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Fated Boy

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Green cannot believe his eyes. He knows these clothes. He hasn’t worn these clothes since the beginning of his journey, before he outgrew them. His eyes - in contrast to the original, rich amber shade he had flaunted and frankly enjoyed - were green. His eyes are - were amber. He has to stumble back from the reflection, half-panicking as he realizes something even worse.

His pokeballs are gone. His team, the partners of his journey - gone. It prompts a panicked, hurried search for everything, and the deeper he searches, the more he realizes - this has to be a cruel prank.

It isn’t until he opens the front door and is assailed by the unforgettable scents of a freshly blooming spring that he realizes that this is too elaborate for his grandfather. He didn’t care enough to pull something like this.

Halfway through his panic, someone bumps into him, giving a feminine sounding noise of surprise.

“Green?” The woman’s voice is surprised, and he turns around to face - Daisy. He stares at her as she continues, seemingly oblivious of his internal panic. “You’re up way earlier than you need to be - you won’t be getting your Pokemon for another two hours, silly boy.” Despite whatever oddities are in this world, he won’t deny that seeing her smile and her obvious warmth is still reassuring.

Hope crosses her face, and she makes to inquire about something. “Are you planning to maybe… Talk to Fire?” His expression does not change from the blank stare, and her smile falls. “You two used to be such good friends… He asked if you were up last night, but you didn’t answer him at all.” His smile fades immediately.

Red? Red never spoke to him. And who the hell called themselves Fire? He continues to stare at her, hopes that she’ll start making some sense. But she doesn’t, and Green gives her a look. That alone makes her smile fade, and she steps back.

“Fire misses you.” She tried again. “At least… please don’t blow him off if he tries to talk to you?” She’s obviously trying, so Green manages an awkward shrug, though his expression doesn’t change much, if at all.

He looks away, and Daisy takes that as her answer, a small frown crossing her lips as she observed him, before deciding against it and shaking her head. “You should pack, since you’re up so early.” She says instead, and Green makes a vague noise of agreement, before retreating back into the house to take stock of his situation.

It’s only after he closes the door behind himself that he lets everything sink in.

And then he curses, so filthy and rough that had anyone heard him, he would have been drinking soap for a week.

He’d ended up in the Arceus-damned past, and whoever sent him hadn’t even gotten that right.