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Young Wings

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[deadass headass dumbass fakeass (4)]


pillow: what

bzzZZZz: what

conGRAtulations: what

hana: rein your enthusiasm,geez

hana: anw


bzzZZZz: U LYIN!!1!

hana: AM NOT !!!

conGRAtulations: what why how


pillow: stop shouting through text lol

hana: u right lol

hana: well 2 guys were handing out invites to a party organiezd by their dorm

hana: apparently it’s a tradition? idk

hana: n they said to bring anyone i knew

hana: we’re going right??

pillow: why are you even asking lmao



pillow: my 12yo cousin does that shit

conGRAtulations: omg





To: Chris,j.sung,binnie, ...

bb can u handle dis

i dun think u can handle dis woooo!




To: Felix

From: Mom

Lee Yongbok,what are you saying? Are you drunk?

Get back home immediately!



To: Felix

From: Chris

Go home you’re drunk, lol




To: Felix

From: j.sung

Tnx 4 reminding me i’m sick n

couldnt go 2 the party ( ̄^ ̄)




To: Felix

From: binnie






[Private chat: Chan & Felix]

wombat: several birdies confirmed my suspicions that you sent the same

text to the entirety of your contact list in your drunken stupor last night

wombat: how

wallaby: pls dont rub it in

wallaby: my phnoe bill will b thru the roofo this monht

wombat: lol



[The Lost Boys (9)]

mini tablo: Listen

mini tablo: Baby Boy

mini tablo: i kno u been to a Party

mini tablo: All Night

mini tablo: but u were so Drunk in Love

mini tablo: now u gotta Work It Out

mini tablo: how to pay dem Bills Bills Bills for drunk txting us all

mini tablo: XO

sugar glider: i hate you

sugar glider: so much

munchlax: wow

the og: ur knowledge of beyonce & destinys child discography is impressive ngl

bundle of joy: you managed to list every single song of theirs except the one felix mass texted tho

mini tablo: u right

mini tablo: i always Lose My Breath

mini tablo: in front of that Bootylicious

mini tablo: i can’t really help but Bug a Boo

sugar glider: ffs

the og:

bundle of joy: ^

oh worm:

bullet journal: felix rn

pillow: y tho

bullet journal: ( ˘ ³˘)♥



sugar glider: r u done

mini tablo: Why Don’t You Love Me

sugar glider: i thot u were sick

sugar glider: couldnt u be dyin in bed insted of botherin me

mini tablo: Sorry

sugar glider: some1 is hangover k thx bye

sugar glider: ...was that another song

mini tablo: No, No, No

<sugar glider> left the chat

<buddha> added <sugar glider> to the chat

mini tablo: sorry for being a Naughty Girl

mini tablo: please come back you’re Irreplaceable

the og: i cant breathe

oh worm:

mini tablo: okay im done

mini tablo: At Last

<sugar glider> left the chat

Chapter Text

[The Lost Boys (9)]

<the og> added <sugar glider> to the chat

<the og> changed <sugar glider>’s nickname to <yongbok>

yongbok: THANK YOU



pillow: what are u so loud for

bundle of joy: aw why would u add him back

bundle of joy: it had been a relaxing afternoon w/o him

the og: next time u get spammed on every platform possible we can talk

bullet journal: couldn’t u block him

the og: of course i did

the og: after failing to reach me via text,email,tweet,fb,ig and soundcloud he resorted for linkedin ffs

yongbok: i was all set to send you a carrier pigeon if that failed too

munchlax: u resourceful mf @felix


bundle of joy: ffs

oh worm: what were u going to make it carry?

yongbok: vegemite

      ✓✓ read




mini tablo: idk y i keep laughing @ everybody silently agreeing to leave felix on read n just go to sleep

mini tablo: even chan hyung

the og: i get it that we're both australian but still

yongbok: y’all rude

yongbok: is nobody going to tease jeongin for the randomness of his question?

