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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Nine


Three weeks later...


           Aubrey was highly amused over her best friend's current state of frustration. Apparently she hadn't gotten any further with Beca since their first date and Chloe was being driven crazy. "Maybe she likes waiting. I knew this girl once who wouldn't sleep with anyone until she had been dating them for at least three months."

           Chloe groaned. "I don't want to wait. I just want to take her against the nearest surface whenever I'm alone with her."

           Aubrey chuckled. "Wow, you so need to get laid. Turn her on to the point of no return and she'll give in."

           "No," Chloe sighed. "She asked me to be patient."

           Aubrey grinned. "Then I guess it's your right hand and Titanium for awhile longer."

           Chloe glared at her best friend. "I hate you." Chloe's cell phone vibrated and she picked it up from the kitchen counter, not pleased to see that it was her mother, but deciding she could only avoid her for so long. She pressed the answer button and placed it to her ear. "Hello?"

           "Chloe... it's your mom."

           "I know," Chloe said.

           Aubrey placed her hand on top of Chloe's free hand that was resting on the counter, squeezing it comfortingly.

           "I'm glad you answered," Mrs. Beale said. "I was starting to think you didn't want anything to do with us. Anyway, we saw that magazine article about you and Beca Mitchell."

           "Yeah, she's the music producer I'm working with," Chloe said.

           "Yeah, I know. I read the article. It says you two are dating."

           "We are." Chloe wasn't sure why her mother had a sudden interest in her love life. "Why are we talking about this?"

           "I'm just glad you two found each other, Chloe," Mrs. Beale stated. "Your father and I made a mistake with you and we're sorry. We're making your favorite this weekend. We're hoping you can join us for dinner."

           "I'll probably be busy this weekend," Chloe said, confused by the conversation.

           "Well if you can find the time, we'd love if you came over," Mrs. Beale said. "You have every right to not want to speak to us but we're trying here, Chloe."

           "Yeah, I know, Mom. If I can find the time, then I'll be there," Chloe promised. "I have to go."

           "Okay, it was nice hearing your voice. I hope you can make it," Mrs. Beale said.

           Chloe ended the call and set her phone down before running her hand through her hair. "She said she's glad me and Beca found each other. What does that even mean? They want to have dinner with me. I don't even know what to say to them. I won't be able to sit through dinner with them."

           "You know I'll go with you if you want me to," Aubrey offered.

           Chloe smiled at her friend. "I know, but this would need to be something I did on my own."

           "Does that mean you're going?" Aubrey asked.

           Chloe sighed. "I don't know. I guess I'll wait until Saturday and see how I feel about it."




           Three weeks of trying to remind Chloe of who she was hadn't gotten Beca anywhere with the redhead. She was definitely feeling like it was a lost cause. She was going to have to tell Chloe who she was soon before their relationship could develop even more than it already had.

           Beca entered her room and went into the closet where a shoebox rested on the floor. She pulled it out and moved onto her bed before setting the box down. She traced her fingers over the box, taking a deep breath, before opening it.

           Her eyes first fell on the picture of her and Chloe. She picked it up and looked at it for a moment with a faint smile before setting it down on her bed. She looked back into the box and pulled out four envelopes that contained letters that Chloe had written her. She remembered how excited she had been the first time she had received a letter from the redhead. She reached back into the box and pulled out a few pieces of folded paper. She smiled at the memory of how Chloe had gotten them back for her. She unfolded the papers and was about to read them when her phone began to vibrate on her nightstand. She set the papers down and picked up her phone, smiling when she saw that it was Chloe calling.

           "Hey, you."

           "Hey, can I come over?" Chloe asked.

           "Yeah, of course. Just let me know when you get here."

           "I'm here."

           Beca laughed and got up from her bed, knocking the box. "I'll be down in a moment." She ended the call and put the picture and letters away before placing the box back in the closet. She quickly headed downstairs and opened her front door for Chloe. She placed a kiss on Chloe's cheek as the woman entered her house.

           Chloe closed the door and proceeded to give Beca a more intimate kiss. "You weren't busy were you?" She asked against Beca's lips.

           "No," Beca guided Chloe to the living room an they sat down. "Is everything okay?"

           "Yeah, I just wanted to see you. I'm stressing over whether I want to have dinner with my parents on Saturday or not."

           Beca was surprised to hear Chloe bring up her parents. She knew they were a sore subject for her. "Do you think you'll go?"

