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never been a liar, i'm a lilac

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fake dating AU
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When you first take a look at the blonde haired boys from class 1-A, they all have completely different personality - a variety of characteristics goes from a hot-headed bastard to the self-centered gay in disguise. We also have a certain someone, who may seem really confident at everything he does. But the truth is, Kaminari Denki is one of the most panicky people you could ever meet. 

Even though he had an opinion of a huge flirt and maybe a pervert in some cases, in reality he's never had a girlfriend once in his life. Multiple crushes, yes, but he's never been in a long-term relationship before. His parents kept bothering him about it ever since he joined UA because, as they said, high school is where you potentially could meet the one and only. At first, he just blew this off and pretended like he didn't care. Deep down, he felt the horrible pressure of finding a girlfriend. He never wanted to disappoint his parents, so when they said they were throwing a little family gathering, he had to act immediately. 

Right now, he was lying down on Kirishima's bed, desperately whining into his pillow with blank head. 

"Maybe you could get a prostitute for one evening?" his friend said. Kaminari looked at him with confused expression.

"Dude, that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works." the blonde-haired boy said and sat up. Kirishima looked like he was lost deep in thoughts which only made Kaminari feel even more nervous. If they don't come up with a plan as soon as possible, the whole family is going to talk about how "young Denki still hadn't found a girlfriend"

"What if I come with you? I mean, you could pretend you're gay! Or bi at least..." Kirishima suddenly exclaimed with last bits of hope in his eyes. Seeing Kaminari's reaction, the hopeful sparks lighting in his red orbs disappeared immediately. 

"Is it that much of a big deal? Not everyone has to find a partner in high school! Just because your brother met his fiancée in high school doesn't mean you have to as well! Aren't you exaggerating it a bit?" Kirishima asked with a frown. Kaminari looked down at the floor.

"I know they care about me and they want me to be happy. I don't want to disappoint them." 

The boys sat in silence for a couple of seconds before the red-haired male suddenly shot up in his seat and grabbed Kaminari by his shoulder, shaking him vigorously. 

"WE'RE SO STUPID, KAMINARI!" Kirishima shouted. Kaminari looked at his friend with shocked eyes. 

"What the hell are you doing?!" 

"JIRO! JIRO KYOKA! ASK HER!" Kirishima yelled. 

"STOP YELLING YOU IDIOT!" Kaminari yelled back. When Kirishima calmed down a bit, Kaminari's mind only then started to proceed the things Kirishima said.

"Why her?" he said with a visible blush spreading on his cheeks.

"To put it simply, she's the best option for you at this point. You've had a crush on her since, oh god, forever? And you're good friends too, so it shouldn't be awkward for you!" Kirishima said excitedly and sat back down on his chair. 

"There's no way she's going to agree for this!" Denki whined. He didn't deny the part about crushing on Jiro - it was indeed true. Since high school started, Denki found himself thinking about the purple-haired classmate, admiring her from afar. He knew he was deep down in friendzone, he could tell that by the way Jiro acted around him, like the never ending teasing and insulting. Denki was convinced he was nothing more than a friend in Jiro's eyes. 

"Listen, dude. Either that or you're into dicks for a day." Kirishima raised his brow. Kaminari pouted at him and hid his face deep in the soft pillow, mentally screaming at himself. 


B reathe in...

Breathe out...

Breathe in...


A sudden voice from behind made Kaminari jolt and fall on the cold pavement. When he looked up he saw that the person who made him embarrassingly scared was Jiro.

"J-Jiro! What are you up to?" he fake laughed and quickly stood up, fixing his shirt.

"Going to school... what else?" she asked very confused. Denki was hit with the sudden realization of how stupid he must've sounded.

"R-Right..." the boy mumbled awkwardly and scratched the back of his head. Jiro suggested they go together to school which Denki gladly agreed to. As they were walking in complete silence, he started thinking how he was going to ask Jiro about fake dating for one evening. The family gathering was in 2 days so he had to ask her today.

"Kaminari! Are you listening to me?" Jiro snapped him out of his thoughts. He blinked at her, suddenly brought back to reality.

"A-Ah! Sorry, I wasn't..." he said feeling how guilt spreaded his whole mind and body.

"Are you okay? You're acting really weird." Jiro asked in a concerned tone. Kaminari looked at her and explored her face, quietly admiring how the sun hit her soft-looking face and the wind swayed her hair in a delicate way.

"I-It's just... I have something on my mind and it won't stop bothering me." he said with a fast-beating heart. He could feel the moment was coming really soon.

"Let it out then. We're friends, right?" Jiro stopped in her tracks and gave him a small smile. The one that could fix all the world problems, that made Denki's heart flutter, melt and its pace go faster at the same time. The boy gulped loudly and looked down on the ground, fiddling with his fingers. Why is he so scared? When it came to normal flirting, he was doing just fine. He was never that nervous in front of a girl. 

