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Fire Emblem H-eroes

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The Spring Festival was upon them once again. A joyous time that was heralded with all manner of fun and revelry. But for the mollified crown prince of Nohr, this saccharine cavalcade might as well be a nightmare.

“If father saw me now…” he grumbled as he pulled down on the garish pink vest. It was bad enough having to keep up this charade all year, but now he had to watch all the happy members of the Order of Heroes wear this same garish uniform. ‘Well at least some of them share my reservations for the ensemble ’ he grumbled.

But then there were perks to his perpetual state, such as the shimmering eyes of his siblings whenever he walked past them in the halls. Often times in quick succession or with radically different ensembles. It was...odd, coming to grips with there being multiples of his family ‘Including myself! One trying to learn how to swim it seems…’ he mused as he caught sight of his summer doppelganger.

“Prince Xander!”

“And speaking of doppelgangers.” he whispered before turning to face his new arrival. “Ah, princess Sharena. You’re looking quite...festive.” he complimented her ‘This must be her doppelganger, the one that came through with the Hoshidan ninja.’ his contemplation quickly turned less savory as he thought of the kunoichi and her…’challenges’, with her attire.

“He he, thanks!” she beamed as she gave a little twirl and bow. The egg in her cup wobbled with every step, but remained in place. “You don’t look so bad yourself!” she praised him.

With pleasantries exchanged, Xander was prepared to bid her a good day and continue on his merry way. That is, before she abruptly stopped him. “Hey wait, you’re missing your lance!”

“Ah yes, well I figured since the tournament was over, there was no need to be carrying my weapon any further.” he shrugged. “Without it I can spend that much more time greeting and gifting our comrades.”

Sharena didn’t seem too happy at his rationale. “Prince Xander! You can’t be serious about walking around these fairgrounds without your lance. careless!” she huffed before turning on her feet and marching the other way. “Come on, we’re going to get it.”

Xander was befuddled at her antics and called back to her retreating form. “Wait, why this way?”

“All loose eggs and carrots have been taken to the unused stall near the edge of the fairgrounds.” she explained as she led him away from the crowded square...

“There’s...quite a number of eggs and carrots in here.” Xander mused as he looked at the cramped stall’s interior. The wooden shutters were down and locked tight, meaning that only a few candles were able to light up their surroundings. “Princes Sharena, I don’t think my lance is in he-”

“We won’t know unless we look, so hop to it.” Sharena insisted as she put down her cup near the entrance before literally hopping over to a stack of carrots nearby. He sighed at her antics, but ultimately opted to humor her.

“Oh, look at these tiny little ones! Aren’t they so cute?” she squeeled as she plucked a baby carrot out of an open tray of them. Xander walked over to see what made it so particular. ‘It looks no different than any other small carrot.’

“They’re more like an appetizer than anything else if you ask me.” she mused as she played with the baby carrots. Xander’s moral fortitude failed to keep him from noticing how risque her gestures were. The way her gloved hands caressed the slightly bumpy orange skin was...alarming. “Wait, don’t tell me that your lance is only this big.”

The prince was taken aback at her sudden inquiry. “N-no, it’s much bigger than that.” he insisted. His voice openly showed his shock at such a line of ridiculous question. ‘How preposterous; her hand is already covering it for goodness sake!’

“Mmm, I find that hard to believe.” the princess snarkily declared before popping one of them in her mouth. Her face morphed into an impish smirk as she looked at the flustered prince and his askew cap. ‘This is too much fun.’

“I think I would know the size of my own lance.” he stressed before adjusting his hat. He looked down at that girl, waiting for her rebuttal the moment she swallowed.

“You could be exaggerating to show off.” she offhandedly suggested as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve. Her blunt accusation threw the usually composed prince for a loop.

“Of all the asanine-I would never!” he practically roared as she picked up a particularly tiny one with her thumb and forefinger. It wasn’t even the size of her pinkie and bent under her barest use of force.

