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NOTICE - while I won’t boast that any of the acts in my story are realistic (mostly because that’s boring), this one I feel I should be extra clear on - please for the love of god DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.


As the sun dipped below the trees, the sound of steel rang out in Fokhalla.

WHile most of the training was done in the sparring hall, there was no rules about modifying one’s quarters to perform the same functions. Space was the main drawback, but that was only really an issue for the Eir and below. The added bonus of being so close to your own effects and private facilities made it quite appealing for some fight-minded Heroes.

Such was the case of the woman who Alm was now sparring with. Her modest quarters as a Silfr Hero had been outfitted with a rack of spears and a few training dummies. She’d cast the chairs aside to make room. It was more than enough space for her alone, and with a partner, it made do.


Alm grunted as the spear struck his blade. The force sent him back, but he recovered in time to parry a jab to his chest. His gaze snapped up to meet hers and away from her compressed yet partially revealed breasts.

Mathilda - the Valkyrie of Zofia. Pride of the Earth-mother’s cavaliers, and war goddess of the Deliverance. She had swiftly proved her worth to the Order and had risen through the ranks. It was only a matter of time before she would be promoted to Marglòd.

Alm ducked under a kick that would’ve planted her heel against his neck. He nudged her thigh aside, trying to catch her off balance. Mathilda was two steps ahead of the young hero however. She quickly planted her spear in the ground and used it to reorient herself before bringing the tip to bear.

Neither one knew how long they’d been going. Sweat pooled down their bodies and stained their clothes. Muscles twitched and spasmed in protest from prolonged use. Their labored breath barely registered in the evening still. In the torchlight, her sweat-wracked skin almost shined.

She was radiant...and very, very much taken.

Finally, Mathilda made the next dropping her weapon down. Alm followed suit, letting out a relieved sigh. She laughed at his sudden lethargy.“You’re improving, Alm. good work.”

He was grateful for the praise, but even more thankful for the long-desired respite. He sunk to the floor, perching a hand on his knee. Mathilda let him catch his breath before she continued.

“You still take too many risks. It’s noble that you want to cover your comrades, but that just means the healers need to spend time getting you back into fighting shape.”

He listened to her appraisal and criticisms carefully, knowing that he would catch hell if he repeated the same mistakes the very next time. Satisfied with his performance, she tossed him a flask of water. He caught it and downed its contents glady.

“Aaaah...Thank you, Lady Matilda. You seem to be more...fierce as well.”

She accepted his appraisal with a nod of agreement. Her focus was mostly on removing her plate, but she still had the focus to respond. “I have been in fine form of late...but I cannot be complacent. Not without Clive.”

Alm flinched at her mention of his confidant and her beloved. In truth, he felt guilty that they were unable to locate Clive yet. He kept this to himself though - if only to avoid a second thrashing. Instead he stayed focused on her...and tried not to linger as she removed her steel greeves for the black pantyhose beneath.

Mathilda continued on, unaware of his plight. “I’m sure we’ll find him In due time. Until then I will perform my duties and await that day.”

Alm was curious what she meant. “What then?”

She closed her eyes and wistfully smiled. “Then I will rest easier, knowing that Clive is with me again.”

Mathilda stretched out her leg, rolling her toes beneath her black leggings. There were a few noticeably louds pops, but otherwise his focus was solely on her supple, toned calf and thigh. Alm snapped out of it before it became too obvious. He stood up and quickly downed the rest of his water.

“W-Well, I should be departing.” he insisted, setting the falsk down on the table. He got up to leave, but froze when he got a whiff of something...foul.


Despite his growing problem, Alm stopped and groaned in disgust. “Ugh...I smell like a Terror.”

Mathilda laughed in agreement. “Indeed.” She took a hearty gulp of her own drink before continuing, “You may use my shower if you wish. It’s not as nice as your lodgings, but should suffice well enough.”

Alm smirked. “As long as the water’s actually warm.”

She laughed at his jab at the public washrooms and waved him away. The young hero strolled to washroom and swiftly shut the door. As soon as he heard the click, he let out a big sigh.

“That was too close.”

A Silfr’s shower was functional, but also a little more furnished than barebones. The spew of water was wider than the ones at the training wing, and actually had some force behind it. The interior itself was simple stone with a ledge for placing creams about hip high.

