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The art of persuasion

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“JIMIN JUST GIVE ME THE GODDAMN CLOTH!!” Taehyung yelled desperate in tears. “Oh my god, oh my god… we are so screwed.”
“We have to call Hoseok hyung.” Jimin whispered with a serious face as he paced back and forth.
“Stop yelling, Taehyung! Do you want anyone to hear us? Whatever happens, save yourself and blame it all on me.”
“What are you saying…?”
“Actually… leave now.”
“I am not leaving! Give me the cloth!!”
“Someone came in, go to the bedroom and STAY THERE.”


“Why today?” Jungkook whispered as he looked outside. The rain was being unforgiving, falling intensively hitting the ground and bouncing right back up. One simply would not be able to run away from its wetness even with an umbrella. It matched the sky, dark and cold, maybe it was slightly angry at this part of the country. It did not compare to where Jungkook lived previously, where everything was colourful and familiar. The houses were all different colours, the people were always smiling, often people moved there to raise their kids in a happier environment and the sun was their ally. Their biggest ally one could argue, the heat was constant, too consistent if you asked Jungkook but now that he moved to Oscuro, he changed his mind.

He walked down the stairs along with the incessant, loud, creak of the wooden brown stairs. By the time Jungkook arrived at the bottom floor, his patience was running low. Eyeing the telephone he considered ringing his mother but at the same time the clock in the living room, announced each second with loud ticks. He rubbed his tired eyes and inhaled deeply as he walked in panic to the phone on the wall. Jungkook dialed the memorized numbers extremely fast and waited for a familiar voice to pick up:

“Hello?” A feminine, strong voice answered.
“Mum? Oh my god, mum I am so glad you picked up.” He exhaled in relief but his heart was still beating extremely fast, almost jumping out of his chest.
“Jeon Jungkook… it’s 6 am. Is everything okay? Did you not sleep well?” Even though Mina’s words were sweet, her voice was anything but. Mina was a strong, determined, reformed sergeant and had always an emotionless tone of voice. Never giving anything away but at the same time always direct with her intentions.
“I am just…” Jungkook leaned his forehead against the cold wall to collect his words, his hand held the phone and he squeezed the phone handle until his knuckles turned white. His mother stayed silent on the other side of the phone, she had always been a great listener, especially after her husband fell ill. She searched to understand her children better since their father could no longer. Jungkook had always been thankful for her personality, he secretly wished he was more like her. When his voice came out, it came out small. “I am just scared.”
“Son… I know it is far away but you studied and worked too hard for this. Do not be a let down.”
“I know mum, I don’t want to disappoint you.” He stated calmly but he could feel himself regaining strength already.
“Don’t be foolish. I am talking about YOU.” She emphasised powerfully, he could imagine how her eyes must have looked, firm and determined. “Do not do it for anyone else but yourself. Don’t let yourself down. Understood?”
“Son frankly… I know that place is unknown and very different to what you are used to. The thing is THAT is the whole point. Monotony is good because is safe. However, our family does not swing that way.”
“Swing, son. Swing.”

He walked to the old kitchen dragging his black combat boots, that his mother claimed to be extremely feminine but he loved. He had purchased them just for his first day at practicing a career of a lifetime. Jungkook reached for the extremely antique, copper boiler, to start making his morning chamomile tea. Being beyond nervous, he was in need of something to calm him down. The talk with his mother was meant to calm him down but the reality was that travelling across the country to become a part of the solving murder squad was making him nervous. It was not the ‘solving murder’ part that was freaking Jeon out but the travelling away from everything familiar and having to start from scratch without any support from his siblings or parents.

Of course as he stepped outside, the cold breeze was the first thing that he felt in contact with his skin, the rain was still pouring and the day was still dark. Since the police station was not so far from his house he decided to walk there but with a lot of of time in advance. Jungkook hated being late. As he walked, he noticed all the houses looked indeed the same as his new home: dark with old, humid and filthy bricks. The streets were empty due to the bad weather but the small cafes were filled with old men smoking and drinking their espresso. Jungkook hated bitter things, espresso was one of those bitter things. His mother had several attempts at trying to make him drink it, he was always ended up throwing it on the sink, opening the tap to wash away the strong drink without leaving any trace. Now, he wished he could wash away the desire to become an investigator. The reality was that his mother was right, he always wanted more, more than his little town could fulfil and here it was. Nonetheless, he was scared of not being as happy as he once was in Girassol.

There he was right in front of the door of his new job in his new home, he would be seeing this place a lot. Jungkook attempted to close the umbrella that never seemed to close at the first try but it did not cooperate. After a few tries, the old dark blue umbrella got stuck halfway, Jungkook attempted to push it out again to close it back again. It did come out but permanently. The top of the umbrella had completely been pushed out by his hands, now he had two parts of the object. There was no going back, so angrily he stuffed it inside a bin near the police station. Finally, he decided to breathe deeply and go in.

“Some fight you had there.” He heard a man with red hair say with an amused smile.
“Tell me about it.” Jungkook whispered shyly, while patting his black jumper after getting a few drops on it. The red haired man stood up with a smile and curious eyes while slowly extending his hand.
“Jung Hoseok. Nice to meet you...?”
“Jeon Jungkook. Nice to meet you too.” He held his hand back with an attempt of a smile. He gave a soft cough to clear his voice. “I am a new member of the team… I am not sure you heard about me.”
“Of course I heard about you. Outstanding results for someone so young. I am in fact in charge of your introduction and it is likely that I will become your partner.” Hoseok started with a smile as he went back to the desk he was sat at and searched for a something. “Would you… perhaps like something to drink?”
“Water would be fine… please.” Jungkook whispered while taking off his hoodie, it was hot in the building.
“Okay cool, fetch yourself some. It is somewhere on the kitchen at the end of the corridor.” He replied with the same smile and he continued with his task at searching for whatever Jung Hoseok was deeply trying to find. He scared him for some reason, such a nice smile but his words had startled him.
As Jungkook walked past the corridor at the restricted access zone, he finally had the chance to look at the station properly.

The ceiling was white which contrasted with the black walls filled with pictures of what he assumed were the highest position officers or those who had achieved great things. The floor was absolutely clean even though its colour was cream. The narrow corridor gave way to a much bigger room which was the kitchen, with wooden chairs and tables, two microwaves and also several fridges. In the middle of the kitchen there was a flight stairs which he assumed led to other offices… his future desk was probably localised on one of the above floors. While he sipped on his water trying to put in thoughts back into place, Jung Hoseok appeared headed towards the stairs and gave him a sign with his head to follow him. Jungkook immediately downed his water and followed him up.

At the end of the stairs, as he guessed there were several doors and on one of the wooden cream coloured doors it was written with capital letters “JUNG HOSEOK - JEON JUNGKOOK”. Once Hoseok opened the door, Jungkook realized the office had a way friendlier look than the rest of the station. It had white walls, a few paintings with plants, and two desks around 3 meters apart. One of the desks had already several papers on it so he assumed that was Hoseok’s.
“By the way, that paperwork is for you.” He said pointing at the messy desk, Jungkook assumed belonged to Hoseok.
“Sorry… what- when did hmm I-” Jungkook swallowed the lump that at some point formed on his throat and blinked a few times before continuing. “I thought I filled in all my details. Did I miss something out?”
“No you didn’t. This, my child, it’s just work.” Hoseok eyed the younger’s wide opened eyes and smiled at the expression of abandoned puppy he had on. “Hobi hobi will help you.”
“Hobi hobi? Who is Hobi hobi?”
“I am Hobi, call me Hobi hyung.”
“But why did you say it like that...?” He questioned eyeing the older with a smile. Jungkook was sure he would like Jung Hoseok.

After a few weeks, Jungkook was already exhausted, he had never expected to start working at his first weeks of work. It sounded silly but he expected some meeting with other new workers as well and a tour around the office. Nothing went as he imagined, Hoseok had already warned him that they had a huge case to deal within thirty minutes time. It did not make Jungkook nervous, he had worked several times with cases like this when he was an intern, he was not scared. As he followed his hyung to the car, he already knew it was about the death of a very known old man. He paid attention to each word Hobi said and managed to take notes down on his phone just in case.
“So, male, age 67, extremely rich, allegedly fell down the stairs was found dead by his grandson.” He muttered as if it wasn’t a life of a person they were talking about.
“Age of the grandson?” Jungkook question while writing the notes down.
“25 years old, name Park Jimin. He lived with him along with his siblings.”
“Wow, people nowadays will do anything for money.” Jungkook whispered without giving it much thought.
“I don’t think he did it.” Hoseok admitted while looking ahead without turning to his new partner.
“Why do think that?”
“I know the kid. He wouldn’t do something like this.”
“Hyung with all the respect… We all think we know people but in times of need you never know. Especially when it comes to money.”
“Jimin is too- You don’t get it because you don’t know him.”
“Well, I will at some point in time.”
“You will change your mind.”

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It was a foggy day of course, Jungkook hated those too. As if the world wasn’t scary enough now he could not see what was ahead of him. He was glad Hobi had driven to the Park offices and not him since his vision had started to fail him after playing one too many games. He made a mental note to book an appointment at his new local optician. Upon arriving at their first destination of the day, Jungkook was disappointed when he came to the realization that the office was at a mansion. A huge gated mansion with dark red bricks, it seemed to be new but there was some bleakness about it. The more they walked towards the exaggerated sized, dark brown wooden doors, the more he wanted to meet the grandson who found his grandfather dead.
“Here comes the jerk.” His hyung whispered with a roll of eyes snapping Jungkook out his trance. “Note this down as well, will you? Cooper is a jerk.”
Said Cooper was walking in their direction with an unbuttoned blue suit that matched his tie and a white shirt that showed that he was a formal type guy. The kind of guy that dresses up for no reason. The closer he got, the more he smiled. Jungkook did not understand why an agent needed to wear a tie, it was not comfortable at all. How would Cooper run if this Park guy decided to escape?
“Afternoon gentleman… fresh meat I see. Blake Cooper nice to meet you.”
“Jeon Jungkook.”
“So Jungkook how do you feel about your first case at Oscuro?” Cooper questioned while lighting up his cigarette.
“I am not sure yet… We have yet to question- talk to the witness.” Jungkook answered with half honesty.
“Well I don’t blame Jimin. Do you Hoseok?” He asked but all three of them knew he was not expecting an answer. “If my grandfather owned that many banks… Who knows what I would do?” He added with a fake laugh while eyeing both of them and Jungkook could not help to notice he lingered for longer on his hyung. After a moment of silence in which the other two men exchanged hard glares, Cooper gave a long drag, threw the cigarette butt and left without uttering another word.

The maknae wanted to interrogate Hoseok on what had just happened or what kind of bad blood had the two adults had. Whatever it was, it left his hyung on a serious mood. Him and Hoseok had quickly become close as Jungkook did not know anyone else. He trusted that his hyung would share it eventually.
The house once again seemed to match everyone’s mood, the colour scheme was simple brown from the wood and dark red. Jungkook was starting to genuinely believe they had something against vivid colour in this part of the country. As they started to climb the stairs, Jungkook looked up and there he was. He was definitely not what Jungkook had expected. Park Jimin was a small man, his shoulders were definitely not wide, his face was also very small with cute features. A small button nose, friendly eyes and a small mouth but with plump lips. A doll, Jungkook thought to himself. Park wore all black, black slacks, black shirt and Maison Margiela’s big buckle black boots, he was grieving after all. Just the shoes costed approximately 1000 dollars if not more, he mentally noted.

The doll looking boy shook hands with the two of them, and the only thing noted was that his hands were also small for a 25 year old man. As soon as they made eye contact, Jungkook lowered his eyes out of instinct. Park Jimin was pretty and he could not deny that. Pretty people intimidated Jungkook.
“Follow me please agents.” He spoke softly. His voice was like soft, pure, white feather, perhaps even a bit childish. The maknae decided he liked it and he wanted to listen to it more. However, as soon as the thought crossed his mind he attempted to eliminate it. Already he wished this stranger was not mourning his grandfather’s death by being questioned.
He followed them into the main office in silence, three chairs were already situated in front of a main desk where the boy doll sat down. He looked tired as he settled into his chair. Jungkook almost forgot to sit down himself, since he was too busy observing this new person.
“Do you wish to perhaps drink anything?” Jimin offered a small smile kind smile. “Water? Coffee? Tea? We have it all.” He added with a delicate movement of hands.
“Tea for me, please.” Hoseok requested politely.
“I would like the same please. Any tea will do.” Jungkook heard himself say. He pressed his lips awkwardly and began looking at the view outside the big window as he felt out of place. A wide green garden with barely any trees but several benches and a small lake in the middle. It was beautiful and pleasant, and was obviously part of a house he could never afford. The youngest only lifted his head once he heard Jimin speak again to a woman in a black suit.
“Two teas and a black coffee-”
“Make that two coffees.” Interrupted Cooper as he walked in with a fake, tight smile. “Sorry for my late arrival. You see, your grandfather’s office is so enormous I lost myself looking for the bathroom.”
“Agent Cooper nice to see you again. Next time just ask for help. Our receptionist would gladly help.”
“Glad to see you too. Sorry it had to be under such sad circumstances. I am deeply sorry for your loss.”
Jungkook found himself observing Jimin to find any signs of guilt but he was rewarded with a sad smile and no words. His expression was of pure sadness as he blinked several times, and simply nodded acknowledging Cooper’s words of comfort. As if on cue the drinks arrived and all the men in the room sipped nervously except from Cooper he kept his icy blue eyes fixed on Jimin. Jungkook took notice on how his glare was extremely arrogant maybe even slightly angry.
Hoseok was about to speak up when they both heard the third agent speak:
“So Jimin… Could you tell us how you found your grandfather?”
“I am sure you have read this but… He was just at the bottom of the stairs lifeless, no blood, nothing.” Jimin swallowed the lump that had formed on his throat, he looked up and ran his eyes through all of them and he spoke again. “At first I just thought it was his diabetes- I didn’t… He had passed out before because of it. I didn’t think it was- I didn’t think he was dead.”
“That explains the insulin next to the body…” Hoseok whispered to himself as he wrote notes.
“But why did you call the police only 30 minutes later?” Jungkook curiously asked while this time maintaining eye contact.
“I panicked, I wasn’t thinking…” He whispered quietly as he looked down and two tears fell directly to the table as he wiped his eyes and nose quickly. “Could I had saved him if I just-”
“No, Jimin you could not have.” Added Cooper coldly while running his hands through his overly gelled ginger hair. “Jimin… I heard you had an argument with your grandfather a few weeks before his death-” Cooper looked down to read his notes. “At a meeting?”
“Perhaps you could develop on that…?” Hoseok also questioned while writing something down.
“I don’t know which of the arguments on the course of all these weeks… because we often argue but nothing too out of the normal. We are family after all but at a meeting…” Jimin shrugged as he seemed to try to remember. Jungkook wrote on his personal that his eyes were still watery as he spoke. “Lately, we had been arguing over going public.”
“The bank?” Jungkook asked more himself than anyone else.
“Yes. He wanted to go public but his health was fragile. I did not want him overworking himself.”
“Perchance you could work on his place?” The suggestive question came from the ginger, who had his eyebrow raised in suspicion.
“Agent, he wanted me to do so but I personally never enjoyed working on this business.” Jimin ran his hands through his sandy blond hair and he faced Cooper with teary but strong eyes. “Whatever you are trying to imply, you are wrong. It is no secret. I went to court to get my name removed from all this but as a minor at the time nothing could have been done.”
“Well but your name is still there so… I don’t see how is that relevant.”
“Cooper you are overdoing it. We have to respect each other for this to work.” Hoseok firmly intervened with his body language on alert.
“I can answer.” Spoke up Jimin, as more tears fell and this time he did not bother to clean them. “My grandfather did not allow me and he said it was his wish. In court, grandad told the jury that was his way of protecting my future, to make sure I would not struggle in case he died. I have no one else except from two other dependent siblings. He was looking out for not only me but my brothers.” The doll stood up and his body was fully turned to agent Cooper and this time his voice was shaky. “So I did as I was told. I assumed my responsibilities, I was ready to work here all my life but going public meant going beyond this.”
“I apologise, Mr Park. I had no intentions of going overboard.” He added with an expressionless face. “I will leave now. Have a great day gentleman. And again I am sorry for your loss and my behaviour.”
Jungkook did not see any remorse on the ginger’s expression. His hyung quickly apologised once again on Cooper’s behalf and offered some tissue to Jimin who had sat back down with his hands on his face. Hoseok whispered a few words of consolation as they already knew each other. Jungkook felt awkward so he stood up to stand on the corner of the room and look out the window. He did not want to interrupt. As he looked at a dog running across the garden, he heard the door open:
“Hoseok you are here! What the fuck was Cooper doing here? Did he find out anything?” A deep voice whispered yelled. Jungkook quickly turned his head to find all three men looking at him with a concerned face. “Oh fuck… who the hell is this?”
“Taehyung what did I tell you about yelling?!” Jimin spoke with a warning calmness while glaring at the other tall man. This was not the same doll, Jungkook had seen a few seconds ago. Jungkook was going to die.

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Jungkook closed his eyes as the tears at the back of his eyes started to form. He had lost his father six months ago. And it had changed everyone in his family including his mother. She was no longer as happy as she used to be. Mina was an adventurous woman, physical activity was her strength with a combination of her bravery and recklessness, it all had worked in her advantage throughout her life. His mother was known to have been one of the best sergeants Girassol had ever seen. However, she had to leave her job earlier than expected as she was shot on the leg and could no longer perform. Mina had been devastated and even though she had tried not to show her family, they could all feel it. To aggravate their situation, once his father got into a car accident that left him in a severe state, he fought for his life for 3 months. The doctors ended up finding a tumor while he was still recovering from the injuries and he didn’t make it. Jungkook saw his mother have a mental breakdown for the first time. She spent the little they had on alcohol and drank heavily for the following weeks. Jungkook had immediately started looking for jobs anywhere to support his three younger siblings and an alcoholic mother. He had responsibilities… He barely had time to cry about his father because someone HAD to be strong. And here he was about to lose his life at his first real case out of his city, at the age of 23. He was too young.
“Okay… I am so tired.” Jimin whispered as his voice gave in at the last words. He sat down and smiled. Jungkook didn’t like that smile. It was sad and hopeless, a frustrated smile.
“Jimin, I am so sorry. I didn’t think anyone else was at the room. I am such a fuck up.” The man named Taehyung murmured apologetically.
“You couldn’t have known.”
“Jungkookie listen. You can’t say anything.” Begged Hoseok as he walked slowly towards Jungkook. “Jimin is… Jimin did nothing wrong. Believe me.”
“Oh my god. Hobi hyung are you under his threat? Is he blackmailing you?” Jungkook uttered quietly as he tried to understand why would his hyung be involved in a murder. Jungkook could not reach for his gun even if he wanted to. Hoseok knew exactly where it was, before his dongsaeng even attempted to reach for it, he would be dead in a second. Plus, would Jungkook ever genuinely be able to shoot the man who had helped him so far without giving him the benefit of the doubt? The answer was simple, no.
“No- Jimin is not like that.” Hoseok ran his hands through his red hair hair stressed, as he looked up to the ceiling and he seemed to pray. “Jungkook you cannot say anything.”
“Let him have a choice to walk out of this. I do not want more people involved. That is more stress.” The fake doll started with a sigh and then he pulled a small book out of the drawer and he looked at Jungkook. “Name your price.”
Jungkook turned to Jung Hoseok in shock.They were bribing him.
“I- I am not like that. If you ask me to be quiet hyung, I will be quiet but I need to know this guy is not a murderer. Hyung, I don’t want to hear that you got arrested for obstruction of justice.”
Hoseok’s eyes immediately softened and he exhaled in relief. Jimin eyed Jungkook with curiosity and this he could not hide.
“Jimin, I vow for him. Jungkookie is loyal, we just need to let him know of what is happening.”
“One more person? Too many people already know. This can seriously end badly for all of us, including Jungkook. He looks really young, we cannot fuck his career up.” As Jimin finished speaking Jungkook could not help himself. He just stared at Jimin with wide eyes. Who was Park Jimin?
“I would agree with you at any other day but he already knows… He is already involved.” Taehyung said with shrug of shoulder, and in that moment Jungkook briefly wondered if he was a model. His beauty wasn’t something you would see everyday.
“He doesn’t know anything.” Jimin argued back in a matter of seconds.
“He knows something is up Jiminie.” With that statement the doll’s not very wide shoulders sagged down as did his face. He looked his age for the first time in that afternoon, as he looked ahead with the same exhausted expression. “This will be all over soon, manggae.” Taehyung added as he came closer to Jimin and placed a kiss at the top of his head.


The hot water of the shower was supposed to wash away any worries and make him feel better but it didn’t. On one hand, Hoseok was still his sweet hyung, he had offered to take him home to clear a few things as he could tell Jungkook was incredibly bothered. On the other hand, he felt like he needed to meet him all over again because it made him doubt his hyung and everything he did on the course of the past weeks. Was he truthfully nice or was he being nice so he would not end up in a cell? He wouldn’t have let him free though if he wasn’t. Plus he had helped him several times not only with work related projects but also with the adjusting into the new city. His hyung had driven to Jungkook’s house on his second day of work because he knew he did not have an umbrella. That day the rain had been stronger than on the previous day. He had stayed several evenings to aid him with the workload. And those were the reasons why he decided to stay by his hyung side. Nevertheless, that did not mean he wasn’t hurt because his hyung had hidden a lot of information from him.

Another big issue he had was Park Jimin. If the doll looking boy was evil enough to kill his grandfather, why was his hyung friends’ with him? They seemed to be even closer than Jungkook had thought. He had cried, he seemed upset when Cooper questioned him and implied that he had killed his grandfather. Did he actually care that much for the money? Had Cooper been right? More importantly, why had Jimin worried about Jungkook’s future? And why had he gotten happy at the fact that Jimin seemed to care about him. He wanted nothing more than to get that idea out of his head. He got out the shower, towel dried himself and applied body moisturiser. Jungkook liked having soft skin, and taking care of himself seemed to have an effect on getting his head out of trouble.

Work could also be a way to relieve stress because that was what Jungkook considered healthy stress. He decided he needed to prepare some tea, that would go perfectly with the amount of paperwork he had to complete. As he had finished preparing his warm drink, he started climbing up the stairs when the phone rang. It annoyed him, he did not want to speak to anyone, not even his mother. Jungkook was afraid he would be extremely moody or just that his tears would just begin falling as they had been threatening to do since earlier on. He sipped as he slowly reached for the phone, hoping the caller would give up before he reached it. They did not.

“Kookie, my pride… It’s mum.”
“Mum… what’s wrong? Your voice-”
“Can’t a mother call her son?” Jungkook’s heart fell at that moment as he closed his eyes and his bitter smile began to spread. He wanted to cry. She had been drinking and probably was feeling depressed. Mina always called Jungkook half way through the night. Even when her son was working all night to put food on their table and studied during the day to get a degree. She would call him during his break at work, when he normally tried to sleep due to the exhaustion of his routine. She would talk about her husband and it hurt her son more than anything.
“She can… you just surprised me.” He gave a shaky breath as he dragged a stool and sat down near the phone as he tried not to cry. “What’s up mum?”
“I just miss him so much… Your voice is so much like his… ” Mina started and that had been the rest of Jungkook’s night.

The morning had come earlier than he had expected, he felt that it was harder to get up in October because the sky was still dark at that time of the year. However, he did. He got up and got ready as he normally did. Jungkook ate as he could not afford to neglect his body. He needed his body to work and he needed to work to get money and he needed money to pay for his and his family’s bills.
Despite his current personal life situation, Jungkook worked extremely hard and today was lecture day. This consisted in a lot of agents sitting down as they were reminded of medical aspects and procedures they should perform in case of an emergency. The maknae made sure to arrive early so he could sit at the back without getting much attention drawn to him. The amount of gratefulness he felt towards the fact that partners would go on different days, meaning today he would not have to face his hyung. Frankly, he was not ready to face anyone. His heart was back in Girassol, he wondered how his siblings were feeling now that his mother had clearly started drinking again. He needed to call Junghyun, his 16 year old brother. He was always honest with Jungkook as he also had to grow up fast and become an adult to take care of the other two twins whilst his oldest hyung was working.
During his lunchtime he sat at the cafeteria of the hospital where they were having their lectures and ate a salmon sandwich. Nervously, he picked up his cellphone, found the contact he was looking for. Junghyun did not take long to answer:
“Hyung.” Answered Junghyun on the other side of the line with a tired voice. His brother knew why he was calling, he had probably been the one to put their mother to sleep.
“How are you?”
“Tired. I have November exams… school is kicking my ass plus I am doing terrible at maths.” His brother laughed on the other side of the line.
“You have to do well.” Jungkook felt himself relax as he laughed along with him.
“I am trying. I decided what I want to become.”
“Nah, I am not telling you.”
“Why not?! I won’t judge.” Jungkook lied. He would totally make fun of him no matter what it was.
“Hyung, we got a letter.” Junghyun announced with a serious voice. “Dad’s hospital bills and the state confirmed they are not covering them. What are we going to do?”
Jungkook could sense the underlying panic on his brother’s voice and for a certain amount of time he stayed silent. This was too much even for Jungkook as the air left his lungs but if he took long at answering, his brother would also panic.
“Is that why mum was drinking- How much?”
“Over 20.000 dollars… I got a part-time job but it barely covers our food and Mimi’s and Tata’s expenses at school.”
“Why didn’t you tell me you needed money for that? Plus since when do you fucking work?!” Exclaimed Jungkook with his sandwich long forgotten and his hand placed on his hair in frustration.
“You are always stressed, I wanted to help. Yoongi hyung helped me find this job at the restaurant near the station… Remember that dessert place?”
“I do, yes…”
“Well, everyone there is super nice and they helped me adjust just fine. They understand I study on top of work so it’s good bro.”
“It is.” He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair as an attempt to calm his emotions down. His brother had stopped being a teenager, only to start working even earlier than Jungkook so he could pay for their youngest siblings expenses.
“What do we do? They want it by the end of the month.”
Upon Jungkook remembering how he must have looked to others around him, he wanted to disappear. Using one hand to grip a phone to his ear while using the other to almost pull his hair out, half eaten food on the table and teary eyes. Jungkook probably looked like he was on a verge of a mental breakdown, he needed to leave the cafeteria. He glanced up to look around and see if anyone had spotted him, he found no other than the Taehyung he had met at the Park Offices. Taehyung was looking at him with curious eyes as his friends told him to join them at the table. It clicked on Jungkook’s head that he was wearing a white coat, which meant he was a member of staff at the hospital. He had no time to think about that.
“Don’t worry hyung will solve it all.”
“How? With what money? With whose money? I know damn well you haven’t got that much saved.” Junghyun was right, he did not. Jungkook had a 1000 to his name and that was about it.
“Just do not worry. Worry about school, okay? I will ring you later.”

Hanging up the phone, he knew he could not stay there long. Jungkook folded up his barely eaten sandwich, placed it inside his bag, he stood up and almost sprinted to the bathroom.
Once inside, he locked himself in a bathroom stall. He dropped his bag, and placed his hot back against the wall. The time it took for the tears to fall down was not long, they fell fast and hot. Jungkook wanted to yell but instead he bit his own arm to keep the screams to a minimum. Where was he going to get 20.000 dollars? As if earth didn’t hate him enough, his phone began ringing again: an unknown number. He couldn’t even cry in peace, he complained to himself. Fastly, he wiped his tears with the back of his hand and he picked up the phone.
“It’s hyung.” Min Yoongi’s voice was heard on the other side of the line.
“Hyung… what the fuck am I going to do?” Jungkook cried as he struggled to breathe and speak. He could not even control how loud his sobs and voice were getting. Jungkook was lost. “They want fucking 20.000 dollars! I don’t even have 2000, mum’s drinking again… what if they take the kids away… If anyone finds out, that will be it. I can’t do this anymore, I am so tired.”
“Jungkook… hold on. I am gathering all my savings, I will see in what I can help. DO NOT panic. Go to the nearest bank and ask for a loan.” Yoongi instructed calmly in a heartbeat. He must have been thinking about solutions.
“I cannot, I already got a loan for fucking university, I doubt they will accept another request. Oh fuck… this is so fucked up. I am so tired and the problems keep increasing.”
“Let’s not suffer in anticipation. Do exactly what I told you-”
Jungkook heard a soft knock on the door, interrupting his conversation with his hyung. He wiped his tears on his sleeve as he spoke.
“Hyung I have to go. I will call you after your shift. Thank you… a lot.” Jungkook hung up once he heard a reply from Yoongi. After he ripped some toilet paper to blow his nose and dab his face which still had some tears. He heard a soft knock again and he opened the door to be faced with Taehyung.

