nurse. Both boys shut up, watching in awe as he scans through the paper full of names. The roommates subtly kick each other as the nurse stands there, calling and crossing out another name. 

"Kim Taehyung?" the man says, looking around the waiting room. 

The called boy rises his hand slowly, swallowing down the pain that shoots up from his ankle where Jimin had kicked him particulary strong. Thanks for that, though, he wouldn't notice the angel is waiting for him. 

The latter smiles, motioning to the opened door, "It is your turn."

Taehyung hears Jimin muttering something about God being real before he disappears from his eye-sigh and the nurse asks, if there is anyone else waiting for their turn. Unfortunately, there is no one here besides Jimin who stutters that he is just a moral support for his friend who went inside. 

The younger boy chuckles, he is going to give so much shit to his roommate later for turning into a blushing mess in front of the nurse. 

But the smile freezes on his lips when the said nurse turns to him, closing the door. He really is gorgeous, there's no doubt in that. If this is how modern nurses look like, he will consider making the biology as his major and dropping fine arts in instant. 

"So," Taehyung notices the tag on his clothes which says Kim Seokjin, and gives himself a mental high-five, "since doctor Choi left this ambulance, you were automatically registered under Mr. Jeon," he informs him, giving him his health card, "and since this is the first time doctor will see you, he is going to be the one to ask you the things he needs to know before doing the check up."

The red-haired boy dumbly nods, watching as the nurse (SEOKJIN!) gestures to the changing rooms. 

"Leave your clothes on the chair, please," the latter smiles sweetly again, "for sanitation."

Taehyung nods again, quickly hiding behind the cloth used as a shield. 

Okay, Taehyung, you can do this. It was just a hot nurse, not the actual doctor, echoes in his head as he strips down to his boxer shorts. Thank God, he didn't wear the 'Lick Me' ones, he'd be screwed. 

As he waits for the call, he checks himself in the mirror on the side of the changing room. Why is it there, nobody knows, but at least he can make sure he looks mature and presentable. He re-adjust the collar of his shirt couple of times before there is a 'Thank you, Mr. Jeon. Have a good rest of the day!' from the inside and the door in the next changing room opens. 

Deep breaths.


That voice. Is something else. 

Taehyung thinks as he grabs the handle and pushes the door slowly open. What greets him is not what he was expecting.

No greasy hair, wrinkly skin and circles under eyes. Instead, there are guns that could kill, killer thighs and ohmyfuckinggod is that the cutest smile he's ever seen? He trips walking to sit on the chair in front of his (gorgeous, hot, cute, amazing, husband-material) doctor, but is fast to save himself for falling to the polished floor. 

"Hello," the beautiful voice abuses his eardrums once again as the owner smiles at him. 

"H-Hi," he stutters, crimson red entering his cheeks. At least, now his skin matches his newly dyed hair. 

"Kim Taehyung, right?" doctor Jeon asks, flipping the papers in the card to find something to start with, "you were Mr. Choi's patient before, correct me if I am wrong."

"You're very correct, no wrong," Taehyung says bluntly, trying to at least act as if he wasn't swept from his feet and now is floating between embarassment and dirty thoughts.

Mr. Jeon smiles, putting the papers away before typing something in the computer, "Last check up?"

"4 months ago," he answers, trying to will the blush away. It's good, he is still wearing his underwear and Mr. Jeon hasn't even touched him yet. 

The latter nods, "How often do you masturbate?"

Taehyung chokes, "Excuse me?"

"I asked, how often do you masturbate?" he smirks, making the younger man even more flustered. 

Is this a normal question? Is this allowed? Is he flirting or is it for medical purposes? When sex-god asks you a question, you gotta answer honestly, right? 

Mr. Jeon seems like he caught the younger's inner turmoil, chuckling to himself, "I need to know before we proceed to the check up."

"Umm, I- I-" keep it cool, "I don't know? Depends how often I am turned on," Taehyung's face is in flames. Somebody wants to flambe something for free? 

"Okay," the doctor laughs under his breath, "but in general? Two, three times a week? Maybe everyday?"

Can the ground swallow him whole and never return him to the surface of this Earth? Please? 

"Ehm, usually 3 t-times but when Jimin's out then maybe even 5," he says, hiding his cheeks in the palms of his hands. How more embarassing this can get?  

More paper shuffling around the table, "Is he your partner?"

"Oh, no!" Taehyung shouts, regretting it the moment he opens his mouth, "I am sorry, it is just my flatmate and best friend, that's all."

The latter hums, "Are you sexually active with someone else?" he asks, and Taehyung has hard time not to bang his head against the closest wall. 

"Umm, no," he mutters, watching as the doctor stands up from his seat. Was it always this hot in the room or did the weather changed so suddenly? Is there a heater under his seat? 

"When was the last time?" Mr. Jeon cocks his eyebrow, preparing the material he needs. How can be someone so hot holding a needle? That's a great mystery ready to be solved. But certainly not by Taehyung who has enough on his shoulders to deal with this hot man, touching his private places in seconds.

Taehyung curses. This is a torture.

He is positive this is how hell looks like. Lucifer is one gorgeous angel who had fallen and now he is touching dicks for living. Yes, yes. And this is a matter of heaven or hell, if he survives this meeting and comes out without burns all over his body.

He inhales sharply the moment Lucifer gestures to come closer, "Like 3 weeks ago?"

Doctor Jeon hums, "Strip down, please."

This is it. The big moment of his life. Death is sharpening its scythe. 

Taehyung hesitantly hooks his fingers over the waistband of his underwear, tugging it down swiftly. He is embarassed enough and there is literally nothing to hide at this point. That doesn't mean his face doesn't turn into another shade of red, the deep and neverending as it seems. He folds the underwear in half, clutching it in his fist a little bit too hard. 

"Can you bend for me?" Mr. Jeon asks and that's it. 

The latter takes a deep breath, putting his hands on the seat that is in front of him and wills the boner away. His eyes search for anything to focus on while he waits for that damn finger in his hole. 

Hm, that painting on the wall seems nice, how artistic- oh fuck, it is coming, be normal Taehyung, deep breaths- are you fucking kidding why does he take so long!?- maybe if I scream, Jimin will hear me and comes to my rescue- this is nice, seriously- is he admiring my hole or what now- what is that dot above the door?- oh, here it comes.

"This can be a little bit uncomfortable for you. Ready?" 

"More than that," Taehyung blurts, mentally beating himself to death. 

The young Lucifer smirks (he can see him in the mirror above the sink) before Taehyung feels his finger up his ass. What a nice start of a relationship. Be in the hole first, then kiss and go on dates. 

He feels the finger moving and screws his eyes shut. Why, God?

Think about puppies and kittens. Puppies and kittens. Puppies and- oh my fuck, why is he taking so long. By this time I'd be taking his third finger in like nothing. 

"Alright," he hears before the Lucifer's pretty digit leaves him, "you signed up for a whole check up, right?"