Alm sighed in relief under the constant stream of hot water. His bare, sculpted body was buffeted by a cleansing wave, washing away the sweat and the soreness from his body. His suds-soaked hands wound up brushing against the source of his ire - the throbbing erection sticking out between his legs.

He’d really gotten it as he watched her take that long, chug of her drink. The way the droplets had slid down her cheeks and into her exposed neckline had made it impossible to look away. Couple that with the almost glowing sheen of her sweat-laden breasts had led to his unfortunate incident.

It was mollifying, even with his armor keeping it at visible bay. Perhaps it was natural to be drawn to such a state, especially by such a fine woman. But even with a certain kindly cleric’s words in his ears, Alm growled in frustration at his plight. “The last thing I need is more fuel for Gray’s fire.”

His thoughts wandered to his two friends and the new lad they’d picked up along the way. While none of the three young men had actually confided WHO they’d had relations with, it was clear there had been an impact on them. Some more positive than others. Still, he took their stories in stride, probably giving the impression that he wasn’t interested in something they assumed he’d never had.

They were quite mistaken.

Mathilda waited for the door to close and the hissing to start before letting out a deep sigh. “Damnit!”

She made her way over to her cupboard and pulled out her Envoy’s gift from Kagero - a bottle of Hoshidan sake. She didn’t bother pouring a glass and resorted to chugging straight from the bottle.

Her week had been a stressful one - constant assaults into the tempest, numerous runs into the Training Tower, and even just her daily training regiment had left her winded...and in desperate need of release. She’d had to resort to a spear handle up till now, but even that wasn’t enough anymore.

Mathilda crossed her legs, trying to ignore the aching in her needy loins. She lamented her missing love. “Clive...where in Mila’s name are you?”

Her and Clive had a close, loving relationship...but hardly an exclusive one. Just because they were less devout didn’t mean they didn’t have needs. Satisfaction was easy, exhaustion simply couldn’t happen...not alone.

But until this point they had been together, even if they had to wait to share a bed. Like the night after her rescue, where she’d rewarded three brave young men for their part in her liberation. One of which was now taking a shower in the other room, in fact.

And now she was faced with an Alm that had no recollections of that night. Thankfully the other two were in a similar state of negligence, but that didn’t really aid her in her current plight.

They’d talked about a case like this, and what it was okay to do. She knew that Clive had found release while she was captive, even if he didn’t bother her with the specifics. Surely this could be her excuse...right?

Mathilda finished downing the bottle and slammed it onto the table. Her mind was settled as she stood up and stalked to the door.

Forgiveness could come later - for now she had a shower to take...

Alm’s back was turned as he lathered up his hair. His eyes were closed, meaning he didn’t see her enter. The steam obscured most of his body, but she could still make out his well-hewn well as the underside of a long, impressively erect cock.

She quickly stepped into the corner, away from the dividing wall. The flustered woman recalled her previous encounter with the young man back in her world and quickly noticed something rather striking. ‘My word, i think he’s actually bigger this time…’

the thought sent a trembling down between her legs as she reached up to undo her coat. Numerous clandestine escapades with Clive had honed her skills, making it laughably easy to quickly and quietly disrobe.

Once her clothes were off, she quietly stalked over to the shower stall. At some point he’d stopped actually washing and was instead looking down at his obvious arousal. Not touching it, but clearly irate at its insistent presence.

‘Oh this is going to be fun.’ she silently chuckled before stepping into view.


Alm turned in shock to the woman standing behind him, hands on her hips. “L-Lady Mathilda?!”

Indeed, it was the Valkyrie herself- stripped to nothing. Her ripe, taut body was on brazen display - from her perky breasts all the way down to her trimmed muff. The statuesque woman didn’t balk from his gaze - on the contrary, she took it in stride.

“W-w-what are you doing in here?”

Mathilda laughed at his inquiry. “Well, it is my shower,” she said. Her shapely legs crossed the threshold and entered the confined space, getting rather close to the bashful young hero. “And you were taking too long.”

Alm tried to argue in his defense. II-I was finishing up!”

“Oh, were you?” she asked. He quickly realized how unflattering he sounded and tried to protest more, only to be cut off. “Don’t bother - I can see it for myself.”

Mathilda let him squirm under her gaze for a few more moments. Finally, she let the smile come out and laughed. “Alm, relax - I’m not here to scorn you. Some mere teasing is all,” she insisted.

