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Method of Seduction

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“I want to seduce him.” It was said so casually that Johnny didn’t even stop reading his book for a good minute after it was said. So casually, like throwing bread to ducks in the middle of spring on the way home from school. When Johnny did look up from his book, realising that, no he had not misheard his cousin, he scanned the room to see if there was a ‘him’ sitting around. They were at home and were the only two in the room.

“I hope y’don’t mean me, ‘cause I know cousins is generally accepted, but like, dude, I have a boyfriend.”

“Keep up, Johnny. I mean Mista.” Giorno sighed, looking up from watering his plants to glare at Johnny incredulously. “He’s beautiful, and I like him, and I’m sure he likes me too.” He paused. “In a sexual way, just to clarify.” Johnny rolled his eyes; that clarification was more than unnecessary.

Johnny had only met the guy about a month ago, having kept to his own circle of friends and not wanting to get caught up in the dodgy business that the entire Brando family was somehow involved in, including Giorno. He couldn’t really wrap his head around why Giorno would go for someone like Mista when he was… Well, Giorno was like an angel and Mista was like a human. They were miles apart, and that was just in looks! “He has nice hair, I suppose?” Johnny asked, a look of confusion crossing his face. Truth be told, he’d never seen more than a few wisps of Mista’s hair from underneath the ugly beanie he insisted on wearing all the time. He could be bald for all he knew.

Giorno put down his watering can and sighed wistfully. “It’s not just his hair.”

Despite his mind screaming and screeching ‘DO NOT’ at him, Johnny couldn’t help but ask. “What’s else could there be?” Mista wasn’t the most attractive person in the world, in Johnny’s eyes, so he couldn’t think of what it could be. He was a beanpole, apparently had never heard of a razor, and had an atrocious fashion sense. Then again, most their entire family and friends had atrocious fashion senses… Maybe that was what drew Giorno to him? The other boy sighed and clicked his tongue trying to put his thoughts into words.

“No, no, you don’t understand. It’s… the way he poses sometimes. It’s sexy, trust me.”

“I…’ll take your word for it. Sure.” He shook his head and rolled his eyes. “What’re y’going to do then?”

“What do you mean?”

“How’re you going to seduce him as you oh so elegantly put it?”

Giorno hummed, tilting his head to the side and looking at the wall. “I’m not sure. I only decided I wanted now.”

He had decided to willingly seduce the mafia involved college drop-out when said mafia involved college drop-out wasn’t even around and nothing significant had been happening in their lives to grant Giorno having the other boy on his mind. No way he’d only just decided.

“I’ll figure something out.”

“Between studying, helping your father, doing your job, and keeping the house clean, you’re gonna find out a way to seduce this guy?”

“I’m a smart person, Johnny. Don’t underestimate me.” The way he delivered the statement was reminiscent of his father; he’d said it in a normal tone and everything, yet there was a bite to it that made him sound almost threatening. Johnny returned to his book, nodding along.

“Smart as in you’ll tell him all about the structure of plants or break into his house?”

“Won’t those both help?” And Johnny immediately put his book down and rolled over to where his cousin was sat beside the window sill, putting his hands on Giorno’s shoulders and looking him directly in the eye. He was not letting his cousin’s first seduction attempt (relationship attempt.) go wrong.

“Please, do not blow this for yourself. Take interest in something he likes doing, please, for everyone’s sakes.” He said the words so seriously, hoping Giorno didn’t think he was joking around. Blue eyes stared back at him and blinked as if he hadn’t thought of the idea himself.

“Sounds good, I’ll start there. You’re good at seduction advice, Johnny, I’m not surprised you and Gyro got together so quickly.” Giorno smiled and put his own hands on Johnny’s shoulders. He wished the younger boy would stop wording it like that. Seduction, yeah right. It was a crush. A teenage crush. Thinking back to as to why Giorno would want to go out with Mista, there was the fact the two of them had weird quirks to them. Hopefully it would go well. He didn’t like the sound of having to beat up someone involved in the mafia business for breaking his cousin’s heart.

“Don’t lemme know it goes. I’d much rather not know, y’know?”

“I’ll take some time and mull it over like a good wine.” Giorno nodded, getting up and picking up his watering can to put it away. “Papa always says that the best Italian red wines taste better when mulled, so surely, matters of the red heart will be better after mulled over.”

