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NOTE - The following work contains a coupling between confirmed blood relations. If that doesn’t interest you, Please be respectful and don’t leave flaming comments disparaging those that want to read it. Thank you.

The night was one of courtly revelry and mirth.

The feast hall had been transformed for the gala, trading its two rows of long tables for a plethora of smaller rounded ones around the boundaries of the room. Arms and armor had been mostly traded for more refined attire as Heroes from all the world's mingled together.

Lilina’s smile threatened to fall off her face a she broke away from her latest dance partner. The Rigelian prince was a stern figure, but she could at least give him credit for his skills as a dancer. Not to mention the curt but respectful bow he gave her before moving on. ‘I wish him the best, even if he’s meant to clash with Alm ’ the young lady prayed. She could tell he was a good soul, if the way his face cleared when telling her about his beloved was a testament.

But the night was young, and Lilina was eager to dance more. With a sashay to the latest song, she made her way through the crowds. She passed Cecilia waltzing with sir Reinhardt, and the knight Frederick leading princess Sheena. Even Ogma had found an unlikely dance partner in the form of the retainer Setsuna.

She was so caught up in people-watching that she barreled right into the man in front of her. “Ah, Fath...sorry, sir Hector.” she curtsied at the man who would one day be her father. One of the few that had been brazen enough to wear his plate, even if he’d been ordered to keep Armads back in his chamber.

Hector looked down, appraising the extravagant gown of his daughter-to-be. “Lady Lilina. You look good,”he smirked, showing the lovely red garment the respect it was due. His usual blunt charm was on full display, even amongst the revelry of his fellow Heroes.

Lilina giggled and did a twirl, showing every inch of the refined attire before continuing, “Aw, thanks! It’s actually based on a dress that mother wore,” she explained.

“Oho? That’s rather interesting,” he admitted. His hand came up to his chin as he silently pondered, ‘Come to think of it, I believe that Lyn mentioned wearing something like that once...or was that Farina?’ he shook his head clear in favor of focusing on what his future daughter was saying.

“It’s so rare to get to enjoy ourselves like this back home,” she explained, her smile taking a more melancholic tone. Her eyes glazed over as she was taken back to the struggling world and the single moment of respite that they’d enjoyed. “I just want to enjoy it while I can.”

“Well I can respect that,” Hector said. Unlike many of his fellow heroes, he hadn’t bothered to scramble off to the archives and didn’t know what was going to happen in his potential future. Such matters simply didn’t interest him, not when he could spend his days fighting and feasting alongside friends both old and new.

The two were silent, far off the fringes of the huddled waltzers. Lilina swallowed the lump in her throat. “Da-” she started, only to be cut off as Hector turned back to her.

“Would you like to dance?” he asked, that confident, warm smile back on his face. While it was an inviting beacon in the dimmed light, his daughter felt herself clam up. She timidly shook her head.

“I-I was actually going to get some fresh air,” she meekly explained. Lilina took a few steps back, miraculously not stepping on the hem of her dress P-Perhaps later,” she insisted before turning and fleeing. The brazen marquess was left bemused and befuddled by her sudden retreat.

“What just happened?” Hector mused before shrugging his shoulders. He wouldn’t dwell on it, not when there was still time before dinner. So he turned back into the crowd, aiming to find someone else to waltz with as the next piece started.

“On an ocean of stars…”

“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” Lilina chanted to herself. Her earlier charm and smile had been discarded in favor of venting the frustration she felt. That had been a cowardly move, and one that could very well have cost her her chance. She stomped her foot down in anger before screaming, “Gah! Why am I so STUPID?!”

She sucked in air, already ashamed of her outburst. It wasn’t proper for a lady to throw tantrums, especially not over something as simple as dancing with their dad. However, her thoughts betrayed her true intentions. ‘But I don't want a dance with my father… I wanted a dance with Sir Hector.’ she blushed at the thought.

The first time she’d seen a picture of Sir. Hector of Ostia had left her...well she’d been instantly enamoured. The portrait had captured every inch of his ferocity and power, hefting an axe she later learned was the Wolf Beil. he was a tower of steel, a monolith of power that had the young girl feeling very funny.

And then Roy had to ruin it by pointing out it was her father.

She never wanted to look at that picture again, going so far as to ‘accidentally’ burn it the first time she got her hand on a fire tome. The scolding she’d had from Cecilia had been only slightly as painful as seeing the young lord’s brash smirk char and crumple to ash. It made for many frustratingly sleepless nights.

