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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Ten


           Chloe was sitting in the living room across from her parents. Awkward silence was currently filling the air. Her mother had offered her food and something to drink but she had waved them both off. She didn't come here for pleasantries. She needed to know if Beca was the girl from camp.

           "How have you been?" Mrs. Beale asked.

           "I was doing fine until today when I learned that the woman I'm dating is someone I'm supposed to know from when I attended summer camp. Now I'm pretty sure she never wants to see me again. Beca Mitchell. It's her, right? That's who you forbid me from speaking to all those years ago?"

           Mrs. Beale nodded. "You don't remember?"

           Chloe stared hard at her parents. "All the crap you two put me through left me suffering from something called repressed memory syndrome. I made myself forget her, I suppressed who I am... I let myself be unhappy for years in order to please you two." Chloe focused her cold gaze onto her mother. "We found each other but I lost her again because I can't remember."

           "We're sorry," Mr. Beale said, regret clearly showing through his eyes.

           "A lot of good you being sorry does me," Chloe spat.

           "We messed up with you and your brother," Mr. Beale continued. "We can't go back and fix it but we're trying to be the parents that we should've been before."

           Chloe was silent for a few seconds. She wasn't sure if there was any rebuilding that could be done to her relationship with her parents. "Is there anything you can tell me? Do you have a picture or anything? She said we were best friends."

           "You were," Mr. Beale answered. "You two talked all the time on the phone and on the computer. You were miles apart but inseparable."

           "We don't have anything but you talked about her all the time," Mrs. Beale added. "I remember that story you told when you found out she didn't like marshmallows or the time you realized she couldn't swim."




           Chloe and the other camp goers were enjoying roasted marshmallows while Beca sat silently amongst them. Chloe knew the brunette would enjoy herself if she just tried but the brunette was stubborn.

           Chloe nudged Beca with her elbow. "Grab a stick, burn some marshmallows, stop being anti-everything."

           "I'm not anti-you," Beca responded, sincerely.

           Chloe smiled at the sweet words and picked a stick up. "Here." Beca simply stared at the stick causing Chloe to roll her eyes playfully. "Take it, Becs."

           Beca took the stick with a frown. "Becs?"

           "Yep, I decided you needed a nickname." Chloe took a marshmallow from the bag nearby and stuck it onto the stick Beca was holding carelessly. "Hold it better than that when you put it over the fire."

Beca did as she was told. "My dad used to call me Becs."

           "Is it something you don't like?" Chloe asked.

           "No, it's fine. I just haven't been called that in awhile. Nowadays my dad is usually yelling at me, which requires the use of my full name."

           "Do you two not get along?" Beca rarely brought up her family so Chloe was curious to learn about them.

           Beca looked around the campfire and saw that everyone was immersed in their own things. Even the camp counselors weren't paying them much attention, but she still didn't feel comfortable talking about her life with so many people around.

           Chloe could see Beca's hesitance and took her by the hand as she stood up. "Come on. Your marshmallow's done."

           Beca allowed Chloe to pull her a few feet away until they were at the makeshift tire swing that had been there for years apparently. Beca had yet to swing on it; not sure how much she should trust an old looking tire and a worn rope. Chloe on the other hand had no qualms about jumping right onto it.

           "So tell me about your parents." Chloe sat down with her legs through the tire resting her folded arms on the top of it.

           Beca shrugged as she leaned against the tree. "There's not much to tell. They're both professors. My mom teaches psychology and my dad teaches English."

           "You mentioned before that your parents sent you here because they were trying to work on their relationship. Do they fight a lot?"

           "It's all they do. I hope they work things out. They used to be really good together."

           "If things don't end well, you can talk to me about it. I'll always be here for you, Beca."

           Beca smiled. "Thank you."

           "You don't have to thank me for caring." Chloe gestured to the untouched marshmallow. "Well eat it."

           Beca made a face. "I don't like marshmallows."

           Chloe's eyes grew wide. "What? How can you not like roasted marshmallows?"

           "I've never had them roasted before." The look of astonishment on Chloe's face amused Beca to no end.

           Chloe removed herself from the tire and pulled the now cool marshmallow from the stick. "Try it."

           Beca dropped the stick and eyed the roasted marshmallow for a moment before her resolve broke. She reached for it but Chloe held it out of her reach. "I don't trust you not to throw it so you don't have to eat it."

           Beca smirked. "I was going to accidentally drop it."

           Chloe shook her head with a smirk. "You'll like it." She held the marshmallow up to Beca's mouth.

           Beca leaned forward and took a bite of the snack, surprised to find that it actually tasted good.

           "What do you think?" Chloe asked.

           Beca shrugged. "It's okay."

           Chloe smiled, knowing better. "You liked it." Chloe popped the rest of the marshmallow into her mouth.

           "Hey, I was going to eat that," Beca protested.

