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Love Me Now, Touch Me Now

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All throughout the end of the award show as they crowd the stage to take group photos, Jimin can feel Jungkook’s hovering no matter where he goes on stage. He usually doesn’t mind it; he actually finds it cute, but when his arm starts slinging around his shoulders in an almost possessive way and he makes faces at any of the other idols Jimin is friendly with, Jimin has had enough and makes it a point to step away. 

He ignores the hurt look on Jungkook’s face as he walks back to the rest of the members. He purposefully keeps his attention off Jungkook for the remainder of the show until the three of them are bustling into his and Taehyung’s hotel room.

“You’re being too obvious lately,” Jimin hisses at him once they’re inside.

Jungkook just sighs, kicking off his shoes unceremoniously and throwing himself down onto one of the beds face first. “Sorry,” he mumbles. “You just looked really beautiful out there…”

“You need to control your thirst in public,” Taehyung reminds him, scrolling through his phone on the other bed. “It took me years to master.”

“‘Years’?” Jimin snorts. “You’re no better, Kim Taehyung. You slap my ass every chance you get.”

“It is a nice ass, Jiminie.”

As flattering as it is that Jungkook and Taehyung are mesmerized by his looks, people will start to notice and Jimin just doesn’t need that kind of stress right now. Of course he wants to be more open with the fans but he knows where to draw a line in public. 

It was hard enough explaining to the other members about what was going on between the three of them and they were supportive, thankfully, but now it feels like he has two horny teenagers hanging off him who are unable to control themselves. 

At least Tae is more mindful around cameras than he used to be but Jungkook’s boldness has skyrocketed over the past few months and while Jimin loves the attention, he’s sure he might combust one of these days from all the love being thrown at him. 

He sits down on the bed where Jungkook is laying and gently strokes a hand through Jungkook’s hair. “I’m not mad at you,” he says. 

“Sure seems like it,” comes the muffled reply.

“Jungkookie, don’t be a brat.”

Jungkook scowls as he turns his face towards him. “I’m not a brat. I love you. I want people to know that.”

“You mean you want anyone who looks at Jiminie to know it,” Tae corrects him.

“That’s not–”

“You’re insecure, Kook. I can tell. Jiminie’s your first love, right? He’s special to you and I get it, but you can’t just go around staking your claim on Jiminie like he’s your property, okay?”

“Tae,” Jimin says warningly. 

“No, he needs to hear this.” Taehyung puts down his phone and levels Jungkook with a hard stare. “We’re both with him so I understand the want to protect him or whatever but he can take care of himself.”

Jungkook swallows anxiously and lets out a deep sigh. “Yeah. Okay. Sorry, I was being stupid.”

There’s a heavy tension in the air that Jimin wants to desperately cut away. 

“So I think we did really well tonight, huh?” he says, a little louder than necessary. Tae and Jungkook say nothing, eyes averted from each other, and Jimin frowns. No way is he letting them get away with being moody brats, nope, not tonight. 

He stands up from the bed and calmly starts stripping out of his clothes, glancing back every so often to see if they’re watching. He catches Tae’s eyes on him and then sees Jungkook turning around curiously so he smiles to himself and continues undressing until he’s standing there in just a button up and his underwear. 

“I was gonna ask for something special tonight, but since you’re both being brats I might just go to sleep instead.”

He’s pleased to see their eyes glued to him, both licking their lips simultaneously. Taehyung is the first to move, swiftly sliding off the bed and planting himself in Jimin’s space, hands resting at his hips while he pulls Jimin in close. Jimin leans into him, keeping his gaze, and then he notices Jungkook leaping off the other bed towards them. 

He shoves Tae to the side a little until they’re both crowding Jimin around the wall, their hands gently caressing around his hips and thighs and up to his exposed collar. 

“I’m glad you can be mature adults about all this,” Jimin smirks. 

“You’re such a tease, Park Jimin,” Tae whispers, lips ghosting over his neck. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jungkook’s hands suddenly grope his ass and Jimin’s breath hitches. Yeah, okay, he might have forgotten how intoxicating the both of them were when they teamed up against him like this. Tae’s hand presses between his legs, palming him through the tight material of his underwear and Jimin sighs a little, trying to move them away from the wall. “You haven’t even heard my plan for tonight,” he pouts.

“Tell us,” Jungkook says, slipping into his dialect and making Jimin shiver at his tone. 

“I want you both inside me at the same time.”

Tae makes a strangled noise in the back of his throat. “Like a spit roast?”

“No.” He pulls on both their ties, bringing their faces against his own so that he can mouth the words against their ears. “I want both your dicks in my ass.”