“Sure.” Johnny replied, not really sure where the simile was going. Red heart? Aren’t all hearts red? What was Giorno even suggesting – black hearts? What would come next, ashen diamonds or pale clubs? Either way, it was things like that which made Johnny worry about his cousin sometimes. He shook off the feeling of worry, Mista would be fine. Probably.

“I must be going though. Passione is having a meeting and Narancia said he did Abbachio’s makeup while he was taking a nap, and no one’s told him yet. I don’t want to miss his reaction.” Giorno smiled walking away. Johnny put in face in his hands. He didn’t want to know what their motley group got up to; he already had Josuke snapchatting him the crazy adventures he was getting up to, like burning someone’s house down. He wouldn’t be surprised if a similar thing happened to the Passione group building.

It was none of Johnny’s business though.

That being said, a few days later, he did end up taking an extra long glance at Mista and his posture. Johnny didn’t mean to, but he’d remembered the way Giorno had talked about it being sexy, and he couldn’t help himself.

He was kind of sexy when he posed. He’d lean against a counter or something and jut out his hip, resting his hand on it lazily, and bending one knee but looking off to the side. He had some long legs, and a pretty well-toned stomach too, his clothes (or lack of really) helped bring that aspect to light. Sometimes he’d sit on a chair backwards, so he straddled the furniture and rested his elbows on the table in front of him and his chin of his palm, slightly squishing his cheek so it looked as if he were smirking or something. Johnny had to physically pull himself away from looking, and studying what could be so sexy about Mista.

Giorno had a point. He was kind of attractive. He knew guys were generally more angular than curvaceous, but he’d never really paid attention to it, never really thought it could be attractive.

The next day, he stared at how Gyro stood around, and he really couldn’t stop himself from staring. So much so that Gyro even caught him in the act, making him go red in the face and deny it, despite being so obvious about it in the first place.

“Oh, fuck you and your posing, Giorno.” Johnny groaned. Beside him, patting his back sympathetically, was Giorno who knew exactly what he was talking about. Everyone else looked at them in confusion.

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Mista was intimidating to be sure. To begin with at least, but he was a nice person to be around most of the time. Nice enough to approach and start a conversation with, for example asking him to be a model for a picture. That was simple enough.

After Johnny had brought up posing, Kakyoin had to know what was going on and after hearing the story he was sure that something had been lost in the game of Chinese whispers they’d made up.

“His words, not mine. Seduce.” It was about the third time Johnny had said the word and it still didn’t sound right to Kakyoin. It sounded awful. That was no way for a teenager to talk about a potential love interest. It sounded like a prostitute or a thirty-year-old preying on a teenager – maybe Dio had put the word in his son’s mind.

“Are you sure about that? Seduce?”

“Look, he said outta nowhere: I want to seduce him.”

It did sound bad but maybe it only sounded that way and it wasn’t actually bad. He was sure Giorno meant date Mista, but had worded it in the worst possible way known to man. “Giorno’s always had the best intentions, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing.”

Johnny just shrugged and took the apple from the fruit bowl that Kakyoin was sketching out. “Maybe. All I know is that Mista is oblivious as hell and is enjoying the extra time with his ‘best friend’. It just that I’ve gotta live with the kid and he’s saying shit like ‘I’ve got a gun that only he can make shoot’ and it’s gross and I hate it and I’m done. Seriously, if I could I’d move in with Gyro right now, no questions asked.”

Kakyoin shut his eyes and willed his brain to stop before it imagined something it really, really, didn’t want to. “He is a bit… much, sometimes, isn’t he?” He suddenly regretting the decision of asking the Passione group to model for him. Giorno was odd enough as it was, he didn’t need several others like him potentially destroying his supplies or something akin to that.

By the time the date for drawing the group came around, only four of them actually appeared and Kakyoin couldn’t have been more relieved that he didn’t have to deal with all of them. He wasn’t all to bothered when they got into the studio, so he could get them to pose for him, it was when they began to pose that he really couldn’t take it. He’d asked for the kind of teamwork poses they did when they worked, not wanting to beat around the bush. He knew who they were, they knew he knew who they were, it was just understanding all around for everyone. Everyone knew what Kakyoin wanted to draw.

What Kakyoin didn’t expect was the pure, utter, childishness the four of them embodied when together.

“Ooh! How about the dance, guys, the dance.” And as if on cue, all of them followed Narancia’s words and did what was quite possibly the most gangster thing Kakyoin had ever seen. It was ridiculous in all the best way possible, but not what he really wanted from the title 'teamwork'. They looked like damn Team Skull members from Pokémon, and Kakyoin voiced this opinion.