“Okay, okay. Geez, you seem kind of sensitive about this.” she teased him as she tossed the useless little thing away. She moved onto the normal-sized ones nearby, combing her fingers over the bundles of vegetables.

“I am not. I am merely speaking the truth about the size of my lance. It is quite large.” he proclaimed. A crunch and a muffled comment signified that Sharena had pulled out two more and had taken a bite out of one of them. He didn’t even need to glance at the uneaten one before continuing. “Much bigger than that, or the ones next to you even.”

The princess chewed on her snack and swallowed before responding. “The blackened ones?” she asked as she pointed to a stack of abnormally large, irregularly shaped carrots that had been charred.

“Yes...come to think of it, why are there burnt carrots in here?”

Sharena shrugged. “You might be better off not asking.” she suggested before turning back to the missing matter at hand. “So you’re suuuure that it’s larger than any of the carrots here?” she asked as she leaned back against the table.

“Yes Princess Sharena, I am comfortably sure.” he insisted. ‘Ugh, this is getting preposterous.’ he internally complained.

“What’s the big deal anyway? If it's not just overcompensating for something that is.” she pressed on as she leaned forward, presenting her surprisingly robust cleavage. Xander’s pride barely won out as he focused on her words rather than her supple, shapely body. “Is it really so special?”

“Of course; it is among the finest of carrots from the kingdom of Nohr. Seeded by one of its finest cultivators.” he proudly boasted as he praised the hard work of the diligent farmer. Sharena’s fixated mind however interpreted his words...differently.

“I-I’m sure.” she stuttered as her cheeks pinked. He didn’t notice it, and even if he had it could’ve been played off as a trick of the light. “But what makes it so special for you, particularly?”

“That lance was entrusted to me by my dear siblings. Specifically, my sisters.” he explained as a warm smile graced his face. Thinking of the beaming faces of Corrin and Elise and the delightful giggle of Camila brought a sense of pride and accomplishment that made him tolerate the otherwise frivolous sham of a ‘weapon’.

His words were utterly innocuous, and yet Sharena once again saw the lewd potential. “Okay, i’ve heard enough.” she quickly said before turning away to hide her red cheeks. ‘Way too much information there pal…’.

Xander failed to see her plight and merely continued on. “Come now; don’t tell me you and your brother don’t share in the spring custom of exchanging gifts?” he asked. In truth it was a fool’s question. ‘Why else would she wear these garish things?’

‘Oh Gods, NO!’ She nearly blurted that out at thought. But the lump in her throat caught it in time for her mind to crawl out of the gutter. “Wha- I-I mean yeah. S-sorta…” Sharena fidgeted before quickly moving away. “I-i’m gonna look over there!”

He watched her depart, more specifically the way her fluffy cottontail bounced with every step. Sadly, the long tails of her coat concealed her ass from his gaze. Much like how her long loose ponytail hid her exposed back. ‘Focus you daft fool! This is no time to be a craven.’ he mentally admonished himself.

“Maybe it’s beneath the table.” she suggest as she got on her knees and reached into the cramped underside. With her coattails parted, Xander could no longer resist and openly gawked at her stark white tights. ‘How curious, her underwear is practically invisible.’ he mused as he looked at her conspicuously tight butt.

“Are you... certain you saw my lance being brought here?” he quickly asked, trying to abandon his premature inquiry of her underwear. He pulled his collar to let out some of the mysterious heat beneath his vest.

“Prince Xander, I know I saw it come in here. Trust me.” she called back as she pulled an empty crate aside and wiggled further inward. Her choice of words struck him as odd, and he pressed on.

“You saw my carrot lance?” he asked as he casually walked over. Or at least he assumed it was casual. Curiously, she seemed to shuffle as she heard his boots press down on the grassy floor.

“N-not right in front of me, no. B-but I think I heard Lyn and Celica talking about it earlier.” she called back before redoubling her efforts. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but it almost seemed like she was needlessly throwing around random boxes.

