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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Five


           Chloe was sitting in Aubrey's room next to her best friend talking about what had happened with Beca. The only conclusion Aubrey had drawn was that Beca was a bitch, but Chloe knew that wasn't it. She felt bad for tarnishing Beca's reputation with the blonde and was trying to fix it.

           "She's not a bad person," Chloe insisted. "And she actually is really nice. She just... I don't know what it was about today. Maybe I've been pushing too hard and she got annoyed."

           "Or she's a jerk," Aubrey stated.

           Chloe sighed. "She's not, Bree. I've been bugging her to hangout with me for a few days now and she's turned me down every time. I should've just backed off."

           "You know what, maybe she likes you but she doesn't believe in fraternizing with people she works with so she had to be a bitch in order to fight her feelings," Aubrey said.

           "Or maybe she's just not into me," Chloe said.

           "She has eyes," Aubrey stated. "She's into you."

           Chloe laughed and shook her head. "Don't be ridiculous. So what should I do? Apologize?"

           Aubrey gave Chloe a look that told her apologizing wasn't an option. "She needs to apologize not you."


           "No buts," Aubrey stated. "She's the one that flipped out so she's the one that apologizes."

           Chloe's wasn't sure about Aubrey's logic but she decided against arguing with the blonde. The redhead heard her phone go off and picked it up from beside her on the bed. Her shoulders dropped when she saw that it was her mother. She didn't know what the woman wanted and she didn't feel like finding out.

           Aubrey glanced at the screen and took the phone from Chloe so that she could answer it. "Hello?"

           "Aubrey?" Mrs. Beale asked.

           "Yeah it's me," Aubrey said. "Chloe's busy."

           "Chloe always seems to be busy," Mrs. Beale stated.

           "She's working on her new album. She's really focused on it. Did you want to leave a message?"

           "Just let her know we want to hear from her. We miss her. Thank you, Aubrey."

           "I will. You're welcome." Aubrey ended the call and set the phone down.

           "Thank you," Chloe said, grateful that her friend was always willing to deal with her parents when she wasn't.

           "No problem. She said she wants to hear from you," Aubrey said.

           Chloe sighed. "Why can't they just leave me alone? We tried the whole reconciliation thing and it didn't work out. I can't do it. They made five years of my life complete hell and I can't even remember a few months of it because of the severity of it all.  I don't know what they're expecting from me now."

           Aubrey put an arm around Chloe's shoulders and pulled her close. "It's okay. Do things on your own terms when you're ready. They put you through a lot. They should understand where you're coming from."

           Chloe rested her head on Aubrey's shoulder. "You don't think I'm being unfair?"

           "Definitely not," Aubrey squeezed Chloe's shoulder comfortingly. "They're lucky you haven't completely written them off." Sensing that her best friend was starting to stress over the subject, Aubrey decided to talk about something else. "Want to watch a movie?"

           "A comedy?" Chloe asked.

           "Of course." Aubrey got up from the bed to go find a movie they could watch.

           While Aubrey was away, Chloe let her mind drift back to Beca. The brunette didn't like to let people in. Chloe recognized this. The barrier Beca had around herself was as solid as they come but Chloe was determined to find a way through.  




           Beca entered the studio and noticed that Chloe wasn't there. The singer had never been late before and Beca wondered if the redhead would even show. She wouldn't blame her if she didn't. She had been rather mean to her yesterday. Deciding that this was a good thing, Beca turned to leave. It would be a nice break not having to rifle through her feelings for Chloe whenever she was around her. Jesse had told her to just tell Chloe who she is but she was still insisting on keeping things to herself. If Beca told Chloe who she was and the redhead still didn't remember her, it would just make things awkward.

           Beca hit down button near the elevator and a few seconds later, the doors opened to reveal Chloe.

           Chloe stepped off the elevator with a frown. "Were you leaving?"

           "Um... I thought you weren't going to show," Beca said, trying to justify leaving.

           "So instead of texting me to find out where I was, you just decided to leave?" Chloe asked.

           Beca rolled her eyes. "Why are you getting upset with me? You're the one who was late."

           Chloe handed Beca a clear container that had a piece of pie in it. "This is why I was late. I wanted to call a truce and apologize for whatever I did wrong but forget it. I'll tell Luke we can't work together so you don't have to put up with me." Chloe stepped back onto the elevator and repeatedly hit the 'close' button.

           Beca came to her senses after the elevator doors had already closed. She wasn't sure what to do, though. She had hurt Chloe again and this time she felt like a jerk. Despite Beca's attitude towards her, Chloe had been nothing but nice to the brunette and now the music producer was starting to feel bad. Beca stayed where she was trying to decide what her next move should be. If she let Chloe tell Luke that they couldn't work together, she'd be free of all the emotions the redhead stirred in her, but if she continued to work with her, she knew that they would create an amazing album that would be great for Chloe's career.

           Beca ran a hand through her hair, sighing in frustration. Before she could even come to a decision she was happy with, her legs were moving towards the stairs on their own accord. She quickly made her way to the first level and spotted Chloe about to leave the building. "Chloe," she called after her.

           Chloe turned around to face Beca but said nothing.

           "Can we talk?" Beca asked.

           "No," Chloe answered.

           Beca's eyebrows furrowed at the response. "No?"

           "No," Chloe replied. "I've been trying to talk to you and be your friend for days now and you've been cold. I thought maybe you were just an all work and no fun kind of girl but now I'm thinking Aubrey was right. You're a bitch."

           "Who's Aubrey? And I know I haven't been the easiest person to be around but I want to make this album with you."

           Chloe shook her head. "I don't think I want to work on an album with someone who can't stand me."

           Chloe walked out of the door and Beca watched her go. She headed back to the studio and sat down so that she could think about what to do now. She set the pie on the counter and smiled when she realized that it was apple. Her favorite.



           Beca was sitting on her bed when Chloe entered the room and called for her to come down. Everyone else was enjoying themselves outside but Beca had faked a migraine to get away. There was no way she was singing Kumbaya around a campfire.

           "Why?" Beca asked. "I'm comfortable."

           "Now," Chloe ordered as she got onto her own bed.

           Beca set her notebook aside and climbed down the ladder to see what the redhead wanted. "This better be important."

           Chloe rolled her eyes and scooted over to give Beca room to sit down. "You're such a pain. Just sit down."

           Beca sat down and gestured to the object Chloe was holding that was covered by a paper towel. "What's that?"

           Chloe handed the paper towel to Beca. "A gift."

           Beca opened the paper towel and smiled when she saw a slice of apple pie. "This is my favorite."

           Chloe smiled. "I know."

           "How'd you get it?" Beca asked.

           "The cooks love me," Chloe stated. "Hurry up and eat it just in case our camp counselor comes to check on you and your fake headache."

           Beca grinned. "Thank you."

           "At least I know how to make you smile," Chloe stated. "Food."

           Beca nudged the redhead with her elbow. "You make me smile all the time."

           Chloe grinned. "Yeah?"

           Beca froze for a moment before speaking. "I mean... sometimes. Not all the time. Stop staring at me like that."

           Chloe laughed. "Eat." The redhead quietly hummed a tune as Beca ate. Minutes passed and Beca found herself still lying in Chloe's bed long after she had finished eating.



           Beca pulled her phone out of her pocket and looked for Chloe's name. She had gotten the number when the redhead had insisted they would need to exchange numbers if they were going to be working together.  She selected the option to send a text and took a moment to think about what she was going to say before writing.

           I'm sorry. Please come back.