Jungkook’s felt his anger rise at the back of his head and he was certain his face showed due to the reaction coming from the other boy. As Taehyung’s mouth closed right after he tried to speak up, and he gave way to Jungkook who was headed towards the sink to wash his face. At this point, Taehyung realized the young man did not care whether he had heard him, seen him or if he was there to threaten him. As the red faced 23 year old just proceeded to wash his face without uttering a single word.
“I am sorry I got you in that mess while you seem to have a lot in your plate…” He started while looking at Jungkook’s brusque movements while he attempted to dry his face with some paper. “Jimin can help you. He works in a bank, he is a millionaire and you know… you need money.”
Jungkook turned to glare at him, his eyes deadly and his pained expression long replaced by one of anger and disgust.
“You want me to get money from a murderer? Is this- Is this to buy my silence?”
“No… no! Can you speak quieter..? I don’t want anyone thinking that’s who Jiminie is. He didn’t kill him… you know?” In any other circumstance, Jungkook would have thought Taehyung was a nice guy. He gave off this innocent, friendly vibe, however his lover or whatever Jimin was to him was involved in a murder. Given the situation they were at, he trusted nobody.
“Am I supposed to believe you?” Interrogated Jungkook in disbelief with a sarcastic smile. Taehyung big eyes opened in surprise and his mouth formed a small O shape.
“Listen… Why don’t you ask Jimin yourself?” He spoke softly again and he reached to touch Jungkook’s face but Jungkook stepped back with an angry look on his face. “You have tissue on your face… must be from the- must be from the wiping. Jungkook right? You don’t know us. All I am asking is that you meet up with Jimin and talk it out. I can explain your situation to him, you can actually use this against us if you prefer, you know? I just want to help you. Plus we are actually innocent.”
Jungkook observed Taehyung with an incredulous look. Did he just suggest that he should use the fact that he knows something is up to blackmail to get money? Or would Jimin be waiting there to kill him? No, that wasn’t it. Jung Hoseok would never let this happen. He would regret this.
“Fine. I will meet the murderer.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung reached for the pillow and squeezed it with his long, slender fingers. The pleasure was too much and he had nothing to hold onto to put his frustration on. He was chasing his release with desperation. His knees were getting tired as Namjoon slammed into him, his hands were digging into Taehyung’s waist. He had way more strength than he seemed to realise and it kind of hurt but the line between pleasure and pain had always been thin. Taehyung liked it. Namjoon clumsily dragged his hand from Taehyung’s waist to his length. It was driving him insane, he reached with his right hand behind him to tug on Namjoon’s hair. He pulled at it, making the other groan in response. He knew he would not last long. As he was standing on his knees, it was hard to stand straight with waves of pleasure, he was damp with sweat and his mouth was hanging open. Taehyung wished he had a mirror so he could stare at himself.
“Namjoonie….” He tried but it ended up coming out as a plea. Namjoon placed his hand at the end of his back and Taehyung got in all fours. He already knew his partner was probably close and he obliged, Namjoon had always liked to come on top of his butt. He immediately felt a warm liquid on his buttocks and heard his lover moan in pleasure. Namjoon didn’t lose time and he changed Taehyung’s position so he could lay on his back and his mouth sucked on the head of his cock whilst his right hand that was covered in lube worked his other with a set rhythm. Taehyung raised his hips subconsciously and pulled on the soft strands of the other’s hair again, as a result Namjoon pinned his hips to the mattress with both his hands as his mouth went deeper. As if his lover had anticipated it, he removed his mouth but he still came on his face.
“Again, Tae? Really?” Namjoon asked exasperated with his chin protruding as he stood up and went to grab a towel. Tae could not form a reply as he made an effort to calm his breathing.
“So… I was thinking…” Namjoon began speaking as he came back with a sheet mask on his face and a blue towel on his hands. “We should start dating.”
“I thought we were already.”
“Oh… really? Good.”
“Jimin and Jungkook will meet.” He announced nonchalantly while looking up at the ceiling.
“When will you guys meet this Jungkook again?”
“I am not going.”
“ why are they meeting up again?” Joon inquired confused with wide eyes as he reached for the grapes, he had been feeding Taehyung before he had been abruptly interrupted.
“He looked like a kicked puppy in the cafeteria-”
“Of the hospital..? What the hell was he doing there?”
“Something cops have to learn, God knows. ANYWAY he almost ran to the toilet, I followed him.” He shrugged with a cute pout. “He was crying his eyes out on the phone, something about owing 20.000 dollars.”
“That’s a lot of money. I see. Jimin would definitely want to help him.”


Saturday morning arrived earlier than Jungkook had predicted. His nerves started growing, as the time of the meeting arrived and he had no idea why. Part of him wanted to believe it was because he wanted to discuss the debt he had and if there was anything that could be done. Yet, he knew he was apprehensive about meeting up with Park Jimin and telling him about his personal issues. Such as, needing $20.000 with no questions asked and by the end of October. The clock marked 8am and the meeting was at 10, he had plenty of time. He turned on his laptop and he began searching online for the cafe where they would meet at. The cafe was apparently one of the most known in the city, it seemed really pretty from the outside and definitely new. Jungkook started questioning if it would not be too obvious for others to see him with Jimin. Since he was working on his case, it could be harmful. They could think they were conspiring together. What did that doll have inside his mind? He didn’t even have his number to suggest another place. Jungkook poured the milk, added the cereal and started munching on them with his thoughts on his family. He had called his mother several times but she had never picked up whilst his brother asked him to just forget about her. He wondered what was happening at home whilst he was absent. Those two had always had some sort of conflict between them but Jungkook had always been in the middle to stop anything from escalating any further. Now, he wasn’t.

Halfway to the cafe he started wondering if he was underdressed. Jungkook wore a black, long sleeved turtleneck with a dark grey, oversized hoodie, black jeans and puma creepers. He liked this outfit it was comfortable and discreet for a popular cafe. He got there at 9.46am to be exact, the cafe actually at a quite hard to spot street, even though the building was light blue with a big sign that read ‘LILY’S Bombom’. It had several big glass windows that allowed one to see the inside, that had several pink and white tables which shouted ‘dessert place’. Jungkook decided that he liked it, it was cute and he liked cute things. He pushed the heavy door, only to realise it was pull as an older short woman came to open it. She had Lily on her name tag, so she was clearly the owner. Jungkook liked her immediately as she welcomed him with a nice smile, her eyes were big and round and her small mouth displayed a perfect set of white teeth.

“Jungkook?” Lily questioned with a knowing, kind look.
“Yes. How did you know?” He smiled back in respect as he bowed a few times.
“I am Jimin’s step-mother, Lily. Nice to meet you. Follow me.”
Jungkook turned his head to the right with a surprised look. Step-mother? Why was she not mentioned ever? Once, he stopped forming several questions on his head, he began to look at where she was taking him. He followed after her as she took him deeper into the kitchen. Lily lifted a huge curtain that covered a black door, and she opened it to show a flight of stairs that led them to some dark, red room with several other black tables. It was as if Jungkook had joined a completely different place from the one above. She led him to a very private booth which was surrounded by a velvet, tall cushion.
“Wait here. Jiminie should be arriving soon.” Lily stated as she began walking away but she came back right after. “What would you like to drink or eat? It’s on the house.”
“I had breakfast earlier on… So nothing for now?” He said with uncertainty, Jungkook always loved food especially free food but he did not have the time to check what they sold at the cafe.
“How about some coffee, son?” She suggested smiling at his innocence. “Later on, I can bring you something else.”
“Sure.” He lied. He hated coffee.
“Okay, wait here.”
Jungkook took a chance to look around and he found several pool tables at the further back along with a few football tables. He could imagine what went down here. Was this place even legal? Was what he getting himself into? He heard steps approaching and his heart started racing as he looked up to find Lily with an apologetic look and two drinks.
“He will be a bit late as he is bringing the kids. Between us, Jimin is already slow himself at getting ready but then add the children to the mixture… It just gets worse.” She laughed extremely loudly making Jungkook laugh along with her. “Do you mind if I sit with you for a bit then?”
“No, of course not. Will the customers be okay?”
“We only open at 12 today.” Lily said with a smile while she sipped on her coffee. Jungkook followed her steps as he tried to sip on the drink. He got surprised as it tasted extremely sweet, vanilla and maybe chocolate? It was delicious.
“Wow is delicious!”
“By your expression, I figured you did not like coffee.” That made Jungkook blush, he was a terrible liar. “So… why is a cop meeting up with my Jiminie? Are you helping him?” Helping him with what Jungkook wondered.
“No, it’s more all the way around.” He admitted, there was no point in lying he figured.
“Hoseok talked a lot about you… he was right you seem very genuine apart from the whole coffee thing but I guess that was to not bother me.”
“Yes, sorry about that.”
“You know whatever you need Jimin will help you right?” Lily added with a sudden change of tone. She was serious, her previous smile was replaced by one of seriousness.
“Did he help you?” Jungkook remarked without thinking and he wished he could take it back. “Sorry.”
“He did. The kids he is bringing are mine and his father’s.” She smiled without it reaching her eyes. “Jin and Jisoo.” Now, the love on her voice rolled of her tongue with an underlying softness. “His father used to beat me regularly… I thought he would change but men never do unless they want to. I went to the cops and he got arrested.”
“That’s great. He got what he deserved.” Jungkook was in shock with the new information, it was never stated on the police files.
“Well… my beloved father in law had more money than me. So, he kicked me out of the house as soon as the trial was finished and took my children.”
“What? How is that possible? I never read anything about this…”
“Jungkook let me tell you something. People with money can make ANYTHING disappear. Just like he made me disappear.”
And then it clicked on his head.
“So now you can have your children?”
“Now, I can.” Jungkook swallowed the lump that had formed at some point in time. He sipped on his drink with this new information messing up his brain. Had she killed him? “Jimin helped me get back on my feet. I always wanted to have my own dessert place. It’s a success! He paid for the renovations and everything. People love it here!”
“I had no idea. I am so sorry for what you went through.”
“Don’t be. It was a life lesson.”
They finished their drinks in a comfortable silence and Lily announced she would go back up to finish making a few more pastries. It was 10.20am when he heard voices upstairs, and a sweet laughter and also children shouting happily. He could hear him coming down slowly, each step made Jungkook more anxious. Until he finally saw him.

Jimin did not have his hair parted which made him look around 5 years younger, as his red cheeks shined on the little light that there was. The man looked adorable with a red fluffy jumper with a turtleneck, black jeans and some black shoes that gave him a little bit more height. Jungkook wondered how short was this man, so far he had only seen him with shoes that added at least 3 inches. He stood as he reached him and he bowed in respect. He was still older than him, he still owed him respect. Jimin bowed back with a cup of coffee on his small hands and quickly sat down. As he walk past Jungkook he could smell the coffee and the pleasant scent of citrus. He liked lovely smells.
“You already drank something! That sucks.” Jimin started by saying as he spotted the other mug and then he attempted to sip on his coffee. However, it was apparently too hot as his face scrunched up and his eyes closed slightly in distaste. It made Jungkook blush for some reason, his ears were red he was certain. He scratched his neck even though it was not itchy at all. A nervous habit he had gained when he was embarrassed, he quickly decided he could not ask this boy for money. He looked at the table to avoid eye contact. “So… Tae told me you needed money.”
“Uh, yes- I am with a few issues… I am kind of lost in what else I could do as other banks denied the request.” He tried to sound strong and he was sure he might have failed. Jimin nodded licking his pink, small, plump lips as he reached for the mug once again. “Wait a little bit more. It hasn’t been 3 seconds since you burned yourself.” Jungkook felt as if he was dealing with a child. Jimin pouted as he placed the mug down.
“Well, I can help you. Is this illegal or something?” His soft voice spoke again as his small hand played with the mug. Jungkook noticed his pinky was chubby and it almost made him smile.
“No. My family is having issues with bills.”
“So your parents-”
“My dad died not long ago.” He quickly interrupted. “My mother earns a bit from a pension but it is not enough.”
“I am so sorry… I had no idea. I lost my mother when I was really young as well and I can tell you that with time everything will get better.” His feathery, high pitched voice was like a constant melody to Jungkook’s ears. He loved listening to it, he could fall asleep listening to it.
“Jimin, did you kill him?” He heard himself say as he looked straight into the smaller’s eyes. He looked surprised at the sudden question. “Because I need to know if I am getting money- I need to know if you did it.”
Jimin looked back at him as he put his drink aside and he saw the nice doll disappear. He looked angry.
“I. Did. Not.” He uttered each word slowly as he stared back. Jungkook searched for any insecurity on his eyes and when he could not find anything he breathed out in relief as he leaned back. He hadn’t realised he was leaning on the table.
“Jungkook, I was actually kind of sad when he died but you don’t know him like I do. That man was not a good man.” The doll also leaned back as he ran his hand through his hair with a stressed expression.
“So what you think he deserved to die? Is that it?”
“I don’t know who does or does not deserve to die. All I know is someone put him down and I need to know who.”
“You don’t know?” He questioned worried, if they had put down his grandfather, he was certainly next.
“Can we talk about anything else?” He sipped on his coffee as he looked at Jungkook with his brown, intimidating eyes.
“No, we cannot. They can come after you. Whoever this they is.”
“They can but I have eyes everywhere I am on it. Now… you said you needed to help you family… Is everything okay? Why so much money”
“Hospital bills.” Jungkook dryly answered, he hated talking about this but since Jimin had been honest, he decided to do the same.
“Okay, you will have the money by Wednesday.”
“How do I pay you back?”
“You will pay me back naturally.” Jimin remarked with no other words as he reached for a plate that Jungkook did not see arriving. Waffles with nutella and strawberries, it smelled amazing. Jimin passed him a fork and he put down the plate. “Let’s eat.”
“No wait, what the hell does that mean?”
“I have no clue but don’t worry about it too much okay? Worry about your family and calling Hoseok back. He has been stressing.” Jimin stopped as he took a strawberry and ate it. It made his lips redder and wet with some of the juice, Jungkook noted. He grabbed the fork as and he ate some of the waffle, his brain seemed to be hungry.
“I will not do any little dirty job for you, understood?”
“I never asked you to. I just want to help, okay? Later on when everything is more stable at your house, you can just pay me back monthly or something.”
They kept on eating in silence and Jungkook found the whole ordeal extremely weird. He barely knew this guy but here they were sharing a waffle. Jimin’s phone started ringing and he picked up immediately.
“Hi hyung… yes he is with me. Come meet us then. Cool. See you soon hyung.” He hung up the phone and he gave Jungkook a playful smile. His heart failed at least 2 heartbeats, he was sure. Until he finally admitted to himself, Jimin was really attractive in his eyes. “You are gonna get told off.”
“Hobi hyung?”
“I am gonna get told off…” Jungkook licked his fork as he gained courage and he spoke again. “So how did you meet hyung?”
“Oh! He threw a ball at my grandfather’s backyard.” He laughed as he seemed to recall it. Jimin could barely speak as he hid his face with his small hand that had a bit of chocolate and his eyes closed completely as he giggled. “I was not allowed out a lot, you know? SO, when I saw a ball I got super excited and went to hand it to him. We talked for 3 seconds and he ran away as soon as he saw Chim, my dog.”
“He ran away from your dog?” Jungkook questioned as he could feel the smile reaching his lips.
“Yes!! To be fair my dog was pretty big.”
“Which dog?”
“A great Dane.”
“So you had a dog that was taller than you?” He asked and he could not stop himself as he laughed. Suddenly, he felt a small hand hitting his arm. He turned to find Jimin giggling and hitting him in return.
“He was only taller by a few inches.” And with that they both laughed until their tears began reaching their eyes.
Jungkook could be nice to him as long as he did not get involved in any of Jimin’s personal affairs.

Chapter Text

It wasn’t awkward at all, one by one they just arrived to Bombom. Hoseok had come with a smile on his face, not angry after all but simply concerned. Taehyung came right after, uninvited of course but Jungkook came to realise when Jimin was involved, there was no need for an invitation. They were like connected. Jungkook for a second wished he had the same thing with someone. Someone he could just tell all his secrets and would stand by him independently of what trouble he was in.
“So… me and Namjoon are dating!” Taehyung declared with a bored expression.
“I thought you were already though?” Jimin stated confused while reaching to steal some of Jungkook’s fries. Jungkook had no reaction whatsoever, he just could not complain and Jimin must have figured it out since he smirked arrogantly. It made Jungkook blush, so he just continued eating as if he hadn’t been teased by the smallest.
“That’s what I told him.” He stopped to sip on his coke. “Anyway, all of you need to get boyfriends! Jungkook have you got a boyfriend?”
“No, I don’t think I am in any position to date. I barely have time for myself.” He answered honestly and it kind of sadden him. His last boyfriend had been a university boyfriend but with Jungkook’s father’s death he had changed. The little time he had off he used to do school work or sleep. His ex-boyfriend had been supportive at the time but Jungkook pushed him away.
“Virgin?” Tae questioned as he wiggled his eyebrows weirdly.
“Nah… I dated someone for 3 years.”
That seemed to catch Jimin off guard as his eyes opened widely.
“Still love him..?” He could tell, his hyung felt like he was perhaps overstepping so he spoke carefully and quietly.
“No. I don’t think so.”
“Jungkook, we are having a dinner tonight. You should come! All of our small group.” Suggested Tae with a bright, friendly smile. He was indeed super friendly, and Jungkook felt that he would really get along with him.
“I think I should go home. I want to talk to my mum…”

They started getting ready to leave Lily’s. Jungkook and Hoseok were ahead as they waited outside while bickering out loud. His hyung started walking and he followed him, confused. Weren’t they going to wait for the others? He felt his hand being grabbed and it was just Jimin sliding him some tissue as both him and Taehyung walked away without saying a single word. Oh right! Jimin was under investigation and if seen with two cops, people might get ideas. That saddened him, he has actually gotten along with them, he hated to admit but he had also smiled quite a lot while he was only with Jimin. He placed the tissue inside his pocket as both him and his hyung kept walking with authentic smiles on their faces. Jungkook watched them walk away in awe, they were technically matching. As Tae also wore black jeans, even though he wore a black turtleneck at the top and a leather jacket which went perfectly with his overgrown freshly dyed grey hair, their styling was model-like. People could not stop themselves as they stared but Jungkook knew both of them had no emotion in their expressions. They simply were like that. Taehyung had given him a friendly vibe but that was to Jungkook. He noticed at the hospital he was hanging out with his friend and they all had the same posh vibe, untouchable.

After getting off the phone with his two younger siblings, he felt more relaxed as his mother seemed to have eased on the drinking. Yoongi said he would come to visit at some point today but so far he hadn’t received any news from his best friend that acted more like an older brother to not just Jungkook but also Jungkook’s siblings. The clock showed 7pm, he was sat at the sofa with music out loud and a beer on his hand. It was Saturday night, he should have said yes to the dinner. Now he was all alone and bored. Then his brain reminded him of the tissue Park Jimin had given him, he ran to his room where his jeans were scattered at the top of the bed. He found the tissue on his left back pocket and he carefully took it out, scared it would tear on the process. Slowly, he opened the tissue and it simply had a number. Jimin gave him his number. To be fair, he had given him his bank details so they had skipped that step. Jungkook was determined he wanted to see Park Jimin that same evening.

Carelessly, he ran downstairs to open the door to only find his hyung extremely overdressed. Hoseok wore a silk, pink, formal shirt that looked like it belonged in a brothel with black slacks and black loafers, that he knew were probably over £1000. Hoseok looked expensive… their job did not pay that much. At least maybe Jungkook’s didn’t.
“What the fuck are you wearing? Is that a hoodie?” Hoseok exclaimed shocked as his face seemed slightly angry.
“Wow! Hoseok hyung you look so nice!”
“Tonight, I am not Hoseok, I am J-hope. AND I know I look nice. I am wondering what the fuck are you wearing. CHANGE!!”
J-hope ran his hand through the clothes in the small closet in desperation for the perfect shirt. In that amount of time, Jungkook discovered that J-hope was Hoseok’s alter ego, that allegedly enjoyed dancing and giving a show. Once his hyung found a black shirt Jungkook wore the few times he went out, and threw it at him and left the room without saying a word. J-hope never had much patience so Jungkook pulled the shirt over his head and changed his trainers to black boots. J-hope barged into the room and nodded his head a few times as he now held a small bag which Jungkook assumed had a bunch of products in. He never liked using other people’s products as his skin was sensitive and he knew how to do his own makeup. Dismissing his hyung, he sat on the very old chair in front of the dressing table and began applying his primer. He could see through the mirror J-hope’s smile and he tried not to dwell too much on it but maybe he was just proud Jungkook was putting in effort.
“I am glad you are coming.”
“I hope they don’t mind… I was super bored though. I drank a little bit as well.”
“Don’t worry, Tae was super excited over the phone. He said, I quote ‘He is the new maknae’.” That made Jungkook smile. Could he belong in a group of young people like him? Without having to leave early because his mum is calling him or wants him home with her while she cries. Without having to worry about drinking because in the following day he would have to wake up early to help his siblings and his mother. Jungkook felt selfish that while he was about to have fun, his siblings were probably dealing with his mother.
“Do not make that face. You are starting to overthink.” Hoseok eyed him alarmed. “Keep doing your makeup. You are starting to look human again.”
“Gee… Thanks.”
He was right though. Jungkook felt like a human again, taken care of and perhaps even… young again. He had applied his cushion that was slightly too dark for his skin as he was still tanned but with spending his entire time in a city where the sun doesn't shine, his skin had gotten paler. He added a few a dark eyeshadows to his eyes and he tinted his thin lips minimally. His shirt was buttoned to the top so he undid a few buttons until it was open just before his abs. When Jungkook was adding the last details such as a few rings and his ear piercings, he heard Hoseok speaking to someone and he sprayed his Victoria secret’s body spray a few times, grabbed his wallet and walked down the stairs.
“So... You are quite pale for someone who lives in Girassol… Are you ill?” Hoseok questioned with a confused face as he spinned around his car keys mindlessly. Jungkook walked down the last steps and he was faced with his hyung Min Yoongi. He ran quickly to him and hugged him tightly. His hyung was so emotionally constipated, it took him a while to respond but he did after a few seconds.
“This is all amazingly beautiful but we gotta go. So, hug once we arrive.” His hyung walked towards the door, opened it and disappeared outside. His hyung was dressed in all black with a shirt that looked like Jungkook’s, black jeans folded at the ends, everything was formal with the exception that he wore some slippers and a hat. Yoongi looked confused as his dongsaeng opened his mini suitcase and picked out a pair of Dr. Martens and began pulling him towards the door. The ride there wasn’t that long and it made all three of them panic because Hoseok was trying to drive diligently as Jungkook attempted to fix his hyung’s hair whilst his hyung tried to put his Dr. Martens on.
They arrived at a mansion which Jungkook had never seen but at the same time had seen everywhere. All the rich houses in Oscuro, looked exactly like this. Big gated entrances, this one had huge black gates, a fountain the middle with a few perfectly cut bushes, perfect stairs to a perfectly built, huge: white door.

The closer they got the more nervous he was. He was going to see him again. He yearned to see him again. Jungkook knew it was bad, more importantly he could not understand why he was so attached to a stranger. He had also believed him when he had said he hadn’t murdered his grandfather, even though he had all the reasons to do so. Jungkook was emerged on his own thoughts, he hadn’t realized his hyung was being interviewed by Hoseok but he was smiling. That was all Jungkook needed to get his head out of those dark thoughts and he just began to enjoy his surroundings. The house was all lit by huge glass chandeliers, it was white and cream all around, it made him smile, maybe one day he could live like this, not with his current job, he couldn’t.

