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Early Fox Gets the Bird

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Yoongi’s worth, as he’s been told by his owner so many times, is his eggs. He’s a wild bird three generations in, enough for a pedigree but still having that value of wild game, and if his first batch of eggs is the result of a similarly pedigreed hybrid, it’ll be priceless. Wild quail hybrid eggs of the finest quality, first heat, from a male specimen; the price is monumental.

Of course, if Yoongi lays any eggs prior to this, he’s worthless. His owner has beat this into his brain. If Yoongi is bred, he’ll start laying eggs. If Yoongi is bred, he’s worthless. Right now, he lives a perfect, pampered life in a spacious, secluded aviary. Yoongi knows, in the back of his mind, he dreads the day he’s bred. He will be worth nothing. But he doesn’t like to think about that, he likes to hope his owner will keep him after. He’s been here so long, after all.

Things don’t always go the way they’re planned, though. Yoongi’s heat hits him in the evening, after his owner has checked on him. The space between his hips throbs and he barely claws his way into his nest before pangs of something run through him, and he feels wet. This terrifies Yoongi. He knows the day he loses everything looms so much closer, now. But his crotch throbs, and he begins to sweat.

Yoongi shucks off his clothes with jerky, stiff movements, and throws them to the far side of his gilded cage. He feels so hot, warmth leeching to other parts of his body from his abdomen. He feels so weak, and he hates it. He’s so fucking horny it hurts, and he can’t help but brush his fingers between his legs. Fuck, fuck does that feel good, and Yoongi whimpers at just a tiny touch ghosting over his clit. It feels like all his thoughts are sliding around in oil.

Yoongi rubs under his clit, it feels like too much right now to touch it directly. He knows he should probably be doing something else, maybe plan how he’s going to avoid getting bred by a hybrid his owner brings when he can barely move without slick gushing from his pussy, but he can’t help but want to at least cum once before he has to do anything else. Maybe then he’d be able to focus. So Yoongi presses his soft, scaled palm against his clit, feathers brushing his thigh, dips a claw oh so carefully into himself and god he’s so wet. He gently wets and drags the pads of his fingers across his folds, grunting a bit at how the new, easy slide inspires a burning want within him. Yoongi focuses on easing himself to orgasm with soft touches and wet gasps, and right when he’s about to cum, the aviary door creaks open.

Yoongi’s heat had made him release a pungent scent that floated through the surrounding trees, wafting through the air until it reached a nearby lone fox hybrid. Named Taehyung, he’d never smelled something so tantalizing and he couldn’t help following the trail to the coop. Looking in, finding a small, pretty quail in heat and fingering his pussy, Taehyung knew he needed to get a piece of that. So he broke in, and now he stands above Yoongi, who is frozen, terrified.

Taehyung looks so wild, mouth open and breathing deeply as he scents the air. Yoongi doesn’t even move his hand, just closes his legs and attempts scoot back in his nest. He can’t be bred now, he can’t. Maybe if he was bred properly his owner would keep him, but by a hybrid like this? Not even wearing proper clothes, living like a savage in the woods? Yoongi knows that would make him less than worthless, make him disgusting. Yoongi hopes the hybrid just, fuck, goes away, he doesn’t know. Yoongi just hopes the fox doesn’t fuck him.

Taehyung, though, gazes hungrily at the quail before him. Soft birdscales scattered across him, closer on his hands and feet, feathers growing lush and full on his neck and arms. All healthy signs this would be Taehyung’s chance to have the best fuck of his life, not even mentioning the savory scent and the wet pussy between the bird’s legs. He breaks from his freeze, rushes forward and pins the quail to his nest, shoving his face along the quail’s neck and nibbling along his jaw, marking his claim. "Hello pretty bird, no one’s taking care of you, huh? Gotta fix that, yeah, someone’s gotta breed you full. ‘M Taehyung, what’s your name, pretty?"

"Fuck you!" Yoongi screeches, too weak to fight the fox’s hold, but distressed and panicked at what his words mean. "Fuck you, I’ll be bred tomorrow, when my owner finds a hybrid better than you and I’ll lay good eggs and still be worth something. Get the fuck away from me!"