“ that all?” he asked. She didn’t say a thing and merely stared at him. “W-wait, are you-?”

“Shouldn’t that be obvious?”

She cut him off, the playful smile somewhat soured now. Her ire was matched with a certain smolder in her eyes - a hungry one, plain to see. “You’re pent up, i’m pent up - surely we can help each other with that, yes?”

Mathilda gauged his reaction.he acted predictably, sputtering at her offer, trying to find some means to respond. Her keen eyes noticed every twitch, every shudder on his young but toned body. As if sensing his next question, Mathilda beat him to the quick.

“Tell me something you know what it means to love someone?”

That swiftly shut down his inquiry. The veiled accusations of unfaithfulness spiraled back down his throat as he tried to process her question. “I don’t...I mean, I…”

Mathilda pressed on. “I don’t mean as far as platonic love, but the kind that makes you feel everything about that person.”

Alm’s expression made it perfectly clear how inept he was in the matter. She offered him a good-natured smile before continuing.

“Pride, happiness, jealousy, anger, frustration. Love isn’t just about wanting to be with someone forever, but finding yourself unable to live without them.”

Mathilda’s wistful face turned glum as she went on. Alm said nothing, did nothing, as she stepped closer and closer to him under the shower spray.

“It’s the bickering in the long hours of the night, possibly until you can’t stand to see them. But it’s also the day after, where you come to a compromise and swear to do your damndest to make everything work.”

She reached out and grabbed his hand, pulling it up and eying his palms. Coarse and rugged, yet almost refined. It wouldn’t be hard for him too pass for a noble on first blush, even in the stuffy dredges of Zofian’s aristocracy.

“It’s knowing that there’s no place for secrets or something that’s wholly yours. Your hearts, your minds, and your bodies are shared. That come what may you will stand side by side. Through good or ill, until your last breath.”

Mathilda reached out and lightly touched his chest, feeling the rythmic thumping within. The steady beat was almost comforting, even to her steel-laden heart. It matched well with his refined looks and demeanor. ‘I can see why Clair is so taken by him.’

Alm’s gaze lingered on her hand before he drew back up to her eyes. Her smile was warm and comforting. Her oft-steely gaze looked soft and almost inviting. The way her now-wet hair clung to her shimmering, lustrous skin made her look ravishing, even if it her war-honed body was still on full display.

He barely made out her next words under the steady hum of the shower. “That is love...and this is flesh.”

Her hand on his chest didn’t move, but he felt something clam down on his aroused loins. Alm stiffened up as he felt her run her smooth fingers over the length of his shaft.

Mathilda finished clearing the distance between them without moving her hands - One on his heart, the other on his groin.

“Confuse not the love of your other for the love of flesh. To want is mortal, to give-

“-To give is beyond.”

The two finished the scripture, much to the others shock. Mathilda’s strokes slowed down as she eyed him with amusement and veiled suspicion. “I thought you were denominational?.”

Alm looked away, embarrassed. He knew that she was referring to the pious, sheltered rearing of the Earth-Mother’s teachings he and the other dwellers of Ram Village had. “S-Silque may have been tutoring me.” he admitted.

Mathilda was curious now. “Oh? And how far did you make it in your studies?”

He didn’t answer her with words, but merely held up his hand. Three fingers rose, shocking her. To be that far into the teachings of was honestly impressive for one so young. ‘Perhaps Clive and I should invite Silque for some...confessionals.’

“Well, nothing wrong with a refresher from time to time,” she admitted. Her hand reached up from his chest and clapped down on his shoulder. Her other palm kept stroking his dick. “So why don’t we go back to basics?”

Alm tried to lean up to her, only for her to firmly push him back. “One rule - no kissing.”

“I-I’m sorry! Silque never told me that!” he insisted.

Mathilda smiled at his defense, understanding that his acts were born of guidance, not intent. ‘At least he knows to start things right. Good job, Silque.’ she thought before explaining aloud, “That’s fair. It may not be one of the Earth-mother’s rules, but it is my rule.”

She leaned in this time, still a few inches from his gaping mouth. “...And I trust that you will honor it.”

It wasn’t a question, but Alm nodded all the same. Satisfied, Mathilda rewarded him by speeding up her strokes. He was like putty in her hand, ready to be molded and reshaped as she saw fit. And if the Valkyrie wasn’t such an honorable woman, he would’ve been.