"Left," he panicked, okay, don't judge him.

Doctor Jeon laughs but doesn't comment on it, instead he chooses to push the bed down- like he can use the button, you know, why would he push it down with those guns- IS HE SHOWING OFF!?

He doesn't have to tell Taehyung to hop on it, he already does before he has the chance to open his mouth.

Lucifer smiles at him, taking out his gloves, "Just stay calm, okay?"

"What if I get a boner?" brain to mouth filter who? Taehyung doesn't know them.

Mr. Jeon looks surprised but quickly laughs it off, "That's a good sign," and has the audacity to smirk after. 

He fondles his balls with both hands before taking the light and moving it a bit to the side. The silence is dull in Taehyung's ears and he has to do something about it. You see, with doctor Choi it was easier because he was old grandpa with 7 grandkids and all he ever talked about was his dog and them while he was touching the younger boy. He made him relax and not to think about other male touching his genitalia but this right here is intense and the uni student is ready to burst open. 

There goes nothing, "Can you get it up when you see penises everyday? I mean, it has to be tough for you."

The doctor chokes (good, finally he is on the receiving end), eyes widening, "How can you be so sure I am gay?" he lifts his eyebrow, fingers going over the veins.

Taehyung, you got this. Don't think about how the stupid latex covered fingers would feel without the gloves on. Don't you dare, you little shit.

"Why would you even study for this job then? Heterosexual men hardly touch others' dicks," he says as nonchalantly as possible, focusing on the ceiling. Please, move your hand like that once more, hottie and I'll be your sub til the hell is destroyed.

"Actually, I did it because it is a well-paid job," Jeon admits, watching as Taehyung's tip comes out. Pretty.

The younger boy feels himself going hard, thanks to the subtle caress and slow tugs. Well, he did ask what happens if he gets hard. 

Don't moan. Don't moan. Don't moan. he repeats like a mantra, breathing deeply. 

"You are not denying you are gay though," he hisses through gritted teeth, fingers clutching his underwear again. "So?"

"That's a personal matter," the young doctor steps back, taking off his gloves. He is going to leave with a boner, great!

Taehyung cocks his head to the side, "You just touched my penis and you call that a personal matter?"

"And what if I was gay? Would you stop coming in for check ups or would you call for more?" doctor Jeon mirrors his position, smirking. He got him there, fuck. 

The student shakes his head, "You still haven't answered my question," he says, grinning back at him, "so can you?"

"Faster than you'd think," Taehyung doesn't know if he imagined the wink at the end or if the young doctor really did wink at him. "You can dress up," he gives him a once over, sitting down on his chair and typing away on his computer like nothing happened. 

He is dressed up faster that the Flesh, rushing to sit back on his previous seat. Where is that damn heater? They should turn it off, it is not healthy to burn themselves in this kind of temperature.

Mr. Jeon glances at him, the professional expression settling back on, "The nurse will take your blood and tell you all of the other informations. From this it looks like there is no problem," Taehyung doesn't miss how the doctor's eyes fall on his crotch, "here is your card," he slides the 'book' back to him, "if you need anything, don't hesitate to contact us."

"Do you also do private check ups at home?" he has to seriously go to find his last brain cells before it is too late.

The doctor just smirks, "Have a good day, Taehyung."



"How was it?" Jimin asks the moment he steps out from the ambulance. Thank God his boner was killed by a bird who flew right into the window and scared the fuck out of him. He puts his hand on his friend's shoulder, bending a bit and inhales sharply. 

Jimin looks confused, "Old, wrinkly and a creep?"

Sooner than Taehyung can answer, the door behind them opens and doctor Jeon walks out with a shit-eating grin. 

"Oh fuck," his roommate whispers, eyes comically wide. 

To deepen how embarassed he is, he feels a hand on his shoulder that does not belong to Jimin. Alarms go off in his head as soon as he hears who it belongs to. 

"Are you alright? Do you need to sit down?" Mr. Jeon asks, acting concerned, "Seriously, Tae, sit down, I'll get Seokjin to bring you a glass of water." 

Both boys just stand there as the doctor calls his nurse who rushes out, glass of water already prepared. Doctor Jeon sits him down on one of the chairs, bringing the glass close to his mouth before leaning in and whispering, "And that was just one finger."

Taehyung chokes.



When the gang gets together on a Friday evening, Jimin is ready to spill everything. Well, not everything, just his side of the story, "And then he went in, ya know? So I was sitting there, waiting for the hot nurse to appear again. And I played games for eternity til he came out, okay? I was bored out of my life, it was taking forever. But then he came out, he seriously looked like he has seen a ghost! So I naturally rushed over, but then doctor Jeon took him away from me! But that doesn't matter because I got to stare at the angel for a bit longer til Taehyung started rudely choking on his precious angel blessed water and we almost had to do cpr," he crosses his arms over his chest, leaning back to the seat. 

Taehyung groans, "Are you finished?"

"No! You stil haven't told me what's the pretty nurse's name," he pouts, taking a handful of chips from the bowl on the table. 

The younger one sighs, "It is Kim Seokjin."

"Kim Seokjin?" Yoongi perks up at that, mid-sip, "Tall, broad shoulders, looks like model magazines threw him up?"

Both boys dumbly nod. 

"I know him, he is a good friend of mine," he says nonchalantly, finally taking a sip from the beer he has been holding up. Taehyung can hear Jimin's breath hitching after the great revelation. 

His flatmate doesn't hesitate, "Is he single?"

"I honestly have no idea," Yoongi shrug his shoulders, "the last time I've seen him, he was hanging out with somebody named Jeongguk? Doe eyes, raven hair, bunny teeth? Does it ring a bell to anyone?"

"It certainly rings a bell to my ass, I feel my dick twitching," Taehyung blurts out, Jimin smacking him in return.

Both Hoseok and Yoongi frown, "The fuck?" Hoseok asks first, confusion written all over his facial features.

"He went finger deep into Tae on their first meeting!" Jimin explains, tears streaming down his face from laughing too much. 

"Enlighten me?" Yoongi turns to the blushing mess, also called Taehyung, and tilts his head to the side. Oh fuck. 

The younger boy grins, kicking Jimin under the table, "He took the ambulance after Doctor Choi," he answers through gritten teeth. It is not like he wouldn't like to brag about the hottest penis doctor walking on this planet Earth, he just doesn't want to bring it up in front of Hoseok who won't let it die. But this time around, the person isn't Hoseok nor Jimin whose lips stretch into smirk. 

Yoongi takes his phone out, beaming at the youngest man in the gang, "Why don't we invite them to join us, hm? Seokjin has been texting me about how we don't hang out as much as we used to anyways," he shrugs his shoulders innocently, an evil spark in his eyes. 

Jimin literally jumps up in his seat, clapping his hands excitedly, "Tell him to bring doctor Jeon too!"