Taehyung grins against his skin, says "you’re one of those, then? The prize pets, never bred, and you’re supposed to lay such tasty eggs. Why, you’re proving it to me why I should breed you, pretty. If you’re worth nothing with eggs in you, then maybe I’ll get to keep you and I’ll never go hungry, get to eat your eggs. And it’s not like you could even be bred full of my pups, or anyone elses, you’re a silly little male. Just good for making eggs. I’ll just be speeding the process along, pretty, the end of the day you’ll be tossed out after this first batch anyway." And fuck, that hits that despairing, poisonous logic in the back of Yoongi’s mind that knows his owner doesn’t care about him past those priceless first eggs.

"Stop, I don’t care if I’m thrown away then, don’t do this," Yoongi creaks, breaking a bit, and Taehyung has the wonderful idea to dash over to the pile of Yoongi’s clothes, run back before Yoongi can move— weakened by his heat as he is— and stuff his shirt into his mouth as a makeshift gag. He ties it around Yoongi’s head, lets it draw back his lips so he can only let loose guttural pleas.

"Pretty bird, I don’t think you need any words no more. You just crow, I’ll take it as I’m doing something right," Taehyung murmurs as he presses his body close to Yoongi’s, his lack of clothes letting him rut his hardening cock right against Yoongi’s wet folds. He pins the bird to the nest, holds both of Yoongi’s wrists above his head, one arm braced against the bird’s chest. "I don’t care if you think you’ll be worthless, I’m gonna fuck you full of my cum now and it’s gonna be the biggest fucking treat I’ve ever given myself."

Taehyung knows Yoongi had been fingering himself, and all throughout their interaction Yoongi hadn’t stopped leaking slick— sure he didn’t want to be, but he’s in heat. He doesn’t have a choice. So Taehyung rubs himself across Yoongi’s pussy, wetting his cock and letting Yoongi know just how much he’s about to be fucked. Because fuck, that’s a big cock. Yoongi feels it’s length when Taehyung thrusts from head to base over Yoongi’s entrance, and he pleads through the gag to be spared. There’s no way that will fit, never mind the width. But Taehyung doesn’t care what Yoongi thinks, and he positions his cock to start pressing into Yoongi’s heat.

The pressure against him builds, and Yoongi tries so hard to say "it won’t fit, it’s too big it’ll never fit" through the gag, but the fox’s tail just brushes over his hip and eventually the head of his cock forces its way into Yoongi’s pussy. Yoongi keens, the pain is intense and it feels like he’s breaking, but another part of him is weeping in relief because the heat begging for him to be filled has been satisfied just a little. Taehyung tilts Yoongi’s body, gripping him by the hips until his head lies over Taehyung shoulder, and their chests touch. He raises the bird up until his cock nearly pops out of Yoongi’s pussy, and Yoongi knows what he’s going to do. Taehyung lets go.

Yoongi’s body drops slowly, the fox’s cock sliding deeper steadily, the only thing stopping Yoongi from meeting Taehyung ass to hips is the time it take for his cock to force Yoongi’s pussy open. It feels like forever, Yoongi releasing a high pitched whine of pain as he sinks down, until Taehyung bottoms out. Yoongi’s head drops, and he stares at the bulge the fox’s giant cock shows through his stomach. Yoongi had been a virgin; after this he’d be as loose as a whore. He feels so conflicted, so violated yet his body sings with how right this is.

Taehyung starts grinding up in little jerks of his hips, fucking little airy gasps out of Yoongi. Each brush of Taehyung’s hips against his clit catapults Yoongi closer to orgasm, and he can’t believe how wondeful this is making him feel. It had just hurt, he was just so, so afraid, but now it was good? He grips weakly at Taehyung’s shoulders and buries his face in them. Drool drips down his chin, tears and snot mixing with it to leave a mess on the fox’s chest.

Taehyung just leans forward, leans until Yoongi falls back and he can start fucking the bird for real, caging him in under his arms and using all his power to thrust into Yoongi. This change in position, Yoongi getting rammed by such a large cock, and the visual of the bump on his stomach reappearing as Taehyung fucks into him cause him to soar into his first orgasm of the night. Yoongi looses a warbling cry, riding the pleasure until its passed and Taehyung is still fucking him and it starts to hurt. He’s oversensitive, but Taehyung is nowhere near done.

Taehyung starts shoving the bird down onto his cock to meet his thrusts, and honestly, Yoongi feels it shouldn’t even fit into his pussy at this point. It only feels like it’s grown larger, bumping against his cervix on each thrust. Yoongi sniffles as Taehyung keeps fucking him so deliciously roughly, he knows he shouldn’t be loving this but the pain just seems to feel the pleasure, even as tears stream down his face. It’s when Taehyung’s cock starts to expand at the base that Yoongi is brought back to reality, and begins to squawk in fear through the gag.