           Chloe simply smiled as she got back onto the tire swing.



           Chloe smiled at the remembered memory but her good mood quickly fell. She couldn't imagine how Beca had felt all those years ago when she had just stopped talking to her. She looked at her parents who sat before her looking guilt ridden.

           "I hope you two can work things out," Mrs. Beale said. "Beca meant a lot to you then and I can tell she does now as well."

           "And we'd love to meet her," Mr. Beale added.

           Chloe stayed silent for a beat. "Why the change of heart about my sexuality?"

           "Because we know we were wrong," Mr. Beale answered.

           "You guys were always fine with homosexuals. That's why I had told you. I thought it would be okay."

           Mrs. Beale sighed. "I know this will sound horrible but it's just not the life we planned for you. It threw us when you told us you were in love with a girl. And you were young. We were sure you were just confused."

           "And now?" Chloe asked.

           "And now we just care if you're happy and healthy," Mrs. Beale said.

           Mr. Beale nodded his head in agreement. "We miss you, Chloe. You and your brother. We hope it's not too late for us to be a family again."

           Chloe stood up from the couch. "I should get going. I want to speak to Beca again." The redhead made her way to the front door followed by her parents. She stopped at the door and turned to face them. "It's not too late. It'll take some time... but it's not too late." Chloe exited the house and made her way to her car. She now needed to make things right with Beca.




           Beca was sitting on her bed unsure of what she should be doing. She didn't feel like talking to Jesse or Amy about the events that unfolded. If she was being honest with herself, she really just wanted Chloe back here so that they could talk. She had let her anger get the best of her earlier and she regretted it. As she reached for her phone to call the redhead, she heard her doorbell being rung repeatedly.

           Hoping it was Chloe, Beca rushed to answer it but was confused when she saw Aubrey. "What are you doing here? Is Chloe okay?"

           Aubrey glared at Beca. "No she's not okay. She left me a tear filled voicemail. What'd you do?"

           Beca gestured for Aubrey to come in. "How'd you know where I live?"

           Aubrey entered the house. "You're dating my best friend. I made it a point to learn a lot about you. Now what did you do?"

           Beca closed the front door and ran a hand through her hair. "We had a fight."

           "Yeah, I got that. What started it?"

           Beca sighed. "I knew Chloe when we were thirteen. We went to summer camp together. We were best friends... or so I thought until she stopped talking to me a month after camp ended and now she doesn't even remember knowing me."

           Aubrey's eyes widened. "You're her!"

           Beca looked confused. "What?"

           "She didn't forget you... I mean, she did but it wasn't her fault." Aubrey could tell that Beca wasn't following. "Chloe has repressed memory syndrome caused from her parents' actions after she told them that she was in love with you."

           "Oh." That was the only word Beca could form at the moment. For years she had thought Chloe simply wanted nothing to do with her so to learn that she had a memory problem was a shock. "What exactly is repressed memory syndrome?"

           Aubrey thought of an easy way to explain it before answering. "Basically she forced herself to forget about you. It's a psychological defense mechanism. She repressed her thoughts of you and gave in to what her parents wanted in order to make them happy. They had trashed everything having to do with you, took away her phone and her computer so she didn't even have anything to remind her of you."

           Beca was still hurt that the redhead had forgotten about her but at least now she understood the reasoning behind it. "I yelled at her. I'm such an idiot."

           "Its not your fault. You didn't know. You better plan on making things right, though. She really likes you."

           "I feel the same about her," Beca assured the blonde. "We should go look for her."

           "I've tried her house and I've tried calling. She wasn't home and she hasn't answered my calls."

           "Maybe she didn't go far," Beca said. "We can drive around and see if she's nearby. Let me go grab my shoes and keys and I'll be back down."

           "I'll be waiting outside." Aubrey exited the house just as Chloe's car was pulling up to it. She rushed to the now parked vehicle and pulled the car door open. "Chloe I tried to call you like ten times! You had me worried!"

           Chloe exited the car. "I'm sorry. I went to my parents' place to talk about Beca. I was hoping they'd be able to tell me things that would help me remember by maybe having a few things that would remind me of Beca but they only knew of a story that actually helped trigger a memory."

           Aubrey pulled the redhead into a hug. "I know it's frustrating. You'll be able to get your memories of Beca back, Chloe. Only one person can help you with that, though."

           Chloe nodded. "I know. Did you speak to her?"

           "I did," Aubrey said. "I told her everything. Want to go see her?"

           "Yeah, I do," Chloe answered. "You don't have to stay."

           "Are you sure?" Aubrey asked. "You know I don't mind staying if you need me."

           "I'll be okay. I'll call you later."

           Aubrey squeezed Chloe's hand reassuringly before heading to her car. Chloe waited for Aubrey to drive off before she took a deep breath and made her way into Beca's house.