He’s pleased to see the way their eyes nearly bug out of their heads, staring at him like they’ve never seen anything like him before. Jimin knows he can be quite persuasive, usually by being cute, but right now cute isn’t going to get him laid so he turns on his on stage charms, knowing his boys can’t refuse. 

“Fuck,” Jungkook groans. 

“I think I just came a little,” Tae whimpers.

Jimin starts unbuttoning his top as he walks over to the bed. “I don’t have all night so if we’re gonna do this…”

Jungkook suddenly rushes forward and grabs him from behind, laying kisses at the base of his neck while his hands pull at the waistband of his underwear. He slips it down until Jimin’s butt is out, bringing his hands up to start massaging and squeezing him. Jimin bites his lip, trying to stop the moan from leaving his lips. He really loves it when they play with his ass. 

Jungkook continues pulling his underwear down until it pools around his ankles and he’s basically naked. He feels Jungkook drop to his knees behind him and tries to see what he’s planning but then Taehyung is in front of him and his large hand is wrapping around his cock and Jimin loses his mind for a second.

Tae leans forward to kiss him, whispering, “We’re gonna have a little fun with you first,” and then drops to his knees as well. 

Before Jimin can really comprehend what’s happening, Tae’s beautiful mouth is sucking his cock down with ease. He whines, hands immediately grabbing fistfuls of his hair. “Ohhh…shit—”

He really has no time to get used to it as he feels his cheeks being spread apart from behind. He tries to turn his head, but Tae is very distracting, so when he feels the first bit of tongue teasing at his rim, he nearly falls over sideways onto the bed. 

“Oh my god,” he gasps. 

Jungkook licks into him gently while Tae sucks hard and it’s so good. Holy shit. Jimin has never asked them to do this before, usually just one or the other and never at the same time but wow. He can definitely get used to this. 

He tries to keep his balance as Jungkook starts pressing into him more, his tongue violent and eager to taste him. Taehyung is holding onto Jimin’s thigh to keep him steady as he swallows his length, occasionally looking up at him through heavy lashes. 

Jimin cannot believe he’s this lucky to have two beautiful men on their knees for him. He tries to form words, but all that comes out is a loud, broken moan. He rocks forward a little into Tae’s mouth, and he’s nearly doubled over now, but this gives Jungkook more access to his ass, which he seems to greatly appreciate if the enthusiastic tongue fucking is any indication. 

“Jungkookie,” Jimin whines. “Baby, you eat me out so well…! And Taehyungie, oh TaeTae, could come down your throat just from this…”

He’s getting hotter. He wants to come. He wants to make Tae drink it all up, wants Jungkook to lick him clean—

He’s shaken from his thoughts when Taehyung and Jungkook stop pleasuring him with their mouths and he blinks a few times, confused, until he turns and sees them standing up and undressing each other. 

They don’t usually touch or get intimate together, but it’s still nice to watch. Taehyung is a natural tease and likes to make Jungkook blush, which Jimin greatly appreciates. After all, a flustered Kookie is the best Kookie. 

“You like watching us like this, Jiminie?” Tae laughs. He pulls Jungkook in closer, who doesn’t resist, and presses his lips against the pulse at Jungkook’s neck. 

Jungkook makes a cute little noise that goes straight to Jimin’s cock and turns his needy gaze to Jimin, biting his lip as Tae sucks at his skin. Jimin squirms beside them until he’s had enough. He forcibly breaks them apart and stands in between them facing Jungkook. 

“That’s enough,” he says firmly. 

“Jealous Jiminie,” Tae teases, his hands gently groping him.

Jimin bumps his ass back against him. “I’m not, I just need you both now.”

“So needy.”

Jungkook grins and steers them down onto the bed, laying on his back with his head in the pillows while Jimin crawls over him. Taehyung suddenly gives Jimin’s ass a smack, and he yelps a little, glaring over his shoulder at him. 

“What the hell, Tae?”

“You’ve been a bad boy all day, Jiminie,” he sighs. “Flirting with so many people that our poor Jungkookie felt unwanted.”

“I didn’t–”

Tae slaps him again and he whimpers. 

“Say you’re sorry.”

Jimin wants to spit back at him but he glances down at Jungkook’s cute face and sighs, “…I’m sorry, Jungkookie.”

“It’s okay, hyung,” he grins. 

“Now, let’s get you prepared,” Tae says cheerfully. He hears the pop of a bottle behind him and then Taehyung’s wonderfully long fingers suddenly press into him and Jimin makes a whiny mewling sound, falling forward against Jungkook. It’s been far too long since the last time he was filled like this. 

The last few times they’ve been intimate together they’ve wanted Jimin to completely wreck them, which he was absolutely excited about–he loves fucking them–but he has his own wants and needs too and sometimes he just wants his boyfriends to fuck him silly. 