"Come on, pretty, you’ve done so well so far, you can take my knot. You can be a good boy, yeah?" Taehyung pants, and Yoongi sobs. Taehyung’s knot just keeps growing, and eventually Taehyung is stuck in him. It keeps expanding, and Yoongi feels like he’s going to break. It’s so big, Yoongi can see where it lies between his hips, a soft slope of a bump only getting bigger.

When it finally stops growing, Yoongi feels like it’s forcing his hips and legs apart it’s so large. Taehyung nudges forward, and Yoongi cums from the completely overwhelming sensation. The clench around his cock causes Taehyung to moan, and he begins to cum, too.

For a while it just feels like a hot rush to Yoongi. The feeling of cum gushing into him almost soothing him, but soon he feels a tightness building. Taehyung is so big that nothing can escape around him; not his cum, not even Yoongi’s own slick can leak out past the fox’s knot. It’s when the cum starts to dribble into his womb that he jolts, the feeling in a place so untouched making him refocus. The pressure had built up enough that it had nowhere else to go— Taehyung’s cum now floods through Yoongi’s cervix, filling him up in a deep, deep place. He gurgles at the fullness, unable to form proper sounds. Taehyung just whispers how amazing he is, taking all his cum like a good boy.

Yoongi feels more and more sated with each pulse of cum into him, and he forgets why he was so against it. He drapes a hand over his stomach, feels how his womb is slightly ballooning it outwards. He’d be content like this, he thinks. That’s what he thinks, as he watches his stomach steadily distend to the sky; but Taehyung hasn’t stopped yet. He still pants against Yoongi’s ear as his body shudders with each new release. Such a large cock, such a large knot, Yoongi’s starting to cramp slightly from the sheer volume of cum inside him— he just takes it, knows he wouldn’t be able to move from how rough the fuck was, how weak from heat he is, anyway. Cum keeps swelling his belly and he soon looks completely bloated, stomach so round. The rest of him looks disproportionate compared to his engorged belly— Yoongi feels like he’s going to burst. He watches in awe as his stomach continues to bulge, so filled with cum it looks like he’s already full of eggs.

Finally, Taehyung shudders and the flow comes to a stop. Taehyung settles down for a nap, knowing neither will be leaving soon. He’ll leave once his knot goes down; Yoongi probably won’t move for much, much longer than that. Yoongi looks down, and seed how he can’t even see where Taehyung’s cock enters his body because his stomach has swelled much, much beyond that. He’s got so much cum in him that he won’t be able to move. Yoongi wheezes, trying to breathe around his bloated womb. He’ll definitely start laying, now.

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It’s the next morning, and Yoongi wakes to his world being turned upside down. His owner practically spits on him, red faced and yelling "you stupid whore, couldn’t last a fucking night before getting knocked up? I invested so much into your sorry ass and this is how you repay me?" Yoongi can’t even move enough on his own to get away, his owner kicking him and stomping on his legs. "Shitty whore, get fucked by a fucking animal or something? Looks like you’re fucking egg bound, maybe I could’ve hidden it but you’re useless now. Fucking worthless piece of shit," his owner barks, spittle flying, as he drags yoongi by his spindly arms out of his nest and home, kicks him across the ground a bit, and tells him that he’s got twenty minutes before his owner is going to be back to chase him out with a shotgun. He doesn’t live here anymore, not when he’s made himself fucking worthless.

Yoongi just lies there aching as his owner storms away through the trees. His stomach is still so bloated, it feels different now, though. Before, it had felt almost like it was filled with slush, only cum swimming in him. Yoongi knows, though, his body would have reacted to how much the fox had cum inside him. It’d overproduce eggs, try to make up for how much cum had been pumped into him. Normally this would be fine, but Yoongi, shaking, staring at his lumpy abdomen, still so, so swelled, knows something’s gone wrong.

His owner had said he was egg bound; isn’t that what happens to birds that can’t lay right? Eggs get stuck. Yoongi shudders. If one, if one egg is stuck in him, and his body is still overproducing... He’s got to get somewhere safe. He’s got to fix this before he can’t move from the sickness. Yoongi’s already halfway there, if he’s going to be honest with himself. Locking his feelings in a box to deal with later, he focuses on getting somewhere else. He doesn’t doubt that his owner would shoot him dead where he lies.