“Jungkookie, you made it!!” Tae shouted while he ran to hug him with a smile, Jungkook was quick to respond and hug him back. “And so did you …” Taehyung looked at Yoongi with a questioning face and a confused smile.
“His name is Yoongi. Don’t you think we should name him something else? Yoongi… the name doesn’t suit him at all.” Hoseok laughed and Yoongi scowled at him.
“We do? What’s mine?” Jungkook asked startled and he wondered if it was something offensive.
“Kookie.” Tae stated dryly with a serious face which made all of them laugh. “You can be Suga, since you are so fit to live in Oscuro.” Jungkook chuckled, he blended in more than Jungkook that was for sure.
After announcing his hyung’s new nickname, Tae just left without a word and Hobi followed him. Jungkook had realized they often just did stuff without talking, which meant they all knew each other really well, and were familiar with each other’s actions. It still shocked him how his hyung Hoseok had attempted to make it seem as if he wasn’t that familiar with them. He followed them into a big dining room with a huge table, that could fit at least twelve people in it what surprised Jungkook was that it was filled with food on top of the table and bottles of champagne scattered around. He lost no time and went to it to eat some of it, without even asking for permission.
“Where the hell did you bring me?” Yoongi whisper shouted with a confused and curious face as he looked around. “Where did you even meet these people?”
“Work.” He answered while he shoved a mini burger on his mouth. He did not want to give any details.
“You work with millionaires?” His interrogated one more time with a face that said he suspected what Jungkook said. “Is that how you are getting the money?”
“SSShhh! Hyung, stop.This is not the time.”
“When is the time then, Kook? ‘Cause I need to know you are not getting yourself into shit.” That made Jungkook gulp as he chewed on the delicious burger. What was in the burger?
“I am not. We have all weekend to talk about this.”
“I have something to tell you.”
As Yoongi was about to speak, another sweet voice spoke and that make Jungkook’s neck almost snap. There he was, holding two glasses of champagne with his tiny hands covered in expensive rings. However, the transparent black shirt was what caused Jungkook to gulp. It was buttoned all the way up but didn’t leave much to imagination. His hair had been dyed black and it was parted in the middle perfectly, he looked different, he looked dangerous. He had been blond just a few hours ago… Jungkook could feel his skin burn as his desire grew. He was incredibly attracted to the man in skinny jeans and gucci slippers.
“Drink?” The simple question had sent shivers down Jungkook’s spine. He watched Jimin bow to Yoongi and introduce himself. Hoseok appeared and joined them while offering a hug to Jimin.
“So… this is your real height huh?”
“Well, now you know.” Jimin simply smiled and he handed Jungkook the remaining glass.
“Are you poisoning me?”
Jimin retracted the glass, sipped on it never breaking eye contact, swallowed and handed it back. Jungkook coughed and broke eye contact as he sipped on what he knew was a expensive champagne. Jimin’s makeup that day was dangerous, dark and sensual, his eyes mysterious with a million secrets Jungkook was not sure he wanted to discover. His lips were so plumped and shiny, ready to be kissed, he thought. He wanted Jimin but he knew he could not have him.
A tall, handsome man with black hair appeared with a tray on his hand and small shot glasses and a tequila bottle with a few slices of lemon and salt. He wore a navy blue loose shirt that exposed his muscled chest, black slacks and black formal shoes. His aura yelled money but when he smiled Jungkook found himself wanting to get to know him.
“Oh hyung, the food is amazing. When will you teach me?” Hoseok murmured with his mouth full. Jungkook had seen him force feed Yoongi, and it was hilarious.
“New faces.” The tall man said with charm as he approached him. “I am Jin, the oldest hyung and I am in charge of the dinner tonight. Where is Namjoon?”
“He will be here soon hyung.” Tae intervened, he did not miss a beat to stand from the couch and reach for tray to put it down at the small table on the left side of the room. He immediately started pouring shots, Jungkook was afraid this night would turn into a party. Hoseok reached for his phone and a few seconds after, a familiar rap song started playing loudly. Jungkook of course, could not miss how Jimin without delay started moving his head to the beat and after his body moved along with it. He liked dancing, he concluded.
“I know this song.” Yoongi started as he walked up to Hosek and he knew they would be talking about it all night, as both seemed to enjoy the same genre of music.
“Shots?” All the heads turned and began walking quickly towards the table, including Yoongi. Jungkook figured if his hyung could have fun and relax so should he, so he walked towards the table, right after Jimin.
He downed the strong drink and fastly sucked on the lemon, he never did the salt. He figured it was too bad for his health. His whole chest burned, the sourness of the lemon made him close his eyes in distaste and he watched all the other males do the same thing. He looked at the doll beside him and he was going for a second piece of lemon that he seemed to eat just for his own pleasure.
Jimin seemed to feel his intense gaze on him as he looked at him and laughed.
“What? I like lemons, okay?”
“Not judging. Just surprised. You are eating them like they are oranges or something.”
“A lot of people like lemons.”
“I do.” Jimin smile while lifting his the two remainder peels of the lemon. “So… what made you come?”
“I was lonely and bored at home. I figured, why not come meet some nice people?” He was honest, Jungkook had hoped that by being honest with Jimin, he would also open up and maybe they could at least be friends. He knew he was wrong to hope for something more but he wanted to get to know him.
“Good choice. You won’t regret it. Jin is a great cook.” He said as he walked and he sat down on the couch, Jungkook followed him as he sipped on his second glass of champagne.
“I tried the burgers… they were great. Do you guys do this often?”
The doll nodded and smiled. “We have the dream of one day being able to live all together or at least on the same street.”
“All together? You guys are like what… four plus Tae’s boyfriend. That’s possible I have known of people who have lived with nine, ten people.” Jungkook shyly added, he could feel Jimin’s eyes on him as he was completely turned towards Jungkook. The maknae felt too embarrassed to turn around and return the gaze.
“You look handsome tonight.” Jimin whispered giving one more sip with his elbow on the sofa, and his hand leaning on his hand. Jungkook gulped as he felt his skin burn, he touched his nose and he answered:
“Just tonight?”
“I would have to see you more often to form a concrete opinion.”
Namjoon arrived with two heavy bags with several bottles, and Tae reached to kiss him deeply which almost made him drop the alcohol. Jungkook smiled at sight, it had distracted Jimin too as he saw him smile with some adoration in his eyes. Jimin loved Taehyung, Jungkook had realized their relationship was special but now he could see it in his eyes. Jimin’s brown eyes changed to ones of confusion with happiness but still confusion so he turned back to the scene and he tried to look at anything odd. Taehyung had both of his hands both in Jin’s waist and Namjoon’s while the two men spoke to each other with a smile and he just seemed to observe in fascination. Wait …
“What…?” Jungkook started but was interrupted.
“I am yet to question him about it.” Jimin continued observing with concerned eyes but a fake smile splattered on his face. “By the way, who is Yoongi? Your ex…? Someone you are seeing?”
“No. He is a friend, more like a big brother. He watches over my family when I am not home.”
“Why…? Sorry… If I am asking too much.” Jimin now faced him completely once again but now he was sat with his legs crossed on the sofa. Jungkook’s eyes met his when he spoke again.
“No, you are not. I am talking to you honestly… So I hope you do the same.” That threw Jimin off guard as he blinked a few times.
“When have I not?”
“At the office.” He remarked back fast with his gaze still on Jimin. The doll returned his look without blinking.
“I didn’t know who you were, Jungkook.”
“Well, you know now. So no lying, no acting, just the truth.” Once he finished speaking, he downed what was left of his glass and Jimin followed him.
“Just the truth.” Jimin repeated once he was done. “I did not kill my grandfather, Jungkook.”
“I believed you when you told me.” He answered staring back at Jimin’s sad expression. His small mouth was closed and his cheeks were red, probably from the heating inside the house or perhaps the alcohol. His eyes were just roaming through Jungkook’s face with unsaid words. “My mother is an alcoholic. I have three other siblings, one of them is 16 and he is working to pay for a lot of stuff. Yoongi has made sure they never starved, that my mother got home safely after a night of drinking. He even got a job for my brother. His name is Junghyun by the way.”
“I am so sorry… I have never suffered too much when it comes to money but… I can help you.”
“Listen Kookie, I have a lot of money and we are about to close this deal...” Jimin shook his head with a smile as he looked up and back at Jungkook. “I can solve all your problems.”
“I am not a charity case. I have been providing for my family all this time.” Jungkook was getting offended at Jimin’s proposal.
“I don’t mean to offend you. That’s the last thing I want. All I am saying is… we are friends now… I can help you until you get back on your feet.” Jimin justified quietly as he reached for the other’s hands. He looked at how they could not cover them completely because they were way smaller. Jimin was touching him and it made him nervous but at the same time the soft skin brought him some calmness.
“Hyung, I appreciate that you are trying to help but we barely know each other. I can’t just take money from you.”
“We are different. Our circumstances are different… you know it.” The doll murmured taking his hands and running them through his hair.
“What- we met because I heard too much!” He whispered so others couldn’t hear.
“And do you think we will stop talking or seeing each other once everything is solved?”
“That’s not what I said.”
“Do you genuinely believe we are just strangers who are sat at a couch talking because you heard too much?” Jimin asked with an angry gaze with the brown changing into a dangerous black, his mouth was closed in a hard line and his nostrils flared ever so slightly.
“No.” He was confused as to why they were arguing. “Can we talk about something else?”
“We can.” Jimin agreed with a sigh as he reached on the side of the couch for the bottle of champagne and poured more in both of their cups. “Oh my stepmother managed to keep the kids, my grandfather must be rolling on his grave.”
“Really? That’s great news! I should go there to congratulate her.”
“We can go, tomorrow morning maybe…?” Jimin suggested as he waited for Jungkook’s answer.
“Sure.” He approved with a nod and a smile. Happy, that he would see Jimin tomorrow morning.

They all sat at the table, talking extremely loudly as Jin attempted to serve lasagna for everyone. Some were munching on chicken wings and other eating prawns as starters. He noted that Jimin did not touch the seafood and made a weird a face towards Jungkook which made him smile. Jimin didn’t like seafood, he assumed as he ate his prawns with a satisfied expression. The surprise of the night was that Yoongi spoke comfortably and indulged in conversation as if he had been there for years. Especially with Hoseok and Namjoon, they appeared to have the same taste in a lot of things. He briefly wished Yoongi lived with him so he could always be like this, relaxed as well. His hyung had wanted to go to university when he was young but because he was an orphan, he had no one to support him so he started working at a young age. Even though, Yoongi had gone through all those struggles he still managed to save a little of money with the job he had. He was happy to see him act his age also. If Jungkook felt frustrated at how his life had turned out, he could imagine Yoongi.
He turned his head to Jimin and he noticed he was eyeing him as if he was trying to read him. He returned to his food and focused on his task of eating even though he was extremely quizzical as to why Jimin was looking at him.

“So you are telling me you prefer Sasuke?” Taehyung asked outraged as he stared at his boyfriend with his food long forgotten.
“I am not a fan of his actions but he was a frustrated kid. A lot of shit happened to him.” Namjoon justified as he reached for Taehyung’s fork and fed him.
“Yeah but hyung he almost killed a lot of people, including his friends.” Jimin argued with his mouth full and Jungkook wanted to clean his mouth if it weren’t for the distance between them.
“But why did he do it? His entire family got completed wiped off the face of the earth.” Yoongi disputed back and Jin shook his head.
“Nonsense!” Jin yelled childishly. Jungkook had come to understand that Jin was extremely funny and perhaps even childish as he had thrown lame jokes all night long and laughed at it along with Jimin. He pointed at Yoongi as he spoke jokingly. “So you would try to kill us all because you are angry?”
“If I was hungry… Who knows?” Yoongi replied as he chewed his lasagna with a serious face. That ended the debate because none of them could stop laughing as they knew Yoongi had won that one.

Halfway through the night both Hoseok and Yoongi disappeared which shocked Jungkook. His hyung had just arrived for a visit and he was getting laid. Worst, he was getting with his other hyung. The other three were in their own polygamy situation that him and Jimin had tried to understand all night long as a joke. Jungkook was ecstatic, he had spent the entire night speaking to Jimin about anything and everything. Jimin never touched the topic of his grandfather. Jungkook knew there was more to it but he was scared of what he was going to find out. When he was pulled into the older’s room he was not surprised. Of course, he would sleep with Jimin.
As the doll closed the door he eyed Jungkook dangerously, he walked up to him slowly and looked up at him with dark eyes and clear lust in them. Jimin often reminded him of a feline, in every aspect and right at that moment he seemed to be ready for the hunt.
Jungkook wanted him too much, he had been looking at Jimin’s brown nipples all night and he could imagine himself licking them as Jimin’s back arches from the bed into his mouth.
Jimin reaches for his right hand leads him to the king sized bed and they both sit down. Slowly, Jungkook caressed his slimmer face, stress must be getting to him and making him lose weight, the small doll leaned into his touch and closed his eyes. All Jungkook could do was observe how pretty Jimin was, and how calm he seemed to be, his lips were so small yet so plump. The tiny freckles on the top of his cheeks made him cuter and more human because at times Jungkook wondered how was Jimin so ethereal. It worried him that from the moment he saw Jimin he wanted him but everything in his brain told him to stay away. There were secrets and amongst those secrets was his grandfather’s death. For now, he only felt attraction but he knew after having spent a night with Jimin’s innocent, happy, giggles, he would want more of it.
Jimin stood up, opened a drawer and threw a white t-shirt and knee-length shorts at him and disappeared into the door near the bed. After he closed the door, Jungkook began taking his clothes off with a smile. After settling on the left side of the bed, he covered himself with the red sheets and rested his back on the headrest as he waited. Jimin came out after a few minutes with his face fully washed and makeup free and he gestured at Jungkook to also go in. He was actually thankful since he hated sleeping with makeup on as it harmed his skin terribly. Even though, he detested using other people’s products, it was better than sleeping with products on. Jungkook was nervous he hadn’t had sex in a long time. He spent majority of his free time working or sleeping, and often enjoying time with his younger siblings. However, he doubted they would, since Jimin had given him clothes and it made him exhale in relief. He wanted to sleep with Jimin but not quite yet but at the same time. When would be the perfect time? There is no perfect time. Jimin was waiting for him with several creams on his hands and a cheeky smile.
“Sit on the bed.” He ordered with a minty breath and the younger quickly obliged with a teasing expression. He knew Jimin would probably get tired from lifting his arms to apply the creams. “Don’t even.”
He began applying in circular motions and massaging it into the skin as he stood in between Jungkook’s legs. The air was hot, tense and heavy with a feeling of yearning that was unfamiliar to both men. Jungkook had felt attraction but nothing like this. Jimin’s face inched closer as they stared at each other’s lips.
“We can’t do it like this…” Jimin whispered with his lips so close to Jungkook, he could almost taste him.
“Why not?”
“It’s too fast…” He gently shook his head from side to side meanwhile rubbing their noses. “There is a lot you don’t know and should not know.”
“You can trust me.” Jungkook stated truthfully as he reached for his hands, he held them oh-so-softly, as he was scared the small boy would break.
“I know I can but you have a lot of responsibilities, you can’t get involved in something like this.”
“Like this? Involved in what? You didn’t kill him.” He asked with confused eyes as he searched for his eyes and Jimin looked away with a hard face. “But you know who did.” Jungkook realized with wide, dismayed eyes.

Chapter Text

Jimin from a very young age was not allowed outside. His grandfather had made it clear that he was to study from 8 am to 5 pm, to learn the piano from 5 pm to 6 pm, violin from 6 pm to 7 pm and finally dance from 7 pm to 8 pm. He didn’t want him to put on any weight so he let him choose what sport to do. He wasn’t kind to his grandson. From the age of 6, Jimin already knew what he was going to be, where he was going to work and that he was to marry so he could procreate and teach his daughter or son the same things he had learned. He, at first accepted it, he thought everyone was doing the same.

On Saturdays, he could finish early, at 3 pm. Jimin knew what he wanted to do, he would sit on the window of his bedroom watching the other children at the park nearby. He laughed and smiled along with them, imagining that he was there with them. When he turned 9, he asked his grandfather to get him a ball. Fortunately, his grandad was evil but not to the extent of not giving him something so small. He could now play on his backyard, which he soon found out wasn’t as fun as the other children made it seem. He suspected it had to do with the fact that he was playing alone. At the age of 16, he was now obliged to attend the meetings for the bank, apparently, he would get a better grasp of what it would be like in the future.


On that day, there was a special meeting, some old man was going to be present and he had a lot of money, that much Jimin knew. His father sat across grandfather Park with a pleased smile as the adults talked cheerfully about gambling. Jimin was serving the drinks politely as he realized more and more men appeared, all very old. He couldn’t relate to any of them.

As he leaned over the table to reach for the empty bottles of wine, he felt a hand caressing his behind. He turned around frightened almost dropping the bottles in the process, to find the very important man, who’s ass had been kissed all night. He had been pampered by all the men in the room, including his grandad. The room turned silent as they all kept stared at Jimin, but proceeded to drink their wine right after, pretending they hadn’t seen anything. He gulped but as he tried to walk away the man held his arm. “Aren’t you a pretty little thing?”

At that point, Jimin couldn’t breathe as he looked around the room to meet his grandfather’s eyes, but he found them focused on the table in front of him. His blood turned cold, as he attempted to look at his father who seemed to be having an internal struggle but clearly he had given up as he also grabbed the glass of wine and looked elsewhere. The back of his head was hot but cold at the same time. He felt fear like he had never done before. He looked out the window to find the boy named Taehyung staring at him with a shocked expression. Jimin felt humiliated, abused, powerless and hurt above all. The man reached over and touched his buttocks once again as he hummed in appreciation.

The boy that walked their dogs walked in the room with a confused expression and the man immediately removed his hands. “Sorry… I didn’t know the way to the living room.” Taehyung started with a slight tremble on his voice. Jimin knew it was a lie, the boy had just seen him be inappropriately touched several times by a man 10 times older than him. “Could you- could you please show me?” He pleaded with his eyes opened wide and his mouth closed in a tight line. He was also scared. Jimin looked at his grandfather and he nodded without making eye contact. That night he had locked himself in his bedroom and only got out 2 days later. He knew he had changed once he saw his family.



“Answer me!” Jungkook demanded to know why he was hiding the murderer as he stared at Jimin’s relaxed back. The other had an expression of impatience as he prepared the bed for them to lay on.

“Jungkook, let it go.” He spoke quietly as he focused on his task.

“I just want to help you! Jimin… we both know-”

“I SAID LET IT GO!” He yelled angrily as he faced Jungkook with unknown eyes. Jungkook wasn’t sure of what he was doing anymore. He had almost slept with him, he scoffed as he ran his hands through his hair. He gulped as he began picking up his clothes.

“Where are you going?”

“Home. To sleep downstairs. I don’t fucking know! Far away from you.”

“Why are you being so intrusive? We have just met. Sorry if I do not want to tell you every secret of my life.”

“My job is on the fucking line! Do you understand that? Or is all that richness clouding your mind?”

“I never made you come here. My life is also on the line! I don’t know when you are going to run off and fucking run your mouth.”

“I would never, I owe Hobi hyung that much.” Jungkook spoke quietly as he took the t-shirt and began putting his black shirt back on. He knew this was a bad idea.

“See? What about me?!”

“We just met.” Jungkook remarked back as he started buttoning up his shirt.

“Wait.” Jimin ordered as he stopped Jungkook’s nervous, red, big hands. “I am sorry but I am simply not ready to lose my chance with you.”

“What are you talking about? The only thing I asked of you was honesty.”

“You think if you knew of everything on our first night, you would stay to get to know me?” The doll shook his head slowly with that sad smile Jungkook hated. “You would never.”

“I will have to know sooner or later, Jimin.”

“Can it be later, then?” The doll unbuttoned his shirt slowly and Jungkook just allowed him to. He was weak, he should have left but he couldn’t for some unexplainable reason. Jimin held his hand and led him to the bed. Jungkook laid on his back with his two hands behind his head and he felt Jimin’s doll head lay on his chest.

“Let’s communicate better… we argue too much and we aren’t even dating.” He heard the smaller say with a pouty mouth. It made him almost smile even though he was still trying to convince himself that he was angry. As he didn’t want to talk just yet, he hugged Jimin and they cuddled for a while. Jungkook wondered if he would be able to sleep, knowing the same man had a lot of secrets that he had no clue about. The thought died immediately, as he felt Jimin smaller hand hold his tightly as he snored softly. His right red cheek resting on Jungkook’s neck and a leg over his. It also made the taller fall asleep quickly. He hadn’t slept that peacefully in months.


After being woken up by the extreme lighting that came from the window, Jungkook decided to finally open his eyes. Jimin was also getting up with a swollen face, eyes, mouth and extreme confusion evident on his face. It was 11 am and for the first time ever, the sky was blue and clear of any clouds. Laying on his left side the maknae faced Jimin, who was still extremely sleepy. Jungkook would be lying if he didn’t admit that the subject they argued over was still lingering over his head. It had caused them to argue twice, even though they had just met and had no relationship status yet. Everything was going so fast and slow at the same time. However, he was willing to give the older the benefit of the doubt as to the existing possibility of them working out at least as friends were still on the table. He wanted to get to know the real Jimin. Nevertheless, he couldn’t stand the fact that he was aware of the murderer of his own grandfather and had not delivered their name on a silver plate to the police. Was he protecting someone? His step-mother Lily perhaps?

“How are you feeling?” Jungkook asked with a smile that he hoped managed to mask his concerns. The reality was that he felt trapped. He was afraid of getting anyone else tangled in his own mess. He regretted not telling Yoongi, who had slept with Hobi. As much as he loved his hyung, he would be naive to trust him fully. Hoseok had hidden the fact that he was more than Jimin’s acquaintance. He could easily be working from the inside to help his friend. It was the perfect plan. Jungkook came to the realisation that there was a possibility that he was nothing but a predicament in their perfect plan. His debt would only be an assurance that he would not open his mouth. He couldn’t. How would he, when Jimin was providing a temporary solution? He would be trapped.

“Thirsty and guilty,” Jimin muttered with a husky, deep, sleepy voice.

“Thirsty I get it… We drank quite a bit last night. But guilty?” He did understand but he chose to pretend he didn’t. Jungkook deep down, hoped Jimin would open up more and confess to whatever he was hiding. Maybe he could give him a reason to trust him more. Jungkook could not risk getting arrested, he was the bread-maker of the family.

“Over our argument. I want to make it up to you.”

“How about we deal with that later? I am kind of hungry.” After offering him a small nod, Jimin began to stretch his perfectly toned arms. Suddenly, he jumped out of bed and began stretching the rest of his body. All Jungkook could do was observe how toned all of this body was. He knew then that Jimin was way stronger than he had thought initially. He, soon, found himself joining. He too had been wanting to get more flexible but after realising it was too hard, the maknae chose to gain muscle instead. Stretching was the part Jungkook hated more about a workout but he knew how important it also was.

After they both had a shower, separately, Jungkook wanted nothing more than to go home. His head was clouded with thoughts, but it also contained a lot of lust. Lust often deviates people from their original courses. This wasn’t something he was a keen of, he did not want to suffer. Of course, they had been the last ones to arrive at the living room. Everyone was munching on the huge amount of leftovers from the night before, while sporting a tired expression. They joined them without no words exchanged, as food and water mattered the most. As soon as Yoongi spotted him, he shook his head with a teasing smile. He knew they hadn’t done anything and Jungkook couldn’t wait to hear his friend tease him for it. They shared completely different thoughts when it came to physical activities. From the corner of his right eye, he observed Jimin. He was sat on the floor with wide eyes as he ate. It was cute. His right hand holding his chopsticks, and his left hand held a chicken wing. His cheeks were full and his eyes closed as he laughed at some story Namjoon was telling. He could get used to this face. He briefly asked God, why did everything in his life have to be so complicated. At that exact moment, Jimin turned his head to face Jungkook, startling the maknae who was already looking at him. Jungkook looked away and turned his focus to the cup noodles.

“Beer?” Jimin asked with a knowing smile.

“At this time?” He questioned without hiding the surprise in his voice.

“I mean… It would just be a continuation of yesterday.” Jin added as he sipped on his with comical eyes. “Personally, I am on my second.”

Tae lifted his can of coke and dramatically shouted: “To new friendships.”

The maknae lifted his fist and bumped the can softly with a regretful smile. “I think we need to go home...I have a lot on my plate right now.” Jungkook started as he faced everyone but Jimin. Yoongi immediately nodded and started wiping his dirty hands on some napkin.

“You finished almost all of the paperwork, Kookie.” Hobi intervened with a serious expression.

“Hoseokie… I think he meant with his family. I need to update him.” Spoke Yoongi firmly. At that moment, Jungkook could not be more thankful for his hyung. He seemed to understand that he needed his space from whatever situation that was suffocating him. His friends all nodded in agreement and expressed their sadness towards their decision. Jungkook was alarmed at the fact that Jimin just remained silent as he observed all the others until he finally cleared his throat announcing that he would speak.

“Once you grab your things… I will take you to the door.”

“Sure.” Jungkook automatically responded. Eventually, he remembered he did not have a lot of things to collect. Except his phone that was charging in Jimin’s room and his house keys. Jungkook was dreading going down the stairs as he knew, he would have to face Jimin.

Why was he scared of getting some time alone with him? He hated that irrational fear that he had somehow developed along the way. He was scared they would argue again, he was scared that this would be the last time they would see each other. After such a long time being alone and solely focusing on working and providing for his family, this had been the first time he had a genuine interest in someone. Surprisingly enough, he did not want to let go. Leaving the house and facing Jimin would mean he would finally have to return to reality where he had an alcoholic mother; where he felt lonely and an incredulous amount of responsibility; where he had received a loan from a murder suspect; where he gained interest towards someone he had no information about. There had been times where he wondered why the only emotions he felt were sadness or apathy. What did that imply about Jungkook as a person? He missed feeling joy just in general. He had forgotten what it was like to love and laugh freely without any concerns. Part of him understood he was still grieving, not just for his father but for himself. That young, carefree and confident Jungkook was no longer there. In the previous days, he had felt that maybe he could recover at least just a little piece of the Jungkook, who he seemed to have lost. He wasn’t numb right now. He wanted to get to know the ‘Jimin’, Taehyung knew but there were too many secrets. He wasn’t ready to be hurt. More than that, he wasn’t ready to risk any more of the little sanity he had left, trying to decipher someone who did not want to be deciphered. What kind of relationship would they have?

As he arrived at the bottom of the stairs, Hoseok was handing his car keys to Yoongi.

“Oh hyung… but how will you come back?”

“Don’t worry. We will be heading to town later anyway. We work together… I can come by at any time.” Hoseok approached Jungkook and hugged him tightly before heading back to join the other boys who were still chatting happily. Jimin waited near the door as he looked at his slippers with an unreadable expression.

“I will… I will start the car.” With that said, Yoongi exited through the main door, Jimin held open. This was exactly what Jungkook wanted to avoid.

“So…” Jimin started.


“I am glad you came… Even though things didn’t exactly turn out… amazing at times.”

“I am glad I came too. Thanks for letting me tag along.”

“So why are you…?” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair exasperated. “When will I see you again? For that breakfast at Lily’s.”

“I don’t know.” Jungkook answered sincerely as he watched Jimin’s eyes turn into ones of confusion.

“What does that mean? Are you that busy Jeon?”

“I think… I need some days alone, just to think of things.”

“Oh… damn.” By Jimin’s expression, Jungkook could tell he was hurt but he felt that there was no other way.

“It’s just a few days…”

“Right. Okay. Sorry if I have been to forward in wanting to meet you.”

“No. It’s just…” He was at loss for words as he thought about a way to express himself. “It’s a lot. I have got a lot on my plate. Everything is too intense as of now.”

“I can understand that.” The doll acknowledged with a regretful smile. Jimin gave a deep sigh and he spoke again with a bright fake smile that did not reach his eyes. “See you whenever then, Jeon Jungkook.” At that moment, Jungkook wanted to hug him but all he could do was give a small smile and leave.

“See ya.”


On the way home, Yoongi seemed to understand that he needed to give his friend some space. The face he had returned with wasn’t one of happiness or joy. As far as he was aware, Jimin and Jungkook didn’t even know each other for that long. However, he did know that he had been a long a time since his dongsaeng had any other concern besides his family. Jungkook had always been someone willing to devote themselves to a person if he truly loved them. He barely knew this Park Jimin, so he couldn’t love him yet.

As soon as they arrived, Jungkook started pouring himself some chamomile tea as he needed something to relax him. He briefly considered work, that would definitely help him relax as he could focus on someone else’s misery. He sat on his kitchen table, as he looked out the window. Slowly, he sipped on his extremely hot tea.

“I lost my job.” Yoongi announced as he sat on that same kitchen table. He faced his dongsaeng with sad eyes as he tried to contain his tears.

“Hyung… When? What the fuck?” Jungkook’s eyes opened wide as he scanned through the room.

“I lost my apartment…”

“Is that legal? You should have a month.”

“Garry wanted to show new people the apartment… I got angry, you know.” Yoongi admitted embarrassed as the first tears fell and he cleaned them in a heartbeat. “I have known Garry for all my life. I always paid rent on time but in my time of need, he didn’t even blink. He just said I had a month. I lashed out.”

“Hyung you can stay here. As long as you want. We can be roommates.” Jungkook quickly added. “We can get you a job. I don’t know where but-”

“Jimin offered me a job.” Jungkook almost spilt his tea as he stood up nervously, only to sit back down as it left him dismayed.

“No. I will get you another job. Not him.”

“What’s going on Jungkook? You took money from him, but you don’t want me to work there?”

“Who told you that?”

“You think I wouldn’t find out?” His hyung scoffed in disbelief. “What is going on?”

“Jimin is a murder suspect. I heard too much, now I am involved. Well, I was already involved since I am part of the investigation team.” As he offered the brief summary, his friend’s face had changed into one of uneasiness.

“Jimin? You think he did it? Who did he kill?”

“Listen, I am sure he didn’t do it. He admitted he knew who did though. But, it is his grandfather… Why won’t he turn the murderer in?”

“Someone he knows? He is protecting someone?”

“That’s what I thought.” The maknae agreed with a thoughtful expression. His pout became bigger as each second went by. They sat in silent, deep in thought. Yoongi soon decided to nap as he was tired from the previous night. The detective in Jungkook simply could not do the same. He sat on the table as he tried to complete paperwork but he kept on getting distracted. The detective concluded that was not the right place for him to complete any work at all. The best place would be his office. He changed into comfortable puma trainers, sweatpants and a hoodie.

The gym at the station was empty, so he worked out freely with his earphones in each ear blasting out extremely loud music. After a quick shower, he removed his belongings from the locker and walked up to his and Hoseok’s office. Once he was sat down with all the sheets laid in front of him, he began working. Completely concentrated as he organised every piece of information. One of the A4 papers had the name PARK JI MIN in capitals. He couldn’t help running his fingers through it as he read his statement of what had happened on that day, over and over again. What had taken him so long to call the police? “What took you so long Park Jimin?” Jungkook whispered as he talked to himself. From the corner of his eye, he spotted a new piece of paper that finally stated the cause of death. “Death by poison?” He read out loud as he scanned the area once again. “...a puncture in the neck?” A needle.

Jungkook’s breathing began quickening as he understood this could look suspicious for Jimin. As he had more than enough time to inject him with the poison and let it take an effect in the amount of time that took him to call the police. He had to make Jimin talk or soon or the whole department would think he is guilty.

The sudden knock on the door, threw Jungkook off guard as he hid the papers subconsciously. He tried to even out his breathing but the door opened, without his permission. The first to step in was general Kang, followed by Jisoo and Sejin. To say Jungkook was scared was an understatement, he had never even seen the general in anyone’s office unless it was on special occasions. He was immediately apprehensive but he attempted to compose himself. He stood up and bowed in respect.

“Relax, relax!” Kang ordered with a smile. Jungkook knew he wasn’t the nicest, he could tell simply by the way he carried himself. He was a big man, overweight and extremely strong. Sejin had the same confident pose, he was all muscles which contrasted with Jisoo. A tall, tanned, handsome young man, he never gave much away. Nor kindness or animosity, just confidence as he was one of the best. “Working on a Saturday?”