Xander was noticeably frustrated now. ‘What the devil is she on about?’ He mentally roared at her scatterbrained ramblings. Now she was relying on hearsay from Lyn and Celica? There were TONS of heroes in the Order that he had fought alongside, so why were those two ladies so prominent exactly?


‘No, it must be a coincidence.’  he mentally balked. Those two were rather unique compared to the rest of their comrades. Not only had he had shared a few battles with those two, but also some rather fun nights involving those two lovely ladies. Sometimes alone, and once or thrice as a team of sorts. ‘But how the devil would she possibly know that? And why would she want to get me alone before revealing that sort of information?’


Sharena squeezed herself further into the cluttered boxes, shaking her rear in the process. ‘What’s taking him so long?’ she lamented. Her anwer came when she felt something long and hard press against her rear. “Ah! T-took you long enough, dum-dum.” the festive princess moaned as she rubbed her ass cheeks on his carrot lance.

Xander’s response was to reach down, pull up her coattails, and grip her tights. She heard a *riiip!*, followed by the sudden cool air against her nethers. She protested the destruction of her attire. “H-hey! My outfit!”

“A healer can take care of that.” he simply said as he finished tearing her leggings. There it was; her dripping pussy and tight little asshole without a single scrap of smallclothes to be found. “Right now i’m feeling...peckish.”

“What does that meaaaaaan?!” her inquiry morphed into a moan as she felt his tongue feather her labia. His hands gripped the underside of her butt cheeks as he leaned further in, spearing her folds.“Ooooh you cunning-Aaah!”

Xander would not permit her to speak anymore, the only thing he wanted coming out of her mouth were moans and mewls. The angle of his attack would make it difficult to reach her clitoral hood or the quivering little bud within. ‘Difficult...but far from impossible.’

Sharena squirmed as she felt his tongue assault her sex. His fingers came up and lightly stroked the skin around her pussy, causing her further pleasure. The spring prince ravaged her little patch with the ferocity she’d long fantasized. ‘Gods, Celica was completely right about him!’

He was precise in his lashings, covering every possible inch of her vaginal walls with his tongue. His middle and forefinger kept her lips apart, letting her juices drip onto the grass below. Xander kept her constantly on the edge.


“Hey, did you hear something?”

The girl froze in horror as an unknown voice came from across the thin wooden walls. In her haste, she’d forgotten the fact that they were still at the fairgrounds where tons of people were milling about. ‘Oooh crap. Didn’t think of that one…

His tongue’s withdrawal gave her a false sense of assurance that he had come to the same realization. In response she began to pull herself up off the ground. Those plans were delightfully ruined as she felt him compress behind her, followed by his fingers slipping past her entrance.

“M-maybe we should mooo- mmph ?!” her suggestion was muffled as Xander’s other fingers were stuffed into her mouth. Her tongue was quickly overloaded with the peculiar taste of her own quim juice. Her ears filled with the sounds of his finger-banging as pleasure once more warped her mind.

She suckled on his digits, eager to lap up as much of her carnal nectar as she could. She barely noticed him lean in until his mouth was next to her muffled ear. Not even his hand pushing the padded earmuff aside managed to wrest her attention. That came when his cold, stern voice struck through her mind.

“If they’re so bold, let them come.” he growled, sending a shiver down her spine and causing her to practically gush on command. Her dithering concern was cast aside as she swallowed the knot in her throat and nodded. Satisfied, Xander withdrew his hands.  “Now back on your knees.”

She fell faster than a flier against a bow. Her coy antics were forgotten in favor of eagerly awaiting his next move. She heard a zipper and the shuffling of trousers, followed by something poking at her wet entrance. Any thoughts of double-standards were wiped out as she felt the unburdened girth of Nohr’s finest against her supple cheeks.

‘Gods, what a fine ass.’ he mused. The perpetually festive prince had seen some quite fine derrieres in his service for the Order. Sharena’s was definitely on the finer end of the spectrum, but couldn’t hold a candle to HER .