the og: no

buddha: no

bundle of joy: no

munchlax: no

pillow: no

mini tablo: no

bullet journal: no

oh worm: no

yongbok: can u say that again i dont think the message got across

mini tablo: no

bundle of joy: no

oh worm: no

buddha: gUYS

bullet journal: HE TALKS!

buddha: i’m just trying to flip these burgers and the constant vibrating of my phone isn’t helping

buddha: if i were at the shakes though...

bundle of joy: and he uses sarcasm!

bundle of joy: chan hyung what did u do to him

the og: 

yongbok: y tho

yongbok: its not like ive ever used ur face as memes

the og: 

the og: and here i thought it was the right time to make you change your name back…


yongbok: im begging u

mini tablo: Beggin', beggin' you

mini tablo: Put your loving hand out baby

bullet journal: here we go again with the human jukebox 

the og: k so anyway

the og: since i didn’t even notice i left the nicknaming locked since that one incident

pillow: *that* incident?

buddha: did anybody ever fess up?

bundle of joy: man it has been eons!

bullet journal: for the last time YONGBOK i dont keep a bullet journal


yongbok: also fuck you

the og: y’all free to rename urself or others whenever u want

the og: dont make me regret it

<yongbok> changed their nickname to <marianas trench>

<yongbok> changed <the og>’s nickname to <chris columbus>

<yongbok> changed <bundle of joy>’s nickname to <minow>

<yongbok> changed <mini tablo>’s nickname to <munchkin>

<yongbok> changed <munchlax>’s nickname to <calimero>

<yongbok> changed <bullet journal>’s nickname to <dear diary>

<yongbok> changed <buddha>’s nickname to <bob’s burgers>

<yongbok> changed <pillow>’s nickname to <snoopy>

<yongbok> changed <oh worm>’s nickname to <bitchass>

bitchass: the bitchass here is you with that hair, felix hyung

dear diary: oooOOOOOOOooo

minow: ma boi!!

munchkin: pewpewpewpew!!!

calimero: dafuq was that

chris columbus: i didnt share my power for u to abuse it like this @felix

chris columbus: also idk if i’d rather be connected to the dude who chanced upon americas instead of indias like planned

chris columbus: or to one of the directors of harry potter

minow: u got it all wrong felix

minow: we need a theme

<minow> changed their nickname to <fiona>

<minow> changed <bob’s burgers>’s nickname to <shrek>

<minow> changed <munchkin>’s nickname to <donkey>

donkey: did i ask???

<minow> changed <marianas trench>’s nickname to <puss in boots>

<minow> changed <calimero>’s nickname to <lord farquaad>

lord farquaad: bitch

fiona: try again

lord farquaad: * bitch hyung

<minow> changed <chris columbus>’s nickname to <big bad wolf>

<minow> changed <snoopy>’s nickname to <pinocchio>

<minow> changed <bitchass>’s nickname to <gingy>

<minow> changed <dear diary>’s nickname to <dragon>

big bad wolf: aaaand im locking the nicknaming again

lord farquaad: this is why we cant have nice things smh

donkey: no please let us at least change our names back

dragon: yeah why am i the dragon????

dragon: while im agreeing with jisung rn i want nothing to do with him

donkey: 凸(`△´#)

shrek: meh

shrek: i neither love nor hate mine

pinocchio: how gudetama of you

shrek: excuse you i’m not lazy just chill

big bad wolf: who wants to change their names do it now

lord farquaad: or forever hold your peace?

big bad wolf: yeah that

<donkey> changed their nickname to <bibarel>

<dragon> changed their nickname to <stitches>

puss in boots: yeah nah i prefer what i picked earlier

<puss in boots> changed their nickname to <marianas trench>

<lord farquaad> changed their nickname to < >

<gingy> changed their nickname to <tae jin ah>

<pinocchio> changed their nickname to <snoopy>

<marianas trench> changed <big bad wolf>’s nickname to <koalatea>

fiona: killjoys the lot of you

koalatea: felix

marianas trench: chris

koalatea: clever

marianas trench: (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

marianas trench: oi seungmin

stitches: what

marianas trench: did u snitch?