“Yes, sir. I wasn’t feeling well, work always helps.” He decided to go with a tinge of honesty, it helped him remain calm.

“Isn’t he an exemplary employee?” Kang looked back at the other two with a laughter, as the others remained their eyes on Jungkook. Something was definitely up.

“What was Hoseok’s car doing in front of your house?”

“So-Sorry?” He questioned startled by the sudden direct question. Were they watching him? “He is my friend-”

“Let me be more specific. Where did Jung Hoseok go? Were you with him last night?” The general interrogated as he sat down slowly on the chair that was situated on the other side of Jungkook’s desk. He was intimidating the maknae, there was no doubt. Jungkook debated for a split second on whether to be honest but there was something suspicious about the way they had approached him.

“Yes sir, we went out. We went to some lake nearby… he drank a little more than planned, so a friend ended up driving us over. Why sir, is everything okay?” Jungkook lied as he still remained his posture. He had lied to his general, and he did not understand why.

“Jeon, I have a proposal. Sit.” Jungkook quickly obliged as he sat down slowly as if any sudden movements would scare this new Jungkook that could lie through his teeth. “What if, I offered you a promotion?”

“Sir, I don’t understand. I haven’t been here long enough or solved any cases.”

“As you said yourself, you have a relationship with agent Hoseok. I need you to get any information about Park Jimin and Hoseok seems to have some.” That left JUngkook bewildered, and his expression must have shown it. “I know you created some sort of bond with him but work comes first.”

“Park Jimin? Is it because of the recent reports?”

“With or without reports, the kid needs to go,” Kang whispered as he stood up. “You have until next week.”


At his office, Jungkook continuously picked the hair on his face as he tried to think of a solution. So far, he had come to the conclusion that the general was definitely up to something. Kang had never looked kind or friendly but being vicious? That would be a whole new level. What did he mean by the “kid needed to go”? Jungkook rested his elbows on the table as his hands massaged his temples slowly with his eyes closed. The fact that he had lied, would also mean now he was involved. Once he was done, collecting his belongs into the bag he had brought, he established that he would ask Yoongi’s opinion as soon as he arrived home. As he walked out, he couldn’t help feeling paranoid. Jungkook was now scared he was being watched. There were no doubts, some agents had their eyes on them, the night before. However, they must not have found out where was their final destination.

He tried to clear his head of the constant questions in his head and began searching for the pizzeria that he normally enjoyed going to. After Jungkook ordered three large pizzas, he sat down at the small tables near the glass windows. The sky was now dark and full of clouds. There would definitely be some intense rain that same night. He wished he had someone to hug and come home to, without any complications. All he wanted was a normal life. His mind was clear of that realisation as Jisoo, the agent signalled to follow him with his fingers. He entered a black car with smoked windows.

“Son, the pizzas are ready.” The grumpy, elder warned as he passed the pizzas over the counter. “It is going to rain and that is all you are wearing? Last time was the same thing. You never wear raincoats.” Jungkook could only smile at the kindness hidden behind the cranky façade the elder man held.

“I will make sure to get one next time. Don’t forget to take your medicine, it’s almost time. Have a nice evening!” He left the shop nervously as he walked to the car. He imagined all possible violent scenarios in his head.

The door opened without delay and Jungkook stepped in with his three large pizzas. Jisoo sat next to him in silence as the car drove away. He kept that same, emotionless face he always sported. Jungkook couldn’t help wondering who was driving, if they were also from the station.

“You did well in lying.” Agent Jisoo uttered as he kept facing the black wall. Jungkook assumed that black wall was soundproof and it also gave the people sat at the back some privacy.

“Lying about what?” He faked his confusion as he began planning how he could reach for his phone. Jungkook didn’t even have his gun, he briefly wondered why he didn’t constantly carry it.

“Jungkook what do you think of this town? Genuinely.”

“Are you going to kill me?”

“No one is going to hurt you. You are on the right side.” Jisoo reached for a small black button and an ashtray appeared in a small table. He lit up his cigarette as the windows went down. Jungkook wanted to answer that he was harming him anyway by smoking in such a small space.

“Honestly, this town scares the shit out me. It’s dark as fuck, everyone seems to know something, that I don’t know. Everyone also seems to have more money than me but I have no clue where this money is coming from.”

“This town is rich in corruption.” He stated without hesitation as he inhaled the smoke once again.

“What is the right side? The non-corrupt side?” Kook asked the question but he was anxious about the answer.

“Oh no. We are corrupt too but we are less harmful. The general, the old owner of the Park banks, the mayor… were all making money off brothels.”

“Wait what? What are you saying? What’s going on?”

“I am saying we have eyes everywhere. The general, the mayor and not even Jimin’s grandfather knew that we know about all of this sex and drug trafficking they have been doing.” Jisoo finally made eye-contact with Jungkook.

“We as in-”

“We as in Park Jimin. Park Jimin has eyes everywhere.”

“You are one of those pairs of eyes.” Jungkook added quietly more to himself than Jisoo.

“Clearly so are you.”

“I am not involved in whatever it’s going on.”

“From the moment you lied to protect us all. You are.” Quietly, Jisoo poured a bit of whiskey for himself and he passed another one to Jungkook. He quickly downed the liquid and Jisoo added some more. Jungkook knew he was right. As he ran his fingers through his already dry hair.

“Jungkook, you can help us end this.”

“How? The general is already following us.”

“No. The general sent me to follow you, I said I lost you guys along the way. And now he sent you to follow Hoseok. He has nothing on us.” Jisoo smiled mischievously as his fingers caressed his chin.

“But now he knows Hoseok is in some form involved with Jimin.”

“By the time he finds out anything, we will have too much information on his whereabouts for him to act upon it.”

“This is insane.” He laughed sarcastically, this puts all of their careers in danger. He needed all the money he could get.

“Jungkook… he is planning on setting Jimin up. The general wants to take over the banks.”

“So you also don’t believe Jimin killed his grandfather?”

“Of course not. Everyone knows it was his father.” Jisoo revealed in nonchalant manner as he put out his cigarette. As far as Jungkook knew he was still in prison, the confusion grew even more as he sipped on the strong drink.

“He is in prison that means… He ordered someone to do it.”

“Of course. Where have you been dude? Like have you not been aware of anything at all?” The maknae continuously chewed on his nails, as he tried to put the puzzle pieces together. Jisoo however, carried on his range of thought. “I still do not know why Jimin’s father would want to kill his own dad.”

“What’s in it for you? You are just trying to be a good guy Jisoo?” Jungkook asked frustrated at the fact that everyone seemed to know what was happening.

“All these men of power, destroyed my dad when he opposed to their disgusting system.” His angry response made Jungkook shiver. “They don’t know I am his kid but if they did… I am sure they would ruin my career too.”

“This is all so much to take in.”

“Jungkook, you don’t have to get involved but you need to know that in this town… No one sits on the side and watches. Especially not when they are involved this deeply.”

“All I did was be at the right room but at the wrong time…”

“Get over it. You would still be involved, the general would have asked you to spy on us.” Jisoo firmly remarked as he finished his drink. “I suggest you have a chat with Jimin. I already told Hoseok you saved his ass but you need to know more about this. Or you might compromise everything we worked for all these years, without even meaning to.”

“Jimin never tells me anything.” Whined Jungkook without intention.

“Are you two fucking?”

“What? No!”

“I will leave you on this street. Your house it’s 2 minutes away.” The door opened and Jungkook quickly recognised the alleyway. As he moved to get out of the car, Jisoo held his arm and he placed some sheets inside Jungkook’s bag. “Here. These have all the data about the people you cannot trust. Look into it as soon as possible and watch your back Jeon. Always carry your gun fool, I could easily have been your enemy.”

Chapter Text

There was no other solution. Jungkook would have to meet up with Jimin and demand answers. He had spent all night wide awake considering Jisoo’s words. As an agent and a normal human being with empathy, there wouldn’t be anything that could give him more honour than to dismantle a case of sex trafficking. In his head, the concern only grew towards young men and women that could possibly be the victims of all of this violence. How many victims? For how long? How many people were involved in this crime? Did the whole town know? Jungkook only hoped Jimin would have an answer to all these questions. Of course, he couldn’t also stop wondering, if once all of this had been solved, would he get to know the real Jimin? So far, it had been hard to understand who he really was. As he tossed and turned in his bed, Jungkook reached for his phone. Gathering all the courage he had, he texted Jimin.

Jungkook - 2:34 am

Would I be able to see you this week?

He let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was late at night, Kook doubted Jimin would reply. The sudden vibration from his phone made him nervous.

Jimin - 2:50 am

Meet me at Lily’s tomorrow at 8 pm.

The message had made him sulk. There was no sign of affection. Jungkook could only guess that the Jimin that had replied then, was not the same that invited him for breakfast at Lily’s. This was the Jimin, he never seemed to be able to deal with or recognise. The one that had yelled at him and definitely the one that faked sadness on the first day they had met. Jungkook didn’t like this Jimin.

A soft knock on the door interrupted his range of thoughts as he sent a quick ‘ok’ as a reply. Yoongi peeked through the small opening of the door and as he spotted the maknae in his boxers with a grumpy face, he came in and joined him.

 “Why do you look like a small child? Pouting like this?”

“Hyung, don’t even start.”


Another trait that Jungkook had always admired about his hyung was his capability to seem unbothered. He clearly knew something was aggravating him but he just gave him his space. Jungkook felt that he needed to cooperate more. Jimin never cooperated and that had only annoyed him. It was the cause of their arguments.

“Jimin is... I think I want to know him better. He is a pain in my ass though.”

“Did you guys have sex?”

“Nah. Did you?”

“I did… We have been talking actually… Hoseok has been giving me strength, weirdly.” Yoongi shared as he tried to mask his emotions as he deadpanned.

“You have been here for like a day and you have more action than I have had in weeks.”

“You choose not to.”

“Ah don’t judge.”

“Not judging. I actually understand why… Like why rush things?” He shrugged.

“It is not about not wanting to but it's different with our case...So, why did you do it?”

“Cause I felt like it. We felt that it was right. None of the options are wrong. Your case and Jimin’s is more complicated you are right.” Jungkook’s mouth turned into a straight line as he felt embarrassed and slightly jealous. Their situation was more complicated. Hoseok and Yoongi had been introduced by a friend, they had time to talk calmly at their get-together. Jungkook was sure they had a lot in common, by the way, they had talked about music. With Jimin it was different, there was an unspoken spark that he had refused to acknowledge in a not so distant past due to their circumstances. 

“For your information, Hobi agrees with you. He doesn’t think it would be wise to take the job.”

“See hyung-”

“I took the job, nevertheless. It's great pay, plus Jimin trusts me.”

“How so?”

“Because I am your friend.”

“Right… and he doesn’t tell me shit. Either way, this is dangerous but you are a grown man. I warned you of the possible consequences.”

“I have nothing to lose. I want to help you guys, take those little shits down.” Yoongi answered half-sarcastically.

“All of this for the dick.” Jungkook added as he laid down on his side with his back to Yoongi.

“You got me there.” The maknae turned off the light with a smile and they were soon asleep.

After getting off the phone with Hoseok, Yoongi informed Jungkook that his meeting with Jimin would without a doubt be a dinner. It did not surprise the youngest at all. Lily’s had that dark, weird, underground, large room which he had only been to once. It was clearly a place that only a few people could have access to. There was some level of certainty in that aspect.

As he had spent the day working out, the time went by fast. When he looked at the clock it was almost time to head out. Jungkook decided to wear a black suit with a tucked in black shirt and black shoes. He sprayed some cologne even though he preferred softer scents. The most difficult part was leaving the house. Simply, because now he had to carry a gun in the pocket inside his blazer. The agent now knew he had to walk around armed as he was advised to do. The weather was without a doubt changing, so on top of that, he wore a black long coat to protect himself.

The air outside was cold as he had predicted, with the winter season arriving the streets were always wet, the sight was always unclear due to the fog. People’s shoes could be heard loudly since the roads were made out of tiny cubes, often referred to as stock or calçada portuguesa. It wasn't common where Jungkook was from. Here, no noise would go unheard. The echo of each step made sure the delicate sound of a woman’s heels would announce her arrival before her image did. Dodging the most populated places, Jungkook avoided the sound of heels or cheerful conversations. He observed his surroundings like an eagle, as his trust in the general was almost non-existent now. Jungkook couldn’t know whether he was being followed like Hoseok had been or not.

Within a few steps, there was Lily’s restaurant with all the lights and a big sign ‘CLOSED’ on the door. A homeless man slept next to the door. As Jungkook approached confused to give the restaurant a better look, the man slowly stood up, scaring the maknae. Jungkook took a step back when the man spoke:

“Come with me, Jeon Jungkook.” For each word, his breath was made visible due to the low temperatures. As confused as the maknae was, he guessed it was a way of controlling who was coming in and out. The homeless man talked to a radio, he carried on his pocket as he led Jungkook to the back of the building. A black door made out of steel was opened by a security woman, who wore all black also. This door during the night would be barely visible, this was a smart move. Jungkook wondered if this had all been Jimin’s idea or result of a group effort. Once he was inside there was a long corridor that resembled a dark tunnel. Turning back to seek for help and lighting, he found nothing but darkness. He licked his lips nervously and continued walking until he reached another member of staff.

“ID.” The woman spoke with no signs of emotion. Jungkook quickly searched inside his blazer to find his documentation which he quickly handed to her. He couldn’t help observing her actions as she snapped a few pictures of his ID. The security returned the identification card and signalled towards the end of the tunnel. After a few steps, he spotted the familiar red lighting that coloured the secret room at Lily’s. The noise inside was of people chatting animatedly, contrasting the last time he had been present since it was only him, Jimin’s family and later on his friends. The maknae fixed the part in his hair with his fingers, dabbed his skin with the back of his hand and he proceeded to look around for Jimin.

“May I take your coat, sir?” A young waiter asked politely. Jungkook removed his coat and the young man accepted it with a smile. “Mr Park is at the last table on your left.”

“Thank you.”

“My pleasure. If you have any trouble spotting him, please just return here and I will take you myself.”

“That’s very kind of you. Thank you again.” The maknae replied with an honest smile, unable to hide his content with the politeness of the waiter. The tables were different from the last time he had visited. Smaller ones had been added, the booths were still there but now they looked more fancy as the tables had candles and roses in each one of them.

 Park Jimin was not hard to spot, as he looked stunning and rich. The left part of his hair was styled to the side whilst the other side covered his right eye slightly. His eye makeup was dangerous and dark, seductive in Jungkook’s eyes. He too wore all black. A black blazer with barely noticeable sparkly purple lines. There was no sign of a shirt but to the maknae’s luck the blazer was closed with a few buttons, still allowed a decent exposure of his toned chest. The most dangerous and alluring part were his lips, plumped and pink. Jimin was focused on the circling movement that his own accessorized fingers did on the glass of red wine. It looked intimate as the table was in small, rectangular shape and just like the other tables had a candle place in the middle and two roses on the side.

Jungkook simply sat down on the chair facing Jimin. His sexy, small, smile grew slowly as he still faced his glass of wine.

“Steak sounds good to you?” Jimin suddenly asked as he sipped on his wine.

“Sounds great.” He agreed as he fixed his blazer knowing there was nothing wrong with it. Jungkook sat up and faced Jimin, who was already watching him with curious eyes. He decided to take control for once. “You look good.”

“Why, thank you. As do you.”

“I tried.” He blushed as he admitted. The tension could be cut with a knife. Not they were tense over the topics they were about to cover over the course of dinner but also sexual. Jimin had already declared he wanted to get to know him better. Jungkook had never said he wanted to but there was no doubt of it and they both knew it. There was some level of comprehension between them where they knew this conversation would determine where their relationship would go. Upon seeing Jimin, his feelings seemed to have been awakened. Jungkook was back at being fascinated simply by his voice or by the way his front teeth weren't perfectly aligned. He didn't know when or where his memory seemed to have picked up these small details. The problem was that it had and Jungkook was fond of every single one of them. 

His comment, however, seemed to have sparked something in Jimin. Some sort of shyness as he sipped again while looking everywhere else but at the person in front of him.

“What could I get you tonight?” The kind young man that had taken Jungkook’s coat inquired.

“The special steak Lily makes… for both of us.” Jimin replied without even looking at the menu.

“And some wine please,” Jungkook added too quickly, making them all smile.

“Get a bottle of Porto, please. And thank you, Stephan.”

“Right away.”

Jungkook swallowed as he reached across the table to touch Jimin’s hand softly. It surprised the smaller as he didn’t expect such a bold move from the shy Jungkook he had gotten to know. The maknae’s fingers caressed each one of Jimin’s fingers as he looked at them with adoration.

“How have you been?”


“With me Jimin, you can always be.” That had made Jimin smile but he still showed some sort of uncertainty in his expression. As the side of his mouth tugged upwards but his eyebrows were furrowed.

“I will bury my grandfather tomorrow… Finally, we can put him to rest.”

Jungkook held Jimin’s hand tightly and squeezed it to offer comfort. “I am so sorry… I don’t know if this will help but if you want I can be there.”

“You would do that?” The doll’s smile grew along with a slight blush on his cheeks.

“Of course.” With that said Jimin also held Jungkook’s much bigger hand. Stephan the waiter, interrupted them as poured the wine. They both removed their hands shyly and began sipping.

“And you, how have you been?”

“Well. Now that I kind of know what I am getting myself into.” The agent breathed out and he continued. “I kind of want to talk to you.”

“Isn’t that why we are here?”

“Yes but- I was trapped… I am not sure that is the right word but I guess I could use it. I was cornered at my office by the general.” Jungkook whispered concerned. “I think they are trying to set you up.”

“So I heard.” Of course, Park Jimin had eyes everywhere as Jisoo had said in their previous car encounter. Jisoo had certainly reported every detail to Jimin.

“I hate to touch this subject but- Now that they discovered the cause of death it is way easier to incriminate you.”

“I know. I think dad did it on purpose.”

“So why are you protecting him?!” The youngest whisper-yelled as he maintained eye contact which Jimin quickly broke.

“Protecting him? No, no. If anything I will just make sure he stays in jail for longer.” He added coldly as he poured Jungkook more wine. Completely ignoring his shocked expression. “Oh, our steaks!”

They both waited for everything to be served and they began eating. They both seemed to enjoy their dish while deep in thought. After the third bite, Jimin faced Jungkook again.

“I am not protecting a woman beater. He can rot there.”

“So why haven’t you handed him on a silver plate to the police?” The confusion in the maknae’s head only grew bigger.

“To who? The general? Who was involved in the same business as my dad and grandad for years?” He laughed as he cleaned his mouth with the napkin. Jungkook tried hard to figure out the issue in his head.

“They want him out for sure.” He concluded with a few doubts.

“I am not sure. Probably not. If he came out, he could assume his position at the bank and take me out but still...”

“Yes you are right, something here doesn’t add up. No one would want an ex-inmate working with their money. That would be horrible for the bank’s reputation.”

“My dad’s plan was coming out and have me as the head of the bank… Basically the face of the bank. Whilst he would have full ownership without anyone’s knowledge.” Jimin unveiled as he stopped chewing to continue speaking. “He seemed to have forgotten that I worked my ass off for this bank to become this big. Everyone in this room is on my side. They are highly controlled and watched at all times by me to assure loyalty. That’s why I chose this place to talk. When he was out he never had this many allies or even cared about anyone else but himself.”

“I want you to know that I can become extremely helpful. The general offered me some bribe to watch Hoseok hyung.” Jungkook had initially assumed that Jimin would be content with the news but he seemed to be rather conflicted. 

“Jungkook… I knew my grandfather was going to be killed at some point.” Confessed Jimin with a small voice.

Jungkook’s fork dropped as he swallowed the food he had left in his mouth. He reached for the glass of wine as he downed the contents. Deep down inside, he had suspected because Jimin hadn’t called anyone immediately after it had happened.

“Jimin… what the fuck…” Nevertheless, Jungkook was still in shock. He ran his hands through his hair as he looked at the other.

“I suspected he was going to get killed, sooner or later. From someone on the inside or outside. This business they are involved in… it’s dangerous.”

“Did you know the exact day?”

“No, of course not.” Jimin swallowed as he also seemed to be disturbed by having to tell the story again. “Me and Tae were at home. We heard shit happening downstairs, when we came down he was on the floor having some sort of attack.”

“The poison.”

“Yes… so I grabbed a cloth and Tae cleaned our prints. Then I figured that was dumb since I lived there. I told Tae to leave and I ran my hands through the handrail. Tae was shitting himself so I still had to calm him down and find out a way for him to leave without leaving any traces. I called Hoseok for help on one of the many burner phones my grandfather had.”

“You destroyed it right?”

“Yes. Right after.”

“The cloth?” The agent questioned with his professional mode on.

“Taken care of.”

“Good.” Jungkook breathed out as looked at Jimin with his big now distressed eyes. “Why didn’t you call the police as soon as you heard what was happening down the stairs?”

“The reality is that in our business there is a bunch of illegal stuff. Calling the police would mean answering more questions that I am not prepared to answer.”

“But now the general will definitely want to use the time you took to call the police to make you seem guilty!”

“I am guilty. I knew shit was going on downstairs.”

“You didn’t kill him. His destiny was death, in or out of prison.” Jungkook argued without realising his words. As soon as he spoke them he covered his mouth. “I am sorry.”

“No, you are right.”

They resumed eating their cold steak with bitter expressions and their minds clouded with thoughts on how to solve the mess they were in. Jungkook wished he could go back in time to take back his harsh words towards Jimin’s late grandfather.

“What I meant to say is… If you had gone downstairs perhaps you would have put not only yourself in danger but your best friend too.”

“I hate my grandfather, so stop worrying about hurting my feelings.” With that said Jimin pushed his half-eaten steak back and he looked away.

“Jimin… The thing with family is no matter how horrible they are… we always seem to love them.”

“Not me. My grandfather and my father basically almost sold my ass to some old man for some deal they had going on. I wanted him dead, I just never had the courage to kill him myself.” Jimin’s eyes were watery as he tried hard to contain his tears. “I am just surprised at how shitty my family turned out to be.”

“I heard somewhere that… if you cry telling a sad story about your past… it means you might not have healed.”

“I am fine. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

“All I am saying is it’s okay not to be fine. What you just told me… I felt that I can understand your anger. I am sorry, I hope that from now on your future is brighter. You have a new family. You have me.”

This time Jungkook held both of his hands in his as he watched how his hands covered all of Jimin’s. His heart starting racing and he couldn’t help being surprised at this foreign feeling. While he watched Jimin’s full, red cheeks rise as a result of his embarrassed smile, his emotions were all new. He never felt the need to protect someone, like he had felt at that moment. Jungkook wanted to see more of the shy, innocent, beautiful smile that enhanced Jimin’s unique aura. He wanted to remove all the weight that was put on those small shoulders, he wanted to make sure Jimin was happy at all times and living his best life.

“Why don’t you call me hyung?” The smaller questioned sporting a teasing expression as he moved his chair closer to Jungkook’s. Jimin kissed his cheek with a playful smile, he wanted to repeat the innocent kiss but to his surprise, Jungkook turned around and pecked him on the lips. Jimin's lips were exactly how Jungkook had imagined them to be: soft. He wanted to kiss him, really kiss him but they were inside a restaurant. They hadn’t done anything but they could both feel the curiosity in everyone’s expressions. It made them sit back on their chairs, even though Jimin did not move his chair back. They were so close, Jungkook couldn’t help feeling self-aware as he sat straighter and rolled his sleeves up. He had been told his arms were great due to the veins sticking out. Jimin seemed to agree as he hummed in approval as he ran his hands through his forearm.

Soon, the dessert that Jungkook had ordered arrived at the table: red velvet cake with melted chocolate inside and vanilla ice cream.

“Do you miss your town?” The elder inquired while he ate the cake with wide eyes.

“Every day. I wanted to leave though… I just never expected to end up here.”

“Starting to regret it?”

“No. I met you.” Jungkook answered honestly as he eyed Jimin’s mouth which was covered in chocolate.

“Ah…” Jimin cringed as he slapped the maknae’s arm. “I am glad I met you too. Through all this mess… you seem to be the only one that brings a smile to my face, even though you are a pain.”   

“If I am a pain... what are you?” Jungkook joked to hide the fact that his heart fluttered as he heard those words. With his thumb, he ran his finger through the corner of Jimin’s mouth to remove the chocolate and he sucked on it right after.

“I feel like I want to know every detail about you… like for example what is your favourite film?”

“Don’t laugh… but at the moment is Kimi no na wa…”

“Oh, it’s a Japanese film! One day, I will watch it.”

“Let’s watch it together.” The maknae suggested with hope.

“It’s a promise. So don’t go ditching me on the next day as you did with our breakfast.” Jimin spoke with an undertone of hurt.

“I am sorry. I just didn’t like our argument. Made me feel insecure about where we were headed. Still, I could have just told you… I am sorry.”

“Sorry I yelled at you when you were only worried about me.”

“Let’s move past it, okay?”

Jimin responded with another timid peck and right after he continued finishing their dessert with a delighted look.

As they ended their meal, they decided to leave the restaurant making them both sad. Jimin bowed politely to everyone both staff and customers and Jungkook simply copied him. They headed towards the exit, where Stephan handed them both of their coats. Jungkook helped Jimin puts his and he followed right after with Jimin’s help also. He could still feel the eyes of the people inside.

Once they reached the steel door once again, Jimin pulled the hood from his coat. The maknae quickly figured that it was to hide his identity if they were seen together it could have risen suspicion. The strong, cold air had apparently gotten worse as they stepped out. They walked away from Lily’s not wanting to split up so early, not exactly knowing what to do next or where they were going. Jungkook held Jimin’s hand tightly as he didn’t want him to stay behind since he was much slower than him. He was sure he could be faster but he was just the exact opposite. Jungkook turned around to look at Jimin to tease him about being a slow walker, but he lost his will to do so when he saw his hyung’s nose. His skin was pale, contrasting his red cheeks and nose. His nose was small, he couldn’t resist as he kissed it softly, scared that he would break. Jimin’s eyes closed, his nose was scrunched cutely and he pouted as he allowed Jungkook to kiss his nose and cheeks repeatedly. Soon Jungkook kissed his lips softly once and then he kissed him again with an open mouth as he allowed his tongue to taste Jimin for the first time. The sweetness from the other’s lips made him crave him more. What started as a slow, romantic, first kiss had quickly escalated. Jimin hands went from his chest to the back of his neck, Jungkook arms held his waist tighter as they kissed desperately as moaned against each other’s mouth. Soon, Jungkook’s lips traced Jimin’s neck with wet kisses with need causing Jimin’s hood to come off.

“Oh my God!” The maknae exclaimed as he placed the hood back on the other’s head, shocked with his own behaviour. Jimin, on the other hand, was still trying to catch his breath as he touched his lips.

“So this is what Taehyung was talking about…” He whispered still touching his lips with a faint smile. Jungkook eyed him with a questioning look and Jimin had his shy smile back. 

“What-” The maknae’s phone started vibrating and he quickly searched for it inside his blazer as he lifted his index finger to tell the elder to wait. “Oh hi mum! Everything okay?”

‘Yes. Son, I am missing your dad. Can we talk?”

“Are you drunk again?” He tried to walk away from Jimin as the shame and anger started rising, staining his previous emotion of happiness.

‘I had a few drinks. Everyone drinks sometimes. Why are you so angry?’

“Of course, I am angry! I am your son, I hate to see you do this.”

‘I am an adult, I am not a drunk I know what I am doing. Everyone has a drink during the weekend.’

“Mum, you don't drink only during the weekend or casually. Are the kids okay?”

‘Why wouldn’t they be? You think because you make money now, you are more responsible than I am?’

“Why are you getting angry? Yes, it is fucking normal that I worry. You are always drunk, you aren’t capable of doing so anymore.” He heard the beep signalling that his mother had hung up and it infuriated him even further. “Fine just fucking hang up!”

Jungkook felt vulnerability and sadness taking over him as he had never argued with his mother. Not since his father's death as he never wanted to hurt her or aggravate her mental state. He didn't want to be the reason behind her drinking even for more that night. Unexpectedly, Jungkook felt Jimin’s arms around him from the back, and the only thing the maknae could do was hold his hands firmly as he allowed him to console him. He knew he wouldn’t be able to spend the night alone, he was tired of crying over his mother’s actions.

