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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Fourteen


           Chloe was with Beca at their usual spot. Beca was writing while Chloe was listening to the brunette's music. They were simply enjoying each other's company while they did their own thing. Chloe glanced over at Beca and smiled at how cute the girl looked when she was concentrating.

           Chloe removed the headphones and nudged Beca with her elbow. "When's your birthday?"

           Beca continued to write as she spoke. "Why? It's just another day. I don't like making a fuss about it."

           "Because I want to know." Chloe should've known Beca would be difficult about this. "And that's fine. You don't have to make a fuss about it. I will. So when is it?"

           Beca sighed and closed her notebook. "You're not going to let this go are you?"

           "Nope," Chloe replied. "You're my best friend. I want to know your birthday."

           "April twenty-sixth."

           "Oh," Chloe replied,  bummed that it had already passed. "What'd you do for it?"

           "It was just another day," Beca stated with a shrug.

           Chloe frowned.  Okay, did you get anything awesome?"

           Beca chuckled at the question. "New headphones and a lot of cash two weeks later when my parents finally remembered. They've never forgotten before. They've just been busy lately. When's your birthday?"

           "Oh you'll know when it's near. Trust me. But back to you. We're going to celebrate your next birthday together. It's going to be awesome and I have a year to plan it."

           "Chloe," Beca began.

           "Shut it, Becs. It's happening. I've decided."

           "You're-, "

           "Awesome. I know," Chloe smiled.

           "I was going to say crazy," Beca grinned.

           "Crazy awesome." Chloe stood up. "Come on. We should head back."

           "Let's stay a bit longer." Beca patted the space beside her, causing Chloe to happily return to her spot beside Beca.



           Chloe woke up in Beca's bed and quickly replayed her dream in her head. She smiled when she realized that her dream was actually her remembering a past memory. She turned in bed to reach out for her girlfriend and frowned when she was met with empty space. The redhead got out of bed and went through Beca's drawer to find shorts and a shirt to cover her naked form. Once clothed, she headed downstairs in search of the music producer. It didn't take long. The faded light coming from the living room guided her to Beca.

           Beca looked up from the notebook she was writing in when she spotted movement from the corner of her eye and smiled when she saw Chloe. "Hey what are you doing up?"

           "You weren't in bed." Chloe moved onto the couch. "Thanks again for today. My parents adored you. I was really worried things wouldn't go well."

           Beca quirked a brow. "Really? You seemed so calm."

           "I was faking it. I wasn't totally convinced something wouldn't go wrong until you made a joke that had my dad nearly choke on his food from laughter."

           Beca grinned. "I'm pretty awesome. And you should've told me you were worried."

           "You were seconds away from a mild heart attack," Chloe pointed out. "One of us had to keep it together."

           "I wasn't that bad," Beca said.

           Chloe gestured to the notebook that was currently on Beca's lap. "I didn't know you still did that."

           Beca looked down at the notebook. "Yeah, I've accumulated quite a few notebooks. "

           Chloe moved closer to Beca. "Have you ever let someone sing the songs you write?"

           "No, I... I used to think there wasn't anyone who could do them justice. These aren't just words. These are my feelings... all kinds of emotions ranging from happy to sad to angry. I don't want just anyone singing them and I like it too much behind the scenes to sing them myself."

           "You said you used to think there wasn't anyone who could do them justice," Chloe pointed out. "Have you changed your mind?"

           Beca ran a hand through her hair. "Yeah, um... it definitely doesn't have to be on your current album, but I was hoping that maybe you could sing my songs. I'd totally understand if you didn't want to. You're just the only one I can see doing them justice."

           Chloe beamed at how cute Beca was being. She leaned forward and kissed the brunette on the cheek. "Of course I'll sing them. I need two more songs to finish up my album so we can choose two of yours. I'm sure you have a lot that will fit in perfectly."

           Beca smiled. "Are you sure? You don't have to feel obligated to sing them."

