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But You Love Me (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction)

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Mabel sighed as she dropped her head onto her hands in boredom. She playfully kicked out her feet while seated on a tree stump. Wendy leaned back with her arms crossed against a large boulder next to her. Mabel loved how the stone seemed to shine with purple glitter.

It took two days to find a safe way down the cliff that didn’t have the risk of being eaten by giant carnivorous plant or falling to their deaths. The forest had some of the largest trees she’s ever seen and had barely any light. Only a few hours into the dark forest, and they were already forced to take a break due to Grunkle Ford’s magic detector starting to malfunction.

She looked back to her Grunkles and puffed her cheeks. When will they get moving again? Every minute that passed was another minute longer that her brother could be in danger. And they’ve been sitting here for nearly an hour!

Dipper could be injured somewhere or unconscious! Despite Mabel’s crazy tendencies and random impulses, her twin was always the more likely to fall into dangerous situations. It was ironic, considering their personalities, but Mabel wasn’t surprised. His personality reminded her of a curious kitten.

After all, Dipper was the one to find the third journal and confront Bill Cipher at the top of the Fearamid. It seemed to get worse when magic appeared, like that time when he got cursed into a cervitaur after trespassing on a nature nymph’s territory. There was also their most recent expedition to the new werewolf settlement. Two werewolves fell madly in love with Dipper, which was cute and funny at first until one of them kidnapped him under their noses! Fortunately, they rescued him before anything serious happened, but she digressed.

“I don’t understand.” Ford stared at the inner workings of the device. “Everything is working fine but it’s not reading anything more than a meter away.”

“Hxll if I know,” came his brother’s unhelpful response.


“What’s the big deal? We’re all adults here. Well, most of us at least.” The older twins continued to bicker back and forth.

Wendy rolled her eyes at the siblings’ argument. Then she froze, her eyes widening. She picked up her axe and walked past the Pines.

“Wendy?” Mabel called after her, catching Stan and Ford’s attention.

“Something,” She began. “Something’s coming.”

Ford appeared beside her. “How far is it? What could it be?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Stan questioned.

“My spell is being blocked,” Wendy explained. “I don’t know how though.”

Mabel pulled out her pink and glittery, nail-studded bat, and joined the others. They all had their weapons out, prepared to attack as the leaves began the rustle.

When to their surprise, a familiar face poked though the bushes. They were faced with wide and brown doe-eyes when he caught sight of them.


“... Dipper?”

Mabel dropped her bat and ran to her twin. She embraced him in a tight hug as he stumbled out of the shrubbery, eliciting a gasp from her brother.


“M-Mabel! Please let go.”

Dipper tried to push away but ended up nearly collapsing in his sister’s arms. She heard the others behind her call out. Mabel pulled back her hand and her eyes widened when she saw the blood.

“You’re injured!”

She immediately dragged her brother over to the stump she was previously sitting on. Mabel immediately started casting healing magic on him.

It failed.

Mabel frowned. She wasn’t an expert on healing like Seus was, but she wasn’t terrible at it either. She cast the spell once more.

It failed again.

It took two more tries for the spell to start working. Wendy leaned over them with her hands on her hips.

“Geez, what happened to you? Those gashes are pretty deep.”

Before Dipper could give her an answer, a bright yellow light lit up in the direction he had come from.


Everyone became alarmed at the sound of the demon’s voice. Except for Dipper, oddly enough, Mabel noticed. He looked irritated, and his hand was trembling.

“Dxmmxt! Kids, get behind me!”

Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford immediately placed themselves in front of the younger twins. Stan’s fists crackled with mana and Ford charged up his blaster.


Ford snarled. “Begone, dem–“

Dipper dashed off the stump and grabbed his grunkle’s arm before he could fire.

“Wait, Grunkle Ford!”

“Dipper! What are you doing?!”

The boy glanced back from his grunkles to the demon. The demon had his hands rested on his sides and had a curious look on his face that silently said ‘go on’.

Dipper swallowed and look back to his grunkle.

“I-I made a deal with Bill.”