“Sleep over at mines, please.”

“You don’t need to ask.”

Chapter Text


They walked home hand in hand in silence. Jimin was extra observant as he could tell Jungkook was upset but he was quiet. He didn’t want to push him to talk and cause him to distance himself. He quietly moved his hand to Jungkook’s waist as they seemed to reach their destination. Jimin watched the maknae retrieve the keys from his pocket to unlock the door. Once he unlocked the door, he stepped aside to let Jimin step in first. Jimin offered a smiled as he walked into the small house. Everything seemed to be made out of wood. It seemed like a home. It was definitely different from what he was used to, he realises the privilege he was offered his whole life. However, when he was younger he often wished all the money they had didn’t exist. Money had caused all the violence inflicted not only on him but also on all the innocent people that had been exploited by his family. Now, it was too late. Besides already having lost of the experiences normal people had, he had gotten used to the expensive lifestyle. Jimin wasn’t ready to give any of it up, not even a cent. Not anymore, he wasn’t. He couldn’t help but to wish that Jungkook had the exact same benefits. He worked too many hours, both at work and at home. From what Jimin had seen, he seemed to carry all of the responsibility in his back.

“Hey- Uh… sorry. This doesn’t compare to-”

“I love it. It’s cosy.” Jimin whispered as he observed Jungkook’s big eyes melt even though his sadness was evident. Jungkook extended his hand which Jimin happily took as they went up the stairs. The unusual noise they made as they start climbing was also something new to the oldest. His stairs never made noise and if they did his grandfather would immediately get them fixed, he was certain of that.

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Jimin counted three doors. One of them was closed and it was directly opposite from where Jungkook was headed.

“Sorry about the mess.” Jungkook apologised quietly as he picked up the gym wear that was scattered around the floor. “I will get you something to wear.”

Jimin quietly smiled as he helped Jungkook tidy his room. The only thing he could think about was how heavily it smelled of Jungkook. A subtle, sweet, and delicate smell contrasting with his physical but matching his personality perfectly. He blushed particularly at one item of clothing.

“Oops…” Jungkook quickly removed the boxers from Jimin’s hands as he placed everything on a basket near the door. Sitting on the maknae’s bed, he observed around. The room didn’t have a much, except a small wooden close, an old desk or table Jimin could not tell it apart, a double bed and a picture of what seemed to be Jungkook’s family. Jimin quickly stood up and reached for it as Jungkook browsed for something.

On the family portrait, Jungkook was still young. His smile was extremely wide as he seemed to be laughing at two younger children. It didn’t take long for him to conclude that they were his youngest siblings. A woman had a serious expression as she seemed to be scolding them, probably to stay still Jimin assumed. An older man with a similar smile to Jungkook had his arms around the maknae and another child. He was sure that was Junghyun and his father.

“Was a struggle to take a picture. Mum was so mad. The twins just wouldn’t stop moving.” Jungkook smiled sadly from behind Jimin. He circled his arms around the smaller man and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“It is a beautiful picture Jungkook.” Jimin placed the picture back down and turned around. He placed his hands on Jungkook’s cheeks and he kissed him softly. “I see where you got your looks from.”

There was no sexual intent behind the kiss, he wanted to offer comfort and warmth that he knew sometimes was all a person needed to make things slightly better. The younger smiled as he turned around to grab a white t-shirt and he handed it to over as he himself grabbed a black one. Jungkook walked over to the desk and began to strip and Jimin couldn’t look away from the wide back. The youngest placed his previous outfit on the chair in front of the table and he turned around. His perky, brown nipples and tanned pectorals were on display and it made Jimin step back as he blushed.

“What’s wrong hyung? Is the t-shirt too big?”Jungkook questioned concerned as he walked towards the oldest to grab the t-shirt. Jimin came to his senses once he was closer to him.

“N-no… No. No. It is all good.” He stuttered and placed the white piece of clothing to proceed to remove his.

“Hyung if you are uncomfortable taking your clothes off in front of me… The toilet is right there-”

“No… no. It’s fine.” Jimin assured him with an embarrassed smile. Jungkook nodded confusedly as he reached for his belt. The motion startled Jimin so he turned around nervously. Jungkook was the first person to make him feel that way. He wanted to feel him, touch him and please him. In every sense.

Jimin quickly got rid of his clothes and placed the t-shirt over his head.

“Jimin…” Jungkook called out, making him turn around startled by the sudden interruption of his thoughts. “I am going to call my brother… I am worried.”

“Sure. Go ahead! I will be waiting here.” That snapped him out of his dirty thoughts once again as he observed with a sagged shoulders Jungkook leave the room.  Jimin wished he could erase all of Jungkook’s pain. Frankly, he believed his mother should get help as her behaviour was causing irreversible damage to her children. Not just the youngest ones but also Jungkook.

He laid on top of his covers even though the house didn’t seem to be as warm as he had initially thought. Yes, it was warm, in comparison to the streets but it was cold for a home. He briefly wondered if Jungkook had the heating off to avoid high bills. It made him angry, knowing he could give not only Jungkook but also his siblings a perfectly comfortable life. The younger soon came back with a better facial expression than before, immediately improving Jimin’s mood also.

“How are they?” He asked instantly. Jungkook smiled lazily as he joined him in bed and laid down facing Jimin.

“Good. They were asleep. She passed out drunk so they can sleep, properly.” Jungkook exhaled in relief. Jimin ran his fingertips up and down Jungkook’s left arm, scooching closer to caress his face. The younger closed his eyes and leaned into the touch. He knew the maknae was still suffering because even though his mother was asleep, she had drunk. Worst, the only way for him and his siblings to feel at ease was when their mother was not conscious.

“I know, it’s fucked up.” Jungkook started with a serious face, his eyes remained closed.

“You are so strong. I love how strong you are.” Jimin confessed with honesty.

“Thanks… I work out.” Jungkook attempted to joke.

“Kookie… seriously. You are so brave, strong and caring. Some people in your situation would have just left. Here you are, fighting every day, without a rest.”

“Can’t say I haven’t thought about leaving her…” The tears visible in his eyes once he opened them. Jungkook played with the hem of Jimin’s t-shirt. “I feel so guilty…” He sobbed.

“Hush, hush,” Jimin whispered as he hugged Jungkook. His heart was aching for the fighter in Jungkook, the Jungkook that was in pain and the one that wanted to give up. “It is normal that you have those thoughts. Haven’t we all? You are so young, yet you have so much responsibility. Why would you blame yourself for YOUR private thoughts?”

“She is sick, she needs help and here I am thinking about these things.” He pulled on Jimin’s shirt tighter as if it could alleviate his pain.

“But you never did, baby.” Jimin cooed and he touched him lovingly, brushing his hair away from his forehead. “You never did. You are here, fighting.” He faced him as he continued speaking, almost forcing Jungkook to return the intense gaze. “And you are not alone. You have Yoongi, you made new friends and you have me. You will always have me and you can count on me. For everything. I know you don’t want my help because we just met and you survived on your own for so long but… I want to be a part of your life. I want to see you happy.”

Jungkook stared at him with wide eyes as he reached for the hand that held his face and squeezed it reassuringly. “I want that too.” He spoke in a breathy, soft voice as he put all his weight on his elbow and leaned in for a kiss.

If Jimin was to describe this kiss, he would call it passionate. At first, it was just a wet kiss but Jungkook seemed to want more so he ran his hands through Jungkook’s nape and the air was immediately thick with unspoken emotions. Their tongues danced intensively more than their previous kisses, as they licked into each other’s mouth almost violently. They were left breathless as desire struck both of them. Jimin knew that apparently kissing on the neck was a way to give pleasure, so he moved to the soft skin right where he could feel Jungkook’s pulse and attentively kissed it. Soon, his kisses turned into bites and sucking making the maknae moan as he slowly closed his eyes. Jungkook quickly positioned himself in between Jimin’s legs and proceeded to remove Jimin’s t-shirt and then his. It had made the smaller more aware of where they were headed. Before he could think about it further, Jungkook’s tongue was on his nipple. At first, the hot, wet tongue felt foreign but then small waves of pleasure started to hit his body as he observed Jungkook rub with the pads of his fingers his already sensitive nipple. He felt his cock getting hard as he watched Jungkook’s clothed crotch touch his as he bent over to give his nipples attention once again.

“Ah…” Jimin moaned quietly, his voice coming out high pitched. That seemed to trigger Jungkook as he lifted Jimin’s right leg and began kissing his inner thigh. “I have never done this… what should I do?” He spoke quietly, the nerves and arousal starting to take over simultaneously. Jungkook stopped quickly as he looked down at Jimin with wide eyes.

“Never done what, exactly?” The maknae questioned after some time as he swallowed the lump that fastly formed on his throat.

“Everything…” Jimin murmured with a red face, his ears were burning as he covered his face.

“How- I mean… Why didn’t you tell me?” Kook leaned back to sit on his heels with a surprised but patient expression. His eyebrows gathering at the centre, giving him a slight wrinkle while his eyes remained wide open.

Jimin closed his legs and slipped his t-shirt that had been put aside just a few seconds ago, he was flustered as he knew it was unusual.

“I just was never really interested. I kissed Taehyung and Namjoon hyung but everyone else I just- I never felt the need or the want.” He truthfully talked as he sat up with Jungkook still in front of him on his knees.

“D- do you want me?” The maknae asked shyly with a slight blush on his cheeks as he scratched the back of his ear.

“Yes.” Jimin murmured nervously as he looked at Jungkook who also seemed equally nervous.

“Then we will start slow… with small things. I don’t think you are stretched. Are you?”

“No. I tried once but I just wasn’t… hard at all.” He admitted apprehensively. Jungkook nodded slowly as he placed himself in all fours with each arm on the side of Jimin’s body, caging him. He kissed him sweetly and he licked Jimin’s bottom lip as he reclaimed his old position. Jimin followed Kook’s lips unconsciously with an animalistic hunger that he didn’t know he possessed.

“But are you okay to hmm do this?” Overwhelmed by the worry for Jungkook, Jimin couldn’t help wanting to know if Jungkook was in the right headspace. He didn’t want their first sexual encounter to be a way of escaping real issues.

“What you said before about being there for me, was all I needed to hear to feel better.”

“Urgh… we are gross.”

The maknae pushed his arm gently so he would lay down as he once again placed himself in the middle of Jimin’s legs. Jimin’s hardness had simmered down as they talked so Jungkook started by kissing and sucking his inner thigh again. He pulled down on Jimin’s boxers slightly to find a very accentuated hip muscle. Jungkook felt his member twitch, he quickly attempted to place his member more comfortably. Jimin watched him with hooded eyes as he could see Jungkook’s hard length. He had never understood blowjobs and why would anyone want to give one but soon he was starting to realize. Jungkook pulled the doll’s boxers off completely, surprising Jimin and making him flustered. He had only been naked in front of Taehyung, this was all very new to him. Jimin had only worn the transparent shirt when he became aware Jungkook was coming to their dinner. The broader man reached near the bedside table for a small bottle, which Jimin knew was lube, and he squeezed some into his right hand. Placing it on the side, he warmed it and grabbed Jimin’s length. Jimin’s eyes couldn’t leave Jungkook and every single one of his actions. He wanted to look at his face but at the same time his chest, he wanted to look at his hard cock hidden inside the boxers but also at the movement his veiny hands were about to make. At first, it felt foreign as someone else’s hand worked his length but soon his mouth was open in pleasure. His eyes were wide open as he watched Jungkook lean in for a kiss. He kissed him fervently but broke the kiss as the wave of intense pleasure coursed through his overheated body.

“Ah” Jimin moaned loudly and repeatedly. His own hand was scratching his right leg as the other pulled on the t-shirt he was now wearing.

“Oh fuck.” Jungkook moaned as his cock began aching with want. He tried to focus on pleasing Jimin as the head began to leak with pre-cum. However, Jimin looked so undone, so pretty with want. His mouth formed an O as he whimpered due to the new sensation, his cheeks were flushed as was his neck, he was slightly damp with sweat and his eyes were hooded. Jungkook removed his underwear aggressively in desperation and faced Jimin, searching for consent. When the oldest pulled him into a kiss, their lengths touched making Jungkook hiss.

“Can I try something?”

“Yes please.” Jimin nodded as he pulled him into another quick kiss. Kook added more lube to his hand and started working his own length as Jimin watched hungrily and completely aroused by the image in front of him. Jungkook was rosy due to the heat in all his naked glory with his developed muscles working as he masturbated. His eyes were fixated on Jimin the whole time as he ran his hand up and down. Jimin wondered for a split second where had the shy boy he met before gone. He soon, hovered over Jimin and he joins their cocks with his hand around them and he rubbed them together. Their bodies were now closer and it reminded the doll looking boy, how intimate this was. The maknae’s face was so close to his, and he took it as an opportunity to take in every detail. How Jungkook’s lower lip hanged open allowing the almost inaudible moans to spill out. How his tanned skinned was covered in a thin layer of sweat and it glistened even with the dim light. How his eyes were closed in pleasure and his thick eyebrows were furrowed in distress as he chased his relief. Jimin placed his hands on Jungkook’s buttocks as he lightly squeezed them as the taller continued to rub their members together. As he continued to watch Jungkook’s every movement and the flexing of his toned body, he couldn’t stop his orgasm as he came after only a few minutes. Jimin came with a loud, obscene moan as Jungkook milked the rest of his orgasm into his own hand. He laid his head back into the pillow as he tried to calm his breathing.

“Feel good?” Jungkook asked with a knowing smile as he cleaned his hand on his black t-shirt.

“Never better,” Jimin answered with sincerity as he sat up. “Let me make you feel good too.”

“Be my guest.”

In all his naked glory Kook opened his legs and Jimin moved forward as he placed his hand around Jungkook’s cock.

“I hope one day I get to suck your dick in my balcony,” Jimin admitted as he pumped the head, still taking in each expression the maknae made in pleasure. Wasn’t long until Jungkook was coming into Jimin’s smaller hand. “You are so hot.”

The moment was interrupted abruptly as Jimin’s phone rang, startling both of them. Jimin clumsily cleaned his hand on his t-shirt and stood up to reach for his phone that was placed on top of the desk.

“Sorry, I have to pick up. It’s Tae.”

“No, I totally understand.” He stood up and he put on his underwear. “Need privacy?”

“If you are going to be part of my life… as my partner. No, I don’t.”


Jimin quickly slid the green button on the screen and pressed the phone to his ear.


“What took you so long? You know what? We have more important things to discuss.”


“Fucking Cooper was at your office. Caught the motherfucker trying to open the door.” Taehyung revealed angrily, Jimin could imagine his distressed expression already.

“What the fuck? Does that mother- That’s illegal. Ain’t he a cop? Shouldn’t he know better?” Jimin could sense Jungkook’s curiosity as he seemed on alert, ready to jump out of the spot he was sitting on.

“I have him here. Come now.”

“Coming.” And Jimin hung up angrily almost smashing his phone against the wall. However, he knew better than to lose his temper. He needed energy to what he was about to do. Jungkook spoke with understanding in his voice as he held Jimin’s free hand.

“You need to go.” He simply stated.

“Yes baby, I am so sorry for leaving like this. I promise to tell you everything tomorrow.”

“I understand. Duty calls.”

After washing his hands and putting on his clothes, Jimin kissed Jungkook sweetly and he left the house with his hood on. Outside Jisoo waited inside the car on the driving seat. They exchanged no words as they both knew Jimin’s patience at that point was thin and Jisoo had always been more a man of action.


Upon getting out of the car, Stephan waited with a brand new coat and a gun. Jimin exchanged coats slowly as he cracked his bones. He wore his black leather gloves and he finally stepped inside the abandoned warehouse. Taehyung was standing armed right next to Cooper with the other two men. Cooper was sat with a smirk, Jimin knew it was fake confidence.

“So… who do I owe this pleasure to?” The doll questioned as he walked closer to Cooper.

“Why did you bring me here?” Cooper scoffed with a smile.

“Who sent you?”

“THAT you would like to know.”

“Just answer. We all got homes to get to.” Taehyung added as his nostrils flared in impatience. Cooper laughed loudly and threw his head back, his eyes then focused on Jimin. A gaze that carried malicious intent behind it.

“Fucking faggot. You think you will get away with murder huh? Mine and your grandfather’s?”

Jimin calmly reached for his pocket and he removed his gun with impatient eyes. Taehyung stepped away while yawning as he checked his phone. Jimin placed the silencer on the gun and he shot Cooper’s leg without blinking. Cooper yelled in agony as the blood began to pour out.

“What are you doing?! This is so STUPID! I thought you were smarter!”

“You are a policeman working on my case, you invaded my property without a warrant. I have cameras everywhere. As far as I am aware, that’s illegal.” Explained Jimin composed as he handed the gun to Stephan.

“How are you going to explain this?!”

“Me? You shot yourself, Cooper, while you were trying to put your gun away. Didn’t have your safety on. Rookie mistake if you ask me.”

“What- I am getting you arrested.”

“No Cooper. I could get YOU arrested. Should I release that tape of you approaching that 15-year-old girl at the brothel?”

“What- How do you-”

“Drive to the hospital.” Taehyung interrupted. “Don’t want to hear from you, see you… nothing. Oh and have your gun back.” Taehyung added as he walked towards the exit with the ends of his black coat moving with the strength of the wind. “Clean this up!” He shouted back at the other two men who quickly moved to take the other man back to his car. He placed his black face mask back into place and left. 

Jimin watched Cooper for a few seconds before he headed towards the exit himself, leaving a bloody stalker behind.



This is how I picture Tae's outfit T.T so beatiful

What I picture Tae wearing


Chapter Text

Jisoo waited while leaning on the car as he smoked calmly. He could spot Taehyung walking in his direction and he offered the cigarette which the other took without any words uttered. Jisoo had been thinking of a possible reason behind Cooper’s actions but he couldn’t come up with anything logical, so he offered his sincere thoughts:

“In my opinion, this bastard came alone. He really wants to win this case.”  

“He hates our guts so… it’s possible.”

“Should kill him tonight.”

“Would look suspicious on our side,” Taehyung muttered as he took another drag.

“I know. Doesn’t stop me from wanting to. He could have blown our whole plan. How did he even get in?”

“The guards saw him… but I decided to let him actually commit the crime in case we ever need proof.”

“Always so smart… no wonder Hoseok is always so infatuated with you.” Jisoo added as he removed the cigarette from Taehyung’s hand for the last drag before he dropping it and putting out with the sole of his shoe.

“That’s over.”

“Oh, since when?”

“Stop preeing. Doesn’t suit your anti-social slash bad boy image.” Taehyung remarked with a fake smile as he turned his attention to the lean figure that approached them.


Upon coming out of the building Jimin headed straight to the back seat with an irritable expression. He seemed like he could snap at any moment but Taehyung knew better. Jimin had always been good at controlling his emotions in public, only to explode later. He would have to be prepared for when the storm, that was his best friend, came.

Taehyung joined Jimin in the back seat, while Jisoo waited patiently for Stephan to get in.

“Take me to the office, please.”

“What- Jimin no. It’s late as fuck. Take us to the mansion. There’s no argument.”

Jimin ran his hand through his hair. The vibration coming from his phone interrupted his brief enraged thoughts. At first, he had decided to ignore it for a few seconds. He then remembered Jungkook and he quickly pulled his phone out. And there it was a message from his new most prized possession.


Jungkook - 2:01 am


I am hoping that by now, you are tucked in bed, wrapped by blankets and super warm.


It made Jimin smile. He smiled so big, it almost made him completely forget what he was angry about.


Jimin - 2:05 am


Not yet but soon I will be. I hope you sleep well.

P.s. Close your mouth, last time I saw your mouth was opened.


Jungkook - 2:07 am


Why are you still awake? Is everything okay?


Jimin - 2:08 am


We will talk about it tomorrow. I promise. Now go to bed!


Jungkook - 2:10 am


Yes, mum. Sleep well xx

P.s. At least, I don’t snore.


Despite all the build-up stress and tension, Jungkook still managed to give him this sense of warmth. Something he hadn’t witnessed ever in his 25 years of living. Not from his family, not from his friends with his friends it was a different type of feeling. The warmth he felt with Jungkook which was quite similar to a feeling of being nervous. It would start in his stomach and it would travel all the way to his cheeks making them warm and it would end on the palms of his hands. His palms would get sweaty around him, they would tickle even if there was nothing touching him. It made him nervous, excited and distracted. He wondered if Jungkook felt the same or if he was just getting ahead of himself. It was his first time having such emotions after all. He knew his lack of experience could get the best of him. However, he wanted to just envelop himself completely in this emotion that felt like ocean water. You never know what’s in it, yet you find yourself wanting to swim further and further. Right now, he couldn’t let this vortex consume him. His life was too complicated if only Jungkook had shown up at another time in his life, where he wasn’t trying to get away from murder charges. The problem was that he hadn’t realised Jungkook had gotten under his skin until he found himself wanting to dress up to please even when the two had barely exchanged a couple of words.


Soon the lights of his mansion became visible and the gates opened, in order to allow the car to enter the property. He, hurriedly, exited the car before any of the security could open the door for him. He began bowing in respect to his workers, the people he trusted with his life. They all smiled and greeted him with excitement. Jimin knew each person, every single one of their names, their family members, he had even helped to pay several tuitions. He was proud of how much he had helped, it made him feel like he wasn’t all that bad.

As he reached the stairs that led him to his door, he spotted his oldest hyung Jin. He held the door open with an impassive expression. His plump lips were closed in a straight line while his eyes had some darkness to them. Jimin knew his night was far from over.

Both of the recently arrived men walked past Jin, who closed the door behind them. Together they walked towards Jimin’s workroom.

Jin sat at the desk as he began lighting up a cigarette and passed the pack of red Marlboro to Jimin, who gladly accepted one. Tae busied himself with serving whiskey and immediately downed some.

“Tomorrow, we have to go ahead with what was planned.” Jin started as he reached for a glass Taehyung had prepared.

“So soon?” The smaller man questioned while contemplating.

“Yes. Currently, everything is getting too risky and dangerous. We need more control.”

“I agree,” Tae spoke for the first time as he faced Jimin.

“You too?”

“Yes, me too. We still need to wipe that fucking bitch that tried to kill you.”

“About that. Any new information on her?” Jin’s question made Jimin also sit up to face Taehyung.

“Well… I have had my eyes on her for months. She is not part of the force anymore.”

“Makes sense. I shot the bitch in her leg twice with that exact purpose.” Jimin admitted proudly as he put out his cigarette angrily.

“I assume no one has been protecting her,” Jin spoke quietly to himself as he placed his hand on his chin pensive. “I think we can finally send someone to finish her.”

“Urgh! I wanted to do it myself to see her face…coward.”

“If you think about it… it was smart of her to wear a mask. We would have chased her to the depths of hell to end her if we could identify her face from the start.” Taehyung concluded with a bitter smirk as he sat on the sofa near the desk.

“None of that matters. We just need her gone. The fact that she is still walking around confidently, it’s what has other people thinking they can cross us. By the end of this week, she needs to be gone Taehyung” Jin spoke with a level of authority that was only seen rarely. When they were talking business. “And Jimin tomorrow morning- I mean in a few hours go to the office. Follow exactly what we planned and by noon we should have half of the city under our control.”

“Yes hyung.” Jimin agreed obediently.


Jimin laid in his bed trying to sleep but he simply couldn’t. He observed Taehyung who was letting out soft snores as he hugged him tightly. It made him relax for a very short period of time. Nevertheless, he had too many thoughts and worries filling his mind. He wanted it to be full of Jungkook but his other problems were ruining what should have been their honeymoon period.

His best friend, Taehyung, had once told him that there was no point in suffering in anticipation. He always remembered that advice because after all, things could work out. If their meeting went as planned, he would be able to lift a weight off his shoulders. It would have to work, they had no other option.


The following morning the sound of the alarm scared Jimin, he stood up frightened and shaken up. Taehyung quickly reached for the Jimin with his towel falling on the process. He caressed him soothingly in slow movements as if he was aware he could scare him more.

“I’m okay, I’m okay. Don’t worry about Tae… thanks.”

Tae smiled and continued getting ready as his naked self, towel dried his hair. Jimin looked at the time and it pointed precisely 7:01 am. He headed for the shower to get ready for the long day that awaited him. When he got out his friend was long gone. His all-black outfit laid out in his bed perfectly ironed. Stephan had always been amazing with housework. Right after buttoning up his black shirt, he messaged Jungkook to wish him a good day at work. He sipped on the black coffee Stephan had prepared for him as he looked out of the window. The day was grey and ugly, it made him more nervous and he didn’t exactly understand why. The car arrived at his door and an expressionless Yoongi sat inside it. Yoongi wouldn’t betray him, he had been honest about why he wanted to work for him. ‘I want to be rich’ his hyung had stated without an ounce of sarcasm and Jimin couldn’t blame him. Yoongi seemed to have had his own struggles and he wanted to put a stop to them. Both his struggles and Jungkook’s. Hearing that couldn’t have made Jimin happier. Taehyung had told him about how Jungkook had run from the cafeteria to cry in a bathroom stall and it had touched Jimin. Of course, when he heard that it was Jungkook who actually kept his family together, it broke his heart as he was only 24 years old. Jungkook’s story had amazed Jimin even before he had a proper conversation with the younger.


“Morning hyung.” Jimin spoke as he got in. Yoongi turned to evaluate Jimin’s tense posture as he sat in the car.

“So… what do we have to do today?” The tsundere in him was stronger so he couldn’t ask what was wrong. At least not yet.

“Today, you watch. Say nothing. Just observe, hyung.”

“Must be important… if it got you this nervous.” Jimin simply continued looking ahead without replying. The Mayor would have to resign today, no matter what. Jin himself had said so.

As they arrived at the Mayor’s office, Jimin couldn’t help the smile that formed in his face. He couldn’t wait to make more money and to bathe in it.

It was Jin’s mother who opened the door, she gave him a knowing look and nodded softly. She was as stunning as always, she had maintained her slender figure and youthful features intact. Jimin understood that the only reason why she remained married to the Mayor was that of the wealthy lifestyle.

“Come in. They are waiting for you in the conference room. I will soon bring you something to munch on.” She announced with a false smile. She was also nervous, Yoongi noted. Something was definitely up and he couldn’t help but wonder why were they there.

“Thank you.” Jimin bowed politely as his expensive shoes loudly crossed the room. Each step felt dangerous but equally exciting. Yoongi was getting more and more curious about what bomb was about to explode.

Inside, sat Jin’s father at the end of the rectangular long table with a cup of coffee and Jin sat on a chair on the right side. They both looked up as Jimin entered the room with Yoongi.

“Sit,” Mayor Kim ordered as he pointed at the chair at the other end of the table. So Jimin did, along with Yoongi who sat by his side and removed all the files Jimin had given him about the Mayor. Last night he had done a detailed analysis of the Mayor’s actions and campaigns. The only thing he could conclude was that the man spent more money than he should whilst the houses and hospitals at Oscuro looked old and grim. Except of course for the rich people’s houses such as the houses of the men inside that same conference room.

“So Jimin… shouldn’t you be concerned about whatever you are being accused of... instead of being here?” The Mayor remarked as he lifted his head to stare at Jimin.

“I am here to negotiate, nothing more.”

“Ah well… the General told me this would happen. You want to expand your bank?”

“That’s right, sir.”

“And that is because you want to go public?”


“There is no ‘we’ anymore. I was going to make a joint deal where we advertise my campaign and the bank together. Everyone in town would join the Park bank and we would be able to work together as one.” He started as he still held Jimin’s gaze.

“That’s right.”

“HOWEVER, the person I wanted to make a deal with is dead… I am not signing a deal with a murder suspect.”

“Actually dad… You shouldn’t sign any deals at all. Ever again.” Jin intervened as he removed the papers that Yoongi had offered him. “I should.”

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, we should go ahead- wait I should go ahead with this deal. It’s a great chance to advertise Oscuro’s bank. Soon people from the outside would want this bank too.”

“What are you saying? Without my signature, you can’t go ahead with this. You need the Mayor and his team to agree with this.” The Mayor argued back in confusion as he stared at his son in disbelief.