The blonde nods, shushing them as he presses the call button. Taehyung internally groans. Why would his so-called-best-friends want him to endure more pain in the form of Jeon Jeongguk who just so happened to see him in his naked glory without doing the horizontal tango.

He doesn't comment on his flatmate's boucing and Hoseok's shit-eating grin directed towards him when he grabs the bowl of chips to himself. 

After couple of seconds, Yoongi speaks up, "Oh, hi! This is Min Yoongi," he says, still smiling at Taehyung, "yeah, yeah. Well, my friends and I were wondering, if you would want to join us tonight! You can even bring your friend, if you want to." 

Please, have different plans. Don't come. I am begging you. 

"Ahhh, yes, I see," Yoongi sighs which is a great sign, "oh- no, you can come alone too! It's just that Taehyung was asking, if Jeongguk could tag along," the older shoots a thumbs up his way, grinning from ear to ear, "yes, Kim Taehyung- uhm, great! I'll send you the address. See you in a bit!"

"So?" Jimin breaks the silence, practically straddling Yoongi's thighs.

"They are on their way here- and Tae? I think doctor Jeon has the hots for you," he winks before Taehyung groans, throwing a pillow at his face.



Surprisingly, it is not as awkward as Taehyung imagined it. 

They all are sitting on the floor in circle, laughing at whatever story Seokjin is telling about another patient and of course, drinking. It started subtly, with two sips of this and that but as the time went by, there were bottles of various brands of alcohol scattered around the room. 

Hoseok is leaning his head on Yoongi's shoulder, eyes half-closed while he spins the empty bottle mindlessly. 

At first, Taehyung was tense. Who wouldn't be when the Lucifer walks up to them, greeting them wearing only a white shirt which perfectly copies the muscles hiding underneath and don't let him start on the cologne lingering on his skin. He wanted to distance himself as much as he could - going to the kitchen to help Yoongi with the bottles, running off to let Kanye in (Yoongi's cat) and even going as far as washing the dishes standing on the kitchen counter. 

But he couldn't hide forever and God really wants him to suffer some more - so when he finally came back, there was only one place free for him to sit. And that was next to Jeongguk himself.

And that's how it is now, although in a bit tipsy state. 

He giggles everytime someone as much as inhales a bit harshly, throwing himself all over the floor (and Jeongguk's thighs). Jimin isn't any better, having confessed his love for Seokjin with one dead rose that was in the vase. Currently, he is trying to get his attention by demanding him to stroke his hair which Taehyung admits, is a good and adorable tactic. 

Hoseok groans, "I want food."

"Me too," Jimin rises his hand, eyes closed. Taehyung swears he can hear him purring under Seokjin's hands. 

The youngest rolls on his tummy, palms supporting his chin, "Me three."

To their surprise, Seokjin gently pushes Jimin's head off of his lap, making the younger boy whine, and makes his way to the kitchen. After opening the fridge, the boys can hear him listing the products inside before closing it softly. 

Only his head pokes out from the door, "I need someone to run to the store around the corner and buy ketchup."

"Ketchup?" Jeongguk tilts his head to the side, and fuck if that's not the most attractive thing in the world. "For?"

"I'll make you a home-made pizza," the eldest grins. All of them cheer happily, even Jimin wakes up from his short-lived nap time and start calling out names who is going. 

Taehyung just watches them in awe as they hurry to put their shoes on before the man next to him leans closer, "They are a mess. We are the only ones capable of going, don't you think?" 

Now, the younger boy swears he didn't imagine the sultry voice in his ear. 

He looks at his friends once again who are stumbling over each other, trying to lace their shoes and sighs, defeated, "Seems like it." He stands up, offering a hand to the older man who kindly shakes his head and stands on his own. "Hey! Gukkie and I are going, get your asses back before some car runs over y'all."

"Gukkie?" Jeongguk cocks his eyebrow, a smirk overtaking his lips.

Oh no, "Yes. Problem?" the blush is back. 

The group in the hall looks like they've been really hit by a car as they put their shoes away and clumsily waddle back to their previous positions. Seokjin is grinning back at Jeongguk, who licks his lips before he tugs at Taehyung's hand and leads him out of the door. 

The nigh is bright - stars twinkle on the sky, sending the light on the pavement where the old street lamp stopped working. Taehyung is very well aware of the arm which sneaked its way around his waist, holding him close to the older man's side while they walk in silence. 

It's not tense, which takes the young a bit back, rather comforting. 

You know, these streets are not the safest place out there and he is glad, he has these guns protecting him. It feels safe and even though there is a group of young teenagers who look like they've just robbed a bank, he is confident in looking their way. 

Of course, it can't go without their annoying whistles but as soon as they spot the person next to the petite red-haired meal, they automatically shut up. 

He feels the arm tightening around his middle and hears the soft scoff by his side, "Motherfuckers."

"Thank you," Taehyung whispers, looking down, "they are really scary."

"Pretty boys like you seem like an easy target for them," he growls, frown deepening and the younger wants to reach out to press his thumb to the crease that formed on the older's forehead, "if it was up to me, I'd beat the shit outta them."

Taehyung blushes, "Why?"

"They need to learn their lesson," he says, guiding the smaller boy across the road, "as long as they are just cat-calling, it is alright even if that makes people uncomfortable. But I know it is not only about that."

"Yeah, I know about that too," the younger boy screws his eyes shut, "more than I'd like to."

Jeongguk stops, spinning him around, "Something happened?"

"Twice," Taehyung bites his wobbling bottom lip. He doesn't like this topic and the memories it tends to bring back, "it wasn't anything serious but ever since then I am really scared going out at night like this."

The doctor nods, "I understand. Do you remember who it was?" he starts walking again, reaching out for the smaller's waist. The need to hold him close only intensified. 

"Not really," the younger shakes his head, "but I think I saw one of them in the group earlier," he admits, eyes on their moving feet. 

The growl doesn't go unnoticed, but Taehyung decides not to comment on it as they walk into the store - Jeongguk holding the door open for him as the real gentleman. They talk some more about different brands of ketchup and ice cream, diverting the topic to something not triggering. Both of them know they are not going to leave just with a bottle of ketchup, so they take their time strolling through the aisles.

While Jeongguk bends down to take the box of cookies that has been glaring at him ever since they walked in, Taehyung gasps, jumping up and down. He looks like a kid in front of a Christmas tree and Jeongguk can't help the soft smile that settles on his lips. "What is it?" he asks, heart swelling when Taehyung points to the highest shelf. 

"They have a whole pack of strawberry lollipops!" he exclaims. 

Without second thoughs, Jeongguk reaches out and takes it, throwing it into the basket in his hand. 

Taehyung freezes, "I-I didn't say I wanted them, I- I don't even have the money for it," he tries to cover the pout by biting down on his lower lip. 

The older man chuckles, softly circling his fingers around the latter's wrist, tugging him away to the next aisle. He doesn't say anything when he places everything Taehyung as much as mentions into their basket, making sure the younger doesn't see it until they are about to pay. 