He slid his cock up and down her butt a few times before rearing low to poke at her folds. His entry was slow but persistent, never once slowing down as she moaned at her wall’s dispersal. Xander slid further and further in until he knew for sure. She had no hymen. “How.”

It wasn’t a question, or a request. But Sharena was still compelled to answer. “A-a training accident.” she meekly explained. He seemed placated by that response and simply started thrusting. Without the burden of taking her maidenhood, Xander had no reservations against going all out.

“Oooh, Xander.” she moaned as he slammed into her hips. Her fingers dug into the dirt, staining her gloves as she held on for dear life. Her rabbit ears were flopping more than her bust or butt. So much so that they wound up flying right off her head.

“M-my ears!” she panted before groping to retrieve them. She struggled to pick them up and re-affix them while being drilled from behind. But Sharena was tenacious, and somehow managed to place the now-dirty headpiece back over her hair without losing her balance somehow.

Xander permitted her distraction, but offered her no quarter in his pace. He was too far down the rabbit hole now and had abandoned his usual composure in favor of his animalistic urges. The normally virile paladin was nearly primal in his single-minded ambition to fuck her stupid.

Their cramped confines were filled with the sounds of grunting and slapping flesh. The still air filled with the musky scent of sex. There was simply no way that anyone that happened to walk by wouldn’t hear what was happening and put things quickly together. But if she couldn’t bring herself to care anymore, Xander sure as hell wasn’t going to.

“Aah! X-Xa...I-I’m!” she managed to catch her falling ears in her mouth and used them to muffle her screams. Her orgasm passed with a gagged cry. His own climax was heralded by a roar as rope after rope of Nohrian proto-progeny filled her womb…

Sharena came to and let the now-soggy pair of ears fall out of her mouth. The musky smell of lust filled her nostrils and caused her to wrinkle her nose. If she could’ve seen herself do so, it would’ve made all those hours practicing in front of the mirror worth it. She let out a contented sigh.

“Who told you we were finished?” Xander growled before grabbing her shoulders and pulling her back. Sharena was so shocked she barely managed to put her ears back on and didn’t even flinch as her hair grazed the bottom of the table.

In a tremendous display of physical strength, the festive prince managed to rise to his feet, all without ever once leaving the warm, wet confines of her warren. Her eyes struggled to adjust to the shift in lighting or logistics and she almost missed his dominating voice.  “Grab onto something.”


The intent of that baritone decree was lost on her until after he’d already started pistoning back anew. She squealed and scrambled to grip the boxes in front of them, failing a few times before finding a flimsy hold along the sides. his own hands affixed themselves to her hips as he resumed his feverish pace.

Sharena spread her legs as she leaned her ass back, allowing him more room to access her velvet walls.He immediately took advantage of that fact as he proceeded to test her footing.

“Aah!” she squeaked as a particularly rough thrust made her bounce off her feet. As if sensing her vulnerability, Xander thrust higher into her sopping twat. Her feet dangled off the ground as she struggled to hold on. Ultimately, she planted the tips of her shoes to compensate for her absent heels.

Her hair was now practically shoved into his face, allowing him to brazenly sniff her blonde locks. ‘ nice.’ he mused as his hips kept thrusting. He spared a single hand to reach up and brush her loose ponytail aside, giving him an uncensored view of her sheer-covered back. The little tail bouncing, the slight ripples in her toned shoulder blades, and even the bunched up coattails spurred him on.

She gripped the edges of the crate as he pounded her. Her ears once again fell forward over her sweaty brow and dropped off her head before she could even realize what had happened. But at this point Sharena was simply too far gone to give a damn about them. Xander never cared in the first place and seemed almost thrilled at their absence as he doubled his pace.

Sweat littered their bodies, causing the garish outfits to stick onto their skin. Neither one let such a matter bother them, or even be more than a minor irritation. Sharena’s hands remained firmly on the sides of the crate, and Xander’s remained on the hips of her dress.

