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NOTE - The following work contains a coupling between confirmed blood relations. If that doesn’t interest you, Please be respectful and don’t leave flaming comments disparaging those that want to read it. Thank you.

Camilla strolled through the halls of Fólkhalla , giving a cursory wave or smile to any one that hailed her. Her demeanor was pleasant, even if it was clear her attention was elsewhere. Indeed, her mind’s focus wasn’t on them, but instead on her family and what activities they were currently involved in.

‘Hm, let’s see’ she mused. ‘Elise is at the Training Tower, as is Corrin’s summer counterpart. MY Corrin is with my Spring double, and the female Corrin is…’ Camilla slowed down as she tried to remember where her ‘sister’ was.

Of her siblings, she was the oldest that was currently contracted with the Order, at least the oldest ‘normal’ one. Sure there were two copies of dear Xander, but both of his personas were a touch...addled.

“Right! She’s on a mission with those Arkaneans!” Camilla snapped her fingers. She didn’t even feel any concern for her pseudo-sibling, especially since Princess Minerva was with Corrin. “Hmm, that just leaves…”

“Oh, Siebert!” she declared. Her nephew was returning from a mission and should be at the foyer in just a few minutes. With that in mind, the Nohrian beauty took off to welcome him back. Her heels clacked against the stone floor with every swift step.

She arrived just in time to see his triumphant return...and the cruel assault that made her stop cold in her tracks...

“Not bad out there, Prince Siegbert,” Hinoka praised the cavalier. Her attention was focused on her mount, caressing the sky striding beast with fondness and reverence. The young heir of Nohr turned from his own horse over to her and offered his kingdom’s sworn enemy a polite smile.

“Thank you, Princess Hinoka. I am honored to have been of assistance,” he stated. A part of him was still perturbed by speaking to a Hoshidan so candidly, especially when the feeling was quite mutual (with the exception of young Lady Sakura). But he’d managed to take to the ceasefire that Askr required fairly well.

“Heh, well nice to see another Nohrian that’s not too hostile,” Hinoka chuckled as she gave him a firm clap on the shoulder. Siegbert balked at the brazen display, but had the fortitude to not retaliate. “I’ve got flight training. Hope to be paired with you again sometime,” she said before departing. Her Tenma trotted behind her.

“The feeling is mutual,” he called back, almost believing his own words. Still, he let his gaze linger on the Hoshidan princess and her disturbingly short skirt before shaking such impure thoughts away. “Come Catarina, let’s get you back to the stables,” he prompted his loyal steed.

Neither Siegbert or Hinoka had witnessed the high princess of Nohr watch the procession with an unseen expression...


Camilla’s axe tore through the tree, felling another of the great pine trees. The princess was too blinded by rage to care, deftly stepping aside to attack the next one. In her tantrum, she’d expanded the border of this quaint little clearing. Her heels left deep slits in the ground, further cutting up the idyllic landscape.

Night had long since fallen, leaving her to be guided by the flash of her weapon’s steel. If anyone would’ve had the misfortune to stumble upon her, they would not find the obscene yet refined high princess of Nohr. Instead they would’ve found a beast that would make any army quake and the Faceless’ falter.

With a thunderous roar, Camilla planted her axe in a nearby boulder. The violet-hued metal cut deep into the stone before coming to rest at the polearm. The sound perked up her nearby Malig from its roost.

His master was panting heavily. Her tantalizingly exposed body littered with sweat. The princess’ usually immaculate hair was frayed and disheveled. Her muscles screamed in protest of their prolonged punishment.

Camilla collapsed to the ground with a huff. Her breasts heaved with every labored breath. Her Malig lumbered up to her, prompting the now-placid rider to lovingly stroke her steed.

“Oh Xander, how could you be so cruel?” she wistfully mused. A part of her loathed her elder brothers decision to stay with the vile Embla empire and its young ruler Veronica. And yet she understood his reasoning...gods, she could even relate to his decision.

‘Still, he shouldn’t have been so selfish as to leave his family like that.’ she silently chided. Camilla did her best to be the rock that her family needed. Both the trio that she grew up with, and all the numerous forms that had come forth. The only ones she didn’t feel compelled to oversee was Xander’s dopplegangers and her own duplicates.

Camilla wiped her nose, crinkling in disgust as she smelled the state she was in. “Ugh, I smell wretched,” she bemoaned. Her beast grumbled, a tone she took as an affirmation.

“None of that,” she chided him as she gave the undead drake a light tap on the snout. “Go back to the stables,” she ordered.

Her lifeless wyvern nodded and obeyed. It used the now-spacious clearing to take flight. Camilla watched her mount’s departure before sighing. “I need a bath,” she declared as she pulled her axe out of the stone with one hand.

“Oh dear, I didn’t know anyone was going to be in the baths this late.”

Camilla’s voice echoed into the modest outdoor spring. It was a tributary built off from the main bathhouse that often saw private company. A bit of a walk from the changing rooms, but from her experience it was by far the best for a solitary soak...or at least it would be if it weren’t for the shadows on the adjacent wall.

The Nohrian’s sultry voice had an effect on whoever was in her bath. She took a warped sense of joy in hearing a high pitched yelp and a deeper grunt of surprise. The voices that called her sounded quite familiar as well.

“Princess Camilla?” / “P-Princess Camilla?”

“Eirika, darling! And here with prince Ephrahim?” Camilla happily asked. She always enjoyed her fleeting encounters with the twins, especially since she rarely saw one without the other. Some found that grating, but the Nohrian princess couldn’t say she really minded.

She finally cleared the hallway and stepped out into the enclosed clearing. The rectangular tiled bath was filled with suds, completely hiding the bottom. The Renais twins were on opposite sides, looking at her with a outright shock. Admittingly, she didn’t quite expect the siblings to be in proper bathing attire together. Alone.

At night.

“Oh dear, am I intruding?” Camilla asked. The Nohrian’s towel was draped around her arm, safely tucked away and leaving the full frontal sight of Nohr’s crown princess on proud display. The twins couldn’t help but gawk at her boldness.

Surprisingly it was Eirika that spoke up. “N-not at all. It’s just so startling to see how...candid you are.”

Camilla mulled the girl’s words before shrugging. “I suppose that’s true. But if anyone should be surprised, I think it would be me!” she laughed.

Her melodious mirth was met with some nervous chuckles from the twins. Both were enraptured by the way the Nohrian’s chest heaved and jiggled with every guffaw. Camilla caught her breath before she elaborated. Her tone was neutral, but carried a certain edge with every drawn word. “Seeing you two bathing together, late at night with none the wiser. It looks so…”


“The close bond you two share is simply precious. I only wish my family could be that way…” she dreamily cooed. The starstruck beauty closed her eyes as she tried to draw such an idyllic fantasy.