Lilina never saw her father as that man, not even after returning to his side for the bitterly short time he was alive. It was as if the marquess had a ghost, a proud, boastful young man that would follow his every step. Even after his passing, she mourned the loss of Hector, Marquess of Ostia...but still pined for the lord that had posed for that picture.

Lilina didn’t realize she was walking until a surprised squeak broke her of her lull. The festooned noble yelped before attempting to curtsy in fealty. “I’m so sorry! I...princess Eirika?”

Sure enough, the princess of Renais was above her, blocked off by a raised hedge wall. Lilina had to move her head up just to make eye contact with Eirika. The teal-headed woman meekly waved and called out, “G-good evening, Lilina.”

“Good evening. I didn’t expect to see you out here,” Lilina admitted. She had figured that her fellow noble would be enjoying the festivities. Her finger went up to her mouth as she mused aloud, “Come to think of it, I haven’t seen prince Ephraim either, and you two are usually near each other.”

“He’s around here somewhere. I-I think,” Eirika admitted. Lilina couldn’t quite make out the lower part of the other woman’s face and struggled to hear the Renais princess. “What about you, Lilina? Shouldn’t you be enjoying the party?”

Lilina flinched as the attention was brought on to her. She looked away from the sword lady’s inquisitive eyes before finally admitting the truth. “I was...until I saw someone,”

“Someone you didn’t want to?” Eirika asked with a tilted head.

“No…” Lilina admitted with a sigh. How could she honestly describe this? ‘I finally met the man that was my first crush, only to get cold feet when he showed me attention. Oh, and did I mention he’s my father?’ Somehow that seemed a, even in her head.

‘Think Lilina; how would father approach this?

“Eirika, what do you do when you’re lusting for someone?”

The older princess was taken aback by this sudden injury. Her smile was replaced by a look of shock as her cheeks reddened considerably.The best she could muster in response was an airy, “E-e-eh?!”

Lilina went on, ignorant of Eirika’s plight. “I mean, I really, REALLY shouldn’t be feeling this way with my f-friend. I just can’t help myself!” she whined. It was as much to convince herself as her friend, but she didn’t care. So long as someone, anyone knew of the turmoil it’d be enough.

For her part Eirika tried to process this. “Um, well I don’t really know what you should be...I meannnnn…” she trailed off as her hips squirmed. Lilina noticed how distracted the princess was and grew concerned.

“Are you okay, Eirika?”

“Oh I’m fine! I’m just so inv-EHH-sted in trying to help you, that’s all.” she tried to hide what looked like a yawn. Lilina was slightly hurt at the bald-faced lie, but decided to let the matter drop.

“I appreciate that, and I’m sorry to spring this on you,” she apologized with a curtsey. Eirika shook her head before responding.

“Oh it’s quite alright. I’m just sorry i couldn’t help you,” the princess said. Lilina almost barked in laughter at her apology. ‘Sorry I can’t help you seduce your father,’ she mused.

An uncomfortable silence settled on the two, broken only by the rustling of leaves in the wind. Lilina was trapped in her own loathing thoughts, inching further to the realization she was lusting for her future father. A low rumble snapped her out before she could regret those thoughts and directed her back to the Renais royal.

“S-sorry, I must be getting…hun-hungry!” Eirika explained. Lilina nodded, starting to feel peckish herself. ‘It should be about time for dinner to start...being...served’

“I’ve got it!” Lilina snapped her fingers a beaming smile threatened to split her face. She quickly turned around and left, offering parting words behind her. “Thanks for your advice Eirika!”

“Uuuhh...h-happy to help…”

She arrived after dinner had been properly served. The central crowd had mostly dispersed to the many tables around the perimeter of the feast hall. From the central pits at each table, various suckling meats roasted in preparation to be torn into and readily consumed. “Mmm, I smell turkey,” Lilina licked her lips…

“-! No, stay focused!” she chided herself. She could grab some mouthwatering slices after she sat down. Right now she had her eyes fixed on the desserts spread...


Hector waved off Chrom and Roy. The equally-festooned lad had seemed almost eager to depart, especially after Hector himself had hailed him over to join him and Chrom in a hearty drink. ‘I think I got the point across,’ the brash man smugly thought as he pulled off another boar leg. The coal pit in the center of the table warmly glowed in the subdued light.