She was in a stupor now, a sexually induced high. Every nerve of her body was aflame as her tongue lolled out of her open mouth. The mixture of their earlier fucking leaked out from her slit and pooled near their feet. ‘Oh gods it’s all sooo good.’


Sharena snapped out of her lusty stupor at his words. “What, where?!” she panicked, looking around for the sight of the likely mortified voyeur. But there was no one else in their seedy den.

“W-where’s your sis-broth...where’s Corrin?” she asked.

Her answer came in the form of something brushing against her now-lowered foot, compelling her to look down. When did a bunny get in here?” she asked as she saw the little fluff ball pick up her ears. “ you mean the rabbit?”

“Of course.” he declared as said creature hopped up to the adjacent table with her discarded headgear in its little mouth. She was at a loss of words, not for him having a pet or what said pet was, but for what he had named it.

“You seriously named your bunny after know what, whatever.” she sighed as she picked up the offered headband and re-affixed it to her head. ‘Ugh, there’s grass in my ear now. ’ she winced before turning back. “Just fuck me.”

Xander paused in the act of gingerly picking up his little friend at her crass words. It was as if he’d forgotten what they were doing, even as he was still balls deep inside her little blonde-tuffed pussy. But his loins certainly never forgot, and quickly his lower head once again wrested control.

Corrin the rabbit managed to slip back under his hat just in time for him to make good on her orders. She tightened her grip on the topmost crate’s lip as a lustful mewl escaped her lips. The sounds of slapping flesh once more echoed the cramped stall.

With his pet back under control, the two royals resumed their romp. Sharena was a little more lucid after the ridiculous antic they’d just witnessed and had the mind to try and subdue her sexual cries. Xander was not compelled to follow that same courtesy.

Time escaped their notice once more as he pounded her against the crates. Neither one noticed the subtle shifting of light  from the cracks as the sun dropped from the top of the sky. Or how disparate and subdued the bustle of the outside revelry had become.

Sharena came down from her orgasm and returned to the euphoria that had become her normal. Her body was littered with sweat as she heaved for every possible gulp of musky air. She was so sore, so tired..and she wanted so much more. “Xaaand-aaaaah!”

But sadly his strength was near its end. It was bad enough having the tournament earlier in the day, but walking around in this thick attire had made him burn more energy than he’d comfortably admit. So when the challenge came between his potent loins and his frayed body, his body gave first.

“Sharena!” he grunted in kind as his hips rammed into her ass and let his mighty carrot unleash inside her slick tunnel. He pressed further into her, causing her breasts to rub against the tower of crates and nearly topple them over. In kind, her little fluffy tail tickled his pubes as their conjoined nethers became drenched in the thick load of syrupy juice.

She whimpered as he pulled out of her thoroughly stuffed pussy. One errant shot of cum splashed against her coattails, staining the vibrant pink lining. It was bad enough that her skirt wasn’t going to do a thing to hide her exposed loins, or that her floppy ears were covered in spit, dirt, and sweat. She simply had no way of chatting her way out of this...not without his aid.

Her knees gave out and she collapsed into the boxes. Xander caught her and gently guided her down to the ground, spinning her around so her back was now supported. He gingerly drew back the disheveled locks of her hair, not even flinching as her fingers came up to meet his.

I shall leave first.” he insisted. While they were both equally exhausted, their minds were still quite keen. She knew he was essentially sacrificing his dignity to give her a chance to recover and slip away later. ‘Heh, once a paladin, always a paladin.’ she mused as she saw how radiant he looked, even in his outlandish suit.  I guess that even taking his armor off isn’t gonna change that’

He tried to pull away, only for her hand to stay caught in his grip. She tiredly looked up at him.. “Nah, let’s wait for the fair to clear out.” she insisted as she patted the ground next to her. Xander looked like he wanted to protest, but ultimately relented and settled alongside her.

Satisfied, she leaned back and let her exhaustion wash over her. Her hand reached down and played rubbed her stomach.

‘I should really get this outfit back to the other me.’ Sharena mused.