Getting up is. Hard. Rocking forward so he’s sitting puts force on his belly, and he can feel the weight pulling on his back. He shivers, feeling cold, possibly a side effect of the bound egg, and keeps moving. One knee, then two, then grabbing onto a nearby tree to balance as he makes his way to his feet. Panting, he’s only stood up and it feels like he ran a marathon. Fuck. Maybe it’s the weight of his belly, maybe it’s how he’d never done much outside the aviary, maybe it’s how his body is reacting to being egg bound; hell, it’s probably all three. Either way, Yoongi has a feeling he’s a bit more than fucked.

Apparently it wasn’t the very first egg that was bound, Yoongi learns as two eggs slide free as soon as he’s fully upright and tries to move. They slip from him, such a weird sensation, something coming out of him, dropping onto the grass. When he looks down, plume bobbing, he find them lying there innocently, covered in what has left of his slick and a bit of cum. Everything he’s been told he’s worth and everything that has made him worthless. He steps on them, smears them into the dirt.

The only positive Yoongi can see at the moment is that being sick made his heat subside; thank god for small wonders, he thinks bitterly. At least he doesn’t have slick building up in him, too. If he’d just not gone into heat in the first place, if that fox had never come, just. He wouldn’t be here, like this. Yet. Yoongi moves on. Tries to take some steps. He knows his owner will be back soon; he’s used a lot of his time.

Every step, Yoongi lurches, unused to the impetus on his balance. He figures out all he can do is waddle, his belly shifting with him, a slow pace, but better than none. He makes his way into the forest, away from everything he’s ever known. Toward uncertainty, but the only certainty left at the aviary is his death. Yoongi moves on.

It feels like hours, Yoongi shuffling his way through the undergrowth. The sky grows darker, and he knows he needs to be finding safety soon. His stomach cramps with every sway, adrenaline the only thing keeping him moving. He has to keep moving, Yoongi thinks in a unfocused haze, until he totters into a tree. He comes crashing down, and it hurts so much, pain lances up his spine, but at least he didn’t land on his belly. Yoongi realizes he’s fallen into an empty burrow, doesn’t smell like anything’s lived here a while, and fuck, Yoongi doesn’t know if he can get up again. It’ll have to do.

Yoongi slides himself further into the dirt tunnel, until it widens into a den and he can sit up against the wall. Yoongi doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He’s got to get the eggs out if he wants to survive but one is stuck and how does he even deal with that? It’s not like he was told how to work with this. Yoongi figures it might help to see if he can even reach the egg, and brings his hand down to his pussy.

It feels like dejà-vu, but Yoongi doesn’t want to think about that. He slips his fingers into himself, avoiding pleasure the best he can, and prods at the insides of his cunt. His hole’s so loose his exploration barely stretches it. At least Yoongi doesn’t have to worry about being too tight for the eggs to pass through once they get out of his womb; the fox’s cock fucking ruined him. He can’t feel anything but his cervix in the back, swollen. Fuck. It’s going to be a long process.

Yoongi lies there, shaking, weak and embittered, hoping that some alternative solution will magically come to him. It doesn’t, and his body just aches at him for the time he wasted. His only option is to force them out. He’s got two options: pushing from the outside, and pushing from the inside. He hopes the first works, please, please. Yoongi tries to relax, and pushes down on his womb with one hand. Instantly, pain wracks his body; Yoongi feels like he’s burning, like he’s cracking apart. He screams, no, no, he can’t do this. Fuck, he’s so fucked. He doesn’t want to do this. He’s broken.

Yoongi waits for the pain to subside into a gentle flame. He’s got to move on. Pushing from the inside has two options of its own, but he doesn’t want to think about the second. No. He tenses up, tries to push with his abdomen. It doesn’t... burn like what before had, but it makes Yoongi feel sick and woozy, and nothing happens with the egg. He’s still got his hand in his pussy— his cervix hadn’t even budged. He rests, tenses again. Tries so goddamn hard. Two tries becomes five, becomes seven. It doesn’t work.

Yoongi pants, slumped, exhausted. Nothing would move. None of the eggs, not the stuck one, not the others. He doesn’t want to do this. He doesn’t want this to be the way. He doesn’t want to do this and find out it wouldn’t even help. He doesn’t want to do this and find out it does help. Yoongi’s weary and tired to the bone and he’s going to have to orgasm strongly enough that he dislodges the bound egg.