stitches: no why

bibarel: *not today

marianas trench: cuz snitches get stitches

stitches: and talkers get walkers so be careful

stitches: you too @jisung

tae jin ah: ooOOOOoooo

snoopy: ma boi went IN!

marianas trench: u would kno


stitches: 凸(⁄ ⁄`⁄皿⁄´⁄ ⁄)

fiona: yo @changbin

: who summoned me

fiona: miss me with that demon shit, we know you a softie

: i’m chillin in gehenna,what are u talkin about

fiona: do you need a refresh of your bratty kid aegyo act you pull every time you get too drunk?

fiona: i got it on video


marianas trench: oooh fiona noona w dem receipts!

tae jin ah: do share!

: J E O N G I N

tae jin ah: but i never had the chance to see you drunk :(

tae jin ah: as a matter of fact you lot never invited me out for drinks 

koalatea: ‘cause you’re still a minor adn we’re responsible™ for you

tae jin ah: you forgot me at the mall

bibarel: HAH

tae jin ah: and YOU stole my umbrella

bibarel: i thought it was mine!

tae jin ah: you didn’t bring yours that day

bibarel: forecasts are always wrong

tae jin ah: they said it was gonna rain

tae jin ah: it was a near downpour

tae jin ah: i got stuck at the fast food till the evening when it finally drizzled down

tae jin ah: i dont wanna see another mcflurry for at least 6 months

marianas trench: HAH

tae jin ah: don’t make me start,felix hyung

stitches: jeonginnie went AWF!

stitches: (dont expose me pls xoxo)




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lee.ix  eat my shorts @theyangone


j.0ne hold the fuck up when did u go to the barber

lee.ix i ditched my statistics class lolol

spearB oh.

not_leeminho [kevin hart voice] she wasn’t readyyy


Chapter Text

[The Lost Boys (9)]

eevee: hey guys im having a quickie want some?

koalatea: YOU WHAT

fiona: what a start lol

marianas trench: i mean...involving more than 2 people would go against the quick part but…

eevee: im not the only one…?

buddha: WHAT

snoopy: what has our former school gotten to since we left

eevee: what are y’all so worked up for,it’s so good!!

bibarel: oh im sure it is

koalatea: JISUNG

munchlax: smth isn't right

munchlax: send a pic

koalatea: C H A N G B I N

eevee: why would u want a pic?

eevee: it’s a quickie, don’t we all know what it’s like?

marianas trench: some of us dont *ahem*hyunjinseungmin*ahem*

stitches: you’re one to talk yongbok

snoopy: leave me out of this

marianas trench: let that name die seungmin

stitches: not until you stop picking on my love life you prick

bibarel: u mean u two covered all the bases??

bibarel: btw felix thats YOUR name lololol no way youre gonna escape it

stitches: stfu

marianas trench: stfu


munchlax : send a pic

munchlax: humor me jeongin

eevee: fine


koalatea: oh thank fuck

buddha: i aged by like 40 years

stitches: jeongin that's called quiche,not quickie

eevee: same difference


eevee: how do you pronounce it then?

stitches: kish

eevee: language nazi =3=

stitches: YOU asked how to say it,bitch

fiona: i bet the dinner lady looked at you weird

eevee: i went to the hole in the wall eatery across the street actually

eevee: but yeah the waiter was quite speechless,now that i think about it

marianas trench: maybe he was considering the proposition for a real quickie lol

koalatea: F  E L  I X




oh worm   @ theyangone

No, i wasn’t hitting on the waiter. Sorry for making u uncomfortable,dude. Yes, the quiche was good.


└ @friedegg don’t think i didn’t see you delete this same tweet to correct that one word

└ @theyangone leave my ignorant ass aloneeeee

└ @leeix 

└ @teddyjin it’s in cases like this that an editing fucntion on twitter doesnt sound too bad

└ @linoknows seungmin would point out it has been edited regardless

└ @friedegg word



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lee.ix  today was a good day~


j.0ne  lemme guess u skipped another statistics class

lee.ix  u know it boo

cb97  changbin.exe stopped working




the dark one   @ spearB

i cant even


└ @linoknows tune the tumblr girl in you down

└ @j.0ne WHAT TEAM?