“There you are, lord Hector.”

The lord looked up from his meal to address who had spoken to him. It turned out to be his future daughter again.

“Lilina! Back from your walk?” he mused as he wiped his face before offering a genuine smile. She smiled back, overlooking the bits of bird in his teeth. He glanced down at the plate in her hands.

She’d clearly made a trip to the dessert table. Her plate had a trio of confections on it. The center was dominated by a souffle, baked to golden perfection. Along the side were a few macaroons, each a different flavor. The last thing were cherries and a small saucer of hot white chocolate.

Hector eyed the platter with amusement. “Got a sweet tooth?” he asked. She put her plate down with a smile.

“Just trying to enjoy myself,” she explained as she pulled her chair out.

“Allow me,” Hector offered as he stood up from his chair to aid her. Lilina held up her dress as he pushed her in. He missed the sight of her ankle-high boot or the curious peek of vibrant red where her bare calf should be.

“Thank you, sir Hector,” Lilina said as she looked back at her future father with a smile. He returned with an honest grin of his own.

“Please, just Hector’s fine,” he insisted before returning to his own place. She used his brief distraction to brace herself and her frayed nerves before offering a nervous smile.

“Whatever you say, Hector,” she said. With that the the two settled into their respective meals. Hector tore into his fresh boar leg as his future daughter drizzled white chocolate atop her souffle.


The spoon cut through the dough, like an axe against wood. The muted sound caught his ear, directing him towards his future daughter. She paid him no mind as she scooped up a hearty helping of the her souffle and chocolate and brought it to her mouth.

Hector wouldn’t have thought anything more of it if not for the contented moan that escaped her lips. It sounded a bit too... enthusiastic to be chowing down on the sweet treat. Long after she’d gulped down the soggy delicacy, the spoon remained firmly in her mouth. He heard the sounds of her tongue slurping and sucking on the utensil, again far too eager for what she was doing.

Lilina finally withdrew the spoon with a loud pop . She paid her fatherno mind and simply scooped up more of her souffle. He downed more of his mead, trying to move past what he’d just witnessed.

The two ate in relative peace. Hector tore into the boar’s leg, tossin the bones aside once they were picked clean. He was downing some fine Askrian mead when Lilina’s eating habits became uncomfortable again.

Her tongue danced around the soggy treat, scarcely bothering to scoop up her souffle. Hector watched it all, even as he brought his mug higher and higher above him. A little of the milky white chocolate dribbled down, making the unbearably long journey from her fork to her open cleavage.

“Ouch,” she winced at the warm sauce on her sensitive breast. The oaken table shook as her father leapt to her aid, napkin at the ready.

“H-Here!” he shoved his gently used napkin in her hands. Lilina squeaked in shock at his sudden trespass, but accepted his offering with a kind smile.

“Aw, thanks Hector,” she said as she wiped her stained bosom. Her father had already sat back down and was giving her a sense of modesty by looking away. She looked down at her remaining souffle before turning back to Hector . “Here, you want the rest?”

“Sure, why not?,” he quickly accepted. She placed the souffle cup on a tea saucer before handing it to her father. He accepted it, sans the spoon she attempted to give him.

The pastry had lost most of its heat, so Hector was able to just scoop it up with his fork and down it with no fuss. Lilina’s grin widened as she heard the grunts of satisfaction from her father, followed by a hearty gulp .

“I can see why you were so...enthusiastic. This is damn good!” he admitted. It didn’t beat some good old boar, but even he could say this little morsel was delectable...dangerously so.

Lilina nodded as she popped a macaroon in her mouth. There was nothing overtly...disturbing about her consumption of the little cookies. The only thing of note was the crumbs it left on her lips, quickly sucked into her mouth by her greedy tongue. ‘Okay that’s...Why am I out of mead?!’ he lamented.

Hector endured her temptations as she finished off the other four macaroons. Her eating habits didn’t really improve, even as she picked up the last one and bit down in the center. The vanilla filling smeared her lips, leaving streaks of white on her ripe, full...kissable…


Lilina yelped in shock as her father’s fist crashed onto the table. The impact was so loud that the people at the nearby tables turned to him in alarm. She swore the music actually stopped.

“...There was a bug,” Hector shrugged as he leaned back. The tablecloth almost masked the crater his meaty palm had left behind. The other tables quickly left them be, none of them intent to draw the prolonged attention of the brazen lord.

