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The Whereabouts of Habiki Amawa

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The doors opened.

Habiki stepped outside, the cold wind suddenly hitting everybody.

Jesus it’s cold here.

Habiki walked around, greeting some people, even though they were strangers.

He got reminded of how he greeted everybody when signing up for the middle school. He shrugged it off, walking over to a salesman that was selling maps.

He purchased a map for 25 yen, and walked back to where some taxis were.

He hopped into a taxi, and said “Head for Sakura Apartments please.”.

As walking out of a taxi, he turned to face the road, sitting on the steps leading up to higher up apartments, and looked up at the sky.


‘I’ll be back soon, Fuuko..’ He thought to himself, smiling, and tears rolling down his cheeks.

“Uhm, sir?” Someone said, clearly confused.

“Are you okay, sir?” The person said again.

Habiki lowered his head from the sky, wiping his tears with his arm and taking in what the stranger has to say.

The stranger had brown hair and big brown eyes, and was wearing a black sleeved t-shirt, black jeans, and some brown sandals.

“Yes, I’m fine,” He reassured the man, chuckling.

“Do you live here, sir?” The man asked again.

“No, but I am currently looking for a place to stay.”

“How about you stay with me?” The man suggested, stars filling up his eyes.

Hibiki blinked back into reality, realizing a complete stranger was asking him to live with them.

“W-well uh.. y-you see.. I-“

“Alright, great! Lets go to my apartment!”

“H-hey! I never agreed to come!”