It’s so good to feel the stretch of Tae’s fingers inside of him again.


“That good, baby?” Taehyung coos, driving his fingers as deep as he can until he’s brushing against Jimin’s prostate and Jimin is screaming, holy shit

“Yes right there oh my god–” he chokes out, forehead pressed against Jungkook’s chest. If he comes from just this, he won’t even be mad. Taehyung’s fingers are so damn amazing it’s unfair. Even when Jimin fingers them he never gets this kind of reaction. 

“So beautiful, hyung,” Jungkook says softly, pulling Jimin in for a kiss. Jimin can’t even think properly, too focused on the fingers in his ass. 

“I’m almost tempted to just finger you until you come, Jiminie,” Tae chuckles. 

Thankfully he doesn’t, because Jimin might actually kick him if he does, and pulls his three?–four fingers out of him. Fuck, he’d had that many inside?

Jimin lays against Jungkook as he catches his breath, finally sitting up when he feels Jungkook’s dick poking into his stomach. 

“So how do you wanna do this?” Taehyung asks. “You pick your position.”

Jimin nods slowly and thinks a moment, weighing his options before deciding. 

“I want to ride Kookie,” he says. 

Taehyung hums. “Okay, then I’ll plow your ass from behind. Hot.”

He’s so unabashedly filthy sometimes, but it makes Jimin’s cock jump and honestly he’s so horny that the dirty talk doesn’t even bother him anymore. He settles back on Jungkook’s lap, thighs straddling him as he grinds his ass down against his cock and smiles when Jungkook whines beneath him. He lifts himself up, grasping the base of Jungkook’s cock and slicking it up with the lube Taehyung hands him before sinking down onto him. 

After all the times they’ve been intimate, he doesn’t expect Jungkook to have much of a reaction, but he’s pleasantly surprised when he moans and his mouth falls open, and Jimin giggles, loving that he can reduce this boy to mush by just sitting on his dick. 

“I’m the one being fucked but you look like you’re having a religious experience right now, Jungkookie.”

“That’s because your ass is incredible, Jimin, holy fuck–”

Jimin rocks his hips and Jungkook sputters out a bunch of swears. “It’s ‘hyung’,” he teases.

“If you keep moving like that I’m gonna blow my load in you, hyung.”


“You better fucking not, I’m not even inside Jiminie yet,” Tae growls. 

“You’re not feeling what I am.”

“I’m about to!”

“Hurry up then, hyung. By the time you enter him he’ll have worn my dick down to a nub.”

“Don’t be so dramatic.”

“What if I just flipped us over, huh? I’ll just fuck him into the mattress alone since you’re taking so long!”

“Then I’ll fuck you instead!”

“You will not.”

“I can’t believe I’m dating actual children,” Jimin sighs. “Taehyungie, get your dick inside of me right now or I will walk out that door and go to Hobi hyung’s room.”

That shuts them up quite nicely and soon he feels Tae’s hands spreading his cheeks and the tip of his hard cock pressing in alongside Jungkook’s. 

It’s…weird. And it stings a lot. He can already feel the stretch of having two larger than average sized dicks shoved inside him and Jimin is worried he might have overestimated his own ass. He leans forward a little, making Jungkook cry out but giving Tae a better angle to push in. 

His hands grip Jimin’s hips as he slowly, carefully, pushes himself inside. 

Oh,” Jimin gasps. 

“What? Did I hurt you?” Tae asks. 

“No. Just…just getting used to it…”

“What’s it feel like?” Jungkook says.

“Like I’ve got two dicks in my asshole.”

“A true poet,” Tae sighs as he sinks even further into him. 

Jimin roughly grabs at Jungkook’s shoulders, leaving marks in the skin with his nails, as Jungkook keeps him steady in his lap. Jimin tries to clear his mind, but all that he can think about is that he’s so damn full. He’s never felt so full in his life. He whimpers as Tae starts to move. 

“Are you really okay, Jiminie?” 

“‘m fine,” he grunts. “Just fuck me. Please.”

He closes his eyes, trying to prepare himself but the second Taehyung starts to actually thrust into him, he’s thrown forward against Jungkook with a soft scream. Jungkook must sense his need for affection because he cups his face and kisses him in desperation and for a moment he forgets that he’s being double penetrated by his two boyfriends, and then Taehyung does something and Jimin lets out a noise he didn’t even know he could make.

He starts panting heavily, grappling for a hold on something, anything, as Taehyung fucks him from behind. At some point, it stops being uncomfortable and starts to feel pretty good and he leans over Jungkook more, his cock dripping all over his chest and stomach while Taehyung slams his cock into him over and over again. 