└ @leeix WILDCATS

└ @theyangone WILDCATS

└ @friedegg WILDCATS

└ @jinyoungfan WILDCATS

└ @linoknows fucks sake



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hwangmoretime  which one is the flower?

kimseung  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

j.0ne  *pukes rainbows*

lee.ix  *pukes yesterdays breakfast*

not_leeminho  and they say they arent together

└ cb97 ikr? so frustrating

└ not_leeminho  im feeling the irony in this statement but i dont wanna dwell on it

└ cb97 likewise

└ not_leeminho what do u mean?

└ cb97 what do YOU mean??

teddyjin whats going on

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spearB feeling good


not_leeminho  i just left you on twitter saying you can’t even,what happened in...5 minutes?

spearB i havnt posted a selca in a while,thats it

not_leeminho  mhm…



[Private chat: Minho & Changbin]


evil hyung of course he did he always does you idiot

evil hyung btw dont think i didnt see you being difficult not hearting felixs pic yet

cute dongsaeng i just did,happy?

evil hyung very

cute dongsaeng btw where u @? chan hyung,woojin hyung and i are going to the noraebang

evil hyung and im supposed to save u from being the 3rd wheel? no way

cute dongsaeng pleaseweee

cute dongsaeng i dont wanna suffer thru love songs and longing glances all alone

evil hyung what did chan hyung bribe you with this time?

cute dongsaeng he’ll do my english assignments for a month

evil hyung i see the appeal

evil hyung but i cant,im busy

cute dongsaeng no ure not,u dont have dance practice today

evil hyung i know it sounds weird but i have a life outside of that

cute dongsaeng jisung better be giving u a good time

evil hyung wtf how did you know i’m w him?

cute dongsaeng look behind u


[Private chat: Felix & Jisung]

freckled aussie HJDKIGCBNEVTYKL

korean squiwwel honestly mood

freckled aussie what compares to changbin hyung finally hearting your selca,good sir? ಠ‿ರೃ

korean squiwwel oh,only hanging out with minho hyung,i say ಠ‿ರೃ

korean squiwwel

freckled aussie

korean squiwwel writing all proper gave me a headache

korean squiwwel never again

freckled aussie hard same

freckled aussie but give me the deets biotch (≖ ‿ ≖)✧

korean squiwwel oh u kno,just chillin w minho hyung at the bar of the arcade after some bowling

korean squiwwel just the two of us at long last

korean squiwwel i love y'all but we dont need to do shit all tgt as a group all the time

freckled aussie i...have to agree


korean squiwwel felix

freckled aussie jisung

korean squiwwel come get your boyfriend before i kill him



[HAN! liked]

mirror    @linoknows

With all the noraebangs in seoul…


@spearB It’s always a pleasure to ruin your plans

└ @linoknows 



[mirror liked]

HAN!  @j.0ne

My only consolation is that he fifth wheeled


@spearB i told your bf the same

@spearB It’s always a pleasure to ruin your plans

└ @j.0ne 




matrioshka  @spearB

even their reaction are the same lol


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└ @spearB   In retrospect...jokes on me i guess



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jinyoung’s falsetto in The New Era  @jinyoungfan

Gotta love all the vagueing on my tlist


@friedegg the comments give little context to what happened...

@theyangone i wanna know TT

Chapter Text

[The Lost Boys (9)]

bibarel: yo

bibarel: i haven’t heard from chan hyung in a while…?

buddha: i tied him to his bed

fiona: ooo kinky

marianas trench: eyes emoji eyes emoji eyes emoji

stitches: did you just spell the emoji out @felix

stitches: thrice??

marianas trench: my emojis dont work anymore

marianas trench: i think my phone is dying

snoopy: sucks to be you

fiona: speaking of sucking

fiona: what did you do @woojin?