           "I don't feel that way. I want to sing them. I'm actually really honored that you're asking me. I can't wait to read everything you've written."

           "Well you'll have to." Beca put her notebook on the coffee table and stood up. "Come on. It's late. Let's get back to bed."

           Chloe stood up with Beca, following her back upstairs. "Hey, I have a release date I'd really like us to be able to make."

           Beca entered her room with Chloe. "Yeah? When?"

           "April twenty-sixth." Chloe smiled when Beca stopped walking and turned around to face her.

           "My birthday?" Beca asked.

           Chloe nodded. "I know we have to talk to the label and everything but I really want it to be that day. I might even go diva about it if I don't get my way."

           Beca smiled. "Why my birthday and who told you when it was?"

           "Because this album is about you and you've worked so hard with me on it. It's the perfect day to have it released. And you told me."

           "I did?" Beca tried to remember when she had divulged that information.

           "Yeah, twelve years ago," Chloe replied. "I remember."

           Beca grinned. "You remembered that on your own?"

           Chloe nodded, excitedly. "I think I pretty much remember everything about my summer with you... except the Allison thing."

           "The Allison thing isn't important." Beca kissed Chloe. "I love you."

           "I love you too." Chloe cuddled into Beca. "





Five months later...


           Chloe awoke in bed to the sound of her phone vibrating on the nightstand and smiled at the feeling of Beca curled up next to her. She gently pulled herself from her girlfriend in order to turn around and grab her phone. "Hey, Bree."

           "Hey, I'm trying to work out the kinks for tomorrow. Who's keeping Beca busy while Jesse and Amy set things up?"

           "You are." Chloe glanced at Beca who was still fast asleep. "I'll tell her you want to bond or something."

           "And who's picking up the cake?"

           "That would be me."

           "Okay, then we're all set. I'll see you tomorrow."

           "Night." Chloe ended the call and put the phone back on the nightstand. She turned around, propping herself up on her elbow and watched Beca as she slept. She still couldn't believe how lucky she had gotten in finding the woman again after so long. She brought her hand up to trace her fingers along Beca's jaw.

           A smile appeared on Beca as her eyes remained closed. "What are you doing?"

           "Admiring you while you sleep so hush," Chloe grinned.

           Beca's eyes opened and she leaned forward to kiss her girlfriend. "You need to sleep. You have interviews and performances practically all day tomorrow."

           "And what will you be doing tomorrow?" Chloe asked.

           "Watching you be amazing," Beca answered.

           Chloe still couldn't believe Beca hadn't mentioned that her birthday was tomorrow. She was starting to think the brunette forgot about it being so busy with making sure the album would be done on time and then becoming invested in making sure the label wasn't pushing her to do too much and making her unhappy like her last record label. Chloe moved so that she was on top of Beca. "I love you. You take amazing care of me."

           Beca smiled. "That's because I love you."

           "Well I want you to relax tomorrow. Aubrey wants to spend some time with you. Bonding or whatever."

           "We bond all the time. Tomorrow's an important day for you. I thought you'd want me around." Beca began to sit up but Chloe simply straddled her thighs, not allowing her to move.

           "I do want you around," Chloe assured her.

           "Then why are you trying to pawn me off on your best friend?"

           "Because you've worked your ass off for months and I want you to relax. You are spending the day with Aubrey. It would make me happy." Chloe knew that was a low blow. Beca would do anything to please her and she was using that to her advantage but she wanted the party for her girlfriend to be a surprise.

           "Fine. I'll spend time with Aubrey. Now get to bed. You have a long day tomorrow."

           "I'm too wired. I can't sleep."

           Beca grinned. "Well come here then. I'll make you tired."

           Chloe laughed lightly as she leaned down, allowing her lips to connect with Beca's.




           The following night, Beca was sitting with Aubrey in the living room watching a movie the blonde had told her she had to watch because she had been dying to see it.

           Beca was grateful that it was at least a family drama and not a romance comedy. And from what she had seen so far, this movie had nothing on the drama that she had experienced in real life.