“Yeah, dad. I am going to be straightforward. You should resign.”

“What?” The Mayor scoffed as he stood up angrily dropping his chair on the process. “What did you just say to me?”

“I should take control. You are losing credibility, people are thinking of voting for someone else. Your little affair with that woman is costing us a price we can’t afford to pay.”

“What Isobel? I got rid of her! We have nothing to be concerned about.”

“I am not worried. You are the one that paid her off. Everybody knows. Married women aren’t voting for you and of course, married men won’t either because their wives wouldn’t approve. Who does that leave you? I am sure as hell, young adults aren’t voting for you either.” Jin continued with a stoic grimace. He had waited many years for this and Jimin knew. Yoongi however, had his eyes wide open as he didn’t expect Jin to backstab his dad. What shocked him the most was how unbothered Jin seemed by his own words while his father was fuming.

“You want me to give you MY title? Just like that?” His father laughed bitterly as he hit the table in front of Jin with his fist. “You don’t deserve it.”

“I have been working harder than you for the past years.” Jin simply continued sat down as he signed the papers that were about to change their lives. “When was the last time you visited the orphanage? Or the rehabilitation centre?”

“You did! That means you are representing the Kim family! Representing ME!”

“Well, then it shouldn’t be a problem that I keep representing our family as THE MAYOR.” Jin continued as he emphasised his last words with wide eyes.

All Jimin and Yoongi could do were observe how the scene unravelled into an intense argument.

“Jin…” His dad’s voice softened as he covered his mouth and close his eyes in sadness and despair.

“Dad think about this… Honestly whatever happens in your marriage is none of my business. I am only thinking of our future. This title will be taken from you because you lost credibility.” He stated as he picked up the chair so his dad could sit in it. “With me taking your place, our family would still be in control. You would be seen as a man who passed down his legacy… not a man who simply lost his position to someone else after years of reigning. Dad, I will be able to take care of you and Mum.”

After a few seconds in silence, the Mayor nodded slowly and stood up to hug Jin with tears in his eyes. That was when Yoongi and Jimin exchanged knowing glances. They both knew they had won. Jin hugged his dad and as his face was not visible to his old man, the right side of his mouth started raising slowly as his eyes also began to darken. It was a dangerous smirk, the usual innocence that Jin’s smile normally had, completely vanished.

After signing the papers, the Mayor’s eyed Jimin with humourless eyes and not a signal of kindness.

“Your grandfather was a great friend of mine.”

“My grandfather was a great man in general.” Jimin lied. “I had no reasons to kill him. He always gave me everything and more. You are accusing the wrong person.”

Lowering his voice the Mayor continued:

“Don’t involve my son in whatever mess you are in.” He pushed the papers on his chest with a loud thud. The sudden violent action, left Park surprised but not for long. Jimin had always been a petty creature. Yoongi was approaching them but he still didn’t care. He reached for a handshake and he pulled the Mayor closer to only whisper in his ear.

“Naive of you to think he needs my influence.” Jimin smiled and this smile really reached his eyes as they close in small crescents. With that being said he bowed once again and left.

Yoongi didn’t even bother bowing as he left. He didn’t respect the Mayor enough.


He was almost reaching for the car but he heard his name.

“Hey, Yoongi!” Jin called out as he did a mini jog after him.


“I need you to go through all of the accounts from this office. Including my father’s.”

“What am I looking for?” Yoongi asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Anything that shouldn’t be there.”

“Should I get rid of it?”

“No. Keep it, very safe. We never know when we will need to defend ourselves.” He reached for Yoongi’s shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. “Write my dad a resigning speech, a moving one. I know you are good with words. I want him out asap. Anyway, if you need anything, you know what to do.”

“You got it hyung.” He replied quickly and he went inside the car.


Yoongi was overwhelmed, to say the least as they seemed to have complete trust in him. Of course, he had been through the deep research first.  

The times when Jungkook had been absent, he used it to talk to others, especially Hoseok. He had noticed how the other wore clothes that were way to expensive for the amount of money he made at his job. When he questioned him about him, there was an uncertainty to Hoseok’s action. He had told him that if he wanted to be part of this he needed to give all of his details. Yoongi had then understood that this was bigger than he had originally thought. Nonetheless, he was desperate for money and he was tired of seeing the way Jungkook struggled. He was his only family. They still hadn’t trusted his intentions at first but Hoseok vowed for him just like he had done with Jungkook. Jin at the time had warned Hobi that if anything were to happen, it was on him to take care of Yoongi himself.

Ever since then, Yoongi told himself he needed to work hard so Hoseok wouldn’t be in trouble because of both him and Jungkook. Frankly, he loved the job, he got into the car with the mindset that he would get that work done as soon as possible. He would earn himself an important position in the scheme these 5 guys had come up with.

“Hey, I got you an office. You can do all of that boring work there. You will find a laptop and several disposable phones. Goes without saying that they are all controlled.” Jimin turned to Yoongi and when he opened his mouth to speak, his voice was softer. “Once you earn everyone’s trust, then YOU will be the one controlling. Well, you are still in a high position, you can order anyone around.”

“Jimin… thank you for this opportunity. I won’t let you down.” That caught Jimin off guard and it made him smile.

“I trust you. You just need to convince Namjoon and Tae.”

“Why do you trust me?” Yoongi questioned curiously, he probably shouldn’t but he did anyway. If he was going to work with these people for the rest of his life, they needed to know the real him.

“You came from nothing. Normally those are the people that value important things such as loyalty.” He offered a knowing smile.

“Loyalty to you,” Yoongi added.

“Loyalty to Hoseok. And once you start touching this type of money… it isn’t something you just give up.”

“I am also loyal to you. As long as you don’t hurt Jungkook-”
“I would never.” Jimin interrupted abruptly as he faced Yoongi completely. “He is the first man- But before that-” Jimin stuttered nervously as he tried to pick the best words to describe his current feelings. “I respect him a lot… if he didn’t want anything to do with me, I would still protect him and help him in any way.”

“No need to get in your feelings, Park Jimin. Good thing we are on the same page though.”


To say Yoongi was impressed would be an understatement. Of course, in front of Jimin, he had shown no emotion and he simply muttered a ‘thank you’. In reality, he wanted to call Jungkook and yell about how he had his own office. No more cleaning tables, washing cars and getting a misery after working several hours with rude customers. He had a new laptop, a new phone and soon he would be able to buy Jungkook one too. He wouldn’t have to constantly wait for his laptop to work again. Maybe he could even bring the kids to live with them. Offer Junghyun the life of a normal teenager, a part-time job perhaps but he could save that money for himself. Yoongi walked around with no shoes no wanting to get his new red carpet dirty. He thought about what he would have on the empty wooden shelves. Perhaps books to help him understand a business better. He looked around his cream walls and he sat down in front of the brand new wooden desk. He opened what was now his laptop and started setting up an account. Yoongi wanted to get to work as soon as possible.


3 hours later, he had already taken note of several weird activities that had occurred in the Mayor’s office. Yoongi decided to take a sip of water but ended up dribbling a little bit on the sheet of paper that he was looking at.

“Ah shit.” He started dabbing the paper with his sleeve to dry the few drops that had fallen. All of the sudden, at the corner of his eye he spotted the name ‘ Jeon, Mina’. His heart sped up but he decided to ignore it. However, a total of 20.000 dollars had been sent to this account, if he counted the several transactions that had been done. It was probably just a coincidence but he needed to check. Such a big amount would need to be verified anyway. “I am so paranoid,” Yoongi whispered to himself as he checked where it was being sent to. “Girassol.” He read as his eyes widened more and more. “Can’t be.” There were several women with that name. “I am being paranoid.” He repeated like a mantra as he checked the numbers of the account several times and they appeared to be familiar. He had transferred money in several occasions. “Oh fuck Mina! Fuck, fuck, FUCK! Why the fuck did you get 20.000 dollars from the Mayor?”

He reached for his old phone, found Jungkook’s old contact and called him. It rang over and over again but there was no reply. He needed a confirmation that those weren’t her numbers. The soft knock on the door startled him and he pushed the phone inside the drawer of his desk. A Hoseok peeked through the small opening with a bright smile, only Hoseok could deliver but it was soon gone as he approached a pale Yoongi.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing… Just these numbers are driving me crazy.” He lied and by Hoseok’s expression it did not work. He closed the door behind him and faced Yoongi once again with a serious and slightly angry expression.

“Yoongi. If you are hiding any information, you know it will be my head and yours, right?”

“No- Listen, I am sure I am being paranoid. Frankly, I overthink everything.”

“They are waiting for us. We will discuss this after.” Hoseok whispered aggressively as he opened the door and held it open for Yoongi. As Yoongi was passed him, Hobi held his hand with a strong grip. “Lying is not something you do in this business. Repeat that and I will rat you out myself.”

Yoongi angrily pulled his arm away as he walked to Jimin’s office. He knew it was his fault, he should have been truthful but he feared for Mina’s life. Jungkook was not ready to find out his mother was involved with the wrong people. At times like those, he really felt sorry for his dongsaeng.

He entered the office that had Taehyung, Namjoon and Jimin already in it with glasses of champagne. Jimin quickly fetched two other ones that were already prepared and handed to recently arrived tense pair.

“To great successes!” Taehyung yelled he proceeded to lift his glass and everyone joined. Yoongi allowed himself to smile and he lifted his glass.

“Guess you have heard about the new Mayor.” He commented with a smile, completely aware that Hoseok’s gaze always penetrated the side of his face.

“And that bitch should be dead by tomorrow,” Taehyung added and Yoongi choked on his champagne.


“The bitch that almost killed Jimin.”

“I am afraid I am a bit lost-”

“Basically, this woman apparently called Mina Jeon shot Jimin a few months back-”

“You are going to kill her?!” Yoongi yelled perplexed as he almost dropped his glass.

“Yes. She tried to kill one of us. We can’t simply let her run around free. We don’t know if she will try it again.” Namjoon concluded as he sipped. “Are you sure you are cut to be part of this?”

“Jimin hear me out. You cannot kill her.” Yoongi started as he put his glass down on the desk and walked up to Jimin. He needed him to see his eyes and understand the sincerity in them.

“Yoongi… I told you this job would imply fighting back.”

“I think this Mina Jeon is Jungkook’s mother.”

“What the fuck did you just say?!” Taehyung yelled as his eyes opened in surprise.

“You ‘think’?” Namjoon questioned in a way only a lawyer would. “So you are not sure?”

“I am almost sure. The account numbers seem familiar.”

“What account numbers?” Namjoon asked with a protruding chin.

“Right so Jin asked me to look over the bank accounts of the office including the Mayor. I saw the name and I thought I was being paranoid so I checked the location. It was Girassol. The numbers seem familiar but I am not sure.”

“Ask Jungkook.” Taehyung suggested with a click of fingers.

“No, no. He will know something is up.” Jimin quickly intervened as he seemed more panicked than Yoongi. “Ask his brother.”

“‘Cause that is less suspicious.” Taehyung mouthed off.

“No. It’s a good idea. I used to send her money to help at the house. I can just say it’s for that.”

Yoongi wasted no time and he called Junghyun, who answered almost immediately. Hobi went and collected the paper with the account number.

“So it’s 689-” Junghyun started dictating. They all stood nervously around the sheet of paper that Hobi held but the numbers did not match. He hung up the phone.

They all seemed to exhale in relief except Yoongi. He continued staring at the numbers with a thoughtful look.

“What’s wrong?” Namjoon interrupted his thoughts as he analysed Yoongi’s expression.

“This isn’t the number she normally gave me. This number doesn’t come to my mind.”

“You are telling me… she has another account?” Yoongi simply nodded as he called his dongsaeng once again.

“Hey sorry but this isn’t the number she would normally give me.”

“Ah! Do you want the other one hyung? I can find it but she said she got rid of the account.”

“Really? Why is that?”

“She said the government wasn’t taking any more unnecessary money from her normal account so she wouldn’t need the backup anymore.”

“Is that so?”

“Oh, I found it! 68554-” Every single number he dictated matched the number written on the paper. The room became silent as Yoongi removed it off speaker mode.

“Thanks a lot. I will just send it to you though. Since you say her account might not be opened.”

As soon as the call ended, Jimin grabbed Yoongi by his shirt and his panicked eyes began filling themselves with tears. Yoongi was caught off guard so he just faced Jimin with a shocked expression. “You didn’t kill her… why are you-”

“I shot her in her leg!!!”

“As defence, Jimin!” Hoseok interrupted as he attempted to take Jimin’s hands off his frightened hyung. Jimin was stronger than he looked so Namjoon had to also pull on his arms off the innocent hyung.

“Yes, but he aimed to leave her impaired. Not simply as defence but with vengefulness.” Taehyung finally spoke up rather quietly as to explain his best friend’s feelings.

“You have to tell Jungkook.” Yoongi simply ordered with cold eyes and a hard expression.

Chapter Text

Swallowing the freshly made salad had become a hard task. It felt like eating dry bread after spending hours without drinking water. Also, Jimin’s stomach felt as if it was full even though he had only had breakfast.

He reached for the drawer where he removed the pack of cigarettes and his shaky fingers removed one. He looked out of his window and took in how dark the day was. In this town, he felt that it was impossible to find true happiness. He couldn’t stomach the fact that the mother of his lover had tried to kill him. More importantly, he couldn’t stomach the fact that he could have actually killed her. Jimin closed his eyes in distress, as he ran his free hand through his neck roughly leaving furious, red marks.

“What now?” Yoongi questioned as he chewed slowly but his eyes still had traces of animosity.

“Hyung… please not now.” Jimin silenced him by lifting his right hand slightly. His index finger and middle finger still balanced the cigarette, that burned slowly.

“Yes now. Jimin… you have to tell him.”

“I wasn’t planning on hiding anything. Don’t worry.”

“You can just tell him it was to defend yourself-” Yoongi started as he put down his salad and he faced Jimin from the other side of the desk. “Don’t tell him, you wanted to leave her impaired. Say you shot her in the leg by mistake.”

Jimin stared at his hyung as he considered the option. His head started hurting again so he decided to change the subject.

“How did you meet… Jungkook?”

His hyung sat back and he pulled out his own pack of cigarettes. After a few attempts, he managed to light it up. Yoongi lifted his head and a glass of whiskey was already waiting for him. Jimin drank his, in one go and he poured himself some more.


“We are drinking during work..?” The older asked confused as he reached for the glass. He understood the champagne but whiskey seemed to be in every room and others seemed to drink it on random occasions. It wasn't an action he was used to seeing during work hours.

“When you are the boss… you work 24/7. That would mean I would never drink.” Jimin simply answered with a quick, fake smile as he lifted the cup. Yoongi followed him and he always lifted his and he downed it right after.

“I met him after I stole from his mother… I don’t exactly remember how old we were but- I was hungry you know… I saw her walking with Jungkook, and they had stopped to buy some ice-cream. She took out her wallet and in that same second I made a run for it and I snatched it.” Yoongi smiled as he shook his head and he blew out some smoke. “What I didn’t know, was that her son would be an athlete. Or at least he ran like one. He caught me in some alleyway, I was scared as shit. He was already way broader than me. I hadn’t eaten in a few days. When I got food it didn’t last that long so like I was so thin.” He laughed bitterly as he swallowed the big lump. Jimin watched him with wide eyes as he took in every single word with a heavy heart. “Jungkook first yelled ‘give it back you homeless piece of shit’ but then his mum was right behind us and she slapped his head.” Yoongi nodded in acknowledgement and his smile grew slowly. “She told him off so badly. Talking about how privileged he was and that he shouldn’t take it for granted. Ah, she was great…”

“Doesn’t sound like a person who would be a hitter,” Jimin added after sipping on his whiskey, bitterly.

“Ah… hmmm.” His hyung’s face scrunched up in a frown that showed disagreement. “She always had pretty- How do I put this? Strong views about law enforcement. Always thought the law was right and that we should all follow the law.”

“Where are you getting at?” Jimin sat up as he got closer to the table. Yoongi didn’t ask himself if this was the right thing to do. He just felt that it was. He would have to deal with Jungkook’s anger later.

“I am telling you, she always thought the law was right. She couldn’t have been working alone.”

“You think… she’s a hitter from the government?” The confusion covered his soft youthful features.

“No, Jimin, I don’t. If she was working with the government, the money wouldn’t have come from the Mayor. What I do think is that they might have persuaded her using that fact.”

“Yoongi hyung, just fucking get to it. I need to know what this bitch is up to before Jin hyung decides to intervene.”

“I think they must have told her that you were dangerous and this was for the law or something.

“Oh really?” Namjoon questioned entering the room with Taehyung by his side. Jimin’s eyes opened wide but he quickly tried to control his panicked expression as he turned to face his window.

“Y-yes, she has been off the tracks recently but she wouldn’t attack anyone randomly.” He stuttered as he tried to evaluate the situation.

“Sounds like you are telling me she is dangerous. I am sure she has many contacts as well. She can send any of those motherfuckers to harm any of us.” Namjoon concluded as he approached Yoongi and maintained eye contact. “Is that what you are telling me?”

“No! I am saying she didn’t work alone so we need to know who even sent her, to begin with. To do that, we need to ask her and get information out of her. Not kill her.”

“She’s dangerous, Jimin,” Namjoon stated as he turned to face Jimin’s back. “If Jin hyung finds out, she is dead meat.”

“Plus we do know who sent her. The fucking Mayor along with all those perverted old men.” Taehyung added quietly.

“First, I need to talk to Jungkook about all of this. Then, I will make a decision.” They heard Jimin speak out with a small voice. His hand caressed his chin as he seemed to be deep in thought. His eyes were open but he wasn’t focused on anything.

“Have it your way. You have a few days to solve this. The last thing I need is this woman to ruin everything.” Namjoon warned and he headed towards the door but before he could, Jimin added:

“If she touches a single strand of anyone’s head… I will end her myself.”

“That’s where you are wrong. I will not even allow her to get that close.” Yoongi interrupted bravely as he was aware he still needed to gain their trust. He also didn’t want Jungkook to lose both of his parents. “I will make sure to find out any information.”


“I know Namjoon. If anything goes wrong, it’s my head.” He completed before anyone did. Namjoon nodded softly in contrast with his previous words and he left the room.


Once everyone vacated the room, Jimin looked at his phone for almost an hour. Paced back and forth in his office. His hair was sticking up in different directions from running his hand so often. His blazer was completely disregarded on the side, and his black shirt was undone. The more he thought about lying to Jungkook, the hotter the office got. He struggled to breathe as he knew he would have to address the issue that same night. While he walked slowly from his desk to the door, from the door to the window, he practised how he would talk to Jungkook. Currently, he was even struggling just to record a message asking him out. He also stressed about where he should tell them the news. In his house would be a bad idea. Jungkook would want to go and drive. That made Jimin worry in advance, as he was sure his lover would drive angrily and that would be dangerous. He ended up deciding that Jungkook’s house would be the best place. Jungkook could go up to his bedroom and sleep the anger away. In the next day, maybe things would be better. He grabbed the phone and recorded a voice message:

‘Hey, it’s me… can I come over tonight? Miss you.’

He replayed the sent voice message several times, and even to himself, he sounded nervous and fearful.

Soon, he heard the door being knocked on and Stephan called out:

“Sir, it’s time.”

“Sure, come in,” Jimin spoke quickly as he breathed out. Stephan walked in two seconds after, with dark clothes in a hanger and a serious expression. He bowed and Jimin stood up with a bitter expression. He moved to the centre of the room while Stephan closed all the curtains. The office was slightly darker so he turned on the light of the desk to brighten the space. Jimin observed Stephan as he took the clothes out of the plastic cover and then off the hanger. He closed Park’s shirt again like he had done in the morning but this time a long black coat covered the shirt. He had also prepared the gloves his grandfather had given him when he turned 15. He didn’t like them. He wanted a video game like all of the other kids on television had. Instead, he was taken to play golf, where no one was below 40.


“Just a few hours. You can even get them off at the car. After the service of course.” Stephan added with a knowing smile, his blue eyes glistening. He knew how much Jimin hated the gloves.

“Yeah, yeah… Anyway, pick me up today after 9 or 10 at Jungkook’s house. And uh- you know, tell the others that they don’t need to come around tonight.”


“Tell them specifically not to. Say I won’t be home.”

“So where I am supposed to take you… After Jungkook’s house?” Stephan asked confused as he finished the last touches on his knees.

“Home. Where else?”

“B- but you just said you won’t be home.” He stopped fixing the coat as he looked up to see his boss’s expression with concerned eyes.

“Take the rest of the day off… After you leave me at home.” Jimin said and Stephan knew that meant that the conversation was over. He began putting his gloves on and he headed for the door that was held open.


Needless to say that Jimin didn’t want to go to this ceremony. It all seemed fake, everyone there was probably going to display fake concern or judge him quietly. Weirdly, it brought a wave of sadness that he refused to acknowledge. The day seemed to stretch more and more.

The other cars seemed to already be there, including the one with his grandfather in it. Jimin stood near the car with an expression of disbelief. This had become too real.

“Ready?” Taehyung asked with a soft expression, he held Jimin’s arm tightly while he led him towards their car. Jimin couldn’t open his mouth to say that he was ready, so he just nodded. He was scared that if he said anything, the whole world would collapse. So far, he had been ignoring the fact that the funeral was today, even though it was always in the back of his mind. How could he forget?

As they arrived at the cemetery, he could already see the people there but he was searching for one person.

“Where is he?” He heard himself question with a small voice.

“Hoseok said he is at the entrance along with two other cops.”

“Shouldn’t Hoseok be more careful?”

“I am sure you have nothing to worry about. He could have done through his car.”

“Ok, if you say so.”

“Jimin, listen… just focus on yourself today. Be selfish. If you don’t want to tell Jungkook today, don’t. If you want to spend the day in bed tomorrow… do it.” Taehyung talked and finished without allowing the air in his lungs out, it seemed like he had run a marathon. Jimin guessed he had been wanting to say that for a long time.

“I am fine. Let’s get this over with.” Before his best friend could speak again, he got out of the car with a serious expression. He headed for his grandfather’s car and Taehyung followed right after him.

Once, he reached the car, he couldn’t help but to just stand there looking at the wooden coffin. His eyes opened wide as he stared at it.

“Hi, son.” He heard his father say as he stood on the other side of the car. His father looked the same except that his body looked more built and his nose seemed like it had been broken.

“Father,” Jimin simply said as Taehyung positioned himself behind Jimin.

There would be six men carrying the coffin, Jimin and his father at the front, one on each side; Taehyung would be right behind Jimin and on the other side would be Jin’s father; Jin would be behind Taehyung and by his side would be Kang. Jimin initially wanted to protest but Hoseok quickly reminded him that no one knew about the what was happening behind the scenes.

They soon began walking as they carried the coffin. The air was thick with tension and unspoken words. Jimin thought of all possible ways he could end Kang, several ways he wanted to end Kang. He tried to deviate his thoughts from the violence that he felt inside of him. He could hear the noise his father’s shoes made. He had been released, only to attend the funeral and then he was to come back. Jimin knew he wouldn’t stay long there, his sentence was almost done, plus the good behaviour had helped him. Here he was, carrying his dead father’s coffin. The father, he probably killed himself. He wanted this funeral to be over but it had just started.


The day was cold as expected. October had just started but it felt like January. Oscuro was known for the lack of sun and heat. Jimin always thought that that was the reason why people were so sad and bitter here. At least he would like to think that was one of the reasons, he was. Now, he knew better. Living in Oscuro meant, that your grandfather sold young people for money. Living in Oscuro meant that your father was an abusive cunt. Living in Oscuro meant that a young man would shoot his boyfriend’s mother, without even knowing. At the end of the day, Jimin would have nothing. He wouldn’t have his sick grandfather, nor his violent father and most definitely not his pure, innocent and kind boyfriend. If he couldn’t even have those horrible people, why would he have someone as good as Jungkook? He was delusional to think so. It was only a matter of time until Taehyung moved in with his boyfriend. He wouldn’t be able to cuddle him when he cried or simply got lonely. Jimin was alone, just like when he was a kid. He only realised he was crying when they were asked to put down the coffin and, Taehyung stared at him in shock. He quickly wiped the tears as if everyone hadn’t just seen them. His father almost sported a smile looking at him, but his eyes also seemed confused. He didn’t know his son well but he did know, he hated his grandfather and his father for that matter.

The priest soon started talking and everyone stood in silence with their heads slightly down as a sign of respect. Jimin felt an arm around him and he didn’t need to turn around to see that it was Taehyung. He felt embarrassed because his tears just wouldn’t stop falling. A few people seemed confused but no one was more confused than he was. He looked up and he saw that Jungkook watched him with sad eyes and, it made him cry even harder. As if it was a reminder, that he was going to lose him too. His sobs became too audible to the point where everyone watched him with pity as he constantly attempted to clean the tears. Taehyung hugged him and Jin handed him a handkerchief while they exchanged concerned looks. His father managed to say a few words which Jimin barely managed to hear because his head was drowned in depressing thoughts. He had been avoiding those but they had, of course, came back to haunt him. Of course, Jungkook had been right. He loved his grandfather somehow, even when he didn’t want to.

Once the funeral was finished, Taehyung immediately started taking a disturbed Jimin to the car but was stopped by his father.

“Hey, hey, wait!” He called out as he jogged slightly to reach them. “Are you okay? Aren’t you going to say goodbye to me?”

“What?” Jimin questioned with his confused swollen eyes and red face.

“Aren’t you going to hug me or something? Clearly, if anything, this has shown us that family matters. One day you are here, the next day you aren’t. We have to watch each other’s backs-”

“If it matters so much… How come you let an old man touch me?!” Jimin yelled angrily as he walked towards his dad with murderous eyes.

“Ssh Jimin, this isn’t the time. Let’s go.” Taehyung warned as he noticed people were stopping in their tracks to look at the show. Jungkook and Hoseok both stopped as they both feared what could happen. Jimin’s father stared at him with big, wide eyes filled with unspoken emotions.

“Why can’t you just let it go?” He finally spoke as he still faced his son.

“I thought I had,” Jimin whispered , his voice so small, he wasn’t sure anyone even heard, again. He didn’t spare his father another glance as he just walked to the car where Stephan waited with worried eyes, even though he had tried to mask it. Park looked to the side searching for Jungkook, he wanted to see his loving eyes for one last time before he started hating him, again. And there he was, with his right hand at the top of the car and his left hand holding the car door as he observed Jimin with semi-closed eyes. Jimin knew well his eyes weren’t working as they should be so he was probably trying to see Jimin. His almost black hair was parted on the side as usual but they were messily in the air as the wind made contact with them. Jungkook’s eyes finally focused on Jimin. They were slightly far, yet Jimin could feel the intensity which he struggled to return. He had failed Jungkook. He got into the car and left a confused first love behind.


Once the car arrived at the mansion, Namjoon waited near his expensive, black car. Jimin could feel Taehyung’s excitement even when he attempted to hide it. He was happy that Taehyung had someone to pull him out of this depressive day. His best friend was almost out of the window. His perfect eyes opened slightly and a small smile formed in his mouth. Both of them got out of the car and his friend ran to his lover’s arms, who waited with open arms. Jimin followed right after and received a warm hug from his friend.

“Tonight, we should all cuddle in bed and watch a romantic, soppy film,” Tae suggested with a pout.

“Actually guys… You can go home and rest. Enjoy each other for a bit.” Jimin quickly intervened with a small smile.

“What- What are you saying? This has been a tough day for you. You want to be alone?”

“Jimin, I have to agree with Tae on this one. You are just going to overthink things and end up hurt.” Namjoon added as he caressed Jimin’s shoulder with tenderness.

“I just need to talk to Jungkook.”

“Another bad idea. That’s a problem for another day.”

“No- listen.” He added calmly with both of his hands in front of his best friend’s chest as a way to tell him to calm down. “I want to get this out of my chest. I feel like I am lying to him every second that goes by.”


“And I understand what you are saying. I really do. I just want all the pain to come at once.” He explained softly and Namjoon nodded in understanding. Namjoon and Jimin had always understood each other because they had similar personalities. Times like this was when he was truly thankful for having such an amazing friend and role model. ”If I stayed home… I would think about it anyway.”