Instead, she needed to see what the scopes of his teachings would entail, if only to keep from pushing him too far, too fast. So as she jerked him off, she asked him, “You’ve read up to the third text, is that right?”

He nodded.

“And I trust that Silque ‘tested’ you on all those matters?”

Alm was slow to confirm her suspicions, but ultimately relented with a quick nod. That meant that some of her preferred acts were off the table, but she'd make do with what he had to offer instead. “I see. Well, it never hurts to reread the scripture from time to time, yes?”

Feast in dawn, that you may face the new day

MAthilda urged him to the ledge, pushing him to sit down. It was shallow, but still wide enough for him to put his weight down. Satisfied, the Valkyrie got on her knees between his legs. Her mouth wound up just a few inches below the head of his cock.

She started slow, lathering it up with her tongue. Her hand rested on the base, guiding him up and down to give her more room to work. Her other hand reached down and weighed his balls. Here eyes stayed locked on him the whole time.

It was Mathilda’s personal creed that only Clive should get the pleasure of her mouth by the morning. Perhaps it was a boon then, that her sparring pupil had come to her on the cusp of evening. He had worked hard, and deserved suitable reward.

And that was something that the Valkyrie would not deny him.

Her tongue reached his base and started swirling around. Her hand pumped up his shaft and held his head back to keep it in place. She leaned her head to the side and gently took one of his nuts in her mouth, suckling it. Her tongue fondled it and bathed it in her spit.


Mathilda smirked at his reaction. She spat it out and latched onto the next one, giving it the same tongue bath. Her fist on his cockhead rolled and tugged against it. She felt him squirt a little precum in her palm. She pulled her hand away and examined her stained, sticky fingers.

It was an impressive load, all things considered. She played with it a bit, flexing her fingers and making webs between her digits. Her lips were still noisily slurping on his balls.

She pulled away, leaving a bridge of spit between them. Alm goraned at her departure, but didn’t dare to make a move in protest. Instead he let her proceed without molestation, and was rewarded with the erotic sight of her lapping up the spunk on her hand and suckling each individual finger.

Mwah... not bad, but let's see how the main course tastes.”

With that declaration, she refocused on his crotch. Her hand angled his shaft to her. The Valkyrie licked her lips before leaning into engulf his dick. She swallowed him up to the back of her mouth...and then further beyond.

Mathilda took him all down with practiced ease. Despite his impressive cock, he was still only a young man - smaller than the likes of her beloved. It was a simple matter to swallow him in one go, trapping his loins in her tight throat.

Alm’s groan echoed through the shower stall, briefly reaching over the steady hum of the water. She paid him no mind and simply got to work. Her cheeks caved in as she sucked out all the air between her teeth. Her lips formed an impregnable ring around his shaft.

And then she started to bob her head.

Mathilda didn’t try to find a methodical rhythm. Instead she favored a more erratic pace - dragging him up against her lips before holding him in place. From there she would exchange tricks between shaking her head back and forth, rolling her tongue around the shaft, gargling or loudly choking, or even a combination of the three. Her pace was never consistent, and her timing was never the same.

And he loved it.

His hands flew up and clutched the side of her head, wrapping his fingers in her wet golden locks. Mathilda didn’t protest this action, but her gaze never once faltered. Nor did she let him try to hold her in place or control when and how she moved. A few light nibbles on his cock dissuaded such actions before they could begin.

Mathilda serviced the young hero’s cock, letting time slip by .She only took him out of her throat to briefly catch her breath, but never let him escape her lips before plunging it back down her gullet. The water didn’t cool, thanks to a freshly installed heating rune after the last one had flickered out. Instead she could relish the warm pelting shower as she sucked Alm off.

The Valkyrie’s skill was on full, brazen display. She took his dick with the same level of deft ability that saw her through battle after battle. Her wanton moans and vigorous passion made it blatantly clear - by battlefield or bedsheet, Clive was the luckiest man in the world.

Accept the gift of life as thanks for your efforts - on fields and in rest

“M-Mathilda I’m-!”

His warning came with an attempt to pull away. Her hands flew back and latched onto his bare ass, pulling him closer to her. One look at her fierce gaze made it clear what she expected of hm. What she wanted.

