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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Seven


           Beca was sitting in her living room watching television when she heard the knock at her door. She turned off the TV and stood up to answer it, knowing that it was Jesse. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see that Amy was there as well. "Amy what are you-,"

           "I told her everything," Jesse said as he entered the house. "You needed a second opinion so... yeah."

           Beca groaned and pointed at the blonde. "You can't say anything to anyone."

           Amy held her hands up in mock surrender. "Hey, I can keep a secret." Beca gave the blonde a look that told her that she knew otherwise. "I can!" Amy insisted.

           Beca pulled the music producer inside and closed the door. "All right, what's your opinion, Amy?" She moved into the living room and sat down.

           Amy sat down across from her on the couch with Jesse. "I wouldn't tell Chloe about it. What if you tell her and she's like, "what the hell? I have no idea who you are. Are you stalking me?"

           Jesse looked at his friend as if she were crazy. "That's your opinion? She might think Beca's a stalker? Why would she think that?"

           "Hey, I'm just telling you what I could foresee happening. I'm hardly ever off, by the way. My cousins were the best gypsies in Tasmania. They once foretold the end of the world."

           Beca grinned at the amusing woman. "The end of the world hasn't happened."

           Amy frowned. "Have you seen the slew of reality shows that are out right now? I think the end is definitely coming."

           Jesse looked at Beca apologetically. "I don't know why I thought bringing her was a good idea. "Listen, you should tell her. "What if she does remember? You can-,"

           "Get upset at her for not remembering before and yell at her about it," Amy cut in. "Just start fresh."

           "Or drop hints," Jesse added. "Maybe she'll remember if you do that."

           Beca thought for a second about hinting to Chloe that they once knew each other. It was a good idea. "Okay, I can drop hints, but if they don't help after awhile, I'll do what Amy says and just start fresh... but that brings me to my new problem. Let's say she doesn't remember, I shouldn't date her, right? It'd be weird?"

           "Why would it be weird?" Amy asked. "That's not weird."

           "It's a bit weird," Jesse said. "You have to tell her, Beca. Why is it such a big deal?"

           Beca sighed. "I don't know. I'm over-thinking everything."

           "Okay, how about this," Jesse said. "You try dropping hints and if they don't work, then you come clean about who you are."

           "Neither of those are my idea so you shouldn't listen to him," Amy stated. "Remember, I have gypsies in my family."

           Beca looked from Jesse to Amy as she tried to make her decision. "I guess I'll be telling her if she can't figure it out from whatever hints I give her."

           Jesse smiled. "Good. You won't regret it."

           "I hope not." Beca said as she tried to figure out how she would go about helping Chloe figure out who she was.




Two days later...


           Chloe was in her kitchen with Aubrey as they talked about the award ceremony that Chloe had to attend. She had asked Aubrey but the blonde had told her to ask Beca.

           "Beca will say no," Chloe stated.

           "And when has Beca saying no ever stopped you before?" Aubrey asked.

           Chloe smiled at the question. "Good point... and if she goes I'll get to see her in a dress."

           Aubrey laughed. "Why don't you just ask her out on an actual date like you want to instead of skirting around the subject?"

           Chloe shrugged. "I've been waiting for her to do it. That's the only way I know she'll actually want to go on a date with me and not just because she feels obligated to."

           The doorbell sounded and Aubrey smiled, mischievously. "Is that her?"

           Chloe looked at her best friend, suspiciously. "Yes, what are you planning?"

           "Nothing," Aubrey said, innocently. "I just can't wait to meet her."

           Chloe walked out of the kitchen followed by Aubrey. She glanced at her best friend. "Behave," she said before opening the door. "Hey." Chloe gestured for Beca to enter.

           Beca walked in with her laptop bag resting over her shoulder. She spotted Chloe's best friend and greeted her with a smile.

           "Beca this is Aubrey," Chloe introduced them. "Aubrey this is Beca."

           "I've heard a lot about you," Aubrey said as she shook Beca's hand. "Chloe really wants you to ask her out on a date so you should go ahead and do that. She usually gets what she wants so you shouldn't waste anymore time because it's inevitable." Aubrey stepped out the door. "See you later, Chloe!" She called behind her shoulder before walking off to her car.

           "She's... blunt," Beca stated.

           "That's my best friend for you," Chloe said as she closed the door, feeling slightly nervous. "You don't really have to ask me out on a date... I mean, I would definitely say yes, but you don't have to ask just because she t-,"

           "Chloe," Beca cut the redhead off. "We should go on a date." This wasn't part of her plan. She knew that. She was breaking her own rules but with the way Chloe was looking at her all hopeful with those gorgeous blue eyes, she couldn't resist. She was only human after all.

           Chloe grinned, happily. "Really?"

           Beca nodded. "Really. We can have dinner tonight if that works for you."

           "That works for me," Chloe said.

           "Perfect. Ready to get to work?" She asked patting her laptop bag.

           "Actually, I had a question," Chloe said. "The GLAAD Media Awards are coming up. I'm going and I was wondering if you'd want to join me."

           "I'm not a fan of going to award shows," Beca stated. "And I hate dressing up."

           Chloe threw on her infamous pout. "Please, I'm presenting an award so I have to go and I'd really like it if you were there."

           Beca rolled her eyes. "Fine. I'll attend it with you."

           Chloe bounced excitedly before hugging Beca. "We'll have fun together. All right, now I'm ready to work on this album."




           Hours had passed and it was decided that they needed a break, so Chloe and Beca were talking idly as they sat back in their chairs enjoying the nice weather. After a few more minutes, Beca decided that this was a good time to try to hint at who she was in hopes that it would jog something in Chloe's memory.

           Taking a deep breath just like she had many years ago when she had sung this song to Chloe, Beca began to sing Warm Whispers. Chloe smiled at Beca's voice suddenly filling the air around her. She looked over at the brunette and couldn't help but feel like she had been in this moment before. She thought hard, trying to pull the memory to the front of her brain but she couldn't grasp it. Shaking her head, she decided that she was imagining things and closed her eyes to listen to Beca sing.

           When the brunette had finished singing, she looked over at Chloe who was sporting a smile. "What'd you think?"

           "First off, I absolutely love that song," Chloe stated. "My brother fell into a bad ways a few years ago. Drugs and drinking. Listening to that song for some reason always made me feel better."

           Beca's heart broke at hearing about Chloe's brother. She knew how it had hurt Chloe twelve years ago when she had learned that he was moving out, but for him to get hooked on drugs and drinking? That had to have destroyed the redhead. "How's your brother now?"

           "Clean and sober for four years now," Chloe replied, proudly. "He moved somewhere quiet so he could get his life together and he's doing great. We aren't as close as we used to be. I miss him but we talk at least twice a month. Anyway, you sang that song beautifully. You should think about a career in singing."

           Beca shook her head. "I like staying behind the scenes. I'm comfortable there."

           "Waste of a gorgeous voice, but I understand what you're saying," Chloe said. "Sing me something else?" She asked.

           Beca smiled and nodded her head. "Sure."