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A Newbie's Guide to Podficcing

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Podfic Polygons You form small groups (3–5) and the different steps of making a podfic—reading, editing, ect—are all done by different members of the group. You end up with several podfics (the same number as members of the group) that each group member had a hand in creating.
Podfic Big Bang Record podfic of a fic that's at least 10k.
Podfic Bingo You're given a bingo card with a number of podficcing challenges on it. The point is to push you to try different things in your podficcing.
Pod Together A writer and podficcer work together. The writer writes something specifically to be podficced; the podficcer records it.
ITPE (Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange) A podfic gift exchange on Twitter.
Pod_O_Ween Halloween season gift exchange.
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology Short, lady-centric podfics.