He granted her request.

With a mighty bellow, Alm came. His head flew back and smacked against the wall. Mathilda winced at the impact, but didn’t lose focus as she coaxed out load after load of his seed into her stomach. Her fingers squeezed into his buttocks. Her pussy dripped between her legs.

Her lips stayed firmly around his cock, leaving a long wet kiss against his groin. Her trained throat took every drop. Only when she was certain that he was tapped out did she see fit to pull him out of her gullet.


Her lips left a noticeable bridge back to his loins. Her spit coated every inch of his dick, making it almost shine in the modest light. She admired her work for a few moments before turning up to Alm. “How’s your head?”

He stirred at her concern, reaching back to rub where it had hit. He shook off the pain and the blinding euphoria before trying to respond. “I’m okay...that was just...just...gods.”

Mathilda laughed. “I’m glad you liked it. Because trust me - there’s more where that came from. But first- time to return the favor.”

Oh weary man, may you ever bask in the fertile field and drink deep from the well

Mathilda helped him back on his feet, acting as a wall for him to lean against. She didn’t rebuke his hand as it pressed down on her toned stomach, nor when it wound up brushing the underside of her breasts. “Can you stay up?”

Alm tested his balance before answering “I...I think so.”

The Valkyrie nodded in approval before taking her own place on the shelf. She waited until his eyes were firmly on her before slowly opening her legs. The way her compact thighs rippled was a treat in and of least that’s what Alm thought before he looked between her thighs.

Her swollen pink lips, ripe and ready. He spotted the almost clear glaze of her nectar leaking out onto the shelf. Above was a unfettered patch of golden pubes, devoid of any attempts to sculpt or tame it.

Alm couldn’t help but ask her, “You don’t...shave?”

“Why waste time?” she shrugged. “It's as clean as yours was, so you better not turn craven on me.”

Her lingering threat hung over him as he swiftly nodded. He looked back and forth between her inviting loins and her expectant face. “Should I- How do you want me to start?”

“Hands or tongue - your choice to make.”

Her curt reply made it clear that was the last she wanted to say on the matter. ‘Okay, just like the second scripture...time to feast.’

Alm reached out and touched her tender lips. He stroked her pussy, testing the waters for her response. Her light mewls were sufficient to spur him further. He used two fingers to prop open her outer folds and bask in the glory of her inviting pussy. Try as they might, not even the finest Zofian artisans could hope to properly replicate the divine beauty of a woman’s loins. Especially not the beautiful pearl sitting above her channel.

Mathilda bit down on a finger, trying to muffle her moans. His touch was unrefined and a little callous, but again her long-deprived body responded like a bitch in heat. ‘How least I know he won’t brag about this.’ she thought.

Of that, she was more than certain.

Alm kept stroking her pussy, massaging her puffy lips. His thumbs brushed against the inside, never quite reaching the point of outright penetrating. He looked up and almost froze at the flustered-yet-irate expression smoldering at him. The kind of face that simply screamed, Stick something in there, before I stick something in YOU.’

Give thanks to My land as you drink from My well

He quickly plunged two fingers into her snatch. Her heat closed around him as he wriggled and flexed in her folds, probing for the best reaction. She bit her lip to keep her approval silent. ‘You’re gonna need to put in some effort here, Alm.’ she thought.

Regardless, his efforts continued. Alm inserted a third finger into her twat and sped up his thrusts. His free hand pressed against her stomach for support. In the process his pinkie accidentally flicked her clit, sending a euphoric shock up her back.


Mathilda arched her back, pressing against the wall. Her hands flew down to grip the edges of the shelf as she struggled to stay composed. The Valkyrie didn’t know if it was just his fingers, or her own deprivation that riled her anymore. ‘Gods, Silque really is teaching him well.’

Alm took his new lead and ran with it, rubbing and tweaking her sensitive nub. He noticed that her strongest reaction came about when he pressed down on it. He could practically see the crashing waves of pleasure tearing her body apart from within. He could’ve just used his fingers and gotten her off, but Silque’s words echoed in his mind.

Tongue for tongue.

Alm adjusted his hand so that he could reach in and lick her folds. His first taste of her vaginal juices was… different, than what little he knew. Still, he couldn’t say it was unpleasant, and opted to keep going on.

