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Nobody Commits Vandalism

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Red dripped down from the building. If this had been Gotham, people would have assumed it was blood. Here, in New York, they simply stared as the paint drops landed on their heads, confused.

"There's still a little blue on the left," Damian said into his earpiece. Immediately, the last of the logo was covered, paint blasting from a spray gun held by an invisible force.

"Perfect. We are done here. Meet me at the rendez-vous point."

Damian turned off his comm and leaned against the batmobile, admiring their (well, mostly Nobody's) work.

Behind him, somebody whistled. "Okay, seriously, that looks amazing."

"Of course it does. I designed it."

"Yes, oh mighty Robin, you are truly the new Van Gogh."

"If you disabled your suit, I might be more impressed by your eye roll."

Maya laughed and turned off her cloaking, before taking off her helmet. The shadows in the alley made her grin look evil, and Damian found himself copying it.

Then, he spotted a car at the end of the street.


Maya hastily threw her climbing gear into the batmobile and jumped after it. Damian did the same, his bright yellow robin mantle flashing as he did. He heard an officer yell.

"Your dad's gonna be furious," Maya yelled as they raced out of the alley, sirens in hot pursuit.

Robin stepped on the gas, plunging unto the main road. "Worth it." He grinned.

A giant red hand, still wet and dripping, flipped off the city as the batmobile fled the scene.