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The One-Shot Collection

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Rap Monster(Namjoon)


"I'm sorry."

That was the last text from Namjoon sent to you on that day, and after that, you hadn't heard nor seen him again. It had been two months since you had seen Namjoon and to be honest, the pain was slowly going away. Sure now and then you would turn around and swear that you saw him but, then you see that it's just the same guy who comes into Trader Joes once a week for kettle corn and soda.

'I miss him.' you say to yourself after gathering your coffee cream and milk before proceeding to checkout.

It had been so long since you had seen him that you were starting to forget his touch, you could still slightly remember how he would hold you after he made love to you. They were such good times; you still could remember when he only untied you just for you to call into work.

'I will not cry; he went back for good reasons.' You said to yourself as you crossed the street to go back to your apartment.

'Hello, this is Rap monster on my second V app.'

You held your phone tighter. You were only going to watch a little bit to see if Namjoon was doing okay, that was all. No comments, no hearts, just going to see if he is okay.

'So recently I've been working on some new songs for the album, so look forward to that. Let's read a couple of comments for a bit.'

"Oppa what happened to the woman that you use to hang out with."

He paused before answering, 'Bri...I don't know.' He said sadly before moving on to the next question. He knew, he fucking knew where you were. It's not like you had changed your number or moved.

"Do you miss her?" Another fan asked.

He smiled earnestly at the screen before speaking, 'I want to know that she is alright and I would love to see her again because yes I do miss her very much.'


Okay, time to intervene.

'Namjoon are you eating properly?' You said it, after this, you will leave this video, and you will know that he is alright. But he keeps staring at the screen after your comment and scrolling back to your comment (or so it seems). Just when you think he was going to get mad tell you that you shouldn't have contacted him, he smiles and says the pet name he always called you.

'Bri bunny, I'm alright, and yes I'm eating day soon I will give you the item promised to you, so don't try to run away when I catch you again.' He smiled before moving on. With that, you smiled,

"He's coming back."