           Chloe shrugged. "I should but... I haven't been able to really forgive them for a lot of things. They were too hard on my brother and they flipped out on me for being gay. I'll tell you all about it if you feed me."

           Beca smiled and kissed Chloe before standing up. "Wait for me upstairs."

           Chloe headed upstairs as Beca went into the kitchen. She was fully prepared to dive bomb onto the bed when she noticed several pieces of paper on the mattress. She went over to the bed and picked them up without giving it a second thought.


June 2000


           Hey, Chloe. This notebook is supposed to be for lyrics but I figured I'd write this to get it off my chest even though I know I'll never give it to you. So here goes...


           I like you a lot... a different kind of like, though. I don't know. It's weird. Different... a crush. It's a crush. I don't know what to make of it. I've never had a crush on anyone let alone a girl. It's really confusing me. I'm not sure what I should do about it. I can't tell you because you're my best friend and I don't want that to end because of my stupid feelings. You're seriously the greatest person I know. I'm glad you made me be your friend. I think... I think I love you and that scares me. I'm thirteen, though. I don't know what love is. I could be confusing emotions. Okay, I don't think I am. This whole thing just freaks me out a little. Not the liking a girl thing... the love part. It's... scary. Anyway, I'm glad my parents made me come to camp or I never would've met you. I hope we stay friends forever.




           "I hope you're okay with a sandwich. I'm lacking in the food department." Beca entered her bedroom and saw Chloe reading something. Her eyes widened as she realized what it was.

           "I found these on the floor." Chloe said, keeping her eyes trained on the small pieces of papers in her hand. "This is dated June of two-thousand."

           Beca set the sandwich down on her dresser and took a step towards Chloe. "Um... we met twelve years ago at summer camp. I was going to tell you."

           "But you didn't," Chloe snapped.

           Beca felt herself getting angry. Who was Chloe to get upset with her for not saying anything when she was the one who forgot about their friendship? "I wasn't sure if I should at first. You didn't remember me and I thought it would be awkward to bring up."

           "How close were we?" Chloe asked not being able to pull the memory from the crevice of her brain.

           Beca felt a pang in her chest. "You still don't remember? God, Chloe did I mean that little to you?"

           "Beca," Chloe began.

           "No, don't." Beca wasn't done. She had waited years to say these things to Chloe. "You said we'd always be best friends! You made me feel important and then you just disappeared from my life. I cried over you! I guess it's my fault for being such an idiot and believing everything you said."

           "We could've talked about this sooner!" Chloe yelled. "You have had weeks to tell me!"

           "I've been dropping you hints for weeks but every time I think you might remember something, I get nothing from you. Nothing. You just... you erased me from your life."

           Chloe rubbed her hands over her face. "That's not it."

           "No? Then please explain it to me."

           Chloe wasn't sure what to say. She didn't know what Beca meant to her in the past. Was Beca the girl she had fallen for in summer camp that caused her parents to turn her life upside down?

           Beca shook her head as Chloe stayed silent. "I want you to leave." Beca went into her adjoining bathroom, slamming the door in finality.

           Chloe squeezed her eyes shut and wiped the tears that had escaped. She couldn't remember. She thought really hard about summer camp but she couldn't bring memories of Beca to the surface. She couldn't blame the brunette for being upset with her. She went to the bathroom door and was about to knock when she realized that she couldn't fix this until she had more information.

           Chloe left the brunette's house and got into her car. She pulled out her cell phone and called Aubrey but she was directed to her voicemail. Chloe fought the urge to fling her cell phone across the car. She needed her best friend right now. "Aubrey I'm not doing so well so can you get back to me as soon as you can. I just had a fight with Beca and," Chloe's voice cracked as she began to cry. "I just really need you right now, okay?" Chloe ended the call and started her car. She knew where she needed to go in order to get this mess figured out.




           Chloe parked in front of her parents' house and exited the car. This would be her first time seeing them in a couple of months. She approached the house slowly and hesitated for a moment before ringing the doorbell.

           She was expecting a lot from this visit so she hoped her parents would be able to do this one thing for her.

The door opened and Chloe was met with the pale blue eyes of her father.

           Mr. Beale smiled and took a step forward to hug his daughter, halting his actions when the redhead took a step back.

           "I need answers." She desperately needed them and she hoped her parents had them.