Yoongi groans, dull pain excised from him in a guttural cry of anguish. He didn’t want any of this. He rubs against his clit, tries to make it as quick and painless as possible. Thinks about nothing, anything. Anything but the night before. But how can he help it? It was his only sexual experience, and though he didn’t want it, it still felt good. How is he supposed to avoid thinking about it? So, when the tactile memory of the fox’s cock knotting him flashes through him, Yoongi cums. He convulses, tried his best to take advantage of it and help. It almost doesn’t work. He reaches inside himself, feels the egg stuck. Yoongi cries, grabs at it, and with his last brace he feels it slide into his hand.

Yoongi draws the egg out, looks at it’s misshapen, speckled form. All that pain, for something so fucking worthless. He smashes it against the wall.

Now that Yoongi isn’t blocked up by the bound egg, he can feel the others threatening to slip free. Smaller, better shaped, they nudge at his cervix because of how tight his womb is around them. Cum starts to seep from him, finally freed. Yoongi tenses, gasps as an egg slide out of him. It feels so fucking good— he hates it. He doesn’t want to enjoy this. But he does, each egg slipping out so smoothly now as every three or so he orgasms, contracting enough that the next few are jostled free. Yoongi rides the experience in a fugue of unhappiness and satisfaction, overwhelmed and overstimulated from the backed up eggs. He’s not meant to lay this many in one go but they had all been stuck, forced to form by his body’s reaction to the sheer amount of cum. His stomach slowly sinks back towards its original shape as he lays more and more eggs, each about the size of a golf ball. The sensation of the eggs escaping his womb surprises Yoongi every time, the sudden tightness followed by a pure rush of emotion, eggs, and cum. He hiccups his way through the last couple eggs, has to press down on himself to help them and thankfully it doesn’t hurt like it had the first time. Maybe at this point he’s in so much pain it doesn’t matter. Yoongi knows that’s not true, but he wishes it was.

When the last egg is laid, coming to rest among the others in the pool of cum between Yoongi’s legs, he slides down the wall until he lies in it too, unable to hold himself up anymore. He trembles, feels so used. Worthless. Fucked out. Time passes and he can’t find the will to move, not even to destroy the things that ruined him. Yoongi just waits. He knows what’s coming. Someone will want the eggs. Follow his smell, probably put his struggle to rest. He’ll be free, then. He doesn’t care anymore, he thinks. Yoongi feels hazy.

Sure enough, he hears the sharp crack of twigs above him, coming from the opening he fell through. Yoongi lets out a small moan. Please. The sounds get closer, until Yoongi sees the figure. Fear strikes him. No, please no. No, fuck, it’s the fox. Yoongi screeches, manages to drag himself back by arms, but there’s no room to run and he’s so weak. "Wow pretty," the fox drawls, "seems you just fell right in my lap. And you do lay eggs, huh, tasty. I think this is a sign I should keep you around. Name’s Taehyung, told you that already but you’re gonna have to remember now, we’re gonna be buddies."

Yoongi struggles and screams, but his feeble body is no match against the fox. Taehyung lays himself over him, suffocates him in his smell. Rams his length back into Yoongi, aided only by the cum left from last time, Taehyung sets to making sure his new pet knows exactly what he’s going to be doing. His pretty little bird is going to be bred so nicely every day, give him eggs to eat and Taehyung’s going to take such nice care of him, stuff him so full of cock and cum. He’ll know his duty. The little bird might not like it at first, but Taehyung’s sure he’ll come around.

Days and weeks pass, Taehyung forcing the bird to take food and water, coming each morning to take the eggs and fuck him until he swells. Yoongi seems only able to lay multiple now, bred so fully every time. He tries to escape some days, but with each passing moment he comes to accept his fragility, his place as Taehyung’s pet. His job. One day, while Taehyung fucks him, he chokes out his name in a sob; the fox pets him so nicely, stays and loves over him so sweetly. Yoongi learns the less he resists, the more he gives, everything is better. The day he becomes wet again, no longer only having the last day’s cum for lube, Taehyung eats him out. He starts to forget why he hated the fox so much. He starts welcoming the fox back, enjoying his company, starts missing him when he leaves. He gives Taehyung everything. He knows his place now, knows how being a good pet with a round little belly of eggs and cum will keep him happy and safe. Yoongi had always lived in a cage, anyway. This was just a different one.