eevee: there’s a minor in here!!! ∑(゜Д゜;)

munchlax: you only pull the minor card when it’s convenient to you ¬_¬

eevee: (◕‿◕ ❀)

buddha: hardy har har

buddha: i only forced chan to sleep for more than two hours

marianas trench: did you succ the life out of him?

marianas trench: he’d never be knocked out for so long otherwise

<eevee> left the chat

<bibarel> added <eevee> to the chat

bibarel: where are you running? WhEre aRe yOu rUnNiNg??

marianas trench: it’s why are u running,dumbass

marianas trench: and it has nothing to do with the mocking spongebob meme

marianas trench: if u gotta meme do it right

bibarel: last time i checked YOU were the dumbass in the millennials chat

marianas trench: we're not in the millennials chat so YOU are the dumbass, dumbass








big white bear  @teddyjin

bless my friends’ short attention span


└ @teddyjin and lack of originality with their insults




rejuvenated  @cb97

my skin is clear, my crops are thriving, i have 20/20 vision, the sun is shining.

is this what it feels like after a good long sleep?


└ @j.0ne  no “my grades are up" part?

  └ @cb97 bitch i wish

└ @linoknows  okay but what did @teddyjin do to finally convince you not to pull the 5th all-nighter in a row?

  └ @cb97 he tied me to the bed

  └ @spearB literally???

  └ @jinyoungfan we thought he was kidding when he said that on the gc…

  └ @j.0ne woojin hyung lowkey a freak

  └ @teddyjin told y’all

  └ @teddyjin shut up jisung

  └ @theyangone i SO didn’t need to read the poor virgin eyes...

    └ @friedegg sure mr “asking the waiter for a quickie”

    └ @theyangone will you ever let that go?!?!?

      └ @theyangone don’t even try putting a Frozen gif @leeix

      └ @leeix 





[Private chat: Chan & Woojin]

channie: i know this is what we agreed on but how did they fall for it??

jinnie: i hate to say it but they can be pretty dumb

channie: it does come in handy tho

channie: i wouldn’t be able to look them in the eye anymore if we told them what you really threatened to do

channie: or rather /not/ do

channie: :((((

jinnie: i can already hear jeongin crying about “eugh,parents being nasty”

channie: ...would you have really abided by your abstinence ultimatum?

jinnie: yes

channie: DDDD8




[the fun uncle and the kids (7)]

the funcle: do they really think we believed that bs?

why am i here: they can be pretty dumb

nephew from abroad: bet woojin hyung threatened ~le sexy times~ to get chan hyung to listen?

tall nephew: no need to bet, we’d all get the same sum

squishy nephew: i still stand by my belief that woojin hyung is one kinky mf behind that gentle smile

dino nephew: way to make things not weird at all,jisung…

baby nephew: ewwwww parents being nastyyyyy




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hwangmoretime  wiped at the library

kimseung  want me to come over with coffee

hwangmoretime  godspeed

spearB  yeah i’d like an iced ame too please and thank you

kimseung  get your own tf

spearB  i’m with hyunjin :>

kimseung  sigh... aight

kimseung  anybody else at the library?

lee.ix   i was boutta go there too

lee.ix   we can meet @ starbucks and go to the library tgt if u want

kimseung  sure,see you in 10?

lee.ix   (Y)




[Private chat: Seungmin & Felix]

dear diary: i know for a fact you currently have no assignments so you have no need to go to the library

dear diary: i see what you’re doing

yongbok: u aint seein shit

dear diary: 

yongbok: the same can be said ‘bout u

yongbok: hyunjins butler

yongbok: next thing u know yall form a pact and become the queens guarddogs

yongbok: i always knew u were a demon

dear diary: wtf are you on??

dear diary: i’m not sure i want some of what you’re smoking anymore,,,


Chapter Text

[The Lost Boys (9)]

marianas trench: it is wednesday my dudes

marianas trench: _________________00:03

munchlax: disappointed but not surprised

buddha: was it necessary?

stitches: vine is fucking dead omg get it through that thick skull of yours

koalatea: didnt they say they were tryna revive it?


eevee: the lady sitting in front of me on the bus just glared at me

bibarel: ur fault for not using ur earphones to listen to crap on ur phone

fiona: ur fault for not using ur earphones to listen to the crap felix sends

fiona: FTFY

bibarel: thx

koalatea: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

buddha: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

munchlax: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

marianas trench: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

stitches: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

eevee: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

fiona: what

bibarel: what

snoopy: that reminds me

snoopy: do y’all remember how many times felix got in trouble for the vine?

