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I had to go back to London on the 28th of December to go back to work the next day. Dan saw me off to the train station that afternoon. "I know I'm going to see you in like four days but I am going to miss you." "Aw, Dan. Why do you have to be so sweet and make it harder for me to leave? I'm going to miss you too but I will talk to you everyday and like you said it's just four days. Spend the quality time with the family. If you come back to London early come out with f/n and I for New Years Eve. I know she will not mind and I'll get my new years kiss." I playfully said as I kissed him. "No, thanks; I'd be the tall awkward guy in the corner, haha. Have a fun girls night out and I will see you on the 1st where you'll get more than a new years kiss." He said while giving me a cheeky bum pinch. I reply excitedly, "Oh I'm looking forward to it already. Looks like the train is approaching I'll text or call you when I get home. I love you." I give him a long passionate 1940s style goodbye kiss and then board the train. I quickly text Dan as I sat down,

Y/N: Haha, we did it backwards! It's almost always the reverse in all those old movies I make you watch. ;-) Don't lie to yourself I know you like them.
Dan: Why are we the same person? I was just writing that to you. LOL. Fine, there is no point denying it anymore. I enjoy classic films you have expanded my horizons. You have great taste.
Y/N: I picked you didn't I lol :-* Drive safely back to your parents, I'm going to try to take a nap. Mario Kart until 3:30 this morning finally caught up to me. ILY
Dan: Um... if I remember correctly it was I who asked you out so it looks like I am the one with great taste. Amateur! jk ILY2 have a good nap.
Y/N: You're not going to get a denial from me that you have great taste based on you selecting me lol. I'm awesome. :-) TTFN

Since I was going back to my apartment I took the train to Waterloo instead of Paddington. It was a fairly warm December evening, at least for me. I was used to cold winter nights back in city, so this was not bad. Made the 10 minute walk home bearable. I texted Dan like I promised as I got changed into sweats to relax on the couch in. It was Sunday night so that meant only one thing...Bakeoff! F/n was all set to go with our snacks on the coffee table, you can not watch this on an empty stomach; it is to torturous. After two episodes and a catch up it was time to go to sleep. I climbed into bed knowing it was going to be hard to fall asleep without Dan next to me. I know I could watch one of his YouTube videos before bed to "have him there" but I do not really watch them. Not because he doesn't want me to; its just I get and see a different side of him that's not in his videos. The man on the internet is not always the man I love. On YouTube he has this way of over exaggerating his emotions but hey that is what gets views. I prefer the guy who I lay in that black bed with rather than the one who sits in a chair in front of it. I send him a quick goodnight thinking about you text. Then I turn on my old reliable to help me fall asleep when I am to wired; The French Chef with Julia Child. I know it seems strange but there is just something about her voice that just lulls me to sleep. Dan thinks its weird but I don't care I tell him its one of my eccentricities that he loves about me. Before I know it I'm off to dreamland listening to how to make Beef Bourguignon in the background.

The alarm goes off the next morning and I began getting ready to go to work. As much as I missed sleeping next to Dan it was a lot easier to get up out of bed without the usual wrapping his arms tighter around me try and get out of this hold he is oh so famous for. The secret to getting out of that grip is I roll myself over if I am not already facing him, I then pretend to use all of my strength to try and release myself and when that doesn't work I first kiss him on his forehead then I kiss the tip of his nose before I give a soft kiss to his lips. He will then say just 5 more minutes which I then reply the quicker I am out of this bed the faster the time will go until I am back in it. At that point he will release me and I will start my day. It wasn't until I was out my door and at the underground station that I realized how quickly I actually can get ready without any handsome distractions.

I get to the museum early and I head straight for my office. It was time to start researching for our next exhibit and contacting other museums to see about lending pieces. I've been in the UK long enough at this point to where I can now travel to other countries besides the USA on a work visa. I was so enthralled with my work I didn't realize the time until about 2:30 when my phone rang I look down and I see that it was Dan. "Hi honey how are you? I miss you." "That's wonderful to hear. Oh I'm good, happy you called because I would of kept right on working without stopping. I didn't even realize the time. haha" "Don't laugh at me you jerk, you've done the same thing before." "We are practically the same its one of the many reasons why I love you." "This exhibit has a lot of research involved for we need to decide exactly what aspect we want to showcase since there is such an expansive history that goes along with it." "Yes, I promise to stop and take a break. I've got to go my boss is calling me. I will talk to you later. I love you." "Bye."

That is how the rest of my week went, me in my office going over paperwork then going down to the belly of the museum collecting inventory to see if it matched the paperwork I had upstairs. I was excited for this exhibit but I was so happy that it was finally 5:00 on New Years Eve. I rush home to start getting ready for f/n and I's night out. We have a quick bite, make ourselves some cocktails for the pregame then while those are chilling in the fridge I jump into the shower and get dressed. My new black dress the hits in all the right places is the one I chose to wear tonight. For a little glitz I pair it with my gold high heels. I leave my hair down but I curl it in loose curls to give it some bounce. I do a full face, false eyelashes and all, for my makeup; I do not usually have a place to go where I'm decked out so taking full advantage. I'm all ready so I grab my drink while I wait for f/n to finish and our other friends to arrive. I send a quick selfie to Dan. He decided to go up to Manchester to see his friends before coming back to London the other day so he is spending New Years Eve at one of their houses. I'm a little sad he didn't want to come out with me but I am happy he isn't sitting alone at home. The other girls arrived around 9 and we head out to the bar/club shortly after.

