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If there isn't a YouTube link, then the video was blocked on YouTube, usually for audio. Those are available for download only. The files are zipped and I unzip by double-clicking and playing the resulting files in VLC.

I've been making videos since 1984 and have done over 700 of them. Most are up on YouTube and downloadable from my site.

50 YouTube Playlists

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What do I recommend? Well, Loving You's a Dirty Job is one of my favorites. I Feel the Earth Move is just plain funny. If You Were a Woman won Best of Show at Revelcon. As It Seems is probably my favorite Sherlock Holmes. Any of the Garak/Bashirs. One Less Set of Footsteps has a lovely surprise ending. If you wonder about slot A and tab B, there's Just as I Am for R2D2/C3PO. And I can never resist Come And Get It.