“Oh my god,” Jimin whines. “Tae, Kookie…I’m…”

“Shh,” Tae coos. His hands pull Jimin back until he’s leaning against Taehyung’s chest and angling his face to the side to kiss him. He melts in his arms as Tae slows his thrusting down a bit, licking his lips before slipping his tongue into his mouth. “Jiminie, you look so fucking gorgeous right now.”

“No I don’t…”

“You do,” Jungkook agrees breathlessly. His hands grip at Jimin’s thighs as Jimin rocks back and forth on his cock. He reaches up and wraps his hand around Jimin’s painfully neglected cock and starts jerking him off. 

“S-Stop,” he whines. 

“Do you really want us too?” Tae asks, biting along his neck and shoulder.

Jimin shakes his head. “Nooo…feels too good…”

And suddenly the pacing is changed, Jungkook is thrusting up into him while Taehyung is fucking from behind and it’s so fast, so good, Jimin sees stars, can feel tears falling down his face as he cries and moans their names and shit shit it’s so hot, Jungkook’s hand is stroking him so well, he’s teasing him just right and he’s so close

He comes with a violent shudder and looks down after a few seconds at his cock in Jungkook’s hand, covered in his cum, and flushes pink. Jungkook isn’t paying attention however because Jimin realizes they’re both still fucking him and he’s basically being sandwiched between them now as Taehyung’s thrusting grows erratic. 

“Fuck fuck fuck—” he hisses, biting into Jimin’s shoulder as he suddenly comes with such force he collapses on top of him. 

Jungkook whines under them, still very hard, and Jimin tries to move a little as best he can with Tae’s dead weight on his back. He peppers kisses down Jungkook’s sweaty face. 

“It’s okay, baby,” he says. “Just take your time…”

Jungkook’s mouth falls open as Jimin feels him finally reach his orgasm. When he’s finished, Jungkook adorably tries to hide his face but Jimin kisses him gently. 

“You did great. You came so much, Jungkookie. I feel so full.”

“Guhhh,” he groans. 

Taehyung rolls over onto his back beside Jungkook and Jimin finally lifts himself off Jungkook’s cock with a groan, laying himself down on top of both of them while he tries to calm down. 

“Well that was different,” he mumbles after a long silence. “Not sure I’ll do it again anytime soon.”

“Why not?” Tae whines. “It felt amazing.”

“Yeah for you. It’s not very practical, Tae.”

“Since when has sex been practical? Especially between us? Remember New Year’s 2016? You sucked both our dicks at the same time and came when I like, touched your hair.”

Jimin groans. “Not the same thing.”



You’re the pervert, you fit two dicks in your mouth because you said, and I quote, ‘My cheeks are big enough.’”

“If we ever do that again, I’m not gonna be on the bottom,” Jungkook interrupts. 

“I thought you liked Jiminie riding you?”

“I do, just not when you’re crushing us from above.”

Jimin laughs. “He’s got a point, TaeTae.”

“I can’t help it,” he pouts. “Your ass is just so good.” 

He reaches down to squeeze his cheeks to prove his point and Jimin sighs. “You’re both ass obsessed.”

“I don’t want to hear that from the one who once texted me late at night saying he needed to eat my ass or he would die.”

“Oh my god I did not say it like that.”

“You totally did. I have the receipts right here in my phone. And remember when you ate Kookie out for the first time? My god, you spent like an hour down there.”

Jungkook starts cackling beside them. “I’m not complaining. It felt really good.”

“Of course it did, Jiminie’s mouth is a gift from the gods,” Tae says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world, “but it’s kinda hypocritical to call us obsessed with his ass when he would literally fuck us both at the same time if he could.”

“I’m gonna strangle you one of these days, Tae.”

“Ooh, really? How’d you know that was a kink of mine?”

“I give up.” Jimin gets himself more comfortable between them and takes deep, calming breaths. “Jokes aside, it wasn’t the most awful experience I’ve ever had,” he says. 

“I’m glad,” Taehyung says sincerely. He brushes a hand through Jimin’s sweaty hair. “There was a moment I really thought I hurt you.”

“I didn’t think it was gonna work at first,” Jungkook admits. “It felt like I couldn’t do much from my position.” 

“You both did fine, but I am very tired right now after a very eventful evening so I’m gonna wash this cum off my body and go to bed.” Jimin slides himself off the bed fairly easily and stands up on shaky legs as he moves to the bathroom. “You’re welcome to stay the night, Kookie. I know if you snuck back into Jin hyung’s room right now he might actually kill you so…”

“Wasn’t planning on leaving anyway,” he laughs. 

“Hey, uh, is there room is that shower for more?” Tae asks innocently.

Jimin grins as he turns on the light. “Wanna find out?”