His future daughter swallowed the knot in her throat as she mulled her options. On the one hand it was clear that her enticing acts were having an effect. On the other, Hector had shown that he wasn’t going to humor her antics quietly. ‘That only makes sense for father…’ she mused.

Still, she was truly Hector’s daughter. Even if she preferred to be kind and somewhat demure, that didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy the occasional quip or barb. It was in her blood. She just needed to know when would be the best time to strike.

Hector finished the souffle and set the plate aside. He was about to carve out a heaping helping of suckling boar from the pit when Lilina struck again. The future father felt his brow twitch as he watched her dip some cherries in the chocolate sauce and popped them in her mouth.

The young lady shuddered in delight, relishing the sweet taste of chocolate and cherry. She rolled the round little fruit on her tongue, scooping up the warm sauce to be stored for her next strike. Her teeth captured the stalk as she pulled the thin wick free.

Her hands were already preparing the next offering. Two more cherries were dropped in the saucer. His future daughter rolled the stalks around between her fingers. Once she was satisfied, she pulled them out, showing Hector the glazed white fruits.

Lilina brought the white-whipped cherries to her mouth and opened wide. Her father saw the pale chocolate sauce still waiting on her tongue. The way it slightly bubbled as it cooled between her lips was the last straw.

Hector stood up, pushing the heavy table and fire pit aside. “Pardon me, Lady Lilina,” he curtly apologized before storming off...

“The hell is that girl doing?!” Hector grumbled to himself. He was honestly thankful that he had attended in armor. It made his arousal easy enough to hide, even if it was uncomfortable as hell and hard to walk around..

“Now what am I gonna do about this? ” he growled as he looked to his groin. He could just find a bush and grapple with himself...but that wouldn’t really fix his current problem.

Hector didn’t really let the existence of his future daughter faze him. Perhaps one day she’d be his little girl that he would use Armads to bat away any moron that tried for her hand. But today she was just a noble lady...a rather fetching one in fact.

“ARGH! Damnit!” the future marquess roared as he slammed his fist into a nearby column. His knuckle stung from the impact, but otherwise the most damage was done to the column. His mind was instead focused on who he could go to about this...peculiar problem.

“Should be around here somewhere…” he muttered.

“Hector?!” the Renais twins shouted in tandem.

He found his targets under a blanket on the outskirts of the grounds. The two were sitting next to each other, clearly enjoying the night sky. A night that was sadly interrupted by the sudden arrival of the big man himself.

“Evening. You got a moment?” he asked as he leaned against the wall. His characteristic grin was gone, a fact that Ephraim picked up on. Still, the prince was far too annoyed to humor his sparring buddy.

“This is hardly the time for another bout, Hector,” he growled. Ordinarily he’d be more than thrilled at the chance to fight, especially the man who’d become a comrade-in-arms. But this was a night reserved for bonding with his dear sister. Her happiness trumped his thirst for battle.

The axe-swinger crossed his arms. “I actually need some advice from your sister,” he admitted. This came as a shock to the twins, Eirika more so than her brother.

“M-me?” she pointed to herself, making sure he was completely sure. The curt nod was all the proof she needed, and her hand fell back to its place on her covered lap. ‘Why me?’ she wondered.

Hector looked genuinely uncomfortable, but pressed on. “Yeah, it’s about this...let's say friend.”

Oh Gods not again!’ Eirika wailed. ‘First Lilina, now her father! What is with this family?!’

Ephraim seemed to sense his sister’s discomfort and interjected. “Wait, stop,” he ordered, cutting the other lord off. “Let me guess - your ‘friend’ has another friend that they’re getting close to and it feels wrong?”

“That’s the gist of it,” Hector admitted, his frown even deeper now. Much like with Chrom, this was the last conversation he wanted to have with a brother in arms, especially Ephraim. Eirika was one thing, at least she seemed to be okay with this emotional guff.

The man continued, “She’s also acting a little too overt for...his tastes,” Hector admitted. Ephraim sighed at this revelation. Eirika was silently watching, morbidly curious of what her brother’s idea of advice would be. It wasn’t because she was secretly curious...not at all.

“...And what would be the problem with just going up to her and telling her how you feel?”