           "You make Chloe really happy." Aubrey turned her head to look at Beca. "You know that, right?"

           Beca smiled at the blonde's statement.  "She makes me just as happy. Thanks for being there for her all those years ago when I couldn't be. You're an amazing best friend to her."

           Aubrey checked the time and saw that she needed to get Beca out of the house and to where her surprise birthday party was being thrown. "Now that we've got all that out of the way, let's get going." Aubrey stood up and turned off the TV.

           Beca frowned at the sudden changed in plans. "I thought we were watching a movie."

           "And now we're going out," Aubrey stated matter-of-factly. "Come on."

           "Where are we going?" Beca asked as she stood up.

           "I'm hungry," Aubrey replied.

           "You just ate," Beca pointed out.

           Aubrey turned to face the girl, folding her arms across her chest. "What are you trying to say?"

           Beca's eyes widened. "Um, nothing. Nothing. I just... nothing. Lead the way."

           Aubrey smiled and turned back around. This was going to be easier than she thought. Her father taught her intimidation well.




           Beca looked out the passenger's window and saw that Aubrey was driving towards Chloe's place. "What are we doing here?"

           "Why do you ask so many questions?" Aubrey asked as she got out of the car.

           Beca rolled her eyes and followed the blonde. "Seriously, what are we doing?"

           "I forgot something here the other day and I want to get it. Is that okay with you?" Aubrey asked.

           "Dude, chill." Beca held up her hands in surrender. "Go get whatever you need to get."

           "Come with me," Aubrey said. "If you stand out here people might think you're a fan-girl."

           Beca sighed and walked up to the front door with Aubrey. "This is the last time I hangout with you. We left for food and you didn't even get that."

           "It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind." Aubrey opened the front door and stepped inside.

           "Well flip a light on," Beca said as the blonde closed the door, leaving them enveloped in darkness.

           Aubrey turned the light on and Beca's eyes widened when she was met with shouts of "surprise" and her friends and girlfriend smiling at her.

           "Happy birthday, babe!" Chloe exclaimed as she made her way over to the brunette.

           "My birthday?" Beca frowned but then her eyebrows raised a second later in realization. "Oh my god, it's my birthday."

           "That's right." Chloe kissed Beca gently. "You've been so caught up in everything else that you forgot. I figured I'd take the opportunity to surprise you."

           "Don't you have a performance tonight?" Beca asked.

           "I turned it down so I could work on setting up your party with Jesse and Amy. I hope you don't mind. I know you hate celebrating your birthday."

           "No, this is great. You're great." Beca kissed Chloe and suddenly felt herself being pulled away from the redhead.

           "You two can make-out later," Aubrey said in amusement. "Beca you have a candles to blow out."

           Beca turned around and saw her mother walking out of the living room with a cake. "Mom!"

           "Hey, sweetheart!" Beca's mom replied. "Happy birthday!"

           "How-," Beca began before her mom cut her off.

           "Chloe flew me out here. She's such an angel. Don't mess things up with her."

           Beca smiled and glanced at the redhead. "I won't, Mom. No worries." Beca moved towards the cake and everyone began to sing happy birthday. Once they were done, Beca blew out the candles.

           Jesse approached the brunette. "What'd you wish for?"

           "Nothing," Beca replied.

           Jesse grinned. "Are you having a cheesy moment? Are you going to say you have everything that you already want?"

           Beca rolled her eyes. "I hate you."

           Jesse laughed. "Hey, I'm happy for you. You and Chloe are great together."

           "Yeah," Amy jumped in as she moved to stand by them. "And I'm sure you two will continue to make great music together if you know what I mean."

           Beca blushed. "Amy my Mom's right here."

           "Like I don't know you're sexually active," Beca's Mom said.

           "Oh god," Beca's face turned even more red.

           Chloe took Beca by the hand. "I'll be right back with the birthday girl." She pulled Beca outside with her and gave her the passionate kiss she had wanted to give her when she first entered the house.