His tongue glided up and down her slit, steadily getting more and more involved. His fingers shifted until he was holding her folds open with his thumbs. Mathilda rolled her hips into him, desperate to keep the euphoric storm going. Her bucking caused his tongue to finally dart in, much to their shock.


Alm pulled away quickly, reeling from the brief heat and tightness of her quim. Her errant hips sent her sensitive nub against his lips, spurring her on even more. She swiftly latched onto his head and shoved his face into her sex. Her nails sent jolts of pain through his scalp. He had little choice but to dive back into her sweltering well.

She grit her teeth as his tongue thrashed around in her snatch. Her hand flew up to her heaving tit, squeezing and groping it. She never even touched her nipple, either because it slipped her mind or she simply didn’t need it. Her attempts to stay silent were tarnished as his tongue grazed over one of her most sensitive spots.

‘To hell with it!’

Mathilda lost the battle and openly howled. The primal, lustful tone rang out over the steady hissing shower and bounced over the walls. She grabbed the shelf ledge and thrust herself forward, almost sending Alm bowling over. His own hands had to reach around and grab her calves to push back.

Alm struggled between holding her down and eating her out. IIt wasn’t wise to overlook the Valkyrie, even if he was currently driving her inch by inch to a much-needed orgasm. In kind, she was getting him addicted on her He wanted more.

He needed more.

Mathilda's eyes were clenched shut as she straddled the edge. His tongue was reaching so far into her pussy, reaching spots that even fingers would be hard-pressed to find. His lips formed a tight seal over her crotch, much like she had done with his. She felt him suck her twat...and then she felt no more.

Alm choked as her nectar came spewing out. His face was stained in her juices, with the rest ending up in his mouth. Her taste was...oddly sweet. Even sweeter than Silque in fact. He didn’t have qualms about feasting on her quim, and drank heavily.

As Mila wished

Mathilda slowly let go of the edge as she came down from her climactic high. It wasn’t the most intense one she’d ever had, but after so long it was enough to leave her rattled. “Mila’s’re not as raw as I expected.”

Alm swallowed the nectar in his mouth before nodding. There was some excess quim dribbling out from his lips. Just like when Clive would service her.

She resisted the temptation to strike, to lavish his lips until there weren’t any traces left. Instead she pushed her focus down to his renewed desire - ready for more.

Let your horse rest

“Get on the floor.”

Alm cocked his head, not sure if he heard her right over the shower. She repeated herself, with more clarity. “On your back - on the floor. Now.”

He scrambled to obey and laid down prone on the showerbed. It was a little tight, but ue was able to lay almost flat with the exception of his head against the back wall. As he did this, she stepped out of the shower only long enough to grab a few towels.

Alm watched her from the floor, feeling the hot pelting on his stomach and the looming cramp in his neck. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just get out?”

Mathilda huffed. “I already told you - why waste time?” she tossed him one of the towels and gestured at the back wall. The other two wound up on his sides against the floor.

Alm took the towel and placed it behind his neck. It helped to relieve some of the strain, though there was still a slight bend. But there wasn’t much else he could do as Mathilda crouched down between his legs. Her knees dug into the towels at his side, keeping them in place in the small grout grooves.

The Valkyrie straddled his chest, lining his dick up with her waiting pussy. Her hands pressed down on his chest as she lingered for a mere moment. Their eyes met- youthful and wide against mature and lidded.

Her hips pushed down, taking him deep into her core. The two moaned in unison as their bodies intertwined after so long deprived. It mattered not how they felt - this was a dance of flesh, not love.

Alm struggled to ask. “S-Shouldn’t we praise the Earth-mother?”

Mathilda shook her head “I’m not that devout.” she insisted before leaning in. Alm’s focus was on her jiggling breasts and he barely heard her say, “But I won’t stop long as you let me work.”

With that last threat, she started bouncing on his cock. Her pussy squeezed and slid down his length, drenching it in her lingering juices. His glans swiftly passed the limit of his tongue reach and entered the deeper parts of her temple

Alm felt his mind go blank as she took him into her body. He couldn’t even muster the words, much less the memory of this conjoining rite. He’d have to apologize to Silque...whenever she wound up showing up

Mathilda sped up her pace, tightening her grip on his chest to compensate. She felt the water spray over her body, touching everything from her breasts down to her stomach as she went. Her knees pushed down on the towels, keeping her in place. It was risky to engage in such acts here...but the rewards were more than worth it.

