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Law-Abiding Citizen

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Of course, when Midoriya slammed his lunch tray on the table on what seemed to be an ordinary Friday afternoon, it was more than a little jarring. Mostly to Todoroki who happened to seated right next to where the aforementioned tray was slammed. Before anyone could ask what was wrong though, Midoriya just sighed tiredly and slumped into his seat with a quiet, “Sorry, it's just... my dad's in town and it's making me a little frazzled.”

That seemed to raise more questions than it answered but at the very least it was an explanation of sorts. Nobody had really ever seen Midoriya irritated, sure they'd seen him stressed, and tired, hell they'd even seen him pissed. Anybody that saw the sports festival and had more than two brain cells knew he was more than capable of calling you out on your bullshit very loudly and very publicly. It's not like he was the resident ball of sunshine or anything, that title belonged to Kirishima and everyone knew it. So sure, it wasn't super unusual to see him emotionally compromised or anything, he was an absolute mess more than half the time, it just didn't really explain why Midoriya would be so stressed over family.

Come to think of it, nobody had ever actually heard anything about Mr. Midoriya, Mrs. Midoriya sure, she was an absolute gem. But despite wracking his brain, Todoroki honest to god couldn't think of a single instance where Midoriya had even mentioned having a dad. Now he was no stranger to family issues so naturally he wasn't one for prying when topics were obviously avoided, but still, it was weird.

What was weirder, however, is that while everyone was too shocked about either Midoriya's small outburst or they were also trying to remember if the topic of Midoriya's dad ever came up, nobody seemed to notice Bakugou slink up until he slammed his hand down on the table.

Leaning dangerously close to Midoriya with a look that could rival any villain, Kirishima was already standing up getting ready to mediate a fight when the day just kept getting weirder.

There wasn't a beat missed, “You want me to fuck him up?” The words were low and and had something underneath them that transcended rage. God rest the souls of everyone in the room that was just trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Bakugou “I'm a law-abiding citizen” Katsuki, who to everyone's knowledge absolutely despised Midoriya, was offering to kick someone's ass on his behalf? Granted they had a complicated past but this was some next-level soap opera shit. Bakugou paid no mind to people's stares, just continued hovering over the other with scary intensity.

Midoriya's small smile that betrayed more exhaustion than he probably meant to allow was just the cherry on top. “I'm alright, Kacchan... Thank you though,” He said, not that it really changed anything in Bakugou's expression.

If anything it just made him press harder, “You sure, shithead?” He leaned forward until he was actually draped across Midoriya's back, full body contact and everything.

Doing the unthinkable and actually patting Bakugou's arm in what could only be described as a placating matter, he replied, “Yeah, I'm sure... I'll talk to you about it later.” The statement was followed by a not-so-subtle look around the room that didn't require you to be a genius to pick up on. That just made everyone more curious but were they really going to bring it up and risk Bakugou actively trying to murder an entire rooms worth of people? Not today Satan.

“'aight, well you know where to find me if you change your mind.” And with that he casually walked back to where he was previously seated no less than three tables away. Both Midoriya and Bakugou seemed completely unaware to the fact that they had just put on some kind of bizarre show for the entire cafeteria.

Everyone at Bakugou's table was quiet for once, not ribbing Bakugou for being god help them, almost friendly to his sworn enemy. Everyone was too afraid to break whatever spell had fallen over them and send those two back into fighting at every given moment.

The rest of lunch passed without major incident, if you count Kaminari accidentally electrocuting Sero as a minor one. Uraraka kept looking at Midoriya like she wanted to say something but Todoroki kept a cool glare on her the whole time to prevent it. It wasn't as if he was mad at her or anything, he was just acutely aware of just how awful it is to have people ask questions about a less than ideal family-life. He had to keep glaring at Iida too, in fact everyone that so much as glanced at Midoriya got the famous Todoroki “I'm out for blood” glare.

Maybe he was taking it too far, but he didn't know how to help the same way Midoriya did, so at the very least he could help keep the conversation about the topic to a minimum. He really didn't think Midoriya noticed his weird form of protection but as they were dumping their trays, an almost inaudible “Thank you for that,” sounding from his side. He was glad, that despite his near nonexistent social skills he could do something for his friend. But that was besides the point, Bakugou and Midoriya were still acting incredibly suspicious and that had to be investigated.

Watching Midoriya walk ahead of the post-lunch crowd and duck into an empty classroom only to be closely followed by Bakugou was not only weird but downright bizarre. Following them to ease-drop probably wasn't the most hero-like thing to do, but it was happening anyway. Settling up against the wall and thanking whatever was out their that they were both within view, he barely had a moment before they started talking.

Crossing his arms like a disappointed parent Bakugou immediately jumped in, “So? What the fuck is up, Deku? The hell's your shitty old man doing back in town? I thought his spineless ass disappeared to America or some shit?” That was definitely new information to have, albeit not unsurprising. He figured the general lack of mention had to mean he wasn't present in Midoriya's life in some way.

