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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Twelve


           Beca was sitting in a swivel chair in the studio where Jesse had been working before she interrupted him to let him know about Chloe. He, of course, had to remind her how many times he had told her that she should've told Chloe the truth from the start to avoid the blowout that occurred yesterday.

           "I'm happy for you," Jesse smiled. "So what happens between you two now?"

           "I'm trying to help her remember," Beca answered. "I've got something amazing planned for tonight."

           "What is it?" Jesse asked.

           Beca shook her head. "I'm not telling you because you'll tell Amy and Amy and secrets don't mesh well." Beca's phone rang and she pulled it out of her pocket.

           "Chloe?" Jesse asked.

           "No, my mom." Beca put the phone to her ear. "Hey, Mom."

           "Don't hey, Mom me," Mrs. Mitchell said. "How come I have to find out from Star Dish magazine that my daughter is in a serious relationship."


           "And with Chloe Beale. Chloe Beale who broke your heart all those years ago."

           "Okay, Mom," Beca chuckled. "First off, why do you believe anything you read in Star Dish?"

           "Oh, so it's not true?" Mrs. Mitchell asked.

           "No, it's true," Beca replied. "but stop reading that magazine. It's trashy. And secondly, we made up. She has repressed memory syndrome. She didn't want to forget about me... her parents just flipped when she told them that she was in love with me and did a bunch of crazy stuff that made her push me from her mind."

           "She's in love with you?" Mrs. Mitchell asked.

           "Was," Beca corrected. "I don't know about now. I haven't asked about it. I'm just focusing on helping her remember right now. You teach psychology. Any suggestions?"

           "Yeah, anything that'll trigger her senses might help her. Like the smell of something familiar or other identifiers like certain intimate acts."

           "Mom we were thirteen! We weren't rolling around in our bunk beds at summer camp!" Beca said, mortified by the implication.

           "I didn't mean sex, Beca," Mrs. Mitchell laughed, amused by her daughter's outburst. "I meant intimate acts as in whatever close things you did as friends. Didn't you say you used to stargaze with her. Stuff like that."

           "Oh, then I'm already a step ahead of you. I have something awesome planned for her tonight. Anyway, I have to go. We'll talk later. Stop reading those magazines!"

           "Bye, sweetheart."

           Beca ended the call and stood up from the swivel chair. "Chloe's probably waiting for me. I'll see you later, Jesse."

           "Have fun with your intimate acts," Jesse joked.

           Beca glared at the boy playfully before heading down to her own studio. As she neared the door, she was greeted by Luke. "Luke, hey." She hadn't seen her boss in awhile and she was hoping to continue to avoid him. She wasn't sure how he would take her dating someone she was working with.

           "How's the album coming along?" Luke asked.

           "Great," Beca replied. "We've been working really hard on it."

           Luke nodded. "Good. Remember, I put you on this because I knew you'd be able to do amazing things together. Don't disappoint me."

           "I won't," Beca promised as Luke walked off. She entered her studio and smiled at the sight of Chloe biting her lower lip as she worked on writing a song. "Hey, you."

           Chloe looked up and greeted Beca with a bright smile. "Hey, there are two things I really need to talk to you about. One of them might make you want to flip a table and the other will definitely make you want to hide under one."

           Beca raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "What's on your mind?"

           Chloe set down her pencil. "Which one do you want to hear first?"

           Beca thought for a moment. "I think I'd need the table to hide under before I flip it over."

           Chloe smiled at the joke but then grew serious. " parents... there's this dinner... you don't have to go... they just asked if I'd bring you... Aubrey's that I think about it you probably really don't want to go."

           Beca turned the empty chair beside Chloe so that it was facing the redhead before she sat down. "Chloe if you want me to go, I'll go. It's fine."

           "Really?" Chloe asked.

           Beca nodded. "Really."

           Chloe leaned forward and kissed Beca. "You're the best. And don't worry, I plan on going to dinner with them alone with my brother on Saturday to work on things and then the following Saturday is when you'll be joining us. I just wanted to give you a heads up. Please don't feel like you have to go."

           "I want to go." No, she didn't. She was actually beyond terrified at the thought of meeting Chloe's parents. It felt like they had been dating for years but really it had only been a little over a month, but she knew this was important to Chloe. And if it was important to Chloe, then it was important to her. "It'll be fine. I'll buy a bulletproof vest."

           Chloe laughed and moved so that she was sitting on Beca's lap. "Thank you."

           "You're welcome. " Beca kissed Chloe briefly. "Now what's going to make me want to flip a table?"