We are at a corner table by the dance floor that f/n was able to reserve thanks to her connections. I'm currently walking back to the table from dancing to sit down for the song that came on was shit in my opinion then I hear my name and a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to find Joe. "OMG hi Joe, how've you been?" I say while giving him a hug. "I've been great. Still occasionally full from that amazing Thanksgiving dinner you made, haha. So where's Dan?" "Oh stop, he's in Manchester at a friends house. You know this isn't his kind of scene so it is a girls night out to ring in the new year." " Cool. Yeah Dan's a great guy but coming to the club doesn't seem like his favorite thing to do lol." "Haha exactly. So where is the rest of your party? I highly doubt you are here alone." "Haha no the guys are over there," said as he points to the opposite side of the dance floor by the bar. At that precise moment Caspar looks up and emphatically waves at us. I give him a small wave back while saying to Joe "go get them and join us. I know the girls wont mind." "I'll be right back." He goes off to get his friends and I tell mine that they will be joining. It was a lot of fun having Joe and his friends there with us; they all are a barrel of laughs. Everyone was taking pictures and filming I forgot that I was with basically celebrities who no one out of a few select people know that I know. We all just danced the night away only stopping to countdown to midnight and to text Dan Happy New Year. Joe and I gave each other a kiss on the cheek for our new years kisses then got right back to dancing. I did not notice the camera flash go off nor did I realize the trouble it would get me into the next day.

Around 2:00 we decided to go home I'd been up for almost 24 hours and I was ready to pass out. I zombilly unlocked our apartment with a drunk f/n behind me. I made my way to my bedroom and was able to get out of the dress and put sweats on but makeup remained on my face. I fell asleep immediately. I woke up around 10:00 feeling much better so I go into kitchen make some coffee and breakfast. I tried calling Dan to see when he would like me to come over but he did not answer it went straight to voicemail. Which was so odd because he always answers or shoots a text back saying why he couldn't. I figure he may be in a dead zone on the train and I'll try later. I go about my day: shower, clean watch a little telly. By 3:00 I try calling Dan again same thing straight to voicemail. Now I was so confused I decided to just go over to his and Phils to see what the fuck was going on. I ring the bell and Phil answers the door with a surprised look on his face. "Hey, y/n Dan said you weren't coming over today something about you two had a fight." My e/c eyes got huge "What are you talking about? We didn't have a fight I haven't spoken to him since yesterday and everything was fine then." "I don't know that's what he said but come on up; there just seems to be a bit of miscommunication going on." "Thanks Phil."

We walk up those many flights of stairs and as Phil opens the door I hear Dan say, "Hey Phil who was that?" as he rounded the corner. He stops dead in his tracks when he saw me. I saw pain and jealousy in his eyes but I had no idea why they were there. "Hi Dan, why haven't you returned my calls?" "Like you don't know? If you're going to cheat on me its best you don't let the whole internet see it." He said as he turned and headed for his bedroom. I immediately follow and in a raised tone said, "what the hell are you on about? I didn't cheat on you. I would never in a hundred million years ever do that. I am not that kind of person and I know how much it hurts since I've been cheated on. You know this, what is going on?" He just hands me his phone to twitter showing the trending hashtag #suggsmysterygirl. It was a video of Joe and I dancing just after we kissed each other on the cheek but the angle the person was at made it look like we had just locked lips. "We just kissed on the cheek. You knew I was there with him I texted that to you that we ran into each other. It was not planned to be out together." Dan just sat there quietly. I've always known he was the jealous kind but I never thought it would be over something as innocent as this. I continued as I start to cry a little, "Look at me. I love you and would not jeopardize what we have for anyone or anything. You mean the world to me. When I am not with you I feel incomplete and lonely even if I am in a crowded room. Even though you are mad at me I feel at home and I never want to leave. I know I am the secret girlfriend that was my choice and I still feel that it is best. This whole thing will blow over; who cares if the internet thinks I am dating Joe Sugg we know the truth. Isn't that what matters?" I'm fully crying now I just couldn't contain it anymore. I was about to get up and leave when Dan grabbed my hand and pulled me back down next to him. He puts his forehead against mine and whispers "I'm sorry." He then lifts his head and while looking me in the eyes says, "I've been an idiot. I know you would never cheat on me I just got so wrapped up in my own negative depressive thoughts I couldn't think straight. Can you please forgive me?" "Yes, promise that next time just talk to me when you're upset. I know how your depression can get the better of you but I'm here for you always." I give him a kiss which he deepens. We move further back onto his bed. He stops and with his famous smirk looks down at me says, "now that you've had your new years kiss its time for the new years romp." I smiled back at him and said "Happy New Years my weirdo," as I pulled him into another kiss.