His sister smacked him, a look of anger and embarrassment on her face. ‘Ephraim you dolt!’ she mentally balked. Now Hector would get defensive and clam up and she’d never get to hear the bigger man’s true feeli-

“That’s the problem. I WANT to take her tight little ass and-”

“Oh!” Eirika squeaked. She hadn’t expected him to be so brazen. It made her more than a little flustered, much to her brother’s ire. Ephrahim offered her a comforting squeeze before impatiently looking back to his comrade in arms.

“Right. The point is, I want to indulge her antics. But would that really be proper, given the circumstances of Askr?” Hector wondered aloud.

“Should I have the answer for that?” Ephraim challenged him. This was far too odd of a conversation between the two men. Luckily for him, Hector seemed to have come to his own decision.

“Maybe not...but I know I do,” he declared.

Lilina was pacing the foyer, concern clearly clouding her face. She’d attempted to follow Hector as quickly as she could, only to be barred as the Summoner led some heroes in an eclectic line dance from his world. Admittingly it was comical to see all those finely dressed lords, ladies, and distinguished nobles attempting to not trip over themselves as they ‘rode the train’. By the time she escaped the chain of bemused or bewildered heroes, her father was long gone.

“Stupid stupid stupid...gah!” Lilina kicked the ground in frustration, wincing when her foot throbbed slightly from the impact. ‘Good thing I chose to wear my boots tonight,’ she sighed.

There was little point in sticking around. The grounds of Fólkhalla were vast. She had almost no chance of seeing her father again tonight to apologize for her actions.

She didn’t hear him striding up to her until he was practically on top of her. Lilina turned in surprise to see the clambering, armor-clad form of Hector. She overlooked his determined glare as she beamed, “Fath- ump?!

She tasted metal as his gauntlet-garbed finger pressed down on her lips. Her father looked down on her wide eyes as he growled. “No more of that. For the rest of the night...”

Lilina felt her surprise spike as he leaned in, she saw the gleam in his eyes, making her shudder as her legs squeezed together. He breathed into her ear as he said three sweet words that made her practically cream herself on the spot.

“-Call me daddy.

Lilina’s heart was in her throat as they crossed the threshold. Sure it was a storeroom rather than a lavish bed chamber, but the same jitters applied. ‘At least there’s a couch in here,’ she noted amongst the tables and chairs.

Hector paid such factors no mind, not when he had a bewitching little mynx in his beefy arms. He lowered her to the ground, giving her a moment to collect herself. She looked at at him, her eyes shining with adoration and lust. “Daddy...” she whispered, a scant few inches below her father’s husky breath.

Suddenly she was above him, reaching down to capture her father’s lips. He held her up, causing her feet to dangle just above his armored calves. She felt one of his hands grope her ass, giving it a few squeezes from above her layers. Lilina moaned into his mouth, her eyes fluttering under his ministrations.

Lilina struggled to pull of any part of her extravagant gown. It was a fruitless endeavor. After all it had taken almost an hour for her to slide into this damn thing, and that was with two maids to help her. ‘I-I have to do this, somehow…’ she steeled herself, even as frustration started to set in.

Feeling her daddy’s firm hands on her shoulders made the girl tense up. “Allow me,” he growled into her ear, causing his future daugter to squirm with every heavy word. His fists came together to the cutout in her collar


Lilina blinked as she felt felt a chill on her shoulders. Hector had ripped open the top of her dress, detaching it from her puffed collar and leaving her sleeves to slowly fall down her arms. With a few shakes, her daddy dropped the now-useless garment to her feet. That just left the Ostian heiress in her boots...and the surprisingly racy lingerie.

Hector took one look at her choice of small clothes and smirked “O-ho?” he intoned, taking clear delight in her squirming beneath his gaze. The white bra and panties were expected, but the rest was not. “Red stockings and garters? How bold...and naughty, my dear daughter…” he growled.

“D-daddy…” Lilina wilted under her father’s gaze, her hands instinctively coming up to her chest. He paid it no mind, instead gently pulling her arms apart to better look at her choice of negligee.

The stockings went up to her thighs, ruby sheer with little decorations of hearts dotted around. Her knees were exposed thanks to some cutout gaps. An odd choice for such intimate apparel, but Hector wasn’t going to pry. Her garter belt was aesthetically underwhelming, only significant in its presence.

Her father stroked her arms, causing Lilina to shudder. “Tell me; who were you planning to show these to?” he asked. His tone was low, but clearly teasing in a brutish fashion. Still, her cheeks blossomed as he continued, “Who was going to claim the last dance of my feisty little girl?”