Jimin held each side of Taehyung’s shoulders and he spoke again:

“I have to tell him. I need to tell him.”

Tae nodded with teary eyes and he hugged Jimin tightly, he didn’t want to let go.

“Call me… even if it’s just to- Call me.” They separated and Taehyung maintained eye contact as he was dragged to his boyfriend’s car. “If by the end of the day I don’t hear from you, I am coming over.” Both Jimin and Namjoon smiled at each other and shared a knowing look. Taehyung really loved Jimin and that felt good. It made him realise that maybe he was having irrational thoughts about Taehyung leaving him at some point.


Jimin let out a big sigh as he waited for Stephan to exchange cars. He was sure general Kang wasn’t only watching him but also Jungkook. That fact only made him realize that he was an idiot for believing they could ever have a normal relationship. They couldn’t even hold hands without looking over their shoulder. Of course, as a gay couple, it would already be hard in such a small town but it seemed like other problems kept piling up.

He looked out the window to take in how the darkness of the night now came earlier. He liked it. He had always loved autumn, especially during sad days. He would often dream of being in love during a cold season. He felt that that was what was missing from his life. Maybe that would always be missing from his life. He wasn't one to fall in love with Jungkook in the picture he had considered it. However, everything had changed. 

Stephan dropped him off slightly further away from the house. He placed his gun safely in his pocket and he wished Stephan a good day off. He could call a taxi to return home.

As he reached the house, his mind was clear of thoughts. He made sure to think of anything except what he was about to do. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to do it and he needed to. He knocked on the door as he looked around searching for anyone who could jeopardise everything.

A Jungkook with a sad smile opened the door:

“Come in, hurry.” He said cutely. He looked cosy with an oversized, knitted, dark blue jumper and black jeans. He had on comfortable slippers and he had another pair in his hand. They were baby chick slippers. It inevitably made Jimin smile and then it made him sadder.

“You don’t like it?” Jungkook asked with his face falling immediately.

“I love them…”

“What’s wrong? Come to the bedroom.”

“No… let’s talk in the kitchen.”

“You are scaring me, Jimin.” Jungkook uttered but he still held Jimin’s cold hand and took him to the kitchen where he started preparing tea. Jimin opened his mouth several times but the words wouldn’t come out. A stray tear fell and he wiped it in a heartbeat before Jungkook could turn around.

“I uh- I really wish we had met in another lifetime or later in life.”

“Are you breaking up with me?”

“No… I am sure you will.” Jimin whispered almost inaudibly. “Today, we were at the office and we discovered something.”

“Are you sick?”

“Yoongi hyung was scanning over the money that went in and out when Jin’s father was in control.” Jimin continued as he teared up and continued to clean them embarrassed. Jungkook sat on a chair in front of Jimin’s and held his hands. The older didn’t want to face him so he removed his hands and he stood and leaned against the counter. Jungkook kept looking straight forward in disbelief towards the rejection he had just faced. “He saw your mum’s name… She got money from the Mayor on several occasions… We are 99.9% sure, she was the hitter that tried to take me down.”

After what seemed like hours, Jungkook reacted. 

“What?!” Jungkook yelled as he stood up to face Jimin. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“We verified, it was her bank account.”

“My mum? A hitter? She was the strictest cop I know.”

“I- I shot the hitter on her leg when she tried to kill me.” Jimin waited for a response but Jungkook just stared at him with wide eyes and no response. “I didn’t want to lie to you. We found out today. So I rushed here to tell you all about it.”

“What are you saying?” Jungkook spoke dangerously low and he gave one step forward. Jimin’s tears wouldn’t stop falling and at that point, he had stopped trying to clean them.

“I shot her twice… Not as self-defence but to harm her.” He observed as the maknae hard eyes looked murderous, in contrast, with the loving look they had before. “She- she was wearing a mask I had no idea. I am so sorry. E- even if she didn’t have a mask… I didn’t know you back then.”

“Have you been hiding this for me?! For how long?!” Jungkook yelled as he walked over to his hyung menacingly. He was so close he could now feel his hot breath near his face. “Answer me!”

“I found out today, I swear!”

“She started drinking more after that,” Jungkook said with a lower voice and his tears finally fell. “You motherfucker.”

“I am so sorry. Tell me what I can do, please.” Jungkook stared back with anger that Jimin knew well was to conceal the pain. “This was the last thing, I wanted to do. I never wanted to hurt you.”

Jimin’s gaze became too strong for Jungkook to handle, so he sat back down, regretting how he approached Jimin already.

“Jungkook… you have to believe me.” When his lover didn’t reply, Jimin decided that he wanted to say everything before Jungkook sent him away. He was sure he would. “I don’t know when I started caring this much about you but I do. I just- I want to see you happy. Your happiness is my happiness but somehow your pain became mine too. I don’t know how to make this better.” Jimin cried in silence while he watched Jungkook’s stiff back. The lack of reaction on Kook’s behalf scared him but deep down he knew this was going to happen.

“I need you to leave.” Jungkook said with a shaky voice as he ran his hands through his soft, dark locks in distress. Jimin simply nodded as if Jungkook could see him, his were eyes swollen from the constant tears as he headed for the door. Before leaving the kitchen, he looked at how torn Jungkook looked with his eyes closed, his hands on both sides of his head, and the redness of his face gave away that at least a few tears had escaped his eyes.

“I am so, so, so sorry.” When Jungkook doesn’t move, he makes his way to the door with his head hanging low. When Jimin was about to turn open the door, Jungkook pulled on his elbow to make him turn around. He faced a tear-streaked Jungkook, who no longer had anger present in his features.

“I am sorry about what happened to your grandfather. Hold on strong.” Jungkook slowly leaned closer and he kissed Jimin forehead slowly and softly. Jimin closed his eyes and allowed himself to cry a bit more before Jungkook simply turned around and headed upstairs.

Jimin left shortly after with a lighter, free of guilt heart but he still felt broken. He had lost his first love. 

Chapter Text

Going straight to his bedroom to process the new information, Jungkook just couldn’t digest it. He sat on the corner of his bed as he stared at candles that he had lit for Jimin. He should have known better than to get involved with someone who is being investigated for first-degree murder. The night wind was unforgiving and somehow Jungkook could understand why. It blew away the fire of the candles leaving him in the dark. His mother wasn’t a contracted shooter. She had a family and she wouldn’t risk her life knowing how they depended on her. Jimin was a liar and nothing else. He wiped his tears angrily with the back of his hand and decided that it wasn’t worth crying over someone he barely knew. Jimin was just a stranger he had a crush on. There was a chance he only felt that way because of the thrill of being with a criminal. That was most likely the reason. His heart was beating so fast and it was as if whatever was happening was not reality. It seemed like a nightmare. Jungkook placed his right palm over his chest as if it would calm the pain. It didn’t. 


In the morning his alarm rang angrily, startling him out of his sleep. He tried to reach the side table to put an end to the horrible sound. When he found nothing, he finally lifted the dark blue covers off his face and upper body and opened his eyes. Right! He had forgotten that he never moved to the right place on the bed. He slept in that same corner, somehow during the night he managed to lay down and cover himself, but he was laying upside down. His head on the foot of the bed and his feet on the pillow. He sighed while rubbing his eyes softly. He finally decided to get up upon remembering that the alarm was still ringing. He went to the bathroom and started taking a shower not caring about the cold temperature of the water. 

Today his body felt heavy, Jungkook didn’t want to do anything. He wanted to call in sick, but he needed the money. 

Every time he tried not to think about Jimin, it all led to him. He had given him such a huge amount of money. What did this all mean and how was he going to pay for all of it? One thing he knew, or he thought he knew about Jimin was: he was kind. There was a chance he would be allowed to pay for it monthly. 


“Jungkook-ah! Hurry! You will be late!” Yoongi called out from outside. “Jungkook-ah!”  

“Yes yes yes!! I heard you the first time!” He replied angrily as he wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked past his hyung, ignoring his presence as he got dressed. Yoongi leaned on his wall as he stared at the maknae’s face, waiting patiently.  

“When are you going to yell at me?”  

“Well, not now. As you know I'm late.”  

“Listen… I didn’t tell you because I knew Jimin wanted to do it himself-” Yoongi started but Jungkook was not ready to address what he had learned yesterday.  

“Hyung… I understand. I am not- I don’t want to talk about this.”  

“I heard your argument yesterday. I am sorry…”  

“Well not everyone can find their partner as fast as you and Hobi hyung found each other.” He attempted to smile as he stuffed his workout clothes inside the gym bag.  

“We are not partners… I don’t think he is into me as much as I am into him so…” Yoongi murmured sadly and just like Jungkook he tried to smile but gave up when the maknae stared at him in surprise.  

“What are you talking about… what happened?”  

“I also don’t want to talk about it,” Yoongi remarked with a genuine smile this time. He cleared his throat and after taking a deep breath, he decided to speak up. "Kook… You should call your mum.” 

“For what?” Jungkook decided to feign bewilderment.  

“If she is truly involved in this, it can be dangerous!”  

“She is NOT involved in this,” Jungkook remarked, staring back at his hyung. Yoongi chuckled in disbelief until he finally broke eye contact. 

“I know you don’t believe the words that are coming out of your mouth.”  

“Uh no… I really do, hyung.” 

“Then if you do, why don’t you give her a call and talk to her about it? If you are so sure-”  

“You know WHO is involved in shady shit? YOU and that lying...” His words trailed off and he couldn’t allow himself to finish his sentence as he ran both of his hands through his wet hair. 

“Have a nice day at work.” His hyung spoke and left for his job, leaving an aggravated Jungkook staring at the door. The front door at the bottom of the stairs closed with a loud bang.  

Shortly after, his phone began to ring and he knew it would be Hoseok talking his ear off about being late. He finished packing, brushed his teeth and headed out. His hyung was already waiting outside inside his car with dark sunglasses. Jungkook opened the door with a heavy sigh and threw the bag in the back. Once he was sat at the front, he was excited to work out all morning and let out his anger.  

“Change of plans. We can’t go to training today.” Hoseok announced with a serious voice and Jungkook knew not to make any jokes. Not that he was in the mood for them anyway.  

“What now?”  

“We have to interrogate Jimin’s father,” Jungkook’s turned to face Hoseok at the speed of light. Before he could speak, Hoseok continued. “Kang decided that he might be involved with the murder. Like an inside job.” 

“Kang probably did it himself.” Jungkook murmured to himself nervously. For some reason, he was beyond apprehensive.  

“What did I tell you about leaving the house with wet hair during winter?” Hoseok scolded while looking ahead to focus on the road.  

“I didn’t have time to dry it. Plus, it’s not winter yet… It sure feels like it though. You are not totally wrong.” 



The drive didn’t feel long. Jungkook had lost track of time as he looked out of the window. Hoseok also seemed to be in a terrible headspace because he also didn’t open his mouth to utter a single word. That was rare. Jungkook figured maybe it was related to Yoongi or just the entire situation they were in.  

As soon as they arrived Jungkook could almost touch the negativity in the air. It did not only from the prisoners but also from the guards. He knew better than to believe that all guards were good people. He dared to even argue that some were as bad as the men they had locked up. Guys like Kang were a great example of that.  

As they arrived the guard checked both of their documents and he lifted the bar that allowed them to go towards the gates that would allow them in. Jungkook lightly dabbed his face with the back of his hand, even though there were no traces of sweat, the nerves were getting the best of him.  

They drove to the private parking lot that was empty except for a Mercedes AMG GLC 43 SUV, where Hoseok finally turned off the engine. For some reason, the maknae wished the drive had been longer.  

“Ready?” Hoseok questioned as he turned to face Jungkook with furrowed eyebrows. His hyung was also concerned. Jungkook simply nodded as he didn’t trust his voice as he wiped the sweat that had gathered in his hands on his pants. He finally opened the door and the cold air hit him. 

Once inside the facilities, the guard was already waiting to take them to the private room where they would question Jimin’s father. Hoseok had left his nervousness inside the car and there were no traces of emotion on his face. These were the times when Jungkook could see his years of experience in the field. The maknae wanted to be like him but he was awfully aware of his surroundings. He observed the yellow walls of the narrow corridor with anxious eyes. The fact that he didn’t know what was expecting him frightened him. Jungkook could feel the tingles inside his stomach and the noise of their rubber boots against the floor made him extra aware. He caressed the card that was handed to him at the entrance as he attempted to swallow the lump that had developed on the way. Soon they had arrived at the door, which was opened by the guard, but he did not move to enter. Hoseok bowed briefly in respect and entered the room and Jungkook copied his hyung’s actions.  

The room was exactly what he was expecting: empty, dark and intimidating. What he didn’t expect was for Park to already be sitting there playing with his handcuffs with his lawyer by his side. Jimin’s father was sat on a plastic chair in front of a black table, on the other side of the table there were two other more expensive plastic chairs. Hoseok immediately took his seat on the one on the right whilst Jungkook took the one on the left. The maknae didn’t expect it to be only them in the room, he wasn’t sure if that was a good or a bad thing.  

“Detectives! What took you so long?” Park questioned as he lifted his head and he smiled. Jungkook didn’t know how to feel about the fact that this man was so like Jimin. They both had that fake smile.  

“Good morning Mr Park. We got here as soon as we heard. Hope you don’t mind but we need to ask you a few questions” Hoseok said with a small smile that did not reach his eyes.  

“Do I have a choice?”  

“My client will only answer what he wishes to answer, and any accusations will not be taken lightly. Are we clear?” The blond woman spoke without a single hint of emotion.  

“Well... we all know the law otherwise we wouldn’t be sitting here. Are WE clear?” Hoseok repeated with a sarcastic smile. That startled Jungkook, he had never seen his hyung speak like that. Once he redirected his gaze, he found Jimin’s father staring at him until he spoke:  

“What’s your name, young boy?” Park questioned with a curious glint in his dark eyes.  

“Mr Park, you know your father was murdered?” He heard himself ask and he sat back in his chair waiting for an answer. Jungkook came here to do his job and he would continue to do so.  

“I do indeed. I think my ex-wife and son might be involved with it all.” Park says as he turned to look at Hoseok as if to catch his reaction. Jungkook understood then, that Jimin’s father might know more about Jimin’s friends than he thought.  

“Jungkook take notes please... this might be key information.” His hyung added but the maknae knew him too well. Hoseok didn’t take the man seriously. Jungkook played along and removed the sheet from his bag to follow protocol.  

“Are you by any chance Mina’s son?” At that question, Jungkook stopped in his tracks. How could this criminal know his mother? He decided not to let his confusion get the best of him and he continued to organise the papers on top of the table.  

“Why are you accusing your ex-wife and son of such a hideous crime?” Hoseok continued the questioning as if he hadn’t heard the question.  

“Jimin now owns everything AND now that woman has my children and a food stall that she calls a café.” Jungkook was beginning to wonder when Park’s anger was going to come out and it finally had.  

“Yes... and you have been arrested with charges of domestic violence. You seem to have a violent history.” Jungkook shrugged his shoulders while he spoke. He was angry at this man and he didn’t exactly know why.  

“Want to talk about violence? I pleaded guilty and admitted my faults. Your mum is still roaming around after trying to KILL my son.” Park smiled sarcastically and added “Allegedly.”  

Both the lawyer and Hoseok tensed up as everyone was short of words. Jungkook was surprised but he kept his stare fixated on the man in front of him, he wanted to punch him, he had never felt such anger. 

“You got proof?” Jungkook asked while he rested his arms on top of the table, as his face got closer to Jimin’s father.  

“Jungkook-” Hoseok tried to intervene but was quickly cut off by Jimin’s father.  

“You seem slightly surprised.”  

“No surprise.”  

“Oh- so you and your mother talked about the fact that she tried to coldly murder my son?”  

“Do you have any sort of evidence?” Jungkook repeated the question.  

“This has nothing to do with why we are here! I want to know whether you know anything about your father’s death Mr Park, that’s all.”  

“I do not, no. I pray every day that the responsible gets caught.”  

“Enough questions. Your time is up.” The woman announced as she eyed Jungkook with a sly smile. As if she had won something. It made him angry, but he just focused on packing his belongings.  

“Sorry detective Jungkook. I didn’t mean to upset you.” Park laughed dangerously. “Look after her!” 

Hoseok and Jungkook simply exited the room and began walking towards the car. The animosity inside of the maknae only began to grow. He started marching faster as Hoseok took his time, not rushing to get to the car. As they finally sat inside the car, there were no words exchanged for a while. Jungkook’s head was starting to hurt as he rubbed his temples in distress. Was that whole family made up with liars?  

“Hear me out. That was unprofessional as fuck. It will NOT happen again.” His hyung broke the silence with a strenuous voice.  

“How could he say that about my mum? How did he even know who I was? Did he threaten me?”  

“How could he say what? The truth? First, you need to stop being in denial.” Jungkook looked at Hoseok with quizzical expression but his hyung only stared ahead focusing on the road.  


“Hear me out Kookie. This is not a game. He said, ‘look after her’, which means your mother is more likely being searched by other people. Not just us.”  

“My mother is not a criminal.”  

“Have you talked to her?”  

“No, but-”  

“Then please stop talking if you are just going to deny what’s in front of you. If you are so sure it isn’t her, why haven’t you called?” Hoseok finally looked Jungkook in the eyes and turned to the road again. “I will drive to the station, but I will give you my car keys. I have a bad feeling.”  

Jungkook took a deep breath as he looked ahead. At first, he was angry that his hyung had been so harsh. However, what if? He doubted his alcoholic mother was out in the streets shooting millionaires spoiled kids. He couldn’t help thinking perhaps he didn’t know his mother as well as he thought. Jungkook feared what he would find out. He hadn’t even noticed they had arrived because he was so deep in his thoughts. Hoseok turned to him and held his hand: 

“I will tell Kang you went to check on some information. Even though, I can weirdly sense that he already knows what happened with Jimin’s father.”  

“How so?”  

“Jungkook... that woman’s face is not unfamiliar.”  

“What? Hyung...”  

“I need to go. Talk to your mother, have some courage. Good luck and I will be here if you need me.”  

“How will you get home?”  

“I am wearing Channel. I can get home.” With that said he went inside the station without looking back.  

The maknae took a deep breath and started speeding down the road, he had to talk to Jimin and ask him how the hell did they get all this information. He decided to drive to their workplace. As he drove, he couldn’t help to look at all the people who walked peacefully. Some probably just trying to get to their jobs, others probably going to get lunch as it was almost 1 pm. He wondered if any of them were going through similar fucked up situations like his. Why him? Jungkook decided to reach for the radio and turn on the music. He needed to bury his own thoughts. Had he been wrong about his own mother this entire time? He hated that he had to start considering what was the reason behind her actions. Why would Jeon Mina try to shoot Park Jimin?  

The mansion finally came into view, as dark as always with that powerful aura surrounding it. Every time he was near it, he couldn’t help wondering what else was happening within those walls. Jungkook entered and bowed to the receptionist. He didn’t know that his heart was not ready to confront Jimin just yet. So, he struggled to request to see Jimin, he simply stood there awkwardly as she eyed him with confused eyes.  

“Jungkook?” He heard a familiar voice. He quickly turned to face Yoongi who was carrying a bunch of files.  

“Hyung let me help you.”  

“Sure...” Yoongi turned to the receptionist and nodded. Right after he signalled for Jungkook to follow him with his head. He was adapting well and quickly with this environment. Goes without saying that it worried the maknae. 

“Why are you here Kookie?” Yoongi asked as soon as they settled inside a very beautiful and expensive-looking room.  

“Is this your office? Like damn...” Even Jungkook briefly considered changing jobs, there was whiskey on the side! 

“Have you talked to Mina?”  

“Hyung, I am not sure of what happened. I wouldn’t know how to start.” Jungkook confessed as he sat down with a loud thud.  

“Kook-ah I was the one that found her name. It checks out. It is her.”  

“Where though? Where did you find it?” At that question, Yoongi moved his chair away from his desk where he was sitting and began searching through the drawers. Once he seemed to finally find a sheet of paper, he exhaled loudly, and he handed Jungkook the paper. The maknae grabbed the paper but he continued to stare at his hyung. He simply couldn’t bring himself to read it, he was scared.  

“Mina got 20 000 sent to her account by the Mayor. Jin asked me to search for any weird money movements and that’s how I found it.” Jungkook face started burning as he couldn’t even speak. He had worked day and night while his mother received such a large amount. Yoongi continued: “No one told me, I saw it first-hand. Jimin almost choked me when I told him.”  

“Don’t talk about him. I have got enough problems.” He ran his hands through his hair, but he had come to a decision. “Right I have to go. I will see you at home.”  

“Are you going?”  

Jungkook simply nodded and left the office. He almost ran out of the building in fear of running into Jimin. He wasn’t ready to see him. On the other hand, he was ready to see his mother. He started speeding down the road once again but this time he was headed towards Girassol.   

Jungkook didn’t want to admit that he feared for his mother’s safety, but he was especially terrified about the safety of his siblings. If she had done this, she had brought this on herself but unfortunately, she was also dragging her children along. It was so typical of her, now that Jungkook thought about it. Always making reckless decisions. The more time he spent driving the more he tried to calm himself down. He wasn’t one for confrontations. Despite his physic, he was a sensitive person, he cried easily and felt too much empathy towards others. Jungkook could even argue that that was his good and bad trait. While he would never harm someone intentionally, he risked getting hurt constantly because he would just forgive or overlook so many things. Previously, he had to face the fact that his mother was a toxic person for anyone but especially towards her children. He loved his mother, but he disliked Mina as a person.  

After several hours and many missed calls from his hyung, Jungkook arrived. He had barely noticed the beautiful sunset. Of course, the sun was hiding away earlier both because of the close arrival of winter but also it almost seemed like it was afraid of what was to come. The sun refused to be a witness. 

Jungkook got off the car as soon as he arrived, he did not want to waste time overthinking. He spotted an expensive Mercedes black SUV at the end of the road which he found odd because their neighbourhood wasn’t exactly the poshest, but he decided to ignore it. Instead, he grabbed the keys and opened the gate and then the door in a rush.  

“Who’s there?” He heard Mina call confused, it was clear she wasn’t expecting anyone. He could hear his siblings upstairs arguing about something. When he finally entered the living room, he found a very confused Mina. She looked the same, long black hair, slim figure who seemed to have lost even more weight and it made her big, dark eyes stand out even more. Even though she had lost weight, she didn’t appear to be drunk at that exact moment. It surprised Jungkook, since it was almost 7 pm.  

“Jungkookie? What are you doing here? Oh my god, my son!” She squealed in content while reaching to hug her son but Jungkook made no movement to respond to her affection. Instead it aggravated him more. He knew the answer to his question even before asking her. Mina released her son with bewilderment.  

“You shot Park Jimin?”  

The question seemed to completely throw her off guard as her eyes opened wide and she stared at her son with her mouth slightly opened in shock. When no rebuttal came from his mother, his sadness and anger began to rise.  

“Let me rephrase. Did you get 20 000 dollars from the Mayor?”  

“Who told you this?”  

“Did you get 20 000 dollars while I worked day and night to cover for the bills that you never bothered to pay...?”   

“Who are you to ask me about what I earn or don’t earn?” Mina retaliated while coming to face to face with her son.  

“I am the person who has been paying for the pathetic lifestyle you have been living.”  

Mina lifted her hand to slap Jungkook, but he was quick to hold his mother’s hand.  

“Haven’t you neglected your children enough? Now you want to abuse them too?” Jungkook remarked as the continued to look at each other with unspoken emotions. At that moment, he saw red as he thought back to all the sacrifices he made for his family.  

“Is that why you pay the bills? Just so you can rub on my face that you have worked hard. You came here to charge me?”  

“You- How can you say such a thing? I did that so we could survive! I am shocked that my own mother would rob me of my youth! You shot someone and got paid for it! That’s a hitter’s job... you do know, that right?”  

Suddenly, they heard a noise outside, as if someone had hit the gates. They both turned to look in the direction of where the noise was coming from out of instinct as if they would be able to see anything. Jungkook went to check on the window and he found that the gate was broken but what was more suspicious was the black SUV. Where had he seen that car before?  

“Are you expecting someone?” Jungkook asked quietly as he stepped away from the window and his mother was already moving. “Where are you going?”  

“They came after me, Kookie.” She whispered as she grabbed a gun that appeared to be hidden under the sofa. It gave Jungkook shivers but despite his fear, he reached for the gun that he had in the pocket of his coat.  

“Mum tell the kids to stay in their rooms.”  

Chapter Text

What was happening was predictable. Jimin’s father had warned him in some way and even Hoseok had mentioned that possibly there were more people searching for his mother. It all made sense. Mina had a job, to kill Park Jimin, once she didn’t accomplish that job, she became a threat. Perhaps even if she had succeeded... Mina could tell someone. She was a nuisance which they needed to get rid of. Jungkook couldn’t help the shiver that crawled up his spine as he pressed his back against the wall, and he lifted his gun ready to shoot.  

Mina and Jungkook quickly agreed that she needed to go upstairs so she could defend her younger children in case they managed to get through Jungkook. On the bottom floor, Jungkook awaited in the living room against the wall as he was hidden from the main door where they both concluded they would come in from. He had the element of surprise on his side, but he couldn’t help to be worried. If his father could see the kind of nonsense their mother had dragged them to, he would have not believed it. Jungkook had his ears focused on any possible foreign sound he could hear from the main door. The house was not silent, he had known that they knew he was there. There was no point in trying to pretend the house was empty, they left the television on with the hope that the intruder would think they weren’t aware of their presence.  

Just like he had learned during his course, Jungkook took a deep breath and tried to think rationally and not emotionally. The goal was to save as many lives as possible, especially of the children. He could feel his heartbeat due to all of the emotions that he was trying to avoid but his body wouldn’t allow him to. Soon he heard the lock which appeared to be getting picked by someone on the other side of the door. The adrenaline kicked in and he was ready to jump into action.  

Once the invader managed to open the door, they did it very quietly. It was definitely meant to be a quiet job, where the family would probably just be found later on murdered but with no signs of who did it. Jungkook had no intention of going down without a fight, Through the noise of their shoes, it appeared to be more than one person, Two, he assumed. Jungkook couldn’t figure out how he would be able to take care of one of them without making the other know Jungkook was there. He would most definitely get shot by the second one, but that would be a way of warning his mother that there were people in their house. At least, he would have taken care of one of them. He didn’t think this was how he was going to go but if it meant his siblings would get to live, he was ready to do so.  

Jungkook could hear someone approaching the wall where he was hidden. The person walked past the wall where he was without looking back to check if anyone was hidden. They wore all black with black hats and masks. He clearly wore a bulletproof vest, Jungkook would have to be smarter, in order to impair this man. Once the man turned around, Jungkook shot him in the arm catching him by surprise and when he reached tried to lift his gun to defend himself, Jungkook shot his other arm.  

“She is not here!” The man yelled as he fell onto the floor in pain. The maknae once again aimed his gun at one of his legs and he kicked the man’s gun away from him to leave him defenceless. He heard the other quickly run up the stairs since his main target was there. Jungkook quickly turned around to attempt going after the other person but his leg was pulled by the man lying on the floor. Meanwhile, two other men walked in and Jungkook knew his life was over. However, one of them simply aimed his gun at someone that was on the stairs and fired.  

“NO!” He yelled in fear that it would be one of the members of his family. Jungkook was wrong. The body that had fallen down the stairs was of one of the men trespassing. “What- Who are you?”  

The man that fired the gun removed his black mask and a familiar, handsome face came to show, it was no other than the doctor Kim Taehyung.  

“What are you doing here?” Jungkook asked confused as he kicked the other man to be released from his weak hold. Taehyung briefly looked at Jungkook with disdain and he marched in his direction. He lifted his gun and pointed at the man on the floor. Jungkook quickly intervened “What are you doing? He has been- I have immobilized him!”  

“I can see that,” Namjoon responded startling Jungkook. He hadn’t even realised his other hyung had taken off his mask too, but he remained near the door. He was surprised to find him there. Taehyung kept his gun pointed at the man with his vacant expression.  

“So, what are you doing? We can question him! I need to know who sent him!”  