The lady smiles at them, "Somebody has a sweet tooth," she says, scanning the products. 

Jeongguk grins at her, pointing an accusing finger towards the younger male, "This mister right here."

The young one opens his mouth, ready to argue that he didn't want the lollipops when his eyes land on the basket. He gasps, eyes widening, "Jeongguk!"

"Together or-" the lady asks, waiting for them to split the food in half.

Jeongguk shakes his head, "Together," he says calmly, swiping the credit card over the machine.

Taehyung just stands there, mouth wide open, eyes the size of pingpong balls. What is happening? He doesn't remember asking Jeongguk to pay for both of them and certainly not to buy the cookie n cream pockies, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream and totally not the yummy little cakes he has been cooing over. He doesn't even register how the older man packs everything up, taking his hand and saying goodnight to the cashier. 

"Why?" is the first thing that comes out of his mouth when the fresh air hits them. 

The latter shrugs his shoulders innocently, smiling, "You looked like you wanted them and you're too cute for me to say no."

"I- I can't pay you back, I still have to pay half of the rent and it's still half a month til-" there is a hand over his mouth, effectively silencing him. Taehyung's breath hitches when he sees how close is Jeongguk's face to his, their foreheads almost touching. 

He swears his heart beats a bit faster because that was a lot of walking when Jeongguk withdraws his hand, instead caressing his cheek with his finger, "You can pay me by going on a date with me."

"D-Date?" Taehyung stutters, cheeks on fire. 

Jeongguk hums, "One date. If you like it, we can go on another. If you don't, then you paid me back and we are even."

"Okay," the younger boy whispers, nodding. 

The walk back home consists of lots of blushing and soft smiles.


By the time they arrive back, all of the boys are snoring. Literally.

Yoongi and Seokjin are sprawled on the couch, covered in flour from head to toe, while Jimin and Hoseok have what seems like ketchup smeared over both of their cheeks and nose.

Taehyung giggles, taking out napkins and cleaning both of his friends' faces. Jimin scrunches up his nose cutely, the cloth tickling him. 

Jeongguk whistles upon seeing the mess in the kitchen - the empty bottle of ketchup set on the counter and flour footprints all over the floor. They must have a lots of fun while they were gone. The man shakes his head, swiping the mess and placing the things on the table for Yoongi to clean and put into the right cabinets when he wakes up. 

He hears giggles coming out from the living room, curiosity taking over him as he steps out of the mess to another one. 

"What a wild friends we have," he says, laughing to himself as well. 

Taehyung spins around, boxy smile adoring his face, "We were out for too long," he giggles again, throwing the napkins aside, "and they had to be really drunk."

"Seems like it," Jeongguk caresses his tummy, "they could've at least finish the dough, I was looking forward to the pizza."

The younger nods, his bottom lip stucked out, "Me too."

He is so adorable, the doctor thinks, walking over to the younger boy, trying not to fall on their sleeping friends. "Good thing we bought so many things."

"You bought so many things," Taehyung corrects him, sticking his hand out for the older to take. 

They make their way to one of the rooms, throwing the content of the bag onto the sheets between them. The younger one insisted that they take the bed because they "had to go to the grocery store at midnight and we deserve it". 

It is when Jeongguk takes out the pocky that Taehyung grins. 

"Let's play the pocky game!" he claps his hands happily, "You can't just eat pocky without it."

"Do you do this with everyone?" Jeongguk rises his eyebrow, tilting his head to the side.

There is a pretty shade of pink covering the younger's cheeks when he shakes his head, "No, but I've always wanted to try it." He shrugs, taking one out and placing it between his teeth. 

Jeongguk doesn't need to be asked twice, biting the stick lightly to the point where Taehyung's lips are. He smiles, placing his hand palm up under their mouths and catching the bit that falls down. 

Taehyung looks impressed, urging the older man to place another pocky this time inbetween his teeth, so he can play as well. 

As he comes closer, Jeongguk bites into the stick, sucking it a bit into his mouth which goes unnoticed by the younger. The latter pouts when he sees how close is the pocky to the older's lips, knowing there is a chance he will win if he is careful. But what he doesn't see is that when his face is inches from Jeongguk's, the said man eats the rest of it and tilts his head to meet Taehyung's lips instead. 

It's a chaste peck which results in Taehyung's quiet scream of surprise, landing back on his ass while Jeongguk just smirks. 

"Seems like I won," he says cheekily, ruffling the younger's hair and eating another pocky from the box. 

"H-How," the latter stutters, blushing furiously. 

Jeongguk shrugs, "Do you want another try?" 

Taehyung shakes his head quickly, palms covering his cheeks, "I am sorry."

"What for?" the older man asks, "I liked it."

"O-Oh," Tae nods, "I liked it too," he adds shyly. 

Normally, Taehyung isn't this shy and not a stuttering mess at all. He is confident and knows what he wants, not backing down til he has it. But when there is a bit of alcohol and one pair of beautiful dark eyes, he feels little. Little in senses that are wanting to be protected and free his adorable side because let's face it, he doesn't have enough opportunities since Jimin slaps his arm everytime he as much as blushes. 

And maybe he has developed a tiny crush on Jeongguk. 

Tiny, he swears.

As the night goes and both of them are slowly falling asleep, covered in wrappers and whatnot, he automatically reaches out to the older man. The need to cuddle to sleep is too strong and he can't fight it. Jeongguk looks startled, but when Taehyung murmurs what he wants, he is fast in granting his wishes. 

He feels arm circling his waist and his head being lifted up before placed on the older's chest. Taehyung tangles their legs together, a satisfied sigh escaping his lips. 

That's exactly how Hoseok finds them in the morning, not leaving them to wake up without yelling at the gang to come look at "these lovebirds". Taehyung just buries his face deeper into Jeongguk's shoulder, letting his friends observe them like an exhibition piece.



Jimin snorts, "Oh yeah."

There are piles of clothes on Taehyung's bed while he franctically runs back and forth, each time in different outfit. 

Tomorrow is their date and he is very excited. They've been texting all week about this and that - Taehyung sending him the cutest animals on the internet - and agreed to go on the promised pay back on Saturday. 

Jeongguk texted him he'll pick him up and not to dress too fancy, so he is assuming they are going somewhere out. 

It's been a while since he was on a date. He almost forgot the nerves before them. 

"That one is good," Jimin says, pointing at Taehyung. 

"It is just a plain white shirt," Taehyung frowns at the reflection in the mirror, spinning to see himself better. 

Jimin nods, "Exactly. Not fancy, not casual." He says, patting his best friend's shoulder, "And see through," he winks, receiving a harsh slap to his abdomen. "I guess I deserved that," he chuckles, clutching the place where Taehyung hit him on his way out of the room. 



Taehyung swears that he is not overly excited. He is definitely not looking forward to this date. He is calm and composed, waiting on the couch all dolled up since 10am. The date is at 2. So he has plenty of time to watch the old tv show he accidentally abandoned last month and play games on his phone. 