Camilla perked up when she realized she’d walked in on something private and gave an apologetic bow. “Well I won’t intrude, please excuse me,” she explained as she turned to leave.

“I-is something the matter?” Eirika asked.

Camilla turned back at the Renais princess’ inquiry. The younger twin was clearly inviting her in, despite the ire of her brother. The Nohrian ignored him and gladly joined the duo, her unused towel dropping to the ground as she stepped in.

Her foot brushed something aside, making her pause before simply proceeding. She ended up on the far end, sitting between the two. The buxom beauty was so invested in the delightfully warm water she missed the gazes the twins levied on her.

“Aaah, that’s the spot,” Camilla cooed. She arched her back, pushing out her breasts. Eirika glanced down at her own and whined in protest before reiterating her question, “Is there something wrong, Princess Camilla?”

“I’m afraid so my dear.” Camilla admitted. Her uncharacteristically somber tone stunned the twins.

“Corrin again?” Ephraim inquired.

“No, although I must say the shock of having not one, but THREE of my darling little sibling running around is quite the shock,” Camilla admitted. Her fond smile made it all too clear how she felt about the concept. Her mood soured as she continued, “This time it’s my nephew, Siegbert.”

“Prince Xander’s son?” Erika asked. She had waded her way over to the same side as Camilla and now sat next to her.

“Indeed. I fear he’s become quite conflicted about this whole affair with the Order and the war,” Camilla explained. Eirika didn’t really understand what that meant, but offered a sympathetic smile regardless.

“It must be so hard on the boy, having his father still in the clutches of those dastards in Embla,” Ephraim chimed in. Unlike his sister, he had not bothered to come closer and still kept a comfortable distance to the two lovely ladies.

“You’re absolutely right, prince Ephrahim. Sadly while he thinks the world of his father, neither of the two that are here match the mold Xander has set up for his son,” Camilla sighed before continuing. “I suppose that would be tricky, especially seeing your father in spring finery or wearing a swim trunk of all things. Neither outfit quite screams ‘dignified prince’. Wouldn’t you say, Eirika?” she asked, turning to the younger princess.

Hearing her name made the younger twin perk up. “Oh! I uh...sorry, I was distracted,” Eirika meekly explained.

“Oh don’t tell me you also fancy my brother, princess Eirika,” Camilla lamented. She fought back the urge to giggle at the sudden blossom on the younger lady’s face.

“I, um…” Eirika struggled to find her words. She frantically looked to her brother, silently pleading him for an intervention. The prince nodded and cleared his throat.

“Please princess Camilla, don’t burden my sister with such a churlish inquiry. I fear her cheeks may soon match the bath water in heat,” Ephraim remarked.

“Brother!” Eirika shrieked. She splashed water in his direction, nearly assaulting his eyes with suds. Camilla for her part gave a short laugh before making things right.

“Oh! My apologies, darling,” she said. Her melodious laugh snapped the flustered sister out of her state.

“That’s um, that’s okay. But about Siegbert?” Eirika asked. Camilla’s smile dropped right off her face as she was reminded of her dreadful plight.

“Oh right. I caught him today, being drawn into the wiles of one of those wretched Hoshidans!” Camilla lamented. The twins shared a glance, silently questioning the severity of this trespass. The two traded gestures to the sulking Nohrian, neither one keen to be the first to respond. Finally Eirika gave in and spoke up.

“Are you certain he wasn’t simply chatting with them? Surely a place such as this would be neutral ground,” the Renais’ sister asked.

“Indeed. Also, what would be wrong if he does? Not to overstep, but surely an alliance would serve to unite your two kingdoms?” Ephraim proposed. Camilla could see the merit in their foreign counsel, and had the courtesy to acknowledge them.

“Perhaps, but regardless I cannot help but fret for him.” Camilla admitted. “The body could be honed until it’s an impregnable wall, but to the pleasures of flesh it might as well be made of paper.”

“That...profound,” Eirika chimed in.

“It’s an old Nohrian saying,” Camilla started. “There’s precedence of kings that were felled by the temptations of an opposing kingdom or faction. One night of vulnerable pleasure ends with regicide and the royal courts in chaos,” she bitterly regaled. While she had no such experience with those olden times, she could hardly say that Garon’s antics were any less stressful.

“An oddly fitting proverb,” Ephraim admitted. The prince brought his hand out of the water, cradling his chin as he pondered his next words. “Surely being of noble birth would mean he was reared in such matters?” he asked. Eirika silently nodded across from him, seeing the wisdom in her brother’s words.

“That’s the problem; for one so young, he’s clearly had no tutelage in defending himself from such foul advances.” Camilla explained. Neither twin interrupted her, prompting the nohrian princess to continue, “Ordinarily It would fall to the mother to explain such things, and to a trusted retainer for the hands-on work.”

“Um, by hand’s on, that would mean...oh!” Eirika balked at the realization. She was used to culture shock even before coming to Askr. but this...this was too much.

Camilla hummed in response, not quite realizing what Eirika’s gripe was with her kingdom’s culture. “Could I really burden poor Felicia with such a matter?” the Nohrian beauty mused. The Renais’ princess tried to respond, imitating a witless fish for several minutes.

“’s not really my place, but doesn’t that seem a bit extreme ?” Eirika finally managed to ask. This got the attention of the sibling’s ‘guest’, who turned to the flustered younger twin. She’d almost counted her blessings when her dear brother gave his two cents...almost.

“Indeed. I do not wish to impune princess Camilla, but such a custom is liable to cause far more harm than good,” Ephraim bluntly explained. His brash words wound up riling Camilla, causing her to growl as her eyes narrowed. His sister quickly cut in, trying to avoid further offending the foreign noble and causing what strife between their two worlds.

“T-that’s not what I mean!” Eirika insisted, trying to talk down the now-irate Nohrian. “I’m just asking isn’t there another solution that doesn’t involve forcing one of your subordinates to...d-debase themselves?”

EIrika felt a sudden chill and realized that she’d raised her bare chest out of the warm, concealing water. She dived back under with a yelp, sinking all the way down to her eyes. Camilla watched this as she mulled Eirika’s words.

“...You’re absolutely right princess Eirika,” Camilla declared. She stood straight out of the water, causing a splash as her body cleared the surface. The twins balked in protest of her brazenly bare exposure.

“P-pincess Cuhmilla!” Eirika gasped, her nose filled with bubbles. Ephraim had the decency to avert his eyes to preserve the Nohrian nobles’ dignity. Camilla paid them no mind as she stepped out of the water.

“I’m afraid I have to leave now. You two enjoy yourselves,” she explained. Before either one could ask her to elaborate, the Nohrian princess had already wrapped herself up and walked off.

