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A Newbie's Guide to Podficcing

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I started listening in podfic the summer of 2017. It was pretty quickly charmed by it. Free audiobooks! I could enjoy fanfic and do productive, responsible things at the same time, like walk my dog or wash dishes! That winter, I started thinking about making podfic myself, and I posted my first podfic in February. I'm writing this in April 2018—I've been doing podfic for only a few months now, and I definitely consider myself a newbie.

So what do I know? What advise could I possibly have to give?

Well, I know what it's like to be a new podficcer. As a newbie, one issue I ran into is that the existing podficcing guides focus a lot on the technical aspects—background noise, and Audacity vs GarageBand—and very little on the performative aspects, like regulating your reading speed, voice acting, and how to get through that one line you trip over every time. There's also a lack of listing the basic conventions of podfic, like how big cover art should be, and how many seconds of music to include. Experienced podficcers don't really know what newbie's questions are.

I plan to keep updating this guide over the next few years, as I grow as a podficcer, so I can answer the questions I had and hopefully help others.

I urge everyone to comment down below.

Fellow newbies, please—share your experiences, your questions, your advise. What was hard for you? Is there that one frustrating thing you still can't figure out? This can help other newbies, both present and future. And on the flip side, what have you learned so far? Tell us all about that cool trick you figured out. What things did you have to figure out on your own because no one explained it anywhere?

Experienced podficcers, I'm not sure if many of you would click on a post titled A Newbie's Guide to Podficcing, but if you're here, please leave comments too! You may have forgotten what it was like to be a newbie, but you have a lot more podficcing wisdom than we do. Please share it!