He didn’t give her a chance to speak, instead pulling her back up for another sloppy kiss. Lilina mewled under his attack, and outright whimpered when he pulled away. “Well no matter, it’s mine now,” he declared before setting her back down.

His little girl wasn’t gonna take her father’s teasing lying down however. Her hand instantly went for his smooth codpiece. “Is this mine?” she asked in her best attempt to sound sultry.

“Why don’t you open it and find out?” he countered back. His words boldend her, and she gave her own brash smile right back. It didn’t come quite as naturally as it did for her father, but it was the thought that counted.

LIlina sunk to her knees before Hector. Her fingers reached around him to undo the clasps of his codpiece, causing it to fall to the ground with a thunk . Her attention then went to the visible tent in his trousers, an expected outcome from their gallivanting. ‘Here goes,’ she thought as she pulled open his pants.

She didn’t expect the sudden attack on her face. Lilina yelped in pain as something long and hard slapped her cheek. The force sent her reeling, causing her to dazedly look up at her father’s cock. “E-eh?”

Armads might’ve been his legendary weapon, but it was NOTHING compared to the axe her daddy had in his pants. Her dainty hand barely even wrapped around half of his girth, and she could feel her palm cramping already. “W-where am I even gonna fit this?”

“Why don’t we start here?” he suggested as he brought her face up to his girth. Her eyes darted up to his calm face and back to his twitching dick. The intent was quite clear. And she was terrified.

As if sensing her fear, Hector calmly and gently stroked her head. “Just start slow,” he suggested, making no further moves to push her closer. When she reared up to tentatively lick him, it was of her own volition. “That’s the way,” he groaned.

Lilina traced her tongue along her father’s cock, painting the totem that she’d one day be shot from. Her earlier trick with the spoon and the cherries had been in preparation for all this. While it hadn’t done much for her frayed nerves, she could take each moan and growl from her daddy and use it as motivation.

Their lovenest was silent, save for the muffled sounds of the outside party and the private festivities within. Hector’s hand landed on her head, his armored glove getting tangled in his daughter's locks. LIlina whimpered under the sudden weight, but pressed on. She had every intention of showering her daddy with all the love and adoration his little girl could muster.

She took a deep breath before sucking in his glans. Her deep dick kiss roused a surprised grunt from her father. ‘She’s certainly bolder than I gave her credit for… ’ He mused.

‘This is a lot harder than a spoon,’ Lilina thought. Her full attention was devoted to servicing his mighty weapon. She fought her urge to cough every second as she bobbed her head on his shaft. Drool escaped her lips as she struggled.

While Hector could admire here enthusiasm, there was no denying her limits. The inexperience she showed was both a boon to the outrageously minute part of him that still looked on her as a daughter...and also a bane to him as a virile, hungry warrior.

He waited until she pulled away. As she gasped for breath, Her father asked a simple question, “Do you trust me?” his serious tone took her by surprise, and it took her some time to respond.

“O-Of course I do.”

“Then Stand up,” he ordered. Lilina was still confused, but ultimately followed his wishes. Her hands let go of his cock as she stood at attention. Satisfied, Hector grabbed her hips and looked her square in the eyes.

She didn’t expect him to lift her up and turn her upside down.

“Wahh?!” she yelped as her head spun. Any concerns of falling on the floor were mitigated by her father’s firm grip on her hips. Her hair dropped down, barely touching the carpet beneath her. His cock was pressed against her chin. Her modest bosom were squished against his breastplate

Hector lifted her up, bringing her damp panties up to his nostrils. His act wound up levying his erection against her stunned face. He relished the forbidden smell of his daughter’s sex. Like a berserker, he struck.

Lilina screamed as her father’s tongue lashed against her clothed mound. She squirmed in his ironclad grip, accomplishing little. She struggled to protest, barely squeaking out, “L-let me take my pant-teeeeeee?!”

At her words, he pulled away as if seriously contemplating her request. “Nah, too much time,” He shrugged before going back on the offensive. Lilina’s hands squeezed his cock as she buckled under his lascivious tongue. Her legs kicked furtively around his shoulders.

‘What can I do? What can I do?!’ she panicked. Her hands squeezed his dick, eliciting a rumbling groan from her future father. Realization dawned on her face, along with a winced smirk as the blood flowed into her head.