Siegbert was slowly walking back to the marglóð wing, stomach full with the fine feast of a well-earned dinner. But this meal was rather striking, as his previous comrade-in-arms had invited him to eat with her family and vassals.

It had been...interesting, eating with Hoshidans. The youngest princess was quite nice, if a bit shy. The younger prince wasn’t there, but his retainer was. ‘I will never be able to get that nightmarish face out of my head,’ Siegbert lamented.

Prince Ryoma...dear gods one of the man was terrifying enough, but what he saw was worse. ‘This whole Order nonsense is getting out of hand, now there are two of him?!’ the prince shuddered. ‘Just wait until father finds out...err, fathers,’ he corrected himself.

The rest were whatever retainers could be spared to show, Felicia had finished her duties, Kaze was silently conversing with his brother Saizo, Azama was...there, and Hana was eying his sword with a concerning gleam in her eyes. Kagero looked at him with keen least he thought it was him. ‘All I know is that whatever mission got her dressed up in that Nohrian Spring festival can’t have been an easy one,’ the prince mused.

Beyond his table mates, the food had been different...different, but quite good. Siegbert wasn’t sure what went into mochi, but he liked it. His thoughts of dinner and the curt yet polite company were dashed as he stopped dead in his tracks at the sight in front of him.

It was clearly a woman, if the bountiful curves could be trusted. Her attire briefly reminded him of the Wyvern Riders’ uniform back in Nohr, something that none of the Heroes from his world wore. The gaps where skin would normally be were instead covered in a tight black suit, highlighting her almost intimidating muscles. The other deviation was the mask of a Malig Knight concealing her face, horns and all. In her hand was a steel axe, glinting in the torch light.

Siegbert made no move to attack, opting instead to cautiously appraise this new potential threat. His eyes lingered on her breasts, taking in how they bounced with every deep breath. ‘S-she’s bigger than Auntie Camilla,’ he mused. The prince shook out those thoughts in favor of hailing her. “Who are you?”

The stranger said nothing, letting the wind blow her tattered cape to the side. Siegbert glanced down, trying to discern her motives. The sharp glint of her axe was a constant warning. His hand drifted to the sword at his side…

The woman swiftly reacted, lunging towards him.



The dark longsword clashed against her steel axe. When his blade didn’t immediately break through, Siegbert became aware of just what kind of trouble he was in. When she effortlessly broke the stalemate and nearly carved out his chest, he knew how screwed he was.

The Assailant stepped back, dodging his downward slash. His attempted follow up was rebuked by her shoulder bashing his cheek. The force of her jab sent Siegbert reeling. “Oof!” he recoiled, barely managing to secure his grasp on his sword before the next blow came screaming.

Sparks flew as their blades sung. Siegbert’s sword was faster, but compared to her axe it was simply incapable of landing even a glancing blow. The prince had to pull out every lesson of his vigorous studies just to keep his head.

His opposition was silent, even as she hefted around her axe with the deftness of a mere pen. If she wasn’t presently trying to maim him, Siegbert would’ve been impressed as opposed to hostile. ‘I need to do something to gain the upper hand,’ he mused.

Her blade scraped his arm, causing him to wince in pain. The prince did his best to ignore it, instead electing to tap into his innermost power.

The Dark Longsword glowed in his hand. The prince’s red eyes gleamed with a draconic fire. The long-buried blood of his ancestor manifested in his strike “I will end this!” he roared. His blade swiped down on her...


His sword connected right on the flat of her axe’s blade. The force of his blow caused her to slide back, her heels scraping against the stone in the process. He saw minor cracks in her metaphorical armor - her arm wavering, her breathing grow sharp. Yet those would be the only victories he would claim tonight.

As if sensing his confidential burst, the woman let him through, deflecting his blade to the side. Before the prince could retaliate, her hand had already found purchase against the back of his head.



The Assailant’s knee connected with the prince’s chest, robbing him of his breath. What little air he still had was stifled by his head being forced into her the valley of her breasts. She let him stagger back before watching him stumble and collapse. His armor took the brunt of the fall, but he still hadn’t found his breath even as she loomed over him.


The Assailant’s axe was planted straight into the stone walkway at his side. The long handle pressed into his breastplate, keeping him from moving. Siegbert struggled against her axe, trying to push the handle off himself. Sadly the steel blade was so far buried in the path that it wasn’t budging an inch.

“Wh- huf- a ... what do you want with me?” he asked, his attempts to breathe stifling his inquiry. The Assailant said nothing, looking down on him with unreadable intent. Slowly, she raised her foot and planted it on his pelvis. “Wha-?!”

The woman pressed down, digging the toe of her heels into his crotch. She ignored his grunts and focused on her sordid task. Her toes glided down his length, coaxing more and more blood into his dick until there was a prominent bulge in his pants.

Siegbert’s hand groped for her foot, only to have it kicked away before she resumed her ministrations. His other hand tried to push up the handle, unable to make it budge even an inch. ‘H-how strong is she?!’ he wondered.

Her footwork was crude, yet very very effective. Siegbert bit his lips, trying to keep from groaning aloud. A part of him wanted someone to walk by and offer him aid...but most of his being wanted this suffrage to go without witness. Anything to keep this embarrassment form shaming himself or his lineage.


The future pride of Nohr splashed against his leggings, staining the pristine white trousers. The Assailant withdrew her foot, letting the pressure off his wilting cock. She walked around him, her heels clacking against the stone walkway. Siegbert barely noticed the sudden relief on his chest as she withdrew her axe with a single hand. The mysterious woman left the pitiful prince behind, convulsing and gasping with his cum on his pants.


The princess of Renais turned around at the hailing of her name. “Princess Camilla!” Eirika greeted before noticing who it really was. “Oh wait you’re the spring what should I call you?”

“Just Camilla is fine. I wanted to talk to you about something,” Camilla explained. Eirika nodded in consent, trying not to stare at the bouncy ears on the buxom beauty’s head.

“It’s about the original Camilla, the normal one,” the Nohrian clarified. “Has she been acting...strange, to you?”

“How do you mean?” Eirika asked. The festive Nohrian mulled on her words carefully, trying not to inadvertently insult...well, herself.

“I think she’s taking her role as a big sister far too seriously,” Camilla explained. Eirika was taken aback by this accusation.

“A-aren’t you talking about yourself?” she blurted out. Luckily for her, the spring-festooned Nohrian was patient enough to elaborate.

“There’s not much of a difference between the three of us as you’d think,” Camilla lectured. “We all share a keen interest in protecting our family, especially dear Corrin. We obviously all have the same hobbies and tastes. Oh, and we all think quite fondly of prince Ephraim,” she explained.


“Calm down Eirika, it’s just a joke,really,” Camilla insisted. “Only the basic form has really had time to interact with him. At most I think they’re just mutual comrades that are highly respected in the Order, that’s all.”