But that's what made Jiro so special. She made Denki feel actual emotions - abashment, hapiness, jitteriness. Whenever he looked at her, he was filled with overwhelming feelings that he was not able to describe with normal words.

Denki never tried to flirt with Jiro, he didn't even dare to do so, their friendship started within a blink of an eye. It's like they clicked to each other perfectly ever since the very beginning. The boy cherished their friendship a lot, the thought of him ruining it by his needless pick-up lines frightened him, made him anxious. Maybe that was part of the reason why he was so scared at the moment - dropping such a bomb without hinting it a long time ago was something uncertain. How will she react? Will she agree? Will she laugh at him?

Screw it, it's now or never...

He gathered up all the bits of courage he had in himself, looked at the purple-haired beauty and asked the big question:

"Can you be my girlfriend?"

Jiro looked at him, thoroughly scattered. His words echoed in her head and it took her a while to process the meaning behind them.

"E-Excuse me?" she managed to say with a very obviously embarrassed tone and red face. Realizing how bluntly Denki asked Jiro this question, he became flustered himself.

"I-I mean, not like a real girlfriend. I just... I have this family gathering in 2 days and my parents will make a huge problem if I don't show up with a girlfriend." he said on one breath. He was surprised how words just came from his mouth without even thinking. Within every second that had passed, the silence between these two was getting more and more tense, more and more awkward. Jiro was immensely thinking about his offer and cursed herself for liking this dork so much.

"I guess I can do that..." she mumbled, mad at herself for agreeing so quickly. Seeing how Kaminari's face lit up hearing her words, she quickly spoke again with madly red cheeks.

"D-Don't get so excited, idiot. We'll be just pretending." she stuttered. This however still didn't get rid of Denki's smile and sparks in his eyes, like his Quirk took over his pupils.

"I know! I'm just glad you agreed. My parents are really... you know." he sighed and proceeded to walk to school. Jiro stood frozen in place and stared at Kaminari's back. The thought that they will act like a couple for just one evening sat heavily on her chest. She liked Denki, that was the undeniable truth, so she promised herself she will try to act as casually on the gathering as possible.

But really, how possible was that? Even just now, the boy only asked her this one question (and was maybe a little bit too close to her) and she was already all red-faced.

"You're coming?" Denki turned around to see her and gave her a warm smile. Jiro's heart fluttered at the sight of it, just like usual.

"Of course I am. I was just tying my shoe." she lied and walked over to him.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever."

"Shut up."

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If someone told Denki he'll have Jiro as his fake girlfriend a year ago, he'd probably laugh. Yet here he was now, standing in front of his mirror and fixing his shirt like a maniac. His hands were sweaty and he thanked every God up there he wasn't blessed with an explosive Quirk like Bakugo's, otherwise, he'd blow his room up. He took a deep yet shaky breath and looked at his reflection.

"One evening. Just a couple of hours and you'll be done. No need to be nervous." he murmured to himself. A little motivational talk never killed anyone, right? 

"Denki! Get your ass down here!" a voice yelled from downstairs. 

"Coming!" Denki yelled back and glanced at the mirror for the last time and huffed. "Let it be..." he thought and ran downstairs. There, he saw his older brother Teiden laying lazily on the couch and staring blankly at the TV. 

"Help mum, would you?" he said. Denki huffed at Teiden. Normally, his brother was really cool and nice - at least that's what the young boy thought. Teiden's blonde hair was always tied up in a man bun ("It's so manly and awesome!" as Kirishima would say), his teeth usually clenched a cigarette in between them. He also owned a motorcycle shop which was just as amazing as it sounded. Because Teiden was Quirkless he had to deal with bullies in high school but the boy was strong enough to defend himself. It was normal for Denki to admire his older brother but sometimes Teiden annoyed the fuck out of him. Like now - while Denki had to work his ass off in the kitchen, which he really disliked by the way, Teiden was doing absolutely nothing.

Denki sighed when he saw Teiden on the couch (again) and went to the kitchen to chop the vegetables. Her long, black hair was tied in a loose braid, her yellow orbs scanned the recipe very precisely. A born perfectionist - something Denki wasn't.

"What are we going to serve?" Denki asked and went to grab the knife and chop some red pepper.

"I already made some salad and just finished preparing the meat for the barbeque. Now I wanted to focus on the dessert." she said.

"Which will be...?"

"I was thinking about mini peanut butter cups." his mum smiled at him. Denki was suddenly hit with the sudden anxious feeling - he remembered Jiro was allergic to peanuts.

"O-Oh, don't do these..." he mumbled and scratched the back of his head. His mum looked at him with furrowed brows and a well written confusion on her face.

"Why not? I thought you liked these."

"I do, but... well..." Denki mentally slapped himself. He still haven't told anyonenabout his girlfriend... or "girlfriend". How stupid...

"Well?" he heard Teiden's voice next to him, who suddenly got really interested in what Denki was about to say.

"I-I invited someone..." he mumbled. Both Teiden's and his mum's eyes widened in shock.

