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Remembering Her Comes In Flashbacks and Echoes

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Chapter Three


           Beca was walking towards the elevator to head to her part of the studio when she saw Chloe Beale standing at the elevator with Luke. She wasn't ready for this. How was she even supposed to act? Deciding she needed to avoid this situation for as long as she could, Beca headed towards the stairs, but having the luck that she did, she heard Luke call her name. Sighing, Beca turned around and reluctantly made her way towards Luke and Chloe. Once she was in front of them, she wasn't sure what to say so she just stood there until Luke took the lead.
           "Beca," Luke began. "This is Chloe Beale. Chloe meet Beca Mitchell."
           Chloe held out her hand with the same smile and confidence Beca had remembered being met with twelve years ago. "I absolutely love everything you do. I'm excited to have you working on my new album with me."
           Beca smiled, fighting a frown from appearing as she shook Chloe's hand. Was this how Chloe was playing it? She was going to pretend that she had no idea who she was? Well she could do the same. "Thank you."
           The elevator door opened and the three got on. Beca felt like she was suffocating in Chloe's presence and really just wanted to get away from the woman. What had she done to deserve being "forgotten"?

           The doors opened once they reached the correct floor and Beca stepped out with Chloe. When Luke didn't join them, she furrowed her brows. "What are you doing?"

           "You've been introduced," Luke stated. "I'll leave you two to it."

           Beca watched the elevator doors close and for once wished Luke would've stayed. She had a feeling things were about to get really awkward without him as a buffer.

           "The mash-up you made with Titanium was absolutely flawless," Chloe said. "I heard it the other day on the radio and was blown away."

           Beca simply stared at Chloe not knowing what to do because seriously, how could the redhead pretend that she had no idea who she was?

           Chloe rolled her eyes at herself. "I'm sorry. I'm fan-girling. Meeting you is just really awesome."

           Ohmygod. Beca was hit with the sudden realization that maybe Chloe really had no idea who she was. But how could she not? They were best friends. They promised to keep in touch. How could the redhead forget her? Beca's mind was reeling and now she really needed to get away. "Um, it's fine," she said, quickly. "I just remembered that I have to do something. Can you wait for me in the studio?"

           Concern took over Chloe's features. "Are you okay?"

           Beca nodded. "I won't be long." She opted for the stairs instead of the elevator. She wanted to get away from Chloe as quickly as possible. She made her way to the floor that contained her best friend and found him in a studio with Amy.

           "Hey," Amy greeted her. "I thought you were meeting with Chloe Beale today."

           "I am," Beca said. "She's waiting for me. I just need to talk to Jesse real quick." 

           Amy didn't move and then she realized that Beca was giving her that "please leave" look. "Ohhh, you want me to give you privacy. That's cool," Amy stood up. "I can respect that." She looked at Jesse. "We'll talk about finding you a cool rap name later." She exited the studio and closed the door.

           Beca waited a beat before opening the door to find Amy still there.

           "I was just admiring this door," Amy said. "It looks very... sturdy."

           Beca couldn't help but smile at how ridiculous the blonde could be. "Goodbye, Amy."

           Amy saluted and walked off, leaving Beca and Jesse to discuss whatever Beca needed to talk about in private.

           "What's going on?" Jesse asked, already knowing it probably had something to do with Chloe.

           "She doesn't remember me." Beca closed the studio door again and sat down in the chair next to Jesse. "She legitimately has no idea who I am."

           Jesse could tell that Beca's mind was working on a hardcore level of intensity and wondered how she was actually going to make it through working with Chloe. "Are you sure?"

           "Not one hundred percent sure but she's acting like she doesn't know me, Jesse," Beca said. "And it's not like she's being a bitch about it. She's super nice and she's complimenting me and my music. She... she just doesn't remember me. What am I supposed to do?"

           "You could remind her," Jesse offered.

           Beca shook her head. "I can't do that. What am I supposed to say? Hey, we were best friends in summer camp and you said we'd keep in touch but you disappeared on me? I can't bring it up." Beca ran a hand through her hair and let out a frustrated sigh. "I can't believe she has no idea who I am."

           "You know, you were only in the camp for what? A month, and you talked for a month after that? You didn't know each other long."

           Beca knew exactly where Jesse was going with this and grew frustrated with her best friend. "It doesn't matter that we only knew each other for two months, Jesse. We had a bond that I thought meant something to her."

           Beca arrived at her and Chloe's spot and found the redhead sitting with legs pulled up so that her chin was resting on her knees. Beca's heart ached at how low in spirits Chloe seemed to be. She moved over to her and sat down. "I guess it was my turn to have to hunt you down. What's going on? You've been quiet all day."

           "I got a letter from my brother today. He's moving out." Chloe picked up the letter that was on the ground beside her and handed it to Beca.