Eirika let out a sigh of relief, much to Camilla’s confusion. Feeling mischievous, the Nohrian princess pressed on. “Although I can’t say I blame her. Your brother is quite a dashing figure. And I certainly don’t blame you for harboring a shine for Xander either!”

Eirika’s face matched her petticoat, making the garishly garbed princess burst into laughter. Eirika was ready to loudly protest such an asinine concept when suddenly-


Eirika perked up from her mollification. Somewhere beyond the melodious chortles of Camilla, she’d heard what sounded like another voice. “...D-did you hear something?” the Renais princess asked as her comrade’s laughter died down.

“Ahh..I can’t say I did my dear. Well, better hop to it then,” Camilla declared before walking away. “It was good speaking to you, Eirika,” she called back

“Y-You too…” Eirika trailed off. She stood in the hall for several moments, trying to pinpoint the mysterious sound she’d heard. Finally, she gave up and walked off in the opposite direction...

Siegbert felt the hand on his mouth clamp down even tighter, further muffling his groans between armored fingers. It had the added bane of drawing him even closer into her tits, causing those mountains to roll against his back. The mysterious woman was so close to him, he could hear her breathing through her mask. Her other hand was completely bare and busy rubbing against his exposed length.

She’d caught him again. This time when he had been on his way for a light, early meal before his daily responsibilities could commence. It hadn’t even been anything close to a fight - the assailant had plucked him out of the hallway and into the crawlspace behind the statue before he could even protest.

She grasped his royal scepter with a firm hand. Siegbert winced at as he palm rubbed him raw, a small part of him wondering if she was in a similar state of distress. ‘What am I saying?! She’s an assailant, the enemy!’ the young prince admonished himself.

As if sensing his thoughts, the Assailant gave his base a firm squeeze. The stifled groan was a minor consequence compared to her real intent - the precum dripping out of is slit. The mysterious woman reached up and smeared her palm in his ejaculation before returning to her original task at hand.

“Although I can’t say I blame her. Your brother is quite a dashing figure. And I certainly don’t blame you for harboring a shine for Xander either!”

Siegbert winced in pain as the Assailant’s grip tightened around his girth. If he was in a more cognizant state, he could’ve surmised that the words of his Aunt riled the mysterious woman. Though for what reason he didn’t know.

He heard them walk away, dashing any fears and hopes of being respectively discovered and saved. That left him alone with the Assailant. And they both knew what that meant.

As soon as the sound of footsteps faded away, she doubled her pace. Her palm ran along the long shaft of his noble cock. Muted squelching noises could be heard from behind their nondescript pillar. Finally, her combination of vigorous pumps, squeezes, and twists had him cumming like a hose.

Siegbert didn’t even react as she dropped him and walked away. He fell to his knees, staring at the stained column before him as the sounds of clacking heels lingered in his ears...


Soleil fell on her ass with a grunt. She winced as Siegbert’s sword hovered a scant few inches from her neck. “Alright alright, you win,” she sighed before quickly re-donning her trademark grin.

“You’re firesweep sword can only do so much,” he said as he returned her smile. He withdrew his blade, offering instead an open palm to aid her up. Soleil took it gladly. The rising sun framed the two, her white shield shining with his black one.

“And here I thought I could take advantage of your flustered state and erk out a victory for once,” she sighed. Siegbert’s warm smile morphed into a look of shock.

“My-what are you?!” He sputtered out his protest.

“You tend to pick up on body language while pursuing cuties,” Soleil shrugged. Her smile morphed to a coy grin as she pressed on, “So who’s the cute girl that’s got you so riled up?”

Siegbert scoffed at his girl-obsessed friend “There is none. But I can assure you that if there was, you’d be the last one I’d tell,” he promised.

“Prince Siegbert, you insult me!” she balked. He watched her overly dramatic act with the barest humor. “I would NEVER dare to trespass on the courtship of the future queen of Nohr!”

Silence passed between the two, broken only by the sound of torches crackling and the moan of the outside wind. Siegbert raised an eyebrow.

“...Well I wouldn’t do it on purpose,” Soleil insisted. Her smile dropped as she elected to change her approach. “Okay seriously. What’s wrong Siegbert?” she asked.

The young prince had the courtesy to address her directly, even if he severely downplayed the crux of his perils. “A personal matter, nothing more.” he insisted.

“Bullshit,” she snapped, making him step back in shock. Her nostrils flared as she walked forward, fire in her eyes as she continued, “I know what goes through your head Siegbert. As your future retainer, I’ll need to know everything that happens to my charge, so spill it!” Soleil insisted.

Siegbert felt his back bump against a training mannequin. He looked into her passionate eyes and struggled not to flinch. “I-I believe you have a mission to get to?” he asked.

Soleil perked up as she recalled her upcoming deployment with Wrys, Dorcas...and Mathilda . Just the thought of sharing a battlefield with the Valentain Valkyrie made the chipper mercenary swoon. She still had the decency to shake off her tastes and offer a final look of concern. “Alright...Take care, Siegbert,” she smiled before walking off.

“Until we meet again,” he waved. His own smile only lasted until she was gone. The weary prince’s shoulders drooped as a deep sigh escaped his lips. His nose wrinkled in disgust as the smell of sweat was made manifest on his body. “I need a shower.”

Siegbert walked into the changing room, discarding his blade as he went. Such an action might’ve been dismissed as naive (especially given his latest string of assaults), but he was no fool. His hands traced the dagger that he’d taken to carrying around.

In truth he should’ve just trudged back to his chambers and used his own arrangements to bathe. Yet like most Heroes that had just finished a vigorous workout, he wasn’t keen to walk across the entire breadth of Fólkhalla sweating his already tired ass off.

He finished stripping out of his regalia, setting it aside in a nearby cupboard. The Nohrian prince wrapped a towel around his waist and departed for the showers. The sheathed dagger still clutched in his hand.

He’d been attacked twice now, each time ending in humiliating defeat. He could begrudgingly admit that the sensations had felt...well, pleasurable , at the time, but that didn’t diminish the disgusting reality. Especially when it was clear how weak he was against such an assault.

Siegbert was in line for the throne of Nohr, and had to be at the top of his game. Anything that wouldn’t serve his eventual role was discarded as irrelevant and useless, including such acts as masturbation. Not to say he wasn’t...serviced, from time to time, but never more than a dutiful maid or attendant's mouth for a quick respite.

The Assailant was different, plain and simple. It wasn’t so much her knowing his weaknesses, as knowing how to exploit his lack of strength. Couple that with the potential shame he could bring on his entire kingdom made him embarrassingly vulnerable. “Yet why do I find myself almost keen to face her again?” he bitterly muttered. His answer was more hissing water.