“Teamwork? How about that one?” Giorno brought up looking at Mista, and the other nodded in understanding. Kakyoin could feel it about to get worse.

How right he was.

Giorno stood behind Mista, holding Mista’s hand as he mimicked holding a gun (bless the lords he didn’t actually pull one out), and his other hand resting on his bare hip, fingertips dipped just below the elastic of Mista’s underwear.

“G-Giorno, stop that’s not a teamwork pose.” Kakyoin stuttered, closing his eyes and sighing deeply.

“What are you talking about? This is the peak of teamwork; Mista and I have done some of our best work like this.” And Mista just nodded along, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Peak of teamwork my ass! The only time I’ve seen teamwork like that is at night, between Jotaro and I. What kind of fucked up teamwork are you doing on a daily basis?! Kakyoin wouldn’t dare speak his thoughts aloud. Maybe Johnny had been right about how Giorno had worded it and what he’d meant. Seeing the posing in front of him he couldn’t deny that they were perfect for each other if they were that comfortable.

“You know what, just… let me.” Kakyoin groaned, getting up and physically moving the four teenagers into more… appropriate positioning. He kept Giorno’s hand away from any from anywhere incriminating. He didn’t want to add fuel to the flames.

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Word of Giorno’s want to ‘seduce’ his closest friend got around the Joestar and Brando family quickly. Quick enough that Diego had found himself going to the shops with his nephew and helping him pick out clothes for the guy. It was more of a strange courtship, like the male bird showed off its beautiful feathers to the female in hopes she’d get wooed by his amazing looks and mate with him. Like a peacock. Yeah, that sounded like Giorno…

“Which do you think would suit him better?” Giorno asked, holding up two hideous animal print trousers.

“No.” Diego deadpanned. They were both awful for different but equally strong reasons. “One looks like something Rikiel wore to high school and the other looks like Ungalo came all over it.” Giorno frowned and put both of them back, turning away from that particular rack of clothing.

Diego was no expert on fashion, really, Giorno could have easily gone by himself and chosen something lovely for his chosen partner (even if it did end up being far too expensive for Mista) but he was bored and a finding out more about his nephew’s crush sounded like a good idea at first. Repeat: at first.

It was embarrassing to watch him get to invested in buying something as simple as clothing. He would get picky about the material, or the shape, or if it was just a shade too dark to compliment his skin colour. Diego didn’t want to know how much Giorno had been looking at Mista to know what was or wasn’t too dark for his skin… He’d already taken the guy to art museums to compare him to the art, and to the family house just to treat him to a fancy lunch, what more did he need to do? How oblivious could one person be to such extravagant wooing? Then again, Giorno wasn’t exactly being the clearest with his intentions, for all he knew, that could all have been stuff that was normal for his nephew to do.

“Has he even figured out you want to date him?”

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.” Giorno replied, sifting through a rack of crop tops. Some of them didn’t look too bad in all honesty. “But that doesn’t matter. I don’t want to scare him away.” His pensive tone as he held up a bright green shirt made Diego burst into cackling laughter.

“You? Scare him away? Oh man, what the fuck do you even have in mind that’d scare him off?” Before Diego could think through what he’d said, Giorno was looking at him with the eyes of a hopeless romantic. He didn’t want to know what creepy stuff was going on in Giorno’s pretty little head, but it was too late. Damn it.

“I want to initiate him into our family.”

“What, marry him?”

“No! Well, maybe. I’m not sure yet.” Giorno began humming to himself in thought. “I want to make him feel like I do. Spoil him how Papa spoils me. Give him presents, pay for the things he likes, feed him all these fancy kinds of food, fall asleep next to him every night. You know.” His eyes had a far-off glint to them as if he were lost in thought and imagining something that Diego really didn’t want to know about.

“You… wanna be his sugar daddy?” Diego furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. That was what Giorno was saying, right? “You’re so gay.”

“Thanks for noticing, that’s what I’ve been trying to get across.” Giorno smiled that smile of his that was too much like his fathers to be for good. “I’ve got what I wanted, let’s go pay!” Diego shook his head and followed after his young nephew.

At least he had front row tickets if anything bad happened. That was a pretty good consolation prize in his eyes.

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This was getting out of hand.