[Private chat: Jisung & Hyunjin]

buck teeth: omg i owe u one TT

canoe lips: you bet you do

[The Lost Boys (9)]

munchlax: it was quite guinness record worthy tbh

stitches: especially considering he was a transfer student

koalatea: one would think a newbie would keep a low profile

koalatea: but nah

buddha: still surprised those detentions didnt accumulate into an expulsion tbh

koalatea: rt

munchlax: rt

eevee: rt

fiona: rt

stitches: rt

marianas trench: rt

eevee: lol he rts too

marianas trench: theyre my pride and joy

fiona: whatever makes u sleep at night

koalatea: too bad u werent the only one auntie ripped a new one to every time the school notified her

marianas trench: luv u cuz 

koalatea: yeah yeah whatever

bibarel: one of my fav moments was when he yeeted as he threw an empty can across the hallway

munchlax: that battle cry tho

snoopy: he almost pulled a kobe too

eevee: if the can got into that bin it woulda been E P I C

buddha: almost wish i was there to see that

bibarel: thats what u get for being too old





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not_leeminho  going job interview, wish me luck 

cb97 go kick some asses!!

teddyjin  good luck!!!

theyangone  you can do it hyung!

kimseung  we’re rooting for you!




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the lord is texting me


@j.0ne ***testing me

@leeix damn what is his phone plan?




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theyangone  the day is too beautiful to stay cooped up in a classroom

cb97  did you just ditch after school?!

└ theyangone  pls don’t tell mom

 └ teddyjin  you rang?

 └ theyangone  my REAL mom but yes hyung too

 └ spearB too late for that huh?

 └ theyangone  thanks captain obvious

 └ spearB  ( ・◇・)

    j.0ne daaaaamn

hwangmoretime  felix is rubbing off on you now more than he did when we were still in hs with you

└ lee.ix  my yang padawan ;;

 └ hwangmoretime was that pun intended or

 └ lee.ix  typo but it totes fits w his nick




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lee.ix  seungmin just about fainted in the hallway

└ hwangmoretime he what

└ lee.ix  im not w him tbh but im sure he did wherever he is

└ kimseung  I did NOT

cb97 damn look at all those likes

not_leeminho  we get it ure handsome

└ j.0ne  look whos talkin

 └ cb97  AYYYYYYY


 └ kimseung  DID HE JUST

 └ theyangone  DID HE REALLY

 └ not_leeminho  :)




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[Private chat: Felix & Jisung]


freckled aussie: wtf is that :) supposed to mean

freckled aussie: im pissed on ur behalf

freckled aussie: for once that u complimented him where everyone can see

korean squiwwel: lol ‘sokay

freckled aussie: hold up

freckled aussie: no meltdowns?

freckled aussie: no what ifs??

freckled aussie: is there smth u aint tellin me???

freckled aussie: was that bowling busted date a real date???????

korean squiwwel: jesus chill with those question marks

korean squiwwel: first off, i reached a nirvana point where i take whatever he gives me

korean squiwwel: second, r u still hung up on that??

korean squiwwel: it was forever ago,anything couldve happened in the meanwhile

freckled aussie: it was like 2 weeks ago

freckled aussie: !!!

freckled aussie:

anything couldve happened in the meanwhile

freckled aussie: SPILL

korean squiwwel: i told you already that i WISH it was a date,we were just hanging out

korean squiwwel: blessedly w/o all of y’all

korean squiwwel: until YOUR bae and the two gramps happened to be in the area and crashed our evening out

korean squiwwel: as for the past two weeks nothing really happened?

korean squiwwel: we messaged a bit more tho

freckled aussie: about...?

korean squiwwel: about how annoying you are

freckled aussie: rude

freckled aussie: also bro

freckled aussie: it totally was a date




[Private chat: Chan & Minho]


insomnia: was a :) all you could manage

not today: I PANICKED OKAY?!?!?