It is not like he is shaking with nerves or anything. He just likes to be prepared on time and since he had time this morning, it just so happened he is a bit too early. But better than being late, right? 

Every car that pulls in front of their apartment might be the one. Taehyung makes sure he sees the street below to see when Jeongguk arrives and still have 2 minutes to scream in peace.

"Don't," Taehyung holds up his hand as soon as Jimin appears in the living room, eyes still half-closed. He worked the night shift yesterday, coming home this morning almost sleeping on his feet. The younger boy sometimes pities him in silence. 

Jimin frowns, checking him from head to toe, "I-"

"I said don't," the latter shoots him a pointed look, silencing Jimin up.

He just shrugs, still half asleep, going to make himself a cup of coffee. Thanks to that, Taehyung can't hear the TV anymore. The machine they have is loud and annoying, shaking the whole apartment in its base. Annoyed, he scoffs, turning the volume all the way up. The fact that he doesn't even know what's going on is not valid - he is still watching it. 

And that's why he doesn't hear the car pulling up in the front, doesn't hear Jimin opening the door and definitely doesn't expect the Lucifer's creation standing next to him with a bouquet of flowers. 

Taehyung shrieks, his whole body landing on the floor. Great, he made the most amazing impression. 

While he considers moving to Himayalas, pursuing his career of getting lost and freezing to death, Jeongguk is laughing his ass off. He didn't find it as funny as he found the reaction adorable. 

Reaching out to turn the volume off, he bends down, offering a hand for the younger boy to stand up.

Taehyung looks at him, bewildered, "You still want to go on a date? After this?" he gestures around himself, making Jeongguk smile. 

"Why wouldn't I?" he asks, tugging at the hand and helping him back on his feet, "You clearly just fell for me. And that was exactly my intention," he adds before Taehyung groans, burying his face in the palm of his hands. 

He is so embarassed. 

"Hey, pretty," Jeongguk puts his fingers under his chin, lifting it up gently, "these are for you," he presents the flowers to the younger boy who blushes even more, grateful smile fighting its way onto his lips. 

"T-Thank you," he says, taking the bouquet, "I'll just make Jimin to put them in a vase and we are good to go," the latter grins, disappearing into the kitchen where he hides his face in his friend's shoulder, screaming without any sound coming out from his mouth.

Jimin pats his back, maneuvering the younger while he takes a clear vase and fills it with water. 

"Go, and make him fall for you this time around," the older boy says, playfully smacking his butt. 

Taehyung giggles, nodding before pecking the older's neck as 'thank you' and sprinting out to see Jeongguk waiting for him by the door. 

"Shall we?" the older boy asks, bending his elbow so Taehyung can hook his arm over his. What a gentleman. 

The younger nods, grinning, "We shall."

"Have fun!" Jimin shouts from the kitchen, "Use protection!" 

"Don't worry, I didn't study medicine for nothing!" Jeongguk shouts back, laughing as he opens the door for the both of them to walk out. Sometimes Taehyung really wants to smack his best friend. 


One would expect the almighty penis charmer Jeon Jeongguk to be serious and professional all the time. 

At least, that's the vibe of being a doctor. All medicine related topic stocked in the man's brain, book of diagnoses opened and sharp eyes. 

The reality is different - at least for Taehyung, who sits in the passaner seat, window rolled down and is currently singing trot songs with his hot date to the drivers surrounding them. The reactions are really priceless and they both are laughing as soon as the driver next to them looks ahead to the road, confused as ever. 

"Where are we going?" Taehyung asks, cheeks hurting from all of the previous laughing. 

Jeongguk glances at him, one hand on the steering wheel, "Do you want the cliché it is a surprise or?"

The younger one grins, slapping his arm playfully, "Do you have something against clichés?"

"Not at all," the latter shrugs, placing his hand palm up on Taehyung's thigh. The younger one immediately laces their fingers, humming in satisfaction. "Do you trust me?" Jeongguk asks, pretty smirk on his lips when he glances at the boy again. 

Taehyung laughs, nodding. 

"Good," the doctor grins, "do you want a hint?" 

They take a turn to the right, going out of the city. Taehyung frowns, watching their surroudings change. It is not the tall buildings and people everywhere anymore, there are trees and some fields here and there. 

"Yes, please," he says, trying to come up with another direction. They still can go back to the city, if they go to the right at the end of the road. Maybe Jeongguk wants to avoid the traffic? 

The doctor smiles, squeezing his hand in his, "it is related to something you love."

Taehyung makes a questioning noise but is left unanswered. 

Nature? Art? Handsome boys? Theatre? What did we talk about last time? Food?

It looks like Jeongguk really wanted to avoid the traffic when the car goes to the right, but it doesn't turn where the road sign points to the city. Instead, they are still going straight ahead. 

"Have a clue?" the man next to him asks, thumb caressing the younger's hand delicately. 

We are definitely not going to the art museum or any museum, to be honest. They are all in the city. A café somewhere along the road? Or maybe picnic? But I haven't seen any basket nor blanket in this car. Should I look? Eh, probably not.

The boy shakes his head, clueless. 

Jeongguk grins, taking the hand out of the younger's (Taehyung pouts) and points to the sign above the road. Taehyung squints his eyes, trying to read it and oH MY GOD. He can't help himself, boucing in his seat.

"How did you know!?" he exclaims, suddenly very aware of their direction. 

The older laughs, excitement evident on his face as well, "You kept on sending me the red pandas and tiger videos, so I thou-" he doesn't finish the sentence, interrupted by a soft press of lips on his cheek. Two can blush.

"You are the best!" Taehyung squeals, plastered on the window as Jeongguk parks the car.

It is not until they are inside Jeongguk realizes, he has to hold the younger's hand in order not to lose him. Taehyung keeps jumping up and down, a certain spring in his walk as he talks about every little thing they pass.

He would have never guessed that a ZOO could get someone so excited. 

The younger looks like a little kid, all smiles and sparks in his eyes when Jeongguk turns to him, "Where to first, captain?"

Taehyung stops in front of the Zoo map, scanning the areas carefully. "Hmm," he puts his fingers to the bear drawing, "we can go this way and then we'll come back through the aquarium."

"Good idea," Jeongguk smiles, "please, lead the way!" he gestures to the road, waiting for Taehyung to start walking. 

Their hands find each other right after, swinging between their bodies freely. They make a stop to buy some food to feed giraffes and zebras, Taehyung happily carrying it to that area in one hand. 

He feels a bit embarassed about the sounds he is making, the excited and amazed ones, but the look on Jeongguk's face doesn't show irritation. Rather, the fondness in his eyes is just urging him on to make more of those adorable squeaks.

The younger boy lets go of the other, replacing it with the snacks and holding his hand up for the giraffe to take the food. Its tongue touches his skin as it tries to gather all of the snacks in one go and he giggles upon the contact. He doesn't even register Jeongguk taking pictures of him. 

