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Steve Rogers x reader Stories

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“That’s the last one”, you told the removalist.

You had just moved to New York, hopping to start a better life here. Growing up on a farm you weren’t exactly used to life in the city, but you hoped that would change soon.

You paid him and went inside your new apartment. It was small, but with a little bit of work you could make it your home.

A knock on the wooden door made you jump. Since you didn’t know anyone here you wondered who it could be. It was probably the removalist. Maybe you hadn’t paid him enough or he had found something that belonged to you.

Opening the door you saw a handsome man in his early thirties. He was tall and had blonde hair as well as baby blue eyes. Holding up a bottle of wine he smiled at you.

“You just moved here right?”, he asked, his voice comforting on it’s on way.
“I saw the van in front of the house”

You nodded. “Yeah. I would let you in but it’s still a mess in there”, you explained with an apologetically smile.

“Oh it’s fine. You can come over if you want.”, he offered, pointing at the door acroos your flat.
“I am Steve by the way. Steve Rogers”, he held out his hand and you shock it firmly.

“I’m (y/n) (Y/l/n)”, you introduced yourself.

“I am sorry, I have to decline your offer. There are still tons of cartons waiting for me”, you explained, feeling gulity to reject him.

“Oh I see”, he replied. “Maybe another time?”

You beamed in excitement. “I would love that”

He smiled at you once again and it made your heart melted. He was so good-looking it was nearly unfair.

“Great, then it’s settled”, he declared and you grinned in joy. Right when you wanted to close the door you heared his voice again:

“Oh er this is for you” He held up the wine bottle akwardly and you took it, blushing a little.

“Thanks. I will bring it when I come over” He nodded and you closed the door. Once more you were alone.

The next time you saw him was only a few days later when you had just gone grocery shopping and where now carrying all your bags up the stairs.

“Let me help you”, you heared a voice and there he was, looking as good as ever and now grabbing two of your bags. You blushed. “Thank you.”

“Oh it’s no problem. I have the same way after all”, he reassured and you followed him up the staircase. You wished you would have some time to talk to him but there was work waiting for you.

“I assume you are busy?”, he asked hoping for a denial. You fished for you keys grinding your teeth. “Yeah, I am sorry. I am still caught up into unpacking. Can you believe how long it takes to fix up a shelf?”, you muttered and he chuckled.

“Well I’m pretty good at it”, he winked at you.

“You’re kidding, right?”

He shook his head.
"I had to exchange my whole furniture a few years ago and I got the hang of it.”

You watched him in awe which made him chuckle even more. God, he was handsome!

“How about I come in and help you and you pay me back with a talk over a bottle of wine”, he suggested and you nodded in excitement. You unlocked the door and wanted to walk in but Steve was faster. He grabbed the door, holding it open for you to enter. You looked up to check if he was serious. He was. Handsome and a gentleman. How could you be so lucky?

Giggling you made your way into the apartment, Steve following you behind.

You had spend the rest of the evening unpacking your last boxes while laughing with Steve over old photos you had found and watching him put together your furniture. It was pretty impressive how easily he lifted the heavy wood and put it together without any problems.

You felt like you could watch him all day. It was adorable how he frowned in concentration and smiled whenever a part fit into the other.

“So why did you move here?”, he suddenly asked, not looking up from his work.

“Uh I just wanted a change I guess”, you answered honestly. “I grew up on a farm and it just wasn’t my thing. If I wouldn’t have left I think I would still sit there waiting for life to happen. Now I put faith into my own hands.”, you shrugged.

“That’s impressive!”, he replied, now looking up from the wardrobe he was currently working on.

“Do you know anyone here?” You shook your head.

“All my friends and family live in Kansas so no” You fiddled with your hands, feeling insecure.

You looked back up when you heared footsteps to see Steve walking over to you. He sat down across from you, leaving you no choice as to look at him. Then he took your hand.

You blushed at the touch. It was warm and comforting.

“I am your friend now”, he announced and squezzed your hand. You shly smiled at him, wondering how the the atmosphere had gotten so intimate, while he drew small circles at the back of your hand.

“And I won’t leave. Not now, not ever.” His dark voice lulled you in like a warm hug.

”Why?”, you asked him confused. “You only know me for 3 days.” His caring eyes mustered you up and down.

“Because I really like you”