The Valkyrie went on, fucking herself with wild abandon on her young superior. She alternated her actions between her pace, her depth, and even the angle that she would slam down on him. Every act, every pace - all within the first three texts of Mila’s teachings.

They both knew them quite well

He’d learned early on that while Sique had been happy to take control as a mentor, she was far, far more comfortable being fucked into a mindless, gibbering stupor. As Alm’s tutelage continued, she was delighted to spend less time leading and more time being led to the a sweaty, panting ruin.

Mathilda however was unrelenting in her dominion. It mattered not to her that the young man was her leader - she’d already given a version of him her attention once before after all. ‘Damn - I wish I’d spent more focused on him before...alas.’ she shook the thought away and continued her hip thrusts.

Her hair was sticking to her face now, binded by sweat and shower. She whipped her head back, feeling it smack against her shoulders and nape. In Alm’s eyes the enticing action was only amplified by the ribbons of water she sent flying. It was like a visage of heaven itself.

He dared to bring his hands up and cupped her thigh. Mathilda’s lidded gaze sharpened at the sudden contact, but she made no moves to rebuke him. In return for her mercy, he started to knead and roll her weary legs. His acts turned her wanton lustful pants into almost loving purrs of contentment.

‘Skilled with your hands...Clair will be pleased.’

She did away with the fleeting thoughts of her future step-sister and returned to the moment. His cock was throbbing in her snatch - a sure sign of an impending climax. She sped up her thrusts in preparation for such an anointment.

It wasn’t possible for Heroes to conceive here in Zenith. Such a mercy was the only thing that compelled her to permit him access to her precious womb. Mathilda assumed him docile enough to simply accept her reward.

She shouldn’t have underestimated him.

As she was rolling her hips in an effort to induce his release, he struck. His left hand flew up from her thigh to her vulnerable clitoris, throbbing over her breached walls.he pinched down with alarming force.

And so the Valkyrie flew.

Mathilda’s back arched so far she was looking straight up at the ceiling. Her hands flew back and seized his calves. Her breast were being anointed by the sizzling spray of the shower. Her vaginal vice constricted his cock as she thrashed above him as he joined her in release.

Only the first fews shots made it in before she fell off his dick. Mathilda collapsed back, smashing her ass against his legs. His seed shot up and hit her spasming body. Whatever wasn’t above her tits was swiftly washed away, while the rest lingered and built up with every spurt.

The two gasped and wheezed under the relentless shower, robbed of their senses by the mutual orgasm. Neither one was in a position to think, much less speak out.

Eventually, Alm found the strength to express himself. “T-That was...that was…” he trailed off.

Mathilda offered him a small smile before nodding. “Agreed. Think you can go again?”

Let your embrace warm the weary worker

He was taken aback by her inquiry and struggled to answer. “M-Maybe one more time,” he admitted.

Mathilda pondered this before pulling herself off him. She rose to her full height, letting the rivets of water pour over her bare, supple body. “When you’re ready then,” she told him.

True to her word, she simply stood there and let Alm collect himself. Her passive face merely looked down on him, waiting. He willed his body to recover swiftly, so as not to keep her waiting. She let him stand up and catch his breath as she set up their last round.

Mathilda reached down to the long towel, presenting her fine rear for his viewing pleasure. She wrung out some of the excess water before throwing one end over the neck of the showerhead. The Valkyrie wound the cloth around her wrist before grabbing and repeating the process with her other arm. Finally, she looked back and told him simply, “Stay on the towels and don’t go too fast.”

Despite his lethargy, his arousal was back in full force. Everything about her - her actions, her poise, her simple commands… it drew him in. he scrambled to join her at the back of the shower.

Mathilda spread out her legs in invitation, exposing her dripping, messy snatch. Alm stepped down on the towels like she ordered and shimmied into place behind her. His hands seized her hips and held her in place.

“What are you waiting for?” she growled. “Stick it in!”

He complied.

She felt him push into her waiting folds, making her mewl in delight. She tightened her grip on the towel as he pushed her forward. His hands gripped her hips as he started to thrust. Their slight height difference was mitigated by this position. His hands had to reach a little lower to properly hold her, but the results were the same.