"It tickles!" he turns to him, bright smile on his face. 

Jeongguk knows it is not going to take long to fall in love with this man. 

He grins, putting his phone away and copying Taehyung. Instead of feeding the giraffes, he bends a bit to the zebras, stroking their heads while they eat from his palm. 

"I think we'll need some wet tissues," he laughs, looking over to the younger boy walking closer to him. 

The latter scratches the animal behind its ears, giggling as it moves them a bit, "I saw a shop next to this. Maybe they have some!"

They stay like that for a few more minutes before waving the animals goodbye, wiping their hands on their jeans. 

"That's so disgusting," Jeongguk comments, fingers lacing with Taehyung's, "we are disgusting."

"Oh c'mon," the younger one whines between giggles, tugging him away to the tigers, "let's see these babies."


They spend the day at the Zoo, comparing each animal to one another and giggling when the animal does something. 

("Gukkie, look!" Taehyung points to the gorilla swinging on the play string they have inside, "That looks like you!"

Jeongguk laughs, "Why?"

"Look at these muscles and-" the gorilla jumps down, sitting next to the other one drinking something from a bottle and snatches it away. "Yup, definitely you. Look like he is showing off!" he laughs, running away from Jeongguk in fear he starts to tickle him again.)

When the sun is slowly setting down and it is time to go, Jeongguk slides his arm around Taehyung's middle, guiding him to the shop. 

The sun caresses their cheeks in slow strokes, wind playing with their hair - everything looks so happy and soft in Taehyung's eyes. The hand pressing him closer to Jeongguk's body is firm, never letting him go. The student swears he is slowly falling for the eyes that look back at him, the softest curve of lips and soothing voice entering his ear drums.

There is a soft peck pressed to his temple when they stand above the shelf with different kinds of stuffed animals and a quiet, "Go ahead, take the one you like the most."

Taehyung's heart swells. 

He picks the little rabbit he sees in the corner - it resembles Jeongguk a bit, and shows it to the older man who smiles, nodding. 

Jeongguk pays for it, gifting it to Taehyung as a memory of their first date to which the younger boy responds with, "So you're going to pay every single date for me to pay you back with another one?" he grins, hooking his hand over Jeongguk's elbow.

The latter grins, "Oh, that's a good idea!"

Both of them leave the gates of the ZOO with huge smiles on their faces, happy and maybe looking forward to what's yet to come. 



"It's too fast, isn't it?" Taehyung whines into Hoseok's thigh, his new personal pillow for the night. 

The older boy cards his fingers through his hair, shrugging, "I mean, yeah, a bit. But you can't control your feelings. You know, when two alike souls meet-"

"It's been 3 months, Taehyungie," Yoongi interferes, sitting next to them on the bed with a tea in his hand, "you've been going on dates with him for 3 months - every single week at least 2 times."

"Important question!" Hoseok holds up his index finger, looking down at his friend, "Have you two kissed already?"

"Kissed as in?" Taehyung lifts his head, stealing the tea from his older friend. Yoongi frowns but doesn't say anything, holding his knees to his chest. 

"Like a full make-out session."

"Umm, no-" the youngest admits, blushing, "but like, I give him one of those chaste kisses after every date? Kind of? It is a tradition."

"Oh my god," Yoongi groans, "this is too adorable for my cold heart. Where is my sassy Taehyung!? Why did you replace him with this blushing shy mess?"

"That's what love does to you," Hoseok tuts, sending Taehyung into a coughing fit. 

When the younger one's breath comes back to normal, he shakes his head violently, "I can't tell if it is love."

"Let's see," Hoseok straightens his back, pushing his hair out of his forehead, "do you think about him a lot?"

The blush answers it all, "Uhmm," the latter hums, sipping the hot liquid before returning it to its rightful owner. It doesn't taste good anyways.

"Do you miss him?" 

"More than I'd like to," Taehyung pouts, head falling back onto Hoseok's thigh. 

In that moment Jimin opens the door, only head peaking in, "Tae, Guk is here," he smiles.

"What?" the younger boy almost falls down from the bed. Thankfully, Yoongi is quick to catch him before he kisses the ground. 

Jimin shrugs, "I don't know," he says, looking over his shoulder, "he just came and asked if he can see you."

If Hoseok wasn't here, he would be frozen on the spot, not moving an inch. The older boy pushes him out of the bed, making sure he actually lands on his feet and kicks him out of the door. Not without "get him, tiger."

His roommate sends him a cheeky smile, patting his shoulder before replacing him on the empty spot on Hoseok's thigh.

Taehyung is shaking.


"Hi, Gukkie," the younger boy approaches the man sitting on the couch, gently smiling. 

One look and he knows something is wrong. The man has dark circles under his eyes, his smile is broken and he really looks like shit. His usually perfectly combined hair is a bird's nest, he is wearing a hoodie instead of the shirts he seems to have a whole wardrobe of and there's a ligth stubble adoring his cheeks. 

The latter looks up, smiling a bit before he stands up. His arms are wide open and Taehyung doesn't hesitate to walk right between them, burying his face into the crook of Jeongguk's neck. 

"Hi," he exhales, holding the boy closer, "I missed you."

Taehyung hums, pecking the soft skin of the older's neck lightly, "I missed you too."

Silence envelopes them, the only sound is the murmur of his friends coming from his room. The student inhales, stepping back from Jeongguk's hug and looks into his eyes. They look tired - exhausted as if the male wasn't sleeping well for the past week they hadn't seen each other. 

He knows Jeongguk was working on something. He texted him when they were supposed to go on one of their weekly dates that he was held back in a lab by one of the doctors, responsible for surgery of his patient. Taehyung wished him good luck and ever since then only morning and goodnight texts were shared. 

"Tough week?" he asks, brushing the hair out of Jeongguk's forehead. 

The latter just nods, looking down, "Very."

"Do you want to go over to yours? We can cuddle and watch something, if you want," Taehyung whispers, holding the eye contact. They are so close, he just has to move his head a little bit to mold their lips together. But he doesn't. Instead, he watches as Jeongguk slightly nods, small smile appearing on his lips,

"Sounds like a plan," he says, lacing their fingers together, "you should tell Jimin you're sleeping over mine tonight, hm?" 

Taehyung nods, but before he leaves to do that, he presses a chaste peck to his lips, "I'll be right back," he smiles, walking back to his room. 

Opening the door, he finds his three friends sitting next to the wall, ears pressed to it. They grin back at him, shooting him thumbs up. Taehyung doesn't have the time to call them out for being rude towards him, he simply informs his roommate about his whereabouts, plugging his phone out from the charger. He sighs, heart beating faster when he reaches the door again. 

It's not like he doesn't want to go - of course, he does. But this whole thing with his heart is confusing him. He always thought falling in love is a long journey. It seems unrealistical, something from a romantic book where people fall in love over one night. 

And maybe his life is narrated by somebody who enjoys these types of stories.