She started to attack his cock with renewed vigor, lavishing it with all manner of kisses and licks. Her teeth lightly nibbled on his shaft, rolling the carnal flesh between her teeth.

Her hands weren’t idle either. One palm now squeezed and pulled on his shaft, covering the parts her mouth couldn’t. Her other hand cupped his balls and fondled them.

Hector groaned under her ministrations, interrupting his tongue work. He felt his release rapidly approaching and was determined that he wouldn’t be leaving her behind. With that determination, he resumed his assault on her pussy.

“Aah! N-not so ro-ooooh,” she moaned. He ignored her pleas in favor of biting her panties. With a quick jerk, he pulled them aside and exposed her glistening honeypot. She felt her father’s tongue pierced her folds before euphoria consumed her.


Her screech shattered the silence of their retreat. Her hands clamped down on his cock, eliciting a climactic roar. The incestruous duo were brought to orgasm just as the doors of the great hall thundered open outside.

Lilina flinched as a rope of jizz shot across her face. She turned her head to avoid anymore of his potent procreation projectiles. A few shots did still manage to smear her hair however. The rest shot far across the chamber, nearly reaching the opposite wall.

The two came back to their senses, still aloft thanks to Hector’s towering physique. Her father gently placed her down, making sure her feet were firmly planted before he let go of her. His long-sought orgasm left him briefly winded. The towering man collapsed onto the nearby couch with a loud grunt.

He didn’t know how much time had passed. The subdued rabble of the gala still reached from beyond their isolated little storeroom. He missed his daughter shuffling around until she finally spoke up.

“Can I…”

Hector cracked an eye open, his attention immediately grabbed. Lilina had discarded her panties, exposing the trimmed patch of blue muff just above her dripping pussy. That just left her in the garter and the stockings, a perfect contrast to her paternally-inherited hair and her smooth, supple skin.

“Can I sit on your lap, daddy?” she asked with a lusty smile. The tone she used was not the kind that should be shared between a father and daughter. But the circumstances of Askr had brought them together at the peak of sexual furor. Stations and attachments were of no consequence to them.

“Anything for my little girl,” Hector growled as he patted his thigh. His earlier reservations had evaporated, leaving only the warped sense of pride mixed with his carnal cravings. So when his future daughter hopped onto his bare groin, he welcomed her eagerly.

his gauntlets groped her breasts, the cold metal of his hands causing her to whine and whimper. Her dripping pussy grinded against his mighty loins, mixing quim into the layer of spit. He smelled her hair, relishing the buffet of floral aromas that could be found in her tresses.

“Dadddyyy…” she mewled, craning up with an expectant look. Her father complied and took her lips for a soft yet passionate kiss. She happily rubbed her butt against his lap as her eyes fluttered. She couldn’t imagine it getting any better…


Her calves tightened down on his cock, preventing him from probing her entrance any further. She didn’t mean for it to happen. But any attempts to lax her frayed nerves ended in failure.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Hector assuaged her, raising a hand from her chest to stroke her cheek. Despite his cravings, he couldn’t stand to see a woman that looked so scared. Her being his future daughter had no consequence on that. “We’ll take it slow alright?”

Lilina nodded, but her legs stayed firmly shut. His dick was trapped between her pussy and her thighs, making it impossible for her to be penetrated. Still, her father did have his moments of tact and inspiration.

“Hmm, i’ve got an idea,” he declared. Hector moved his hands to her shoulders, giving the tensed muscles a much needed massage.

“Mmm” Lilina cooed. She felt her stress pour away under her father’s touch. The metal pads still left goosebumps, but his surprisingly deft handiwork overcame the discomfort. His blunt nature translated surprisingly well into working through the knots in her shoulders.

She was so wrapped up in his massage that she barely noticed what else was going on. Hector had begun to thrust his dick against her. When his shaft brushed past her pussy lips, it sent a jolt up her spine that broke the wall of warmth. “D-daddy what are-?

He cut her off with a quick peck of the lips. Lilina felt her concerns wiped away as they kissed. His hands and cock continued their acts above and below. He broke away, staring at the flushed face of his future daughter. “Just let your daddy handle this alright?” he whispered.

His daughter whimpered in response. He took that as her fealty and doubled his efforts. Her legs pinned his cock, keeping him from accidentally missing her pussy lips. The feminine nectar that was dripping out smeared his girth.