Alm obeyed her wishes and went slow, for both their sakes. His pace was languid and deep, giving them both time to relish each thrust. She couldn’t even admonish him for going too slow, not when she could feel every delightful inch being fed to her sopping pussy before it was pulled back to the head.

Mathilda restrained herself from taking over. She wanted to see how well this Alm could handle himself. It was laborious to stay so slow, but at the same time - she did tell him to. ‘Last thing we need is to explain to the healers why we both slipped in the shower…’

Sadly for her, Alm wasn’t quite in the same mindset. Compulsion drove him to try to speed up, only for him to accidentally shoot forward too far and almost send them both toppling over. He managed to catch himself thanks to his quick thinking, and her own reflexive strength. Mathilda sighed in relief after his close call. “S-Slow down.” she urged him.

After that, he gladly obeyed and went back to the slow, methodical pace that served them both. His head tilted down to keep the spray out of his eyes, giving him the delightful sight of her rump rippling with every thrust. Time passed over them, marked only by the gradual chill in the water as the heating runes started to die out.

After the last attempt, Alm decided to change his focus and traded speed for intimacy. His hands wrapped around her heaving breasts. He buried his face in her damp hair, pressing his nose against her nape. His body compressed down on her back, pushing her slightly forward closer to the wall.

Mathilda bit back her growl. She could appreciate his efforts, but he was straddling the line. As skewed and stretched as her boundaries were, she still held them fast - only Clive was allowed to kiss her lips. The most that she would dare to offer was her mouth and throat, and even that came with the lingering threat of what she could do when stuffed full of dick.

But she didn’t...she really couldn’t

He might not be able to best her, but his little tricks were able to entice her in ways that she’d rarely experienced before...and that was exhilarating enough. So as long as he didn't dare to touch her lips, she’d humor him and reap the rewards.

Alm’s coarse fingers rubbed over her bosom, his calloused fingertips almost scraped against her skin. His touch was far from refined, but it hardly made a difference to her. It only added to the pleasurable throbbing in her core.

His left hand detached from her breast and dipped low, running over her well-hewn abs. He felt the muscles beneath - the culmination of gods only know how many days training. It was little wonder where her epithet came from. Beauty and strength - a true Valkyrie incarnate.

Mathilda panted, feeling her impending climax. Her long-deprived body was on fire, waiting for the very last spark to burn her alive. Just one last touch, one last caress, would send her back to the pure white ether of sexual release.

As Alm’s finger brushed over her clit, she took flight once more.


Mathilda let go of her towel, sending them both forward. Alm pulled her back, trying to keep her from slamming face-first into the wall. His results had her slide down on her breasts, with each grout tweaking her already-sensitive nipples. Each flick made her pussy clamp up even more until she had his dick trapped in a vice - ready to blow.

They both sunk to their knees on the floor. The sudden chill as his balls were pressed up was the last straw, and he joined her in release. Rope after rope of cum sloshed into her womb, mixing with his earlier load.

His body acted before he could even try to think - a fatal mistake in the making. It was only a brief brush against her lips, but it sent both crashing back to reality. Their eyes grew wide at what he’d done.

The water turned cold.

“Lady Mathilda, please forgive my trespass.”

She didn’t answer him right away, too focused on wrapping her towel around her drying body. Alm was already clad in her bathrobe - a gracious, fleeting gift before his departure. He couldn’t see her face, only her now-covered back as she wrung out her hair. So he just stayed down on his knee, begging for her forgiveness.

At last she turned to face him...with a soft smile. “It's fine - a mere accident, little more. Correct?”

Alm readily agreed, not wanting to risk rousing her ire. He accepted her hand to help him back to his feet, wincing at her subdued yet strong grip. He pulled out of her hold as soon as he was on his feet and made for the door. But her next words threw him for a loop.

“Besides, You still need some practice.”

He froze near the door, still trying to catch up to what she was saying. Mathilda bruised herself wrapping her hair up with a towel, even as she continued. “Perhaps if you continue to improve your swordplay, we can indulge from time to time.”

His weary mind tried to process her invitation. “Would that include...ah.”

Alm’s question died on his lips. She couldn’t tell if he was referring to what she’d offhandedly mentioned in the shower, or the possible clemency of his trespass. Neither one really compelled her to immediately rebuke him, but she opted to play coy nonetheless.

“Who can say? Maybe if you manage to actually best me...I’ll consider it.”