The prince sighed at the thoughts, straining the wash out of his hair. He blindly reached for the nearby soap…


Siegbert’s hands rolled against something...soft. His still closed eyes furrowed in confusion, wondering if he’d really grabbed the soap or not. He probed around, trying to see if he could get a better grip on them. He risked opening his eyes for further confirmation...only to see that he’d not grabbed the soap at all.

The prince’s eyes widened in alarm. “Oh gods no!” he screamed. His hand flew back, away from the Assailant’s breast. He pulled out the dagger, keeping the sheathe in his free hand. His hardened gaze furrowed in confusion at her state, followed by the blossom on his youthful cheeks. “Wha?!”

He noticed that she’d changed her attire, doing away with the solid black bodysuit. His eyes lingered on her defined abs and her barely covered chest. ‘W-wait, did they shrink? ’ he wondered.

She took advantage of his distraction and struck again, leaving the question of her ‘downgrade’ to the ether. Siegbert barely managed to bring his knife to bear against the tightly woven towel. The blade didn’t cut deep enough, and wound up getting lodged in the towels’ wrap.

He struggled to remove it, unable to do anything as she stole the dagger’s cover from his hand. She swiftly locked the sheath down before snapping her wrist. The now-covered knife flew out of his hands and landed between her cleavage.

The prince gawked at her display of sensual skill, leaving him open for her to finish him. She gathered some nearby soap and threw it at him. On instinct he crossed his arms and clenched his eyes shut, sealing his fate.

The Assailant seized his arms and quickly strung him up, hanging the prince by his wrists on the spewing showerhead. His feet were off the tiled floor, dangling uselessly inches above. Satisfied, she tossed the dagger aside, letting it clatter against the wet ground.

“Unhand me at once!” Siegbert demanded. His command was washed away by the shower’s hiss, reaching but causing no reaction to the woman. She stared at him, her clothes getting progressively wetter. Her exposed skin became increasingly more tantalizing as rivulets of water dripped between her defined abs, down her luscious thighs, across her brazen cleva- ‘Stop damn you! This isn’t the time to be ogling your captor!’ Siegbert admonished himself.

The woman reached up to the cheeks of her helmet and pulled the latches down. The lower jaw came loose, exposing the barest hint of her chin. Anything else was concealed by his own girth and the shadow of her mask.

He grimaced, already knowing what she had in store for him. While his body might be receptive to her advances and even eager to an extent, his mind was a wholly different entity. ‘I am the future king of Nohr - I cannot allow myself to be brought low by some harlot’s flesh!’ he insisted.

Said ‘harlot’ was in the process of rousing his loins. Her clawed fingers lightly danced against his flaccid length, sending shivers up the young man’s spine. With each shockingly restrained touch, more and more of his blood flowed south to his awakening desire.

Once his erection was pointing out, the Assailant changed her tactics. Metal fingers were replaced by her far more pleasurable and equally dangerous tongue. With the prince secured below the pelt of the shower, his captor began to bathe his cock with her spit.

Her prisoner kept struggling, trying to free himself from his bonds. For being a mere towel, this damned thing was surprisingly durable and coiled tight, Beyond that, she’d jammed it right where a decorative groove adorned the faucet head, just before the outward sweeping dish that kept spewing water. He kept glaring at the Assailant, hoping to get some kind of visual tell or clue as to her identity.

He couldn’t see anything

She reared her head up, running her upper teeth over his girth. The combination of pain and pleasure made him pant and whine, traits that were unbecoming of a prince. She crested over his glans, finally clearing the top of his dick. Siegbert let out a sigh in relief, little knowing what was to come.


“Aaah!” he yelped as she gobbled his cock down. Her lips massaged the bottom of his crown. Her gauntlets closed around his hips, forcing more of his dick into her mouth. The prince thrust in response, his body betraying his fear-fettered mind.

The hiss of the shower masked her lewd sounds, allowing her to noisily slurp and drool on his royal girth. Her tongue was relentless in its assault, joining her lips in striking her target. Her head bobbed along his shaft, gradually making her way down to his lap.

Siegbert bit his lips, trying to keep from groaning out loud. He still couldn’t make out any details of the Assailant, since at his angle her mask covered everything. All he knew was that her ministrations were...sloppy, and not just in the intentional way.

Yet despite that, she was also far more skilled than any of the vassal that had ‘attended’ to his nee. ‘S-she’s even better than F...F...F-fffuck!’ his thoughts were cut off as she reached his pubes. Rational thought was kept at bay as he was barraged by a mixture of kisses and drooling coughs.

Siegbert’s hips buckled forward, hoping to stuff more of his dick between her unseen cheeks. The Assailant seemed to comply, but he missed the tightening of her lips. Her hands broke away from his thighs and migrated uup his body. Her fingers traced circles around his taut anus.


The prince howled in pain. His captor ignored his plight and shoved her finger further up his sphincter. The cold steel of her gauntlet contrasted the hot sensations of her throat. “Y-you-!”


The assailant hummed as she coaxed out his loads. Rope after rope of Nohrian’ pride disappeared into her stomach, spurred on by her throaty chuckles. Dribbles of cum ran down her chin, falling into the churning currents of the shower-bed.

Siegbert panted, his eyes crossed thanks to the overtly stimulating release. He failed to notice his assailant stand up, his spunk dribbling on her pursed lips. He registered the danger as she grabbed onto the back of his head and spat right in his mouth.


The salty taste assaulted his lips. The prince coughed, trying to repress the knowledge that he was sampling his own seed. Before he could mull on this disgusting fact, he was dropping to the wet ground. The reason was celar - she’d cut clean through his towel shackles with his knife, embedding it in the far wall.

“Damn,” Siegbert winced, thankful that his legs were merely sore. He glanced up to see that the Assailant had vanished. His ears barely picked up the sounds of other men shuffling in the adjacent chambers. “How the devil could she escape?” The prince mused aloud. He looked down at his used cock and the black lip rings that were slowly washing away…

“I don’t know what to do, Aunt Camilla,” he admitted with a sigh. His eyes were shut, his brow furrowed as he poured out his grief and frustration on the confidant above him. If he was at all perturbed at speaking to an alternate form of his aunt, much less laying in her lap, he hid it quite well.

The Holiday Traveler had discarded her saucer and fully devoted her attention to her poor nephew. Her hands softly stroked his blond hair, rustling it and then smoothing it back down in a perpetual cycle. Her exposed violet eye looked over her bust at him in concern.

The gardens were an admittingly odd place to host a therapy session, but it suited their needs well enough. The soft babbling of placid fountains, the swaying of the trees in the calm zephyrs, and the cloudy yet blue skies were all fantastic de-stressing methods.