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lee.ix  seungmin just about fainted in the hallway

[3 replies]

cb97 damn look at all those likes

not_leeminho  we get it ure handsome

└ j.0ne  look whos talkin

 └ [5 replies]

spearB  we get it your best feature is your lips










[Private chat: Seungmin & Felix]


dear diary: i was about to sarcastically thank you for embarrassing me under hyunjin’s latest selca but i saw changbin hyung’s comment

dear diary: are you okay?

yongbok: idk

yongbok: like i know they’re close and i know hyunjin likes you back, but what if it’s a onesided crush on changbin hyung’s part?

dear diary: h-he likes me?





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I rescind my previous tweet to say that my friends are blind as fuck

└ friedegg  you’re one to talk

Chapter Text

[The Lost Boys (9)]

eevee: im not a behavioral expert,what more do u want from meeeee

munchlax: who u talkin to

eevee: minhos cats

eevee: im catsitting

munchlax: say no more

fiona: what do u have against my cats huh?!

fiona: share ur location i wanna fight

munchlax: how?? youre across the country bihhh

fiona: fight me for real when i come back asshole


stitches: @jeongin he only has one,it can't be that bad

marianas trench: he has 2 idjit

snoopy: my allergy says he has 3

fiona: @hyunjin correct

fiona: @seungmin @felix dont talk to me or my sons ever again

koalatea: @jeongin what happened?

eevee: one moment one of them rubs all over my legs and accepts my pats

eevee: the next it starts meowing all pissed off and trying to scratch me

marianas trench: its being mean-ho

marianas trench: lol geddit

buddha: …thank u for your contribution

fiona: @jeongin did u do anything to him?

eevee: no! (●o≧д≦)o

fiona: did u make any annoying noise?

eevee: i don’t think so? 「(°ヘ°)

fiona: did u bring in some bug stuck on your clothes?

eevee: i hope i didn’t ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)

fiona: then tough shit kiddo idk

eevee: hyuuuuunggg (˃̩̩̥ɷ˂̩̩̥)

stitches: btw @minho where u at?

fiona: y’all hear sumn?

stitches: cmoooooon 

bibarel: hows the workshop going?

fiona: its going great thanks for remembering and asking

marianas trench: of course jisung would 

snoopy: ^

munchlax: ^

stitches: ^

koalatea: ^

eevee: ^

buddha: ^

fiona: did you lot really forget id be in busan for 3 days for a dance workshop?

fiona: im wounded

buddha: pretty sure the only one who forgot was seungmin

stiches: dang






Mea culpa


└ @spearB dont hide behind ur smarts,ur memory is shit

 └ @j.0ne that raises the question if his memory is just that bad or he doesnt care about others

   └ @spearB DAYMN u got no chill

   └ @cb97 or about minho in particular lol lbr

   └ @friedegg i do care! About all of you ㅜ

   └ @jinyoungfan he IS thoughtful,he just had a brainfart 

      └ @friedegg thanks,i guess?

   └ @leeix POLL 

        Is @friedegg:

 a shit friend

losing braincells

a bully towards @linoknows

        └ @friedegg stfu you didn’t know how many cats he has either

            └ @jinyoungfan yeah to think this all started only because of cats lol @theyangone what have u done

              └ @theyangone








└ @spearB what now

└ @j.0ne ohhhh ic ic…

└ @leeix did senpai notice you?

