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Counters are for glasses not cute apprentices asses

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Counters are for glasses not cute little apprentices’s asses

“Chise please get your....bottom off the counter top.”
Elias grumbled disapprovingly as he crossed his muscular arms.

“No, I’m more comfortable up here. I’m fine up here.”

“How many times do you have to tell you my precious....Counters are for bowls not for cute little apprentices bums.”

Elias sighed and shook his head when he realized his lecture was falling on deaf ears as Chise was not Only not listening and was still on the counter but now climbing on it.

Elias sighed in despair and annoyance as he watched her sit back on to her knees with her bum facing him.

As she leaned forward to poke through the cupboard the back of her already teasingly short skirt rode up, giving Elias a cheeky peek at her rather shapely bum.

Normally such accidents wouldn’t have affected Elias as they were now, making him feel aroused and rather hot under his collar for the lack of better terms.

These feelings weren’t new in the slightest of way but still caught him by surprise never the less.

Elias felt his body temperature go up and and his pulse started to race as he stared at her exposed ass.

His breathing sped up as he imagined or rather remembered how soft and supple her ass felt when he squeezed it and spanked it.

Despite her innocent appearance Chise had a naughty side, one that made Elias raise his proverbial eyebrows. Elias wasn’t new to her teasing because of the of the times they had made love or been deviously intimate with each other, each time more exciting the next. They had even attempted anal but It was too much for the both of them.

A soft humming noise Chise distracted Elias from his thoughts as Chise closed the cupboard door and moved to the next one.

“Chise...please do as I ask and get yourself Off the counter...Or else.”

Elias used a firm but slightly husky tone as he made his demand, knowing she could pick up on it.

Chise paused for a fraction of a second before resuming her rummaging aa if she hadn’t sensed his husky tone.

“Or what?”

Chise said defiantly and as if to taunt him she shifted on her heels making her ass wiggle.

Elias felt his breathe Hitch in his throat as his cock twitched and his desire grew.

Like a shadow he crossed the kitchen silently and stood behind her, undetected and silent he could look right over her shoulder and see her the top half of her exposed breast thanks to the tank top she was wearing.

“Or Else what?”

Chise repeated smirking, unaware of just how close Elias was and what he was planning.

In an instant Elias reached around and grabbed the front of Chise’s chest and pulled her backwards so her head was on his left shoulder and his jaw was at her ear.

“Or I’ll punish you for not listening...I was thinking about smacking pretty little bottom of yours.”

He whispered huskily into her ear before nuzzling her head and giving her chest a firm squeeze. Chise didn’t have a large chest by any means but she was an amble B cup and that was perfect in every way in Elias’s eyes.

Chise gasped and was instantly hooked and understood where this was going, and was more than willing to play along.

“You’re bluffing.”

She smirked placing her hands over his own before reaching back and petting his neck making Elias rumble with delight.

“I’m not a creature of idle threats Chise.”

Elias whispered before he began to massage her breast with his hands, making her bite her lip and sigh heavily.

“Make me get off this counter.”

Chise said defiantly, giving her full consent to him.

Elias nibbled at her neck and jaw before growling in her ear.

“Lean forward my puppy.”

Elias order huskily as he leaned his own body forward, practically forcing her to bend forward as well.

Chise felt the soft fabric of his gloves leave her breast and roam on her body.

One hand, his left caressed her jaw and cheeks while the other ran up and down her back before lifting off for a moment before coming to rest on her ass and then the hem of her skirt was lifted exposing her perfect little ass to the air.

Chise blushed and wiggled her ass, unintentionally making Elias growl with need and arousal.

Chise gasped when she felt his bare hand caress her left cheek and then her right.

The rough leather like texture and softness of his hand delighted Chise as he pinched and gripped her ass cheeks before leaning forward and nuzzles the top of her ass, his tongue teasingly tasing her skin.


Chise sighed as she placed both Hands on her breast and massage them, her nipples hard and firm with desire as her pussy dampened her panties with her wetness.

Elias sighed and stuck his nose up against the damp fabric of her panties and inhaled deeply.

Her soft and sweet muskiness saturated his senses and made him snarl with passion.

His mind began to cloud as Chise whimpered and pushed backwards, forcing her pussy on to Elias nose even more.

“take it off.”

Elias ordered softly as he stroked Chise’s lips with his still gloves hand, with out hesitating she carefully bit down on the glove and tugged off before nuzzling his hand.

Elias smiled and gently pushed his finger into her mouth, instantly her lips latched on like a hungry calf to a teat.

“Suck,my eager puppy.”

And she did wrapping her tongue around his purple leather like finger, the muskiness and saltiness of his skin made her moan.

Elias purred and slipped two fingers from his free hand under the crotch of her red panties and gently rubbing the outside of her pussy before slipping two fingers inside her making her bite down on the finger in her mouth in pleasure.

Elias hummed and began rubbing on her Gspot making her squirm and moan, her juices covered his fingers making them slick so that they wouldn’t scratch her.

Punishment or not he still loved her...

It was clear she was getting close by the sound of her whimpers and panting and how her walls were tightening up on his fingers like a warm and soft vice.