Camilla mulled his words. She could tell that he wasn’t being entirely honest with her as to the nature of these attacks. Still, she respected his decision and answered with what she had. “Siegbert, what you’re going’s not out of the ordinary. It’s-”

“I know what it is. The Nohrian Trial of the Throne,” he explained as he looked up to her. He could just barely make out her widened eye just above the edge of her breasts. The sight of her chest jiggling made him avert his gaze before continuing, “I don’t care why or who’s doing it...well not as much,” he admitted.

Camilla opted to remain silent and let the boy work through his thoughts. Her hands gave his head one last go-over, restoring his hair to its natural presentation before leaving it be. Her now-free hand dipped down to softly stroke his cheek.

The silence between them was striking, but not exactly uncomfortable. Aunt and nephew opted to enjoy the tones of their surroundings as they wrestled with their thoughts. She reluctantly broke the solitude to softly ask, “So what are you going to do?”

“I think I’ll find a way,” Siegbert declared. He pulled himself up, wincing at the popping in his back. Oh his feet, he was getting ready to depart. Camilla’s hand patted his wrist, enticing him to turn back and face her. She held up a saucer of her sake to him.

“For luck,” she explained. Her nephew eyed the saucer before taking it with a smile. It was barely half full, but that hardly mattered to him. Instead he downed the rice wine, letting the drink pour down his throat.

“Thanks, Aunt Camilla,” he returned the saucer to her before departing.

“Best wishes!” she called back. Her warm smile lasted only until she was sure he was gone before morphing into a despondent grimace. She tossed away the saucer in favor of drinking straight from the bottle.

“Camilla, you idiot…” the woman bitterly declared as she downed more of her sake...

The apartments were dark, Curtains drawn, torches extinguished. The drapes of Siegbert’s poster bed were pulled together, exposing only a minute amount of the inside sheets. The wind moaned outside, perfectly masking the muted creak of the opening door.

The Assailant quietly glided through the shadows. Her heels landed with soft blows, even on the unforgiving stone floor. Her movements were far more agile, thanks to the omission of her leggings and her half skirt. The rest of her armor was also stripped away, leaving only the two piece suspenders, her mask, and a pair of manacles in her hands.

She pulled back the far curtain, keeping the traces of moonlight from entering his bed. The unmistakable lump of a body was beneath the sheets. She reached up to pull the cover back…

The comforter flew up into her face, making her recoil in shock. She threw the heavy sheet away, only to see the prince was already up in her face. His black night robe billowed, making it harder to discern where to grab onto him at first. Instead she lunged forward, grabbing him and forcing him back onto the bed with her free hand.

Siegbert acted quickly, grabbing her wrists and pulling them aside. His legs snapped up, latching around her waist. With concentrated effort, he rolled her over, forcing the Assailant’s back into the sheets. He released one of her wrists long enough to bash her masked head against the headboard. Thunk!

The woman was dazed by his assault, snapping back just in time to hear the ‘clink’ of her shackles. A quick glance up confirmed her suspicions. Her target had wrapped the bindings around his headboard and latched them onto her wrists. She attempted to wrest them free, causing the board to shake.

Struggle all you want, you’re not getting free,” Siegbert coldly explained. He discarded his robe, exposing his naked body and stiff erection to her hidden eyes. The prince pulled out a dagger that had been perched near the top of one of the posts and pointed it towards her. “One false move, and this goes between your eyes. Got it?” he explained, watching her resistance stop.

She said nothing, but gave a slow, methodical nod. Satisfied with her compliance, Her captor crawled towards her. He loomed over her, dagger in hand. With a steel glare, he brought the blade down and placed it under her heaving chest..

He sliced up her top, causing the material to split apart. The moment his blade cleared the valley of her breasts, the two side flew apart. Her now-free tits bounced, eventually coming to a halt as the inertia wore off.

Satisfied, Siegbert planted the dagger in one of the posts, keeping it close at hand in case she tried anything. The Assailant remained still as he pulled apart her jaw plate, throwing it aside when it was off. Her now-exposed lips were locked in a defiant snarl. “Open it,” he ordered.

Her lips remained sealed.

Siegbert pulled out the knife and pointed it at her skull. “Open it,” he repeated. His hand dipped down until the dagger was placed at the slit between her mask and the armored cowl. He didn’t repeat himself a third time. One tap against her helmet coaxed her to open her mouth.


The prince slammed his dick into her lips, the dagger still perched atop her head. His captive was dutiful, tending to his loins. Her tongue stayed flat, but her throat was active instead. The vibrations of her throaty groans caused him to latch onto one her horns for support.

Despite his carnal tones, Siegbert wasn’t satisfied with her performance. “T-three times you humiliated me, and you think THIS meager showing will fix all that?” he asked. Her response was a protesting gurgle, much to his ire.

The prince planted the dagger into the headboard, out of her reach. His now-free hand grabbed her other horn and slammed all the way into her hot mouth. He felt her wet lips kiss his base, followed by the her startled tongue as he pulled back.

Glrk glrk

Siegbert’s hands gripped her horns as he skullfucked her. Her tongue angrily lashed against his dick, only managing to make it easier for him to slide in and out of her abused mouth. Even then, it was so hot, so tight. He felt the pressure building in his balls. And let out a warning. “Be ready, harlot!”

“Mmphh mmh?!”

Her protests quickly died down as his jizz came bursting forth. Rope after rope of Nohrian cum shot down her throat. The price laboriously pulled himself up, bringing his ejaculating cock out of her throat. An errant shot flew up her nose, causing her to snort his spunk onto his own shaft. The burning sensation caused him to hiss in pain, a luxury that was not afforded to his captive.

Siegbert pulled his sputtering dick out of her mouth. He listened to her cough out his loads. The sight of his milky seed dripping down her exposed chin made him surge with pride. He was tempted to enact the next phase of his plan then and there. ‘Not yet. First I need my secret weapon,” he declared.

The prince tossed a pillow over her mask, not wanting her to see his next move. Satisfied that she was temporarily blinded, Siegbert walked over to his dresser and procured a little brown bottle. ‘I doubt anyone’s going to notice its absence. We’ve got three hundred of the damn things collecting dust,’ he rationalized his theft. The cork came off, filling his nostrils with the less-than-pleasing fragrance of a stamina potion.

He’d taken a little of it in preparation for tonight, just enough to help him last a little longer in his attempt to fight back. But with victory now secured,he had greater machinations in mind. The kind that wouldn’t due for him to be over so quickly.

So he downed the rest.

His body instantly felt the effects of the stamina potion. His fatigue drained away, his dick was hardened to full mast again. He set the bottle down before turning back to his captive.

The Assailant perked up as his weight displaced the mattress. She struggled up until he settled back between her legs. If Siegbert wasn’t currently invested in his plan, he might’ve picked up on something odd in her behavior.