“Kang sent him.” Taehyung simply stated and he fired his gun, shooting right through the man’s head, killing him in an instant. Jungkook barely had time to process it. The silencer on his gun had not only stopped the noise of the gun, but it had also silenced the maknae, who was incapable of uttering a word as he just stared at Taehyung. His hyung on the other hand had immediately put his gun inside his coat and pressed a phone to his ear and as he made eye contact with Jungkook, he ordered to whoever was on the other side of the call: “Come clean this mess. Thank you.”  

“What the fuck? My siblings are upstairs!” Jungkook yelled as he approached Taehyung in anger.  

“I know. That’s why we are here.” He responded quietly.  

“What the fuck are you saying? You just murdered two men in my living room!”  

“Ok smart guy. Would you rather they found your corpse in their living room? Huh?”  

“We could have just immobilised them! Like I fucking did.”  

“Don’t be fucking stupid. And do what take them to the cops?” His face finally showed signs of emotion and it seemed like he was looking at a mad man and that mad man was Jungkook.  

“Yes hyung!” 

“You really are stupid.” Taehyung also walked closer to Jungkook until their noses were almost touching. 

 “You would explain to the police why there are men barging into your house. Would you tell them it’s because they were after your mother? Would you? Would you say she attempted to murder someone and got paid for her shitty job?”  

“Guys just calm down.” Namjoon interrupted as he pushed both of their chests so they would have some distance from each other. 

“Who sent you? Jimin? It was him, right?” The disgust in his voice was almost palpable.  

“Yes. You ungrateful brat, it was. He sent us here because someone told him people were sent to kill your mum. Jimin is realistic. Had these assholes been alive and sent to the police, who knows what they would say. Not even mentioning that you have no motive to be here. You haven’t showed up at the police station after your interrogation, where you are meant to be working. Word on the street runs fast. People know your mum tried to kill Jimin. After you and his father had your little brawl in front of that lawyer. By lunchtime even motherfuckers at that ridiculous hospital were asking me what you had against Jimin.” Taehyung lowered his head and smiled. “You need to stop believing that the police are seeking justice. They were going to end all of you, not just your mother. Wake the fuck up.” With that said he left the house and Jungkook stayed in the same spot looking at the place where Taehyung had been standing. What was he going to do?  

He was thankful that Namjoon had been there, he kept Jungkook’s family from going down the stairs. Jungkook couldn’t bring himself to look up from his seat, when a few suspicious people in masks came to collect the bodies. He had too many thoughts in his mind but all he knew was that his family would go with him to that town of hell. They would be safer there because Jungkook was there. He was happy to see his siblings, but he was upset that he had to cover their eyes as they walked out of the house carrying their tiny bags that they had packed with a few items of clothing. His mother hadn’t hesitated to hand the keys to Namjoon who was ordering people around to clean the house. Jungkook had never seen Mina so frightened, he felt no empathy. They were only in this situation because of her, he hated her.  

“We will just pick up Junghyun and we will be on our way!” Jungkook announced with fake cheerfulness as he turned back to look at his siblings, ignoring his mother who sat right next to them.  

“Yay! I want to see your new house Kook!” His sister yelled with sweet innocence that warmed his heart. Her pigtails moved from one side to another as she did a little wiggle with excitement. Jungkook looked away with a genuine smile as he began driving towards his brother’s workplace. That was when he realised, he was extremely grateful to Taehyung and he was regretful that he hadn’t thanked him.  

Junghyun was already walking towards the bus stop when Jungkook called out taking his younger brother by surprise.  

“What the hell?!” Junghyun almost yelled as he instantly hopped onto the front the seat and hugged his brother. “What are you doing here? Whose car is this?”  

“You know a friend’s...” He murmured dodging one of the questions and after he was met with nothing but silence, he decided to improvise. “You know I missed you and the kids, so I decided that it was time for you to get to know where I live.”  

“Ah... so whatever was making mum nervous these past days finally happened.” His brother remarked with a tone that feigned calmness, but any adult could see right through it. Jungkook wasn’t surprised at how quick his brother could pick up things. Junghyun had always been intelligent. “Don’t worry, I won’t ask questions. No need to get so stiff.”  

“So, how’s school?” Jungkook asked changing subjects and he felt much lighter after just hearing about trivial things such as struggling with maths. Their mother sat at the back while staring out of the window into the night. Soon the twins were sound asleep and only the three adults were awake. The car was extremely heavy with tension, everyone had enraged expressions, their mouths closed in thin lines. Mina finally decided to speak up: 

“Soon we will pass the airport. Drop me off there.” She muttered quietly as to not wake up the children.  


“Jungkook, I will not be taken into the wolf’s den. Kang, Kim the mayor, fucking Park Jimin live in that city, even that Namjoon... if the kids weren’t there, he would have killed me there and then.” Mina continued as if she hadn’t heard Jungkook.  

“What kind of mother-” Jungkook attempted again but was interrupted once again but this time by his brother.  

“Yes, the airport is nearby. Jungkook let her go... what has her presence done for us? I saw the fucking black car that would be outside our door at certain times of the day... That’s what happened right?” He unfolded a blanket and attempted to cover his sleeping siblings as he continued to speak. “This woman is a ticking bomb. Let her go.”  

The rest of the way to the airport was silent, it was no longer tense. The disappointment was almost palpable, Jungkook suspected that both he and his brother were suffering more than Mina was. Mina had always been cold, but he had never thought they would reach this point. They quickly arrived at the drop off zone and Mina quickly kissed her twin children and simply uttered to her oldest children “Stay safe and take care of them.” And she closed the door, removed her backpack from the trunk of the car and started heading inside. Jungkook decided not to stick around for much longer and watch, he took off as soon as she moved away from the car.  

“’Take care of them’ as if she ever did that, even when she was right there. Pathetic.” Junghyun commented as soon as they took off, but his emotions were raw and exposed as his voice cracked. “I am going to nap; I am tired from work.” he ultimately informed Jungkook as he wiped his angry tears with the back of his hand while turning his body towards the window to hide his cries. Just like Jungkook he was also sensitive. Jungkook couldn’t blame him as his grip on the wheel tightened and his own tears fell.  


It was close to early morning but still dark when Jungkook was let into Jimin’s private property through the gates that had opened almost immediately when the guard saw his face. Of course, Jimin was expecting him!  Jungkook didn’t exactly know why he was there but this was the only place where he felt safe after the recent events. He didn’t know if anyone else was after them and frankly he wasn’t risking his family’s safety again. There was a chance Taehyung wouldn’t appear to save them again as a dark angel with guns sent by Lucifer himself aka Park Jimin.  

“Hyunie get Tata.” Jungkook whispered to his now awake brother.  

“You lived HERE?” He appeared confused looking at the mansion from the outside.  

“No... a friend of mine does. There’s not enough space at my place. Be respectful.”  

As they collected the children from the back seat, the door of the mansion opened to reveal Jimin’s stepmother with a knowing expression. Lily looked as elegant as ever with a fitted black dress and matching stilettos. He walked to the door and attempted to bow slightly with his head and his brother copied his actions quietly. Once again, Junghyun seemed to read the environment, he knew this was not the place or time to be out of character and ask questions.  

“Welcome back and come in! Hurry its cold!” She whispered to refrain from waking up the children. “I prepared a room for the kids and yourselves.”  

“Where is-”  

“Kitchen. Let me take her. Go see him.” Lily was quick to collect his sister and then she turned to his brother. “Follow me. I am Lily by the way.”  

Jungkook closed the door behind him and he spotted Stefan who pointed in the direction of the kitchen. The maknae simply bowed and started making his way. He was so tired, but he still felt nervous about seeing this man. What was it about him?  

Said man was sat in front of the marble while sipping what seemed to be a cup of tea. He was so annoyingly elegant, in his black silk robe and expensive slippers. His hair pushed back revealing his sharp jawline, soft features and delicate skin. Jungkook noted that he looked tired, he had never seen Jimin not tired.  

“You said you hadn’t killed.” 

“I said I hadn’t killed my grandfather. You never asked me about other people.”  

“Jimin, this lifestyle you have will get you killed.”  

At that Jimin finally lifted his head and he looked at Jungkook.  

“And yours won’t?”  

“I serve the law.” Jungkook argued back and he walked close enough until he was at the counter. 

“You serve Kang. Kang is a criminal.”  

“Were Namjoon and Taehyung actually there to save us or to kill my mother?” At that Jimin scoffed in disbelief as he slammed the cup and got up to come face to face with Jungkook. He was slightly shorter so Jungkook had to look down and Jimin furious but tired stared back. Jimin wants to speak but he stops himself a few times until he finally says:  

“Jungkook, I am glad no one harmed you or your siblings.” And he moved away as he collected his cup and started walking towards the exit of the kitchen. Jungkook couldn’t help feeling heartbroken upon seeing how hollow Jimin’s cheeks were. His dark circles were worse than Jungkook’s who had driven all night.  

“Sit down.” He ordered as he walked towards the fridge and searched for eggs. 

“Why? I am really tired.” Jimin exhaled in exasperation and exhaustion.  

“Just eat something before you go to bed.”  

Jungkook started preparing eggs as he navigated through the foreign kitchen, he could still feel Jimin’s eyes burning holes into his back. Until he finally sat down as he continued to observe the maknae work.  

“You serve the law huh?” Jimin repeated Jungkook’s previous words. “Even the law is faulty. I have nothing against your job but try not to be completely influenced by it.”  

“It’s my job Jimin. Of course, I will be influenced.” After they exchanged those words, they were silent... Jungkook from time to time would turn to Jimin who simply sat there, his eyes were open, but they weren’t truly seeing anything. Jungkook wanted to ask him how he was doing but he wasn’t sure of whether he would be overstepping. Therefore, he decided to finish the small meal. He had a few sausages and eggs with toast on the side, he placed it all in two expensive-looking plates. He set one in front of Jimin and the other one right next to him and Jungkook sat there, only a few centimetres away from Jimin. He counted to three and he decided to tell Jimin to just eat: 

“Jimin please eat something... I know the last few days haven’t been easy, but I hate seeing you like this.” Jungkook ended up saying more than he originally intended but it seemed to have worked. Jimin grabbed both fork and knife and began digging into his food. The maknae decided that the food was perhaps too dry, so he went to fetch a glass of water and he handed it to Jimin with a nod to motivate him. It was getting bright outside and Jungkook realised that maybe he wouldn’t have time to have a proper night of sleep.  

“Do you have to go to work?” asked Jimin quietly as he sipped some water.  

“I do. I am not sure how I am going to face Kang... I am sure he knows the two guys aren’t coming back.” he murmured. “Thank Taehyung for me... please.”  

“Thank him yourself.” 

“Thank you... for everything.” Jungkook whispered as he looked at his almost finished meal. In his eyes Jimin appeared to be slightly angry now, he must have not noticed it previously. “Is something wrong?”  

“Why is your mother in town?” Jimin finally asked as he turned his entire body to face Jungkook. His eyes were semi-closed exposing his suspicion. Jungkook smiled as he tilted his head to side in confusion.  

“My mother? She left the country. I dropped her off at the airport.” Jimin and Jungkook stared at each other for a while and the more they looked at each other, the more their expressions turned into scowls.  

“My father called me today after getting your visit. He told me to be careful with you.”  

“Me?!” The maknae scoffed as he looked around in disbelief. “Are you fucking kidding me?”  

“You tell me... you show up in this hell of a town suddenly. Turns out your mother tried to kill me, not long ago. You HAPPEN to be investigating my case.”  

“I saw you guys talking even acting suspicious, why wouldn’t I turn you in by now?” Now he was beyond angry as he couldn’t stop smiling. Jungkook often reacted like that when he got bad news or was in an uncomfortable situation.  

“You have 0 proof of the stuff I have done. So, you tried to fool me into liking you-”  

“Have you gone mental? Are you out of your mind? My mother-”  

“Your mother is in town. I have been informed of her whereabouts!” Jimin yelled as he banged his fist on the counter in anger. Jungkook could only stare in shock. He could finally see the true Jimin.  

“Are you having me followed too?”  

“Do you trust me Jungkook?”  

When Jimin asked that question, Jungkook could only stare at him with wide eyes. He couldn’t answer because he didn’t trust anyone at that point. Even his mother had turned out to be someone completely different.   

“So why do you expect me to trust you?”  

Again, Jimin had left him speechless. Jimin got up, leaving his half-eaten meal behind and as he was about to reach the door Jungkook decided to ask.  

“Why did you take me in then?” His voice weak.  

“What was I supposed to do... you have children with you.” With that he attempted to walk out of the kitchen but just as he was about to exit, Jimin’s body felt weak so he tried to hold onto the doorframe. Jungkook immediately ran to stop him from falling any further.  

“Stefan!!” He yelled so the man would come to his aid. With ease, Jungkook lifted Jimin, despite his weak protests. He placed him on the said expensive-looking sofa. 

“I just need some sugar.” He whispered weakly. Jungkook observed the strong man become so fragile in the past weeks. Stefan appeared from the back with a glass of water which probably had sugar in it with a straw. Jungkook removed the glass from his hold politely and held it while he placed the straw on Jimin’s lips. Jimin made a frown making it clear that he found the drink disgusting.  

“Have it, so you can feel better.” Once he was done with half of it. Jungkook decided that he needed some rest. “Let me take you upstairs. You need to rest.”  

“I can walk.” Jimin said when Jungkook placed his arms underneath his knees and neck.  

“I know you can, but I am not sure if you should. Why are you so difficult?” When Jimin simply lifted his chin and turned his face away from the maknae. Jungkook rolled his eyes. Jimin could be so childish which made him even cuter. It angered Jungkook that even after arguments like those, he found the older adorable.  

Taking Jimin upstairs wasn’t so easy, after all he was a grown man. So Jimin placed his arm around his the maknae's shoulders despite his quiet protests. Jungkook still insisted on tucking Jimin in his bed. He pulled the sheets up to his neck and he made sure to place a hot water bottle where his feet were. Jungkook was looking around the room and he was surprised at how everything was in place, as if no one had slept in the room for weeks. He suddenly heard a sniffle and he quickly turned to find Jimin laying on his side crying. His face was red from the crying, but he made no attempt to cover himself. He just cried silently. Jungkook’s heart felt heavy and he had no clue on how to react. He did, however, understand that leaving Jimin wasn’t an option. He wanted to ask him what was wrong, but he already knew the death of Jimin’s grandfather had taken a toll on him. He still wanted Jimin just to say anything so he would know what to do. Jungkook always hated the fact that he was awkward. He decided to face Jimin, so he went around the bed and stood in front of a crying Jimin. After a few seconds of his hyung not reacting, not even looking up to look at Jungkook. Jimin just laid there curled with his own arms hugging his body. Jungkook concluded that his tiny hyung just needed some comfort, he once again went around the bed and he eyed the empty side of the bed. He looked around the room nervously, should he leave? Should he just call Taehyung? He was overthinking, they weren’t strangers, Jimin had said so himself. Fuck it, Jungkook thought. He lifted the sheets and at the speed of light, he laid down next to his hyung, facing the ceiling.  

Jimin turned his head slightly to see whatever Jungkook was up to and caught the younger in the act of attempting to hug him. The maknae ended up panicking and setting his arms back where they were, on top of his belly. It made Jimin smile even with his puffy eyes, Jungkook was adorable. He took a deep breath and he turned around so he could look at Jungkook. Jungkook had now sat up and had started picking the skin on his face while looking ahead with wide eyes, his face was turning crimson which meant he was aware of Jimin’s gaze.  

“How can you be so cute?” Jimin asked while wiping the remainder of his tears, he pulled on Jungkook’s hands so he would lay down completely, the maknae attempted to show indifference but he obliged. Jimin reached for his shoulders so Jungkook would turn his back to him. Jungkook became tense when Jimin hugged him from behind with his right arm while placing his head so close to Jungkook’s, the maknae could feel his hot breath in his ear. He could hear Jimin weeping again but he knew that Jimin just needed to feel like there was someone there with him, without any words, without the ‘It will be fine’s' and ‘you can do this’. Jungkook held Jimin's hand in his and simply laid there until they both fell asleep.

When Jimin opened his eyes again, he was too hot. Of course, he was hugging Jungkook, who somehow managed to take off his clothes halfway through their nap. Jimin couldn’t help the smile that made its way to his lips. This man slept like a baby, moving his mouth adorably as if he was tasting something, Jimin held onto him, even though he was burning hot with a damp forehead covered in sweat. Oddly, it reminded him of their situation. No matter how much Jungkook burned him, he held onto him because only Jungkook had made him feel anything else other than cold. Jimin kissed Jungkook’s right cheek out of pure affection. It’s like the youngest knew exactly what to do with people, even though he appeared not to. Jimin hadn’t slept properly in a long time but that nap made him feel like he hadn’t missed a single night of sleep.  

“What time is it?” Jungkook asked startling Jimin, who immediately reached for his phone. Only to find a message from Hobi.  

Hobi hyung: I told Kang Jungkook had personal affairs to take care of. Jiminie I truly don’t know what to say but I am scared for the safety of my  dongsaeng . Kang seemed to know what was up because he smiled all day as if he got the best news in the world. Tell Jungkook to stay home today and we can find a solution during the weekend. I will come over later, love you.   

“It’s late but don’t worry Hoseok told Kang, you had things to take care of.” Jimin quickly thank Hoseok via message and turned to Jungkook who had his eyes closed.  

“That son of a bitch is the one causing them... he must be laughing at me.” Jungkook rubbed his eyes and he turned on his stomach while facing Jimin.  

“He won’t win.”  

“For now, he will ‘cause I just want to sleep.” With that said he continued sleeping, leaving a confused Jimin behind. Jimin also decided to lay down just for a little more but his workaholic self wouldn’t let him.  

Jimin got out of bed and he put on his warm slippers on while he quickly retrieved his other phone. He wrapped his robe around his relaxed, slender body and he walked to his balcony and closed the glass door behind him. Namjoon was quick to answer:  

“I am here. I will call you as soon as I get it.”  

“Expected nothing less. Hyung, there is no one better than you.” Namjoon chuckled at Jimin’s words because he was right. There was no one better than Namjoon to get this deal.  

Namjoon was currently entering the supreme courthouse to meet up with Greg. An old judge that enjoyed partying a bit too much, but his excessive ways would end up coming in handy. Greg had invited Namjoon for tea because they had somehow become friends, after Greg hired him a couple of times for personal favours. The judge had liked how Namjoon seemed to win almost every case he was in so, he kept calling him to solve issues a judge wasn’t able to openly solve. His secretary had instantly sent Namjoon in as she was already used to seeing him there. He too had helped her before, so he simply smiled politely as he went inside.  

“Look who’s here!” Greg shouted happily as he walked towards Namjoon and they animatedly shook hands. Greg was a bald old man with a big heart and smart brain, he always made sure that in any given situation there was profit for himself. He reminded Namjoon of Jimin, he was caring but never to the wrong people. Greg like Jimin was rarely only emotional, he was more on the rational side. Namjoon had witnessed Jimin cry with a cigarette in his hand while he closed a million-dollar deal. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.  

“Sir, how have you been?” 

“Ah same old... I can’t wait until I retire but at the same time, I fear that day. You know?”  

“I understand. Live on the present sir. There’s no point in fearing the inevitable.”  

“Always so wise.” Greg added as he handed Namjoon a glass whiskey and he headed towards the sofa. “This shit is expensive, so savour it because you deserve it. Sit.” He ordered as he pointed at the sofa that was directly in front of the other with a small wooden table in the middle. “Now... You seem like you want to talk about something.”  

Greg just like Jimin had always been so good at reading him. Hence why Namjoon was smarter than to try and hide anything. 

“Uh... yes sir I do.” Namjoon gulped as he allowed the whiskey to burn his throat, it even made his eyes water at how strong it was. “Well... I was thinking about that incident with your wife and it made me feel like that's a mistake that cannot happen again. As you know I too like a good party but I never get caught. Do you not want a better supplier? A safer one. One that wouldn't expose what, when and where you are buying stuff.”  

Greg’s wife had almost been sent to jail because one of the suppliers where she got her drugs from mentioned her when he was arrested. Namjoon had fought for many months to get her out of the trouble she had put herself in.  

“Hmm... you know someone?” Namjoon nodded and Greg continued: “All we want to do is go to parties and not have to worry about someone ratting us out. You know I trust you.”  

Namjoon almost smiled, he had him exactly where he needed him.  

“I am that someone. I can provide for you and your friends... very quietly.”  

“Just when I thought I couldn’t like you more.”  

Namjoon adjusted his grey suit and smiled. The trip had been a success.  

Once his afternoon ‘tea’ was finished, he called Jimin to let him know. Jimin had been at the study room at his mansion for hours. Waiting anxiously as he tried to keep his mind busy by working. “It’s all done. Payment in advance.”  

“I knew you could do it.”  

“Can’t wait to tell Jin hyung about it!” At that Jimin stopped and removed the phone off his ear to stare at it in confusion. Was this really Namjoon? 

“Jin hyung? Didn’t you mean Tae?”  

“Tae has been acting weird... I am coming over tonight for dinner. We will talk soon.”  

“Ok thank you for getting it-” Namjoon barely gave him time to reply and he hung up. Namjoon always hung up too soon, before it used to annoy Jimin but now he simply reacted by rolling his eyes.

“Were you talking to Jin hyung?” Jungkook entered his study room and asked suddenly, scaring Jimin who assumed he was still in the shower. Jimin placed his hand on chest to calm his heartbeat.  

“You scared the shit out of me. Weren’t you in the shower?” Jungkook eyed Jimin with suspicion, clearly not pleased with the answer.  

“I was but I am done. Thank you for everything.” He said simply deciding not to push the subject. “I can’t believe I slept all day. If it wasn’t for Lily taking care of the kids, I am sure they would have starved by now. I am such a bad brother.”  

“You really aren’t... you saved them from that mess back in Girassol. Plus Junghyun seems to really know what he is doing.” Jungkook just agreed with a hum, his eyes still not trusting. “Don’t worry, I didn’t send anyone to kill your mum. I was just thanking Namjoon.”  

“Jimin... I am sorry that I didn’t believe you when- It's not that I didn’t believe you... I didn’t want it to be true.” Jungkook smiled sadly as he sat down on the chair in front of Jimin’s desk. “I am going to be honest with you... It's kind of hurting my ego that I don’t know my mother as well as I thought. More importantly, it hurt me that she was out acting so recklessly and putting the life of my siblings in danger. It is so annoying... makes me so angry that she received so much money and that she still put me through so much. I can’t believe she could have harmed you.”  

Jimin only looked down as he heard Jungkook speak his truth. He paced back and forth while Jungkook remained quiet, he was waiting. Jimin took a deep breath and he decided to do the same.  

“My grandfather built this throne through a lot of illegal businesses... as you know. Selling drugs was one of them. After he died... he left a huge- I mean it’s so much... product that I need to get rid of-”  

“The police-” Jungkook tried to intervene but was quickly shut down by Jimin. 

“The police would put it back on the streets. So, I am selling it to them instead. I can use all this money to build a rehab centre for those kids they have been taking advantage of.” The maknae was speechless because he had never known that was another goal. “Jin will be the mayor if everything goes right, he can spread our campaign to help, we are planning on getting the community to help. Tae will also try to get the hospital to help them all with any medical aid they might need. Namjoon is a lawyer, he knows everyone and everything. Yoongi is helping us with everything. I really enjoy how he works. He discovers so many things like who else might be involved, hence how we found your mother. Hoseok will be the one that will get the credit for catching these guys that are trafficking people. I am the one who has thought of it all, I provide anything they need to make all of this come true.”  

“Why do you hate the police so much?” Jungkook asked without any hesitation.

"I don't. I am just realistic. The police are also people, people with their own prejudices, with their own faults. They have a lot of power and as much as I would love to believe they are all amazing people, that's a lie. Not even doctors are amazing people."

"W- what do you mean?" 

"Doctors too have their own prejudices. Did you know there are thousands of women that lose their lives because the doctors simply don't believe them when they say they are in pain?" 

"But our generation can be the one to change all of this, you know?" Jimin smiled at that and he paced around the table slowly with his Chanel shoes as he tucked in his light blue shirt inside his black trousers. Jungkook couldn't help looking at the round shape of his ass. 

"I really enjoy the way you try to look at things in a positive light. It's adorable. But these people are suffering, these kids I watched for years suffer without being able to do anything... They need help now. This town is full of men who know each other and even approve of each other's wicked ways. The man in charge of justice is involved in this business, he managed to use the law to benefit from it. That's why we can't think of doing this the nice way. Jisoo, the guy that works with you...his father tried over and over again to start an investigation about what's happening here... His father ended up getting fired and no one around town hired him because Kang told them not to. This man was a great police officer, look at him now!" 

Jungkook looked down at his angry fists, he couldn't believe how unfair the world was. 

"I just wanted to play fair..." He looked up at Jimin who was leaning against the desk only a few centimetres away from Jungkook. "But with Kang in the picture, I am starting to believe it will be impossible." 

"You are only starting now? Oh, Jungkookie your heart is too kind." Jimin smirked once again as he leaned down to caress Jungkook's chin. "Well, we can't act until-" 

"We find out what my mum is up to." Jungkook got up and with a look full of determination he declared. "I will find out what she is up to meanwhile I will think of how to get rid of Kang." 

Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. They both briefly eyed each other and Jimin yelled: 

"Come in!" 

Stefan walked in with an unimpressed expression and he only seemed to get worse as he noticed the proximity between Jimin and Jungkook. 

"Your mother is downstairs." He muttered as he eyed Jungkook with what appeared to be a lot of restraint, he definitely wanted to let something out but Stefan was too professional to do so. 

"What? Mina?" Jimin questioned surprised as he unfolded his arms and turn to Jungkook in confusion. 

"Jimin, think of this as our opportunity to understand what she has been doing all this time." 

"Hyung." Jimin simply stated as he straightened his body up. 

"I don't follow," Jungkook asked confused as he looked at Stefan to seek any help but the other looked away as if he wasn't in the room. 

"Jimin hyung to you. Anyway, you can stay here and talk to her. Good luck." With that said he exited his own study room leaving a nervous Jungkook behind. He really didn't understand what his mother was up to. 

As he exhaled he went to sit on Jimin's chair while he waited for his mother to come up. He wondered if Jimin and his mother had crossed paths. When she came in, she was using the same clothes from before. Simple jeans with a long black coat, the only thing missing was her bag. 

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" Mina started as she walked in the direction of her son but when she saw Jungkook's enraged demeanour, she ended up sitting on the opposite chair. 

"I should be asking you that." 

"Let me tell you something before you get all disrespectful. I accepted that job because I could ask for any amount, I wanted it because I knew it could pay the bills." 

"So where is it, mum?" 

"Kang started threatening me after I didn't finish the job so I gave it back. The problem was... the damage was done. He got the money but still chased after me. After us." Once she finished her sentence, she lifted her finger and pointed at Jungkook accusingly. "I would like to know is why you are staying at a criminal's house." 

"Did you even apologise to him?" 

"You know he had people following me and what's worse of it all, is that I am sure he instructed them to make themselves visible to me. Just so they could scare me even more, to intimidate me." 

"At least he didn't hide behind a mask." His mother was taken aback by his statement, Mina blinked several times trying to regain her composure. "Mum you are also a criminal... you tried to murder someone and got paid for it. What makes you two so different?" 

After Jungkook asked that question, he realised too was also struggling to answer. Jimin had grown up in a violent world and he wanted to help everyone that had suffered. Jungkook had always lived very sheltered from such a violent world. He wanted to always be just but how when the world had become a place where justice was long gone. He hadn't seen the same things as Jimin. Sure he had heard of them because that was his job but he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. Jimin was a young man with his own struggles and his mother had tried to end his life for her own benefit. Yet somehow in her mind, her actions were justifiable but Jimin's weren't. Why? She was drunk and she wasn't working, she chose the easiest path. 

"Why do you believe you are so much better than him? What makes me so different?" Jungkook had realised now that he had no reason to be upset at Jimin for shooting his mother. It was as clear as water to him that he never tried to see the events through Jimin's eyes. What would Jungkook have done if a stranger in a mask had tried to kill him? This was the moment where his memories from shooting the intruder in his arms came to his mind. He needed to seriously get Jimin to accept him. "You know mum, this could be the man I spend the rest of my life with..."