Suddenly just as she was reaching her edge he stopped and raised his hand and brought it down on her ass making her cry out in surprise and shock.

Elias clamped his hand over her mouth and smacked her ass again.

The sting of the smack thrilling her to her core as both pain and pleasure filled her.

He smacked her ass one more time before releasing his hand and stroking her face and bottom for a few moments.

“Are you alright my beloved?”

Elias whispered gently rubbing her now pink and sensitive bum, Chise smiled softly and purred with pleasure and nodded turning her emerald green eyes on to her beloving husband, her eyes bright with mischief and pleasure.

“I’m still not getting off this counter.”

She grinned making Elias sigh and shake his head.

“Looks like I’ll just have to do this the hard way.”

Elias said unzipping his pants and pulling his cock of out his boxers and stroked himself for a few seconds before Chise spun around and interrupted by batting his hand away and and eagerly taking his cock in to her mouth.

Elias cried out in surprise and delight as she moaned and swirled her tongue around his semi hard cock.

But even at semi hard he was the roughly the same thickness and length as a normal cock.

At his full size he was easily 10 inches long and just over 3 inches thick. The odd deep purple violet like coloration and size made his cock rather intimidating but like the rest of him Chise wasn’t afraid, and instead adored it.

Elias moan with pleasure and began bucking his hips as he looked down at her, her big green eyes locked with his, filled with love and lust.

Her hands massaged his balls and fondled her own breast as she sucked and licked his cock, twisted her hands as she stroked his length and with in minutes his cock was rock hard.

“Please stop...You keep going and I’ll come early....I don’t want that just yet.”

Elias panted and gently eased his wife’s mouth off his cock making her pout.

“No fair I wasn’t-“

Without warning Elias pulled Chise’s panties aside and looked up Chise who nodded biting her lip and looked at him with heavy lidded eyes as she leaned back and opened her legs for him.

Elias encouraged Chise to wrap her legs around his waist as he aligned himself with her opening, teasing her slit by brushing the head of his cock before pushing his cock inside her making Chise gasp and clamp her legs around him tightly.

Elias groaned as his cock slid into her damp pussy with ease, enveloping his cock in warmth.

“Oh Chise...”

Chise panted as Elias entered her at a agonizingly slow pace, seemingly torturing her.


She begged as he finally came to a stop inside her, Elias chuckled and pulled Chise to his chest and nuzzled the side of her head.

“I told you to listen but you refused my puppy...Now you must be punished.”

Chise moaned and clutched Elias’s neck as he pulled out almost all the way and then slid back in only to repeat this motion a few more times as he gradually picked up speed.


Chise whimpered as he thrusted inside her, the sound of his balls slapping against her ass was music to them.


Elias whispered huskily as he slowed down his speed but increased the strength of his thrust.

He grunted and panted when he returned to a much higher rate of speed, aided by the sound of his wife’s squeaks and gasps as he pounds away at her pussy.


She whimpered her nails digging to his neck as he nearly pulled all the way out and slammed back in.

“Chise! Turn around and lean forward!” Elias order hastily as he pulled out suddenly, Chise whimpered as she obeyed him, wiggling her ass at him like a bitch in heat.

“Take me...Please Elias!”

Elias wasted no time obeying his wife’s needy moans and they were both so close.

Elias moaned and shook with pleasure as he started thrusting once again.


Elias moaned her name as he placed his hand over mouth and smacked her ass making yelp.

“Shhh my puppy...I’ll reward you very very soon.”

Elias gritted his teeth as felt her walls tighten around him, once again he raised his hand and smacked her ass making her hiss ass she came.

Elias gasped as she jerked backwards and her walls pull around his cock making him come just seconds after she did.


Elias panted as ropes and ropes of his seed filled her pussy, over filling her to the point she was leaking some out.

Elias removed his hand from her mouth and rubbed her back as he pulled out slowly so her body could adjust.

But as soon as he pulled out he crushed Chise against his chest and nuzzled her.


Chise whispered smiling up lovingly at her husband, reaching up to stroke his jaw and teeth.

“I love you Chise, very much.”

Elias nuzzled his wife and licked her face making her giggle and shriek with joy.

“I love you as well My Elias and now I’ll get off the counter...Thank you for the Lesson Sensai.” Chise giggle and kissed her husbands jaw before she was released so Elias could tuck himself away.

“I supposed we should probably clean up and get before anyone comes in...”

Elias sighed and gave his wife one last kiss before reaching for a damp wash cloth and wiped off his wife’s body before giving her a kiss.

“Please Leave.”
Chise and Elias froze up when they heard silky’s very rarely heard voice...It was clear from her tone that she was less than pleased.

Elias felt his heart stop in place and dread fill him as he picked Chise up and turned around to face a very annoyed Silky.

“I can clean up and-“


Silky glared and pointed the way out of the kitchen. Elias cringed and hustled his way out of the kitchen with Chise in tow.

But just as the two left the kitchen they came face to face with Ruth.

The black dog said nothing but merely shook his head in disgust before walking past them leaving the couple red face and dying internally.

“Next time I think I’ll just listen..”

Chise whispered hiding her tomato red face into Elias’s vest as her husband cradled her to his chest.