How utterly stupid could you have to be to not realise when some was so obviously flirting with you? And, because of how utterly stupid Mista was, Trish had to play wingwoman for Giorno. Well, she didn’t have to, but that’s what friends did. They helped each other with their strange and seemingly unfounded crushes, especially when said unfounded crush was oblivious and taking all the expensive gifts and days out for granted, as if it were something friends just did for each other. Sure, she’d take Mista out for a meal, maybe once in a while, but not to the extent Giorno did.

They were walking down the street, Mista carrying Trish’s shopping for her, and it had been in silence for the past few minutes. Time to ease them into the subject.

“Hey, Mista, do you think Giorno is pretty?” It may have been straight forward, but she could gauge a lot from his response. If he was listening, that is. “Mista!”

“Huh? What?” He panted, rolling his shoulders back to try and feel some kind of relief from the strain on his arms as he adjusted his grip on the bags in his hands.

“In your eyes, is Giorno pretty?” She repeated. He hummed and looked deep in though as he followed Trish turning the corner down the back alley where she’d parked her car.

Giorno was pretty, yeah, he would say so. He had nice hands, he could remember that from the last time they’d hung out together. They’d been at a restaurant and Giorno had leaned over the table to wipe away some food that he’d gotten on his cheek with his thumb. His hand was really soft… Speaking of soft, so was his hair. He somehow managed to get it to smell like spring flowers all the time and it was so smooth and silky. Giorno had fallen asleep on his lap once, while they were round his apartment, and his braid at the back had come undone. Mista couldn’t help himself, with how beautiful it looked everyday surely it would feel just as such? He’d run his hands through it and to no surprise it fell through the spaces between his fingers so smoothly, as if it were silk – Giorno really had such pretty hair. Now he thought about it, pretty wasn’t the right word. It made the boy seem lesser than he actually was, and Mista wasn’t going to go for that. No. Giorno’s father was Dio after all, and Dio literally translated to God, and Giorno really was the child of a God; his looks and smarts and everything was proof of that! He was practically a God himself by that logic – pretty would just not do.

“Mista!” Trish exclaimed, turning around and staring at him. “Are you going to answer my question or not?”

Mista’s face flushed when he realised just how deeply in thought he’d been when thinking of Giorno and how pretty or not he was. “Uh, yea, he’s… good looking, I guess?” He managed to say covering his mouth with one hand and avoiding looking at Trish. He wasn’t going to spill what he’d just thought. That was asking for disaster.

“Good looking, huh?” She smiled, holding back a laugh at how Mista was acting. “Come on, let’s go. I’m finished.” They got into the car (the sigh of relief from Mista when he got to put the bags down was what one could call a sigh of euphoria) and Trish got out her phone, before she set off.

[Trish] Hey, your to-be-boyfriend thinks you’re good looking ;P
[Giorno] What
[Giorno] He said what about me
[Giorno] Trish what are you doing i wanted him to say that for the first time to my face
[Trish] Too bad, he thinks you’re cute and there’s nothing you can do about it
[Giorno] Oh my god he thinks im good looking and cute

She grinned at how quickly Giorno had responded.

Johnny had no clue as to why Giorno had gone red in the face from looking at his phone, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He’d learnt his lesson about asking questions already, and yet.

“What’s up?”

“He thinks I’m cute…” Giorno practically squeaked the words out, putting his phone down and pulling a pillow to his face. Johnny shook his head and returned to painting his nails. Surely Giorno had known that already? He sighed and ignored his cousin being absolutely lovesick.

At least things were going okay for him, he supposed.

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Johnny groaned, sinking in his chair and covering his face with his hands. He had managed to wrangle some time with Gyro, Jotaro, and Kakyoin away from Giorno and his creepy crush, but it was still the only thing anyone seemed to want to talk about. It had been a few months now and there hadn’t been that much of a progression from when Giorno had first decided to seduce Mista.

“Do you ever wonder what Dio would do if he found out, I feel bad for Mista. It can’t be easy having someone like Giorno after him, especially since Giorno has quite possibly the scariest dad in the world.” Kakyoin sighed, looking up from his sketchpad at the other three. Jotaro grunted in agreement but Gyro simply laughed that strange laugh of his.

“Isn’t Jotaro over there a scary dad too? Is this what it’s going to be like when Jolyne gets a boyfriend?” Jotaro glared at him and Gyro smiled a shit eating grin at him, obviously proud of his joke.