  └ @j.0ne  


  └ @leeix poetry






Tormenting seungmin hours: OPEN


Im living for them


└ @friedegg fuck right off,will you

  └ @j.0ne luv u too boo




[Private chat: Felix & Seungmin]


yongbok: hey whats that face for

yongbok: at least hyunjin defended you

dear diary: god shut up

yongbok: thx for remembering who i am but i go by felix

dear diary: no you’re a clown and your name is yongbok

yongbok: …i handed that to you on a silver platter, didnt i…

dear diary:


dear diary: that aside

dear diary: did i do smth to piss jisung off?

yongbok: not that i know of...?

yongbok: sarcasm doesnt show well in text, maybe he was just taking the piss

dear diary: i hope so

yongbok: have u asked him about it?

dear diary: i was gonna




[Private chat: Seungmin & Jisung]


dandyboy: ok spill: what did i do

doraemon: ??

dandyboy: you’ve been particularly brutal with your teasing towards me today

doraemon: the worst ive said was implying ure a bad friend

doraemon: i did worse during the years lbr

dandyboy: that much is true


dandyboy: but seriously did i somehow offend you recently?

doraemon: since when ure so concerned about that

doraemon: but u didnt do anything wrong, honest

doraemon: ive just been feelin a bit off and took it out on the easiest target since everyone else was teasin u

doraemon: sorry for upsetting u

dandyboy: it’s okay, at least we cleared it up

dandyboy: do you need help with anything?

doraemon:  physics

dandyboy: somehow i doubt this is what’s troubling you but i'll let it slide

dandyboy: and i’m shit at physics

doraemon: ure useless

dandyboy: luv u too boo

dandyboy: why are you even taking it when you're majoring in music

doraemon: compromise w the 'rents

dandyboy: right




minho hyung i need a raise   @theyangone


im drowning in pussy


└ @cb97 J E O N G I N

  └ @theyangone i didnt write that!!! 

   └ @j.0ne

  └ @theyangone curse you, you computer wiz

└ @linoknows the hets would be proud

  └ @linoknows also im already paying u more than ur neighbor

  └ @theyangone yeah but he only has one cat

  └ @theyangone ain’t even replying you coward




[Private chat: Chan & Minho]


insomnia : yo pass by my place when u come back

insomnia: i found one of your godawful cheetah crocs

not today: and i saw one of your old man slippers under my bed now that i think about it

not today: i'll be back in 2 days 





[Private chat: Minho & Jisung]



han: if u took it any closer i wouldnt even be able to tell it was u

minho: send a close up too as payback

han: fine


minho: so whats up

han: nothing much

han: just out n about cuz i cant sleep

han: what bout u? how did the 1st day go?

minho: very well, we just wrapped up and are grabbing a drink

minho: why cant u sleep?

han is typing...




[Private chat: Jisung & Felix]


korean squiwwel: answer quick

korean squiwwel: how desperate would i sound if i told s.o i miss them even if we won’t be apart for long?

freckled aussie: are u talkin about who i think ure talkin about???

korean squiwwel: felixxxxx

freckled aussie: ok ok uhhh

freckled aussie quite desperate but if the feelings are reciprocated u might both laugh about it?




[Private chat: Minho & Jisung]


minho: u there?

han: i have a lot on my mind lately

minho: half an hour to type that??

han: it was less than 5min chill =3=

han: but it’s nothing serious, really

han: walking it out is helping

minho: if u say so

minho: hey wanna hang out when im back?

minho: i’ll have to go to chans first but im free afterwards

minho: u like the cheesecake from the cafe near my house right? we could go there

han: sounds like a plan

minho: it is




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cb97  what will kill us first? arson or food poisoning?


theyangone  hyuuuung 




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kimseung  guess who


teddyjin  i won’t help you anymore with your photography projects, why did i even listen to you




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kimseung  fine,fine,here is a picture that does him justice


teddyjin  gee thanks

└ j.0ne  just bought it


lee.ix  oppaaaaaaa~~

└ jyo  i can’t even say that’s my line bc i’m older 

bam2_dab2  balenciaga?? daaamn how can ur broke asses afford it???

└ kimseung  icu fishing for a thanks. Should’ve tagged you, you right

└ bam2_dab2  at the very least




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teddyjin  someone is a bit too obsessed with bohemian rhapsody


cb97  as if i never caught u belting out MAMAAAAA JUST KILLED A MAN