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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Eleven


           Beca returned downstairs and froze before she made it to the foyer when she saw Chloe waiting for her. She came to her senses and took the few steps she needed to towards the redhead. "You're here."

           Chloe nodded. "Yeah, I am. We need to talk." She gestured to the shoebox that Beca was holding. "What's that?"

           Beca looked down at the box. "This... this is something I want to show you but let's talk first." She nodded towards the living room. "Do you want to sit?"

           "Sitting's fine," Chloe answered before following Beca into the living room.

           Beca set the box down on the coffee table and turned on the couch so that she was facing Chloe. "I'm sorry. I was mean and I jumped to conclusions."

           Chloe tentatively reached her hand out to touch Beca's, relieved when the woman didn't pull away from her. "Honestly, I would've jumped to the same conclusions if I was in your place. I'm also not sure if I would've told you right away either so it wasn't right of me to get upset with you about that. I was just shocked."

           "I understand. I'm still sorry that I yelled at you the way I did. Aubrey said you have something called repressed memory syndrome."

           "I do. My memories aren't totally lost to me. I just have to dig deeper for them is all. Sometimes... well, a majority of the time when I'm around you I get this... sense of familiarity. You're still here, Beca." Chloe pressed a finger to her temple. "And here," she put her hand over her chest. "I just need you to be patient and help me remember."

           Beca smiled and pulled her hand from Chloe's grasp so that she could brush a strand of the redhead's hair behind her ear. "I can do that." She reached for the box on the coffee table and placed it on her lap. She smiled when Chloe instantly moved closer to her. "I kept everything I had having to do with you. I know that's probably creepy but-,"

           "It's not creepy," Chloe responded. "It's sweet. I'm actually surprised you kept anything having to do with me."

           Beca shrugged. "I guess I didn't want to let you go. You meant a lot to me. You were my first real friend." She opened the box and pulled out a picture. She handed it over to Chloe and watched the redhead's expression as she looked at it.

           "You look so different," Chloe said as her eyes fell on the young brunette.

           "Not that different," Beca said.

           "Your hair is different," Chloe pointed out. "And you have tattoos and what Aubrey likes to call ear monstrosities now."

           Beca frowned. "Ear monstrosities? I like my earrings."

           Chloe looked at Beca. "I do too. They're hot."

           Beca smirked and gestured to the picture. "We had this secret spot at camp. You discovered it and made me go with you there. It was pretty awesome."

           "Is that where this picture was taken?" Chloe asked.

           "Yeah, we took it after-."

           "You took my picture. You said you wanted me to see how beautiful I was." Chloe looked just as surprised as Beca that she remembered. She smiled at the brunette. "You were really smooth back then."

           "Back then?" Beca asked with a raised eyebrow. "I had you wanting to bed me before you even met me... the second time."

           Chloe laughed. "I can't deny that."

           Beca reached into the box again and pulled out a necklace. The pendant dangling from it was a Chinese symbol symbolizing strength. "You gave this to me right before we left camp."

           Chloe took the necklace and let her fingers trace over the pendant. "This was my brothers. I was eleven when he gave it to me. I was-,"

           "Nervous about a recital and refused to go on stage five minutes before you were supposed to be up there. He told you the necklace stood for strength and it would help you make it through the recital."

           Chloe smiled as she looked at Beca. "You remember me telling you that?"

           Beca nodded. "I remember everything about you."

           Chloe's smile fell and she looked away from Beca. "I want to remember everything about you."

           Beca placed her hand on Chloe's knee. "And you will, but if you don't, it's okay. You can relearn everything about me. Can you remember why you gave me that necklace?"

           Chloe shook her head. "I'm sorry."

           "Please don't be sorry. I'll tell you about it. It was one of the sweetest things you had ever done for me."



           Beca put her last suitcase in the trunk of her mother's car and got into the passenger's seat. "Where's dad?"

           "Work," Mrs. Mitchell answered. "How was camp? Did you make a lot of friends?"

           "One," Beca answered.

           "One?" Mrs. Mitchell repeated. "Why just one?"

           "She's the only one I liked," Beca answered, already missing the bubbly redhead that she was referring to.

           Mrs. Mitchell was about to drive off when she noticed a redhead girl running towards the car. She rolled down her window to see what the girl wanted.

           "Sorry, can I speak to Beca please?" Chloe asked.

           Beca was already exiting the car before her mother okayed it. "Hey, what's up?"

           Chloe took Beca by the wrist and pulled her a few feet away from the car. She removed a necklace from around her neck and held it out for Beca to take. "I want you to have this. I know you're worried about what you're going home to but just remember to be strong, okay? You'll be fine whether your parents stay together or not."

           Beca frowned as she looked at the necklace. "That's your favorite necklace. Your brother gave it to you."

           "I know. It's yours now. Take it." Chloe took Beca's hand and placed the necklace in it. "You can give it back when you don't need it anymore."

           "Are you sure?" Beca asked. "I don't want to take something that means so much to you."

           "I'm sure." Chloe pulled the brunette into a hug. "I should let you go. We'll talk soon."

           Beca reluctantly pulled out of the hug and made her way back to her mother.

           "I thought you hated hugs," Mrs. Mitchell said once Beca was back in the car.

           "Chloe's hugs are acceptable," Beca said, simply.



           "I wore that necklace when I auditioned for my first gig and when I played at my first club. I had it on when I was discovered by Luke and during the entire process of producing Cynthia Rose's first hit single. This necklace has been my good luck charm. I don't need it anymore. You should keep it."

           Chloe smiled and leaned forward to place a kiss on Beca's cheek. "Thank you."

           "No, thank you for letting me borrow it," Beca smiled.

           "You said giving you this was one of the sweetest things I had ever done for you. What was the other?"

           "That note you found earlier," Beca began.

           Chloe reached into her pocket and pulled it out. "This one?"

           "That's the one," Beca nodded. "Do you remember Allison?"

           Chloe mulled over the name for a moment. "Allison... mean girl, Allison?"

           "Bingo," Beca smiled. "She ripped those pages out of my notebook and threatened to tell you what they said if I didn't do her chores. You got them back for me. I would love to know how you managed that and made her afraid of you."

           Chloe thought about it but it wasn't coming to her. "I can't remember but the second I do, you'll be the first to know."

           "Sounds good," Beca said as she closed the shoebox. "How about we take a break from this." The brunette didn't want to overwhelm Chloe with too much. "Do you want to get something to eat?"

           "Can we stay in?" Chloe asked.

           "Yeah, I pour a mean bowl of cereal." Beca stood up.

           Chloe laughed lightly as she got up. "How about pizza?"

           "Dialing a number. Even better." Beca began to make her way into the kitchen but was stopped by Chloe.

           "Beca," the redhead began. "What are we doing? I mean... are we still together or do you just want to be friends?"

           Beca kissed Chloe on the lips gently and pulled away after a few seconds. "Extra cheese, right?"

           Chloe smiled. "Yeah, extra cheese."

           Beca placed another kiss on the redhead's lips before heading into the kitchen.

           Chloe sat back down and pulled out her phone to text Aubrey that everything was going to be all right between her and Beca.