“I’m sure Jolyne’s not going to go around saying stuff like ‘he’s so precious it’s like Sauron forged him himself’. Giorno has no filter at home.” Johnny replied, rolling his eyes as he remembered all of the stupid things Giorno had said.

“He hasn’t said anything else like that has he?” Jotaro asked, pulling a face at what Johnny had said.

“Don’t get me started. I had trouble turning on my laptop and Giorno just said outta nowhere ‘Mista doesn’t have any problems turning me on’ with a god awful wistful sigh, and then he went on all like ‘I wish I was Mista’s laptop, then I could be in his lap, overheating, all night’ and it’s fuckin’ terrible.” Kakyoin and Gyro couldn’t hide their laughter at the ridiculous way that Giorno seemed to be pining for his friend, and Johnny wasn’t even half done with the terrible things his cousin had said. With two of the three other there egging him on to tell them more, Johnny recited as many as he could remember off the top of his head.

The most memorable ones were ones that had caught Johnny off guard, like when he’d slammed the front door after a particularly annoying encounter with Diego and Giorno had offhandedly said “I wish Mista would do that to me” and then again after he’d come back after an eye appointment and Giorno had said something along the line of “I should book an eye appointment, something has to be wrong with them since I can’t keep my eyes off of Mista”.

Eventually they were all laughing as Johnny repeated some of what must have been Giorno’s more regrettable lines and if they were to be honest they were surprised the boy could think up so many fitting lines at the right times. It was slightly worrying how many were sexual, but they understood how, after all he was a teenager and probably had hormones running through his body more than his crush ran through his mind.

“Hey, Jotaro, do you want to go back to your place so I can stroke your dolphin?” Kakyoin batted his eyelashes in his boyfriend’s direction and Jotaro covered his mouth with a hand to hide his smile.

“Gross, go flirt somewhere else!” Johnny scrunched up his face in disgust at the awful pick up line, but had spoken too soon as Gyro turned to him and grinned.

“I’ll be your stallion and you can ride me all night.” Gyro got a whack on the arm from Johnny.

Growing up while being surrounded by people like these… It made sense that Giorno was just a little bit stranger than your regular person.

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“Whoa, where’d ya get that from?!” Narancia asked, snatching Mista’s gun out of its holster to get a closer look at it. Mista immediately took it back without letting the other boy have his grubby hands all over it for a second longer. He contemplated whacking him over the head for taking it so suddenly, but Fugo got there first, jabbing Narancia in the side with a scowl.

“Giorno got them for me, real nice and fancy set. Something about wanting me to have the best because I’m the best or somethin’.” Mista smiled remembering when the teen had surprised him out of nowhere with the gift of new guns. They were a metallic blue with silver intricate detailing, and they felt great to use since they weren’t too different in weight from his old ones. Giorno really had some good taste, and that included the clothes that he’d gotten him as well. One more thing to add to the list of gifts the boy was seemingly showering him with. It wasn’t like he was going to complain though; he liked the attention and Giorno was so cute, thinking about him in his spare time and having put so much thought into what to get him.

Narancia oohed and aahed at the gun and leant over to get a better look at it without using his hands, whatever Fugo had been teaching him long forgotten on the table.

“Must’ve been expensive, ain’t those that really high-end brand?” He asked, and Mista simply shrugged. He hadn’t thought it polite to ask. “You’re so lucky you’ve got a rich boyfriend…” Narancia sighed, shaking his head and Mista was about to laugh along with Fugo and Abbacchio when he realised just what Narancia had said.

“W-what, wait up, GioGio isn’t my boyfriend!” Mista stuttered out going red in the face at the assumption being made.

“You’re kidding, right?” Abbacchio asked, raising at eyebrow looking over at the gunslinger.

“He’s buying you all this stuff and you’re not boyfriends?” Fugo asked next, an incredulous look on his face.

“You’re not even, like, fuckin’ him as thanks?” Narancia chimed in, obviously shocked at the fact.

“No!” Mista screeched, face burning and shoulders tense. This was subject that had been on his mind more often than not, due to comments made the gang, Trish, Diego, and an assortment of Giorno’s family members from the Joestar side of things. Kakyoin, who he’d never ever talked to one on one before, had asked him about what he and Giorno did in their own time and then had gone on to say it sounded like they cared for each other a lot, just from how at ease they were in each other’s company. Trish had commented on feeling like a third wheel when the three of them went out to the cinema together or something. Johnny was telling him all about how he should make sure to treat Giorno properly otherwise he’d be out for blood (Jotaro standing behind the wheelchair boy had helped make him seem more intimidating). And now he’d found out that the gang had thought the two of them were boyfriends!