He ripped open her shorts with deft ease. The way it broke left her pussy and ass exposed, but the darkness meant he couldn’t make out what color pubes she had. It didn’t matter, not when his goal was beneath her somewhat tamed patch...

The Assailant moaned as the cold air caressed her exposed privates. Her tone sounded almost...familiar. Siegbert shook it off and proceeded with his next phase of revenge. The prince pulled up her legs and poked his dick against her ass.

He saw her body stiffen as he pressed against her puckered anus. “Do you feel that?” he bitterly asked. “This is the dick you’ve been using and abusing so shamelessly. The same one that’s going to split your ass until your a quivering wreck,” he snarled.

The Assailant said nothing, but he could see the pursing of her abused lips under her mask. It wasn’t the kind of face that accompanied fear, but rather doubt. In retaliation, the prince pressed down harder, his glans disappearing between her cheeks. “That’s not a threat, wench. It’s a promise,” he clarified.

Siegbert threw the pillow away, exposing her ghoulish masked face once more. “Look me in the eyes if you don’t believe me,” he growled. The woman said nothing, though he could tell she was indeed appraising his worth. When he noticed her wilt ever so slightly, he pressed her further. “Well, are you convinced?”

She said nothing, not even a snarl passed her lips. The prince was already long done with her crap and roared right into her impassive visage.


His fingers wrapped around her neck. He didn’t intend to choke her, but rather to find the straps that kept her helmet in place. He found a trio of straps near her nape - two that connected to the head piece, and one that held the collar together. The prince blindly pulled them all apart.

The collar loosened, detaching from the helmet itself. Siegbert once again grabbed her horns and pulled it off. As the helmet cleared her head, a beam of cold moonlight broke through the clouds and peeked in through the slit in the curtain.

The helmet dropped out of his limp fingers. His now-dry throat struggled to rasp out the horrifying truth of her identity. When he finally spoke, it was quiet as a whisper. “A-Auntie Camilla?”

“Well, aren’t you going to finish what you started?” She coolly asked. The warmth that usually filled her eyes was utterly absent, replaced by a cold edge as she glared at her dear nephew. Her breasts jiggled with every heavy, labored breath. Her usually full hair was kept in place by a black coif.

Siegbert’s frayed mind tried to rationalize what he was seeing. Could this be a trick?’ he asked, recalling the infamous barrier that Hoshido had kept up for so very long. Who’s to say that a similar magic couldn’t be weaved here in Askr?

“What’s wrong? Is this really such a shock to you?” She needled him. Her wrists strained against the shackles, making the wooden headboard groan in protest. Still her nephew said nothing. ‘Come on Siegbert. I know you’re stronger than this,’ she silently pleaded.

He flinched at her words, trying to balance the hurt and the rage that now threatened to consume him. “W-Why are-” he started, only for her to cut him off.

“Does it matter?!” Camilla snapped. “Your foe is captured, your punishment was made manifest. Are you going to turn craven on your royal decree?!” she snarled.

Further words died in her throat as pain consumed her. Her harsh gaze morphed into one of absolute shock. The buxom woman started hyperventilating, making her unbound cleavage heave with every labored breath. She looked down to her nephew, seeing that he had indeed made good on his threat.

“Shut up,” He growled. His cock had pierced the tight ring of her ass, stretching it out to accommodate his girth. His own pain was of minor consequence to him. “You’ve attempted to assault a royal of Nohr. your punishment will be administered by me, ” he snarled.

His decree rang in her ears, a backing piece to the pain that accompanied her sodomy. Yet despite being in such an uncomfortable state, Camilla couldn’t help but let a thin smirk adorn her face. ‘That’s the way, Siegbert,’ she silently praised. When he glanced up to her face, seeing it contorted in agony.

Her nephew made it halfway in before he elected to start thrusting. The two sucked air in through their teeth, him more so than her. Her hips buckled, trying to fight back against the pressure. His hands on her sides put an end to that minute insurrection.

Camila howled in pain as her nephew speared her ass. Her nails scraped against the headboard, causing it to groan and buckle. Tears streaked down her clenched eyes. The slapping of skin and the rattling of chains were all she knew. The shackles she’d used weren’t exactly in top form, but she still put on a show.

...At least that’s what she kept telling herself.

Camilla’s grunts seemed to spur her nephew on. His speed increased as her tight rear was reamed and loosened. Her untouched pussy was gushing now, spewing her nectar down her legs. Some of it landed on Siegbert’s cock, giving it an extra bit of lubrication to further his incetuous incursions.

His aunt was fighting back. Not physically against him, but mentally against herself. This was a trial - a rite of passage. ‘I-I shouldn’t be taking pleasure out of this,’ the princess chided herself.

As soon as she stepped out of the bath’s that night, she knew this was going to happen. She knew that her attacks against her nephew would end with her getting rightfully plowed in retaliation. Him fucking her ass was...not what she’d expected.

Contrary to the unsavory rumors, Camilla was far from promiscuous. She had lost her virginity and had a fling or two, nothing with the raw passion that she yearned for. Ever since she’d arrived in Askr, she had been too invested in keeping her family safe and happy to consider scratching the itch.

Siegbert’s cock in her ass was having far more of an impact then she’d anticipated. His thrusts pushed her against the headboard, knocking her coif off and freeing her hair. Her usually immaculate tresses were splayed out, an apt match for her thoroughly sweat-soaked skin.

‘It’s for Siegbert. It’s for’s for...forrrrr’

No matter how many times she repeated that mantra, it was clear that it was becoming increasingly more of a lie. Her mind’s protests became softer and softer until they were little more than a whisper. One rough thrust obliterated the facade and left the high princess of Nohr as a screaming, raving mess.

“F-fuck! That’s it Sieeegbert!” she screeched. Her sopping wet pussy gushed as an electrifying orgam ravaged her body. Siegbert winced as he felt some of the carnal juices splash onto his stomach, but otherwise kept sodomizing his aunt. The dagger nearby was jostled loose and fell behind the bed.


Rnnnk, Snap!

Camilla broke her restraints with alarming ease. Her now-free hands wove around her nephew’s back, pushing him into her cleavage with every thrust. Her nails dug into his skin, the cold chains lightly lashed against his body.

The young prince was too preoccupied with punishing her to notice the potential danger. He capitalized on her desperation by biting down on her nipple. He winced as her nails broke through his skin, causing the wet sensation of blood to trickle down his back.

His aunt hissed as the pain threw her out of her climactic haze. He’d raised a hand to manhandle her other tit, tweaking her adjacent nipple as he gnashed at the sore nub. Her heavy gulps for air made it hard to make out what she was saying.

