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dirty laundry and clean hugs

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“Jungkook! Did you do the laundry?”

Jungkook sits up as soon as he hears the question, getting ready to watch his roommate enter his room. Not even five seconds later, there is a knock on the door and the door opens to reveal Jimin. He’s still in his pyjamas although he has to leave soon. Jungkook swears his heart stops beating after he sees Jimin’s still ruffled hair.

“Aaah, sorry, Minnie. I forgot,” Jungkook apologizes, not apologetic at all.

Jimin deflates, pout forming on his lips. “Oh. It’s fine. I’ll wear my white shirt then.”

“Did you want something?” Jungkook jumps up from the bed and walks to Jimin.

“I wanted to wear a black shirt with the blue skinny jeans but mine are still in the dirty laundry.”

Jungkook would feel bad for forgetting to do the laundry if he had actually forgotten it. Now, a lot of people would say that purposefully not doing the laundry so your roommate/extremely new boyfriend (so new they’re still awkwardly dancing around each other) is mean and proves that he’s a bad roommate/extremely new boyfriend. But, you have to hear Jungkook out first before you judge. Remember the part about them being so new that they’re still awkwardly dancing around each other although they live together? Well, Jungkook just doesn’t know how to properly flirt with his cute boyfriend. He stammers, freezes, and walks into walls when he tries. Jimin’s sweet scent is just too overwhelming.

One day, before they started dating, Jimin accidentally wore one of his shirts and since then Jungkook always tried to make Jimin wear something of his. He liked the way the omega was hidden in it, his alpha had growled happily at the sight. Not to mention that he could smell himself on Jimin. Jimin had apologized and explained that his omega was sensitive when it is in pre-heat and that Jungkook’s alpha smell calmed him down. Weren’t it for the fact that they weren’t dating back then, Jungkook would have given Jimin his whole closet so he could make a next out of it.

Making Jimin wear his clothes outside of his heat, had proven to be harder than he thought until he got the idea of taking over the job of doing laundry and never doing any laundry until Jimin has no clothes and is forced to wear his. Jungkook has been living in Seoul for longer than Jimin has and has thus more clothes here.

“I’m really sorry,” Jungkook apologizes again, this time feeling a little bad. “Do you want my shirt? I don’t need it.”

Jimin’s lips form into an ‘o’, eyes widening a bit. He nods then. “Please.”

With a ‘please’ like that one, Jungkook is willing to even commit murder. Pushing those plans aside for when he’ll actually need them, Jimin guides Jungkook to his closet and opens. It’s kind of unnecessary since most of his shirts are white and he can only offer Jimin one long-sleeved black shirt and one black T-shirt.

Jimin inspects both, even holding them to his chest to ask Jungkook how he looks. He’s rather unhelpful, replying both times that he looks gorgeous with shining eyes but Jimin doesn’t comment on it. In the end, he chooses the T-shirt. Jungkook’s chest puffs up in pride as a result because his scent is stronger on the T-shirt, having worn it once.

“Thank you,” Jimin whispers. He puts one hand on Jungkook’s bicep and stands on his tiptoes to press a kiss to Jungkook’s cheek. Then he nuzzles Jungkook’s cheek, leaving behind a fresh trail of his scent. Jungkook almost melts right there, his neck and ears heating up.

Jimin leaves with a satisfied smirk and closes the door behind. That night, Jungkook does the laundry with a heavy heart.


It doesn’t take too long for the laundry to get dirty again. By then, Jimin and Jungkook are more comfortable with each other, going as far as holding hands when they’re together and Jimin leaning against his arm when they’re watching TV. Jungkook is still an idiot who can’t flirt with his own boyfriend but he tries.

Currently, Jimin is walking around in the kitchen and Jungkook is sitting on the couch watching his boyfriend wash the dishes while wearing his shirt. It’s adorable how Jimin is drowned in the simple shirt, having to pull the sleeves up every other moment so they won’t get dirty. Jungkook offered to help but Jimin refused because Jungkook had cooked already. Every now and then, Jimin looks up from the dishes to smile at Jungkook.

Jungkook already chose the movie for the night and made popcorn. He even pushed the coffee table to the side and created a comfortable pile out of blankets and pillows on the ground, intent on cuddling the fuck out of his boyfriend that evening. Now, he’s obediently waiting for Jimin to get finished so he can start executing his great plan.

“That looks cozy,” Jimin comments when he walks into the living room.

“I tried.”

Jungkook’s heart almost jumps out of his chest when Jimin sits next to him and wraps an arm around Jungkook’s without Jungkook asking him to.

“What are we watching?” Jimin asks, directing his attention at Jungkook.

Jungkook suppresses the urge to kiss his boyfriend and scrambles for the remote control. It was here just a few seconds ago. He chuckles a little embarrassed when Jimin holds it out to him.

“Is Click okay?”


Jungkook let the movie play and offers Jimin some popcorn. He has seen the movie already, which is why he knows that Jimin will like it. It’s funny and towards the end a little sad that will allow Jimin to talk about life and philosophies. But for now, Jimin leans his head on Jungkook’s shoulder, his whole body vibrating when he laughs and giggles. Jungkook feels it in his very being, smile ever present on his lips as he watches his boyfriend. He loves the funniest parts the most. They make Jimin throw his head back, small hand covering his mouth, and other times throwing himself against Jungkook. The best part is how strong Jimin’s scent gets, making Jungkook drunk and delirious.