… Were they?

He certainly wasn’t averse to the idea of going out with Giorno; the boy was undoubtedly attractive and smart and everything anyone could ever wish for in a partner. Giorno had been there with him by his side for so long now, and he’d treated him to so much without asking for anything in return, and had called the parts of him that other disliked beautiful… Giorno was like that naturally though, he was beyond Mista’s reach, even if he tried.

The very idea that Giorno liked him, in a romantic way, made no sense at all!

That didn’t stop him from imagining that maybe, just maybe, Giorno did like him and that he was special and that they could be boyfriends. He got up and left the table and ran over to Giorno’s house. He would face the problem head on and find out before he allowed his mind to run away with his wishful thinking.

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“You want me where?” Mista didn’t really know if he was hearing Giorno properly. He’d literally gone to his house after having the revelation of his life, to ask about just what they were, and was suddenly being dragged inside by Giorno, hugged, and shown the most angelic smile in the world and asked the most out of the blue question ever.

“My family dinner, tonight, or well, really now I suppose, if you have the time?”

“I mean, I’m free, but… Is a family dinner really a place for me to be considering I’m, well, not family?” Mista asked, still shocked by the idea, as Giorno pulled him by the hand up to his room.

“It’s fine! Kakyoin and Gyro come round all the time, and I’ve got outfits ready for us too.” He explained, waving off Mista’s refusals, and pulling out an entire outfit made out of high-end fabrics and in exactly the right style he liked. Maybe the gang were on to something; Giorno had been getting him a bunch of fancy things and he seemed to know exactly what he liked even when the others had no clue, despite only having known him for a few less years than them. He nodded dumbly in response, not knowing how he could refuse Giorno now, after he’d gone through so much trouble. It would be worth it to see this night out to the end, just to make sure about his assumptions, before he brought anything up – he didn’t want to embarrass himself by having gotten the wrong idea entirely.

And so with a giggle, Giorno clasped Mista’s hands in his own and tilted his head to the side, showing off his teeth with a smile and squinting his eyes cutely, thanking him for taking up the offer.

“N-no problem. Anything for you.” And he meant it, even if the words had come out entirely by mistake. A slip of the tongue that Mista was sure made him go red in the face as he stuttered it out.

The two of them got dressed, Mista pleasantly surprised by how well it fit, as if it had been tailored for him specifically, but he was sure not even Giorno would go that far for him, so he allowed himself to believe it was a happy coincidence. While it was slightly more formal casual than he would wear, it was nice and he didn’t seem to mind, especially not when Giorno came out in a suit with a heart shaped cut out in the chest area, bedazzled with ladybirds. It made his mouth go completely dry as he saw Giorno walk out of the walk-in wardrobe a little more shyly that he usually carried himself while out and about in Italy.

“You look amazing.” He said, the word ‘amazing’ coming out like a wistful sigh of adoration (because, honestly, who wouldn’t adore Giorno), hoping his words would brighten Giorno’s disposition a little bit and return him to how he usually was. It seemed to work by the way he fiddled with the tie at the end of his braid and the smile he flashed once again in Mista’s direction.

Giorno made his way to the dresser beside his wardrobe and made idle chat with Mista, making sure to give appropriate reactions to everything he said and talk back to him just as much as he could.

“I don’t think Abbacchio would appreciate it if you and I told Buccelati about that one – would you like some?” He had just finished applying some chapstick to his lips as cut himself off to offer some to Mista.

“Yeah, sure.” Mista nodded, pushing off the wall to stand up straight and move a little closer to where Giorno sat. With a wave of the younger boy’s hand, he leant down to his face too.

“Do you mind?” He wasn’t going to lie, he had no clue what on Earth Giorno had meant by it beforehand, and being the trusting person he was he just shook his head and told him to go ahead. This was, in hindsight, something he would have probably liked clarified beforehand. As he leant closer to Giorno, the boy, cupped a hand to his cheek and pressed their lips together with a little bit of pressure, with his mascara covered eyes shut and resting gently upon his cheek. Mista was frozen in place until Giorno pulled back. “I applied a bit too much. Was that alright?”

Again, all Mista could do was nod.