“Fu-huh-huh-ck your na-aaaaah-ughty auntie!” she begged. Her hands migrated up to his head, clutching him for dear life. Her fingers now rolled through his hair, urging him to lavish her breasts with more judgement. Punish me-eeeee!”

Her shrill voice snapped him out of his lull. He’d been so captivated by her swaying bosom that he’d taken the first chance he could. Yet this was supposed to be her punishment. ‘I need to remind her who’s in charge,’ he chided himself before barking out, “On your knees!”

The speed of her obeying his wishes nearly took his head off. Her dagger-like heel swiftly cleared around the front of his head, adjusting with her body as she settled into the position he desired. His cock still pulsed and throbbed in her cavity. She looked back at her nephew, pleading for more. “Beg for it,” he ordered.

“My sweet nephew-” she started.


“SAY MY NAME!” he roared. His hand lingered on her now-red rump, squeezing the copious cushion before rearing back for another smack. Camilla choked back her sobs against his attacks before finally screaming.


He winced as her voice cracked, but ultimately fulfilled her request. His hands locked down on her hips, giving him the leverage he needed to slam his length all the way into her sphincter. “A-Ahhh!” she yelped.

Her nephew ignored her plea in favor of beginning his rhythm anew. He watched as her shapely rump compressed and jiggled with every thrust. The fact that this coveted ass was his reinforced his already strengthened ego. He let go of one of her hips and raised his hand…


Camilla moaned as her rear was struck. The fair shade of her derriere reddened under the force of his blow. A series of follow up strikes assured that his mark wouldn’t be fading anytime soon. it was a mark, an esoteric form of brand that ensured that at least for tonight, she was his.

His aunt grabbed onto the headboard for dear life. She endured his assault, lips biting down until she tasted copper. Her already puffy eyes were filled with more tears, a futile coping mechanism as her body struggled to endure the balance of pain and pleasure. One vigorous blow had enough force to make her lose her grip, sending her crashing into the bedspread.

Camilla’s screams were muffled in the pillow, utterly lost against the thunderous cracks of his dick against her ass. Her pussy juices cascaded down onto the sheets, creating a noticeable stain between her knees. She knew this was going too far, and that she should be putting a stop to it.

But gods forbid, she wanted this.

Tears and drool dripped onto the pillow, her breathing became increasingly more short as she was pushed further and further into the cushion. Time was lost to her as she adjusted to her world of debauchery and sin.

She felt his hand slam down on her bottom, always out of sync with the onslaught on her anus. The princess had long since forgotten how many strikes they were up too, it no longer mattered to her. She was so used to the pain that when his hand rose up, she braced herself for the next blow…

...but it didn’t come. Instead his hand scooped up the long tresses of her hair and pulled back. Camilla’s head was thrust from her pillow, sending excess tears, drool, and a little bit of nose-cum flying.

The princess struggled onto her elbows, holding onto the base of the headboards’ bars like her life depended on it. His ironclad grip in her hair pulled her head tight, her neck winding up parallel to the wall. Her eyes rolled up, barely able to make out her nephew behind her.

Siegbert used his free hand and gave her other ass cheek a slap, causing her skin to ripple even more. He relished the way her shapely rump would flatten as his loins smashed into her. There was no denying that his aunt was a gorgeous woman, and he was more than eager to exploit this opportunity that he had with her.

And exploit it he did.

He exchanged hands on her hair, now pulling the bundles of lilac tresses back with his right palm. His left reached around her hips and grabbed her breast. He could only hold one in place, the other kept swaying to the rhythm of related rutting. He let go of her hair in favor of forcing her cheek to the side and capturing her lips.

Camilla’s eye widened as his tongue invaded her mouth. His hips rolled against her rump. His fingers clamped down on her tits. Her core seared with erotic fire and her ass was locked down on his cock.

Siegbert flinched, feeling his aunt’s body spasm as yet another orgasm left her a puddle in his sheets. His own release wasn’t too far off. The stamina potion had done wonders, but in the end he succumbed to his aunt’s ass.

Camilla screamed into his mouth, her eyes rolled back. Her nephew’s potent seed shot straight into her rectum. Her sphincter was coated in white. His cock kept her ass plugged nice and tight, keeping a single dollop of cum from leaking out.

Siegbert collapsed, crashing into her shapely back. The added weight of her nephew made Camilla’s shaky grip falter, sending her into the disheveled, stained bed spread. She turned her head, barely registering the sight of the moon looking back at her.

And then she saw no more.

“-The means of escalation,” Siegbert sighed, moreso from the revelation than the ministration.

Camilla’s soft hands gently stroked his cock, rubbing the soaked cloth up and down its length to cleanse it. He gave another moan as she wiped between his balls before she withdrew.

The two were now separated, their bodies wracked with exhaustion. His aunt had done away with the remains of her attire, leaving her utterly naked in his presence as he was hers. The thoroughly ruined sheets were covered in sweat, cum, and other various bodily fluids.

“That’s right. I had to push you with each encounter, intending for you to finally take charge and turn the tables on your assailant,” Camilla explained. She pulled the cloth out of the bowl and brought it back to his dirty loins.

Siegbert grumbled at her words and deed. “What would’ve happened if I failed tonight?” he asked, knowing what the answer would be if it was anyone but his auntie.

“Custom would dictate that I kill you...but how could I bring myself to maim my darling nephew?” Camilla asked with a sad smile.

“Then what about in the shower? Making me taste my own cum and dropping me on the ground?” he prodded her. His aunt had the decency to flinch before she tried excusing herself.

I went too far there. Can you forgive your naughty auntie, Siegbert?” she pleaded. The tone she used was the one he knew, not the one that had been thrown in his face hours before. But he remembered those moments so vividly,and his next words made that all too clear.

“You are not my aunt. Not anymore,” he explained. Camilla stopped her ministrations and looked at him, equal parts shocked and hurt by his revelation. Out of respect for her feelings and their once--harmonious relationship, he elaborated.

When we’re in the halls, we will continue as normal. But the moment we’re alone, the second that I bid you down, you are not my aunt,” he explained. She finished her work and set the bowl aside, off the unstable surface of the disheveled bed.

“Then what am I to you?” she whispered. He elected to answer her by action, grabbing her chin and pulling her up to his cold gaze. The steel in her kindly nephew’s red eyes made her shiver, even before he opened his mouth and decreed her fate.

“A means to my ends.”

Camilla felt a swell of pride at his response. Not so much the words or the intent, but the tone that backed them. Gone was the polite yet shaky tone of a young prince. His words were hard, uncompromising. Like a King should be.

With an unseen gesture, she bid her shadow to depart. At last her darling nephew was ready to take the reins in his father’s absence. She permitted him to grab her by her hair and force her face down into his clean cock. “As you command, prince Siegbert,” she purred.