Midoriya rubbed a hand over his face, shoulders dropping like he'd been holding something heavy for far too long. “Yeah, he was.” A sigh escaped him,I don't know... he came back for a visit I guess, and since mom never filed for divorce technically he still has parental rights... he's staying for the weekend... keeps talking about how proud he is of my quirk.” Todoroki had never heard Midoriya speak with venom, but the way he spat out the word “proud” sounded terrifying coming from his lips. The story itself was disjointed and seemed to be missing pretty much every aspect of it that could offer up any explination for his weird behavior. It certainly seemed to be enough information for Bakugou if the way his face twisted up in a snarl was anything to go by.

Fuck that.” The outburst from Bakugou nearly startled Todoroki out of his skin, and by the looks of it Midoriya felt the same. It was quickly masked to put up a hand in some kind of gesture that probably translated into “please calm down, you're being too loud.”

Midoriya sighed, “Kacchan...”

Bakugou didn't let him get any farther, “No, hell no. You're spending the weekend at my place. I don't care if I have to drag you there kicking and screaming you are not staying there with him.” Midoriya made a small noise of disagreement and Bakugou barreled over him, “Shut up, Deku. Do I have to remind you that he threw your useless ass down a flight of stairs and damn near tried to light you on fire?” That send a jolt through Todoroki, punching the air right out of his lungs. Midoriya's dad was like his own? That was terrifyingly unexpected, He really didn't know what to do with that information at all, it wasn't as if he could do anything about it right now though. Not when he was hiding just out of sight to ease-drop on an extremely private conversation.

There wasn't any time to catch his breath either, not when Midoriya simply propped himself against a desk and sighed, “Succeeded in lighting me on fire you mean, I remember, I was there after all. No need for the reminder.” His lips twisted up in a wry smile, and Todoroki's chest began to ache. He said that as if it was the most casual thing in the world. He tried to remember if he'd seen any burn scars on the green-haired boy before he cut the thought off immediately. If Midoriya was hiding them for whatever reason then it wasn't his place to ponder on it. But really, who has the ability to act like their own suffering is null and void but have everyone else's mean the world to them? It was most definitely a complete lack of any sort of self-preservation or like, common sense. Or wait no, a martyr complex, that's what that was called.

Bakugou scoffed and grabbed Midoriya by the jacket, he readied himself to jump in between a fight, despite still reeling from Midoriya's admission. He didn't need to however, Bakugou simply pulled him to his feet and rolled his eyes. “What the fuck ever you cheeky shit. You're staying at my place this weekend, end of discussion. The old hag won't mind, unlike me, she actually likes you.” Todoroki held back a snort, he honestly couldn't tell if Bakugou meant that he didn't like Midoriya whilst his mother did or if Bakugou's mother liked Midoriya more than her own son.

Midoriya simply nodded along in a placating manner and Bakugou looked as if he just won something. Although, Midoriya was incredible stubborn so Todoroki supposed he kind of did win something if he got Midoriya to agree with him so easily.

Bakugou pulled Midoriya towards the door by his grip on the other's uniform, “C'mon, shitty Deku, we're gonna be late for class and I'm gonna blame it on you.” Midoriya just laughed and bumped Bakugou with his shoulder. God, he really was in the Twilight Zone.

At this point whatever the hell was going on was just too weird for him to comprehend. It could probably just be chalked up to another level of their weird childhood friendship turned rivals thing but the blooming pain behind his eyes made him realize it just wasn't worth the headache.

Those two would do whatever it was that they did and Todoroki would just have to settle on getting the hell out of dodge before he was found ease-dropping.

Just as he began to disappear around the corner however, he heard a quiet, “Thanks, Kacchan.” followed by a grunt that didn't even sound a little angry.

Well, at the very least he didn't have to worry about Midoriya being in imminent danger. Sure, it was incredibly jarring knowing that there's a whole terrible story about his family lying beneath the surface. Of course he was worried about his friend, and he should probably ask about it at some point to make sure he was truly safe, if he could figure out how to bring up the topic in the first place without being busted for hearing things he shouldn't of.

But despite all that, he didn't have to worry for now, if Blasty McSplode decided he was going to keep Midoriya out of harms way then that's exactly what was going to happen. As much as he didn't like Bakugou he had to admit, if anyone was going to protect Midoriya, he was a damn good person for the job.

Maybe it was something about the way he'd immediately covered Midoriya's body with his own in the cafeteria, almost like he was shielding the other from an oncoming blow, or maybe it was the way he was ready to throw his entire code of ethics out the window to throttle a man for Midoriya. It could've been any number of things that just went down, that made Todoroki wholeheartedly trust Bakugou for the first time. So he'd trust him with Midoriya's safety, just this once.

And besides, if anything did happen to his friend he could always kick Bakugou's ass, that's an option that he was all to happy to go with.

He'd have to kick Mr. Midoriya's ass first, Midoriya never told him he couldn't so that meant it was fair game right? Bakugou could always get in line if he really wanted to, it obviously wouldn't be the first time he disregarded what Midoriya's said.