Yes, he would have liked a little warning, more so than just if he minded or not, but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He briefly remembered seeing Dio do the same thing to Giorno’s other dad, Jonathan, a few times before, sharing his lip gloss (or maybe it was just a kiss), and the way that Giorno didn’t even seem phased by the whole exchange and had moved on to applying a coat of pink lipstick on top of those lips that had just been connected to his own made Mista believe that it was something he’d picked up, or that was just common in his family. Italian culture was rather touchy feely and he was sure he’d heard a lot of I love you’s tossed around the American side of Giorno’s family and talk of something called skinship from his Japanese relatives too…

He couldn’t allow himself to dwell on it much longer, pressing his lips together to spread the acquired lip balm evenly as he watched Giorno with wondering eyes. He could only hope that the dinner itself would go off without another incident that he would be unable to explain to Giorno's family, and even worse, Giorno's dads.

Chapter Text

Giorno was combusting on the inside.

He did his best not to show it as he applied his lipstick and then proceeded to link arms with Mista, ready for their walk up to his father’s house, but he was sure he would have done a lot better at concealing it if Mista hadn’t kept on staring at him with those dark eyes of his that made him want to melt in his spot.

Still, he did his best to not be too excited about the fact that he had finally, finally, kissed Mista and got to feel his lips against his own. It was just as wonderful as he was expecting it to be even if it was brief and disguised as something else. It left him with a need to calm his beating heart from giving him away and he realised that he really didn’t need to apply as much blush as he had since he was for sure making up for it naturally after that.

“Are you ready to go?” Giorno asked, looked up at Mista, through his lashes, just like how Diego said was a sure-fire way to get anyone to fall for him. Mista nodded, the slightest of blushes dusting his cheeks and Giorno could only smile in response. Just what he wanted. And he had to admit, there was something so adorable about seeing Mista flustered in such a way because of him, it made him giddy with glee and, if it were even possible, even more in love with him.

They made their way down the stairs in their matching outfits and with expectations for the night ahead of them and questions they desperately needed to get out unbeknownst to each other. At the door ready to leave was Johnny and Gyro and so like any normal family member, Giorno asked if they wanted to walk together, although he would be lying if he said it wasn’t mostly for the reason that he needed to tell someone about what had just happened.

And so, Giorno unlinked his arm from Mista’s as soon as he and Gyro started talking to each other excitedly about some restaurants and cafés they liked, and trailed behind the group with Johnny, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention.

“What’s up?” Johnny asked, already knowing it was going to be another rambling talk about his sickeningly sweet love for Mista or something akin to that in the very least.

“How did you feel when you first kissed Gyro?”

“Uh…” Not exactly what he was expecting but somehow just as bad. “Well, I was drunk for one thing, and he was drunk for another, and it was all a touch fuzzy. Why?”

“It felt like music.” And, for a second, Johnny had lost track of just what Giorno was saying. Until he followed the boy’s gaze, straight to Mista’s back and it slowly was coming together for him. But before he could get a word out, Giorno began to speak again. “Like a song. The melody and harmony coming together for the first time, completing each other, creating romance in each measure and longing in each note and love that has only just begun its own symphony.” Giorno looked down at Johnny, eyes shining with a sheen of wetness and the softest of smiles tugging at the corners of his mouth and Johnny understood for sure what Giorno had meant by wanting to ‘seduce’ Mista.

The boy was so deep in love that he didn’t even realise just how deep in it he was. He had a lack of understanding that declared itself with a word that had the immensity of the emotions he held but not the right judgement to the conclude that what he wanted wasn’t to seduce Mista, but to love him, in what was honestly one of the purest forms of love that Johnny had ever seen. What Giorno wanted - yearned for - was a sense of intimacy in the unconditional type of love he harboured for Mista, for reciprocation to tell him that his feelings were mirrored, that the kind of love he had spent tremendous amounts of time into cultivating would come back to him.

But that meant nothing in the second that Johnny actually realised what was being said.

“You kissed him?!” It was a hissed whisper, quiet enough that the two in front of them wouldn’t hear but that Giorno could tell just how shocked he was. He gesticulated frantically and if it weren’t for the fact they were in public, Johnny wouldn’t have been able to contain himself. “You actually…? And he hasn’t clocked on yet? God, what a thick skull this one has…” His eyes were wide with disbelief.

“It’s cute though, no?” Giorno giggled, a hand covering half his face as he did so. Johnny could tell that Giorno was smitten through and through, so he just shook his head and nodded. He could only hope the two of them got everything sorted out sooner rather than later.