Jungkook almost cries because of it.

Midway through the movie, Jimin starts squirming, rubbing his feet together.

“Where are you going?” Jungkook asks when Jimin moves to get to his feet.

“To get socks. My feet are cold.”

Jungkook tugs Jimin back down when Jimin moves, explains with shame, “The socks are still wet. They need to dry.”

Jimin pouts, sitting back down again. Jungkook almost whines out loud at the sight and makes an impulsive decision. He wraps an arm around Jimin’s shoulders to get him close and covers their feet with a spare blanket. Then he rubs Jimin’s feet with his own. If it weren’t for Jimin’s stiff frame slowly relaxing against Jungkook’s, then Jungkook would have already moved to Paraguay.

Soon they have reached the scene in the hospital and Jimin has started sniffling already. Jungkook rubs soothing circles into his lower back but it still isn’t enough to calm Jimin down as he watches the main character laying on the ground in the rain, screaming for his son.

All Jungkook can do is hold Jimin as he nuzzles Jungkook’s chest but still has his eyes set on the TV, determined to get his happy ending. The crying subsides as the main character does get his happy ending but the sniffling doesn’t stop.

“Stop crying,” Jungkook pleads, his wolf growling at him to comfort their omega. In an attempt to be funny he adds, “You’re getting snot on my shirt.”

“It’s not my fault you never do the laundry,” Jimin hiccups. “It’s your fault both shirts are yours.”

“And so are you,” Jungkook says before he can stop himself. Afterwards his eyes widen, heart stuttering at his own audacity. He looks down cautiously, hoping that Jimin isn’t angered.

Quite the contrary, Jimin is staring at Jungkook with glinting eyes, blinking owlishly as if he can’t believe that just came out of Jungkook’s mouth. His eyes are still a little wet from the crying, the top of his nose a cute pink. Jimin repositions himself so he’s properly straddling Jungkook’s legs and wraps both arms around his neck. Jungkook gulps, his hands hovering awkwardly around Jimin’s hips.

“You know,” Jimin whispers. “You made me cry.”

Jungkook blanches at the accusation, not knowing what to do or what he even did that made Jimin cry.

“You chose the movie,” Jimin continues, face coming closer to Jungkook’s. “You should make it up to me.”

“Fuck,” Jungkook mutters and then bites his tongue when he realizes he cursed out loud.

It’s Jimin who closes the distance between them, and Jungkook only pulls him closer. It’s the first time the two really make out. The fact that they’re doing it after watching a movie makes it cheesy and even better.


“Jungkook!” Jimin calls from his room. “Have you seen my white sweater?”

Jungkook removes his eyes from the TV and then to his left, seeing the sweater Jimin is currently looking for on the couch. In a moment of pure impulse, Jungkook grabs the sweater and hides it behind the pillows on the couch. In that exact moment, Jimin walks out of his room, wearing an undershirt and jeans.

“Nope, not here,” Jungkook says, acting as if he was looking under the pillows. Jungkook can’t explain what he’s doing.

“Oh,” Jimin sighs, expression falling. Guilt gnaws on Jungkook now.

“Did you need it for something?”

“I was just in the mood for white sweaters.”


Jungkook contemplates whether he should take out the sweater and just hand it to Jimin with a half-assed excuse. But then again, he wouldn’t bear seeing disappointment in Jimin’s face or betrayal. In another fit of impulsive reaction, Jungkook gets to his feet and takes off his white sweater, offering it to Jimin.

“You can take mine.”

Jimin stares at Jungkook motionlessly. Then his eyes wander to Jungkook’s sweater and afterwards to Jungkook’s naked torso. He buries his reddening face in his hands and whines, “You can’t just take off your clothes like that?”

“What? You’ve seen me like this multiple times.”

“Yeah but it’s still indecent. Now go, put something on.”

Jimin turns around and marches into his room, coming out right after and taking the sweater from Jungkook’s hand. Confused yet satisfied, Jungkook goes to put a shirt on. He’s sitting at the kitchen counter when Jimin emerges wearing Jungkook’s sweater.

“I’m off,” Jimin hums, cups Jungkook’s cheeks and pecks his lips. Jimin has turned it into a routine to kiss Jungkook goodbye and hello.

Jungkook pulls Jimin back in and deepens the kiss, not wanting to let his boyfriend go. They had slept in the same bed as boyfriends that night for the first time, and waking up next to Jimin had felt heavenly. His whole bed and room smells like Jimin. The worse it was when they had to get up. As a result, Jungkook is still clingy, his alpha needy for Jimin’s attention even more since it saw Jimin Jungkook’s sweater.

Jimin giggles and breaks the kiss, ignoring Jungkook’s whine. “I have to go now. Bye, big alpha baby.”

“Bye. Be careful. Get back safe.”

Jimin giggles and shakes his head, putting on his shoes. He turns once back to Jungkook after opening the door. “Oh, and Jungkook?”


“You can start doing the laundry now and just tell me when you want me to wear your stuff.”

“What?” Jungkook squeaks, watching the front door get closed and muffling Jimin’s laughter. Jungkook scoffs and shakes his head, getting up to do