He waves at his friends, muttering a quiet 'goodnight' before Hoseok winks at him and Jimin silently cheers. 


The ride to Jeongguk's place is calm. The older one has his hand thrown over Taehyung's thigh like so many times before while the younger observes him.

From his forehead to the slope of his nose, down his plump lips and adorable cheeks to the sharp jawline. There are so many contrasting features this man carries - not only the looks but also his character. How one second he is the teasing young devil who visits him in his dreams from time to time and the next he is this adorable, soft bunny who instead of saying things out loud, whispers them in his ear. 

They are silent, listening to the soft music coming out from the radio. 

Two weeks ago Taehyung made a playlist for their ever so lasting car rides, containing everything you could ask for. And surprisingly, the older man has never changed it to anything else. He kept listening to the same songs over and over, wherever he went. It reminds him of big soft hands and sparkling eyes, and everything he loves. 

Jeongguk came into a conclusion over this week. 

Being away from the young student was painful. He missed him like crazy - the phone calls and random texts at 3am, the dates and giggles they shared. He missed the whole package that is Kim Taehyung. 

They both know there is something between them which is left unspoken everytime they are together. The handholding and chaste kisses are something to go by, but there wasn't a chance to talk about it. If there is even something to talk about when it is clear as a day. 

Jeongguk parks the car, glancing at Taehyung who just smiles, exiting it quickly. 

The night is cold which doesn't go unnoticed by both of them as they press their bodies closer while walking across the parking lot. A few couples are lingering around the place, laughing and talking in hushed whispers, leaving Taehyung watch in silence. He wishes he had the guts to come clear to Jeongguk. 

The elevator pings, signalizing it is time to go out - their hands finding each other. 

The older man is fast in opening the apartment door, leading Taehyung inside. He sets the keys to the bowl on the counter, taking his shoes off which the younger boy immediately follows. 

He has been there a couple of times, joking about Jeongguk's never-stopping sanitation obsession. 

There wasn't a thing out of place, everything always clean and shining. It was a nice contrast to what is back at Jimin and Taehyung's place where you need to jump in order not to step on something. He is always so embarassed when Jeongguk visits them. 

"Coke?" Jeongguk asks, a can already in his hand. 

Taehyung smiles, "You know me so well."

At least something made the older man smile. He puts the drinks on the conference table, asking the student to find something for them to watch while he makes popcorn. It feels weirdly domestic as Taehyung scrolls down the tv shows and movies with Jeongguk rummaging through the cabinets. 

When he returns, the younger boy is already lying on his side, leaving a place between him and the backrest. 

He grins at the older when he takes a blanket from the armchair, squishing his body behind him and drapping the cloth over both of them. A hand finds its place on his flat tummy, caressing it slightly. Taehyung wiggles a bit to get into more comfortable position, pressing his butt into the older's crotch, leaving their legs to tangle together. 



30 minutes into Sherlock Holmes he feels a press of lips against his neck. Just a soft peck while the hand previously on his tummy travels to his hip. 

He tilts his head a bit, wordlessly telling Jeongguk that it is okay and he wants more. 

More of those plump lips lingering on his skin, more of the touch of his fingers drawing shapes all over his body, more of Jeongguk. 

It's been too long for a sexual tension between them. He trusts this man. And more importantly; wants and needs him. His eyes never leave Robert Downey Jr. as Jeongguk starts pressing open mouthed kisses to the expanse of his shoulder and the back of his neck. Just his fingers find the older one's, guiding him down to his thigh - a silent approval of his touch. 

He feels hot. 

Pushing his hips back to Jeongguk's, he lets the moan roll out of his tongue. Slow. Everything is so slow and sensual. 

Taehyung closes his eyes, savouring every move of the body behind him. The way Jeongguk pushes his hips back when he retreats them, rolling his into him. The slow drag of the bulge over his asscrack makes him whimper, he wants more. He wants to feel him bare, pressed against his rim and then pushing inside. He needs Jeongguk to ruin him in the sweetest way possible. 

His mind is hazy with lust filled thoughts, turning his head to find Jeongguk staring at him. 

Dark eyes, flushed cheeks. 

His tongue finds way out of his mouth, wetting his lips all the while the older man observes him carefully. 

He can't hold back more, lifting his hand up he grasps the latter's nape and pushes his head closer. Hot breath is exchanged between two parted lips, ghosting over each other - so close but so far away. 

Jeongguk's hips roll into him again, the grip on him tightening. 

"Kiss me," Taehyung whispers, staring at the older's red lips, "Please," he whimpers. 

The latter seems like he is having a time of his life, watching Taehyung desperate for him. Even if it is only a kiss. 

He smiles, something wicked flashing in his eyes before he bends a bit more - just enough to touch the younger's lips with his like butterfly wings. 

"Please," the student sighs again, not daring to make a move first. 

He is breathless and they haven't even done anything yet, tears welling in his eyes. So soft and needy. 

Jeongguk stills his movements, holding Taehyung in place to feel what he is doing to him. What he has to deal with ever since he came into his ambulance. To feel how long he has been waiting for the boy to allow him to touch, not only to admire from afar. 

A pathetic cry rips from the younger's throat, "Please, Gukkie," he begs again. Sensitive. 

"So beautiful," the man whispers, finally molding their lips together. He drags his tongue over the younger's lower lip while thrusting up, slowly pressing into him until his cock is seated right between the younger's cheeks. "Do you feel it, baby?" he asks into the other's mouth, "do you feel what you do to me? How much I want to fill up that pretty little hole of yours?" 

"P-Please," Taehyung sobs, circling his hips when Jeongguk releases him for a second. He takes the older's hand, guiding him all over his body once again. 

Their kisses are heavy, full of unsaid words and emotions. Tongues caressing each other until Jeongguk sucks Taehyung's into his mouth, making him whine. He nips at the side of the younger's mouth, pressing a peck to sooth the pain afterwards. 

"My pretty baby boy," Jeongguk whispers, eyes meeting with Taehyung's who whimpers, "what do you want, baby, hm?" he asks, caressing the latter's cheek affectionately. "Tell me."

Taehyung rolls his hips, the older's cock sliding inbetween his cheeks, "You," he takes a shaky breath. 

Jeongguk's hand travels underneath the waistband of the younger's black boxer's, fingers grazing the inner thighs. Taehyung squirms in his arms, ass colliding with Jeongguk's front. They are practically glued together, their bodies moving in sync. 

"Are you going to be a good boy?" he asks, kissing the latter's ear, "Good boy for me?"

Taehyung moans, nodding his head quickly when Jeongguk wraps his hand around his member. He shudders as the older boy starts stroking his length, thumb digging into the slit slightly. 

These are the most beautiful moans Jeongguk has ever heard. Quiet, needy and submissive. 

He didn't even have to tell the younger boy to keep his hands the way they were, to not touch, to let him take care and be in control. Taehyung let the man do whatever he wanted, trusted him with his body and that's what made Jeongguk go crazy. 

