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Scorpius and Rose

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I sit on an armchair in the Ravenclaw commons, and finish doing the last of my homework. It’s rather early to be “staying in”; most people stay out of the commons until 9:00, and it’s only 7, just after dinner. Students are finding any excuse to not be pent up in here all night, but I don’t mind. It’s quieter without everyone else.
I worry about the O.W.L’s, nerves eating at my stomach. What if I don’t pass? It may only be our 2nd year, but the teachers are already pressuring us to be ready for them.
“WEASLEY, WEASLEY!!!!!” A voice bellows outside the door. “FISH! FISH!”
“PEEVES!” I yell. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” I am answered by cackling, and something thumping on the door. I point my wand in the general direction of his voice. “SILENCIO!” I yell. I am greeted by silence, and I smile. A small win for a small fish.
Scorpius appears suddenly from the boy’s dorms. “How’s homework going?” He asks, his gaze meandering around the room.
“Fine. I’ll get it all done, at least.” I smile. “You?” Of course he’s done, otherwise he wouldn't be here, I reprimand myself.
“I finished it. A while ago, actually.” He finally looks at me in the eyes and takes a deep breath. “I was wondering if maybe you might want to do some light reading.”
I smile at the reference, nodding. “Sure.
Scorpius grabs my hand. “C’mon, then,” he says with a smile.
He pulls me through the halls to the library. It’s rather annoying, honestly, but he’s much taller and faster than me, so we make good time.
As we enter, he heads straight to the front desk and hands a slip of paper to the school librarian, Professor Wolffe.
She looks at us suspiciously, gaze darting from Scorpius to me. She raises her eyebrow, and finally nods.
Scorpius smiles, turning and walking to the Restricted Section, which is, well, restricted, to all students without special permission. He seems to know the area, however, and heads straight to a certain bookshelf. He runs his fingers along the spines before reaching a particularly thick one. As he pulls it off the shelf, a huge cloud of dust bursts in our faces.
I pull my hand from his and wave it in front of my face, wheezing. “What’s this for?” I ask.
“Your club,” Scorpius says simply.
“My club?” He quickly turns and walks out of the library, not bothering to respond.
I scoff and follow him, nodding at Professor Wolffe as I leave. I follow him to the Room of Requirements. We enter, and thankfully, no one is inside. The only things we see are the bookshelf, which Scorpius puts his book on, the calendar, marked with homework and meeting dates, and the assorted pillows and bean bag chairs.
“Are you going to join the club, or what?” I ask Scorpius, breaking the silence.
“Really?” He asks. “I thought it was family stuff.”
“No. You know, technically Teddy isn’t family. He isn’t related to anyone in the club...He is dating Victore though-” I suddenly feel that I am oversharing and snap my mouth shut.
Scorpius blinks, then shakes his head. “Okay.” He seems a little upset about something.
“So? Do you want to join?” I ask, tilting my head.
“Yeah. Sure.” He smiles at me, but his mind is somewhere else.
“What’s up?” I wave my hand in his face.
“You said that Teddy’s last name is Lupin, right?” He bites his lip nervously.
“Yes.” I say, unsure to where this is going.
“So his parents were Tonks and Remus Lupin?”
“Yes...” I say slowly.
“Well…” He rubs his hands together in a nervous way, “My grandparents were Death Eaters, and they were there at the Battle of Hogwarts...”
“Oh.” I suddenly understand. “It’s fine. He was a baby, then. He never knew his parents.”
“Exactly.” Scorpius whispers.
And then he’s gone, racing out the door.

Scorpius doesn’t return to the Commons. I begin to worry when it’s midnight and he’s still not back. He’s never like this, he’s always there, waiting for me, protecting me. It’s also after curfew, another thing that is unlike him. Also I miss him. I push the thought away and find the Marauder's Map.
“I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” I whisper. I don’t find his name on the map. He must be in the Room of Requirements. I put it away and slip off to find him.
I wrap myself in my invisibility cloak and tiptoe through the hallways.
When I finally reach the Room of Requirements, it’s dead silent everywhere. It’s way past curfew. If we’re caught, we’ll be in big trouble. “I need to find Scorpius,” I whisper to the door, then I push it open. In front of me I see a large, dark room full of odd objects. I hear his voice, whispering something. I follow the sound, and see him sitting on a cushioned armchair, pouring over textbooks.
“Hey.” I say softly, pulling off the invisibility cloak.
He jumps, startled. “Oh, um… hi.”
“Do you know what time it is?” I ask, crossing my arms.
He shakes his head. “Nine?” He closed the book and sets it next to him.
“No. 12:30.” I raise an eyebrow.
“What? Really?” He leaps up. “Sorry.”
‘’It’s fine. What you need to be sorry about is that Peeves is unsilenced.” I grin teasingly.
He groans. “Great. He’ll turn us in.”
I giggle. “Not if he doesn't see us.” I hold out the cloak.“This is my uncle’s Invisibility Cloak. If we both get under it, I think it should cover most of us.”
“What, really?” Scorpius looks at me skeptically.
“Just get under it,” I say with a heavy sigh.
“Okay.” We both manage to get mostly covered by the invisibility cloak, but our feet are still visible.
“Okay… this is fine,” I say. “As long as nobody is looking for feet, we won’t be seen.”
Scorpius gives me a thumbs up, and we shuffle awkwardly down the hall.
We make it all the way to the Ravenclaw tower’s door before a problem arises. How will we open the door without talking? I wonder.
As if on cue, the bronze knocker chimes, “I am the beginning of every end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?”
“It’s E,” Scorpius whispers, and we walk in, throwing off the cloak. Thankfully, the commons are empty.
“See you tomorrow,” I whisper, and he nods. “Wait.” I grab his elbow. “Don’t stress about Teddy, okay? He’s a grown man. He can deal with himself. He doesn't need his parents. Besides, Uncle Harry had him.”
Scorpius hesitates, then nods. “I won’t. Goodnight, Rose.” He kisses my cheek, then disappears into the boys dorm. I smile, touch my cheek, and go to bed.

I’m kind of appalled at my own bravery. I sit down in the boy’s dorm room. Unfortunately, Lorcan is still wide awake.
“Why were you out so late?” He demanded.
“I lost track of time.”
“Nobody told you when it passed curfew?”
“I wasn’t with anybody.”
“Not even Rosie?”
“Then why was she gone for so long?”
“I don’t know!”
“... didn’t you guys have detention?”
“Shut up, Lorcan.”
I lay in my bed in the girl’s dorm, staring at the roof. I can already tell I’m not going to sleep tonight. My brain is running in ten different directions, and I’m getting dizzy. I try to focus on one thought, but then my brain is overloaded with thoughts of Scorpius. I realize that any attempt otherwise is futile and abandon any thought that doesn’t have to do with Scorpius, and daydream.