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Ways It Didn't Happen

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First Sight.

"Lord Elrond, may I ask who that is?" Elrond turned to see who was being referred to.

"Oh! Yes, that is actually my main Advisor, Erestor, and I have been meaning to introduce the two of you. You will likely work rather closely at least at first, since to be quite honest, when it comes to Imladris if she does not know about it then it does not exist." Quick grey eyes watched the newcomer to his realm, missing nothing as they did so. "Shall I introduce you now?" he asked, watching the reaction. Glorfindel nodded.

"That- would be quite agreeable, My Lord, thank you," he said, very very calmly. Elrond smiled to himself.

"Then come, and I shall do so." Glorfindel moved carefully, as though trying not to move faster than his companion to reach their destination. Erestor was busy keeping Imladris (or possibly the world) from spinning off its axis, and didn't notice their approach at first and was so taken by surprise at first. Her hair was slightly less neat than normal, and wisps curled around her face. A look of great concentration featured on her face, and a slight flush from standing a touch too close to the fire was in her cheeks. It was a rather fortunate thing that Erestor was a touch flustered at their appearance, because Glorfindel didn't appear to be up to conversation quite yet.

"Lord Elrond! Forgive me, I did not notice you at first," said Erestor, quickly smoothing over her momentary surprise.

"It is quite fine, I saw how hard you were working. Did people forget to use any common sense again?" he asked, and Erestor winced a touch. "I will take that as a yes then," said Elrond, watching Glorfindel carefully. Hopefully he would recover his faculty of speech soon.

"But the reason I have come over is to introduce you, officially, to Lord Glorfindel, our new Head of Defense in Imladris," he said, and gave Glorfindel a look as though to say, 'now open your mouth and say "Hello", child'. Perhaps it worked, for Glorfindel managed a mildly coherent sentence at last.

"I- My Lady, I am quite pleased to meet you- ah, officially that is," and Erestor gave him a gracious smile.

"The pleasure is all mine, I am sure," she replied. Blue eyes were looking rather desperate, and Elrond was inclined to sigh. Must he really do everything?

"Erestor has often served as an aid to our former Defense Captain. Perhaps you should discuss coordination, or at least set a meeting time for it? I must mingle and be sociable, so I shall leave the two of you to it," He said, not sure how much clearer he could make it to the Lord without waving a sign, 'TALK to her all ready!'.

"You are correct, my Lord," replied Erestor, and bidding him good fortune turned to Glorfindel to begin. At first he seemed to fumble, but grew more relaxed as time went on.

Elrond kept a close eye on the two for the rest of the evening. Yes, he thought as he watched Glorfindel follow Erestor around like a puppy, fetching her drinks at the slightest sign of thirst- this was quite the development.