           "Mmm." Beca pulled away from the kiss once oxygen became an issue. "We could totally ditch this party and go back to my place."

           "No, way more people are coming," Chloe said. "I just wanted it to be your closest friends at first in case you didn't take a surprise party too well."

           Beca laughed. "How many more people?"

           "Luke, your dad, Cynthia Rose, Stacie and other pop stars I deemed worthy like Kesha. I know how much you love her."

           "Please tell me you're joking," Beca said with a quirked eyebrow.

           Chloe shrugged. "I guess you'll find out later."

           "And how'd you get my parents to agree to be in the same room?" Beca asked. "They can't stand each other."

           "But they both love you." Chloe wrapped her arms around Beca's neck and kissed her. "Ready for your birthday present?"

           "You didn't have to get me anything," Beca assured her.

           Chloe took Beca by the hand and pulled her behind her house where her eyes fell upon a tire swing hanging from a tree.

           Beca laughed at the sight of it. "You didn't get me to swing on one twelve years ago so what makes you think I'll get on this now?"

           "It's sturdy," Chloe promised. "Go sit on it."

           Not wanting to disappoint her girlfriend, Beca moved over to the swing. "You're lucky you're so cute and I'm tiny enough to fit on this."

           Chloe pulled out her phone and flashed a picture of her girlfriend on the swing. "You're so cute."

           "I swear if that's ever in a magazine, I'll never have sex with you again," Beca warned.

           "Don't make threats that I know you can't uphold," Chloe winked. "I have something else for you."

           "I think I'm good with this swing," Beca assured her.

           "I remember why Allison gave back the note and left you alone," Chloe said.



           Chloe entered the bunk that Allison slept in and saw that the girl was alone. "Hey, Allison."

           Allison turned around and smiled condescendingly when she saw Chloe. "Hey, Chloe. Where's your loser friend?"

           Chloe stopped once she was in front of Allison. "I'm going to need you to stop being mean to Beca," Chloe glared at the girl. "And you have something that belongs to her. I'd like it back."

           "No, I think I'll hang on to it and you can't tell me what to do. You should go," Allison said, smugly.

           "Listen, Allison. I'm sick of your crap. A lot of the girls are."

           "Really because no one ever says anything to me," Allison folded her arms across her chest.

           "Well I'm saying something to you now," Chloe said, threateningly. "Back off of Beca or you will regret it."

           Allison smirked. "Am I supposed to be afraid of you?"

           Chloe took a step towards Allison, anger written all over her face. The other girl's smile fell as she took a step back. "Please don't test me. I'd hate to have to get kicked out of camp for what I'll do to you if you don't leave my friend alone." Chloe held out her hand. "Now, you took something from Beca..."

           Allison reached into her pocket and handed Chloe the folded pieces of papers.

           Chloe took a step back away from Allison and smiled. "Great. Thanks, and I'd appreciate it if you could apologize to Beca. Think you can manage that?"

           Allison nodded with wide eyes at Chloe's change of demeanor.

           "Perfect. And remember, if I even think you're bad mouthing Beca, I'll destroy you," Chloe said, cheerily. "See you at the campfire tonight." Chloe left the bunk confident that Allison would no longer be bothering Beca.



           Beca laughed at the memory. "You scared the shit out of her."

           Chloe grinned. "I was just protecting my best friend."

           "I'm sure your best friend appreciated it a lot." Beca moved off of the tire.

           "She better have." Chloe pulled Beca to her and started a heated kiss that left them both craving more.

           "Will you two get in this house!" Aubrey yelled from a few feet away.

           Chloe turned her head and smiled at her best friend. "One second." She looked back at Beca. "I have one more present for you after the party."

           "Yeah? What is it?" Beca asked.

           "It's under this outfit," Chloe winked at her before going to catch up with Aubrey.

           Beca laughed to herself and shook her head. She had an amazing girlfriend and was grateful that they had been given a second chance together. She would definitely be making it count by enjoying every second she could with Chloe.