           Chloe got up from Beca's lap and began pacing the studio. "Okay, I know we've been working really hard on this new album and we've gotten really far already but I kind of want to change the direction it's going in."

           "As in..."

           Chloe stopped pacing so that she could look at Beca. "As in scrap the last few songs we wrote and write new ones. I know you already worked hard on making the music for a few of them and they all sound amazing. I just... I really have something different in mind now. I'm sorry."

           Beca stood up from the chair. "It's your album. We can do whatever you want. I don't mind." Beca leaned up to kiss Chloe. "What direction do you want to take it in?"

           "I'm working on a song right now that'll answer that question for you. I'll show it to you once it's done."

           Beca smiled. "Okay, then what do you want to do today?"

           "Well," Chloe moved to the studio door and locked it. "We could talk. Talking's good." Chloe sat down on the table and Beca moved to stand between her legs.

           "Or?" Beca asked as she placed a kiss on Chloe's neck.

           "Or we could do exactly what you have in mind," Chloe said as Beca continued to trail kisses along her neck. They hadn't taken their relationship to the next level yet and even though Chloe was seriously ready to drop her pants whenever she was alone with Beca, she didn't mind the wait. Beca wanted to wait until the right moment and that made Chloe's heart swell. The brunette was truly sweet and Chloe was happy that they had ended up finding each other after so many years.




           Chloe glanced looked away from her car window to look beside her at Beca. "Where are we going?" The brunette had instructed her to pack in overnight bag but hadn't told her where they were going. Beca had told Aubrey so that the blonde would know where they were in case of an emergency but no matter how many threatening text messages Chloe sent her best friend, the woman wouldn't budge with the secret.

           "I'm not going to tell you," Beca smiled. "And stop texting Aubrey. She won't tell you either."

           "Can I have a hint?" Chloe asked.

           "No, you just be patient," Beca ordered, playfully.

           "We've been driving for an hour," Chloe pouted. "I'm running out of that."

           "It'll be worth it. Trust me," Beca said, smiling.

           Chloe reached out to rest her hand on Beca's thigh before she closed her eyes to take a nap. Beca smiled at the contact and was happy that Chloe's eyes were closed. Maybe the redhead would be asleep when they reached their destination, making it even more of a surprise.




           Chloe's eyes fluttered open when she heard the slamming of the car door. She looked beside her and saw that Beca wasn't in the car with her. She undid her seatbelt and got out of the car, spotting the brunette pulling a blanket out of her trunk.

           "What are you doing?" Chloe asked. "Where are we?" Chloe looked around for the first time, taking in their surroundings. "Wait... is this Camp Rising Star?"

           "It is," Beca closed the trunk. "I thought it would help you remember some more if we were here together again. Camp doesn't start until next week so don't worry about us getting caught. Come on. I really want to take you to our spot."

           "Wait." Chloe stopped Beca from moving. "Let me. I think I remember where it is."

           Beca smiled and gestured for Chloe to walk ahead of her. "Lead the way."

           Chloe walked confidently, sure she knew exactly where she was going and when she reached their secret spot with the lake, she bounced excitedly. "This is it!"

           Beca laid the blanket out. "You used to make me stargaze. It became our thing. I miss doing that with you."      

           Chloe turned away from the lake to look at Beca. "We would find stars that made funny shapes. You pretended to hate it but I knew you enjoyed it." The redhead stepped closer to Beca.

           Beca laid down on the blanket and smiled when Chloe joined her. They looked up at the star-filled sky as their fingers linked together.

           "You made camp really enjoyable for me," Beca said, softly. "I liked being close to you... I still do. I hate that it took us twelve years to find each other again but I'm really glad you're here with me now." Chloe didn't respond and Beca was becoming nervous.  "What's wrong?"

           Chloe turned so that she was facing Beca. "Nothing." She crashed their lips together, pouring everything she had into the kiss. She moved on top of the brunette, pushing her thigh between Beca's legs as her tongue trailed out along the brunette's bottom lip.

           Beca allowed Chloe entrance right away and moaned into the kiss when their tongues met. Things escalated quickly and Beca could tell where things were headed. "God, Chloe, wait," she groaned out as the redhead pushed her thigh into her.

           "I don't want to wait anymore." Chloe's voice was filled with unbridled lust and it made Beca ache.

           "I have a hotel room for us," Beca stated as Chloe began to suck at her pulse point. "And I wanted to show you around camp more," she breathed out.

           Chloe reached between their bodies and began to undo Beca's belt. "I don't want to wait. Not even for a second."

           "Oh" was all Beca managed to get out before Chloe's lips were on hers again.