"No fucking way!" Teiden laughed and patted, now really flustered Denki, on the shoulder. His mum scoled him for cursing and looked at Denki.

"Why didn't you tell me?" the woman nearly hit Denki with a dirty spatula bht thanks to his good reflexes he managed to dodge it.

"Didn't have the occasion, I guess..." he mumbled and continued to chop the pepper, like nothing has happened. Teiden looked at their mum, then at Denki and at mum again.

"Aren't you going to tell us her name at least?" Teiden asked.

"Why are you assuming it's a girl?" Denki teased his brother but seconds after realised he made a mistake by doing so.

"So it's a boy? You're gay?"

"No, of course not!"

"Yes, you are! I knew something was going on between you and that red-haired twink!''

"I'm not gay dude!"

"Admit it, you like dicks."

"TEIDEN I SWEAR TO GOD" their debate was interrupted by their mum's loud shout at the older kid of hers. She sighed and ruffled Denki's hair.

"I wish you had told me sooner. You know you don't have to hide anything from me." she smiled, Denki nodded his head. He said he didn't have the chance to tell her about Jiro's visit but... he wondered how much of this was true.

"So are you going to tell us the name?" his mum's voice brought him back to reality. 

"Her name's Jiro. Jiro Kyoka." Denki smiled and felt how his heart fluttered at the sound of his name. He loved how melodic it was, how swiftly it rolled off his tongue. His mum noticed the fondness in Denki's eyes as he thought about Jiro. 

"She's really great. You'll love her." he cleared his throat. His mum was smiling softly at her son and ruffled his hair again. 

"I'm sure she is." She said and went back to cooking. 

"If she hurts you, man..." Teiden said. Nobody noticed how he came back to the couch and switched between TV channels on and on. 

"She won't." Denki stated. He wished he could tell his family the truth about Jiro, the fact she wasn't his girlfriend at all. Although he had a tiny bit of hope this "fake dating" would turn into "real dating", he still doubted he had any chances. But, after all, life is full of surprises. 

The family gathering started only an hour ago but Jiro already got flooded with thousands and hundreds of questions about her relationship with Denki - how they met, who did the first move and such. The girl also had the pleasure to meet Teiden personally and as soon as he found out about Jiro's love for music, he was sold and accepted into the family. 

Right now, Jiro and Kaminari were sitting on a big wooden swing, the boy's hand resting on the backrest while Jiro layed her head on his shoulder. They used to embrace each other like this during Jiro's breakdowns over bands and when Kaminari failed another exam. This time it felt different, more intimate and affectionate. Even though it wasn't exactly true, they both felt like they were being constantly watched.

The thought of their relationship lasting only for a day haunted Denki, the boy didn't want to let this moment slip into nothingness forever. He knew he had to act now if he wanted to ask Jiro out, this time for real.

"I hope my family didn't make you feel uncomfortable." he broke the silence that surprisingly wasn't awkward at all. Jiro chuckled.

"They were really nice to me, don't worry. Teiden's awesome!" she looked at Denki's brother who was now involved in a serious conversation between Denki's father and uncle. It seemed to be intense.

"I was scared that you won't like them." he sighed. Jiro lifted her head and looked at the blonde boy with a surprised face.

"Why wouldn't I?" she asked and Denki's heart pace fastened. He made a mental note to himself - Jiro looks really pretty in the sunset. He looked at her eyes, crystal yet deep in the colour and then at her lips, slightly parted and covered with a barely visible dust from the icing sugar his mum decided to cover some cupcakes with. Denki chuckled at the sight.

"What? Why are you laughing?" Jiro asked confused but also smiled. She couldn't help herself - seeing Denki smiling sparked a fire in her heart every time.

"N-Nothing, you have some, uh, sugar on your lips..." he mumbled and took a shaky breath, feeling how his face was heating up. But he couldn't stop staring at her, he really wanted to kiss her now.

It seemed like Jiro thought the same because a moment later she closed the gap between their lips, locking them into a sweet (quite literally) and slow kiss. Denki's head went blank and thoughts vanished, the only thing he cared about was this moment. When they broke the kiss, both of their faces were now flushed with pink but none of them cared.

"If you want to kiss me just tell me, you idiot." Jiro said and rested her head on Denki's shoulder again. The boy still seemed brainwashed and had to wait a while for his mind to process what just happened. He really kissed Jiro. Wow.

He blinked a couple of times and saw how Jiro's body completely relaxed itself, he smiled.

"Does that mean we can stop with the fake dating thing now and actually start dating?" he blurted out. Jiro remained silent for a second before she bursted into laugh.

"Was that supposed to be a pick-up line?" she asked and lifted her head up again. Denki felt really confused.

"Just answer." he mumbled. Jiro kissed his cheek and as if it was any more possible, Denki's face was now burning.

"I guess we can." she said with rosy cheeks. Denki's heart was now beating at an insane speed and placed another kiss on her lips, this time he made sure it lasted for longer.