Wendy gasped and Mabel’s jaw dropped. Ford’s face lit up with rage. He grabbed his nephew by the collar and shook him furiously.

“Dipper, what you done?!” He cried. “Have you forgotten everything we’ve taught you?!”

“Eyy! That’s enough, Pointdexter!” Grunkle Stan freed Dipper from his brother’s grasp. “I’m sure the kid had his reasons.”

Stan placed his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Now, Dipper, tell me what you promised that demon.”

“I-“ Dipper shifted nervously. “I said that I’d let him come back to Gravity Falls.”

Stan’s face lit up with rage. He grabbed his nephew by the collar and shook him furiously.

“What were you thinking?!” Stan shouted. “Did you lose your brain when you fell of that cliff?!”

Wendy marched up and separated them. “Stop it, already! What’s done is done, and we can’t undo it.”

She forced the older twins to calm down. Dipper and Mabel silently thanked her in their heads.

“And you.” Wendy pointed her axe threateningly at the demon and narrowed her eyes. “What’s your game, Bill Cipher?


Said Pine Tree turned pale at the statement. Wendy lost her composure, her eyes widened win shock, and the two grunkles blanked out. Mabel wasn’t sure if she heard Bill correctly. She thought she heard the demon say that he wanted to date her brother, but that can’t be right. Right?


“Dipper... What the fxck,” Wendy stared at the teen in disbelief. Dipper immediately hid his face behind his hands.


Stan snapped. He started to stomp over to Bill, prompting Ford to grab his brother and pull him back before he could make any reckless moves. Stan flailed around in his grasp and screamed.


“Stanley!” His brother scolded.

“THAT CAN BE ARRANGED!” The triangular demon replied merrily.

“Bill, no!” Dipper called out. His face started to tint red. “Not. Helping.

Wendy moved to her brother’s side. “No offense, dude. But everyone is going to flip their shxt when we get back.”

“LITERALLY OR METAPHORICALLY?” Bill unhelpfully asked.

“Does it matter?!” Stan yelled. Bill seemed amused at his reaction.

“Stanley, calm down,” Grunkle Ford ordered. He crossed his arms and tapped his chin. “Now, what do we do? That demon definitely won’t let this go.”


Ford sighed. “Then we might have no choice but to bring him with us.”

“What?!” Stan cried.

“We are not prepared to deal with Bill Cipher right now, in case you haven’t noticed,” Ford ground out. “If even just a grain of Cipher’s self-proclaimed ‘love’ is true, it will be safer for us.”

They didn’t even try to hide their shudders.


The demon was promptly ignored.

“Alright, fine!” Grunkle Stan conceded. “But I’m not happy with this.”

“Well, we can’t really do much since a demon’s deal was already made,” said Wendy.

Mabel thought it was odd. Bill Cipher was exactly how she remembered him, but more... compliant and docile. Words that she never thought that she would associate with the demon until now.

“We will head back to the camp now.” Ford turned to Dipper and spoke to him sternly. “And you’re going to tell everything that happened after you fell that led to this on the way back to Gravity Falls.”

Her brother flinched. “Yes, Grunkle Ford.”

His body started to tremble and tears started to prick at the corners of his eyes. Dipper lowered his head. “I’m sorry, Grunkle Ford.”

Their Grunkle sighed and put a hand a her brother’s shoulder. “We’ll get through this.”

Wendy and Grunkle Stan were getting ready to move. Meanwhile, Mabel discreetly glanced back at Bill.

It was a strange sight to see. He was staring intently at her brother. There was no killing intent or scheming look, but the demon seemed to be... confused or unsure of himself, almost as if he was in pain. Mabel wondered if Bill wanted to swoop in to wipe away her brother’s tears and carry him away.

But in that case, did that mean his ‘love’ was true when he said it? Did the great and powerful Bill Cipher actually fall in love Dipper? It seemed like a plot of some romantic novel she would read. Since when did he fall in love was the question, and why with her brother of all people.

Mabel suppressed the urge to chuckle. Dipper always stirred up some kind of trouble wherever they went.

She wasn’t sure if her questions would ever be answered. But if Bill was indeed infatuated with Dipper, then perhaps they could...