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Ways It Didn't Happen

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To Someone, With Love Part I

"Who is that?" Glorfindel asked his companion. Lindir looked up from his music.

"Who is whom, exactly?" asked the musician, still only half paying attention. Glorfindel sighed. It was rather difficult to get Lindir's attention away from his music, but he needed to know.

"There, the lady with the black hair and green eyes, in the corner by herself reading," he described, and waited for it to process.

"Oh! You mean Erestor? She is the head of the library, but she prefers the company of books and book people to actual people. Not many really know her, and I do not think that even Lord Elrond could tell you how old she is or where she was born. Keeps to herself, I am surprised that she is here tonight. Rather anti-social, if you ask me. She just arrived shortly after the Lady Celebrian was…well, and she just sort of settled in after that. Elrond does not seem to think she is dangerous or anything, just said that she needed to rest and heal." Lindir shrugged, seeming to dismiss the topic.

This irked Glorfindel, who rather felt as though someone needed to talk to her. Whether she preferred to be alone or not, the way Lindir described things it sounded as though she could use a friend. And he would be her friend, even if she would not be his. Lindir had vanished back into his music, and so Glorfindel was able to leave without difficulty. He hoped he would be able to catch her tonight, as every night previous that he had tried to speak with her she had disappeared before he could make it across the room. Perhaps being able to name her would grant him some power he hadn't held before?

He held his breath for the last few steps, and was glad to see that she was still sitting there, quiet and unnoticeable. It was a very good spot she had chosen, out of the way of anyone, secluded, but with a view of anyone approaching. It appeared as though she was reading too deeply this time though, and had missed Glorfindel's walk towards her.

"Good evening, my lady," said Glorfindel softly, hoping she would be able to hear him. Green eyes blinked up at him, only the faintest hint of surprise showing.

"Oh, ah, good evening, Lord Glorfindel," she replied, and made to stand up. He waved his hand against it, and she stayed seated, if a bit agitated when he joined her. It was like talking to a bird poised to fly away, and so he kept a low, soothing voice.

"I have been- hopefully reliably- informed that your name is Erestor, and that you are the Head Librarian. Is that correct?" He asked, hoping it would be a non-threatening enough topic for her. She didn't seem to be any more at ease than before, but a slightest touch of tension left her shoulders.

"Aye, that is correct. Is there anything that I can help you with?" She asked, and Glorfindel seized the chance.

"Yes, actually. I would like to have a look at some of your First Age history texts. I realize that most of the authors did their best, but I would perhaps be able to shed some light on which events have been…dramatized, shall we say? Polished under an overly-flattering glow?" Erestor appeared interested, and he continued.

"I would also like to see any books you have on battles and tactics. I understand how the armies have changed, but would like to see their evolution over time, if you understand my meaning." Erestor nodded her head, and placed a bookmark and closed the book.

"I can do both of those things quite easily, Lord Glorfindel," she replied, and he caught a spark of excitement. "I have been discussing the unreliability of some of the texts with other scholars, because some of the works are too nice if you will, too perfect and convenient to be accurate. History is messy, and some of the books just do not reflect that. Still, without someone willing to take the time for it we have no way of knowing. The Lady Galadriel rarely discusses the First Age, and Lord Celeborn can but rarely provide first-hand information for the Noldor. And Lord Elrond missed a great deal of it," she added, and Glorfindel was sure he had just broken some sort of record of conversation with her.

"I am glad to hear it. When would be a good time? I do not want to disrupt your free-time or your work schedule, but I have nothing to do right now," he suggested, and Erestor gave him an uncertain look.

"But will your companions not miss you?" she asked him, looking quickly at Lindir and back to Glorfindel again. He shook his head.

"I highly doubt it. When he plays, I think Lindir could be in the middle of a flood and not realize it until his music floated away." Erestor smiled at this, and Glorfindel was greatly encouraged. "So it is settled then? Shall we depart, fair lady?" There was a brief moment of confusion on Erestor's face, as though she wasn't certain he meant her, but he held his arm out and she took it, walking together towards the library. Few, if any noted their departure- save for Elrond, who watched their exit.

He felt glad. It appeared as though Erestor would be healing at last, after all these years. The isolation had done her little good, but he also knew that forcing her wouldn't help. It appeared that Glorfindel had taken it upon himself though, and he wondered if Erestor knew just how much her life was about to change.