His fingers trace the prominent veins with a light touch, the younger squeezing his legs together. When the latter notices that, he nudges his legs apart, placing one of them over his thigh. 

Taehyung cries when the hand returns, pushing the boxers down and the fingers waltz over his entrance. Not pushing in, just circling the rim as if they were really dancing. He wants to scream but instead just whimpers again, catching Jeongguk's bottom lip between his and sucks. 

Jeongguk groans, hips stuttering - taken by surprise. 

The older male presses the heel of his palm over Taehyung's crotch, once, twice, bringing his leg over the younger's one - flipping him on his back. Taehyung looks up at him, swollen lips and tear filled eyes. 

He holds Taehyung's knees down, bending to blow hot air over the tip of the younger's cock. 

The reaction is everything he wanted. Another cry leaving the pretty male, hips shooting up while precum slides down the younger's shaft. 

He licks a strip up, wrapping his mouth around the tip and sucks in the same slow pace they set up in the begging. He flattens his tongue on the underside, going down til Taehyung's dick reaches his throat, swallowing around him. 

Jeongguk sees how Taehyung fights the urge to thrust up, if the muscles in his thighs and abdomen is anything to go by. 

Swallowing once more, he comes back up to the tip, licking it. 

"Gu-Gukkie," the younger stutters, his hands trying to find anything he can grip for grounding, "G-Gukkie," he moans again when Jeongguk's teeth grazes the soft skin of his inner thigh. "Mark me," he whispers, "I need to be marked by you."

"As you wish," the older smiles, biting into the thigh. 

He can't wait for the bruise turning a pretty shade of purple. Jeongguk's mouth makes a trail of kisses and bites down to his ass. He presses one last kiss to the left leg before he lifts the boy's bottom up a bit, hooking his legs over his shoulders. 

Taehyung's eyes widen when the realization dawns on him, gasping. 

"Stay still, pretty," Jeongguk says sternly, pushing his cheeks apart. 

It is wet and hot, and everything Taehyung has dreamt of. The older boy's tongue finds his entrance as if it was nothing, kissing it lewdly before he enters him. He kisses it like he was kissing his lips - passionately, slowly, making love and not just fucking it roughly. 

He is taking his time, gripping the boy, stroking his skin. He baths in the moans and cries, in the way the younger tries to obey everything he says. 

Taehyung gasps, "I- I am close."

"Come for me, love," Jeongguk mutters before diving back in. 

Taehyung digs his heels into Jeongguk's back, back arching from the couch as he reaches his climax. He can't breathe, can't hold back the scream and the older's name coming out of his lips like a mantra. 

Jeongguk gives him time to recover, kissing him all over his cheeks, stroking his hair back and whispering praises into his ear. He doesn't mind the sticky cum on the younger's tummy when Taehyung clings to him like a koala, trying to catch his breath. 

"You did so good, made me so proud," he says, pecking the skin behind his earlobe, "such a good boy."

The younger boy buries his hand in the latter's locks, bringing their mouths together. 

"I want you to cum in me," Taehyung whispers into the kiss, "I want to feel all of you."

Jeongguk groans, biting into his neck to leave another harsh flower lingering on his skin. His fingers find their way into Taehyung's hot carven, who swirls his tongue over them, sucking them in. Jeongguk's hips presess against him, making both of them moan lowly. 

The older man kisses him, "Hold onto me," he murmurs before he lifts Taehyung up easily. 

The latter whimpers, leaving lovebites from Jeongguk's ear down to his collorbone as the man carries him into the bedroom. 

Jeongguk places him on the bed gently, crawling over him after throwing the bottle of lube next to the boy. He kisses Taehyung's chest, biting lightly the pretty brown nipple while he warms up the lube inbetween his fingers. 

As soon as the first digit enters Taehyung, he pushes against it, closing his eyes tightly. 

He is intoxicated by the smell of Jeongguk invading his senses from every direction, the mouth using his body as canvas and the words whispered into his skin. It is all too much. 

The man hovering over him smiles, kissing his lips softly, "You are so gorgeous, Taehyung."

The said boy moans, Jeongguk starting to scissor his fingers. He is loosen up enough to take more until he is screaming, practically riding the older man's fingers. 

"Fill me up," a tear slides down his cheek, "please, Gukkie."

Jeongguk nods, lubing up his cock before pushing him slowly inside. Both of them moan, completely lost in the pleasure. There's no way to tell where one ends and the other starts, connected together like they were made for making love. 

Taehyung makes a little noise in the back of his throat, telling Jeongguk it is okay to move. 

Soon the room turns hotter, the opened window not helping at all. Their moans are echoing through the whole space, leaking outside but they don't care. 

When Jeongguk thrust, Taehyung meets him halfway. Deep and slow, the way they feel it is right. 

"Yes, kitten," the older growls, adjusting the latter's leg on his shoulder, "that's it."

Sweat is glistening on their bodies, sliding down Jeongguk's abs and sticking Taehyung's fringe to his forehead. The younger feels he won't last long, sobbing when Jeongguk presses a finger to the lovebite he created earlier. 

"Je-Jeongg-uhh," the tears are sliding freely to the pillows under him, the burn in his lower belly unbearable.

"Shh, it is okay," the latter soothing voice blends in his moan, "can you come untouched again?"

Taehyung nods, desperately reaching for Jeongguk's hand and intertwining their fingers together. The older speeds up, close to release as well and soon enough both of them are coming with each other's name on their lips. 

They are spend by the time they catch their breaths, Jeongguk kissing Taehyung softly. Coaxing his lips with saliva. 

"Let's get us cleaned up, hm?" he whispers, hooking his hands under the younger's thighs once again. He runs them a bath, washes Taehyung's hair and wraps him in a fluffy towel. 

The student is half asleep by the time Jeongguk changes the sheets and lays him down, kissing his forehead. 

He cuddles closer to the older man, face in the crook of his neck when he hears the last words before he is taken to the dreamland. 

"I am in love with you."



Taehyung is texting his boyfriend over breakfast, huge smile shining on his lips when Jimin appears in his fashionably destroyed tshirt. It is the morning after, Jeongguk dropped him at his apartment before work (he was late anyways) and he hasn't stopped smiling ever since. 

Jeongguk promised him to stop by after he is done working, Seokjin yelling at him through the phone. Apparently, this was the first time it happened but he has a lots of patients today and "Mr. Jung won't stop knocking, I am tired of it."

The younger boy hums, "Morning, Minnie."

"Oh, someone is in a good mood?" Jimin yawns, rubbing his face. 

"I have a boyfriend!" Taehyung exclaims, grinning. 

Jimin whistles, pouring himself a cup of coffee, "About time," he says, sitting down in front of bouncing Taehyung. He watches the younger excitely kicking his legs before smirking, "So tell me about your penis charmer, did his flute made your snake dance?"

"Park Jimin!"