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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Six



           Fifteen minutes had passed and Beca hadn't received a reply from Chloe. She was just about to text the redhead again when the singer made her way into the studio. Beca sat up straighter in her chair at her arrival. "You came back."

           "You asked me to," Chloe pointed out as she sat down across from Beca.

           "I know. I just... I didn't think you would. You were right. I was being a bitch to you and you didn't deserve that."

           "Did I do something?" Chloe asked, curiously. "If you tell me what it was,  I can do something about it. If you don't, then we continue on this way."

           Beca shook her head. "You didn't do anything. You... you just remind me of someone I used to know and that friendship didn't end very well. It isn't fair of me to take that out on you, though. I'm sorry."

           Chloe's anger eased and she looked at Beca sympathetically. "Well I'd like us to be friends if that's something you're okay with."

           Beca nodded. "It is." She gestured to the untouched pie in front of her. "How'd you know apple pie was my favorite?"

           Chloe grinned. "I didn't... I had a feeling, but I wasn't sure. Maybe I read it somewhere."

           "Well, thank you. It was nice of you to get it for me."

           Chloe was glad that they were on a much friendly path now. "You're welcome."

           "So did you want to work on writing a few more songs?" Beca asked. "I've been working on the instrumental to the one you wrote yesterday. I know you like working on lyrics first and then the music but I couldn't sleep last night so I got started on it."

           "I'm sure it sounds great and I can't wait to hear it. Can we work somewhere that's not here, though? I'm tired of being stuck in a studio."

           Beca nodded. "That's fine. I totally get that. I do my best work when I'm outside."

           Chloe stood up. "I have a place in mind for us. I can drive... unless you'd rather follow me in your car."

           Beca stood up as well. "Um, you can drive. That's fine." As she made her way out of the studio, Beca remembered wanting to know something. "So who's Aubrey?"

           Chloe laughed at the thought that Beca had been stuck on who Aubrey was. "She's my best friend."

           "And she thinks I'm a bitch?" Beca asked, perturbed.

           "You haven't been the nicest to me," Chloe stated. "I had to vent to her. Don't worry. I defended you."

           Beca had no doubt the redhead had done just that. It was in Chloe's nature to see the best in everyone... or at least it was twelve years ago.  "Sorry again about being a jerk. I feel like an idiot."

           Chloe linked her arm with Beca's and it made the brunette stiffen for a moment before relaxing. "It's already forgotten."

           Beca wondered if being friends with Chloe meant that she would now have to get used to the invasion of her personal space again. It had taken her some time to get used to when she was thirteen and now that her bubble had been revamped into a concrete wall, she had a feeling it was going to take even longer to get used.



           Beca entered Chloe's house and looked around at the many pictures the redhead had on the wall. "You take all these yourself?" She asked, already knowing the answer.  

           Chloe nodded. "Photography is my second passion. I have a feeling we're going to be fast friends since you've decided to stop being as ass," Chloe winked at Beca to show her that she was joking. "so you should come to accept that there will be a camera in your face... a lot."

           Beca had accepted that twelve years ago when the redhead had insisted on taking a picture of her every action.




           Beca was sitting in her and Chloe's spot waiting for the redhead who was supposed to be joining her once she was done doing whatever she needed to do back at camp. She was sitting their peacefully when she caught a flash out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head and spotted Chloe with her camera. "Delete that."

           Chloe pouted. "Why?"

           "Because I'm not photogenic," Beca stated.

           Chloe walked over to the girl but not before snapping one more picture, which earned her a glare. "That's not true." Chloe located the picture she had just taken of Beca and showed the brunette. "See?"

           Beca had to admit the picture looked nice. "Okay, that one picture doesn't prove anything."

           Chloe bit her bottom lip as she thought about whether or not to show Beca what else she had on her camera.

           "What?" Beca could tell Chloe was thinking about something.

           "You're going to get all grumpy," Chloe said as she handed Beca her camera. "but here...flip through the pictures."

           Beca began to look through the pictures and noticed a lot of them were of her doing random things. There was one of her writing, one of her eating, one of her glaring...okay, a few of her glaring.

           "I had to take them with the flash off so you wouldn't notice and make me delete them," Chloe said, nervously.

           Beca looked up from the camera. "So then why show me now?"

           "Because I want you to see that you are photogenic. You're beautiful, Beca." Chloe moved to sit down next to her friend. "I'll delete them if you want."

           Beca was stuck on Chloe saying that she was beautiful. "You really think I'm beautiful?"

           Chloe smiled. "Of course."

           Beca stood up with the camera and took a few steps back.

           "What are you doing?" Chloe asked.

           Beca snapped a picture of the redhead. "Taking a picture so you can see how beautiful you are, too."

           Chloe reached up to the scar that was on her forehead and was about to disagree with Beca when the brunette sat back down next to her, pushing her hand away so that she could trace the scar with her own fingers.

           "This doesn't take away from your beauty in the slightest."

           Chloe smiled and took her camera back from Beca. "Let's take one together." She rested her head against Beca's as she held the camera out in front of them to take their picture.



           Beca followed Chloe into her living room and saw a picture on a table of a blonde. She hated that jealousy was climbing its way up to her heart and tried to shove it down before speaking. "Is that your girlfriend?"

           Chloe looked at the picture Beca was currently eyeing and then shook her head. "That's Aubrey." Chloe took Beca by the hand and pulled her out of the living room.

           Beca's heart began to thump rapidly in her chest at the contact and she mentally chastised it for not being able to manage the simple contact without going into overdrive.

           Once they were outside in the back, Chloe released Beca's hand and gestured to the area. "This is where I like to write."

           Beca admired the backyard. There was a pool that looked like it was probably cleaned that morning and the beach chairs looked rather comfortable. "It's nice."

           Chloe smiled. "It really is. Ready to get to work?"

           "Yeah, let's do this."




           At least three hours had passed and Beca found herself immersed in a conversation with Chloe about anything and everything. She couldn't remember when she had last enjoyed herself this much.

           Chloe checked the time on her phone and sat up in her chair. "Are you hungry?"

           "A little," Beca admitted.

           "Want to stay for a late lunch? I can order something." Chloe hoped Beca would agree to stay. She was enjoying the brunette's company and would hate for their time together to end so soon when they were finally getting along the way she wanted them to.

           "Yeah, sure. Order whatever. I'm not picky," Beca answered as she reached for her bag that was sitting beside her. She pulled out her wallet and was promptly told to put it away.

           "This is on me," Chloe stated.

           "Consider it an apology for the past few days," Beca said as she pulled out some money.

           "That's already been forgotten, remember?" Chloe said as she stood up. "Put your money away. Save it for the dinner you'll be buying me in the future."

           Beca was taken by surprise at the comment. "I'll be buying you dinner in the future?"

           Chloe winked at the brunette and entered her house without replying.

           Beca was in trouble. Chloe was into her as more than a friend. That wasn't news, though. She already knew the redhead was crushing on her. The problem was the redhead possibly wanting to develop their relationship into something more than friendship. Could she have a relationship with the singer that had forgotten that she already knew her before? Should she just let it go and start anew with the woman? She was going to need to have a talk with her best friend later to figure this out.