           Beca took the letter from the redhead and scanned over it. Apparently Chloe's brother was having a hard time getting along with their parents and at nineteen was deciding to move out to live on his own. Beca set the letter down and placed an arm around Chloe's shoulder. "He says he'll visit a lot."

           Chloe let her legs stretch out in front of her and she wiped the tears that had managed to spill from her eyes. "I know. It just won't be the same."

           Beca knew that Chloe's parents were strict and expected the most out of their children. Chloe's future had already been planned out for her and though Chloe seemed annoyed by the idea of a mapped out future, she had gone along with her parents' wishes in order to keep the peace. Chloe's brother was more of the wild child. He didn't go along with much of anything and he definitely wasn't letting his parents tell him how to live.

           "I know." Beca wiped the tears from Chloe's eyes and the redhead placed her head on Beca's shoulder. Beca wasn't good at consoling. She wasn't even comfortable with people trying to comfort her up until she had met Chloe. "I'm really bad at this," she admitted.

           Chloe smiled a bit and reached for Beca's free hand that wasn't around her shoulders. She squeezed the hand reassuringly. "You're better at it than you think. Sing me something?"

           Beca opened her mouth to protest but then decided against it. Chloe was sad and wanted her to sing. There was no way she could deny the redhead. "What makes you think I can sing?" She asked to buy time as she thought of a song.

           "You play instruments and you write lyrics. I'm pretty certain you can sing. Now wow me."

           Beca let out a light laugh, feeling nervous but wanting to make Chloe happy. Taking a deep breath, she began to sing Warm Whispers by Missy Higgins. She smiled as Chloe linked their fingers together in a silent "thank you" for the brunette being there with her.




           Beca stood up from where she was and gestured to the door. "I guess I should head back."

           Jesse felt horrible for Beca and wasn't sure how well she'd deal with being around Chloe with all the feelings that she had. "Are you going to be okay with that?"

           "I'll have to be," Beca said.

           "I really think you should tell her," Jesse insisted.

           Beca shook her head. "We'll work on her album and she'll be gone from my life again.

           Jesse gave Beca a sympathetic look. "Beca your goal is to create an amazing album with Chloe, right?"

           Beca frowned at the question. "Yeah, so?"

           "Well if you don't plan on half-assing it, then you'll be with Chloe for at least a year," Jesse pointed out. "You should tell her who you are."

           Beca knew Jesse was right on the length of time she'd be spending with Chloe but there was no way she'd be telling her who she was. "I'll see you later. Thanks for listening."

           "It's what I'm here for."

           Beca made her way back to the studio where Chloe was waiting for her, hoping that she could at least get through their first working experience without much awkwardness. Beca took a deep breath as she neared the door. If she just focused on work and nothing else, this wouldn't be bad... right?

           Chloe turned her head as she heard the door open and smiled as she put her cell phone away. "Everything okay?"

           Beca nodded. "Yeah, sorry about that." She sat down next to Chloe. "Ready to discuss your album?"

           The two launched into a conversation about music and what Chloe was hoping for in her third record. Beca was surprised at first at how easily the conversation flowed between them but then she remembered this was Chloe Beale, the girl who had gotten her to hangout with her at the start of summer camp.




           Hours later, Beca and Chloe finally emerged from the studio for the first time since they had begun talking about Chloe's record. They were both starving and decided to be done for the day. They had gotten more done then Beca thought they would for their first meeting. She understood what Chloe was envisioning for her record and was fully prepared to make it something that they could both be proud of.

           Chloe pressed the down button on the elevator and looked at Beca. "Do you want to grab something to eat together?" She had been enjoying Beca's company and wasn't ready to depart from the brunette. There was something about her that had Chloe intrigued, but she couldn't place her finger on it. Aubrey would probably say it was the huge toner she had for the music producer but there was definitely something else there.

           Beca had to admit talking to Chloe earlier about work hadn't been as bad as she was expecting, but that was all work-related. The conversation never strayed from music. She definitely wouldn't be able to handle eating lunch with Chloe and keeping her sanity intact. "I can't. I, um, have other things to do."

           "Oh, that's fine. I totally understand. Maybe some other time?"

           "Yeah, another time, sure."

           The elevator doors opened and Chloe stepped on, quirking an eyebrow when Beca didn't join her.

           "You go ahead. I have..."

           "Things?" Chloe finished for her. She placed her arm against the elevator doors so that they wouldn't close.

           Beca nodded. "Exactly."

           "Okay, well... it was nice meeting you. Today was really great. I already know this album is going to be my best. And again, fan-girling, but you're just as amazing as I thought you'd be."

           Beca smiled at the sincerity in Chloe's voice. "Thanks. See you tomorrow."

           Chloe moved her hand from the door, letting the elevator close. She thought things had gone pretty well and she couldn't wait to get to know Beca... if the brunette let her. She had a feeling getting Beca to open up would be somewhat of a challenge.