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But You Love Me (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction)

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Magic. It what something that took a long time to get used to. If you weren't someone from Gravity Falls that is. It was an advantage to be already aware of the weirdness, and Gravity Falls happened to be the epicenter of it. So when magic, which was laying dormant for centuries, finally awakened in humanity, they weren't that surprised. To be honest, Dipper half-expected it to happen.

Dipper lazily looked out the window of the moving RV, staring at the sun peaking out over the horizon. Him, Mabel, Wendy, Pacifica and Gideon were returning from a recon mission to a new werewolf settlement that sprung up recently. Ever since Weirdmageddon, demons and other supernatural creatures started making themselves known to the world, claiming territories for themselves. Most cities all over the world suffered destruction at the hands of demons. Small towns and villages were much safer.

How did they know about what was going on with the rest of the world? Well, for some reason the satellites, towers and such were still functioning, so they still had access to electricity, radios and the Internet. Television was a no-go. Sorry, Grunkle Stan. At least, you still have your DVD's to watch.

Dipper looked to the rest of his team. Wendy was driving and made small talk with Gideon, who was riding shotgun, every now and then; while Mabel and Pacifica were discussing something he probably didn't care about. Pacifica and Gideon have really changed over the past years. Especially Gideon who had finally gotten rid of that ridiculous pompadour. He still has a thing for Mabel, but isn't creepy about it. Together with Wendy, Mabel, and himself, the five of them were the most powerful team of magic users in Gravity Falls, excluding their Grunkles of course.

Not everyone can use magic, but unsurprisingly, everyone in the Pines family can. But the same can't be said for Dipper and Mabel's parents or any other relatives, due to fact they have yet to make any sort of contact with them. They could only hope for the best... or fear the worst.

There must've been a better way of how things could've turned out. But hey, at least they weren't dead or under the tyrannical rule of a certain evil dorito.

Dipper sighed, leaning his head against the glass window. Everyone knows who Bill Cipher is now, but no one knows where he is. Maybe the other demons do, but they probably couldn't ask them anyway. Not that Dipper was complaining or anything, in fact, he hopes that Bill would never return but that was wishful thinking. It's just that Bill could've won, he destroyed the barrier after all... And the way he ended it was really strange too.



Dipper stood at the top of the Fearamid with the dream demon floating in the air in front of him. His family was surely making their was up as well.

"Fun?!" Dipper yelled. How dare that demon say that after everything he's done?! Bill lied and tricked them; led them around with a false hope. All those 'helpful' hints he gave them were all pointless. He didn't need Grunkle Ford to disable the barrier. He destroyed it himself! It was all just a game to him!


Bill read his mind. Of course he could read minds! How could he forget?! Why wouldn't he read his mind?! That isosceles freak has no respect for personal space. He invades people's minds after all. This whole invasion must be just some form of entertainment for him. What did he expect them to do now? Just bow down and submit themselves to this madness? This may be a game to you, Bill, but these are our lives at stake-



Bill snapped his fingers. The couch appearing right next Dipper, making him jump.


Dipper just glared at the triangle demon. He refused to sit down. He too a quick glance at it. Yup, definitely not sitting on that.


Bill circled around Dipper, his hands on his sides. "THEN WHAT DO YOU WANT, PINE TREE?"

The boy fumed. He's actually asking that now?! As if he wants to make him happy?! He couldn't believe it.

"Are you kidding me?!" Dipper yelled, stomping his foot on the ground.

"Do you really want to know what I want?!" Dipper was ranting at this point. He didn't even notice how the demon slightly leaned closer.

"I want you-" He pointed at Bill. "-to stop all of this! End Weirdmageddon! Turn everything and everyone back to how they were, fix Gravity Falls,-" He gestured at the remains of the town. "-stay away from us, and leave me alone!" Dipper remembered the his numerous encounters with the demon. It felt like he never left him alone.

The triangle demon seemed to deflate a bit at the last demand, but only for a second. Bill narrowed his eye, and rubbed his nonexistent chin. "So if I do all that, then you'll be happy. Hmmm..." The demon hummed and slightly tilted back, as if he was actually considering it. That simple action left Dipper staring.

"Dipper!" He heard his sister call out his name.


Everything after that was history. The rest of family arrived to back him up. Grunkle Ford shot Bill with his quantum destabilizer, but it didn't do its intended purpose. It didn't send Bill back through the rift, but it did send him away. Once he was gone, the town fixed itself and all of its citizens were freed, but the weirdness and demons didn't go away. The damage was done, and it spread throughout the rest of the world, causing a supernatural apocalypse. Even with Bill gone, Grunkle Ford warned them that one day he will return, and on that day, they would have to be ready for it.

"Dudes, we're back!" Wendy announced, snapping Dipper out of his thoughts.

Mabel was bursting with excitement as the RV rolled to a stop. As soon as the doors slid open, she jumped out and straight into the waiting arms of her besties, Candy and Grenda. They've all been busy lately. Grenda used her affinity for body-strengthening magic to help around with the town construction and defenses, while Candy currently studied the arts of brewing to make potions and elixirs.

On rare occasions like these, they just had to take advantage of it. They immediately started gossiping about the latest news around town and the new werewolf settlement. Pacifica was quickly absorbed into their conversation as well.

Gideon stood next to Dipper. "Looking back, I never did understand how girls have so much to talk about."

"Yeah." Dipper agreed.

They didn't notice the redhead standing behind them.

"Oh, please. You two nerds will talk for hours about paranormal stuff if given half the chance," Wendy said as she ruffled both of their hair, nearly making them jump in surprise.

It was true, though. Putting their past differences aside, Dipper and Gideon had bonded over their interest in the supernatural and unknown; but Dipper was always more enthusiastic about it.

"Anyway," She continued. "I'll go ahead and take care of stuff here. You guys can do whatever."

"We can help you," Dipper offered.

"Yeah, we can unload the RV," Gideon agreed. "Or we can deliver the report." He gestured to the folder full of papers she had picked up.

Wendy denied the offer. "Nah, it's fine. I can get my brothers to help out. I know you two want to meet up with the Stan's." She waved them off. "Don't worry, I got this."

The two thanked Wendy and left towards the direction of the Shack until Gideon stopped. Dipper turned to him.

Gideon explained. "Before we go, I have to check in with the station first."

"Oh, right." Dipper almost forgot that Gideon had a second job at the Police Department.

"So I'll meet up with you later while you go ahead or-" Gideon jabbed a finger at Dipper's chest. "-you get some rest because I know you spent most of the trip staying up all night to work on that report."

Dipper looked away. He couldn't deny it, instead he kept silent.

Gideon sighed. "You really need to take better care of yourself, or else Mabel will be on my case about you."

Dipper sighed in response. "Fine, but if you're not there by the time I get up, I'm going without you."

"Yeah, whatever." Gideon rolled his eyes and shooed him. "Now go take a nap or something."