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This is What Happens After Someone Like Me Watches The Bridges of Madison County for the First Time

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She has this thing


she covers her face with her hands

like she’s hiding from the world


He has this thing


he’s always just so relaxed wherever he goes

like the entire world is his big comfy couch


a man who owns the world

a woman who hides from it

two forks

in the road


come together

into one path

rolling over hills

down valleys

over bridges and rivers

wind pushing against it–

don’t worry, it just wants to kiss you and your pretty face

like me


She misses him,

How tight his arms were

How his shirt felt when she buried her nose in it

How his mouth felt on her skin

He misses her,

How the noises of her homeland rolled and tumbled across her words,

How her glass eyes seemed to hold the entire world in them,

How her small hand felt on his shoulder, in his hand.


beautiful moments

fleeting minutes

fading days


what they would give for just one more memory

to disappear when they do.