Hector’s hands reached down to cup her breasts again.he tweaked her nipples, causing her to moan and excrete more quim juices. Hector noticed her leaning into his cock, grinding her mound on her father’s loins. “You feel so gooood…” Lilina mewled.

“You’re just dripping on it…” he smirked. Hearing her whine was making his already-hard cock throb in anticipation. He opted to test her first “Tell me what you want,” he ordered.

“I-I want it.”

“Oho?” he asked, not quite sure if he heard her. His hands ceased their ministrations as he leaned in. “What was that?”

“I-I...I” she stuttered.


“I WANT YOUR FAT COCK SHOVED IN MY NAUGHTY PUSSY, DADDY!” LIlina screamed. Hector winced at his ringing ears. But he obliged her. His little girl’s legs opened freely as he prodded her entrance. He slid in smoothly thanks to her gushing juices. “Mmm, Daaaad-eeeee.”

His daughter squirmed atop his dick, desperate to take more of father’s forbidden flesh. He grabbed her hips and started to thrust into her greedy pussy. His back shifted up from the couch as he leaned into his little girl.

Her ass slapped against his lap, causing wet claps to resonate around their dim lovenest. Their duet of debaucherous dulcet tones found a rhythm beyond any piece that had been played tonight. “I-It’s incredible daddy! I want moreee!” she sang.

Hector said nothing, but obliged her wishes. His thrusts doubled as he hammered into her sopping wet twat. Sweat flew off her body. Her hair was an utterly disheveled mess.

“HAAAAA-RDERRRRR” she screamed, spit flying out of her mouth. Her hands gripped the edge of his greeves as she struggled to increase his pace.

‘Gods she’s insatiable’ Hector gawked. He couldn’t go any faster while he was pinned to this couch. He needed somewhere to really let his hips cut loose...but where?

His eyes roamed the darkened room, picking out every prospective spot they could move their debaucheries to. He ultimately settled on one of the long tables that normally lined the feast hall. ‘That could work,’ he decided.


Lilina’s climax soaked into the cushions. Hector grit his teeth at her pussy’s grip, yet overpowered it with sheer will. His arms wrapped around her spasming body before he pulled himself to his feet.

If anyone stumbled upon the incestuous union, they would’ve been treated to the humorous sight of Hector of Ostia, in near full plate, waddling across the room. Less comical was his future daughter, bare of all but her lingerie and firmly planted on his dick. And yet the risks of being caught were too far from their minds.

He reached the table and placed her over it. She struggled to grab the table top, but ultimately fell forward. Her father's quick reactions kept her from flopping down tit-first onto the unforgiving stone. Still, the sudden impact did leave her briefly winded.

“What my little girl wants, my little girl gets,” Hector growled, sending a delightful shiver down her back. With that promise, he began plowing her again.

Lilina gave up on trying to prop herself up and resigned to having her breasts squeezed against the table. Her tongue lulled out as her cheek rubbed on the stone.

Hector grabbed her arms and pulled back, forcing her head off the stone top. She screeched, sending her drool down onto the polished white table. Hector used his new leverage to demolish her twat.

“G-gods yeeeesssss,” she babbled. Her mind was total mush now, much like the long digested souffle. Her father’s mighty girth hit every erogenous spot as it sawed in and out of her pussy. “I-I’mmmmm!”


His dear daughter was too far gone to hear him, drowning in an ocean of orgasmic bliss. She could do nothing but scream as her womb was painted white by Hector’s seed...


Lilina looked down from her place on Hector’s chest. She wasn’t amused at his stomach’s rude intrusion. Her future father had the decency to look sheepish even as he argued, “We just fucked like a pair of crazed rabbits. What do you think was gonna happen?”

His daugher opened her mouth to protest, only for her own stomach to growl first.

“Hah!” Hector barked with laughter. It would’ve been a cute moment if not for the utterly depraved mess that had been smeared on the couch, floor, and table. Even his precious little girl was utterly plastered in her future father’s spunk.

“You’re so mean to me, daddy,” she huffed as her lips scooped up her siblings with an angry smack. The cute look of anger on her face was a stark contrast to her lewd state. Her father’s guffaw died down as he wiped away the tears in his eyes.

“Maybe so-” he admitted. His grin turned mischievous as he pulled her back into his chest. Her yelp of shock was followed by her delighted moans at his touch. -but I’ll always give my little girl what she deserves.”